Thursday, April 8, 2010

John Buchanan's Dilemma

John Buchanan, former Sierra Madre Mayor and twice elected City Councilman now entering the last two years of his final term in office, sent out a group e-mail yesterday giving his opinions and endorsements for next Tuesday's elections here in town. Some readers have written in to me and complained that the e-mail list used for this purpose might actually belong to one of the leading civic organizations here in town, something which has caused them to question the nonpartisan standing of that group. If these concerns turn out to be true it is hoped that others will also be afforded the same opportunity to use that organization's list to share their political viewpoints as well.

That said, I found his last minute endorsement by e-mail approach to be an interesting choice. And I think it might be a rewarding journalistic exercise this morning if we were to explore the possible reasons for his choosing what is a rather limited venue for letting one's preferences be known. Because, and let's face it, as the senior political leader for those advocating his particular philosophy of local governance, many would be looking to Mr. Buchanan for leadership and guidance in this election. It is legitimate to ask why he would choose to share his preferences with what is only a comparatively small audience. And even if this notice does get put into an envelope and mailed out, the lateness of his endorsements raises questions as well.

Our current Mayor, MaryAnn MacGillivray, made her recommendations available to the residents of Sierra Madre in a letter that was sent out to all the voters of this town weeks ago. Which means this physical mailing was sent out to over 4,000 homes. It was important that those who vote early by absentee ballot be briefed on the important issues facing Sierra Madre, and her timely mailing assured that this would be the case. And along with her candidate endorsements she also included the following statement:

This is a critical election year for our city as we work to maintain the quality of life we are accustomed to in the face of regional and state pressures to do otherwise. In the last eighteen months, the majority of the City Council has reset the course of policy making to maintain local control of our city finances and property rights.

Mayor MacGillvray then went on to list the many categories where she saw this claim being put into action. Balanced budgets along with a surplus, up-to-date audits, a fully funded Library, Senior Center and Sierra Madre Community Room renovations, the Canyon Zone and General Plan Committees (volunteer run and saving the City hundreds of thousands of dollars), public safety and the proper funding for our emergency response services such as the Police and Fire Departments, infrastructure, our tenuous water supplies, the eminent domain ballot initiative, and unfunded state development mandates such as AB 32 and SB 375 were all discussed.

Yet compare the scope of MaryAnn's range of issues with the limited picture offered in John Buchanan's endorsement of Joe Mosca:

Joe Mosca has done the hard work of councilmember (sic) who takes seriously the honor voters gave him. He has been at the forefront of public safety improvements, cast the deciding vote so that our strengthened hillside ordinance would apply to the Stonehouse property, helped build the alliances that will provide support and resources for continuing necessary improvements to our water system, and continues to put street improvement at the top of our public agenda. Joe does not just talk about fiscal responsibility, improved public safety, and conservation of resources both historic and natural, he has made the wise policy choices and cast the critical votes that make them happen.

Now as far as I can tell, all 5 City Councilmembers cast critical votes, and any they submit could be considered a decider as each one represents 20% of the total. And by equating fiscal responsibility with road repairs hasn't John brought up something that Joe has received quite a bit of criticism for recently? Mosca suggested at a recent City Council meeting that he would like to have a Bond Measure passed to pay for repairs to our streets. Interest on a $5,000,000 bond at the current rate of approximately 4.5% for a 20 year term is over $2.6 million dollars. That to me does not seem like fiscal responsibility at all, but rather the same kind of live for today mentality that typifies so much of what we see coming out of Sacramento. A pay-as-we-go approach being by far the more fiscally prudent course.

I also can't help but wonder if John Buchanan lists among Joe's "wise policy decisions" the newly elected Councilman's reneging on his 2006 campaign promise to the voters that he would support a vote on the development scheme known as the "Downtown Specific Plan." Something that led to the costly Measure V battle plus an attempt to recall him.

