Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Reorganization

"Civility is a tactic, not an issue." - MaryAnn MacGillivray

Public comments kicked it off. De Alcorn stood up for MaryAnn MacGillivray by reading into the record some information that was first published here on this site. The charge that MaryAnn had turned her back on the people of Sierra Madre during the 1991 earthquake, published apparently with no corroborative investigation by the Sierra Madre Weekly, was soundly refuted. The letter that was the work of a number of people, some listed on this site as signatories, along with a letter written by former Sierra Madre Fire Chief Ed Tracy, pretty much sealed the deal on the canards published by the Weekly.

De Alcorn was followed by the editor of the Sierra Madre Weekly, John Stephens. Now believe it or not John and I used to talk to one another quite frequently when I was writing for his paper. He often asked for my opinion on Sierra Madre matters, and I was always glad to answer his questions. So when he stood in front of the Sierra Madre City Council and claimed that he had repeatedly asked The Tattler for the author's name of the letter we published here, I was puzzled. I had received no phone calls, though of course John Stephens does have my phone number. Nor did I receive any e-mails, though the address of this site is plainly visible. We did get a few anonymous posts demanding to know who wrote it, but they came off as oddly confrontational and they weren't cleared. It is ironic that Mr. Stephens, who proclaimed himself offended by what he called the anonymity of that letter, and made quite a big deal about it, apparently chose only to communicate with us through anonymously placed blog comments.

Now Mr. Stephens attempted to obviate the effects of Father Bamberger's unfortunate and false comments about MaryAnn's role in the 1991 earthquake. And he even went to the Sierra Madre Library in an attempt to find evidence proving that perhaps those comments had some merit. But what he found there caused him to regretfully admit that Bamberger's remarks were incorrect. What is sad is that had Mr. Stephens done that kind of editorial legwork before he published remarks that have obviously proven to be an embarrassment to both him and his paper (along with Bamberger I might add), this incident would never have occurred. But John didn't, and the result is that he had to come to Sierra Madre and defend the paper his lack of professionalism caused so much harm.

Mountain Views News columnist Hail Hamilton, who will now and forever be known on this site as the "honorary posterboy for the new civility," delivered what was, in the opinion of many of those I've spoken with this evening, perhaps the most venomous and strange speech ever issued from our City Council podium. References to the Mayor as "the wicked witch," and those whose opinions he does not agree with as "winged monkey goons," were so bizarre and over the top that when his ranting finally ended there were nothing but gasps of disbelief in the room. Even those who profess to dislike MaryAnn seemed like they couldn't quite deal with what they'd just heard. When the meeting was over Hail was observed practically running from the building and out into the night, with people getting out of his way as fast as they could. Letting the crazy train go by, as it were.

Thankfully people such as Fay Angus, Chris Bertrand, and Carol Parker all stepped up to the podium and delivered statements that brought relief and calm to many of the assembled. Fay was particularly gracious in presenting MaryAnn with a huge bouquet of flowers, with gifts for both Don Watts and Kurt Zimmerman.

The mystery guest of the evening will have to be known here as "The Man from Carlsbad." This gent, apparently a recent initiate into the world of lawyerdom, and at the heroic age of 61, seemed to have some kind of a problem with people speaking during public comment. In his democracy-challenged view the residents of our town should be severely curtailed in their rights to express their opinions from the podium, with only duly designated officials being allowed to speak at any length. And he'd come a long way from home to say just that. Whether this was an oddly random occurrence, or a clumsy attempt at working towards establishing a new regimen in City Council meeting discipline, remains to be seen.

Awards were presented to our departing Councilmen, and speeches were given. Don Watts delivered a sincere speech on his desire for an easing of tensions here in Sierra Madre, and was well received. Kurt Zimmerman, his puckish wit intact, stated that he had not planned to say anything much. But since the "Man From Carlsbad" had brought up the topic of inappropriately long speeches, he decided he would have to do just that. But, he reassured the faithful, he wouldn't go on for all that long.

