Friday, April 9, 2010

I Think Those Opposed To My Candidacy Have Finally Lost Their Minds

You've probably heard a lot of wild talk during this election cycle. And with April 13 coming up in a few days, it is only going to get worse. But here is probably the most absurd canard of all. I am somehow supposedly in favor of "outsourcing" the Sierra Madre Fire Department.

This is, of course, utter nonsense. The only possible reason for outsourcing an emergency city service like that would be if we were in terrible debt and needed to save money. But since our Fire Department is a VOLUNTEER FORCE, where would the savings be in that? I no more want to outsource our Fire Department than I'd want to start raising kangaroos in my backyard.

And, for the record, thanks to the wise fiscal policies of our current MaryAnn MacGillivray led City Council, Sierra Madre is now running a budget surplus. One of the few cities in the entire state of California to be doing so.

My campaign has always been about defending the independent spirit of Sierra Madre. And one of the ways we do that is by maintaining our Sierra Madre Emergency Services. Be that Fire, Police, or our Paramedics, we need to keep our own. Public safety is our greatest responsibility of all. Adequate resources must continue to be made available and allocated for those responsible for our public safety. There is no more important job for a City Council than that.

Please, don't believe the crazies. When you hear something as ridiculous as the one about "outsourcing our volunteer Sierra Madre Fire Department," consider the source and what their true agendas are. We need to keep Sierra Madre's interests first, and not those of the big development and corporate real estate interests. Or those paid to carry their wacky messages.


  1. They are starting to lose their minds? Are you kidding? They've been loony toons for years.

  2. They will say anything, do anything to win this election. Joe Mosca is a shameless liar! He'll do anything to further his disasterous career.

    I received John Crawford, Don Watts and Pat Alcorn's mailers yesterday plus a reminder to vote Yes on Measure ED from John Crawford.
    Everything they tell you, Sierra Madre, is TRUE.
    Everything they stand for is HONEST.
    Everything they stand for is IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS, NOT SPECIAL INTERESTS!

    As Don Watts put it.
    Don deserves to be re-elected. He keeps his promises to the people, not special interests.

    John Crawford has always been a stand up and truthful guy. Anyone who reads his blog knows where John stands on issues as well as what's happening in our county and our State.
    John Crawford will work and fight for you! No developers and special interest politicians.
    John has powerful executive skills, knows the issues, is committed to his family and our way of life here in Sierra Madre. We need this strong man on our city council.

    Pat Alcorn is more than qualified to be on our council. She will work and fight for your interests, not Sacramento's disastrous agendas that will hurt us all.

    A vote for Crawford, Watts and Alcorn is a vote to keep Sierra Madre's wonderful ambience and independence!

  3. John,

    They have not been to your coffees or read what you have written. They can't hear you when their heads are stuck up their arses.

  4. Consider the source...what else was Bill Coburn going to go after? After all..he loves nothing more than to "stir the crazy pot"...

    It's all good. Most folks I have spoken with know who to support. Bill Coburn came out against the smoking ban, (ironic considering he "loves" his cigars...I'm sure his doctor put that on the "not anymore" list) Josh Moran wanted to "boycott" business and Joe Mosca? Well he's had four years to change our minds about him. We haven't changed our minds nor have we forgotten! A respectable man I spoke with thought the shirt Mr Mosca put on his son, "vote for my Daddy for city council" was the last straw.

    We only have a few more days than all of this will be over. ...let the party begin.

  5. Paying for volunteer services is what Joe, John Buchannan, Doyle, Lambdin, Stockley, and Joffee have done for years. They were called paid consultants. The past two years Don, Maryanne, and Kurt have stopped this waste of money.

  6. Anonymous and proud of itApril 9, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    I wonder if the Sierra Madre Weekly knows that Kurt Zimmerman isn't running for City Council? I wonder how much Bill Coburn and Susan Henderson are raking in from advertising from Mosca, Moran and Walsh supporters during this election? This barrage of indignation being leveled at John Crawford and the Tattler during the past week (and presumably escalating until Tuesday) tells me the DIRTS have identified John Crawford as the biggest threat to defeating BIA/AAR development in Sierra Madre since Measure V.

    With Joe Mosca well placed in SCAG and SGVCOG and John Buchanan, handmaiden to his re-election, it was going to be a shoo-in for DIRTS to re-emerge. In no time the LLC's would be dusting off those plans for Howie's and the SNF and construction would begin.

    Moran and Walsh would be beaming as they took credit for bringing business back to Sierra Madre. The Congregational Church could once again build without worrying about submitting plans.