There is also the rather faint praise John Buchanan has for Josh Moran:

Josh has spent most of his life in Sierra Madre and knows as much as anyone that this town thrives when its residents give back.

Again we see something being brought up that has been a problem for the candidate being endorsed. Josh Moran was not registered to vote in Sierra Madre until just days before he submitted his nomination papers to City Hall. Until then he was listed on the voter rolls as being a resident of Monrovia. Despite his having been raised here, the "carpetbagger" and "opportunist" charges have dogged Josh throughout this race.

I can't help but feel that John Buchanan is just going through the motions here. A proud man keenly aware of the image he hopes to project in town, can it be that this last minute and poorly distributed statement was meant to make it seem like he really isn't all that invested in the results of this election? Is he cutting his losses in hopes of protecting his political brand?

My opinion is that John believes that the Joe Mosca ticket is not going to do as well as originally hoped, and he is now distancing himself from what he fears could be reputation harming results.


  1. Can this be an instance of what's called, "Preaching to the Choir?" Is John Buchanan only interested in contacting likely MOSCA voters? I know for a fact that Pat Alcorn, John Crawford, and Don Watts as well as MaryAnn MacGillivray sent campaign literature to ALL Sierra Madre registered voters.

    Not that I care mind you. I'm very pleased with the Buchanans' amateurish campaign management on behalf of Mosca and Moran. Go team John and Terri, right down to defeat on Tuesday, April 13th.

  2. That has been the knock on the campaign being run by the Moscateers. They don't seem to want to reach out past their own circles.

  3. Mayor MacGillivray's statement in her letter to the residents:

    "This is a critical election year for our city as we work to maintain the quality of life we are accustomed to in the face of regional and state pressures to do otherwise. In the last eighteen months, the majority of the City Council has reset the course of policy making to maintain local control of our city finances and property rights".

    This is what this election is about!

    Mayor MacGillivray, former Mayor Kurt Zimmerman and current Mayor Pro-Tem Don Watts have brought us to the good position we're in here in Sierra Madre. No thanks to Joe Mosca and John Buchanan, I might add.

    I moved here nearly 20 years ago because I wanted to live in a SMALL TOWN, a place with an ambiance you don't find elsewhere in the San Gabriel Valley.
    This is why 90% of the residents live here, whether they own their own nice home or rent their home or apartment or condo. They pay more to live here. They could live elsewhere for much less. They get what they pay for here in Sierra Madre and they want to keep it that way.
    Mayor MacGillivray wants to keep it that way.
    Don Watts wants to keep it that way.
    John Crawford wants to keep it that way.
    Pat Alcorn wants to keep it that way.

    Please, Sierra Madre residents, do not buy into the fallacious and often slanderous comments you read in local papers.......THEY ARE SUPPORTED for the most part by REAL ESTATE INTERESTS and one paper, the Mountain Views News' editorials are always up for sale to the highest bidders.
    I used to think Bill Corburn was just a misguided dirt, now I realize he is almost as bad as Henderson.....almost.

    John Crawford.
    Don Watts.
    Pat Alcorn.

    We need to elect these three honest and competent people to our city council.
    We have had a real GIFT the past 2 years, with MacGillivray, Watts, and Zimmerman.
    Let's keep Sierra Madre on the winning roll we're on.

  4. I see Bill is on Crawford now because he apologized for the FD troll posts. I wonder what Coburn gets in exchange for being such a chump?

  5. So, Buchanan is backing an incumbent who exaggerates his role, twists the truth, manufactures history. A candidate who will not tell anyone about his true role as a real estate developer. And a candidate who cannot understand or get straight what J.B. has told her what to say. The scariest part of this is that many of the residents' will vote for them because they don't pay attention, and want to believe their misinformation.

