Friday, April 2, 2010

Just Because It Is Almost Easter Doesn't Mean You Should Trust A Guy In A Rabbit Suit

One of the great mysteries of life is why small creatures feel the sudden need to run across the road just as you are driving by in your car. It could be the loneliest stretch of highway in the western world and you, in the only vehicle to travel there within the last 4 hours, could be passing by. But then, out of the bushes, and for no discernible reason whatsoever, some little furry creature decides that is just the moment to dash across the road, thus meeting a swift and terrible death beneath your Goodyear Fortera Triple Tread tires.

All of which leaves you the next 25 miles of open road to contemplate the meaning of life in a world with few enduring certainties.

But it could be worse. You might have been in Glendale and it was a fully grown man in a bunny suit that decided to suddenly walk in front of your car. And if so, you'd better hope you stopped in time because otherwise you could be cited and ticketed for something you really shouldn't have done.

Here is how the Glendale News Press reported this on Wednesday:

Police used an officer dressed for Easter to remind drivers to stop - (Glendale) The large furry rabbit walking between Central and Garfield Avenues Wednesday was no hallucination, especially for drivers who failed to yield. For an hour and a half, Glendale Police Officer Tom Broadway donned the eye-catching costume during an enforcement sting aimed at educating motorists to yield for pedestrians walking along unmarked crosswalks.

Now isn't that just like a government employee? Trying to convince us that yielding to some mysterious inner need to dress up in a hare suit and walk out into the middle of traffic was actually done to make us better citizens? Have you noticed lately that when you're dealing with certain personality types in a position of government authority, everything they do is supposedly for our own good? Even dressing up like the Easter Bunny and walking in front of cars? It's like they somehow believe none of us ever had mothers.

The article continues:

Police cited 24 motorists on suspicion of failing to yield to Broadway as he walked across Central. "One of the violators said he was confused by it," Sgt. Dennis Smith said. "He said it hopped in front of him."

Of course, not everyone was happy about this. And we're not just talking about the motorists that received a ticket from the guy in a bunny suit. One Glendale City Councilmember felt the need to speak out.

But the operation infuriated Councilman John Drayman, who said he learned of the sting only after it had taken place. Calling the enforcement sting a "stupid traffic stunt" that was "breathtakingly dangerous," Drayman said city resources would have been more appropriately used to clamp down on speeding motorists - an issue that prompts daily complaints from the public.

"The police may be experts in public safety, but they don't have a padlock on common sense," he said. "This is not law enforcement, this is taking public safety personnel, dressing them as bunny rabbits to confuse, disorient and shock drivers and then cite them with traffic tickets."

No word if Councilman Drayman's insensitive characterization of this Police effort will lead to a POA initiated lawsuit against the City of Glendale.


  1. Sierra Madre Anonymous ChorusApril 2, 2010 at 7:10 AM

    Good morning Sunshine! Good morning to all Sierra Madre! Good morning Tattler bloggers. You're the best.

    10 Days to Election Day! Vote Alcorn, Crawford and Watts on Tuesday, April 13th!!

  2. Why did you post this? Chief Diaz will now be doing this on Sierra Madre Blvd.

  3. I would think that the first impulse of almost anybody when seeing a guy hopping around traffic in a bunny suit would be to get out of there as quickly as possible. This looks like entrapment to me.

  4. The Chief can have the staff draw straws to see who wears the bunny suit. No, wait! Dress them all in bunny suits. Community policing. There's no end to the themes. Uncle Sam, Turkeys, Santa Claus.

  5. I hear Hail Hamilton has volunteered for the duty.

  6. Officer Ford already has some good whiskers.

  7. I don't think bunny suits come in a large enough size for most of our officers.

  8. We already had our sting a couple of years ago in the middle of town. We have a large seeing impaired population and they need to be protected. There should be more of stings in the crosswalk areas. It is truly amazing how many other violations were found by the police.
    Registration, insurance, seat belts, outstanding warrants. Go for it!

  9. I had three signs up on my lawn (Crawford, Alcorn and Watts) and someone put a Mosca sign up with them. I don't want a Mosca sign.

    I called the sign design people for Crawford, Alcorn and Watts and they said their three signs are put up together. There are a few homes with mixed signs, they said they check these out and it is always because family members or roommates are split on candidates.
    They also told me that they never touch other candidates signs, but will go speak to the homeowner if they think an irregularity has occurred.

