Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joe Mosca Bickers During Public Comments

Maybe the pressures of the election are starting to get to Joe Mosca. Those long lonely trudges through town do weigh on the soul at times, and rumors are that the reception he's received at some of the doors he's knocked on haven't been quite what he was looking for. His shortcomings have become part of the culture here in town, and even those only remotely clued into Sierra Madre's governmental affairs have strong opinions about Joe, often negative. And as one who has never shown much talent for self-criticism or awareness, the need to blame others for his woes must be strong for him.

And it must have looked to Joe like some of his most eloquent tormentors had shown up to make his Tuesday evening less enjoyable than he'd hoped. And that all of them were residents who had strongly supported him in 2006 must have made it even more harsh. Nothing worse than the loss of old friends. The consequences of his poor faith were arrayed like vengeful angels seeking recompense for messing with their wings.

Now the forum where these remarks criticizing Joe were delivered was the "Public Comments" portion of last night's City Council meeting. This is the time when the residents get to speak freely about their concerns as long as the topic is not an agendized item. This is freedom of speech at its very best, and City Councilmembers are required to listen thoughtfully and keep their observations to themselves. It is the peoples' time. Besides, they get to talk all they want for the rest of the evening.

Now several speakers honed in on Joe, and his many failures to deliver upon promises made were carefully detailed for all the town to see live on SMTV3. It was a veritable Joe Mosca roster of wrongs. The first to speak at length on Joe's shortcomings was Teryl Willis, and her topic was Joe's betrayal on his 2006 promise to his supporters for a public vote on the Downtown Specific Plan:

In the spring of 2007, I came to a council meeting to address you, Mr. Mosca. You were not at the meeting that night. I think you were on a trip to Sacramento. I wanted to tell you that I voted for you, because when you were asked if you were in favor of a public vote on the Downtown Specific Plan, you said "Yes." The candidates who said "Yes" won that election. The candidates who said "No" lost that election.

After your election, you voted "No" on the resolution for the citizens' right to vote on the Downtown Specific Plan. Previously you had said "Yes" and at the June 13th meeting you voted "No."It was then I knew that I had made an error in supporting your campaign and in voting for you.

Here we are years later and you have never owned up to your destructive and costly reversal. You could have said,"I changed my mind,"or "I am unsure about the DSP," or "I don't know what to think," or many other statements that would have explained your decision to vote "No"on the resolution for the citizens' right to vote. Instead you have chosen the path of evasion and denial.

During your campaign, you never said anything about an "advisory" vote rather than a "binding" vote. You never said anything about "other ways to take the pulse of the people," as if there were any better way to take the pulse of the people than a public vote. You said you would vote "Yes" and then you voted "No."

We have your words on record, and thanks to a Sierra Madre film company called Neuroblast, we have the ability to look at many clips from Council meetings on YouTube. Also, any Council meetings discs that a resident may be interested in researching are helpfully available in the library.

I realize Mr. Mosca that you have not been in Sierra Madre for very long, so you might think it is normal for so many different residents to stand here through the years and tell you how you failed to keep your promise, and how deeply you have disappointed them. It is not normal in this town. You might think it is OK to say one thing during a campaign, and the opposite after the campaign. It is not OK in this town.

How can we ever believe what you say?

I trust the voters of Sierra Madre will study your remarks, examine your voting record, and understand where your allegiances lie. You went back on your word, and you have never apologized.

Joe was visibly upset by what he heard here, and in the first of his outbursts during Public Comments began to rail at Ms. Willis and how untrue all the things she had said were. Blanket denial seeming to be his only recourse as any conversation on specifics would have only dug the pit deeper. He then proclaimed that it was all politics, and not appropriate to Public Comments. Which is kind of like saying hot dogs are inappropriate at a baseball game. And then, as Ms. Willis was returning to her seat, he told her that the place where such things should be said was during his private meeting time. Which many found to be more than a little patronizing.

Joe's outbursts kind of reminded me of George W. Bush's famous statement about there being "too much freedom on the internets."

Fay Angus delivered a staunch defense of the long standing Sierra Madre tradition of nonpartisanship during Sierra Madre municipal elections. She gave many reasons for this, and if I had the transcript of her speech I would publish it here. But Joe having accepted the endorsement of the Los Angeles Democratic Party Central Committee is an obvious affront to long standing Sierra Madre political principles. It was intimated that the embattled City Councilman did it because of the many dubious benefits it could to his bring campaign. Political machine muscle, phone banks, robo-calling, out of town canvassers, and, of course, money had to have figured strongly in this risky political gamble. Advantages that were severely diminished by these public revelations regarding his abandonment of the century old Sierra Madre tradition of nonpartisanship in our City elections. Here issues pertaining to our government come first, and there is little place for the strong arm politics and irrelevant concerns of the Los Angeles County political machines. We would prefer our elected officials to be beholden to us alone.

But the speaker that caused Joe to lose it in a truly unseemly way was Shirley Moore. In a town with many impressive speakers, Shirley stands head and shoulders above most in my opinion. She couples impressive speaking abilities with concise and forcefully written language, and the combined effect can be deadly. Joe's later reaction being eloquent testimony to that.

I'd like to say a few words about City Councilperson Joe Mosca and his current campaign for reelection.

Please don't let this candidate fool you. He lied shamelessly to his supporters, including me, four years ago to secure his Council seat. The very foundation of his political career has been built entirely on falsehoods and his current campaign material bears further witness to his unforgivable penchant for continuing to try and hoodwink the electorate. He has taken full credit for achievements during his term as Councilperson in which he was, if anything at all, only tangentially involved. Mr. Mosca has done nothing to protect or fight for the rights and interests of Sierra Madre residents (except for a very small profit - and development - centered group of investors) against the wolves of overdevelopment huffing maniacally at our doors. He has instead joined their ranks in his efforts to sacrifice what precious little we have left of our small town ambience to the great moneyed gods of development.

He supported the excessive development potential represented by the Downtown Specific Plan four years ago, after pledging to bring the DSP to a citywide vote and then betraying that pledge almost immediately upon taking his seat.