  6. Anon 8:07,
    Fear not, news of this sort travels fast. People are becoming more informed every day. The content is out there for all to see. John has hundreds of articles on his blog, and I have near 100 videos posted on Youtube. Feel free to google Joe Mosca, Josh Moran, or Nancy Walsh, I'm sure many will before casting their vote. Because watching a short video is easier than reading, the default location for information for the masses is Youtube, so go ahead and search youtube for each of them as well. This is what their pathetic rags have to fight against, and that's why they are so steaming mad.

    The Truth Hurts When You Lie!

    Neuroblast Films

  7. Thanks for your videos, Dave.

    We all enjoy them!

  8. Got a call from someone who had a Joe Mosca visitation yesterday. Joe showed up at the door and started taking as fast as he could and the poor person couldn't get a word in edgewise. The person finally ended up having to close the door just to get him to stop. He was being very aggressive.

  9. Lifelong CanyoniteApril 8, 2010 at 8:34 AM

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  10. Sorry Lifelong, but we're being really tight on the language thing now. Try cleaning it up a little in the future.

  11. Civic Club MemberApril 8, 2010 at 8:38 AM

    The Sierra Madre Civic Club enacted Standing Rule 6. “The SMCC Roster , newsletter, and email lists shall be used for SMCC business only and shall not be used for personal, POLITICAL, or personal use.”’ This rule came about last summer because member Pam Kelly used the SMCC email list to circulate a letter authored by Rob Stockley claiming the local library was endanger of closure. At the March meeting, the SMCC also reminded club members that the club was to be non political in this election. Yesterday Darlene Traxler, using the SMCC email list emailed all members blind carbon copy the letter John Buchanan wrote to her. This act is a deliberate violation of SMCC rules and should not be tolerated by the membership. The Sierra Madre Civic Club is open to all men and women who live in and near Sierra Madre. Tonight the Club meets at the Hart House at 7:00 pm. All are welcome.

  12. BOYCOTT SIERRA MADRE - said Josh MoranApril 8, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    Mr. B, can you explain (I know you can talk for hours but try to answer in 3 sentences), can you explain logically why you would endorse a candidate (Moran) that advocated a boycott of Sierra Madre business owners and why that should be of no concern to residents or business owners?

    I laugh at Buchanan. I'm more of regular at Starbucks, but I see Buchanan in Starbucks one day and the next he's at Bean Town. He is so desperate for attention and to be "somebody" on a google search.

  13. Shame on you Darlene Traxler. I hope the SMCC censures you in some way for a blatant exploitation of a protected e-mail list.

    Thank you Civic Club member for setting the record straight.

  14. The image of a blank canvas says it all. John Buchanan is a blank canvas, all his years in Sierra Madre politics, have not opened up his eyes to the real needs and concerns of the people of Sierra Madre. He is proposing to maintain the dismal status quo, of another Joe Mosca term, this alone proves that he has learning nothing about the town he has worked in for so long. He is a blank canvas, there is no "there" there.

  15. Lifelong CanyoniteApril 8, 2010 at 9:15 AM

    What foul language did I use? Were my questions objectionable? What is Crawford's plan to repair our streets?

  16. C'mon Lifelong, you know what you said.

    Two things that need to be taken into account. One is not to take the easy way out and accumulate a lot of bond debt as Joe Mosca wants to do. The second is the maintain the good fiscal policies that have not only out this city into the black, but has given us a $1 million surplus. We're past the no audit and big consultant costs Joffe/Buchanan era. Out of that money we can start to work on getting the streets repaired. We need to fix the streets, and now we can under a pay-as-you-go basis. We don't need to go into millions of dollats in debt. We're not Sacramento or Washington DC. This is Sierra Madre, and we run our affairs the good old American way, we save up and use what we have.

  17. The Mod. is right. We are being taxed to death. The city and residents can not afford this debt along with the interest. Joe wants to use the residents as his own personal credit card so that he can put on his next election mailer that he PAVED ALL THE STREETS of SIERRA SIERRA.

    Don't let this wannabe politico have another term.

    NO to MOSCA and his group.

