Friday, April 16, 2010

Is The Sierra Madre Cumquat Era Back?

With the return to power of John Buchanan and Joe Mosca, has the Cumquat Era returned as well?

In the name of a twisted civility, overly ardent Mosca supporter Terry Miller, in a lengthy Sierra Madre Weekly article, has delivered a torrent of defamation and abuse against Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray.

So is this how soon to be seated Mayor Joe Mosca perceives his new era of comity and getting along is going to go? By unleashing his oddest attack dog against someone who has worked as hard and as long for Sierra Madre as MaryAnn MacGillivray? For what purpose?

So where exactly is this civility we've heard so much about? Is this how the new regime celebrates its return to power, with ugly attacks from its surrogates? And is this what we have to look forward to for the next few years? If so, it seems obvious to me that the citizens of Sierra Madre have no idea of just what they elected when they voted last Tuesday.

All of this also begs the question, are there no adults in charge at The Sierra Madre Weekly?


  1. Wow, the whole front of the webpage devoted to the 6th place finisher. Imagine if he won. Yes, the psychotic goons are back in charge. Rev up those jackhammers!

  2. The more you read Terry Miller's ranting, the more it looks like we've discovered who really wrote The Cumquat.

  3. It seems that Mosca's and his people are using their election victory to launch a campaign to silence their critics. Like that is going to work.

  4. Please explain Mr. Miller, how your "being civil" is lying about Maryann MacGillivary and telling everyone we can all go out on the streets? You and your friend Mr. Mosca are the ones who have lied to the public and then pretended to not lie. Please pretend to tell us how neuroblast and youtube do not explain the truth.

    All the money you have can never cover the truth.

  5. Ranting over Mayor MacGillivary will never make you look good. You have no idea how much respect she has in this town. She has more grace, intelligence and common sense than any of you know what the meaning of the words are.

    She is not here to be popular. She is an elected official to serve the people. Having to silence a rude grown man was not a fun or happy job for her, but a necessary one. JOE MOSCA caused a scene and sadly would not quiet himself down on his own. It became the Mayor'r job to quiet him down.

    IF you do not get it. you do not understand the duty of government officials. You do not have to agree, but you have to respect the office of the Mayor. MOSCA has not proven himself worthy to be a public official. Look at his record.

    PS this is not mud, it it public record. There is a difference. Read up and see.

  6. Let's look to the future RickApril 16, 2010 at 7:24 AM

    Mr. Moderator, May i suggest what our spendthrift president would call a "pivot"?

    While I used to read the Weekly, the coverage of this campaign (most importantly the ugly accusations of bigotry run without requesting substantiation from the accuser) has caused me to write it off. Mr. or Ms. MIller is not competent or trustworthy.

    This leaves a void. I suggest you fill it by posting more pure news to go along with your comments. I also think it would help if you could ask the Tattlers (me included) to be civil. We really need to bridge the divide - for Maryanne's sake if no other.

    Suggestion One: A straight up peace making interview on the issues with your neighbor Nancy Walsh.

  7. Photographer as newsman--Mr. Terry Miller--writes without substantiation. Perhaps he is a ghost for someone else, visible though he may be.

  8. Let's look to the future Rick said...
    Nancy Walsh, is convinced the issues are what Bart Doyler says they are.

  9. Joe Mosca - as graceless in victory as he is at any other time.

  10. I think voting No on CC would be a good way to protest this
    kind of insanity. If Buchanan is for it, then be against it. We
    shouldn't support anything he wants unless he puts a stop
    to what is the public burning of a good and decent person.

  11. PS
    Didn't mean to leave out John Crawford, who is a hero.
    Keep fighting these bad people, John.

  12. I sure support our Mayor, MaryAnn MacGillivray.
    MaryAnn, we love you. You have always served with intelligence and class.

    I'm so sorry you have to serve with these awful people for the next two years.

    Thank you for all you have done for Sierra Madre over the years. Many of us still appreciate you.

    Michael Bamberger, you supported the downtown dirt websites and you are a disgrace to the decent people of this town.
    You should be ashamed of your lies about MaryAnn in the Weekly. Lies, but when has that ever mattered to you?

