Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Next Logical Step In The Car Wars?

You really have to wonder how far Sacramento is willing to go to get people out of their cars. With the almost entire blame being placed on automobiles as the villains in the purported global warming fight, you'd think the most logical way to curb the use of these greenhouse gas producing modes of personal transportation would be to severely restrict or even outlaw their use altogether. But as we still live in what is at least something of a democracy, that would most likely lead to the kind of problem many politicians find the most truly devastating of all. Getting voted out of office.

So instead we have been blessed with some other methods to world salvation as enacted by the central planning apparatus in Sacramento. The effects of which will soon be felt in places like Sierra Madre. Unfunded development mandates being the most prevalent form these are likely to take.

But even in Sacramento they sometimes let the truth slip out, and in the process put big gaping holes right in the middle of their most carefully designed marketing campaigns. Here is how the California Planning & Development Report reported such a bean spillage:

Should California Restrict Driving In Order To Cut Greenhouse Emissions? Here's the thing nobody is quite willing to say out loud about implementing California's climate change law in the land use arena: The state may have to place an overall cap on vehicle miles traveled (VMT), even as it must accommodate more growth.

Kind of an interesting scenario. Limiting VMT would probably require some fairly unpopular regulations and law enforcement. And I guess that if somebody exceeds their weekly VMT allotment, they'd be in a lot of trouble. It doesn't take too much creativity to imagine VMT inspection stops, or maybe even on-board car computers that would alert the authorities to when an owner has just driven past their permitted mileage numbers. The penalties could be assessed in fines, with perhaps repeat offenders facing the loss of their right to drive a car altogether? You just know people would love that kind of action.

... at (the) UCLA Extension's Annual land Use Law and Planning Conference, keynote speaker Anthony Eggert, senior policy advisor at the California Air Resources Board (CARB), issued what amounted to a plea for help from the 400 land use practitioners gathered in the room ... He acknowledged that it's unlikely that the state will hit the greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets contained in AB 32, the state's climate change bill, without attacking the question of VMT. Like everybody else who's addressed the question in public, Eggerts stopped short of saying that VMT will have to be capped and/or reduced in order to meet the AB 32 target.

So I guess we need to untangle this a little. Despite the many disruptions predicted by the implementation of AB 32, which include anticipated job and business revenue losses in some pretty noticeable figures, it still won't be enough to get California to the greenhouse gas emission levels deemed healthy for the environment? Now Eggerts didn't come right out an say it, but the insinuation was pretty clear. Unless you restrict automobile driving, all the rest of the Sacramento initiated "global warming solutions" won't get the job done.

Which does make AB 32 and SB 375 seem a bit superfluous. If limiting the use of internal combustion powered cars is the only real way of curbing greenhouse gases, why even bother with those two intrusive state laws? It is almost like they were passed because restricting use of what they feel is the real culprit here, automobiles, is the kind of politically toxic solution our elected officials would never dare to touch. That and both of these laws could make a lot of money for interests Sacramento favors, of course.

Bonus Coverage: Bill Coburn remains extremely upset with some of those posting comments on this site. So much so that this time he has actually transformed his cluttered site into The Tattler. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery I guess, even if it's just for April Fool's Day. Now considering the nature of the unpleasant things Bill published on his site about Nancy Shollenberger and MaryAnn MacGillivray during the 2008 elections, my sympathy level for this gentleman's umbrage remains low. What's good for the goose, as they say.

However, he does have a point. Bill never did comment about the length of time the speakers at the most recent City Council meeting were permitted to discuss Joe Mosca's failure to keep his 2006 promise to the voters on the DSP vote, or his pursuit of a national political party endorsement for our nonpartisan local election, among other things. The fallacious claim that Mayor MacGillivray allowed those particular individual speakers to go on "for 15 minutes" (when the actual timed length was less than a third of that) belongs to the veracity challenged Susan Henderson, whose barking mad Mountain Views News has occasionally been graced by Mr. Coburn's contributions. That Bill sees no problem writing for a paper as truth deficient as that one, while at the same time vociferously (and repeatedly) chastising a few of the people posting comments on this blog, does seem both message divergent and obsessive.