  18. Joe has never taken his eye off a job in Sacramento. That is why he is in such a panic now. He knows that he is held accountable for his flipflops and screw ups and loses here the only job he'lll ever get in Sac is emptying the spittoons in Arnold's cigar tent.

  19. Fiscal responsibility firstApril 8, 2010 at 10:26 AM

    I'm okay with the condition of the streets if the alternative is a bond measure which will cause a hardship to many of Sierra Madre's residents.

    Mosca is all too willing to spend the City's money to embellish his own record. If he thinks we'll forgive and forget, he's got another think coming, as my grandmother used to say.

    Joe wasn't even able to get himself to the SCAG meetings until MaryAnn and Don took on the responsibility. And with great results! Now he's taking credit for their hard work as well as for all of the accomplishments of the City Council for the past four years.

    No on a bond mesure to pave the streets and no on Joe Mosca, Josh Moran, and what's her name.

    Yes on ED, Pat Alcorn, John Crawford, and Don Watts. Yes on a balanced budget, and yes on getting the audits done in a timely manner, thus saving the City thousands of dollars in fines that accrue when they aren't file on time.

    Vote on Tuesday, April 13th!

  20. Interesting that Buchanan would try to sneak a message to the Civic Club through Diane Traxler when he won't even issue a statement to the voters supporting his wife's merry band of Moscateers. I know and very much admire several long time Civic Club members and the work they do for Sierra Madre. What a travesty that a single member would trash the reputation of the entire club by ignoring a club rule. I can tell you I'll think twice about supporting the Civic Club in the future if they don't ask Traxler to resign.

  21. Not fooled for a minuteApril 8, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    Really, isn't that how the whole Joe Mosca campaign thing has been handled from the start? He sneaks around neighborhoods knocking on doors displaying the Alcorn, Crawford and Watts signs and trys to convince them he is a victim of homophobia and that MaryAnn is mean to him. He takes credit for the movements of the sun, moon and stars during the past four years. His campaign mailers are identical in design and format to mailers used in another candidates election chaired by the dark lord several years ago in another municipality. His supporters bombard the three local media outlets (I laugh heartily at that phrase) with letters to the editor without revealing their relationships with the Mosca campaign, and then the Civic Club sends out a secret letter in support of Buchanan's slate of non-starters. This is politics as defined by two attorneys and an account executive, oh, and what's her name.

  22. Tonight we will see if the Civic Club is truely a Civic Club or just another organization that has been infiltrated by the pro development gang and real estate agents like Webb-Martin.

    Darlene Traxler needs to be asked to resign tonight.

  23. 10:34 It's Darlene Traxler not Diane.

  24. Great post, Not fooled for a minute.
    Thanks for summing it up.

  25. Something else about street paving y'all - it is connected to development plans, to be sure.
    Don't go crazy on me - I'm not saying don't pave the streets - yes, let's fix the streets as we can afford to, and in a fair way too - the worst conditions come first. BUT!
    Baldwin was paved & re-paved & utilities put underground, and paved & re-paved.
    Can anyone guess why?

  26. Don't think for a moment that the Buchanan endorsement letter went to only Civic Club members, I would guess it went to several other organizational lists. e.g. little league, library, pta, St Rita's, etc. Not only that it was probably forwarded from person to person. The only difference with the other organizations, is that they were more discerning about who they sent it to. This was a great ploy on JB's part, but sad to think Traxler has torn apart a great organization like Civic Club. The damage this has done to C C will be felt for years. The least she could do is to apologize, the most, of course would be to resign. I wonder how many other organizations in town will be affected?

    Thank you for your wonderful outburst saved by Neuroblast at your last meeting when Shirley Moore took you down memory lane with her!

