Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Pasadena Star News Praises The Tattler

"There is much to be said in favor of modern journalism. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community." - Oscar Wilde

Well, nobody was quite as annoyed as I was by the way this election turned out. Here I'd already picked out a red convertible Ford Skyliner with signature vanity plates (what self-respecting City Councilman would ever ride in a 4th of July parade without vanity plates?), and wouldn't you know it? The voters consigned me to the sidelines with the candy catchers. Life can be funny that way. Except, of course, nobody is allowed to throw candy at parades any more, or squirt water pistols lest they be hauled off for assault of some sort. It has become that kind of world, I suppose. Just sit and wave the little signs the politicians hand out, and then carry your beach chairs back home.

But just when things looked their worst along came the Pasadena Star News to awaken me from my dolorous ruminations. And I don't know if it was out of kindness for my electoral debacle or not, but they really did pay me quite a compliment, referring to The Tattler as being "snarky, funny, (and) eloquent..." They also used another word to describe this humble blog, but since they've yet to phone me to discuss such things, and I never once said anything to deserve so inelegant an appellation, I'm just going to assume they made an unfortunate assumption and let it slide.

Of course, whoever wrote this piece (humility preventing him from putting his name to it, I guess), also attempted to paint me as being a hard right radical. Something my conservative friends will probably find quite humorous. Those Obama signs I had out in my front yard a year or so back, along with that troublesome "No on Prop 8" sign, or the fact that the only conservative I've ever voted for in my life is Sierra Madre's soon to be former Mayor, has been the stuff of gossip - and much laughter - there for months. That they ever accepted me in the first place really was quite an act of kindness on their part. A lot of the folks who support my own ideological persuasion having wandered off into the darkness.

Then there was the time a supporter walked up to me at a coffee, a concerned look on her face, and told me that a group from her church had shown up at her door and told her that she needed to take down my lawn sign because "Crawford supports the gay agenda." They didn't leave many strategies on the table during this race.

Of course, the Star News does have its own agendas. And they support them because, let's face it, like many daily newspapers with one foot in the Chapter 11 grave they really don't have much of a choice in the matter. Editorial independence being something they can no longer afford to practice. And they do know how to earn their keep. Check this out:

Instead radicalism was rejected. Extremely slow growth or no growth was not - that's what the moderates who were elected stand for as well, and that's what's best for Sierra Madre. The election of the sensible hard-working Mosca along with civic volunteers Josh Moran and Nancy Walsh is a victory for common sense. Here's hoping the misplaced mudslinging introduced to town in recent years will fade away.

Now the characterization of soon to be Mayor Mosca as hardworking has got to raise a chuckle amongst the political cognoscenti here in town. After all, wasn't the almost non-existent attendance of our Joe at all those SCAG and SGVCOG meetings we believed he was attending when it was his responsibility to do so a point of light in our lives when it was first revealed on this site? And can we really describe as "slow growth or no growth" persons who fought tooth and nail any attempts to curtail development in this town? To the point of calling upon fellow citizens to boycott businesses not showing a proper vigor in supporting the development cause? In particular the troublesome Downtown Specific Plan that would have brought with it the greatest gout of new development in this town's history, leaving us with Pasadena percentage levels in unsold condominiums?

But I guess we've covered all that before. And if you're looking for a realistic appraisal of our little town's idiosyncratic politics, you'd probably have better luck looking under a rock. The Star News does what it does, and everybody has got to earn a living, I suppose. Nobody should be surprised by anything they read there.

And as far as mudslinging goes, I can only assume that the secret editorialist of the Star News, safely ensconced in his dark palace of blown budgets and rapidly mounting debt, has never had the unfortunate experience of having read The Cumquat, The Mountain View News, or the Sierra Madre Weekly. Because I'm sure so staunch opponent of such impolite forms of scribbling would be loudly condemning just that from his storied pages of editorial indignation as well.

(Of course, there was that front page Star News article praising the pornographic Cumquat a couple of years back, but I guess that was another time. You know, back when they still had subscribers and people cared about what it is they have to say.)

So I guess we should all dummy up about it and get on with our lives. This is the age of regional government, that vast intermeshing of once independent cities into the regimens of the Metropolitan Planning Organizations, folks that want to do for us what we used to do for ourselves, but supposedly is beyond us now. And backed by the might of Sacramento, and even my buddy President Obama, I guess the chances of us stopping all that now are slim and none. It was a glimmering that only lasted for a couple of years, and a final victory never really was within our power. But we dared to dream. Something that ended when the mouse that roared got flattened beneath the wheels of something far bigger than we'd ever known.