    The newly DIRTified City Council would vote to encumber the residents with a bond for paving the streets to the tune of $5,000,000 plus $2,000,000 or $3,000,000 in interest over our lifetimes.

    Remember the campaign strategy of Mosca, Moran, and Walsh: return civility to the City Council, MaryAnn is mean. Add to that issues long since put to bed like funding for the Fire Department and Police Department. And don't forget to trot out Measure V.

    Divert the voters' attention from a balanced budget, funding for the library, settlement at One Carter, up to date audits no longer accumulating fines, and EMT services. Resurrect the old DIRT Brigade, energize those failed canards and co-opt the local media to do the dirty work!

    Tattlers fight the good fight! Anonymouses of the world unite! And really, Terry, Kurt Zimmerman? You seem too clever to make an enemy of a "lawyer's lawyer, but perhaps you are stupid enough.

  7. "...maintaining our Sierra Madre Emergency Services. Be that Fire, Police, or our Paramedics, we need to keep our own." John, that is one of those statements that I hope you remember if elected. Your past issues with our police are well documented. Axing our dedicated police force, as you have in the past suggested, will damage this community's "independent spirit," not to mention quality of service. Don't pull a classic Joe Mosca and later turn around and champion outsourcing our police.

  8. Anon 8:03 am,
    I would be willing to bet you are one of our "dedicated police force", because only a member of a police force that shot a unarmed man sleeping in a car, would try to describe that group as such.

  9. As always Mr. Crawford has been clear in his response to an Anonymous post on The Tattler. When it was first pointed out to me by a member of the FD I said I would read it and get back to him. It is obvious to those who know the FD that the Anonymous post is just playing dirty politics. The 3 running under the Mosca campaign are not talking facts. Sierra Madre is facing some serious problems and what to those 3 come up with, negative press about bickering and made up stories about homophobia, how childish is that. Sierra Madre and the FD have never been run better but we have a lot more work ahead of us. Lets stick to the facts and all work together to keep our City on track and away from the financial potholes that face us. John Crawford, you are a stand up guy, you have my vote.

  10. Evil wins when good people stand by or say nothing.
    Help with the Alcorn, Crawford, and Watts campaigns or their losses will rest on your shoulders.

  11. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!April 9, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    And, Gary Hood, you too are a stand up guy! Three cheers for Gary Hood who says it like it is.

    P.S. You are also a terrific photographer.

  12. Anoy @ 8:03

    I think the "outsourcing" our police force was to take a long hard look at the cost of our police force vs outsourcing. It's number crunching...and although folks don't like it; it needed to be done. How can you make an educated decision about 51% of our city's budget without knowing the costs on the other side?
    As far as our police force goes; we have some outstanding officers; and we have some that absolutely should be replaced. It's like that everywhere. It is what it is!

    John Crawford calls it like it is. That's why he'll get my vote and my family and friends' vote too. Fight on, John!

  13. All I have to say is that Mr Coburn, Mr Miller, Ms Henderson have all endorsed the other three candidates and THEY have been the ones slinging the most mud. It's funny that they feel so threatened by our candidates. Mr. Coburn is known for his "opinions", Mr. Miller is angry that his association with the "cumquat" was outed with his photographs...and Ms. Henderson is still looking for her law degree...I have yet to see anyone stand up and say: "Yes, I took that photo, and I stand by the cumquat"..."Yes, I have a law degree and here it is" if people are going to say and do things than "claim them" ...oh, that's right...we don't do that here..

  14. These Fire Life Safety issues the opposition is throwing up this week are a weak attempt to divert the attention from the fact that Mosca, Moran, and what is her name? have no campaign, no substantive issues to speak about, and no response to the Alcorn, Watts and Crawford campaigns.

    Ask the triumverate of pseudojournalists about SB375, a balanced budget, and what to do about the diminishing supply of water available to Sierra Madre residents since their endorsed candidates are missing in action on the issues.

    Blah blah blah blah Volunteer Fire Department; blah blah blah Police Department; blah blah blah MaryAnn is mean.

  15. I should think if the gas company gives every employee who is running for local office as much time off to campaign as they seem to have given Joe Mosca it's no wonder our gas bills continue to escalate. Do you think Joe still has a job? Maybe there is a reason he's been described as aggressive, bullying, and unpleasant by residents trying to close their doors to him. Do you think if he can't even get re-elected in a town as small as Sierra Madre he'll get the boot from his cushy PR job?