Mr. Mosca was inexplicably absent for nearly four years from the SCAG meetings to which he has been designated to represent the city's interests, and yet he insisted on the city's compliance with SCAG over new RHNA numbers, when abject compliance would have been overly detrimental to the City's best interests. It was only through the attendance and efforts of Councilmembers MaryAnn MacGillivray and Don Watts at SCAG meetings for the last few months that Sierra Madre was spared adherence to unreasonable development numbers imposed by this organization.

He supports SB 375, a recently passed, wholly ignominious, development industry backed measure which strips small towns of their decision making power over what kind and quantity of development that can occur within their city limits. Many California cities are filing lawsuits against the State of California in response to the passage of this bill.

His most recent offense is his pursuit and capture of a Democratic Party campaign reelection endorsement for his upcoming Sierra Madre City Council competition, an event every two years that has been traditionally and intentionally NONPARTISAN. In seeking this endorsement, he was required to apply to, and subsequently interviewed by and pay fees to the Democratic Party for the privilege of its support. He has now also employed out-of-town party members to canvas door-to-door for his re-election. Something he also did four years ago. I can only hope that in-town Democrats would find this kind of strategy repugnant since local politics revolve around what would be in the best interests of the city's residents, not around what would be best for a political party or candidate of that party.

Mr. Mosca has proven by his actions over the past four years that he does not treasure the best interests of Sierra Madre as much as the grossly self-inflated interests of his self-proclaimed political star on the rise. For Joe Mosca, political integrity is an oxymoron; in fact, any association of integrity with Joe Mosca is a ludicrous stretch of the imagination.

If you have been misled into casting your ballot for this master of mendacity, please reconsider, unless the destruction of Sierra Madre for private gain is high on your agenda as well.

All of this seems to have struck deeply at the core of Joe's being, because he basically lost control. Again the blanket "none of this is true!" and "it's all rubbish!" denials were heard. Because the statements deemed offensive by Joe were delivered during Public Comments, and because a City Councilman loudly berating a resident for exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech is entirely inappropriate, the Mayor began to attempt to gavel the irate fellow back into line with recognized meeting decorum. But Joe seemed to be having none of that. His displeasure was evident, and he was going to let his anger flag fly. Mayor MacGillivray then began to openly threaten Joe with removal from the Council Chambers if he couldn't get himself under control. And, punctuated by the repeated rap rap rap of the Mayor's gavel, he continued to vent.

Now something that was not visible to anyone watching on TV were the actions of Chief Diaz. Her role at City Council meetings is to make sure that order and a proper business atmosphere are maintained at all times. And, as Joe's outbursts and the gavelling continued, she rose from her seat at the back of the room and cautiously backed out into the lobby, all the while keeping a wary eye on the disruptive behavior coming from the visibly agitated Councilmember. There other members of the SMPD, dressed in street clothes, quickly huddled with her. Joe's forcible removal from this City Council meeting seemed, at that moment, a very distinct possibility.

I believe it was the sight of this possible SMPD intervention that finally caused Joe to reel himself in. As embarrassing as this must all have been for him, I think he must have realized that being dragged out of a City Council meeting kicking and screaming would not have been his finest moment.

One other note. During one of his outbursts Joe said something about being "the only candidate going door to door" in this election. This is not true. I can't speak for any of the other candidates so unceremoniously thrown under that bus, but I personally have been through quite a bit of this City, and will hopefully be able to finish the job during the remaining few weeks of this campaign.


  1. You will now see Pat Alcorn with a cast on her ankle--broken while going door to door to speak with Sierra Madre voters a couple of weeks ago. Incumbent Don Watts had been out to talk to voters, too. Joe just can't seem to see the world in any other way but with himself at the center of it all.

  2. Joe's decorum was sadly out of line last night. His demons were in full flight for all to see.

  3. David Darbyshire, Teryl Willis, Shirley Moore and Fay Angus. You all stood up for the people of Sierra Madre last night.

    You are my heroes.

    Mayor MacGillivray? How did you do it?
    How did you maintain your composure in the midst of the "monster mosca meltdown"?

    I would have been tempted to strike him with the gavel.

  4. It was stunning! Never has the Sierra Madre City Council Mayor's gavel been pounded with such determination as when MaryAnn attempted to help Joe gain control of himself.

    In spite of her best efforts and the threat of a call to the Sargent at Arms to remove the Councilmember - my God! has that ever happened before? - Joe continued out of control. It was only when Chief Diaz rose from her chair to her full height, placed her folio on the agenda table, and prepared her staff and herself for what seemed to be the inevitable removal of a sputtering out of control Roman candle that he seemed to sense that futile protestations against Ms. Moore from the dais were out of order.

    Or, maybe it was a campaign ploy. Remember Joe's chant of "MaryAnn is mean to me"?

    Many in the audience saw it as MaryAnn returning civility to the City Council Chambers.

  5. Greetings, Tattlers!!!
    It looks as if I missed the Main Event!!!!
    I must get those clips!!!!!

    Neuroblast Films

  6. Now why would anyone be surprised that Joe claimed to be the only candidate out walking when he claims to be the only City Councilmember to pass legislation, lobby for County, State and Federal grants, and singlehandedly give the residents of Sierra Madre Goldberg Park?

  7. Give the residents Goldberg Park ... As if spending half a million dollars of our money for a dogpatch is giving.

  8. Did you see the look on Buchanan's face?? Stunned. Simply stunned. He delivered no dissection of Joe's behavior nor comment on MaryAnn's gaveling technique.

  9. The thing about Johnny B is that he didn't defend Joe. Usually he's there to jump in should his little buddy get into trouble. But in this case he kept his mouth shut, which is quite a statement if you think about it.

  10. Opps, forgot to sit where I could see John's face. Maybe it was because if I can't see him I hope I don't have to listen to him. Silly me. No, wait, I was sitting where i could see him, but the action was on the other side of the council table and let me tell you folks, it was riviting.