    Your reaction was perfect! Your true JOE MOSCA personality came out, and let all of us see every reason why people did KNOW why you could not and should NEVER be MAYOR of this town. YOU have no self control and you are not a leader with any ethics. You do not respect the law, you do not respect those around you, and you do not respect the seat of the Mayor or the Mayor herself. You even tried to defer to the apron strings of another person on the council, because running away from responsibility is what you do best. It was great! JUst great!!!! We all saw the true blue eyed JOE. Thank you for your but I get to speak now cuz I am Joe Mosca....

    Mayor MacGillivary had enormous patience. She handled your outburst with amazing grace and charm. You were yelling and rude and disgusting. She paused several times.

    As a teacher, you are the perfect picture of why teaching is very very very frustrating in California. You are the big boy who disrupts the teaching and the learning with your unnecessary and irrational outburst. You make it impossible for students to continue working in the textbook, or on the smart board, or in a discussion. Your outburst was all too typical. Quieting you down was way toooo typical. Except teachers do no have gavels, but we do have patience. We do not get to remove you from the room.

    Your mother would have been called. You would have received a detention. YOU would have received a Referral to the Principal. After 17 referrals you might have been sent to another school.

    You accussed MaryAnn of being mean and giving people 20 minutes to talk. If you want to see mean, come and visit my class for just a week and act out like you did. I can show you mean. I am used to bullys like you Joe. So is the rest of Sierra Madre. Remember the Shenenagin Years spoken of??

    20 minutes? We have more time than that to walk down memory lane with you from 4 years ago.

    So John Buchanan, you threw your hands in your face while Joe was ranting. Youtube doesn't lie. How could endorse Joe after all that?

    Don't think twice, it's all right....

  28. Underground politics alive and well in Sierra Madre.

  29. Not fooled for a minuet at 10:45

    Mosca went to a friend's door who had three signs-Crawford/Watts/Alcorn

    He told the people who he was and he was running for city council. The lady asked him if he saw his name on any of the three signs in her yard?
    He said no, and went on and on and on and on about all he has done for Sierra Madre, taking credit for everything and anything, the woman tried to speak, but Mosca continued (MaryAnn knows what that is like), wouldn't shut up, the woman finally shut the front door on him, telling him, she'd heard just about enough!
    The other people in the house were stunned.
    This man, Mosca is insane.

  30. Josh Moran, what a joke. His claim to fame is to ride his bike to Toy and Patio and buy candy. He says he moved here in 1973. Pat Alcorn was President of Civic Club in 1973,
    and involved in many, many civic activities "giving back to the community" as Buchanan so touts Josh as doing. Let's get real here.

  31. Just trying to understandApril 8, 2010 at 1:39 PM

    John Buchanan has made no public statement endorsing Joe Mosca, Josh Moran, or Nancy Walsh, right? He made no attempt to mediate a less contentious scene between Joe Mosca and MaryAnn MacGillivray at the City Council meeting two weeks ago. John has not walked the walk or talked the talk in support of any of the three candidates in spite of his wife's involvement in their campaigns. He then sends out lukewarm letter in support of the candidates via a devious and circuitious route.

    The reasoning here would be 1) he's ashamed of his picks, or 2) they are absolutely positively without campaign funds because they have no contributors.

    Either way, it is a sorry state of affairs.

    MaryAnn MacGillivray is proud of the candidates she supports, and we're proud not only of Alcorn, Crawford and Watts, but MaryAnn as well.

  32. Mayor MacGillivray is truly a gift to this city.

  33. Well, Tattlers, we know we have an expanded reading public now that Coburn, Miller, Hail, Rich, Pat, and Susan have taken interest in our modest little blog. We are aware that they are sock puppet blogging to try to lead us into traps so that they can capture the posts for their sleazy advertising rags.

    Who would ever have thought the Tattler and we bloggers could have caused such a sensation in little ole Sierra Madre politics.

    Five more days! Vote for Pat! Vote for John! Vote for Watts. Aware of the issues facing Sierra Madre over the next four years and committed to exploring solutions that work for all of us!