Kurt pointed out that much of what the City Council had accomplished in the last couple of years had been the subject of some recent gainsaying in the local weeklies. So he thought he'd take the opportunity to list some of those accomplishments. Here is what Kurt saw as the best his time in office had to offer:

1) The establishment of the Paramedic Program.
2) The ordering of City finances, with audits completed, budgets balanced, and a surplus established.
3) Successfully lobbying for the $3 million dollars that covered the costs of the Santa Anita Fire. And he thanked Congressman David Dreier for his kind assistance in that effort.
4) Capital improvements, especially regarding city water.
5) Administrative and legislative accomplishments. Particularly in the area of our smoking and noise ordinances.
6) Preservation. Resisting the deleterious effects of over-development.
7) Settlements in the 1 Carter and Stonehouse debacles.
8) Measure V. Thanks to this heroic effort Sierra Madre remains a two story town.
9) Sierra Madre's planning ahead for mudslides and associated damage. When disasters struck, the City was ready.
10) The healthy and very American debates that have taken place over the last four years here in town. Big issues have been widely discussed, with the result being a greater awareness, at least amongst the participants. After all, isn't that what democracy is all about? A notion that seems almost quaint considering the suffocating and heavy handed political correctness of our recent election.

Kurt then cited something Bill Coburn had written on his site about the new Council "bringing MaryAnn back into the fold." Kurt took this as the inspiration for what he thought would be a great idea. Why not make MaryAnn the next Mayor Pro Tem? That this idea was so poorly received showed that the unity we've been hearing so much about has clearly defined limits.

Then it fell upon MaryAnn to deliver her last speech as Mayor. She discussed many of the accomplishments Kurt covered, then added a few of her own. The Canyon and General Plan Committees being noble examplars of citizen run democracy in action. And far preferable to the expensive and unsatisfactory consultants that had been so much the rule in the past.

MaryAnn issued a warning to the City about what to look out for over the next few years. SCAG, she declared, is Sacramento's enforcer of unfunded mandates. And regionalism and statism are the biggest threats to Sierra Madre's continued existence as an independent city in control of its own destiny. AB 32 and SB 375 subject us to expensive and arbitarily imposed Sacramento mandates that we are in no condition to accommodate or afford. The central state planners want to tell us whether we should drive a car or take mass transportation, what kind of house we can live in, or how many people we must make room for in our town, even if we do not have the resources or space to do so. "Quislings are everywhere," she said. "So beware."

Joe Mosca took the oath of office, as did the two newly elected members. Joe became the new Mayor by a 4 to 1 vote. John Buchanan became Mayor Pro Tem, also by a 4 to 1 vote. The one dissenting vote was MaryAnn, who told me that she does not want to be in any way responsible for the things that she believes these two individuals will do.

To me it seems obvious that an era has ended. I for one fear that the Sierra Madre we have long known and loved will soon be gone forever. Swallowed up by the massive metropolis, along with its politicians, that until now had always stopped at our city line.

After the meeting a political veteran, now working for one of our state representatives, stood in the lobby looking pensive. Turning to a gentleman who was standing by his side, he was overheard as saying, "This is the lowest it's ever been for Sierra Madre."

Yes, indeed.


  1. A great review of what happened tonight. I think MaryAnn supporters were dignified and restrained. It was hard to listen to Hamilton which was akin to Mosca's melt-down. What was Hamilton thinking? I think it was missed when De Alcorn stated that he had talked to Bamberger before the council meeting tonight and Bamberger confirmed these were his thoughts that were expressed in the Weekley, that the City Council in 1991 messed up. Not just MaryAnn, but the entire City Council. The editor of the Weekley expressed in his communication that it was the excitement of the evening and maybe Bamberger's enthusiasm was "misunderstood". Well, that's not true since Bamberger confirmed that it was exactly what he thought. So much for civility.

  2. I don't know what was worse, the strange words coming out of Hail's mouth, or that dye job he was sporting. He looked like an angry hair salon wig mannequin.

