Monday, March 29, 2010

Report From The Streets Of Sierra Madre

I have been out meeting with the people of Sierra Madre, one house or apartment at a time. And I have to tell you, what at first seemed to me would be a rather strenuous chore, has actually turned out to be an awful lot of fun. I'm taking my time, with my kids in tow (they are now busy lawn sign installation engineers), and if people want to talk I am more than glad to take a seat and have a conversation about what is going on here in town. Oftentimes I walk away with as much new information as whatever it is I'm leaving behind. Sierra Madre is a City blessed with some of the best informed and politically savvy people anywhere. It is the real reason we've managed to keep our unique little town the way it is.

Now considering the vast clots of very strange press that I have been on the receiving end of lately from the widely ignored free rags that litter the downtown streets of our fair City, you would think that at least some of this would get to the folks I have been visiting. And that perhaps some of the ugly and untrue things being said about me might work their way into at least a couple of conversations. But I have to tell you something, there hasn't been a single instance where any of that stuff has been brought up. Not one single time. And I've now been out walking 5 weekends in a row. I have often been greeted quite graciously, occasionally with enthusiasm, and the slow growth preservationist message that I'm offering is exactly what people want to hear. This has been a very gratifying experience, and I am now convinced that myself, along with those candidates I respect and support, are going to win.

While the Moscateers do have their supporters, there is very little general opposition presence out there. Even households displaying their signs have agreed with me about the important issues. It's like those candidates have no real message at all, so how can anyone agree with them? It appears that all they want to do is complain about me.

Not that this will come as a surprise, but Sierra Madre does not want high density development, nor does this town have a lot of love for those whose explanations on this important issue seem too clever, contrived, parsed, or complicated. They've heard that kind of talk before. Most want to know that you represent their side, the one that will keep Sierra Madre as it is. And once you've convinced them of that you have won their vote. After several weeks of visiting with people and exchanging views, I can only conclude that as far as my campaign for City Council goes, things are very much on course.

Another issue that comes up quite often is the sad state of the Skilled Nursing Facility. In a lot of ways this has become a source of anxiety for many who love this town, and they are concerned. But when I explain the new Blight Law this City just passed, and my role in its creation, they are happy. The concept that the SNF's owner is the true responsible party for this eyesore, and that the City isn't going to allow the miscreant to get away with it any more, is recognized as the realistic way to view this. Most are relieved to know they won't have to worry about that anymore.

The Eminent Domain Ballot Initiative seems to be confusing for many, and I'm wondering if maybe we should send out some sort of postcard breaking it all down. Everyone believes the taking of private property by government for the monetary benefit of private interests is an unspeakable evil, and all find the whole concept appalling. But the issue here is they want make a correct vote, and people ask if they should cast a 'yes' vote, or a 'no.' I think this could be in part a hangover from the massively funded disinformation campaign that was unleashed during the Measure V election. There are quite a few people in this town who were wrongly convinced that a 'no' vote was actually the preservationist vote, and that is what they did when they went to their polling station. Nobody wants to make that kind of mistake again, and they want to make certain they have that right.

And that is pretty much it. Alverno has come up a few times. Street paving is a concern in some neighborhoods, but almost nobody wants to incur the massive debt that would come with the multi-million dollar "live for today" bond Joe Mosca is pushing. A "take it as we go" approach seems to be favored. Surprisingly, at least for me, are the several mentions of The Stuart, that Transportation Oriented Development project down on Foothill Boulevard in Pasadena. Apparently for some that has become a symbol as well, in this case as the kind of thing people would hate seeing here in our town.

Now I was prepared to write about some of the weird stuff said in the current issue of the Mountain Views "News." The things claimed by its Publisher are not just bizarrely untrue, but are so laughably unbelievable that they are more of a confession of desperation on their author's part than anything else. There is just an unmistakable panic in all that. But do you know what? Having spent a beautiful weekend talking to people about our City government and what I hope to see in the very promising future of this town, I just don't feel like lowering myself into that kind of muck right now. Why bother? If they can't handle the kind of down home truth that was laid out at last Tuesday evening's City Council meeting, well, that is hardly my problem.

Besides, and as my far wiser wife likes to put it, sometimes you just have to let the crazy train go by.