    I don't think anyone should put signs up without asking the homeowner.

    I hope these pranks won't start happening.
    The Alcorn, Watts and Crawford people are being honest. Others should be as well.

  10. Anybody notice the stars on the new Mosca signs? They arc above the name "Joe" like a kind of medieval halo. Very much a theme in the religious art of that time. Is this a subliminal message? Is Joe declaring some sort of divinity?

  11. You are so right 8:02. I saw a woman driving one of the uberSUVs run over the end of a CLIMBers cane as the CLIMBer was trying to cross the street. The CLIMBer was startled but ok, but that was way too close.
    And you can always tell out of towners - trying to beat it past the crosswalks before slow moving pedestrians get there.

  12. Just in case anyone doesn't know,
    CLIMB = Center for Living Independence for the Multi-handicapped Blind

    We ought to have a sign at both ends of the Blvd that says
    "Welcome! Now slow down!"

  13. Just checked Coburn's site. Seems like yesterday's effort was too much. All that remains is the masthead. Truly not much of a loss.

  14. I have seen Coburn's site a few times, but it is one of those early web pages, really cluttered & clumsy.
    I never look at it.
    Speaking of never look at, wonder if there will be a MtnVuzNuz to walk by this Saturday.
    Should be a doozy.

  15. still read the papers, but not that oneApril 2, 2010 at 9:13 AM

    Possible headlines:

    MaryAnn Sets Fire to Sierra Madre, Joe Puts Out Flames.
    John Crawford Devilish, Josh Angelic
    Don Watts Caught with Fidelity to Word and Deed

  16. who is Hail Hamilton, what has he ever done and why should I care what he writes about

    we all know that if you can put two sentences together and will write what Susan approves, you too can be a writer for Susan's hapazardly printed and error filled paper

    i'd be embarrased to have a byline in that paper, some appear to write in it just to be "known"

  17. A@9:23, maybe Henderson said she'd pay him if he wrote so many lies about Crawford and the Tattler that John didn't get elected. Oh, sorry. April 1st was yesterday. Hail will never get paid for his rant, just like the Dunns and her cleaning lady.

  18. Around here they'll need a weasel suit.

  19. Where does our tax money go?April 2, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    Does the Police or Fire still have an Easter Egg Hunt for the Children? Isn't that the only sane reason an officer would dress up in a Bunny Suit? To entertain children?

    (does SM do this for Christmas? Who wore the Santa suit? Who paid for this, or was it volunteer?)


  20. 9:23, writing in Henderson 's paper doesn't really make you known, only to the 100 or so people (mostly realtors and Dirts) who actually look at it.

    The last few times I tried to read it, I'm finished in less than a minute and it's a wasted minute. I've never read a column except to laugh at Henderson's scatterbrained rants and hated filled rhetoric. When she writes about "hate", she must be looking in the mirror for inspiration.

  21. All of what you're seeing now in the dirt media is Joe's hysteria over having his sad
    record called out by residents at the last
    City Council meeting. It is pretty obvious that he has a problem with his record in office being discussed. That and apparently
    he has a big problem with Democracy.

  22. You want a place to hide a secret? You couldn't do much better than the Sierra
    Madre Weekly or the Looney Views News.

  23. Our police department in a bunny suit... Come on na!!! I love it! However, I feel, and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one, the only qualified officer we have in Sierra Madra is our infamous captain kanagroo...woo-woo!

  24. Should the Glendale Police Department have been using an icon as beloved by children as the Easter Bunny? Might ruin a lot of childhood memories.

  25. Hey Anonymous at 10:24am-

    ;) RIGHT ON!!!!


  26. An FYI to all of you bloggers who seem to be in support of the man who posted the anti Mosca sign on his home nest to the pro Mosca sign of his neighbor.
    1) the pro Mosca sign was placed on the property in the location that is was because there was no other patch of soil to place it in near the is all cement except there.
    2)The owner of the other property kept removing the sign (a totally illegal action) and throwing it down the hill. When finally caught red handed, he began to scream obscenities at the his neighbor who had installed the sign and screamed at him that "I don't want anyone to think that I support that "QUEER"!!! And then began quoting the BIBLE about the immorality of homosexuality. This is who you are defending....but maybe you already know that and share his sentiments.

  27. Umm, since the post that has so upset you was posted anonymously, are you certain that would be the exact same person?

