Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Final Push

Somehow we've managed to almost get to the end of this election. Having at one time believed April 13 would never arrive, I am now wondering how it got here so fast. And having now gone through most of this experience has given me a keen understanding of a few things. First of all it is a grueling process. Not just because of the demands on your time and energy, but also because the effort kind of consumes you. I find myself thinking of almost nothing else. Issues, yard signs, postcards, what to say on this blog, the atrociously one-sided and frankly libelous things that have been said in the buffoonish weekly press, trying to puzzle out the issue-free and evasive shenanigans of the "other side's candidates," all of this has become my daily companion and source for late night contemplation. I now understand why people can be reluctant to answer the call when asked to run for City Council. It is certainly not a job for the weak or overly sensitive.

But on the other hand, the experience has been an intensely rewarding one as well. The energy and creativity of those who have worked on my campaign has been astonishing. I now realize why it is that Sierra Madre has managed to evade the wrecking ball all these years. It is that thin line of remarkable people who rise to the occasion and transform what might have been a one man band into a movement. I am the heir of something incredible, and I stand on the shoulders of those who had picked up the banner long before I became a part of all this. I consider this to be one of the most gratifying and frankly humbling experiences of my life. Sierra Madre is the home of some remarkable people. It has been my honor to get to really know them, and I have made some of the best friends I've ever had.

I've received the devoted support of my family. My two elementary school-aged sons have become policy wonks. The notion that we might run out of water should we allow for Pasadena-style development is troubling to them, and they can't quite get their minds around the notion that there are people who don't seem to care about this. They've come to the conclusion that these lost souls must not care about things like taking baths or washing their clothes. My wife, now completing her second Doctorate in the mysterious workings of the human mind, has been the source for many insights into the personalities and motivations of those I've been concerned with. I have an amazing oppositional research department.

In my family and my friends I have a lot to be grateful for. Becoming involved in running for City Council has helped me realize just how blessed I am.

I have now walked about 50% of this town. There are some rather forbidding hillsides I've yet to tackle, plus a few other neighborhoods as well. I'll try to visit all of them in the time remaining. Introducing myself to the people of Sierra Madre has been an eye-opening experience. The vast majority of them are in complete agreement on the over-development issues, with most of them having a very keen understanding of this concern. It is the lifeblood of politics in this town. Sierra Madre has been blessed in that the people living here are a very savvy and intuitive bunch. They've figured it out and know what they want. It also helps that our town is something worth being loyal to. It is an inspiring foothill village that affords us hard-working middle class types the opportunity to live in a place that is both affordable and extraordinary. That we get to run it ourselves is also an important factor. We are not that kind of over-built Sacramento appendage that so many other cities have become. It is a remarkable little town and the loyalty it inspires from those living here is a rare and wonderful thing. People understand what they have, how it could be lost, and what they must do to keep it.

But like I said, we're almost at the end of this thing. And there is a lot of work that remains to be done. I sense that we are going to win, but that is no reason for complacency or taking things for granted. The other side is cornered and growing more desperate as they've begun to realize that time is running out for them. And as we have seen in the past, that is when they get their strange on. Time to hit the streets and continue the conversation with Sierra Madre.


  1. John, we are with you 100%!! Your are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for running and letting our voices be heard! We can't wait to celebrate with you on Wed morning!

  2. This morning's PSN reports that a total of $37,000 has been raised by seven candidates vying for six Sierra Madre City Council seats.

    I've been up since 4:00 am reviewing what's to be done in the next three days, readying my phone lists and checking my calendar for events. I am so proud of my candidate as well as the other two candidates I have chosen to support. In an election that's been marked by untruths, outright lies, and personal vendettas, Alcorn, Crawford and Watts have steered a course of running on issues and truth.

    Sierra Madre is a community of people committed to their town and what's good for everyone. Translate your concern for a balanced budget, adequate water supply, and local control of development into a ballot on Tuesday.

    Please, vote for Pat, John, and Don on April 13th.