  1. John,

    Wonderful article. I, myself, prefer to take the high road. Well done, sir. You have all of our votes come April 13th!

  2. You did well not to engage Henderson et al. My electronic copy of the Mountain Views Distorted News is positively dripping with Hail Hamilton's spittle as it spews across the ether. Good God man! What did you do to this nut? He's positively toxic.

    Bill Coburn seems to be writing Susan Henderson's letters to the editor and Volunteer feature. Perhaps they'll merge soon. Bill! Beware! The last two merges have left partners in the dirt as Susan marched over them to journalistic glory.

    The good news? Seems to be coming from the Tattler this morning. Responsible voters asking about the issues.

    John Crawford, you're a credible threat to the resurgence of DIRT, party of realtors, developers and self interests bent on tearing down the good governance of Mayor MacGillivray, Mayor Pro Tem Watts, and former Mayor Zimmermann.

    Tattlers, get out the word. Vote Alcorn, Crawford and Watts on April 13th!

  3. John Crawford is out there talking to the folks, just like the Yes on Measure V folks did to get that measure on the ballot. We won and so will John Crawford.

    The vast majority of people in Sierra Madre are supportive of the Crawford/Watts/Alcorn/ platform of slow growth and fiscal conservation.

    Under Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray, Don Watts and Kurt Zimmerman we have balanced our budget, we have a surplus, something only a small handful of all the cities in California can claim these days of tough economy for Calif.
    MaryAnn and Don are working 7 days a week to protect you all from Sacramento and the threat of Eminent Domain it will bring.

    Please support the WATTS/CRAWFORD/ALCORN ticket on April 13th. Get out and vote, encourage your neighbors to vote!
    Vote YES on Measure E.D. to stop the threat of
    Sacramento confiscating your private property!
    Refer to Saturday's Tattler article for details.



    The property and life style you will be protecting will be your own!

  4. The gargantuan ego of Henderson must be taking a bruising lately. While she likes to proclaim herself to be the great power broker of Sierra Madre, apparently her roar is actually a mouse's squeak. Let the crazy train go by indeed. Most of its cars are empty anyway.

  5. simple reason why nobody brings up what Susan printed...nobody reads the paper.

    that paper lost any shread of creditability when Katina left it, Susan knows it and Susan literally makes up her quotes and research, she really can't write

    for the life of me, I can't figure out why anybody would support Josh Moran, he offers little and it's blatantly apparent that he's in the election to push downtown condos, so he and his family/friends (realtors) can profit from his term as a potential Councilmember.

    Joe is all about Joe, I mean come on, the dude shoved his way into representing our interests in SCAG and then he never shows for a meeting? and when he does speak out about SCAG, he's a parrot, repeating what he's been told and whatever will help pad his resume and help him land his next gig

  6. The crazy thing about the Crazy Train is they keep wailing about "attack politics," yet all they do is attack-attack-attack. The weekly papers in this town are bottom feeder operations, and I guess they just can't figure out how hypocritical they appear right now.

  7. Great to see that your campaign walking has shown the positive strengths of the people of Sierra Madre and its wonderful spring vistas to boot! Isn't that a great reward after slogging through all the garbage over the past two years? You have to pull folks through the mess and get their consensus on what's really important. Leadership is about that.

  8. You know several things have happened. Joe ran on the wings of Zimmerman and Watts and was elected for what they all stood for. No one cared about his sexual orientation. Now that he wants to run again; he now uses his "sexual orientation" as a reason folks won't vote for him!! Funny how all that works. We are not "homophobic", Joe, we are "condo-phobic". It really stooped to a new low that Mr. Miller and Mr. Mosca had to resort to one's sexual preference as a reason to not be elected. We are much too liberal for that nonsense. We love the slow, controlled growth of our mighty three, Crawford, Watts, Alcorn.

    As far as everyone else "writing" and I use that term very loosely, their thoughts on Mr. Crawford; well that's just free speech. Cream always rises to the top. John will be o.k. -- his character and dedication to our town has been proven over and over again.

    As far as Mr. Moran is concerned his chosen profession is in the real estate arena. Whether it's mortgages, brokers, etc. It would seem to me that that would be a giant conflict of interest. How many recluses would he have to do?
    Too much like the fox looking after the chicken coop.