Someday we're going to have to figure out exactly what that was.

But does all this mean we should just shut up about it as the Star News suggests? Sit quietly and accept their secondhand version of what "sensible and moderate" is all about? Nah. If there is one thing I got out of this election it is that I own a blog that gets written about in the great bankrupt dailies of this abundantly populated county. And while the notoriety can at times be grating, this is Los Angeles. Fame being the currency that powers the crash cart in our part of the world. So why would I want to give all that up now just because I got fewer votes than Nancy Walsh? I'm not sure I see the logic in that.

Besides, we have work to do. Just because the Moscateers won it all is no reason to go soft on them. After all, this is Sierra Madre, and we do have our traditions. We've always done resistance very well here. And seriously, is there anything left to lose?


  1. Well, I guess you can't keep a good man down


  2. Rick the Sole Right Wing TattlerApril 15, 2010 at 7:11 AM

    Sir Eric, Congratulations on a race run with vigor and integrity. And thank goodness you will continue to serve as the community's single best source of news. News that is based on fact and analysis and open for comment to persons of all political views.

    And while I have vowed to promote a happy and civil community regardless of the outcome of the election, I can't help but take one last shot at the clowns writing at the Star News. Tattlers a bunch of right wingers? Oy.

    Truth be told, I have long suspected you and the equally lefty Mrs. Sir Eric of being the thieves who stole not one, but two McCain-Palin signs from my yard.

  3. RWR - About your lawn signs, it's true. And then they were burned in a sacred liberal rite called "the charring of the tea." The spirits unloosed by that ritual still wander the streets at night.

    But I do like Ron Paul's definition of the Obama administraion as "corporatist" rather than "socialist." I don't know if I completeIy agree, but it is an interesting thought. And I think corporatist actually describes Tuesday's take over in this town quite well. Development is big business, and they now have our little town locked down pretty tight.

  4. Keep Sierra Madre Slow and SustainedApril 15, 2010 at 7:31 AM

    You all 3 fought the great fight. And deserved to win. I am not that sure the others are ready to serve nor knowing what it means. The world of government and politics is a complex and tough one.It is a world for the very wise and very well informed and tough person. Not one for the right wing or the left wing. The middle who can listen well and UNDERSTAND THE NEED OF THE PEOPLE.

    NO ONE will take down this town as evil as they may be. They may have swayed the vote with the "Maryann is mean" but they will not get the hearts of let's go through the process so I can build build build and ruin the charm of your quaint town.

  5. The Moscateers ran a swift boat campaign. The young man does have a cold and ruthless edge about him. Not sure he is going to be very happy to know that his continuing efforts to bring "smart growth" to Sierra Madre will still be covered here.

  6. Greetings Tattlers,
    I will be there, when they open their mouths, because they don't even know what's coming out!
    Neuroblast Films

  7. The Snark-News has a lot of nerve talking about mudslinging. That paper has thrown so much mud around town, there has to be a hidden mud pit in the basement. And they are clearly kissing someone's derriere here, notably "the sensible hard-working" Mosca's. This was hardly a "victory for common sense", this was a victory for mud-slinging sell-outs, including the snark-news. Give 'em hell Tattler, keep us informed! lord knows, what they dish out won't.

  8. Congratulations to all those who won, let us hope they do a great job for us all. Thank you to all who ran for caring enough about their city. Let's all work together.

  9. Sir Eric,

    Keep the faith, keep the opposition honest, and whatever you do, don't let up.
    I voted for you, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how reason and logic lost out to hyperbole and smear.
    I will be very interested to see what the long term results of this city council election will bring to Sierra Madre, hopefully we'll still be able to recognize downtown by the time the next election cycle comes around.

  10. If the past is prologue, then the idea of Mayor Mosca doing a great job for Sierra Madre is naive. He does not work for us, and never has. His real concerns are the big economic interests that stand behind him. We're just a marketing problem.

  11. my prediction is that this council will lead Sierra Madre to the point of having to consider annexing into Pasadena to survive

    I've always considered our Council to be nothing but a Homeowner's Associaton and with this group, the home count (condos) will get larger

    How much you wanna bet that this Council will immediately work to undermine or dismantle Measure V?