  13. What does it say about our town when a person of great integrity and intelligence like MaryAnn is the target of an ongoing smear campaign from supporters of someone like Joe, who has been found to be a liar?

  14. Father Michael, a preacher representing a religion that has its very basis in forgiveness, is still nursing a perceived resentment from 1991? Weird.

  15. How does Bamberger know what MaryAnn did in the aftermath of an earthquake, which occurred nearly 20 years ago? More particularly, how does he know that she only inspected her own house for damage in the aftermath of that quake?

  16. 2 things the Moscateers are trying to do:

    1) Get MaryAnn to resign from the City Council.
    2) Silence this blog and those who post here.

    They are in goon mode now.

  17. good memory skillsApril 16, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    I think it's great that Mosca is showing his true colors so quickly. This is a good article for the slow growth advocates - our Henry Nunez fasting article as it were, where the opposition gets its crazy on. Anyone with even half a functioning brain knows that MaryAnn's integrity and commitment to responsible service is impeccable.
    Mosca's? Didn't Ms. Moore say something about integrity + Mosca = oxymoron?

  18. Good for Arcadia,they opted for Slow Growth...Of course,it's too late for them.Arcadia has been developed to the max.Take a good look ,you suckers, that voted for Mosca et al. This will be our future as well.Waking up and realizing you were had and seeing your "Village" turned into a Monrovia,Pasadena,Arcadia etc will be a wake up call..but it will be too late...Sucker!

  19. Were MaryAnn to resign, and assuming that Crawford, Watts and Alcorn would turn down the gig, would Bill Tice take her place?

  20. To see a true man of God like Bill Tice sitting up there on Sinner's Row would be inspiring. I would hope that we would all line up to support this man.

  21. Thanks Mod.............regarding autistic reference.

  22. Passions are running high today. We must continue to show that we will not resort to the tactics of those we are discussing.

  23. So what's the procedure for the people who have so grievously slandered Mayor MacGillivray to make their apologies? Retractions next week? Formal apologies at the next council meeting?

  24. last time I saw Terry Miller he was driving a beater car and snapping cheap photos for a minor free throwaway...and now he's a journalist?

    please, that's like calling Bill Coburn and Susan Henderson legit journalists...

    at the local rags it's how low or basically, how cheap will we be for writers

    when I see Miller's byline in a real paper then we can give his two cents worth it's full value...two cents

  25. not to sound pious, but since the Catholic Church is ripe with gross scandals, shouldn't our local priest be a little less visible

    these days, I see a Catholic priest and I see a hypocrite

    especially one who supported a borderline porn site

    where's the Pope when we need him?

  26. Terry Miller is to journalism what an outhouse is to modern sanitation.

  27. What is the cumquat? Why is it so bad?

    I just lost a post I tried to make, but to sum up: I came here late in the game, and I don't understand what the furor is. Would it be possible to have a glossary or something like that to provide background?

    I read about audits not getting done, but there are no explanations anywhere of what exactly happened. I watched the council meetings on the internet and the council itself said they needed to figure out what went wrong. So what went wrong?

    I read here that the police cost too much compared to La Canada and South Pasadena, what are the facts on that?

    What is the downtown specific plan? Who is trying to get it pushed through? There is a lot of talk about developers wanting to move in here. Who are they?

  28. I'd love to see Bill Tice on the Council, his speeches would rival John Buchanan's and Tice's would make sense

  29. 10:55 Retractions? Are you high? Joe's apologists (see special section in Wikipedia on "cults") don't do retractions. They do specialize in meaningless platitudes. In fact, Joe and John are opening a PR shop together. Not sure what they are going to call it. But it will definatley specialize in empty rhetoric (preferably longwinded ones).