    Ms. Henderson has her own visions of something. It's all o.k. Life has a way of coming full circle for everyone. Wish them all well on their journey...and let's continue our quest to have the "voice of the people" elected on April 13 - CRAWFORD, WATTS, ALCORN. Thank you.

  9. Um, Joe is the one who portrayed himself in the press as married, with a kid and a dog. Who's homophobic, here?

  10. Wonderful news once again from John Crawford.

    And yes Please get more information out to the people to vote YES on ED! There cannot be any confusion as there was on Measure V. We cannot assume that everyone understands the wording on a ballot. It is never too late to educate!!

    Thank you John!!

  11. I read Susan's bizarre article where she tells some whoppers.

    I won't dignify most of what she writes about John Crawford with a response. I do note, however, that her comment about Councilman Mosca living in Sierra Madre longer than Mr. Crawford or Councilman Zimmerman is a complete fabrication.

    If memory serves me, Mr. Crawford and his family have been here for more than 10 years.

    Mr. Zimmerman moved to Sierra Madre in 04. His parents, brother and sister had been living here for several years before 04.

    Crawford and Zimmerman already had deep roots in Sierra Madre

    On the other hand, Mosca moved to Sierra Madre right before he announced he was running for election to the Sierra Madre City council in 06. He had no family or other roots in town.

  12. Remember where the advertising revenue has come from in the past for all three of the weeklies (print and internet)! Real Estate! Think back to the glory days of Webb Martin! These newsies are dying on the vine. Wonder how much the Mosca-Moran-Walsh campaigns have contributed to the Distorted News to keep it on schedule during the election. Shades of the Mountain Views and Beth Buck secretly taking money from the BIA/CRA for her "reporting".

  13. I can't help but think that Susan and the rest of the muckrakers see the writing on the wall. They're going to lose this election, and with it the last possible reason for their existence. Crawford's on line gamble is paying off.

  14. One look at that ridiculous Loony Views News headline bashing MaryAnn MacGillivray and nobody will take anything written there seriously. Mosca blew his cool, he can't take the heat, and now has to face the consequences. Never have I seen such an out of control bunch of lunatics. These people are certifiable.

  15. Bill, Susan, Larry, and Terry have all hitched their wagons to falling stars. (Some of their stars may not have made it into orbit before they began to tumble toward earth, gravity being what it is.)

    Vote local, honest, reliable! Vote Alcorn, Crawford, and Watts.

  16. One of Sierra Madre's more well know volunteers received a troublesome e-mail from a DIRT groupie recently. Shades of Glenn Lambdin trying to intimidate Don Watts and Fay Angus in 2006.

    Good honest walking the walk and talking the talk is making a difference. Friends and neighbors are going to elect three candidates in 2008.

    Don't stoop to the distorted mouthings of unethical so-called reporters and editors. Investigate Alcorn, Crawford and Watts, who have nothing to hide!

  17. That melt-down at the Council meeting reminded me of a 12 year old having a tantrum. Joe, act your age. Mayor Pro-Tem Watts ws a true gentleman when he was admonished by the Mayor to allow open communication without comment. Maybe others missed that moment.

  18. Anyone who would believe ANYTHING that comes from Henderson, Mosca, Moran, Walsh, Doyle, Lambdin, and the rest of the DIRTS is either seriously DUMB or disturbingly dishonest.

  19. This is just standard election behavior from those fine folks. Probably explains why they lost in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Nobody really likes whiners, hysteria, and crybabies very much.

  20. well, i am glad that the spirit of civility burns bright at the mountain view news!

    otherwise they might go off half cocked. and if they did they might start making a bunch of crazy accusations about homophobia, bigotry, and moral bankruptcy. all in the interest of civility and fact packed discord.

    i used to like ms. henderson. she helped start a spunky paper that, for a while, was a great news source. she and the rest of her staff, however, seem to have gone around the bend. i think i may have to start locking my doors at night.

  21. The Eminent Domain vote is where the hired gins will really come in, ya wanna bet? I agree Mr. Crawford that a mailer or flyer is needed - something that will make it clear to folks that YES is protection.
    The PR professionals, or whoever it is that will be bought to confuse people (a robo call from John Buchanan perhaps?), will push on the yes/no confusion.

