Saturday, March 20, 2010

Joe Mosca Breaks the 1st Commandment of Sierra Madre Municipal Elections: No Partisan Party Politics

For as long as there has been a Sierra Madre there has also been one great unwritten commandment that all of our City Council candidates have been expected to follow: Thou Shalt Not Bring Partisan Party Politics Into Our City Elections. And it really is a great rule. Rather than people dividing along locally irrelevant state and national party lines, our nonpartisan elections assure the voters that the issues here will always be about Sierra Madre's concerns. Republicans and Democrats willingly put that kind of thing aside and stand side by side when it comes to Sierra Madre's needs. All in recognition of what is truly important here.

Under this nonpartisan philosophy the first concern has always been the affairs of our town, and not the agendas of the usual state and national political personalities and controversies. People who run for office in our town owe nothing to any big political parties, deep pockets contributors, or powerful bosses. They only serve us. Here we have always voted the candidate, and not merely a party. It has stood our City well over the years, and because of that candidates for City Council have always respected the notion that big party politics stops at the city line. This is one of the things that has made Sierra Madre unique.

However, and as was first revealed late yesterday afternoon on this site, that is now apparently not how Joe Mosca sees it. According to what we found on the Los Angeles County Democratic Party website, Joe has now accepted the endorsement of a major national political party. And by doing so has aligned himself with its specific political agendas and programs. Which is ironic when you consider that Mr. Mosca has been presenting himself this campaign season as the "candidate for all Sierra Madre." But now with the exception of Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, Peace and Freedom, American Independents, and regular old "decline to state" independents.

On the Los Angeles County Democratic site there is something called the Guide To The Endorsement Recommendation Process. Here is how they describe this procedure:

The Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, also known as the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP), has the authority to grant the endorsement of the Democratic Party in local, municipal and nonpartisan elections in Los Angeles County. A political party's endorsement is one of the principal tools used to influence the outcome of an election.

Anticipating the inevitable evasions from the Mosca Campaign, let me share with you what I know about getting a Democratic Party endorsement in Los Angeles County. It doesn't just come to you like a gift from on high, nor is it a coincidence. You have to work for it. Here is the text of an email that was sent out to those Sierra Madre City Council candidates who are registered as Democrats:

From: Ivan Light (
Subject: You are eligible for endorsement by the LA County Democratic Party
cc: Clark Lee ( Paul Scott (
Date: Thursday, February 11, 2010, 1:59PM

Dear Candidate,

As a candidate for the City Council in the City of Sierra Madre, and a registered Democrat, you are eligible for endorsement by the LA County Democratic Party. To obtain this endorsement, should you wish to do so, you will need to submit an application, pay a fee, and attend a brief endorsement meeting.

You will receive official notice and a comprehensive explanation by ordinary mail soon. This letter is strictly unofficial, and intended to advise you in a timely way that an endorsement meeting will be held on:

date: Feb 27, 2010
location: 819 Marymount Lane, Claremont CA 91711
time: starts 10 am; ends approx 11:30 am

If you think you will want an endorsement by the LACDP, please plan on attending this meeting. Should you have questions, you can reach me by reverse mail. If you know you will not seek an endorsement from the LACDP, then please so advise me by reverse mail.

Yours Truly,
Ivan Light
59 AD Chair

As you can see by Mr. Light's e-mail, this endorsement is not something that just happens. You are first required to pay a fee, do the rather onerous paperwork, and then undergo an hour and a half interview. Only after going though this process would you even be eligible to be considered for a Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee endorsement for Sierra Madre City Council.

Joe had to have really wanted it.

So what advantages will this endorsement get for Joe? Out of town volunteers is one. Already we have been hearing reports that people from other jurisdictions have been knocking on doors for him this election. Another is organizational support. Such things as phone banks (Glendale's is the one most likely to be used) and robo-calling will now be available to Mr. Mosca. All big city political techniques that could very well be unleashed upon our little town, and soon.

Sierra Madre has always been independently run. And as a part of that ideal comes the concept of nonpartisan elections. Individuals running on their own merits rather than the muscle and money of any of the big LA County political machines. By obtaining this endorsement Joe Mosca has flown into the face of a longstanding Sierra Madre convention. Another sign that he really doesn't respect the traditions of this town, nor does he feel that they should apply to him.