  3. Just the facts, mamApril 28, 2010 at 2:04 AM

    The last 4 years have been easy compared to the next 4. Now the community has to watch every thing that goes on. We need to support the truth and point out the lies. We need to set a good example while protecting our city from those who want to change our little town while they profit from it's over growth. Good Luck Sierra Madre

  4. With all the booing and hissing going on in the packed City Council chambers last night you'd have thought you were at a professional wrestling match. About as uncival bunch as I've ever seen in that

  5. What you're seeing is a takeover of a small community by BIA special interests, so it's ugly, and it's imperative to development interests. This is unfolding as a bigger picture all over the state.

  6. Many in the audience had received invitations printed on City of Sierra Madre letterhead. It was a celebration for Joe and the Moscateers, as it should have been. To the victors go the spoils. Can't dispute that they won the election.

    I wonder if they'll claim Hail Hamilton... And with what will Terry Miller fill the pages of the Sierra Madre Weekly? John Stephens seems like a serious young editor; how could he have been taken in by Miller's vendetta against the Tattler?

  7. Knowing the reputation of the owner of the Sierra Madre Weekly, Stephens and Miller's chief attributes must be that they are willing to work for very little.

  8. Laurie Barlow sums this unfortunate situation up the best.
    Please go visit her sight.
    Laurie KNOWS of what she SPEAKS.

    It's truly a sad time for Sierra Madre. The "white trash" has taken back the city. Led by their leader, Bart Doyle and his band of DIRTS.

  9. I take issue with the term "white trash" in describing the residents of Sierra Madre. It's possible to disagree with people without resorting to ugly descriptives. If you, 7:18 am, can't figure out that your brand of trashing the opposition is what lost this election for the Tattlers then you are ignorant of the real forces at work in town. Stick to the issues -- there are many, and they are important. You bring down the authenticity of our movement and the professionalism of Laurie Barlow. You fall into the same bucket of crazy that Hail Hamilton represents.

  10. I am white trash and proud of it. It took a lot of work for a poor boy to get to live in this town. I don't want to see it wrecked.

  11. It wouldn't have been so tragic if the Mayor position wasn't something to be "won"'s unfortunate that Mr Mosca sees it as a game where the winner is Mayor. The position is "earned"...

    There was a great opportunity last night to put into place their "civility" ...of course it did not happen. Mr Mosca should have chosen Ms. MacGivallry as the SCAG alternate. To put Ms. Walsh in with no experience shows me that Mr. Mosca has his own agenda and not that of the people. Sad. Very sad.

    What can I say about Hail? His true character came crashing out last night. I have never seen such a disregard for anyone in a public forum in my life. Ms. Mscgillvray once again took the high road. So much for your scream of "civility" Hail. Real change begins at home. You should stay there a while and check that out. Shame on you.

  12. Anybody notice that John Stephens blamed Bamburger for the article, and not himself?

  13. From Bill Coburns Website:

    " All I will say for now is this - Hail Hamilton was way out of line. To the Mayor's credit, she didn't take the bait. I'm guessing, without talking to him, that Hail was trying to make the Mayor look bad by getting MaryAnn to cut him off for personally attacking her, when she didn't do that for Mosca at the last meeting. It's the only possible reason I can think of for the kind of inappropriate rant he went on. If so, it didn't work, she didn't, and it was he who looked bad, not her, in my opinion. And I also want to say thank you to Don Watts and Kurt Zimmerman for serving this town for the last four years, welcome to new Council members Walsh and Moran, and congratulations to Mayor Mosca and Mayor Pro Tem Buchanan"

    Thanks, Bill ... our sentiments too ...

  14. I sure agree with the legislator in the audience
    who made the comment:
    "This is the lowest it's ever been for Sierra Madre."

    The Mosca audience displayed total mob mentality.

  15. Kurt's call for civility and a new spirit of unity was profound. It's just too bad that call for moving forward was quashed by Mary Ann the minute she called out a resounding "Nay" to the nomination of Joe as mayor.