  11. Shirley Moore was instrumental in the Yes on Measure V campaign.

    She was instrumental in the election of MaryAnn MacGillivray.

    Looks like she'll be instrumental in the defeat of Joe Mosca.

  12. Joe was on his own last night. His only ally was his old side kick Paul Hovsepian. Where were all of Joe's friends and family?

  13. You folks did a fine job last night of setting yourselves up for a loss this election cycle. Nearly everyone I have spoken to in town is sick and tired of, oh let me find the word, or rather your word, "shenanigans". Last night was a perfect display of business as usual for you folks. Seems the only recourse you have to defeating Joe Mosca is by attacking him personally. You don't seem to have the knowledge or the ability to win this election on discussing the issues and problems that face this community presently. All of you continue to bring up old issues like the DSP which wasn't even completed in a draft form. Talk about getting people to drink the koolaid John. You must know that there was no document to vote on, the thing never even got to public hearings, there was never a draft EIR. In short there was no DSP. Don Watts knew this and did not speak up as a responsible council member to clear this up for those members of the community that did not understand the process. This is why I can't vote for Don again. When Don ran the first time I thought that he would make a good council member because of his experience on Planning Commission. He'd seen and been through a great deal of the process which is what makes things happen or not in a city. But when he sat mutely allowing a fellow council member to be attacked, and has continued to do so I lost all respect for the man. As far as you and Pat Alcorn go, neither one of you have the knowledge of the operation of municipalities or the pulse of the community to be effective. Never mind the finesse it takes to deal with the likes of Sacramento. We are not an island here in Sierra Madre. As much as we would like to be, the reality is that to survive as a independent entity in this state we will need strong,smart, well-versed people leading the city. And I'm sorry Crawford, but you, Pat Alcorn, and Don Watts in my opinion do not have what it takes. Maybe in time with some further experience you all might be OK, but based on your lack of understanding and shady tactics now is not the time. And just because I'm on a roll here, I will not be voting for Maryanne again either if she chooses to run in two years. Her behavior and lack of respect for her fellow council members has been deplorable. Is that really how you treat people you don't agree with, or is only how you treat people you are afraid of. Now, will I sign this Anonymous? Of course I will. After seeing one of your angry pack members sneaking through my neighborhood the other day, I'd be a fool to post my name. Let's see if you actually leave this post up since it certainly isn't written by you or one of the other 20 people that post here under a variety of different names. After all, you did claim at the Kiwanis forum that you only removed posts for offensive content. Nothing I have written here is offensive, unless you consider a difference of opinion offensive.

  14. "There was no document to vote on, the thingnever got to public hearings, there was never a draft EIR."

    Good Lord, and you accuse others of drinking Kool Aid?

    Joe promised a vote on the DSP, and reneged. The process came to a screeching halt once Joe stuck his knife inot the back of all that, which is when Measure V was created to remedy the consequences of Joe's betrayal.

    Joe's entire campaign seems to be based on his denial of things he committed in plain sight.

  15. The EIR can be found at the library, 7:55. Or do you hate our library so much that you never go it there.

  16. Joe put another nail in his political coffin. Mary Ann handled the out burst very well.

  17. 7:55, you and I need to talk.

  18. 7:55, the Tattler isn't afraid of a difference of opinion. It should be noted for the record that you are a regular poster. We welcome your opposition.

    Posts are removed for vulgar language and offensive content, of which there have been many lately. Slanderous attacks and accusations of a felonious nature are also removed. Slurs against family members and children are not tolerated.

    A difference of opinion stated in civil discourse? We ache to engage in open debate.

  19. It's like they're blaming the blog for having nothing to say.

  20. I'm guessing 7:55 a.m. is Joe's partner Matt, who will forever come to Joe's defense. The little bit that I do know about Matt makes me wonder how he could ever have wound up with such a schmuck as Joe Mosca - Matt seemed to be a better man than that.

    That said, I was under the impression that when Joe stated he would be the only one we saw going door-to-door that he was blatantly denying that there were members of the Demo Party doing same (though they have been seen and many neighbors have spoken with them). Yet another brazen lie in his tool chest of lies...

  21. I really need to find me an out of town Joe canvasser. I want to know what exactly it is he is telling them before sending them out to do his walking for him. I can't imagine that the description of Sierra Madre he gives them is very complimentary.

  22. He said YES then he voted NO.
    Really, what more do you need to know?

  23. Let's see 7:55,

    Joe Mosca- lobbyist/liar/sociopath
    John Moron- moral and intellectual deviant
    Nancy Walsh-tap dancer puppet of Bart Doyle.

    You're ticket is really powerful WOW

  24. Agreed, 7:55 am writes very well. Unfortunately his logic is evidently not undergirded by fact. Dangerous combination.

  25. all I can say is that Joe Mosca lied straight to my face in his first campgain, had I known that he had just moved into to town and was immediately seeking political office without any understanding or depth of compassion for the city is shameful

    while i would rather not watch a Joe bashing on tv, he deserves it

    he did say "get a life" to a senior citzen, he did use a dog as a "prop" to protray an image and I was dumbfounded when he dressed up his kid in a shameful campaign t-shirt and paraded him around the Wisteria Festival

    Joe told me 4 years ago on my front lawn that he would make sure any downtown plan is placed on the ballot for a city vote and said that he would stand by a slow growth or at least thoughtful analysis, which he obviously never had that intention

    fact is, Joe lied to me. all I can do is vote against him.

  26. 7:55, I want to read your remarks, but when you come up with that huge whopper about the "DSP which wasn't even completed in a draft form" and "there was never a draft EIR. In short there was no DSP", and I have a few copies of those very materials bursting through a cardboard box in my study, I can't take you seriously.
    Mr. Mosca was held accountable to his words and deeds. That's all. Everybody agrees he's a nice guy. You are the one making it personal.
    Try to stay on the topic.