  16. Joe is sure running scared. I suspect that this is about much more than a city council seat for him. There are a lot of people in the Democratic Party upper echelons who can't be happy about the mess he has made of things in Sierra Madre. Losing next Tuesday will mean the days when they take his phone calls are over. He'll be of no value to them anymore.

  17. Check the LA times today, the gas co. wants to replace gas meters with new ones that can see how much gas you are using in real time. Guess who will pay for them?

  18. Imagine the conversation when Joe had to call the Dems and tell them to pull the volunteer walkers because he'd been outed with a partisan endorsement! I wonder if he got his $100 back.

  19. Has anyone read anything in Coburn online, SMW or MVN decrying Crawford, signed by anyone who wasn't/isn't an active supporter of the old Downtown Dirt crowd? How it must rankle the Building Industry Association to have John and his band of merry Tattlers emerge in opposition to their carefully scripted non-campaign.

    By removing Doyle and replacing the public face of their campaign with the Buchanans advocating support for two brand new candidates, and aiming their lackluster political statements at MaryAnn MacGillivray, who has done more in two years to turn Sierra Madre around fiscally than the incompetent string of fiscally ignorant and unaccountable lawyers and accountants who preceded her, it must have looked to them to be a cakewalk.

    Until John Crawford and the Tattler, that is...

    Send this blog to the City Council. Support truth and accountability. Support a sustainable community.

    Vote Alcorn, Watts and Crawford on Tuesday, April 13th. Sierra Madre First!

  20. THEY want to get along, but have not given anyone an idea about getting along. They just talk and talk and allow buddies to criticize and attack over issues which have already been seriously worked on.

    Weak people who have bullied people who ignore them keep trying dirty tricks that just do not work. I would not be surprised some of the dirts did not share in the sand box as children and taunted other children.

    Interesting nasty dangerous lying adults. Sad

  21. BOYCOTT SIERRA MADRE - ala Josh MoranApril 9, 2010 at 10:33 AM

    I'll tell what is "CRAZY"

    It's crazy to vote for a candidate that has advocated and pushed for a boycott of Sierra Madre businessess. Josh Moran did this and hasn't denied it, probably because he knows his rant is still available for viewing in internet archives.

    It's crazy to vote for anybody who endorses such a candidate, like Mosca and Walsh are both doing. Simply, since Mosca and Walsh are in line with Moran, I assume that they are both supportive of Moran's call for boycotts of Sierra Madre businesses.

    It makes zero sense for anybody in Sierra Madre to support Moran, if we care about business in Sierra Madre, why would we even give 10 seconds of consideration to Moran, who wanted to strangle the business life out of our local merchants?

    I still haven't heard an explanation from our resident media guru's on why they both endorsed Moran and at the same time, they claim to care about Sierra Madre.

    I guess John Buchanan doesn't have a backbone after all, as a 6 year councilman, he supports Moran, despite Moran wanting to boycott Sierra Madre and that is an insult to our local merchants.

  22. I love all you Tattler posters!
    Thank you Gary and Stroller Mom. Two of the finest people in this town!

    Caroline and I still have a few signs me if you would like to show your support for:


  23. Sorry, forgot to post my phone number.

    355-4776, leave a message for John or Diane Shear.

  24. Gary Hood, whoever you are, I'm voting for you as a write-in candidate. Thank you for backing up your sentiments with your name.

  25. Terry was outed on this site for contributing photography to the pornographic (and now defunct) Sierra Madre Cumquat. He's a bit of a dirtbag.

  26. So, let me see if I've got this straight. Terry Miller is now an editorial writer for the Sierra Madre Weekly attacking John Crawford for his campaign based on fiscal accountability and resistance to Sacramento development interests, who advocates support for the business owners of downtown Sierra Madre.

    This same Terry Miller is a photographer of some local renown who contributed to a local pornography site defended by a former mayor and a clergyman.

    The Sierra Madre Tattler has been a source of much derision aimed at Miller by Sir Eric Maundry, John Crawford, and a host of enthusiastic Anonymous posters.

    Terry Miller is not a registered Sierra Madre voter nor is he a Sierra Madre resident.

    I'm thinking Terry Miller is either in the pay of the DIRT campaign against Don Watts, Pat Alcorn, and especially John Crawford, or he's simply p***** that he's been made fun of in the Sierra Madre Tattler.

  27. Joe's new campaign pitch is Crawford "to dump the volunteer Fire dept"and Don ".misses "council meetings".If you can't stand on your record,lie like H...!Poor Joe!