    I guess the door just doesn't swing both ways.

  16. The election is over. There is a new council. Let's watch and see what happens.

  17. Where were the advocates of the so called new "civility" on the vicious attack by Hail Hamilton against Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray?

    How come not one of them spoke up and said that this was totally out of line and we apologize to you, Mayor MacGillivray for these hateful comments.
    Where were you, Mosca, Moran, Buchanan?
    You just sat there and said nothing.

  18. I found MaryAnn's vote on Mayor and MPT to be courageous. She based her decision on the past records of these two individuals, and in my opinion made the right call. I certainly wouldn't want it on my head to have helped put them into the two most powerful political seats in town. Sure she'll take some heat, but her conscience and ethics remain clear.

  19. Last night the neanderthals won, the cro magnon lost.
    What can you say about a town that disrespects it's most intelligent and perceptive leaders, and instead chooses packaged fronts? The crowd screamed for Mosca like kids at a concert, Bart Doyle was wandering around like a grandaddy of them all, and other realtor/development interests were well represented in the house.

  20. I think you have it wrong 7:49. We lost because we did not slig mud, and that is what the electoriate listened to. The loudest liars, and trash talkers. They were elected on a platform of lies and hostility. I have seen the group Bart Doyle pulls strings on and "white trash" is a gentile euphemism.
    Wikipedia has White Trash described as:
    The term suggests outcasts from respectable society living on the fringes of the social order who are seen as dangerous because they may be criminal, unpredictable, and without respect for authority whether it be political, legal, or moral.[1]

    Neuroblast Films

  21. my prediction is that this bunch will drive Sierra Madre into condo oblivion causing massive building and unaffordable bonds and will cause the city to implode.

    is buchanan going to pass walsh notes during the meetings so she knows what to say and how to vote?

    hail hamilton is a clown and is perfect for writing for henderson

    and the editor, what a laugh. imagine calling yourself an "editor" for the sierra madre weekly, i'd be embarrassed. the editor is supposed to verify facts, delete editorial meanderings and bias, but obviously the "editor" failed remedial journalism also

  22. I hope if Mosca plans to use the "clock" to limit public comment, he also uses it on himself and the other council members?

    What say you, Mosca?

  23. i wonder just how business one might lose if he or she stopped their advertising in the weekly or the observer

    both have undocumented circulation data and i have never seen a testimonial ad in the respective papers of an advertiser touting how much their business increased by placing cheap ads in the papers

    the ad salesmen for the direct mail companies must be having a field day approaching the advertisers

    henderson's observer has completely distored, probably fabricated numbers and hidden distribution numbers which any advertiser should question

    and the weekly just prints a massive amount of papers and tosses out on the street and i rarely see a person read the paper with any depth, something an advertiser should question
    the return of ad dollar investment

    if the best the weekly has is stephens (lol editor) and terry miller, the editorial aspect of the paper is deplorable at best

    and henderson and the observer has as it's key writer, hail hamilton, who has gone koo koo for coco puffs

  24. I don't think anyone who witnessed Hail Hamilton's tirade last night supports that kind of insane ranting. It was shameful. As far as anyone responding and defending Maryann against Hail? Well, I think she made her own bed when she allowed the tirade to go on at the last meeting. Maybe the rule of ignoring a child's bad behavior and rewarding good should apply here.

  25. And so it goes..Mary Ann was absolutely on target..Don't give your imprimatur to a couple of miscreants...Everyone knows this Council has all the makings of theatrical buffoonery.Regretfully..our community will take the hit..Kudos to Mary Ann..she has nerves of steel.

  26. Anyone who feels the need to severely limit public comment does not want and is threatened by that commentary. Censorship and control of the local media sources to oppress the truth are the telltale symptoms of a fascist regime gaining steam. I hope that the residents of Sierra Madre will become informed and savvy enough to stop this train before it's too late.

  27. Comparing the messages delivered by the likes of Fay Angus to Hail Hamilton's nut rant is way off base, 9:38. There were some very legitimate concerns about Joe Mosca, and expressing misgivings about sketchy politicians is a citizen's duty.