  1. The reason political parties should not be involved in local elections is simple: The needs of a town should not be beholden to horse trading with party honchos.

    The benefits of keeping parties out of local politics are also plain: The candidates focus on the needs of local families rather than the dictates of the party. Equally important, local needs drive the candidate, not personal ambition.

    The system works. How do I know? Because someone like me - a pro-business Republican - can back a slate of candidates - Pat, Don and John - whom I know have no ambitions or bosses other than the people of Sierra Madre. Each has integrity and a devotion to community that they have consistently displayed through public service in speech and in deed.

    Joe Mosca, on the other hand, has been about one thing: Joe Mosca and his ambitions in the Democrat party. Which is why he casts himself as the "swing vote" and the great "triangulatory." What better way to sell yourself to the party powers that be than to be conveniently in the middle of all issues.

    Which brings us to JOE MOSCA. It has always

  2. Joe looks a little baked in that picture. Where was it taken? Young Democrats Bong Night?

  3. Now I need a favor from all my lefty friends in local politics. My dog Bailey has gone missing. She is a blond bull terrier looking dog with spots on her nose. We live near Bailey canyon. Please post here if you see her. Thanks, your friend right wing rick. go pat, don and john!

  4. ............and Joe did it before. Everyone--ask the people on your doorstep where they live. You will know another question to ask them that will trip them up. They will blubber all over themselves. Tell them you are not interested in talking to outside operatives of any national party. Thanks, but no thanks. If they are rolling a small suitcase with filled with candy for another bogus fund raiser--well that is different.

  5. Pat, John and Don are all registered something or another, or independent--if they lived in Canada they could choose from a couple more party affiliations, too--as are their campaign chairs. Representing Sierra Madre comes first. No need to lay it out here, but by that very well know fact, this is a group that is so far above party politics and focused on local Sierra Madre issues in the milieu of county and state pressures that you have to appreciate why you must vote Alcorn, Crawford and Watts!

  6. Thanks for your excellent post Rick.

    Joe Mosca pulled this in 2006, breaking decades of tradition in Sierra Madre. They did it again in 2008, when in a most chicken s**t move by the L.A. Democratic party, they can called every registered Democrat in Sierra Madre and told them NOT to vote for MaryAnn MacGillivray....why?
    The caller from the L.A. dems said, "She is a right wing Republican". WOW! Like who gives a damn.
    Then city council candidates, John Buchanan (D)
    and Enid Joffe (D) got large campaign contributions for a Democratic lawyer working for The Huffington Post and the campaign of Obama for President. Yet again DIRTS get contributions from the Democratic Party.

    My question is: What the hell reason does the Democratic Party have in controlling our city of Sierra Madre? Oh yeah, perhaps SB275 and AB32?
    Reject this voters. It's just not what we want in Sierra Madre.

    We will be driving and walking all over town today and we'll sure be looking for your Bailey!

    Please post if you find her? Best of luck to you.

  7. There is no room for party hacks in Sierra Madre. Fire the liar.

  8. Hey, I am a life-long Democrat and I detest Joe Mosca! So it is not because he is a Democrat it is because he is a LIAR. Pure and simple. This is not about the Democratic party wanting to control Sierra Madre's development policies and business interests. At some point in time big business was always attributed to the Republican party. This is about a great little town, with dedicated people of all political pursuasions setting those issues aside and voting what is best for Sierra Madre.

  9. Hi Rick, Hope you find Bailey, check with Joe, he might be using Baily for a photo.

  10. Letters to the Editor asap!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. There is no paper that would print anything against Joe. They're all under the thumb of the same special interests.

  12. Really sad indeed. A local illustration of how our outdated and ineffective campaign laws allow special interests to attempt to influence an election.

    Democrat or Republican matters little, what matters is that Mosca has effectively sold his soul to obtain to what he considers to be an "edge".

    Mosca, and in this case the Democratic Party, should be viewed as the Poster Child for that which is wrong with our campaign process today.

  13. gilman,
    Great post as usual!

    Joe is not thinking locally, he's thinking beyond Sierra Madre, his goal has always been elsewhere, this is only a stepping stone, for Joe to advance his political career Statewide.

    This proves Joe is only using us, using the voters of Sierra Madre to further his career.