  34. I LOVE SIERRA MADREApril 8, 2010 at 1:57 PM

    There are many well educated and well read people here in Sierra Madre. There are many people of great character and ethics. Thank heaven for Mary Ann, Don, Pat and John Crawford.

    There will always be people who want to overdevelop Sierra Madre. Keep them out. The fight will never be over. But, now we can recognize the wolf in sheep's clothing!


  35. Local historian at 11:37. Yup! Paving and undergrounding and new sidewalks all co-incide with another fact--former City Councilman, featured in the mayor's photo encouraging you to vote No on Measue V, lives on N. Baldwin long about there somewhere (probably a pretty good idea not to be more specific).

  36. John Buchanan is craftier than you might think.
    He knows how to downplay some associations and play up others.
    Remember in the las election how he kept aligning himself with MaryAnn?

  37. It's like the dirts only practice the dark arts of politics - slander, intentionally misleading people into a confusion of allegiances, straw man arguments up the wazoo.
    The refuge of the incompetent.
    They do not belong in the public realm in this small town.

  38. Reports from the field characterize Mosca as shrill, argumentative, and abrasive. The mask of civility is falling away.

    Strangely Crawford, Alcorn and Watts signs are re-appearing in yards where just yesterday he claimed to have converted the voters.

    No one has seen a Moran or Walsh walker.

    Fight the good fight! Vote on Tuesday April 13th for Pat, John and Don. These candidates are committed to continuing good fiscal management, and standing up for our way of life in Sierra Madre.

  39. I just read Bill Coburn's rant about John Crawford. Boy, Bill you just can't get enough, can you? It's amazing to me that you can sling mud with the best of them ...but don't anyone call you on it. John Crawford has never let down his supporters. We see through all the bull that you so weakly write about. The ill will you spread is just as vile. You are not innocent, my friend. You claim that the "other side" is on a smear campaign...the mirror shines a bright reflection. Take a look.

  40. My neighbor let Mosca spin his story, refused his literature and then after about 15 minutes of wasting his time, said she had already voted and not for him.

  41. Pontius Buchanan has washed his hands.

  42. Squeeky Fromme's BedspringsApril 8, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    Jeez, that is kinda mean. I don't think that is necessary.
    Maybe work the phones?

  43. Did Crawford speak to Buchanan about this? He might have gotten his answers. What are Crawford's plans for street paving, the fire department, the police department, the other half of Howie's, canyon rezoning?

  44. If John Buchanan can throw his support to a candidate (Josh Moran) who has advocated and pushed strongly for a boycott of Sierra Madre businesses, local owners and their families, I just can't respect John's opinion and have no use for his endorsement of Josh and that follows with anybody else he endorses. I guess John B is okay with boycotting Sierra Madre?

    Joe is acting like a spoiled brat. He got away with the last election because he was only in town a few months before he stuck his nose in Sierra Madre politics and 4 years later, he's still clueless. It's all about Joe.

  45. Anonymous at 5:33 pm, are you dense? Crawford blogged his street paving philosophy; the fire department and the police department are funded; the other half of Howie's - in fact all of Howie's, is private property. It is up to the LLC to determine a use and present it to the Planning Department. The Canyon Zoning Committee is at the point of making it's recommendations to the Planning Department.

    I can only assume you are trolling for attack points for your next column. Go fish.

  46. 5:33 must be suffering from Sacramento disease. If you don't borrow a lot of money, how can it be called doing anything?

  47. The biggest trick, the most effective strategy that the Downtown Investment Club has, is to confuse the voting public. That's it. That's all they do - set out to confuse the people, to fool them into voting for the false representatives who would remake the town for personal gain, who have the mistaken notion that their decisions matter more than all the other residents' opinions do.
    I have faith in the common sense of the majority of people in this town, in their intelligence and insight. We were bad judges of character when we voted in Mr. Mosca. Time to vote him out, and do not support anyone who has aligned themselves with him - they are either too naive, or corrupt. As the earlier poster had it, such people do not belong in public office.