  27. 7:55, didn't Joe say that he would not want any level of the DSP, voted on by the people? since when did he become smarter than the rest of us, same for John Buchanan, leave it to an attorney to think they are smarter than the commom man, but Joe is a lobbyist for an energy company, he's conflicted all the way around.

    u said, "we will need strong,smart, well-versed people leading the city..", this comment states the obvious and the obvious is that Joe is not a well versed person and he can't lead the city. he made petty arguements against other Council Members and the citizens, he is not a leader by any stretch of the imagination.

    Joe was the representative for us...the people with SCAG, however Joe, in all his leadership form, rarely showed up for meetings and that is a matter of public record, so when he shrills about "lies', he is severely confused and his position isn't logical. He was given a chance to be a leader and he failed, he didn't even show us the courtesy as an elected official to take the initative to show up for SCAG meetings, but somehow he is "informed", please explain that to me.

    7:55 I can appreciate your reluctance to sign your name, when Measure V was being voted on, I received ugly looks and aggressive hostile conversations from those opposed to the Measure, which happen to be Joe supporters

    I'm sick of the name calling. I can vote on Joe based on his record and he has no record to speak of.

  28. Joe Mosca is the single most divisive person in our city today. His betrayal of his original Downtown Specific Plan vote promise broke this city right down the middle. And the consequences of his actions are still with us today.

  29. 7:55 is correct. You all are being unfair. Joe Mosca has made three contributions to the city. Unlike 7:55 I will use an honored device - the paragraph - to express them.

    First, Joe Mosca killed the DSP. Had the DSP come up for a vote it might have lived. Or it might have died. But by burning those to whom he promised a vote on the DSP Joe ignited the fire that consumed it.

    Second, in a case of irony most delicious, Joe Mosca is the birth mother of Measure V. As I repeatedly warned Measure V opponents, the initiative was a bad law, but it would likely pass unless the the council killed the DSP and the rezoning it called for. As history shows, they crapped out.

    Third, Joe put his reluctant tormentor in the Mayor's chair.

    For good or ill, Joe Mosca is, more than any other person, responsible for these three items.

    By now one would think that 7:55 and those of like mind would get wise. By becoming the center of an ongoing personal and civic drama, Joe Mosca has outlived any possible use to them. But nooooo. They continue to throw their bodies over his political carcass as grenades explode about him. That, like their previous attempt to force the DSP past the electorate, is simply dumb.

  30. A fine last meeting for Joe, At the next meeting he can give his not re-elected speech, I hope he has as much class as Enid Joffee did. Not likely tho.

  31. Yes, Joe went out in a style that was true to his performance over the last 4 years.

  32. I recommend Public Comment to all...Its the most entertaining ,exciting and authentic TV available.It has great characters : orators,a freaked out crazy man and a gal swinging her gavel!In addition,the local constabulary poised for action in the wings!Great Stuff!!!!

  33. You'd think with all those guys from Hollywood in town somebody would have picked up on the idea of using Public Comment for a TV show.

  34. Careful, remember the old adage "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades"

  35. please, please, please neuroblast. post the WWE session of public comment!

  36. If you have channel 3, the replay should be on tonight - should - starting at 5:20 or 5:30, and the public comment would start then about 6:00.
    Maybe. You know the dependability of channel 3.

  37. Poster 7:55, you can find a copy of the DSP, which is in near final form, on the City of Sierra Madre's website.

    You can also peruse the draft EIR at the Library.

    While you are there, you can also watch the DVD of the City Council meeting where the Council Members -- except for Mosca and Buchanan -- voted to release that draft EIR you claim never existed.

  38. 7:55 seems to be one of those poor hosers that believes what he is told without bothering to verify. Thus becoming the ass he is now.

  39. Seems pretty amazing that a guy who operates as a lobbyist, has goals of higher office, and has the support of the local Democratic party would have been better prepared? He had to know he would face some critical comments last night?

    As this was the last meeting before the election, certainly his supporters and friends could/should have shown up to voice their support?

  40. Buchanan did and then didn't say boo.

    Says it all right there, ya think?

  41. What he should have done, when he saw Shirley Moore walk through the door with a speech......get outta there-fast.

    Joe lied and betrayed Shirley after she worked for his election. What the hell did he expect from her?

  42. The most tragic part of the soap opera, is Joe's ability to so honestly believe his own achievements,
    and how alarming it is, he is able to so convincingly get the town's people to believe in him.
    It must be what he laughs about in private.

  43. Some sort of record isn't it? 41 Comments before noon? Nothing like an entertaining night of Public Comment to infuse the town with merriment. Sir Eric/John Crawford you're what folk heroes are made of!

  44. No, 12:16 pm, it isn't laughing he does. He believes his own rhetoric. That the really scary part about Joe Mosca. He totally completely believes he a representative of the people and knows what's best for us. Scary, scary stuff this self delusionment.

  45. Public officials are suppose to listen and not respond during public comment. If this is the way Mr. Mosca reacts in public while being televised to the entire city, it frightens me how he behaves to others who may displease him behind closed doors.

  46. Oh, Joe was up against the best and fell miserably as he well would have. Another (very rare) but wonderful event where people had the nerve to speak truth to power. I can't hold a candle to those who rightfully hammered him, but I have my own litany of lies he told me and they go beyond what was mentioned during Public Comment. Teryl Willis v. Joe Mosca? Fay Angus v. Joe Mosca? Shirley Moore v. Joe Mosca? My money and my trust is on Tery, Fay and Shirley. Go on Girls!! Well Done. Joe deserves to die an ignominious political death. He has been a divisive and expensive factor in this town's politics. Simple enough to Vote No on Joe.

  47. And do we just forget about the several times that Kurt Zimmerman or Don Watts lashed out at members of the community during public input, or the ugly encounters that Don Watts had with city employees? Or maybe those incidents come under some other rule. Gee it's been a fun 4 years hasn't it?

