Friday, April 30, 2010

SCAG Gets A New President! (Plus other equally explosive information)

Well, it looks like we devotees and fans of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG for the acronymically inclined), will be bidding a fond adieu to the remarkable leadership and vision of El Centro's own, Jon Edney. It seems like only yesterday that, as then reigning President of SCAG, Jon stopped by Sierra Madre's City Hall to plead with us to remain within that storied organization. We did have fun with Mr. Edney, and we wish him all the best in his next position of (I'm certain) singular importance. But times relentlessly change, and now SCAG will soon be welcoming its new president, a gentleman who goes by the name of Larry McCallon.

It appears that Larry will be crowned El Presidente de SCAG at a big shindig taking place in La Quinta on May 5-7. My bet is that the ceremony will take place in a generously sized hotel assembly hall as the lucky attendees enjoy a really tasty chicken lunch with a nice glass of wine. Perhaps two. And this really is going to be a gala and star-studded affair. Scheduled to speak will be Senator Barbara Boxer, Speaker of the State Assembly John Perez, and the new State Senate Minority Leader, Bob Dutton. It really doesn't get much more exciting than that. A true powercore of California political might concentrated in one place, all with the purpose of anointing a new SCAG President while at the same time paying homage to an industry that can be so very generous when it is time to raise re-election money.

Here is what Larry had to say when the announcement of his elevation to this office was revealed to the world:

"I appreciate and am very humbled by the confidence my colleagues around the region have placed in me. I look forward to working with each of the jurisdictions, transportation commissions, and sub regions, and all of our partners, as we continue to plan the future of this region. California is the key to America's economic vitality and future, and Southern California is the State's economic engine. Working together we can grow our economy and ensure sustainable healthy communities for our citizens."

All very boilerplate and sustainability correct, of course. I mean, this is the kind of job that goes to consummate organization men, and you would hardly expect to hear anything with even a ripple of controversy to it from such a gentleman. Predictability, constancy, and an unquestioning adherence to recognized authority is what is called for in a job like that, and I'd bet in Larry McCallon that is exactly what they're going to get.

Or is it? Now as we have discussed before, SCAG is all about state control over regions and cities, serving in particular as an enforcer for the centralized planning mandates of Sacramento and Washington. And as such it truly is the ultimate manifestation of intrusive big government. So how do you explain the following statement, which Larry presented to the world and history in 2009 upon his acceptance of a seat on the State GOP Board of Directors?

"As a lifelong Republican, and candidate for the Vice Chair Inland Region of the California Republican Party (CRP) in February 2009, I believe that government is the best when it is limited in scope, that economic growth comes through free enterprise and lower taxes, that individuals and their families need to be responsible for themselves, and that our country's security is assured by only a strong national defense."

All well and good I suppose, but how can you reconcile the contradictions between these two statements? On the one hand Larry is about to become president of one of the most prototypical big centralized government entities of all, SCAG, while at relatively the same time professing to believe that government is at its best when it is "limited in scope?"

But then again, perhaps I am reading way too much into these speeches. After all, I suspect that Larry really is just another organization man, and he just gives the kinds of speeches that best reflect the office he is about to assume. He does and says what is expected of him. Looking for authenticity in politicians is a sketchy quest at best.

Larry McCallon currently serves as a City Councilman for the City of Highland. And while Highland is nowhere nearly as impoverished as Jon Edney's El Centro, it is no Sierra Madre, either. According to City median yearly income there is approximately $6,000 lower than the California average of $61,000. While at the same time the "living index" in Highland is 121, which is considerably higher than the U.S. average of 100. Home values there are around $150,000 less than the state average as well.

One particularly disturbing statistic about Highland that City reveals for us is its high percentage of registered sex offenders. In May of 2009 there were 77 living there, or 1 for every 664 residents. Sierra Madre, on the other hand, has only 2 registered sex offenders living within its borders, which is a ratio of 1 to every 5,417 residents.

On the Flash Report we can see that Larry McCallon has been on a career path that has quite logically led to his current success at the area's preeminent planning and development bureaucracy.