  28. Even if he's lying Joe's visible. Moran and Walsh are hiding behind the skirts of Susan Henderson and the Mountain Views Distorted News waiting for Sunday's all out assault against Crawford.

  29. You will recognize the out-of-town Mosca canvassers that arrive this week-end and you will recognize your neighbors who are canvassing door to door for Alcorn, Crawford and Watts. Do not be afraid to ask for I.D. and do not let someone with an L. A. address take more than the few seconds of your time that it takes to tell them to go home.

  30. I expect the robocalls from the Mosca campaign to begin soon. Another mistake Joe's campaign is fully capable of making.

  31. The 100 Hour count down, now the real crazy comes out!

  32. What alter universe is Joe living in? His latest mailer to grace our mailboxes says "...brings a calm and inteligent to to Sierra Madre politics"..Earth to Joe... Come in Joe

    Someone please send him a copy of his latest City Council meltdowns.

  33. Joe looked about as calm as a cat in a dryer at the last City Council meeting. There was hardly a person in the room that he wasn't going off on.

  34. The dirts are going insane, throwing dirt balls with their poison pens, thinking they still have some power, but they don't. They are making idiots of themselves for all to witness, tossing out mindless accusations. They are going down, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  35. Mosca is going to to properties with the three signs of Crawford, Alcorn and Watts and saying John Crawford is for out sourcing the Fire Dept. and Don Watts has miss a ton of City Council meetings.
    The truth is Don has only missed 3 (if that in 4 years) at the most and 2 were due to Surgery on his throat, illness . In fact when the vote was due to finally release the draft of the Downtown Specific Plan ( 350 units plus downtown), Don came to the meeting still recovering from his surgery and very weak, could not speak so gave his yes vote with a thumbs up! I guess Joe Mosca is pulling every dirty trick in the book adn honesty is not in his vocabulary!!!

  36. Q) How can you tell if Joe Mosca is lying?

    A) His lips are moving.

  37. Election WatcherApril 9, 2010 at 5:55 PM

    Results posted on the City's website from the 2006 City Council race are:

    Tice 100
    Torres 843
    Brandley 981
    Watts 1572
    Keith 845
    Otto 151
    Zimmerman 1804
    Mosca 1920

    We now know that hundreds of true slow growth preservationists were duped - lied to in fact - by Joe Mosca. Using that time tested rule of thumb, "fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me", Election Watcher is predicting Mosca will lose by greater than 900 votes on Tuesday, April 13th. DIRTS struggled to bring less than a thousand votes to any one candidate in that hotly 2006 contested election.

    Joe is out there today once again lying to people.

    Vote Pat, Don, and John on Tuesday!

  38. Poor boob. Doesn't he know he can't do it without us?

  39. Joe is a classic example of pride going before a fall.

  40. For the sake of Sierra Madre encourage everyone you know to vote! Every vote counts.

  41. About 8 years or so ago, the City Administration began ascribing costs of administration to the various departments. This had two effects: 1) It made the top-heavy administration look cheaper and 2) it made the costs of each department (i.e., police, library, etc.) look higher. As a result of this, the Fire Department looked like it was costing more. The result, cost cuts that were a direct result of this higher cost, the Fire Department stopped attending regular training sessions. The further result was that other local departments decline Sierra Madre Volunteer Fire Department's aid in the mutual aid arrangements because our firemen are--well, not too well trained. This is disgusting. I wonder if it had anything to do with the unfortunate loss of life in the fire on Sunnyside several years ago when the fire department could not disconnect the power and enter the house.

    Sir Eric, I know you don't advocate outsourcing the fire department. I do hope you will support returning our fire department to the level of professionalism it previously enjoyed by restoring and maintaining appropriate levels of training.

  42. Public safety is not our greatest responsibility. Ensuring and protecting the freedom of us all is your only job!

  43. Freedom from fear is still a freedom. But you're right, it is one of many equally important freedoms.

  44. Dr. Staccato

    I served on that Department, went to drills, training exercises, mutual aid, etc. There were only a few members of SMFD that were physically able (fire fighters in poor physical condition) to do the job and no telling if those few would show up for the fire (in town when the alarm sounded).

    SMFD is “volunteer” and it is my experience that you get what you pay for. If my house was on fire with my family inside and I had a choice of calling County Fire or SMVFD, it would be no contest. No amount of training will bring their abilities up if they cannot physically do the job. Allocate a portion of the proposed training budget to Jenny Craig.

    SMVFD appeared to be more of a men’s club then a fire department.