  30. Did anyone see the headlines of the huffington post? I know Goldman Sachs just underwrote some bonds for cities.

  31. julia, the cumquat wass a blog that made vulgar, homophobic, childish and bigoted attacks against anybody who was in favor of Measure V

    ironically, cumquat had a photo of Susan Henderson as Aunt Jemima which Henderson was angry about and blastged, but now Henderson embraces those that supported the blog's racist protrayal, mainly Joe Mosca and Buchanan

    the blog had a photo of it's editor peeing on the Veteran's Memorial wall, all in "humor"

    the blog constantly called Kurt Zimmerman gay and wearing dresses and the site was clearly supported by John Buchanan, but Mosca called those opposing his campaign, homophobic

    the cumquat started off as a tounge in cheek blog but quickly became angry and sort of physcotic with bizzare accusations and hateful rants

    the blog's editor allegedly committed suicide which was a sorry ending to a alcoholic that only wanted to be liked but was used and prodded by a few in town to cause disruptions against Measure V

    what was shameful was that the editor's "friends" didn't know about his condition, despite seeing him drink to the point of blackout at the local pubs and nobody had the decency as a "friend" to even check up on him, he was dead over a week before he was discovered

  32. As a point of clarification... Jim and his friends weren't "peeing on the Veterans Wall" it was, in fact, the Boy Scouts memorial. Why can't we let that poor man rest in peace. The cumquat is gone and so is Jim Snider. Leave the poor fellow alone and let's move on with those who are living! The past is, just that!

  33. The problem here is that Snider was not all there was to the Cumquat. Many more were involved as well. He was just a convenient fool for those who wished to keep their involvement hidden.

  34. Is peeing on the Boy Scout Memorial better than peeing on the War Memorial? Can someone explain the ethics involved in that assumption?
    I'm sorry, but I live on Planet Earth and I might be missing some of the nuances.

  35. Crawford,

    It appears that the hatred and divisive actions of your supporters have gone to greater heights. The city needs to come together as one. The comment section of this blog is very toxic. You should follow through and end the comment section of your blog.

  36. I do not see how people expressing their outrage over the kinds of stuff being printed in the MVN or the SMW is in any divisive. I believe in the freedom of people to express their opinions as they see fit. This is the United States of America, pal. People are allowed to speak their minds. And since I have not heard one word from Joe Mosca or anybody else that in any way questions the kinds of outrageous things we have in the weekly press recently, I can only assume that these things are being done with at least their tacit approval. The leadership void we are seeing from those folks is astonishing. Particularly as it comes from people who claimed their mission was to bring the town together.

    Their silence is deafening.

  37. Here, here Sir Eric!

  38. someone just asked what was the cumquat, just clarifying and the hypocritcal nature of John B and Joe who embraced the blog but then did a 360 when it came time to move forward and instead, they took 8 giant leaps backward

    the cumquat is long gone and when it first came out, i thought it was funny, but it became what it was and it's a shame that a clever writer went awry

    yeah i guess it is funnier to pee on a Boy Scout memorial than a Veteran's Memorial, wow that is so far out there it's laughable

    tell me, why should this blog stop when the toxic writings of Henderson and Miller is still oozing from a computer terminal?

    Sierra Madre fell apart when the Santa Monica wannabees moved into town and hopefully there will be those that can afford to throw lawsuits at the city to stop the new council from building a cavern of condos in downtown

  39. I question your view 12:10April 16, 2010 at 12:46 PM


    Tellum imbelle, sine ictu is Latin for:

    A feeble weapon thrown without effect

    Scribimus indocti doctigue Latin for:

    Learned and unlearned, we all write

    Coram non judice is Latin for:

    Before one who is not the the proper judge

  40. BTW, Terry Miller at the Sierra Madre Weekly was pretty quick to defend the Cumquat calling it "parody."

    Not sure how a website that falsely accused a councilman of crimes and deviant behavior qualifies as a parody.

  41. This is what is wrong with this site people do not check the facts before they post Bamberger is no a Catholic Priest , He is from Ascension which makes
    him -Episcopal

  42. I can understand that Catholics might be offended by that.

  43. To posters who are full of moral instruction for the rest of us:
    Don't read this.
    Go read something you like.
    This is an honest open forum for exposing the dirty politics in Sierra Madre, the smears, the slander, the say-one-thing-do-another of the majority that now, once again, controls city hall.
    The hypocrisy of the pro-development crowd is endless.
    And I for one think that the little post about "What is the cumquat" 'What's the story about the audits" is from a troll.
    Bait to get some of you spitting mad and then email it to Terry Miller or someone like him.