  48. Lashed out. Yep, it's the Kool Aid talking again.

  49. Yea, Kurt responded to public comments and that too was wrong. Joe just plain old lost control. The guy went ape.

  50. The way I see it is Joe is really feeling the heat on this election. It isn't at all like it was when he waltzed into office in 2006. He thought all he had to do was smile and kiss babies, give everybody a nice smile, and all the harm he caused would be forgotten. But that is not the case. He is under a lot of pressure now, and the stress is getting to him. When the list of his messes was read off last night by those three ladies, he just snapped. I see it as the sign of someone who is really having difficulty dealing with the situation his campaign is in.

  51. I saw those speeches as accurate accounting, nothing more or less.

  52. Don't forget, a lot of people have had to get up at meetings and speak to Joe. There are some clips on Neuroblast - Barbara Cline, Caroline Brown, Carol Parker, that gentleman named Linus, Heather Allen - last night was nothing new. Joe's had lots and lots of practice listening to people explain his betrayal. Odd that he's not more polished like he was when Heather Allen squashed him.

  53. Anonymous 7:55 am: Sneaking through your neighborhood, Anon? thats called canvassing.

    I suppose you could call us a pack however, we are in the lead after all. Our candidate is going to win.

    And why is our candidate going to win? Because he is ethical and honest and he has helped to clean up this town from the mess it was in, thanks to Joe and Bart. He has worked hard to keep Sierra Madre exactly as we like it. Its as simple as that, Anon.

    And sorry, we say John Crawford does have what it takes to be our councilman. Perfidiousness is not the kind of politics we endorse.

    But thanks for your comment, it gave us a big laugh here on the Tattler, especially this part: "Is that really how you treat people you don't agree with, or is only how you treat people you are afraid of?"

  54. "I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell." - Harry Truman

  55. Joe's friends and family did not need to speak up. They are the silent majority who do not appreciate the drama and bickering that has infected this town. Who can blame Joe for standing up for himself during relentless attacks? People do not attack unless threatened and obviously they feel threatened by the Star News article and the signs showing their support for someone who record has been sorely misunderstood. Of course this post will probably be removed because 'Sir Eric' only wants to hear one side: his side. The scary disilliusionment is that someone is running who did not have the guts to identify himself in name or photograph for YEARS in the past in the local paper. Talk about dishonest.

  56. Writers who use/used pseudonyms:

    Boz = Charles Dickens
    Curver Bell = Charlotte Bronte
    Doctor Seuss = Theodore Seuss Geisel
    Ellis Bell = Emily Bronte
    George Orwell = Eric Arthur Blair
    Mark Twin = samuel Langhorne Clemens
    Woody Allen = Allen Stewart Konigsberg

    Next red herring please! Try putting a little salt on it this time.

  57. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to you 2:59.

    Perhaps you remember Sir Eric Maundry as a feature in the Mt. Wilson Observer and the Mountain Views Observer. Susan Henderson in a snit over something outed Sir Eric and John Crawford a very long time ago. It was common knowledge that Sir Eric was John's alter ego.

    When John officially began his run for City Council he revamped the Tattler with his own picture and his own profile.

    Nice try. No cigar.

  58. Oh really, Hoser! You can't expect 2:59 to actually know what a pseudonym is let alone the erudite list of prominent authors you reference.

  59. How do you know that it's the majority that's silent? If they're silent, are you reading their minds? Old rhetorical trick from 30 years ago.

  60. I agree with and appreciate all the comments and replies made regarding poster 7:55's deceit riddled statement. I want to remind everyone about the "sock puppets" we had to endure during the Measure V campaign. This person is obviously a political operative whose job it is to sit on the internet all day and respond to posts on various web sites based on the boiler plate responses they have been given by their employer. It is possible that this person also lives in Sierra Madre, but I doubt it.

    Furthermore, after having paid RBF Consulting of Orange County, CA over $250,000 for the Draft EIR of the DSP, I find this persons statement to be even more absurd, uninformed and embarrassing. You would think by now that these political interests would finally understand that people in Sierra Madre have lived here for many years and are NOT transients, like voters in so many other (much bigger) cities. Therefore, most of us maintain an historical memory that goes back at least (4) years, if not decades.

    If the Dirts best strategy is to make outlandish statements on this Blog, less than 2 weeks before the election, then I suspect, it's all they've got left.

    I highly doubt that the Dirts in any way promote this Blog to their supporters. So who are they talking to? Who's opinions are they so desperately trying to change? OURS??

    LMAO.....Good luck with that, sporto.

  61. Tell me something anonymous at 2:59. If Joe is so popular and has such a dedicated loyal following of people who are anxious to re-elect him to City Council, what aren't those people out helping? Why is Joe doing it all himself with re-cycled campaign signs? Why hasn't his campaign staff identified themselves? Even John Buchanan wouldn't stand up for the tantrum throwing two year old on the dais last night and that's saying something. Is this another Facebook campaign of the never trust anyone over 40 mentality? Schmooze the grey headed senior set for votes but don't let them get near your campaign.

  62. Why wouldn't Johnny B stand up for Mosca last night? I think it's because he knew it was coming -- Joey's got nothing except his pathetic whining about MaryAnn being mean to him. It was serendipity that Shirley Moore came along with her attack, it was what he was waiting for, just the thing.

    He reved up his outrage quotient and went for it. John was expecting it and remained silent. Wouldn't Mrs. John B have let him in on the big event?

    Only when the Chief went into action did Mosca back off.

    Strategic campaigning? When a candidate is desperate they'll resort to desperate measures.

  63. 2:59, if you represent the majority, why did the Mosca led opposition to measure V lose?

  64. 3:19.......GOOD POINT!

    Where were Mosca's supporters last night? Why didn't we see Lisa Spigai-Perez, Rob Stockly, Doug Hayes, Dr. Janice Nelson-Hayes (LA Democratic Party Central Committee Member), Michael Bamberger, Bart Doyle, Steve Heydorf, Roger Lowe, George Mauer, Kathy Childs, or Jacqui Knowles.

    Either they know they're bad joo joo, or they don't want to be associated with Mosca in public, anymore.

    If that's at all true, I think the Star News can start writing another sour grapes story about Joe Mosca, just as they did for Tonja Torres.