    Reject this, it's just not right.
    Don't buy into this, Sierra Madre voters......
    Don't let Mosca use your vote to become just another "special interest" politician.

    His obligation is to special interests, not to us.

    Vote for people who don't reach outside of our city to get elected to office or get a ballot measure passed that favors big development.

    Carpetbagger Joe Must Go.

    Vote for Crawford, Watts and Alcorn.

  14. It's sad the way the Democratic Party has abandoned small middle class towns like ours. When the Clintons won twice they carried the suburbs in the big states. I doubt you'll see the Democrats doing that again for years. I'm not crazy about the prospect of the GOP coming back to power, but the Democrats did it to themselves. Joe Mosca is very representitive of his party now. He is completely disinterested in the things people like us want. And that is bad news for Sierra Madre

  15. John Crawford turned down any potential help from the Democratic Party.

    Pat Alcorn would not have dreamed of seeking the support of her major political party.

    Don Watts would never seek nor would he ever accept any support from any political party.

    These three candidates carry on the tradition of Sierra Madre FIRST.

    John Crawford is a Democrat
    Don Watts is an Independent
    Pat Alcorn is a Republican.

    I am a campaign worker for all three.
    I support all three of the above candidates because they are interested ONLY in Sierra Madre, they have no other priorities.

    I hope and pray the good people of Sierra Madre will support these three VOLUNTEERS

  16. This disgusting use of the Democratic Party is no surprise - not because of the Democrats, but because of Joe.
    Did the interviewers know that Joe is regarded as a liar by enough people to almost get him recalled?
    Did they look on Neuroblast and check out Heather Allen speaking for the town when she explained the facts to the offensive Mr. Mosca?
    Did they investigate Joe's infamous flip flop in four minutes?
    National politics always goes to one side, then predictably to the other. This endorsement of a known liar has hurt the Democratic Party.

  17. 7:12 a.m., I've noticed Mosca's mood swings and big changes in energy levels at the council meetings.

  18. The person who came to my house to praise Joe in the last election was a nice older man who was out of breath and in need of water - so we had a conversation while he rested. He was from Hollywood.

  19. The picture that accompanies the article is showing Joe at what he does best.
    The man is a born schmoozer.

  20. Will one of the registered Democrats in town please send a link to this article to the LA County Democratic Party?

  21. Pat hung up on the Democratic Party when they called her about endorsing candidates. Pat has values. She told them the Domocratic Party had no business in Sierra Madre politics. She is not part of any slate. She is her own woman. No one will tell her what to think or how to vote.

    Vote for Pat

  22. Joe has been asking well thought of neighbors to walk their neighborhood with him and introduce him to their friends and neighbors.

  23. ,Joe is power hungry and getting all the ammunition he can. Including the Democratic Party to back him with calls and people walking.
    He is and always has been a Sociopath.

    Vote for Watts, Crawford and Alcorn. They want what is best for YOU!!

  24. Need yard signs for Crawford, Watts and Alcorn?

    Please call John or Diane Shear at 355-4776

    Give us your address.....we'll deliver your signs.

    Thanks for your support Sierra Madre!

  25. Tired of Joe Mosca's schtickMarch 20, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    Joe Mosca, since he's moved here and immediately ran for political office, has been and always be a hack for hire. No wonder he's a lobbyist for a energy company.

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  27. I fail to see where National Party Politics has any role to play in the City election.The issues are LOCAL.If they were not we would see Party unity lined up behind each candidate.This is not the case;instead we see voters of every persuasion choosing their candidates on the LOCAL issues .. Not on Party Registration.

  28. Maybe Joe is afraid and thinks he needs some big political muscle behind him in order to win? You can only imagine what they tell the bobos sent here to campaign for him.

  29. love the picture, Joe the Stoner, was the other person in the photo a prop like the dog he used in his original campaign photo?

    anybody that knocks on my door on behalf of Joe Moocher had better be prepared for a dozen questions and a few select profanities

    anyway, why is anybody surprised with Joe, it's always about Joe and it's obvious that he moved into Sierra Madre for his own political aspirations

    that guy couldn't make it in the real business world, but then again, since he takes credit for the work of others, he is a typical corporate backstabber

  30. I hear that when Joe shows up at peoples houses
    the pets start to race around wildly and howl.

  31. I am just really sad when I see a Mosca sign on someone's lawn, cuz it means that he has fooled somebody.

  32. Lifelong DemocratMarch 20, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    Personally I love it that Joe is the anointed dem -- it just proves what this blog has been saying: Joe was put in Sierra Madre by outside developers and politicos; his campaign is funded by outside donors; and he'll move on when he's exhausted any political expediency he can squeeze out of Sierra Madre. Let's help him on his way! Vote him out of office on April 14th.