  44. Those of us who have been bullied or offended by "father" Bamberger not only disapprove of him, some of us disapprove of his very existence.

    Not a nice man. Not nice at all.

  45. I agree Jr. The Dirt strategy seems to be to sucker punch the slow growth side whenever possible. Like bad natured kids. They know they are lying through their teeth, and they willfully accuse the slow growth supporters of lying, because they know how to play that game. And it worked for them this time because so many citizens are not paying any attention at all. The Dirts built a big pile of garbage for the campaign, and then screamed about the big pile of garbage.

  46. 2:17 one poster's error does not equal "people do not check the facts before they post"
    There's a whole lot more accuracy than error in these comments.

  47. 12:46, before criticizing the blogmeister with quotations from Latin, it might help to actually learn that dead language.

    It's telum, not "tellum"

    It's doctique, not "doctigue."

    Finally, "coram non judice" literally means, as you have translated, "before the wrong judge." More properly, however, it is a legal expression referring to the lack of legal jurisdiction.

    Nobody is arguing that Mr. Crawford does not have the legal right to post his articles or accept comments from readers on this blog.

    Ave atque vale.

  48. Let's recap. No adults at the Weekly. No adults at Harriet ("I am too a lawyer") Henderson's place. Loads of people in SM politics complaining about people being political. Sierra Madre is a political backwater and everyone should stop taking themselves so seriously (talking to you Joe and John B-can you just do the peoples' business without all the gratuitous BS and grandstanding). The politics are mean and vicious because that is what money does to people. Did we miss anything?

  49. I would like to request every decent person reading this blog to stand up for Mayor MacGillivray, the attack levied at her was horrible.
    This is a woman who has devoted decades of service to this community.
    Some of you dirts know damn well, this is the truth. How the hell can you look yourselves in the mirror?
    You are attacking an innocent woman who has done nothing but do her job well, as she always has.
    She gives this city 100%, always has, and always will.
    Shame on anyone who will not stand up for this woman.
    God bless all of you who will stand up for this woman.
    She is a blessing to this town.

  50. I don't think there can be any doubt
    that this was an organized attempt on
    the part of Joe Mosca and his supporters
    to intimidate Mayor MacGillivray in
    hopes of getting her to resign. These
    kinds of strongarm tactics are such a
    contrast to the image they attempt to
    project. But given the money that is
    now demanding that they deliver, I am
    not surprised. Certainly a bad sign for
    the future of this town.

  51. MaryAnn is the last preservationist Council Member standing. The DIRTS are going to bash her and continue to bash her to intimmidate her into silence.

    If memory serves me, that strategy failed miserably with Zimmerman and Watts.

  52. The IQ of the incoming city council has dropped at least 50%.
    If MaryAnn leaves it will drop to the level of idiocy.

  53. Aren't Walsh, Moran and Mosca embarrassed to be on the Cumquat site?

  54. Julia,

    If you want to know about the cumquat and the audits, there are several articles on this website describing both

  55. It's impossible to find a harder working council person than Mayor MacGillivray. She faithfully attends every meeting you can think of, participates in all discussions, works hard at building bridges with larger organizations, and does so while working full time in a demanding scientific career.
    She is a self actualized person, and her energy is awesome.

  56. constructive critisism welcomeApril 16, 2010 at 3:44 PM

    3:06 thank you, I did misspell telum and got the g mixed with the q, but the translations are from A 1951 Websters Dictionary it translated them, but are you telling me to hail Emperor? Vale is good bye but, not sure what the middle word was.


  57. MaryAnn needs to be on the Council to
    keep Joe honest. Which is a pretty big
    job if you think about it.

  58. 3:44
    "Ave atque vale" is the last line of a poem by Catullus. It's a formal way of saying "hi and bye." Atque means "and."

  59. channel 3 watcherApril 16, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    That's not a job 3:51. That's an impossibility.
    But if she wants to stay on the council, more power to her.
    She would be the voice of good government, and on the record even if not influential in the decisions.