    This election was lost when a handful went before the Council to berate Mosca, that was uncalled for and served no purpose. I know of a few that were swayed to the dark side because they thought the speakers were looney.

  12. Star-News is simply propagandizing the SCAG playbook by making any resistance to overdevelopment seem unreasonable, hence futile. Shades of The Borg.

    Sierra Madre is being set up bigtime.

  13. A parking structure may be be in the future for the downtown if the Planning Commission ignores the cumulative effect that will happen if they grant the parking reduction for Dr. Sami, the new owner of the Steamers property, and other new projects. Currently both projects want to have less parking than is required by code. Medical facilities and restaurants have high intensity uses of parking. Our limited public parking and street parking will be adversely impacted if these requests are granted. Sierra Madre has a very low parking ratio compared to surrounding cities. For example Arcadia requires 6 spaces for 1000 sq ft of floor space for medical uses and Sierra Madre requires 3.3 spaces for medical. Reducing onsite parking requirements must not happen. All new projects MUST be required to supply parking to meet their needs.

  14. All the speakers did was to call out Mosca on his broken promises, they have been doing this since he first betrayed them. They called him out on having the Democratic Party to support them in a non-partisan local election.

    Crawford, Alcorn and Watts ran decent hard working campaigns, they spoke the truth.

    Their message was not understood by the complacent Sierra Madre voters. Crawford warned us of the Sacramento plans to develop everything they can under the "green" theme.
    He warned our CEQA rights would vanish. They will.

    Sierra Madre complacent voters believed the lies of Mosca, Moran and Buchanan and Walsh and of course their fearless leader....BART DOYLE and the liar Susan Henderson.

    They believe MacGillivray, Crawford, Watts and Alcorn would do away with our local police, do away with our volunteer fire department.....MESSAGE......people of Sierra Madre won't be PROTECTED.

    This was easier for the misinformed public to understand.

    Well, people of Sierra Madre, you will get what you deserve.

    Don't come back and blame Crawford or MacGillivray, Watts or Alcorn or their supporters.

    We are now under the leadership of the Building Industry Association and the California Association of Realtors and Sacratmento crooks.


    People of Sierra Madre have been duped.
    They will now pay the price.

  15. "Like a rubber neck giriffe, you look into my past, but baby, you are just too blind to see ..Leon RussellApril 15, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    Sir Eric John of the Crawford;

    What you said above, Ditto annnnnd my favorite quote from the blue book..

    (2096.8) 196:3.32 Some men’s lives are too great and noble to descend to the low level of being merely successful. The animal must adapt itself to the environment, but the religious man transcends his environment and in this way escapes the limitations of the present material world through this insight of divine love. This concept of love generates in the soul of man that superanimal effort to find truth, beauty, and goodness; and when he does find them, he is glorified in their embrace; he is consumed with the desire to live them, to do righteousness.

    Some mens, lives, family, friends, tattlers.. are too noble..

  16. Crawford? Your calling is to write this blog. Don't you ever give that up. The papers hate you for it because they know just how shoddy and dishonest it makes them look. That alone makes all of your work worth it.

  17. People of Sierra Madre have voted like the sheep they are. The same sheep who voted in our State Legislature, Our Governor, our Senators and our current President.

    Democracy always fails after about 250 years.
    The sheep get lazy, vote in too many freebies to themselves and the government collapses.

  18. Thanks for your post.

    Crawford almost broke our hearts yesterday when we pulled up the Spring Renovation Tattler with the caption.....THE ALAMO HAS FALLEN.

    Yes, Crawford, it did. However Texas is still sovereign and free, so it was worth the effort.

  19. The papers here are corrupt. They
    can't die fast enough as far as I'm

  20. Who is Dr Sami, and what plans does he have for the steamers location?

  21. In many ways you have more power not being an elected official. You can play by a different set of rules.

  22. Dr Sami owns the medical offices on the north side of Sierra Madre Blvd. He is planning to add 7000 sq ft and parking to his current building. He is required to add 30 parking spaces. He wants to add only 20 and use 10 street/public spaces for his project. He has NOTHING to do with the Steamers site. The Steamers property has new and different owners. They also want to have less parking than required.

    There is a huge sign on Dr. Sami's property describing his project. It conforms to Measure V standards which is good. The parking is the problem.