  65. Majority? Why did Enid Joffe lose? Or Tonja Torres?

  66. I am sick of the bickering too, and I hope that Sierra Madre kicks out the guy who is causing all of the anger and perpetrating the fraud on the too-trusting citizens.
    Vote No on Joe.

  67. Thank you to our brilliant speakers for reminding all of us of the facts which are history and the misery which lays ahead of all of us if Joe Mosca is

    I am grateful for John's great Tattler to keep us all well informed and we MUST vote for Pat, John and Don and keep our EXCELLENT mayor.


  68. Keep the Punch-lines ComingMarch 24, 2010 at 4:03 PM

    *Laughing my Ass Off*

    After 4 years of continual losses at the ballot box, they still insist that they're the majority.

    I guess it's true that alcoholics are delusional. And considering their posts recently, also wake up in a bad mood every morning.

    Maybe they should have a little "hair of the dog" before they get on the internet.

  69. Speaking of "hair of the dog," can it be we have attracted a Pet Dirt? Maybe we should be nice. I think he might be lonely.

  70. I wonder what Joe fears the most, being gaveled by MaryAnn for impudence or seeing Shirley Moore walk into the council chamber with a speech?

    Shirley Moore is the best speaker I ever heard at the podium.
    She should have been a preacher or a top class trial lawyer!

  71. I think it's just great when people from the opposition post. I trust John to keep an eye on the obscene ones and remove them, but other than that, it's good to have a variety of opinions. Ya know, the American thing.

  72. 3:50, I have also wondered where Joe Mosca's and John Buchanan's supporters are.

  73. Teri Buchanan? Oh wait, she is a Moran fan!

  74. It has come to my attention that a comment was posted on this blog
    yesterday at 6:38 a.m. I have no idea who wrote that comment. For
    clarification, I never told Mr. Doyle "You are a liar."

    In my opinion, Mr. Doyle misrepresented the facts about Measure V (while
    speaking at the coffee). So I took the opportunity to politely correct
    his mis-statements. I did my best to defend the truth. But I never
    called him a "liar".

  75. Please everyone check Channel 3, they are replaying the candidate's forum.
    Make sure they replay last night's council meeting, in it's entirety. No leaving out the early public comment.
    If they start playing tricks again, we need to really protest.
    Stay alert and post any irregularities.

  76. What amazes me is that none of Joe Mosca's supporters are claiming that he has done anything really worthy. Instead, they are playing the sympathy card.

  77. lol, Joe pays for an endorsement and in return he receives out of town camapign mouthpieces to walk door to door?

    now Joe is taking "door to door" credit for the other people he's paid to do it for him? the dude has no shame

    what's next, parade his kid around town wearing a "please please pretty please vote for my Daddy?"...oh wait, he did that

    or will he stoop so low to borrow a dog as a campaign photo prop...oh wait he did that

    he volunteers to represent our interets in SCAG and show up to a majority of the meetings..oh wait, he didn't do that...never showed up but takes credit for the recent smackdown of SCAG by our Council...

    poor pitiful Joe

    I wouldn't mind if the Candidate Joe would move out of town

    the citizen Joe is welcome to stay

  78. I've never been a fan of Kurt Zimmerman, but watching Joe Mosca go to pieces last night made me etrnally grateful that Kurt and not Joe was Mayor during the Santa Anita fire.

  79. Teri Buchanan is going around town and asking anybody and everybody to put up Moran, Walsh and Mosca signs

    Now John is hiding his employer's interest behind his wife

    shameful John, just shameful

  80. I just moved to Sierra Madre. I can't believe that the voters in this town elected Mosca. He can't deliver a speech without saying um, um, um and gets hysterical when the Mayor tells him to be quiet.

  81. Was not there last night but great comments!March 24, 2010 at 6:30 PM

    Was Joe angry or embarrassed or afraid?. Or all of the above?

    He does not care that there is proof that he has lied to the people? Was his response out of character, or did we get to see the READ JOE???

  82. Okay, Sportsfans!

    It's up and running right now on Channel 3.

  83. Last night Council meeting is playing right now on Channel 3.

  84. Mayor MacGillivray and Don Watts are doing very important work for us at this time.
    They are successfully dealing with Sacramento special interest group SCAG and other very important projects.
    Sierra Madre can be an example of a small city who fights for their rights and wins.

    If anyone can pull this off it's Mayor MacGillivray. We simple must keep our city moving forward in these difficult times.

    MaryAnn has dedicated decades of her life to service in this community.
    She deserves respect from everyone in this town.
    We can all show our gratitude to this fine lady by re-electing her right hand man, Watts along with John Crawford and Pat Alcorn.

    Vote No on Joe, the impudent sophomoric brat who can't even show respect for the Mayor at meetings and I hear he is even more obnoxious in private meetings. He's not a nice guy.

    Do something nice for MaryAnn, vote out Joe Mosca. He is an obstructionist and detrimental to our community. Buchanan is as well, but we're stuck with him for two more years.

  85. The only thing I saw last night was exactly what the Mosca, Moran and Walsh side have been saying. The City Council is out of control! Way to prove them RIGHT!!! Last night the Mayor and those she supports (Crawford, Alcorn and Watts) lost my respect and vote. The Mayor allowed her personal joy of watching the personal attacks take priority over the City. Good job Mayor - Thanks for proving the other side's point. I will now vote for Mosca, Moran and Walsh as will all the others who tuned in to watch you put your personal feelings before your responsibilty to the City.

  86. Gawd, the spin from the Mosca crowd...

  87. 11:23

    Where do you stand on the real issues facing Sierra Madre? Or, more importantly, do you know what they are?

  88. Yeah like that poster wasn't a Moscateer all along. The "you're not allowed to talk about Joe's record because it sounds mean" crowd cracks me up. What are we supposed to do, shut down democracy because it is inconvenient to the political needs of the carpetbagger? Go move to North Korea if you hate freedom.