    Also: Those kinds of sentiments are not endorsed by any candidates in this race, and your implication that they are is as offensive as the words cited by you themselves.

  28. And, 10:51, do you also post as Lifelong Canyonite? Both the Mosca sign and the neighbor's disclaimer remain undisturbed since the photo was posted. We know who the Mosca supporter is; we know the neighbor. We don't know you and are highly skeptical of your account.

    Nice try, DIRT. No cigar.

  29. We know that Joe is telling people all over Los Angeles County that Sierra Madre is a bastion of homophobia. That he would so smear the town he claims to love and respect just becuase he believes it will get him reelected is disgusting. He can't run on his record, so he has now sunk to this kind of politics. Pretty disgusting if you ask me. Sierra Madre gave him 1,900 votes in 2006. He was accepted and embraced even though he had only been he a year. Is this how he pays us back?

  30. Lifelong CanyoniteApril 2, 2010 at 11:19 AM

    There should be some signs to educate people visiting our town to be on the look out for CLIMBers. I love seeing and talking to them. They are wonderful people who add a lot to the character of Sierra Madre. While driving through downtown, everyone should be on the lookout for CLIMBERs and stop for them!

  31. That is what a dirty Dirt campaign is like.
    Drag in sexual orientation to kick up all the irrelevant and distracting dust.
    We DO need a dust ordinance.

  32. well, we finally have a post that joe mosca can point to in support of his belief that the town is homophobic and bigoted. of course, it is a post from a mosca supporter. and, adopting the style of mr. mosca himself, it is a heresay statement attributed to a person who may or may not exist. wonderful.

    if nothing else, the mosca supporter's post demonstrates that the respectful tone of our public debate will return only when mr. mosca, his personal demons, and constant drama leave the scene. what is perhaps most sad is that none of his co-candidates and supporters - many of whom are great people - could pull him aside and ask him to back walk his latest outburst, which goes far beyond the relatively harmless nature of his prior outbursts ("get a life," etc.).

    we have big issues facing us. stonehouse, blight, controlled and responsible development. we don't have the time or the energy to deal with mr. mosca's carival act. to restore civility to the town i urge you all to vote for our friends and neighbors Don Watts, Pat Alcorn and John Crawford.

    Finally, I urge Sir Eric to remove the 10:51 post. We don't need that kind of bile in our public square.

  33. Sir Eric: Please take down the bile filled post that the mosca team posted at 10:51.

    the hearsay recitation of comments supposedly made by an unnamed person who supposedly exists are not worthy of publication. this is true even though the comments advance mosca's opportunistic campaign strategy of calling the neighbors he wants to represent a bunch of bigots. mosca has truly reached the last refuge of the scoundrel.

  34. If SM was as homophobic as Joe would have the world at large believe, he would never have been elected in the first place four years ago. His campaign would have failed at the outset. He's just a whiny baby grasping at straws to elicit sympathy any way he can. His behavior then and now has nothing to do with his sexual orientation; he knows it and we all know it, but it won't stop him from playing the card. Other gay folks in town should be shunning him for using this tactic...

  35. People in town should be evaluating Joe Mosca for City Council on his record. Joe's record has been exposed. Sierra Madre voters will not vote to re-elect Joe Mosca.

  36. Joe's campaign is desperate. He knows the voters are not pleased with him or his record in office. His campaign is weak, and that is why he has to resort to these horrible tactics.

  37. A vote for Joe: valadates his support for the unsightly 1 Carter, fiasco; The pending destruction of the Stonehouse land; the skiilled nursing facility owners holding the City hostage; the falsification of population projections; a Pasadena / Monrovia type General Plan for Sierra Madre; and of course his "shell game" on what he truly believes. He is like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. You just don't know what your going to get.

  38. pull no more wool over Sierra Madre's eyesApril 2, 2010 at 4:04 PM

    Each bonbon in Forrest Gump's box of chocolates held a delicious surprize--with Mosca you get a sour reminder of what he did after he got elected on his campaign promise of letting the electorate vote on the Downtown Specific Plan. And now you know what a vote for Joe will bring four more years of. You can bet on it. This sour taste in your mouth will be eliminated by your vote for Alcorn, Crawford and Watts.

  39. Wow. Talk about a rabbit caught in the head-lights!

    (and Radiohead fans out there?)