  23. Dear John, Since the three winners were so close in number of votes it is probably indicative of an organized effort of four interest groups voting as instructed or in self interest. Real Estate, Developers, Church, and Civic Club types voted as a block. To select two mediocre and one demonstrated chameleon candidate to define the direction of Sierra Madre bodes for fertile ground for the future of the "Tattler".
    Rather than on a "policy basis" the battles will be fought one at a time on development and financial issues. From the awakening going on around us (Arcadia, Diamond Bar, El Monte, and now Pasadena) I suspect the war is just begining. You and the Tattler were just a little ahead of the curve.

    The battle may have been lost but the war is just starting. Maybe soon the Tattler should organize a fund to finance the study of development plans and pursue legal challenges.
    You can bet there will be a plethora of opportunities.

  24. Buchanan with the help of a political consulatant hand picked Moran and Walsh because of the potential groups to which they would appeal. They were also picked because they would be easy to handle and manipulate. Mrs. Walsh showed how easy she can be manipulated when she spoke at the council meeting and tried to repeat John's words from the meeting before.

  25. John, Thank you for being who you are...the much needed opportunities to inform the citizens of Sierra Madre are now available to you without the restrictions of being part of city government and any conflict of interests to continue with the Tattler. You alone are in a unique position to provide leadership and honesty. I may not always like the tactics suggested by some bloggers...but all voices need to be heard. We have a great challenge to preserve our village style community while innovating creatively to support continued success for our oasis. Thank you and good luck to all.

  26. I would say that when the whole thing craters at least you won't have any of it on your hands. Keep up the resistance--it has to be done. And as the thing unfolds, the pendulum will swing. The question is: Will it be too late to undo the harm? Only time will tell and it's out of our hands now . . .

  27. Oh Come on.....Wake up!

  28. You guys ran too many alt/prog candidates and split your constituency. Split it bad. Hence no voice on council. The one guy should have won. The blogger guy. Note to blogger guy: Get an editor to pencil your posts to like half size they are now. Or less. This will work for you. What you are doing now will not.

    You split your own vote. Don't do that.

  29. I find it distressing that the DIRTS ran on a "civility platform" when they maligned Councilmen Watts and Zimmerman as well as their supporters like Ms Angus and the Dunns on the Downtown Dirt website and on the Cumquat website.

    I also recall just how divisive the City Council was and how poorly it treated Kurt Zimmerman when he was in the minority. Case in point, the majority attempted unsuccessfully to stop Councilman Zimmerman from even agendizing matters he considered important.

    However, I don't recall Zimmerman ever playing the victim card.

  30. I just read Terry Miller's article about election night. It's his usual "poetic license." I was near Zimmerman that night. He didn't leave with his head hanging low. (Come on have you ever seen Kurt with his head hanging low?). And, considering the candidates he endorsed lost, he was in pretty good spirits.

  31. Was Terry Miller even in the Council Chambers during the election?

    Also, he refers to certain "anonymous supporters of Crawford." if they're anonymous, how does he know which candidate they support?

  32. Josh and Nancy are seat warmers. John and Joe will script everything out for them. Don't expect much in the way of sponteneity.

  33. A little bird gave me some insight into the Leung situation, poised as a question, Have you considered how much money Leung owes the chinese? My reply was no I only thought about how much he owes the city.

    I saw Bart Doyle endorsing a school bill for millions, to help the little children?

    BIA used to mean Bureau of Indian Affairs

  34. The responsibility for the outcome of this election rests in the hands of the non-voting majority of the registered voters.

  35. The good times in Mayberry lulled the
    happy citizens into a state of blissful
    complacency. Wait'll they see what our
    new city council has planned for them.

  36. The slow growth advocates have had control for 2 years out of the last 20.

  37. Terry Miller, now there's a giant in the puny world os psuedo journalism

  38. Terry reminds me a bit of the old TV ad from the 70s where they compare the human brain to a frying egg.

  39. Tuesday April 13, Henderson delivered the April 3 edition of the MVN to my driveway. Never got the famous election edition.

  40. The Tattler Board hasn't cooled off at all, I like that! Real informative, interesting to read. Star-News was right about that part.

  41. April 15, 2010 4:07 PM...

    Very Interesting.......

    But Not Funny!

  42. 12:57 if you could get the name of the consultant, it would be great to verify and
    show how the election process has become so manipulated.