  89. Public service message to candidates running campaigns on FacebookMarch 25, 2010 at 7:20 AM

    Facebook 'linked to rise in syphilis'
    Facebook has contributed to a resurgence in the sexually-transmitted disease syphilis, a health expert has claimed.

    Published: 6:30AM GMT 24 Mar 2010
    Comments 25 | Comment on this article
    This just posted from

    Facebook has been linked to a resurgence in the sexually-transmitted disease syphilis, according to health experts. Photo: BLOOMBERG
    Case have increased fourfold in Sunderland, Durham and Teesside, the areas of Britain where Facebook is most popular.

    Professor Peter Kelly, director of public health in Teesside, claimed staff had found a link between social networking sites and the spread of the bacteria, especially among young women.

  90. Okay, Crawford! It's 7:21 am. Where's the morning Tattler? Coffee's getting cold - don't fail us now!

  91. morning AnonymousMarch 25, 2010 at 7:22 AM

    11:23, the only person "out of control" at that meeting was Joe Mosca.

  92. Sorry, took the night off. Big birthday bash last night.

  93. morning Anonymous againMarch 25, 2010 at 7:24 AM

    And there were no personal attacks.
    There were clear recitations of established facts.
    Do your homework.

  94. Dirt Dummy at 11:23 last night.....

    who are you trying to bs?
    Mayor MacGillivray's preferences for Council candidates NEVER were going to get YOUR vote under any circumstances.

    News flash.....11:23 dirt.....we don't need YOUR vote. We will win anyway.
    Go have some coffee, you're probably hungover....hope you feel better, have a great day!

  95. The Moscateers always have to claim that any commentary on the carpetbagger's record is a personal attack. Otherwise they'd actually be in the uncomfortable position of having to defend his performance in office. Which would take the kind of hard work they've not been willing to put into his campaign. Hell, they didn't even show up to support him at the last City Council meeting before the election! Lazy bunch that they are.

    Moscateers: All whine all the time.

  96. Joe's loyal fan Paul (the DSP gives him goosebumps) Hovsepian found the city hall Tuesday night.
    Mayor MacGillivray was compassionate to let him ramble for what was the longest speech of the night. It was annoying to the audience, but MaryAnn let the poor guy stumble on.
    She didn't let Joe ramble/rant/meltdown, as he was clearly violating Robert's Rules.

  97. Although, 8:04 am, she did prompt Mosca supporter Mr. Hovsepian to "summarize" and "make his point". So, it is clear that Mayor MacGillivray was even handed with comments during Public Input; and she did speak sharply to Councilman Watts. The difference is that Don responded to a call for decorum.

  98. Joe is under considerable stress right now. What he is hearing from many of the voters is not too pleasing for him. I think he expected this to be like 2006. Mouth a couple bromides, shuck and jive, smile a lot, and off he'd go to his second term. Hasn't quite turned out that way. He is being held accountable for his record, and that is bad for his campaign.

  99. There is a myth going around town that Joe is a nice man, and MaryAnn is "mean".

    This couldn't be further from the truth.
    Joe is a selfish narcissistic politician, who will stop at nothing to advance his own politician/lobbyist career.

    Thank you for being truly a GIFT to the people of Sierra Madre, Mayor MacGillivray.
    My family will absolutely vote for your Mayor Pro-tem Don Watts, Pat Alcorn and John Crawford.
    All three gifted VOLUNTEERS for this city, not themselves!

    MacGillivray is a kind woman. She is the mother of 4 nice kids, wife, working gal, and spends all her spare time working for the people of Sierra Madre. She doesn't have any political agenda other than to keep Sierra Madre first and remain the small town, out of debt, not under control of Sacramento crooks.
    She also is gifted with a brilliant mind.

    Anyone who goes to any city functions or meetings or SCAG meetings, will find Mayor MacGillivray in attendance, in the case of SCAG, she is FIGHTING for US, unlike Joe, who only fights for himself, Bart Doyle and Sacramento development interests.

  100. I watched the playback and heard Mr. Mosca say that the speakers who discussed his record were saying things that were "Not true."
    I guess that means that he voted FOR the resolution for the citizens' right to vote on the DSP.
    But in fact he didn't.
    So who is saying things that are "Not true"

  101. FIRE the LIAR
    FIRE Joe Mosca
    A vote for this man is a vote for political corruption!

  102. How true!

    Any votes for Mosca, Moran, Walsh are votes to extend political corruption-Bart Doyle style.

  103. Mastercard commercial says:

    Price of Mary Ann's sweater, $200.
    Price of admission to the City Council, Free!
    Look on John's face when Joe "lost" his cool,


  104. Go re-read what Crawford reproduced in the above article. Teryl Willis' comments.

    Teryl is stating documented FACTS......this is why so many people are convinced Joe should not be on our council. His record, which she has documentation tells us why Joe is not on the side of Sierra Madre. It's clear by these votes he made, these actions he took, Joe doesn't want or like the Sierra Madre the rest of us do.
    He wants to change it. Change it to what the No on V development crowd wants. Change it the way Bart Doyle and Sacramento special development interests want it changed.
    Sorry, we don't agree with that vision.

    A vote for Mosca, Moran or Walsh is a vote for the same type of corruption we saw during the shenanigan years of Bart Doyle.

    A vote for Don Watts, John Crawford and Pat Alcorn is a vote FOR financially sound,over-development free Sierra Madre!

  105. The campaign for Alcorn, Crawford and Watts has been forthright and honest in the presentation of these candidates for City Council: state the facts, make their principals known at the three candidate forums, and door to door canvassing, coffees for the candidates, front yard (not parkway) sign support from homeowners and their brochures and postcards. What is there not to like? One of the most important of our constitutionally protected freedoms--the freedom of speech--is alive and well in this election. This blog serves the purpose of expressing public opinion, no more, no less.

  106. When the Moscateers say the bad things they do about our guys, it must be assumed they are engaging in projection.

  107. 11:23 Civility is overrated.

    Case in point, the Buchanan-Joffee-Torres-Stockley Council was known for agreeing on every issue and almost never arguing. But those four were the worst Council Members to ever serve together.