  22. channel 3 watcherMarch 29, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    The great thing about having such a speecy-spicy meeting last Tuesday is that it will be replayed from now until the next council meeting, April 27th.
    So nobody has to believe anything except their own eyes and ears.
    Just by the way, the longest speech given by a member of the public? Joe's supporter.

  23. I saw a replay this morning. Can anyone fill us in on just what the schedule is at that wack-a-doodle station? But not complaining - at least it's on.
    Joe says to MaryAnn something like "You're letting people go on for 20 minutes." Poor Joe. I guess it feels like 20 minutes when you're hearing about your own record and actions. Time warp.

  24. still read the papers, but not that oneMarch 29, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    It is a very good thing that Ms. Henderson has invited everybody onto the crazy train.
    Couldn't be clearer who the mean attack people are.

  25. Hey Tattler, here's a good quote for the Sierra Madre written press just now:
    From The Week, quoting Charlie Brooker in The Guardian:
    "...while in its pure form, a newspaper consists of facts, unscrupulous dealers often cut it with 'wild opinion, bulls---, empty hysteria,' and other harmful additives. The end product is a toxic stew that reduces the user to a gibbering bore, 'raging incoherently' in a pub or on a blog."
    Yep. Toxic stew sums it up nicely.

  26. Ms Henderson often projects her rage onto other people. Why she does this should be
    clear to anyone with even a rudimentary
    understanding of basic psychology.

  27. Maybe we can help end the confusion on the Eminent Domain Ballot initiative vote if we refer to it as Ban Eminent Domain, or the Eminent Domain Ban.

  28. There is something about Joe Mosca that I actually find interesting. Why is it he absolutely refuses to ever admit that he might have done something wrong? And why is it he reacts the way he does when somebody accuses him of not being up to what is expected of him in the veracity department? I've never once heard him own up to doing anything wrong. And Lord knows that is a long list. This, of course, is one of the reasons why people keep bringing this stuff up, because he never can admit that he even might have been wrong. Instead he starts yelling about lies and "attack politics." Is this something taught to ambitious youngsters in Uberpolitical Leadership Camp? Really is a bit of puzzler. All of this stuff would have vanished long ago if he'd just shown the decency to own up a little.

  29. Who is funding The Mountain Views Looney News?
    Recall that Ms. Henderson made a speech to the council about not publishing a week in January because she was doing the court a favor by not having to declare bankruptcy.
    Henderson must have secured new financial backing.

  30. and one more thing. i concerned that ms. henderson writes that she cannot "in good conscious" support our Tattler hero.

    While she could be referring to an addled mental state, i suspect she is referring to her moral compass. either way she needs an editor.

    might i suggest:

  31. I agree Bad Karma. Joe could have said he changed his mind. People do. Instead he gets poetic people like Shirley Moore to come up with phrases like Master of Mendacity.
    Joe probably had to look up mendacity.
    Why didn't he go the easier way, the honest way?

  32. Maybe Susan has flown off the handle because she knows that if she doesn't deliver on her promises the money guys will just write her little operation off as wasteful spending?

  33. South Pas neighborMarch 29, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    Beautiful picture of the blooming Jacarandas on South Hermosa. Pasadena used to be full of lovely streets like that, some still there.

  34. What are flowers next to the beautiful pastels of a well built 5 story condominium complex?

  35. Just saw Josh Moran's campaign page on Facebook.

    One of his "Fans" is Chip Ahlswede, public affairs consultant from Schubert-Flint, the firm hired by the Arcadia Association of Realtors to defeat Measure V.

    Most of the others are either Dirts or live out of town, mostly out of towners.

  36. 2:09, you forget that you are sharing the blog with some condo-phobic folks.
    I am not just condo-phobic, I am also Liar-phobic.

  37. Ooohhh 2:12 the First. That is a good one. Schubert-Flint is also the company hired to run both the Prop 8 campaign and the fight to defeat a gay marriage initiatve in Maine.

    Talk about homophobes ...

  38. Sadly the passing of Dr. Neiby removed Susan Henderson's incentives to be civil. Dr. Neiby was generous in his support of the Mountain Views News but with the caveat that it not sink to the level of "reporting" it now has.

    Shame on you Susan Henderson. Dr. Neiby had faith in your ability to provide good clean newspapering in our community.