  33. Bill Tice made Larry Wilson's column today with, " Perennial Sierra Madre council candidate Bill "Eagle" Tice on whether he'd taken campaign cash from outside the town: "No, but I would!"

    Good for Bill. A good soul unlikely to be elected but honest as the day is long -- and funny.

  34. Did you see the Lambdin campaign sign on south Mountain Trail? In a line with Mosca, Moran and Walsh as viewed going south. Must be a vintage piece or is someone trying for a write in?

  35. I can see a new postcard coming!

    Joe Mosca only candidate endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party for the Sierra Madre City Council Election 2010 in a field of seven candidates including four other Democrats.

    (Never mind he had to pay a fee to get the endorsement.)

  36. I took a look at the paperwork required of a candidate who wants to go for the party endorsement, and discovered a telling fact: I could actually complete Mr. Mosca's answers for him. Why? I follow council business, and the man is forever reciting and busily padding his resume.

  37. Bless Bill Tice's heart. He gets involved in local politics....and tells the truth.

  38. So does John Crawford!

  39. As a life-long Democrat, I am appalled by this process. The fee part is as disgusting as anything. The whole thing smells very bad.

    I now have to ask who has stooped lower: Joe or the Democrats?

  40. Dr. Staccato,

    Looks like a race to the bottom.

  41. I want to see Mosca's entire itemized votes for development interests for the past 4 years.

    I understand people are compiling that record and it will be made available to the entire voting population.

    That should finish it for old Joe. He'll have no where to hide, no where to spin and his disgraceful record will be public.

    Everything John Crawford reports on this blog is the gospel truth. It will be clear to all.

    Joe Mosca has been one of the worst characters that ever hit this town. He has caused much grief for the past 4 years, has hurt a lot of nice people.

    Enough is enough, Sierra Madre, and if an out of town Democrat comes to your door touting Mosca, tell them you're not interested. You've seen enough of him. All we care to see now is him packing up and leaving town.

  42. It looks like Joe paid $100 for that endorsement. Considering all the votes he's now losing because of it, I'd say that was quite a buy.

  43. Bailey has returned! On her own after a night of adventure in the mountains. and, for some reason, covered in mosca stickers (not really).

    still, i had people ask after Bailey this morning at the st. rita's track meet at 9 - the reach of the blog is bigger than i knew! thanks to one and all for looking.

  44. I'll sleep better tonight knowing that Bailey has returned. We hope you come back often Right Wing Rick.

  45. RWR:
    You just made my morning, friend!

    We're all so happy that Bailey found her way back home.

    Check her for ticks. When our friend's two Labs and a Bassett Hound decided to go for an adventure down the wash in the canyon all the way down to Arcadia,near the race track, where they were finally spotted, they came back with ticks, so check her out.
    These dogs never leave home, who knows why they decided to do this, the two (unusually nice) Lab girls and their friend, a Bassett boy. We are still wondering how the short legged Bassett got down the wash.

    Your Baily will not likely do that again, but I'm sure she was so excited she wished she could have had pictures to show you! LOL

  46. Tuesday night is the time for an irrate citizen to "out" Mosca to the entire city on TV about the endorsement that he sought from the Demo. Party. Whomever asked the financial question should have asked "Has any candidate received money or endorcements from outside the city?"

  47. Joe has always been a candidate who has had strong support from outside Sierra Madre. but here is my question - what's up with this "Central Committee?" I thought that kind of talk went out with the USSR?

  48. And another unwritten rule in our politics has been to elect for Mayor the Mayor Pro-tem, not pass him over. Hypocrites.

  49. Sorry wingnut, but in the adult world honors are earned. And one way a person will not become Mayor is to break promises to his supporters or not attend the SCAG meetings he committed to. If Joe had kept his word and did the work he was supposed to do, he would have become Mayor.