But please, don't confuse Susan's baloney with Bill's opinions. He obviously doesn't like that. Would you?


  1. OMG! Is that a 1959 Plymouth? I had one of those! Push button transmission, just faster than bat****. A gift from my in-laws to transport their grandchildren! Mini vans are so gauche (although, I admit much safer). Ah, the era of the muscle cars may be over but fort some of us, not forgotten.

  2. So 12 days before the election we are finally seeing the campaign strategies of Mosca, Moron and Walsh? Coburn and Henderson? A hack photographer? No wonder Ahlswede wants to disassociate himself from Josh! It's truly said. Even sadder is that their are voters in Sierra Madre who are buying into the blah blah those three are gushing like fire hydrants sheared off in a car wreck. I suppose that's about the status of their push for the dais - car wrecks.

    Read the statements of Alcorn, Crawford and Watts! Residents who believe in the sustainability of Sierra Madre, who support growth consistent with vital resources, and who are dedicated to protecting us from the predations of Regionalist politicians and local hucksters.

    Vote on April 13th for Pat, John and Don, who have all of our interests in their hearts.

  3. I think part of Bill's problem is that he has realized what an utter lack of influence he is having this election. I can't imagine what stunt he has planned next. Running naked down Baldwin with "Vote for Joe, he's neat!" stenciled on his behind?

  4. April Fool back at you Bill CoburnApril 1, 2010 at 7:26 AM

    I'm accurately quoted on Mr. Coburn's April Fool's Day spoof as are several of my fellow Tattler posters and I STAND BY by my statement.

  5. The Mosca/Moran,/Whatsername drama campaign continues. Have you ever seen such hysteria?

  6. Why has Bill shut down his comments blog? I can't find it anywhere. Maybe he didn't like the opinions that were being posted, so he took his ball and went home?

  7. He shut it down because that's where the posts he's disclaiming are, that's why.

    It's not the SMNN and the MVN that are running the Moscateer's campaign, it's the Chamber of Commerce!

  8. Not an April Fool's jokeApril 1, 2010 at 7:59 AM

    The Land Planning Conference is almost *comical* to read about, since the GHG emission regulation is being placed completely on the back of commuter drivers (not the truck and shipping that contributes the most to the basin's pollution) and omits the far greater impact of development and construction as well as the traffic the extra square footage generates.

    They're panicking, squiggling and squirming because they've been trapped by their own machinations, i.e., using traffic as their only means of cutting GHG's to avoid hitting the building industry with any restrictions.

    Hoist by their own petard!

  9. The Chamber of Commerce is running the Moscateer campaign? Good Lord! Does that mean the city is going to have to pay the bills?

  10. Re: restricting driving -- Singapore, which is an island, city, state and country all rolled into one, has severe restrictions on buying cars, and driving. Cars are sold by lottery, (only a certain number can be sold each year)and only taxi's are allowed in the downtown area...and they have to pay more to the State for the privilage, and charge more to the customer. It isn't uncommon for a taxi to drop you off outside the restricted area to avoid paying the tax. Is that what the mass transit people are striving for in California?

  11. I doubt people of California will ever consent to giving up driving their cars.

    Perhaps, if they keep improving public transportation in the big cities, people will just evolve into using it instead of fighting traffic. Some have.

    What I don't like and most people don't like is our big incompetent and broke government in Sacramento telling us what we have to do and keep charging us more and more and more taxes to pay for their incompetent programs, most of which only benefit big development and big pork projects, no matter how insane they actually are.

    And of course groups like SCAG demanding dumb RHNA numbers for a little town like Sierra Madre, to the extent, our Mayor MacGillivray and our Mayor Pro-tem Don Watts had to start attending meetings, refusing to pay our "fee" to SCAG of $1000. MaryAnn held out, and went to meetings, calling them out on their unfair numbers until she got a much more realistic request from them.