  39. There ya go.
    1st PR sighting, courtesy of Josh Moran.
    I remember Chip.
    He was in the council chambers the night Measure V passed.
    He and his female counterpart were immediately on their cell phones, regrouping....

  40. Dr. neiby believed in community newspapers, not pulp thuggery.

  41. Mr. Moran should demand his money back if his campaign has had professional public relations advice. They've done a very poor job of selling him to voters.

    His yard signs, the most visible aspect of his campaign, look like all the Dickson-Podley for sale signs.

    Why would a candidate use a PR firm that lost all of its client's good will in the Measure V election?

  42. 2:59, check out Schubert Flint's web site. They usually win everything they do.
    We were an exception.

  43. Maybe it's a freebee for mommie and Judy Webb Martin since Schubert Flint took $170,000 and did not deliver Sierra Madre on a Silver platter to the BIA and the realtors. Webb Martin is where all the planning sessions and phone banks went on during Measure V.

  44. If Chip Ahlswede is more than just a "Fan" of Josh Moran's campaign, then there's a good chance that the interests paying Ahlswede are the same as those that funded the "No on V" campaign.

    It may be necessary to do a little investigating into Moran's campaign finances. If he's as unethical in politics as he is in business, there's a good chance he has run afoul of the law.

  45. Anon @ 4:02

    A political consultant offering a freebie? LMAO

    I don't think so! Those people make their fortunes on others misfortune. Often times, they insure their employers defeat in order to insure their own continued employment. If Measure V had failed, there would be less work for Ahlswede.

    It could be that we may actually owe Ahlswede thanks for tanking the campaign.

  46. Schubert Flint is a very expensive hire, and as anyone who experienced the onslaught of propaganda and abusive techniques that came from that source, you'll understand where I'm coming from here. They basically unleashed a war against the preservationists here in town, complete with porno sites and blown up mailboxes. The reason why we were receiving postcards everyday from SF was because they wanted all of the $170K they could get their hands on. The "No on V" people, per the usual practice of companies such as SF, were charged by the mailing. And the geniuses who were entrusted with that vast fortune in lobbyist money, were taken for a ride. My guess is SF knew the starategy of daily mailings was risky, but they figured what the hell, at least they would have a big payday.

  47. I disagree 4:29. I think SF wanted to win here, and gave it their best shot. They probably thought having postcards with 6 mayors on it was a good thing. They did not understand this town.

  48. To Bad Karma: Joe is fascinating to many of us because he played everyone so well. I believe he was brainwashed to brainwash all of us. He tried to hide behind a mask but did not realize that we are not as ignorant as he is. Worse, his connection to the DIRTS was very obvious to many people who saw the filthy painting on the wall, right away!! He has convinced himself that he is RIGHT and he will continue to win converts to believe he is a victim Nothing more. Just a victim.

    He is a typical spoiled narcissistic brat, who is used and uses and is incompetent and lacks any expertise to lead anyone. Your assessment is fascinating. He will leave SM when he looses, pray dear God, and never learns from his mistakes but firmly believe that he was "wronged." The most interesting part of the story is how this will play out in the future.

    Unfortunately, he is unwilling to learn leadership and character from MacGillivary, Watts, Alcorn and Crawford. They will more than likely win with a landslide. We in Sierra Madre are all very blessed when they win. BRAVO!!!!

  49. Poor Joe probably thought 2010 would be just like 2006. Fake a little empathy, cough up some bromides, lay claim to everything wonderful, and then just waltz into office. Funny how its not working out that way this time. That Joe didn't think there would be any consequences whatsover to his fibbing and promise breaking says a lot about his opinion of the people of Sierra Madre. Obviously he believes we're all idiots.

  50. In small communities, you can't play it the way you can in big cities. Everybody knows everybody else. Frequently they're related. Which makes it harder to keep the false image in place. Not only that, there's a whole boatload of folks who understand common sense and don't buy the party line. That's why grassroots will work against Sacramento politics as usual.

  51. So, could it be that duirng the Measure V campaign Josh Moran was a member of the Arcadia Board of Realtors? He urge all who would listen to vote NO at the City Council podium and in print. Now someone has discoverd his FaceBook buddy is none other than Chip Ahlswede, an employee of Schubert Flint, not only last seen at the CC chambers the night of the Vote YES win, he was all around town looking at the cross off lists, sitting outside the polling places and calling folks he knew (but how?) to come down and vote. This was observed immedately outside the door of several polling places, a clear violaion of the 100' distance to be free of campaigning--his conversations were intended to be overheard. Expect it to happen it again. Volunteer to poll watch.