  28. The only voices Joe and John want to hear are their own. And the only opinions they want to read are those from people who will not disagree with them. They don't want conscientious citizens, they want bobblehead dolls.

  29. I think everyone who witnessed Hamilton's outpouring of malice and hate was stunned. Even the pro-Moscateer audience was unreceptive to his crazy spewings. It was absolutely the right thing to do to let him vent - how else would we know the depth of sickness that this man suffers from? Now, the real issue is will the Mountain Views News continue to support his demented ramblings? I hope Susan rethinks his suitability for a community newspaper.

  30. Hail is a troubled soul. No one in their right mind condones this behavior.

  31. has the good rector apologized yet?

  32. Anyone who has paid attention to the council meetings chaired by Mayor MacGillivray knows that
    1) since she became mayor, she has done away with timing public comments, and
    2) meetings have been efficiently run, verbose council-members cautioned, and the meetings have been far shorter than there were in the shenanigan years.

  33. His apology was along the lines of time has blurred his memory as paraphrased by Sierra Madre Weekly editor.

  34. wow, Kurt must have copied his list of accomplishments off Joe's campaign flyer

    we all know that Joe did everything that ever happened positive for the city over the last four years

    still laughing about the absurdity of John Buchanan, he stated about Joe's accomplishments that "joe cast the deciding vote..." which means that Joe was the last to vote on something

    Hail has become the resident looney bird in Sierra Madre.

    Terry Miller, what can you say about a dude who was a freelance photographer working for pennies and gets promoted to a senior writing position without any tenure or experience in the field

    Obviously, the hiring standards at both the local sidewalk papers are at a all time low and based on the "editors" at both papers, it's easy to understand.

    You can hire professionals if you aren't a professional yourself, as in Stephens or Henderson.

    Maybe Stephens will take the high road and print a retraction and fire Miller or at least demote him back to the photographer level.

  35. oh boy, the lunatics are running the asylum, or attempting to. How interesting that Hail referred to the Mayor as the "wicked witch" and his critics as the "winged monkey goons"

    Its wackiness on parade, and name-calling, and lack of civility - all of which the Tattler was accused of - all of which he himself is exhibiting.

    Exactly Neuroblast Films, who is the real mud slinger here?

  36. The pro-development-in-the-name-of-preservation folks don't apologize. When they are exposed they get indignant and lie more - sound like anybody on the council?

  37. The people of paperApril 28, 2010 at 12:09 PM

    Sounds like Hail Hamilton needs to back away from the Wizard of Oz movie. Put down the wizard of oz movie, Hail..

    On the other hand his programming could be leaking, happens when they get older..

    Was he wearing ruby red slippers when he spoke?

  38. Winged Monkey Goons Need Love, Too!April 28, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    You know, being a Winged Monkey Goon isn't really all it's cracked up to be. For one thing, the wings don't really work. And two, where can you go to get a really good banana in this town? Pretty disgusting if you ask me. But the worst is the discrimination. Believe me, last night was very hurtful for me.

  39. Not to mention the boarish behavior of the crowd when MaryAnn's supporters were speaking.
    As MaryAnn says, civility was a tactic. I doubt if anyone in that crowd intends to practice it.

  40. I might be happier when our Council and it's boorish rank and file raze the history of Sierra Madre and in rampant development, like Sherman's March turn Sierra Madre into a shell of it's past and we have to annex into Pasadena or Arcadia in order to survive

    then all these local yokels will be a nobody again and the likes of Buchanan and Mosca will be peons of non importance once again

    maybe Hamilton was just having an LSD flashback with his symbolism, just plain nutty and a perfect scribbler for the Mt. Wilson Lack of Observation

    I'm still a wonderin if the so-called editor at the Weekly will grow a set of cojones and write a retraction and then take Miller's # 2 pencil away from him and not let him write anymore

    Miller can always get hired by the Observer, probably the same rate of non-pay and we know little issues like fact checking or balance has been a concern of Susan Henderson

  41. All I could think of last night was the Roman Colliseum, and Maryann was their meat. It was amazing how many cat calls and screaming and yelling there was.