    Good on Don and MaryAnn. They did in a few short months what Mosca could never find time or motivation to do. Oh yeah, he only went to 2 meetings in all that time.

    Shame on Joe Mosca for not representing our best interest....hello, Mosca? That's why we voted for you, oh lied to us, or we wouldn't have voted for you. We won't make the same mistake again.

  12. In Singapore they also flog people for chewing gum. They're a bit strict there.

  13. Bill Coburn in an article endorsing Joe Mosca for City Council writes that Mosca:

    "Didn’t decide not to put the DSP to a vote of the people, he in fact prepared a resolution that called for greater community input in the DSP process, and put in place a timeline for completion of the DSP, eventually putting it on the ballot for voter approval. That resolution was passed by the City Council. But his detractors conveniently forget that, because he didn’t vote to put the issue on the ballot per the time schedule they wanted, in the manner they wanted it on the ballot. Kind of reminds me of the kid in the neighborhood that takes the ball home, ending the game, if the rest of the team doesn’t play the game by his rules. And after all, why let the truth get in the way?"

    Yes, Bill why let the truth get in the way?

    Joe Mosca promised me and many other voters that when he was elected he would put the DSP on the ballot giving the voters an opportunity to approve or reject it. He did not promise, as your misleading article neglects to mention, that the voters would be "surveyed" with an advisory vote that the Council including Mosca could choose to reject.

    Of course, you know that already Bill.

  14. Yo Bill Coburn, Zimmerman moved to put the DSP on the ballot after it's completion. Why was that timeline "problematic" as your article states?

  15. Did you read the one where Bill claims that Joe didn't politicize the nonpartisan Sierra Madre election by chasing the LA Dem endorsement, but the people who talked about it did? The reasoning being that if people didn't talk about it, nobody would have known?

    You can only wonder what they put in his Kool Aid.

  16. In Pasadena new developments are required to restrict the number of parking places that are allowed per unit to one car. That is probably another reason so many units are empty.

  17. No parking? No Pasadena. I will only spend my money where I can park.

  18. "In Singapore they also flog people for chewing gum"
    ever step in a big wad of gum that some low life spit on the sidewalk? Hooray for Singapore.

  19. Bill Coburn also claims that the Republicans support Joe Mosca. LOL.

    Who would that be Bill? You?

  20. I guess that would make Joe a donklephant.

    Or would that be an elephakey?

  21. Yes, a donklephant by any other name is still an elephakey.

  22. You know, I've heard some complaints about this site, but when you come here it really is amusing. On this side of the street the humorlessness you find elsewhere doesn't seem to be a problem.

  23. sorry Bill, when I think of you, I put you in the same foggy misguied and pompous light as the higher power...Susan Henderson

    peas in a pod

  24. sure Bill, whatever you say...yawn....April 1, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    obviously, Bill has never had the benefit of a real editor reviewing his writing

    the dude goes on and on and really never makes a point and when he does, it's hidden deep inside the meandering wanderings of gooblygook disguised as "journalism"

    all Bill is doing is rationalizing his "opinion", that and $ 4.74 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks

  25. NEWSFLASH.....

    Bill Coburn's website is up to 35 hits this month...14 by Bill though

    remember how that looney Beth Buck used to claim that her website had over a million hits in a month?

    Bill = Susan = Beth Buck

  26. Perhaps Bill and Susan are what's wrong with the Chamber of Commerce... why it can't help Sierra Madre businesses be more profitable and why the CofC can't attract new businesses to Sierra Madre. After all isn't that their purview? Instead they use the Chamber's members as ready made sources of revenue for their respective advertising schemes.

    Shame on you Bill and Susan, and your full page ads that charge the Chamber outrageous amounts of money and don't come out on time.