  52. Susan and Bill and Terry continue to tear down John and Maryanne but they don't talk about anything Miss Nancy, Joey or the Moron have actually acomplished. The reason being they have done nothing nor are the capable of doing anything of value.

  53. Each evening I read this I am entertained and enlightened. Amazing intelligence in our wonderful little village. We are an amazing group of wonderful people aren't we. Joe and Susan really did not get it. This little Tattler needs to be published into a Book. Everyone has a lot to learn from us. Thank you again SIR ERIC. I am truly addicted. What a a wonderful aphrodisiac.

  54. Okay, freezers, how does our fine city expand its tax base to provide services if we effectively ban growth? Can anyone riddle me that?

  55. The key to maintaining our tax base is not to chase people away. Make this place look like Glendale and our wealthiest taxpayers will get mobile and go find what they used to have here elsewhere. And I don't care how many pizza parlors, Sit 'n Sleeps, and yoghurt shoppes you open, you'll never make up what you've lost.

  56. in her true journalistic integrity, Ms. Henderson fails to present both sides of a issue or discussion. she fails to mention that Mr. Mosca on numerous occassions has belittled citizens with his catty comments, example, when he told a senior citizen to "get a life", regardless of the senior, Mr. Mosca allientates those in the community, he uses his position for political image but fails do focus on city business. example, he petitioned himself to be the city's liasion with SCAG, then never shows up for meetings and then insists that the city comply with SCAG's housing numbers?

    For someone who preaches alot, Ms. Henderson is somewhat hypocritical with her rants and she hides behind the catch prhase "editorial" because she has no facts to base her wildly inflammatory hatred accusations

    The city has no business giving her our advertising money and she's looking to protect her financial interests by pushing candidates that will not pursue or request that city research online legal postings or the validity of Susan's so-called "adjudication", her claim to fame and what's she is using to wrangle the city election for her own personal agenda.

    Of course, the paper endores Moran, his Mom works for Webb-Martin and Susan can't afford to lose the realtor ad dollars. Susan omits to mention that Moran is a highly decisive candidate that is squarely on the side of Measure V, advocated large scale condo projects in town and that Moran raised eyebrows with his rally cry for a boycott of Sierra Madre business ownerws. Susan is okay with all of this and ignores the FACT that Moran will have to recuse himself from a majority of Council discussions, because of his profession.

    Apparently conflict of interests is not an issue to Henderson's editorial opinion, given the San Francisco article that reported she had been discharged from the Democratic party for using her company credit card for a shopping spree and embellishing her resume.

    Susan needs Joe, Josh and Nancy Walsh elected to protect the paper's legal ad contract with the City.

  57. Okay, freezers, how does our fine city expand its tax base to provide services if we effectively ban growth? Can anyone riddle me that?

    March 30, 2010 9:56 AM


    what's a "freezer"? u mean somebody that would rather require any development in OUR DOWNTOWN to be limted to 2 stories?

    personally, I don't care about the opinion of a "realtor" or developer's association mouthpiece to tell us what we want in our brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    this election is also about validating Measure V and undermining it by a few candidates and a dizzy headed newspaper editorials.

    u know what, if a handful of people had their way about 8 yeara ago, we would have be railroaded with massived condo projects and adding thousands of retail space to Sierra Madre, which doesn't mean, "if you build it they will come...or at least we made our profit and can move on..."

    The anti Measure V candidates (Joe, Josh, Nancy Walsh) are all standing on the platform for undermining Measure V and namecalling, anybody for Measure V is labeld "decisive".

    The simple fact of site selection by anybody who understands retail is that there are thousands of better locations than Sierra Madre, unless you've got a big ad budget or great food to make a person drive from South Pas to shop Sierra Madre.

    Stupid bs lies by the anti Measure V advocates, supported by Candidates Moran and Mosca, that a Rite Aid was looking at the property and the property was rejected on first review and the same no on V crowd was touting that Trader Joe's was moving into town...if we approved the 55 condos...turned out to be a bold face lie and the previous owner of the local paper "reported" the facts which caused Josh Moran to advocate a "boycott" of Sierra Madre businesses. He posted the call to boycott on the anti-Measure V website.