  3. Where are Josh and Nancy? There is no energy or presence from those campaigns whatsoever. Joe, of course, is running around like the chicken that lost its head, but that has hardly done anyone any good.

  4. "No Spin, No Half Promises, No Shenanigans"
    Don Watts, April 2010

    "Stay The Course"
    Pat Alcorn, April 2010

    "Sierra Madre First"
    John Crawford, April 2010

  5. Eastside ResidentApril 10, 2010 at 8:20 AM

    This week at my front door Joe told me he raised $4,000. What a LIAR.

    Two kinds of yard signs and four mailers to date. What a LIAR.

    Does he have to claim the paid time off the GAS COMPANY gives him to camapaign as a political contribution? He should. Others candidates had to take vacation time to walk the streets. The Gas COmpany subsidized his campaign with many thousands of dollars.

  6. A good hard look into the "in kind" donations Joe has received needs to be done. His corporate patrons must be indentified.

  7. 8:20 another question--although the yard signs are from his first run for office in 2006, does he get to ignore the financial contribution of left over signs? The printing and postage of the four large postcards probably represents more than $4,000.

  8. Popcorn Stock OwnerApril 10, 2010 at 8:38 AM

    Don't underestimate Moran's and Walsh's stealth campaigns being run on the internet via Face Book and e-mail. We've seen how the Buchanans tricked the Civic Club into disseminating a political endorsement to its members; rumor has it that other organizations have been co-opted as well. What is surprising is that Mosca is third in fund raising! It'll be very telling to see exactly who the contributions came from.

    Moran is counting on the 30 going on 40 crowd and his RE buds for support. He's down and dirty on his Facebook page.

    Mosca continues his frantic conversion tactics of lying to voters displaying Watts Crawford Alcorn signs. Given the estimated home visits possible in a day and the total number of WCA signs on display his ROI is not good.

    And where is Nancy Walsh? She's not tap tap tapping on doors.

    Remember! Tomorrow night's a big popcorn night! Waiting for the MtnViewsDistortedNews full page ads and endorsements for MoscaWalshandMoron! Oh, money's on Bill Coburn once again contributing a front page expose on Crawford and the Tattler, followed on the inside pages by Susan's stable of hacks performing hatchet tricks.

    Let's hear it for the Chamber of Commerce contingent's attempt to buy the City Council!

  9. Got the ballot for Measure CC in the mail yesterday, and guess who is advocating for the Measure, signature #1 on the argument for?
    Bart Doyle.
    Kiss o'death.

  10. Marvelous. I guess that would mean the Chamber of Commerce will get all their needs paid for out of our tax dollars. Just what we need our money spent on, welfare.

  11. and how do we know Joe is using 2006 campaign signs, you ask? The second wave of signs from four years ago have a nice little purple sticky thingy over the date of April's election that year. Signs placed in yards that have been hit repeatedly with the sprinklers and then the direct sun are starting to show the little sticky thing peeling off. Joe may be seen stopping at his own signs (on the way to the doors of folks with Alcorn, Crawford and Watts signs) with a glue stick in hand.

  12. To every sweet soul who donated to our campaigns, it's you who will win this election.
    Our candidates are only representing you, and you can trust them to never forget that.
    That's why all of us volunteers, and there are dozens of us, are working so hard for these fine candidates.

    John Crawford has spent all our donations on his mailers in the past few weeks. Our bank account is empty, and John had to cover most recent costs out of his own personal account.
    I know how much these things cost, because I write the checks for them, out of the campaign account.
    These mailers are very, very expensive.
    When you don't have a biased press working for you, you are forced to spend the money to get the word out to the voters.
    People in town believe in John Crawford, they trust him, just as they believe in and trust Don Watts and Pat Alcorn.

  13. Final filings to the State do not have to be made until AFTER the election. I think it's the end of June.
    That's where the picture changes, but it's too late for the voters to see.

    In 2008, John Buchanan and Enid Joffe both got big donations from a major political party attorney who lives a hundred miles from Sierra Madre.