  27. My, that IS a cozy little relationship.

  28. lol Bill, you take down your "business" site and wage a personal attack

    still, u don't justify your irrational selections for Council and how you, as Chamber President, support a candidate (Josh Moran) who has advocated a boycott of Sierra Madre businesses, for that, Bill you should resign or at least have your head examined. in the real world, you'd be fired for such poor judgement

    no April's Fools pranks on this side of the table, just fed up with Henderson and Coburn's media that was a joke...some empire

  29. has Susan Henderson had a distemper shot yet?

    maybe she should define "fraud" in her next column, heaven knows, she's got alot of personal perspective on the issue

    woman has become kookoo for cocoa puffs and paranoid about everyone being out to get her

  30. As a former President of the Chamber of Commerce, Bill Coburn should be ashamed of himself for endorsing a candidate, who called for the boycott of Sierra Madre's businesses.

  31. Wasn't Karma Bell president of the Chamber of Commerce when she ran her dirty campaign against Nancy Shollenberger? And wasn't/isn't she a part of Bart Doyle's Tital Group that was trying to get money for the El Monte Transit Village when it's members were caught allegedly embezzling money?

    What about the Cumquat wannabe that tried to revive that blog but was found out by the Tattler? Wasn't he a Chamber member?

    So, is the Chamber the nursery for scam artists?

  32. If you get an unsolicited yard sign from Walsh, Mosca, or Moran simply re-cycle it.

  33. Some of the Mosca signs showing up this week appear to be old ones. The date is crossed out with a magic marker. Is he out of dough?

  34. 11:36, it's all part of his "poor me" green recycle reuse campaign.

    Let's give him the boot instead!

    No more Joe!

  35. This has the look of an April 1st hijinks so that the Moskateers can claim foul electioneering!

    Remember! Watts, Alcorn, Crawford signs are put up with the homeowners' permission and knowledge in their yards.

  36. Yep, Joe's signs are re-cycled from 2006.
    I just went and looked at one.
    11:36 is correct. Date marked out.

    I'm voting for the winners, John and Don and Pat!

    These dirts are phony.

  37. I have noticed that many Mosca and Moran signs are in front of empty homes. Do ghosts vote?

  38. Realtor's rental houses, empty houses, homes and homes of close friends with downtown investors such as Kathy Childs. These will all be touting Mosca, Moron and Walsh.

    Honest people who want to preserve Sierra Madre and protect their property rights from eminent domain will be voting YES on MEASURE ED and they will be marking their ballots for the three open spots with CRAWFORD, ALCORN and WATTS.

    Many of these Sierra Madre patriots will be proudly displaying the yard signs of CRAWFORD, ALCORN and WATTS in addition to going to the polls or filling out their absentee ballots .

    These are your neighbors that will save this town from the destructive Bart Doyle years and the current obstuctionist lobbyist, Joe Mosca and realtor Josh Moran.

    Join them in the good fight for our liberty here in Sierra Madre. The spirits of those who have passed on that now lay rest in Pioneer Cemetery will be proud of you all!

  39. pull no more wool over Sierra Madre's eyesApril 1, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    No, Bill never did comment on the lenght of time any of the four speakers (one man and three women) were at the podium telling their elected city councilman, Joe Mosca, why they would never vote for him again, but Bill did print a letter to the editor of his on-line "news" mistate the facts. So, Bill you did allow this falsehood to be perpetrated in a format that you have control over and it becomes your falsehood, too.

  40. And I thought there was a clairification from the City Manager to our mayor regarding the campaign signs--you CAN put them on the parkway in front of a private residence but with that resident's permission as they have responsibility for the parkway space in front of thieir home. You CANNOT put them on city property. Please, will the sign placers for Moran remove the signs at the entrance to the canyon on Sturtevant--this has been determined to be city property. The police should not have to be called again.

  41. Is it possible that Mr. Coburn, like Mr. Hovesepian, has not watched the illuminating clip Joe Mosca Flip Flop in Four Minutes that Neuroblast has so helpfully posted on you tube?
    Watch for 4 minutes, men, and then let these creative exercises in evasion pass away so we can all deal with the facts.

  42. Mr. H had a great defense for Joe and his no vote on the public right to vote on the dsp. He said that Joe just wanted more time, that's all.