  43. About being divisive/rude/mean: the hustle on this is incredible in the true meaning of the word: not to be believed.
    The Downtown Investors Club wanted to remake Sierra Madre - go to the library and look at a copy of the Downtown Specific Plan if you have any doubts about the veracity of that description of their intention. The pro-development faction wanted more homes in the hillsides - go and look at the scar known as One Carter/Stonegate/Utter Shame at what used to be the top of Baldwin if you have any doubt about the veracity of that statement.
    The Downtown Investment Club and their ragtag followers of society wannabes Dirts had and have plans to maximize the potential of Sierra Madre in ways that are NOT connected to slow growth. They will "Save Sierra Madre through Development," "reasonable," "smart" development, "green" development - and we've all come to realize that the only green left in green development is what can be found in the pockets of the hustlers.
    The pro-development faction that now controls the city expects us to complacently follow their desires to fully surrender to the 'wholly ignominious' (thanks for that precise description Shirley Moore) mandates out of Sacramento. They could very well sell us out for good, and they would like us to be cicil about it.
    When we said and say No to the Downtown Investors Club plans, we are accused of being divisive, rude and mean. This is a vulgar comparison, but apt: when a rapist wants to use your body, are you being divisive, rude and mean when you say NO?

  44. When you have factual untruths, or rather, intentional lies, PLANTED strategically in the local print media you have a pretty damnable situation. When the winners take the oath of office you will see two more scoundrels seated there with Joe and John.

  45. The old Cumquat Goon Squad is back in power. This is how they operate. In secret and shoulder deep in merde.

  46. Mad Miller drops the word civility in the Sierra Madre Weekly, all the while howling like the dog that ate the drano. Buffoon.

  47. This election b(r)ought (to you) by the real estate industry. First representative through the door the night the vote went to the industry--a local member followed shortly by an Arcadia associate. Too clear, too late!

  48. Right Wing Rick? You are oh-so-wrong about being the sole right wing tattler!
    We are truly a mixture of every political persuasion you can imagine - and if I had to take a guess? More right than left. Though there are a few anarchists - so maybe the anarchists count double.
    Love your posts,
    ex-Republican, ex-Libertarian, ex-Democrat

  49. You really think they will follow
    the Brown Act?
    I don't.

  50. "Civility" we know in some cases is the last refuge of villany and deceit. Enjoy your makeover. It won't last. And, Bart Doyle - now there's a name we didn't hear a lot about during the campaign. Why the chubby little tyke has been working on his projects since he left El Monte. Keep your eyes open boys and girls.

  51. Thanks John,
    I was worried about you, thought you had given up. I should know better.
    I do not know of anything I could say to you that would make you feel better except to say (and I know I am not alone in this) how Devastated I feel that we lost the election But how grateful I am that you even ran for this seat and that I truly appreciate how hard you worked on your campaign.
    I really believe by seeing how the votes came in that the other sides smear campaign just hasn't stopped since Measure V.
    This feels like a David and Goliath scenario, they have been planting seeds for a very long time. They are relentless magicians whom with slight of tounge and with the special interest groups, big bucks and professional guidance, they have done an amazing job totally confusing the sleepy citizens of this town with Who is Who and What means What.
    Well I guess they soon will learn.
    Just want to say Thanks to you, Don Watts and Pat Alcorn for being Brave enough to put yourselves out there for the likes of us who really do care for the future of this town.
    Cheers to you all!!!

  52. No one slings mud like the Dirts. They sling it, get a "Hey knock that off" and run to whatever press they can get to listen to them about the mud slinging THAT THEY ARE THE CREATORS OF IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  53. Thanks Mr Crawford.
    Back & with Wittgenstein no less.

  54. 12:01 pm

    I really liked your comment!

    I'm so happy John Crawford will continue to keep the board up. He can be a big influence in the coming fight against Sacramento.
    We have some brilliant people who post on this blog.
    I sure hope Laurie Barlow and others will continue to make contributions.

    While our message obviously didn't resonate with the low calibrating, low intellect masses who fell for the lies of Mosca, Moran and company, it did resonate with intelligent thinking people.
    While you're in the minority in Sierra Madre, you can still make a difference. Contribute your posts to this board.
    We can and will make a difference.
    Truth will eventually prevail over falsehood if all people of integrity stand up and be counted.

    And poster, sure are included in the group of intelligent folks who post here.
    Your comment today chilled me to the was so true.