  14. Joe proudly displays his endorsement by the Star News on his post card despite the fact they called you, us and other voters in Sierra Madre an "odd vitriol. . .of small group of extremists in town." and then says "he doesn't rise to the bait." Is that what it was when he had his melt-down at City Council when he was called to order?

  15. Ah Yes, Josh's facebook page. Also known as "The Slacker Attacker." The place where Mister "Can't We All Just Get Along" shows his true colors.

  16. Freedom of speech is a problem for the big development interests the Pasadena Star News is dependent upon for its survival. They probably long for a time when people actually cared about their opinions.

  17. Don't want to ruffle too many feathers with this one, but one of the reasons SM has been able to dodge the big-time over development of the residential neighborhoods is because of the school is not a factor that promotes sales - in fact, it stops people from buying here.

  18. John, thank you for consistently bringing intelligence and insight into the public forum of Sierra Madre.
    You take the higher ground because it's your nature to do so.
    I am proud that you represent our town.

  19. Yes indeed, Day at 9:16

    This is what it's all about here in Sierra Madre.

    Thanks, Crawford. You are a really good guy.

  20. Just saw some Joe walkers out on Highland. Asked if they were from Sierra Madre and they were. They need to know we're watching. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the LA County types.

  21. better this than 55 condos at the snfApril 10, 2010 at 10:26 AM

    From the PSN article on Measure CC:

    On the other side of the campaign, PBWS Architects of Pasadena gave $5,000 to the Yes on Measure CC effort. Company President Fred Wesley said the firm wants what is best for the community.
    "Pasadena can't reach its full potential as a city until its public schools improve."
    PBWS Architects is under contract with the district to design upgrades to Sierra Madre School."

  22. One of the walker's was Matt Bosse, Joe's domestic partner.

    I wouldn't doubt if the same West Hollywood group who canvassed for Mosca ( and not Don and Kurt) in 2006 is out walking with him.

    Outside political interests have no place in our Sierra Madre elections.

  23. Isn't it amazing, 10:26!

    Fred Wesley has investments in downtown development here in Sierra Madre.
    He's one of the DICs. Surprise, Surprise.

  24. Fred Westley architecture firm PBWS is the architect for the new middle school on Cannon. They are literally making millions on the Sierra Madre School project. The education of the kids means nothing. One dirty hand washes another. Westley was also the architect for the 55 condos plus retail a few years ago where the Skilled Nursing Facility was. Dirty hands.

  25. Thank you John, Don and Pat for being able to talk about 3 such fabulous candidates when I walk door to door with your material to remind people to vote on Tuesday April 13.

    This is a very interesting experience. People are very very warm and welcoming and do not want any changes in our town. I have not heard anyone who wants any building of any kind downtown or anywhere in our town. People offer their own opinions and get into great conversations at their door about not wanting anyone on the CC who does want Sacramento in charge of this town.

    People watch the CC on Chanel 3 and KNOW that we have a great Mayor who is very bright and is working hard for Sierra Madre.
    No one seems to have the wool over their eye.
    From what I hear door to door, it seems that the policy of local control of Watts, Alcorn and Crawford is what the majority of people want.

  26. PBWS still has the plans for the expanded library on its web site.

  27. The three candidates on the pictured signs, Crawford, Watts and Alcorn are so superior to the other three running that it should be a no-brainer for smart people.
    People in Sierra Madre are smart.
    Crawford, Watts and Alcorn will win this election.

  28. Yeah, Sierra Madre electionitis. Get that adrenaline going, and pretty soon your dreams are local politics, you wake up with local politics on the brain, and then you take action on local politics.
    Takes a while to get your sea legs here, that's for sure.

  29. From Bill Coburn's Front Page of the sierramadrenews.netApril 10, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    The editorials regarding the Fire Dept. have been removed from the home page. They were intended to find out what candidate Crawford's position is in regards to outsourcing the Fire Department. He has now stated that he is against outsourcing the Fire Dept. (that is, unless he really DOES want to raise kangaroos in his back yard.) We do keep all past editorials on our E-ditorial page.

    Jeeze! He could have asked instead of getting his knickers in a twist.