  43. Somebody needs to roll the Neuroblast videotape for 1:45. Blows Hovasapien's
    nonsense out of the water.

  44. "I am in favor of the process which is going to result in a plan we can all embrace."
    Joe speak, from the flipflop clip.
    Has anybody ever transcribed the pure garbage he's spewing there?

  45. 1:51, sorry - I guess the sarcasm was underplayed.
    Let me try again:
    Mr. H had a hysterically funny defense for Mosca, saying that Joe just wanted more time - as if that were in any way relevant to the criticisms directed at Mosca for his perfidy. Mosca himself never said anything during his campaign about needing time, wanting to study, evaluate, whatever. He said he YES to a public vote. Mr. H. thought it was about having time to consider and ponder the best course of action. Mr. H. gives Mosca way too much credit.
    Better 1:51?

  46. My favorite is where he expresses his interest in a "non-binding" vote. Which he follows up with a "you can trust me to abide by that decision" caveat.

    He said he would deliver the vote when he ran, and he didn't do that after he was elected. Don Watts voted to do it, Kurt Zimmerman voted to do it. They kept their promises. But Joe said no.

  47. Best quote from that tape: "There's just a thousand questions"
    His supporters need to explain, since he so clearly will not, how their guy moved from "YES to a public vote" to having a thousand questions???????

  48. Yes, everything is entirely too complicated for you to figure out. That's why we are oh so lucky to have someone like Joe to do all of our thinking for us. We just need to trust Joe, and then go shopping.

  49. I know why there were a thousand questions . . . Joe had absolutely NO idea what Sierra Madre was all about when he dedided to run for city council. It was as if he was saying--hey, folks, I'm pretty much at a loss here.

  50. Joe didn't need any extra time to vote in favor of the MWD connection, the night he was sworn in. He said he got all the information he needed from George Mauer and Tim Brick.

    I guess those were the only 2 people whose opinion mattered to Joe, and one of them never even lived in Sierra Madre.

  51. Connect the dots...George Mauer endorsed Joe on his campaign mailer. Can we deduce that George brought Joe to Sierra Madre to run for City Council or that George is once again being used by Joe Mosca?

  52. Lifelong CanyoniteApril 1, 2010 at 3:16 PM

    I keep hearing that Joe Mosca lied to the citizens of Sierra Madre. What exactly did he lie about? Please be specific.

  53. I would personally like to thank Joe Mosca for single handedly getting the speed limit in front of my house reduced to a safety inducing 15 mph.

    I would also like to thank Mr. Mosca for personally assuring that the super nice city guys who came out to place the new sign put it in a spot that preserved the aesthetics of our view.

    Thanks again Joe for all you do all by your lonesome!

  54. Looks like Chip is back, pretending to be a lifelong canyonite this

  55. Lifelong CanyoniteApril 1, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    Who is Chip? I asked a simple question, and I am still waiting for an actual response with facts.

  56. Buffalo Chip. Smells a lot like you.

  57. 3:16 I love your April Fool comment!

  58. oops i voted for joeApril 1, 2010 at 4:08 PM

    3:29 there are previous Tattler articles and many council speeches from a variety of people that give specifics, word for word, dates, whole video clips....the real question is, why haven't you done the research?

  59. lol lifelong canyonite, nobody calls themselves that unless you were born in the Canyon and lived there everyday of your life

    sounds like the same delusions of the Mosca, Moran crownd, if your throw enough cow mess against the wall, some of it will stick

    still smells though

    and still waiting for a legitmate and concise reason why anybody should vote for Josh Moran or anybody who endores Joe and also endores Mosca, because they are packaged together and Moran, as a realtor, just a couple years ago, he alone advocated and pushed for a economic boycott of Sierra Madre business owners

    regardless of his reason (apparently financial), it still behooves the question, how and why are our self appointed media giants Henderson and Coburn, both on our Chamber of Commerce and yet they endorse candidates that advocate boycotts of our neighbors (Moran) and they both (Mosca, Moran) are tightly focused on repealing Measure V or at least running roughshod over it.