  40. Amazing; how does a story about a cop in a rabbit suit end up as another grand bashing of Joe Mosca? Again....SIMPLY DON'T VOTE FOR HIM! The hypocrisy of Anonymous 12:46 commenting on the post of Anonymous 10:51 is especially amusing, since they're both hiding their identity (kinda like the pot calling the kettle black). Let's get back to the issue with the cop in the bunny suit. Common sense should give clue to a driver that if someone or something (no matter who or what) is in front of him or her, they need to stop. How would the story read if it was a 8 year old little girl in the rabbit suit who happened to get hit by a driver who was talking on a cell phone?

  41. Walking in a rabbit suit in California should be illegal.

  42. Joe gets bashed here, our guys get bashed in the fish wrappers. It's the political season in Sierra Madre. Don't like it? Don't look.

  43. Now that I think about it, I think all City Council Meetings should be conducted with Councilmembers wearing not just rabbit suits, but other duck, bear, tiger, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, and any other costume along those lines. I think attendance at Council Meetings would be increased; perhaps discourse would be more civil, as well.

  44. 5:24 you're spot on! This blog doesn't sit in rusty racks near public entrances nor is it delivered to door steps.

    If you don't like what you read here, don't look!

  45. Good Lord, don't the Dirts have anyplace of their own to go & share their thoughts?
    The thread can turn into a discussion of joe Mosca and his many failings because he's on the council and...........
    he has many failings.

  46. You're right 5:35. Councilman Mosca keeps the errors coming and there is never a lack of material. His most notable error lately, next to his ridiculously grandiose claims on his mailings, no doubt engineered by someone who knows nothing about Sierra Madre, was his melt down at the last council meeting. A Mosca Melt Down extravaganza.

  47. The tactic from the dark side seems to be avoiding any conversation of Joe's record whatsoever. Here are the approved talking points:

    1) Joe is wonderful.
    2) People who say Joe isn't wonderful are liars.

  48. I have no quarrel with people understanding Joe as being wonderful.
    My quarrel is with the understanding that it is acceptable for a person representing the residents of Sierra Madre on their city council to lie. Joe could very well be wonderful, and great at his job with the Gas Company, or he could have been great at his job as a bankruptcy lawyer.
    He's been a dismal failure as a Sierra Madre councilman. Doesn't'
    t mean he's not wonderful. Just means that it's time for him to find something more suited to his talents.

  49. Why are the dirts running against Mayor MacGillivray?

    Is she on the April 13th ballot?

  50. "Mr. Mosca" is obsessed with Mayor MacGillivray to the point of complete paralysis. It is astonishing just how eaten up with rage he is on the topic.

  51. No POA lawsuit in Glendale, but I did hear the POA started a PAC with a base funding of $100,000 to support their candidate for City Council...some guy named Harrier?

  52. Four way stop at Baldwin/Sierra Madre Blvd. is horrible when there are pedestrians and cars all trying to negotiate that geometry. But my worst experience was as a driver backing out from an angled parking space into the crosswalk just as a pedestrian stepped out behind me! I will never park in that spot again.

  53. Dont vote Moscavich

  54. A really nice story for San Gabriel lovers and Sierra Madre preservationists, heartening in fact.

    From Daily Kos:

    Good news from the Fish and Wildlife service.

    March 31, 2010 -- A rare photograph taken earlier this month of a Florida panther and her two kittens is making the e-mail rounds among wildlife biologists and conservation partners who have toiled for decades to restore the big cat’s habitat.

    The photo, taken from an airplane above Picayune Strand near Naples, captures the trailing kitten mid-leap, as if euphorically kicking up her heels in delight.

    For those who have witnessed the shrinking of the panther’s historic range – now down to five percent of its original size – the snapshot is as sweet as January’s high-profile visit from Washington VIPs for a groundbreaking ceremony at the Strand. It’s proof positive that restoring this part of the Everglades is good for Florida’s iconic animal.

    Picayune Strand, a 55,000-acre chunk of the Everglades, was drained and partially developed decades ago to build a subdivision. The development failed, and over the years the state and federal governments spent $150 million to purchase the land lot by lot. State and federal biologists consider the Picayune Strand an essential piece of remaining panther habitat, connecting other public lands that include the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, Everglades National Park and Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park. Since the early 1990s, when the Florida panther was on the brink of extinction, the population in the wild is still less than 100, according to the latest estimates from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service).

  55. 6:54
    The last animal to go extinct will be human. He is destroying his own habitat.