  30. Coburn is off his rocker.

  31. It's my well-considered opinion from the friends I know over there that most folks in Sierra Madre are pretty iconoclastic. Won't follow the heard. But a sharp border collie like John should do the trick!

  32. It appears to me that Crazy Billy has awoken to the fact of just how nuts he sounded talking about outsourcing a volunteer fire department.

  33. Just got another goofy card from Josh Moran. On it he says we should vote for the candidate with the deepest roots in the community. Seeing how he recently changed his address from Monrovia to Sierra Madre, I'd say that would immediately take him off anyone's list.

  34. Sounds like an endorsement for the home team: Watts, Alcorn and Crawford. He's playing a very gracious loser (for a change)

  35. Philosophers have always recommended that a young man venture out into the world and have adventures. But I'm not sure that going only as far as Monrovia is quite what they had in mind.

  36. It's been revealed by a member of Candidate Moran's campaign that he in fact has been hospitalized.

    We wish him a speedy return to good health.

  37. Family with 80 years rootsApril 10, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    wow, I just received Josh's card also. He surely did not think out this one!

    Deepest roots? NOT JOE NOT JOSH!!!

    Sounds like he wants us to vote for ALCORN, WATTS and that DEEP THINKER CRAWFORD!

    Thanks, Josh. Would not vote for anyone who would move into town, and the day after decide to run for office! No roots there!

  38. The word I got is that John Buchanan had asked just about anyone breathing to please run for City Council, and after a boatload of refusals, had to go looking out of town.

  39. Hospitalized or incarcerated? Funny his campaigns not asking for people to walk on his behalf. Didn't read of any illness in Buchanan's letter to the Civic Club.

    We need some truthiness!

  40. Can you guys just stick to the facts please?

    5:15 - Josh did not move into Sierra Madre and decide to run for council the next day. He's been back in town for quite sometime. He just hadn't changed his voter registration.

    5:04 - Flat out lie! Josh has not been hospitalized. Saw him in town this afternoon.

  41. Hmm. So Josh wasn't hospitalized? Then where was he?

  42. Seems like someone should be able to say where Josh has been for the last week... if he wasn't on Spring Break, and he wasn't hospitalized, and he wasn't in jail... seems like Josh would want to set the record straight.

  43. Josh n'Nancy gone fishin?

  44. Josh is asking for help via Facebook.
    No action on Nancy's page.

  45. What kind of help is Josh asking for? Campaign help? Campaign support? Give money? Let's hear from the dear boy.

  46. This is a bit of a mystery. Because downtown yesterday Josh's mom had informed some folks that reports on the Tattler that he had been on spring break in Lake Havasu were wrong, and that he was actually in the hospital.

  47. I believe he is asking for dancers. He hopes to form a long Cha Cha line down Baldwin. The event is being billed as "Cha Cha for Josh 2010." They also hope to locate several Desi Arnaz look-a-likes who are skilled on the congas.

  48. Hey folks, really. If his mom actually told someone he is in the hospital, lets take it seriously and find out. He is a nice guy, a person who lives here and he has not been heard or seen. He matters.

    Does anyone know?

  49. Under the DoormatApril 11, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    I got a question. Why no Larry Wilson column about our election? Shouldn't he have swooped in by now and attempted to rescue the obviously floundering Joe Mosca? I'm sure he must have gotten phone calls begging for his assistance.

  50. Maybe the folks who cancelled their subscription to the PSN in protest of that silly endorsement of the DIRT slate had some effect. Maybe there just aren't enough important names for Larry to drop in Sierra Madre.

  51. Larry Wilson is a jackass. His opinions are always biased and often either wrong or just plain dumb.

    PSN management would do well to get rid of Larry Wilson. He does not enhance that paper, yet another reason why it has dwindling readership.

    That said, in defense of the Pasadena Star News, weak as it is, it's still more credible than Henderson or Coburn.

  52. Hooray for Crawford, Watts and Alcorn, you're in the stretch, out in front and as Trevor Denman would say over the Santa Anita mic...."they would have to sprout wings to catch you".