    I'm still waiting Shortterm canyon dweller on you to answer that with actual facts, simple questions about Joe skipping SCAG meetings, Joe taking credit for actions he had a sliver of contribution, Joe ranting on old ladies or Moran clamaring for a boycott of Sierra Madre business.

    Simple facts, care to explain? I'm still waiting....(insert sound effect..sigh..stamping of feet)

    I heard a rumor that Josh's campaign is just an April's Fools prank. If it is, he totally had me. All that decisive ranting about someone else other than Josh being decisive and name calling...was just a joke?

  60. To the poster asking for facts: please give some yourself.
    Hundreds of people heard Joe say he was in favor of a public vote, and then they heard him vote no on the resolution for a public vote.
    What are you having difficulty understanding about that?

  61. I know the handful of people who are lifelong canyon residents. I suspect you are an opportunist attempting to infiltrate the Tattler in order to gain ammunition for Coburn and Henderson's ill conceived Chamber of Commerce game of strategy. As they say in the children's card game, "Go Fish".

  62. The whole "Lifelong" thing confuses me. I mean, its good to lay down roots and all, but to stay in one place since birth and never go out into the world and try anything different? Shows a lack of imagination if you ask me. Better to go out there for a while, sample what the different walks of life have to offer, and then, if none of them work out, come back. Just me 2 cents.

  63. Anyone who has lived in the Sierra Madre Canyon their entire life knows exactly what's going on in town, no matter what side of the political coin they're on.

    That person is clearly a political operative or is being instructed by one. Once again, they have not done their homework and are playing by some boiler-plate, rule book they've used in every campaign since time began.

    I thought we warned those losers that they were going to have to retool if they hoped to have a chance this election.

  64. fair memory skillsApril 1, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    I think the Lifelong Canyonite, posting here, there and everywhere, is someone playing an April Fools joke, just like it's been suggested before.
    I almost recognize the Trollian-Dirtish style to all his or her posts: making false statements as though they were fact, and then asking for information in reaction to those "facts."
    Remember that great Troll picture that the Tattler ran some time ago?
    I do believe we are once again being Trollified.

  65. I agree fair memory skills.
    The troll's point is to get us to respond to malarky, to waste our time and energy exposing smoke and mirrors that have been nicely exposed for quite some time.
    The thread has been diverted into this fog, but just for a bit.

    Anyone know when the next playback of the council, aka One of Joe's Finest Meltdown Moments, will be playing on channel 3?

  66. Somebody had the day off. Could be somebody who lives in the canyon. Wouldn't be the first time trolls have come from that part of town ya know.

  67. I like the trolls. They spice things up. And we seem to jump on 'em pretty quick.

  68. Why are the dirts running their campaign against our beloved Mayor, MaryAnn MacGillivray?

    Are there not 3 candidates running against the worst councilmember since Bart Doyle, Joe Mosca, along with the realtor/whatever carpetbagger/fool Moran, and what is the tap dancer friend of Buchanan/Doyle's name again?

    Let's see, can't find anything negative about Crawford, can't find anything negative about Watts, can't find anything negative about Pat Alcorn, so..........they go after MacGillivray that isn't running??????
    What a piss poor campaign dirts

  69. Ah, ha!!! I was born raised schooled in this fair town. Went to Boston College. Love the East. Just returned 15 years ago. All the brighter and more informed. But, SAW THE DAMAGE DONE TO MY TOWN. Not difficult to see. Have followed the meetings and stayed low but well informed. BELIEVE ME. Mosca, Moran, Doyle, they are all in it for the money.

    Thank you Mr. Crawford for all you do for exposing the truth to everyone in this town.

    Thank you for your clear ans well researched facts.

    The phony canyonite is living in a hole in the canyon and knows that this is a very serious election. Get Mosca out of the CC and elect Alcorn, re-elect Mr. Watts (he has done enormous good for our city), and YES Mr. Crawford, YOU MUST be elected on our City Council.

    Thank you for not allowing Susan and Bill to continue to twist people's minds to believe their scare tactics and indecent lies.

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