    Thanks Crawford, you are a real man. As classy in defeat as you are humble in success.

  55. Sierra Madre business ownerApril 15, 2010 at 7:18 PM

    Love the post Old K.

  56. 6:06, got the first part, but are you saying three people went to industry hills now pacific palms or industry the city, when you say representative, through the door are you talking council person, ? What particular real estate industry, Okay I know Arcadia, are you talking about the big group? Are you taking Wuo?

  57. Only two years, guys...and someone else will need to step forward....

    John have worked hard and we thank you for your efforts! We love Sierra Madre, too!

  58. Curious dirt at 7:32

    You know exactly what that poster means.
    The Real Estate industry and the developers bought this election.
    But hey, that's the business they are in.
    The real tragedy was the dummies who shouldn't even be casting votes in Sierra Madre, they are either senile, drunks, tramps or deviants, better known as dirts, they did a good job of running a dirty lying stelth campaign.
    We caught it too late.

  59. Huh! And here I thought this blog was shut down. That's
    what I get for believing Terry Miller.

  60. poster 8:51 -

    Yes, we lost the election...but can we refrain from labeling fellow Sierra Madreans as all the things you did? Dirts works just fine. Leave the other stuff lowers only yourself to a level you don't need to be at.


  61. 8:51, Please, I am asking exactly for the names,
    the post was written in broken code, You didn't catch it too late, where is your MIPS? Have you no faith? It isn't over, and if Mr. Crawford chooses to run again in two years, or all of a sudden the newspapers video of the day Features, Mosca, Moran, Walsh, and Buchanan in handcuffs, all saying "We were Patsys", you are gonna be sorry you are scolding me, it is never too late, silly

  62. Mr. Crawford...

    This is great news, I suspect working within the political bureaucracy would have driven you nuts. You seem to be driven by integrity, honesty, candor and a passion for issues facing your community....traits often not well suited to politics.

    I hope you re-consider your commitment to the Democratic Party after getting a first hand insight into how they operate during this election......not to say the other party is any better.

    Keep up the blog and trying to get the facts out to the public. Consider making political reform a passion, god knows we need folks like you to help spearhead a change.

  63. Disappointed John did not win. But for different reasons than most detailed here. Had he won John would have been forced out of the armchair quarterbacking business and poised to stand squarely as a council member out in front of the bulls eye. And, rest assured, at some point a percentage of the less than civil anonymous army populating this blog would have found something upon which to malign Councilman Crawford. John is a good guy and the runaway freight train of negativity called "the Tattler" catapulted him down the path of unelectability.

    Had this blog not been quite so venemous, I suspect John might have won. Can't deny the Crawford, Alcorn and Watts consortium had a lock on the cellar notwithstanding Mr. Tice.

  64. Friends in Low PlacesApril 16, 2010 at 9:15 AM

    10:50, Let me illustrate free range commenting,
    Armchair quarterbacking business, This blog is not a business, and that is a term a jock would use.
    Stand Squarely, Mason? If he would have been elected as a council member, out in front of the bulls eye? Shooter. Less than Civil, well that is the newly taught hook word, the backers of the other three used and preached to high heaven, in the salons where bart doyle nibbles on cookies and tea. malign CouncilManCrawford, hum a sitting councilman? I agree Joh is a good guy. Runaway freight train of negativity, not true about the tattler writings, now the commentors can get a bit salt of the earthy, with a lot of savor, but that is the commentors, not the great mind of the editor of the blog. Aw Contrar, to the unelectability,
    of John Crawford. I agree that he could be elected and could in the future be elected had he run on his own right. I watched the debates and forums, and John Crawford, was far and above the best, I winced because I knew the Pelosi likeness, of Ms Walsh, would appear more efficient than Ms Alcorns quieter demeanor.

    But a venomous blog? Nah, Yours and another one the other day before the election, The Nasty.. reference, are two of the most damning to the reputation of this blog, I have seen in over a year, But then everybody is entitled to their opinion. It is a wondrous thing this blog. World Peace through Better Blogging,
    I say blog it if you got it. Next

  65. Of course, we will never know who left those posts about our fine and upstanding firemen. But if we could, and it turned out to be a political ally of, let's say, Joe Mosca, who you be surprised?

  66. ing minds,

    Who runs the firemens website? Perhaps Rooster Coburn? A Union rep?