  60. I wonder why nobody has complained about MaryAnn letting the people criticizing Mosca go long past the 3-minute limit on public comment?

  61. I take it that you regard criticizing the
    thin-skinned Mr. Mosca as being a special
    case for you? Because MaryAnn generally
    let everyone speak their peace, and for
    as long as it took.

  62. Hey I'm not a troll.

    I went over to the Sierra Madre Weekly and said they needed to be respectful, and I'll say the same thing here: Bad behaviour does not justify bad behaviour. For instance, 2:43 when you say this is an "honest open forum" for exposing "the smears, and slander".... well, that smacks of saying something like "this is a respectful discussion about how some people are morons." Hey, I"m not saying you have to be polite. And I'm not saying the other side isn't saying slanderous things. But what I am saying is that it's hard to take the sierra madre weekly seriously when they talk about being civil and then post 4 or 5 articles putting down Mr. Crawford with very high-volume language. But when I come over here the language is also at the same volume.

    Everyone is talking about being the better person, but saying they are being a better person because really, how can you expect them to act respectfully in the face of such vile, awful, despicable people.

    As for going through this website, I have. I've learned that the audits weren't done timely. And then there is a bunch of supposition that this was done to raise the UUT taxes. I've read about 6 different posts here and then watched a few of the meetings online, and... there simply aren't enough facts. I don't even know the name of the person in charge of doing the audits. I just went over and read the budget, and I noticed they are hiring a new accountant, so... I don't know what that means.

    As for the cumquat, I read here about how the owner was looking to start a pornographic site, and then I read about how the city council looked into whether that could be stopped, and I read how Buchanan defended the site (but I can't find exactly what he said to defend it, or in what context).

    But I think those issues might be side issues. Isn't the number one concern that developers are overtaking the city council? It's just hard for me to keep in my head, and I think you may have too many people here preaching to the choir. There's a lot of echo chamber, and a lot of people agreeing with how the other side is a bunch of idiots based on the gossip of the day, and you forget that those of us who are new don't know all the background.

    My favorite article here was the one that went into detail who on the city council did exactly what. It had a lot of straightforward facts, and that's helpful to me.

    I don't know that I have a point here, except maybe interjecting an outsider's perspective.

  63. Julia - there are 422 articles on this site, and well over 12,000 comments. Take your time. Read some more and then get back to us.

  64. I never saw what Mike Bamberger said about MaryAnn and what she was doing after an earthquake about 20 years ago. But if we're talking about the Sierra Madre quake, I do remember that the city council was out of town (I think at a seminar in San Clemente or some such place) and did not return immediately to handle what was a pretty awful situation. I remember the news media showing up at the 4th of July Parade that year and people were holding up signs railing on the council.

  65. 4:08, watch the council playbacks & get a stop watch. Mr. Mosca's supporter, Mr. Hovesepian, was allowed by the Mayor to make the longest speech of the public comment - 7 minutes. Mr. Darbyshire spoke for about 40 seconds.
    Inconvenient facts, huh?

  66. Crawford?

    I suggest you turn your attention to reginal issues, the State's plans to take control of small cities. That is where you and MacGillivray and Watts can be most effective.
    Guys like John and Ken on KFI are very effective in attacking crooked politicos.....they got rid of Adams and now they are after AB 32.
    Let's all direct our energy to these important issues, let the dumb people of Sierra Madre who voted for development/real estate interests swim in the sewer with Mosca and pals.
    I'm interested in hearing from people from Arcadia, Monrovia, Pasadena, El Monte, and really anywhere, those slow growth minded good guys, we need to all get together.

    How about it J.C.?

  67. Julie, you might also want to look at clips on Neuroblast. There are some very good ones about the audits and the Shenanigan years - especially John Buchanan explaining it all to the city.

  68. The Mosca idiot City Council will make the Shenanigan years look like a picnic.
    How could all dumb people vote these idiots in?

  69. 4:08 :

    Because it isn't true.

    I reviewed that council meeting. Name the person criticizing Mosco who went on too long and how long they spoke. The longest person who was on was a guy who talked about how he was going to make a comment for about 4 minutes before he got to the part where he was actually speaking about what he wanted to say, and that lasted about 3 minutes.