    I don't know about you, but I don't want a councilmember who advocated a boycott of local businesses and our "tax revenue".

  58. The notion that using planning as a way to prevent harmful overdevelopment is something to be equated with causing economic stagnation is a canard. If you want to see economic stagnation, go visit the many unsold and and unrented high density mixed use settlements throughout our part of Los Angeles County. The new face of blight is buildings that were built in this decade.

  59. I love the conversations on this blog!

  60. nice try, but in your rambling diatribe with all of its patent talking points, you still didn't answer the question, so I'll try again.
    How does our city maintain and/or expand it's tax base?

  61. @ 11:01am, just for clarity, I too don't want any buildings in Sierra Madre to be built above two stories, it would destroy the character of the town. I do not believe that high density condos and ground floor retail are the answer to what ails the city budget either.

  62. Sorry I wasn't clear. The tax base comes from property taxes. Sales tax represents a very small part of what the City gets. If you build out the city in hopes of getting the sales tax haul up, you might alienate the property tax payers that foot all the bills in this town. Developing this town along Glendale/Pasadena lines would most likely make Sierra Madre less appealing to affluent families, taking away the reasons for their staying here. This isn't a pizza based economy here in Sierra Madre. It is homeowners that make it happen. Sierra Madre is running a budget surplus, one of the few cities in California to do so. The formula is working. Why would you want to screw that up?

  63. 2:23

    The best way to expand Sierra Madre's tax base, is to start by getting rid of all the Dirts; the people responsible for chasing businesses OUT of Sierra Madre in the first place.

    First, they used bully tactics to get business owners to leave. Second, they used the threat of Eminent Domain to force property owners along East Montecito to sell their properties to friends of the Dirts. Third, they created blight, such as the Skilled Nursing Facility and the Howie's property as a threat against the people of Sierra Madre to force the DSP through, and since, as retaliation for killing the DSP.

    Best way to increase our tax base and clean up Sierra Madre is to evict the DIRTS.

  64. 2:23

    I know you were hoping to get some speaking points for your candidates to use during the last 2 weeks of the campaign, but I guess you're just going to have to "Go Fish."

  65. @ Smiley,
    Yes, Sierra Madre is running a surplus, this much is true, except the city can't afford to pave the crumbling street that I see from my front window. I loved your "pizza based" economy comment, truly funny. I too am opposed to development along the Glendale/Pasadena lines, god forbid we alienate the "affluent families" that you reference. I'd bet that most are protected by Prop 13. So the answer is high volume sales of existing homes to support our tax base? That's your solution?

  66. @ 5:34
    Just for the record, I don't have a candidate in this race, in fact, I'm still undecided. I'm not sure what your fishing quote is about, but I'm sure it's well intentioned. Also, the phrase I think you're looking for is talking point. I read this blog because I consider Sir Eric to be one of the smartest guys in the room when it comes to preserving the Sierra Madre way of life we all love. In my opinion this city council election is nothing short of crucial for the future of our town, it's just a matter of who has better ideas, and the skill to implement those policies.

  67. Susan Henderson: "We need to stop the madness and select candidates anxious to work together to take care of "the people's business".

    That is exactly what the Tattler has been doing, for a long time now.

  68. @ 5:46

    You sound like a sock puppet to me.

    If you've been paying attention, and reading this Blog, and think so highly of John Crawford, then you would know who has the best ideas and who has the skill to implement them.

    Good luck finding those "talking points" for your non-candidate.

  69. 6:12

    It's probably Bill Coburn or Terry Miller looking for a quote. Just ignore him.

  70. Chip Ahlswede is back on the job.

  71. @ 6:12
    You resort to name calling? "Sock puppet"? I'm dissapointed, you can do better. I do pay attention, read this blog, and think highly of Sir Eric, but I'm not sure that preservationist policies will pay the bills. I'd love to hear a convincing argument otherwise that doesn't include hyperbole and resort to playground tactics.

  72. Chip,

    How much are you getting paid for this one? Flat Rate or Hourly?

  73. @ 6:42
    If I was getting paid, I'd make sure to pay my fair share of taxes to the City of Sierra Madre so that my street would be paved.