    We have them to blame for 1 Carter, a financial mess, the local white elephant known as the YAC Center and the abominable downtown specific plan.

  108. Speaking of civility. I recall candidate Moran telling a room of people that they should boycott local businesses that advertised in Katina's paper. And he's preaching civility? What a little hypocrite.

  109. Yeah, Morango was all about the civility message at the Kiwanis debate. Just before he ripped into Don Watts over a missed plane flight.

  110. Josh is civil as a snake and as sensitive as a toilet seat.

  111. 11:23, there's nothing like your DIRT hypocrisy.

    Council Member Zimmerman was defamed in articles that falsely and maliciously accused him of every shameful act imaginable in the pro-DIRT publications. And when those publications couldn't get to Kurt, they went after members of his family and close friends.

    MaryAnne's bickering with juvenile Joe doesn't come close to reprehensible way Kurt was treated.

    Yet, I never heard one DIRT at a City Council meeting coming to the defense of Kurt. Not one. And, I never read one article where a DIRT was quoted as stating that Zimmerman was being treated unfairly. In fact, Council Member Buchanan, the DIRTs favorite leader, praised the worst offender -- the Qumquat website.

  112. Not only did Johnny B praise the Cumquat, but he did it on the front cover of the Pasadena Star News. Which goes to show the dirty bunch are linked in to things far bigger than just the affairs of Sierra Madre.

  113. "ALL THE NEWS THE OTHER FELLOWS WON'T PRINT"......What happened to all the news? Basically, all this blog talks about is the bashing of Joe Mosca. Simply don't vote for him; that will take care of the problem. What's going to happen with the library, the streets, the seniors, the children, the Fire Department, the Police Department, water, commercial & residential blight, and all the important issues in town? Is there ever going to be another market in town? The liquor stores and bars seem to be doing OK, lets support a market! The kick the crap out of Joe Mosca issue is getting a little monotonous.

  114. Dear Readers, be sure to check out the new article in the Weakly in which Mr. Mosca claims to have been attacked, claims that the Mayor purposefully allowed the attackers to go on and on, the attackers were not telling the truth, the attacks came from homophobia, oh and one I particularly enjoyed - it was the sort of attacking that kept so many people from participating on commissions and other bodies.
    Perfect realization of primary Dirtology: personally attack while accusing the other side of personal attacks.

  115. Anon 2:55

    Good Point. Complaining about Joe Mosca is too easy and doesn't accomplish anything productive.

    We know he's a liar, a fraud, a tool and a sociopath. That's old news.

    Let's discuss issues instead, which should by itself help to create marked distinctions between the candidates.

  116. Among political staff the weeks leading to election are known as "silly season". No getting away from it, especially when the stakes are as high as they are in this local election.

  117. Good Lord man, there are over 400 articles on this site, and every single one of those topics are covered.

  118. 3:21 - ain't Joe desperate.

  119. So who is the clergyman who read the Cumquat? That's what I want to know.

  120. now i'm really confusedMarch 25, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    people who don't like joe mosca are homophobes? is joe mosca gay? how is any of this relevant? why did joe mosca bring this up? help!

  121. I'm sorry, but Joe just makes for good reading. Joe has a big comeuppance heading his way, and the more he thrashes around the better it gets. He will do ANYTHING to not talk about his record. He is way off the chain.

  122. Read the article in the Weakly (online) - that was quick! For an article like that to focus on the party line instead of the substance of the public comments is pretty revealing. Just like the Star-News endorsements. All sellouts to forced overdevelopment in communities, which pays the newspaper bills and distorts any true "reporting". The corporations and advertising media have nothing on the tactics used by the development community.

  123. Joe panicked. The homophobia issue is the equivalent of going nuclear. This smear against Sierra Madre will backfire on him big time.

  124. Nice. In order to save his political career Joe has now helped give Sierra Madre the reputation as being a town filled with gay bashers. The very town that gave him more votes than any other candidate in 2006. And the people who spoke about his record in office since he was elected? All former supporters who voted for him and worked on his campaign.

    What a sad little man Mosca is.

  125. The vitriol on this blog has gotten tiresome. I used to think it was a decent source of local Sierra Madre news, but these days it's become a forum for neanderthals grunting about the same issues: Joe Mosca BAD! Sierra Madre GOOD! Other cities BAD!

    Newsflash guys -- this place isn't as great as you think it is. And maybe, just maybe, you're part of the problem.

    And for the record, no I am not running for local office, nor do I work for the police department. I am not part of your municipal coterie. I've just lived here for 10 years.

  126. For 5:21 and apparently several others, NEWSFLASH! The Tattler is not required reading. If you don't like what's on the blog, don't read it. You have choices - exercise them.

  127. Joe's record in office is a legitimate topic in a political election. Period.

  128. I agree 5:43

    Especially when the man falsifies that record, as Mosca has done.

    People have a right to call him out on it, especially people who voted for him!

  129. Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice shame on me...March 25, 2010 at 6:42 PM

    ..Joe, who was/is gay in the last election( like was/is that a problem...for who?? .... MANY people voted for him and believed his lies, like, Teryl, Shirley, Faye, David and so many other sierra Madreans whom were pulled into his HUGE web of deceit, are now WARNING everyone to be very very careful not to allow this man who lacks moral integrity and character to be a part of the City Council EVER AGAIN.

    We want to warn everyone of the PROBLEM with JOE and his dirty lies. If you have lived here for 10 years than hopefully you do not want JOE and his friends to take over this lovely town. We want to keep SM great.That is the whole point!! Why would anyone living here want it to be taken over by developers and builders a la Mosca? Ya gotta be NUTS!

  130. "I never gave them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it is hell."
    -Harry Truman

  131. Not an attack--just the unflattering truth!

  132. Love the Truman quote.

  133. Now Tattler readers, get out there and spread the word. Vote for Alcorn, Crawford, and Watts. Those hired guns will be roaming the streets in the days to come.

    I voted yesterday for PAT, DON, AND JOHN!!!!!!!