    No matter how many facts and reason there is, the other side will hitch their heads to their own version of the truth until Rome falls.

    Maryann will be our voice of reason and truth and someone will listen and a candle could light up. It will be interesting to watch all of this unfold.

    Her strength was tested and she did not have a temper tantrum. Gracious, as always.Maryann will stand for all we need. Thank you, Maryann. Class and intelligence always out wit everyone.

  42. PSN article on last night's love fest now exists in cyberspace. Says that Don Watts didn't run for reelection.

    Nothing about winged monkeys, though.

  43. 1:08, you're right about the winged monkeys, but not about Don Watts:

    "...replacing Don Watts, who lost his re-election bid earlier this month..."

  44. The article referred to Kurt Zimmerman:

    Councilman Kurt Zimmerman, who did not run for re-election,

  45. What needs to be changed is the way your mayor is elected. My city votes on it's own mayor on a ballot but there has been an attempt to let the council elect the mayor here twice on the ballots defeated both times. When did your city start letting the council decide who would be the mayor?, Isn't that like being stuck on a revolving merry go round of the same cloistered group of like thoughts?

  46. The winged monkeys distracted me. My room is now littered with dangerous banana peels.

  47. Good point 1:14.
    Regarding the behavior of the victors, the Civil. Looks like they make an exemption for jeering and gloating. Or perhaps they don't all understand what civility is.

  48. the council chambers should have a straight jacket available in case Hail Hamilton appears for an encore performance

    I hope I don't laugh at him when I see him in town, but it'll be hard not to chuckle in amusement

    How can he ever write another "editorial" again, unless it is peppered with hallucination references and paranoid delusions

    which makes him an ideal columnist for Susan Henderson

    If she keeps Hamilton on staff...wait nobody is on staff at the Observer because your byline is the pay, but still if Hamilton continues to write, his next column will be about a 8 headed alien colony that nests midway up Mt. Wilson as reported by the Mt. Wilson Enquirer

    Terry Miller's article exposed him as a fraud and the only recourse of professionalism by the owner of the paper is to fire both Miller and the Editor.

    Then again, what can you expect from minimum wage journalists?

  49. Too bad somebody didn't try throwing water on the crazy speaker - he probably would have melted. The projection from the pro-Mosca side is constant.

  50. I've encountered that colony of aliens on the way to Mt. Wilson! They're scary! Belong to the Kiwanis if I'm not mistaken.

  51. Note to Pasadena Star News. Kurt Z called upon the Council to appoint MaryAnn the Mayor Pro Tem and not Mayor.

  52. This is going to be so exciting! Mosca and the Moscateers will get to sort out Alverno! Start keeping diaries, Tattlers. We'll need your input when it comes time to write the REAL history of the 2010 City Council.

  53. So who do you think will get to be the Grand Marshal in the 4th of July Parade this year? Bill Coburn or Susan Henderson? Payback's a bitch, as they say, and Mosca has a lot of paying back to do.

  54. Uh-huh.
    The Downtown Investment Club will now be on the hook for paying Susan's publishing costs, don'tcha think?

  55. The way Susan was smooching up to the big boys in the lobby last night sure looked like fund raising to me.

  56. 2:10 pm, not only fund raising but a cease fire of hostilities about adjudication, and continued City advertising in her paper. Susan is a political animal!

  57. "To me it seems obvious that an era has ended. I for one fear that the Sierra Madre we have long known and loved will soon be gone forever. Swallowed up by the massive metropolis, along with its politicians, that until now had always stopped at our city line."

    On this sad note, I would like to propose a silver lining:

    the economy is so bad, most development folks are bankrupt. Nobody wants to buy land. Rents are going down. Commercial rents are going down even faster. New construction is a great way to lose money, that is, if you have any as a builder anyway.