  53. Sunday morning dawns cloudy with rain predicted for later today. Where can Josh Moran be hiding? We've not had a definitive explanation to his curious disappearance from the campaign trail for more than a week. (I'm not accepting a post from anonymous 5:42 who says they spotted him when his mother in a public place announced he had been in hospital.)

    Voters have a right to know if their candidate is well enough to pursue four years of sometimes contentious frequently late night City Council meetings, as well as meet the obligation of liaison to committees, commissions, and SGV political organizations.

    Josh Moran reveal yourself! Where have you been?

  54. Here is how that phone call might have gone:

    Joe: Hello, Larry? It's Joe Mosca. Listen, those people in Sierra Madre have launched a vicious attack campaign against me. They are saying terrible, homophobic things. I need you to write about them and make them stop!
    Larry: I've been reading most everything available on that eklection, and it looks pretty much like politics as usual to me. I've seen nothing like that.
    Joe: No! You don't know what I'm going through here. I can't sleep, I can't eat...
    Larry: Are you going to go the hunger strike route too, Joe?
    Joe: Larry, this is no times for your puckish wit. I am under the gun here. I can't even get the Democratic Central Committee to take my calls anymore! I'm out of money. Do you know how devastating that is to me?
    Larry: You know I have always tried to help you Joe. But i think this time I'm just going to have to stay out of it.
    Joe: Larry! Did they get to you, too? Have you been reading that awful Tattler thing?
    Larry: Everybody reads the Tattler, Joe. Besides, we're down to about 30 subscribers in Sierra Madre. Sometimes you just have to give the people what they want. Maybe you should try doing that.
    Joe: I have, Larry. but those people refuse to listen.
    Larry: Have you tried to apologize for the DSP vote thing?
    Joe: Never! You know I can't do that, Larry! *Sob.*
    Larry: I have to go now, Joe. They're catually making me work these days. *Chuckle.* I really wish you the best iof luck. You know that I really care about you. I hope you understand.
    Joe: *click!*

  55. Joe made two very serious errors in his campaign.

    1. He sought and bought (again) the L.A. Democratic Party's endorsement in a non-partisan election.

    2. He used the "gay" card. Most everyone in town knows Joe is a gay man, everyone I knew was aware of that, and we all still voted for him. That was a non-issue.

    To make yourself the "victim" was an unfortunate error, Joe Mosca.
    People are sick of that strategy, perhaps it used to work in different times, but now it just doesn't fly with honest folks.

    You're not a victim Joe, you never has been.
    What you are is a liar and a bully. You represent interests outside of Sierra Madre that do not serve our city well, at all.

    That is why most people I know will not vote for you.

    That is why Shirley Moore, Fay Angus, David Darbyshire and Teryl Willis spoke out against your lies at the last city council meeting.

    All of these people voted for you in the 2006 election Joe.

    Mayor MacGillivray was actually way to forgiving of your outburst. She should have had you removed from the council chamber.
    You owe those speakers an apology, you owe Mayor MacGillivray an apology and you owe the people of Sierra Madre an apology.

  56. Remember the Mayor DID let him speak after Teryl Willis spoke. Again Public Comment is just that Public Comment. It is not a time for any exchange between the council and the speaker. In fact is it against the law.

  57. A neighbor who has lived here for 15 years has never voted in a local election. He is surrounded by Mosca supporters and their mantra is Joe is all about Sierra Madre. My neighbor said that Joe spent almost an hour speaking to them and said he was "pro business" and he supports Moran and Walsh, that they are basically running on the same platform.

    I told him how Moran wasn't pro-business, that he was pro-realtor and how Moran had called for a boycott of Sierra Madre businesses.

    My neighbor said that Mosca told him that at Howies there was never a proposal or plan to build multi-story condos and that the "other side" is lying.

  58. The city rushed through the application for both projects. Howies fell through Because Deb Sheridan reminded the old Enid Joffee council they needed 4 votes to sell the city parking lot south of Howies. Sandy scurried out to check the law and the issue was dropped.