    If you are going to have a problem with what the mayor did, it would be with her not allowing Mosca to consult the attorney. But in her defense, this was the issue:

    Under the Brown act, the public has a right to criticize their elected officials. Roughly the act says, the public has a right to criticize, and the elected official has to sit there and take it.

    But I don't know that it says the elected official can't then respond, which is really what has a lot of people so offended. Too much homework for me. Maybe somebody else can say for sure if they can't and provide a reference.

  70. Julia,
    Mosca was in direct violation of Robert's Rules of Order.
    MacGillivray was absolutely obligated to do what she did.
    Actually, she should have had him removed from the dais.
    Mosca is a bully, always has been. Plays the victim when in fact he is a bully.

  71. Ah, Mosca's consult the attorney bit - beautifully played, until he said, "There is an exception (to the input function)" In short, he set that up, already knowing what he wanted the attorney to say.

    I do not think that Mosca was "attacked." Using that word to describe citizen's remarks on his record twists what happened.

  72. I saw that "Let's consult the attorney" too!
    Joe was practicing good lawyering - knowing the answer before he asked the question.
    The whole matter hinges on the word "attack."
    Was it an "attack" or was it chickens coming home to roost?

  73. Joe just can't take criticism. Plus he never
    apologizes for anything. He must have had a
    very tough childhood. He carries playground

  74. Verbatim, he says "You let them go on for 20 minutes at a time"
    Nobody went on for 20 minutes at a time, even his supporter who took the most time of all.
    It just felt like "twenty minutes at a time" to Mr. Mosca because the people were listing his actions.
    And this bs about timing was one of the big lies of the campaign.

  75. Just checked out the clip of Mosca's meltdown.
    Great. He says it's not the place to campaign as he says he's worked for the last 4 years blahblah.
    MaryAnn can't shut him up cuz he's so busy campaigning.

  76. Will one of our Arcadia Tattler posters give us the scoop on their Tuesday election?
    Thanks in advance.

  77. Nobody can get the guy to focus on the matter at hand, that's for sure. Did he ever say "Yes, I said I'd vote yes and then I voted no because...," or did he ever say "Yes, I did not attend 15 out of 17 regional meetings at which I was to represent SM because..."
    No, didn't think so. He goes off on to personal schtick and never really answers anything.

  78. Believer in Ethos/Logos/PathosApril 16, 2010 at 6:49 PM

    Julia, thank you for even caring enough to LOOK AT BOTH SIDES OF AN ISSUE!!! I AM VERY IMPRESSED!!! Most people just accept information with blind faith because they are told to do so!!

    And speaking of that: Father/Reverend Bamberger is one of the most dangerous people in our town because he hides behind a CHRISTIAN cloth, in one of the most beautiful and quaint churches in our town.

    He so sadly is another hypocrite of the world who slams and misrepresents everything GOOD in the world. He tells people how to think and vote and because he is a man of god they do what he says.Ignorance and hate are alive in "good christian people" as well as the non believer. I never trusted anyone who promised me the promise land. We all know it is not about gold.

  79. Always grateful to our MayorApril 16, 2010 at 6:54 PM

    Mayor MacGillivary is a woman of her word. She will stay in as she was voted in. She will be their for those to see who did not GET IT about slow growth.

    Perhaps her awesome presence will wake up the people who were brainwashed. People may have been mis lead to vote for poor Joe and not realized the seriousness of what the developer wants to do because of JOE.

    Even Josh and Nancy may have a mind of their own.

  80. Mosca was found out the first election and people were stabbed in the back.

    Mosca will be found out the second election and
    people will be stabbed in the back.

    Mosca only cares about himself.

    Some people learn toooo late.

  81. All I see on this site are insults aimed at our new City Council
    and their supporters.

    I love it!!

  82. People do not forget the truth.April 16, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    The only REAL PROBLEM with THE TATTLER is that

    it is not published and everyone in town is not
    reading it.

    The new City Council would not be new.
    It would be outta here.

    Truth has a way of being heard.