  48. 5:33 is a perfect example of dirtania.
    The writer is just winging it, trying to kick up a time & space waste.
    With hundreds of articles by Mr. Crawford, that poster would be hard pressed to come up with a topic relevant to Sierra Madre politics that Crawford has NOT covered.
    Jeez, such a Dirt - and didn't Beth Buck do us an helpful service when she named her team Downtown Dirt? Kinda backfired on them. And didn't this terrible smearing garbage that Dirts use constantly really begin with her attacks? -
    5:33, the facts are right there in front of your eyes and you can't find them.

  49. I can't figure out why people are whining about this blog. It's lively, irreverent, and a lot of fun. Must be it isn't PC enough for the crybabies.

  50. 3 worst people in Sierra Madre

    1. Joe Mosca
    2. Susan Henderson
    3. John Buchanan

    You all have very bad karma. You are liars and very dishonorable people.
    Sierra Madre doesn't need the likes of you.

  51. Another American AnoymousApril 8, 2010 at 8:11 PM

    do not miss the editorial by anonymous, in the looney news, criticizing people who use "anonymous" on The is poorly written, has no focus, blames Kurt Zimmerman as being one of the writers, (and just when does Kurt get time to write as a very busy attorney?), and then uses some of the comments and comments out of was so was beyond HYSTERICAL........he made no sense.

    There are a million blogs on the internet and people use creative names and anonymous every day.

    Anonymous' your point was ???????

  52. Anonymous and ProudApril 8, 2010 at 8:15 PM

    They have no issues to run on, so they're basing their big campaign push on blog posts. Empty cans always make the most noise, as they say.

  53. My neighbor told me that Joe came to their door and they listened politely. He left and put up his sign. They said NO. He walked away listening to them ask to take it down. He kept walking. They threw his sign in their trash.


  54. Sue Lavoe has an astonishing post of Rooster Coburn's site. Apparently she's of the belief that there are candidates who want to outsource our volunteer fire department because it will save money. I'm not kidding you. Outsourcing a volunteer fire department will save money. So is there a fire department out there that will pay us to work here?

  55. It is great to be AnonymousApril 8, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    Good point 8:15. Their issues are fear and attack. But, they turned it around to blame the Tattler for anyone left to believe.

  56. Sue Lavoe is Joe's biggest FAN. Why hasn't JOE ever bragged about this? He brags about "strong supporter of improving our Fire Dept, enhanced the Fire Department's ability to protect Sierra Madre........."

    So what's up? Something is going on....Joe has a nastier skeleton in his closet than we realize?

  57. That is interesting, 8:17. Aggressive and pushy people do not do well in Sierra Madre. If he is thinks polite means weakness, then Joe is making a big mistake.

  58. For Coburn to even hint that Watts, Crawford and Alcorn want to get rid of the volunteer fire department is just plain silly. And then for anyone to believe it? Well. . .

  59. Mr. Coburn wouldn't know respectful, researched and unbiased verified journalism if it walked up and slapped him in the face

    it's no wonder that he writes for free for Henderson's paper

    it's almost laughable that he rants about this blog with having outlandous comments but his columns are exact reflections

  60. I find it interesting. There is a great hue and cry against this blog. Which I think would tend to bring folks to read this blog which might not otherwise know or care about it. It seems this might be counterproductive strategy for people who have a countervailing view to put the spotlight here. As I said, interesting.

  61. Recall that would mean we would need about 1900 signatures (approx. 25%) of Sierra Madres
    Registered voters. That would be alot easier to get than the 50 % + one of one vote per parcel that was only counted towards the signatures of the water paying customers.
    Why did at least 10 other cities on their original water rate notices that were mailed out put in writing how the water protests will be tallied and Sierra Madre didn't.
    Shouldn't it be renoticed and give us the 45 days to gather signatures with the correct knowledge of how the protests would be counted . Write a formal protest to the city attorney , city manager and the council!