    Stores are shutting rather than opening. Government employees are getting fired and furloughed.

    I just can't imagine too much grand changes happening in the next couple of years.

  58. Does anyone know what the Planning Commission decided on Dr. Sami's building? Speaking of grand changes. It's a trial balloon for the dismantling of Measure V. Trying to sneak through on an old CUP; needs the parking lot to meeting parking requirements. Keep an eye on this one! If it gets through you can bet the two condo projects will be close behind!

  59. Plus the city doesn't have money to pay for a whole new General Plan update that includes all the rezoning that SCAG wants.

  60. What do you mean the city doesn't have money to pay for a whole new General Plan update? You heard it last night, "modest surplus". It'll be gone in a heartbeat! Consultants are waiting even as be blog.

  61. .....Bamberger is a clergyman, and Hail is a Vice Principal at LA Unified.....

    And people wonder why the children of California are such a mess......Heaven help them.....

    Sierra Madre will soon be known as a place where all the crazies come from....

  62. "This is the lowest it's ever been for Sierra Madre."

    Sen Huff's Tuesday's meeting in SM

  63. Anyone notice all the Mosca, Moran, and Walsh signs surrounding Alverno? Most of thsse people are against Alverno's TUP. Should be interesting. One wonders what promises may have been made to the neighbors??? Hmm

  64. Financially, I figure we'll be ok in the audits department because of the half a million we're spending on the new system. Our financial director & city manager want to be successful in their jobs, and that will be a big part of it. But the new council will probably push for that roads improvement bond (hello 20 year debt) and who knows what else that will require raising the uut to 12% and getting rid of the sunset clause. Maybe a disastrous renegotiation with the police.

  65. 3:27, interesting thought. Today at 11:45 there were 3 suits looking over the boarded up SNC. Two of them drove off in a black 4 dr. Maserati, anyone know who they are?

  66. A bond will have to be voted on, won't it? This should be voted down by the voters as a resounding vote of no confidence in the "new" council of four. MaryAnn needs to continue to vote her conscience and develop a record for us to vote for in the next election.

  67. Neuroblast--will you post Hale's tirade so those of us who were out of town can see it ASAP?

  68. Dr. Sami's addition conforms to Measure V. The Planning Commission put off a decision because they weren't quite happy with the design, even though they agreed they were not a design committee. It should be on the agenda for the meeting on the 5th. You should all be there to hear the discussion.

  69. The parking is the problem with Dr. Sami's building. He is adding 7000 sq ft and expanding his practice. Yet he only wants to add an additional 21 parking spaces. The problem get worse because the new owner of the Steamers property wants to have offices and a restaurant directly across the street. They also want to be allowed to have less parking than is required by code. The cumulative effect along with the proposed Cong Campus will be a disaster in the downtown. But maybe that is the desired effect by the dirts. We will then need more parking and how do you spell
    P A R K I N G S T R U C T U R E?

    The Planning Commission only seems to be concerned with a silly Green Screen which is really nothing more than a wall/fence with plants growing up/on it. They are completely missing the problem or maybe they are doing it on purpose.

  70. I suspect all kinds of dirt shenanigans are in the works right now. Keep your eyes open, they're moving so fast you might miss them.

  71. Actually 7:32, the planning commission is not missing the problem on Dr Sama's bld. You need to watch the meeting. The lack of parking IS the issue with them ALONG with the green screen. There is barely enough parking for their staff much less the patient-load.

  72. All the more reason to attend the planning commission meetings. We need to keep alert.

  73. Arcadia Tattler FanApril 29, 2010 at 3:50 AM

    Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray!

    Please move to Arcadia in time for our next election! We NEED you on our city council.

    You're the best my man!


    RUN for the State Assembly in OUR district!
    We really need YOU!

  74. 6:28..........I hope they were guys with lots of money to buy that eyesore and tear it down and put up something usefull, Jesus, lets move on.

  75. As long as whatever they build conforms to Measure V, sure, why not?