  83. It appears that Mr Mosca is very supportive of the things that Mr Miller writes. Just take a look at Mosca's website...his "press" is nothing more than the sorry writings of the "locals"

  84. These are not insults, 7:56, or at least not most of them.
    These are considered and informed opinions of people who have been engaged in Sierra Madre politics.
    We do not insult (except now and then somebody boils over) and we do not attack.
    We evaluate and we defend.

  85. Don't worry Obama will make everything better.

  86. Yes 11:40 PM and so will Mosca......LOL LOL LOL

  87. Nice fitting blinders anonymousse 10:07.

    But, wait a minute, let me get Rooster Coburn's or all the "Moscateers" opinion on whether insults or pernicious "evaluations" permeate this site.

  88. @ 11:40
    and what exactly does Obama have to do with anything that's contained herein? Stay on topic and try to contain the cheap shots, it'll help the sorely needed discourse about the direction of our fair city. I think we should all be paying very close attention to the city council meetings from now on, and continue the fight to prevent the McMansionizing of our hillsides and a high density downtown.

  89. This is something to be concerned about:

  90. If the Cumquat is back, would Neuroblast do us a favor and post the link of our intelligent and gracious stateswoman Fay Angus speaking about it to then Mayor Buchanan?

  91. Rooster Coburn! LOL!!

  92. If you go on Neuroblast's site, click on "uploads" and then "most viewed" Fay schooling Buch is top of the line.

  93. "Julia" the link didn't work.
    Which article are you referring to?

  94. Why are the dirts hanging around here?
    Don't they have someplace of their own to go?

  95. The link to the S-N works fine, it's about an article covering the 710 tunnel project that's getting railroaded to the MTA by SCVCOG in spite of protests by South Pasadena, Glendale, LCF and some opposition by Pasadena as well. The studies are incomplete and the financial feasibility is questionable. It's really just a push for a project that captures funding for construction jobs.

  96. Anybody seen the Looney View News? Bet it'll be a doozy.
    A doozy looneyviewsnews.

  97. The new issue of the Loony Views News will be filled with its usual fine factual reporting plus carefully considered and balanced opinions. Filtered through its usual vat of seething rage and resentment, of course.

  98. Mr. Crawford has done a great job covering the issues on the 710. If memory serves, there was a lot of very good discussion from neighboring communities as well.

  99. 12:31 well put, and a whole new take on R & R.

  100. Salient points from the article:

    John Fasana a SGVCOG representative and MTA board member, said it is time to move forward with the project.

    "We've passed through the study phase and I am hoping there will be sufficient support to move into the next phase," Fasana said.

    South Pasadena Councilman Mike Ten said he his unhappy his city didn't take part in the discussion.

    "It's too late for us to act on it or discuss it now," Ten said. "We should have been involved."

    He said the SGVCOG is looking to present the San Gabriel Valley as being unified behind the project, when in reality, he believes, it is not.

    I remember reading here in the past about representatives participating in the COG and SCAG. Looks like someone from South Pasadena didn't show up to a meeting they should have, and as a result of their absence, they have given some momentum to those they wished to stop. (The 710 being a huge issue in South Pasadena).

  101. South Pas neighborApril 17, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    The 710 discussion
    Sierra Madre Tattler
    July 9 and August 21, 2009

  102. Animals say the cutest thingsApril 17, 2010 at 2:55 PM

    Rooster Coburn,here poster 9:12 these are not pernicious remarks..What a crock a dooodle dooo! You know I put all the pernicious permeations on the Sierra Madre News site. That is how I keep my loyal 6 posters there. Now don't bother me son, and don't be bothering these fine folks with your chicken little the sky is falling comments.

  103. Thank you Sir EricApril 17, 2010 at 3:02 PM

    This is very important that the real participants are the PEOPLE who LIVE here and make their homes here, not just planted politicians, make their voices heard concerning many important issues affecting our quality of life like SB375 and the 710.

    Mr. Crawford, would you please post another article regarding the 710 for those who have forgotten the importance of this and we should all really begin our citizens rights and march and picket and email every politician who wants to build this monstrosity as well as every other development nightmare.

    We need to act on this before they slip a fast one...PLEASE.

  104. Build the damn tunnel!!!