The County Board of Supervisors appointed McCallon to the County Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee where he serves as the Vice Chair. He is President of the League of California Cities Inland Empire Division, is a member of the League's Board of Directors, serves on the League's Admin Services Policy Committee, and is a graduate of the League's Mayors and Council Members Leadership in Action Program. He has been awarded a Leadership Fellow Certificate in the National League of Cities (NLC) Leadership program and is a graduate of the SCAG Leadership Academy at USC.

For a guy who claims to be the advocate of small government he sure spends a lot of time hanging around in big government circles.

The Google Ratings are in, and who has the #1 blog in Sierra Madre?

If you go to a Google site called "Check My Page Rank," you can track how websites stack up traffic-wise with their rivals. Google ranks blogs on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 naturally being the lowest, and 10 the highest. As examples, ranks a big #9/10, while the Pasadena Star News site clocks in at #6/10. Each higher level representing an exponential increase in page views.

Here are the current Google blog rankings for Sierra Madre:

The Tattler - #4/10
Mary Forney's Blog - #4/10 (a great horse racing site)
Mountain Views -#3/10
Sierra Madre - #3/10
Beacon Media - #3/10 (Beacon is the home of the Sierra Madre Weekly, plus 6 or so other masthead names.)

So it sure looks like all that publicity we've been getting lately has been paying off. And let's face it, after you've spent some time with The Tattler, why in God's name would you ever want to go back to the other news sites? Especially since we're practically all they talk about these days?

Living With Bears

An organization called the Lake Tahoe Bear League will be putting on a presentation this Sunday on how to co-exist with those darn bears. You know, the big fuzzy dudes who knock over garbage cans and take up lots and lots of print space in the Pasadena Star News every time one of them shows their fuzzy face in the human habitat? Unfortunately bears can be very controversial in our area. As the Bear League so aptly puts it:

"Why: Because Education Always precedes Respect + Responsibility. It's up to all of us to respect the lives and nature of the animals in our midst and to accept the responsibility of keeping them wild and our environment safe for our families. What we do not understand, we fear. Come and find out what you can do to make your space safer and save the Bears at the same time!

The presentation takes place this Sunday, May 2nd, at 1:00 pm. The location is Sierra Madre Middle School, located at scenic 141 W Highland. No word yet if any bears are planning to attend.

The Man from Carlsbad

Looks like we were just a little bit incorrect when discussing the Man from Carlsbad in our article on the colorful reorganization meeting at City Hall Tuesday evening. You might recall that this was the irate gentleman who spoke forcefully from the podium about controlling people who speak forcefully from the podium during the public comments portion of City Council meetings. In particular those folks who advocate the slow growth perspective on development issues here in Sierra Madre. Which on the surface of it seems odd since the new City Council is also supposed to be all about slow growth. But you know how that one goes.

Turns out this dude's name is Larry David, and while he at one time did hail from Carlsbad, he has been a resident of our quaint foothill village for the last 6 years. And wouldn't you know it, he is not just an attorney, but also one that specializes in real estate. Which I guess puts his brief talk Tuesday evening into a more realistic setting. Catch up with Larry by reading about him on his NOLO page. NOLO ("Legal Solutions for You, Your Family, and Your Business") being something like 1-800 Dentist, except it's for attorneys.


  1. Sounds like this guy Larry McGallan got pushed into this job by the WORST GOVERNOR IN CALIFORNIA HISTORY....ARNOLD S.

    Arnold has really hurt the horse racing industry in California along with most other business.
    EXCEPT for the San Manuel Indian Casino in HIGHLAND, where Larry is a councilman.

  2. Hmm. Looks like we're going to need to look into that Indian gaming angle. Since SCAG is all about getting the money crowd what it wants, there could be something there.

  3. That is an event Joe Mosca will not want to miss. The City better not pick up his tab on that party.

  4. morning AnonymousApril 30, 2010 at 8:12 AM

    Just wait until that newcomer from Carlsbad sees what the council meetings are like with Joe & John B in charge. It'll be back in no time to important matters being discussed at midnight, making following city business very difficult, back to John B making 20 minute speeches 3 or 4 times a night. Carlsbad guy did not know when he had it good!

  5. I'm pretty sure Arnold wanted the San Manuel Indian Tribe to take over Santa Anita Racetrack.
    I guess casino gambling was Arnold's "plan" to save Kal-e-forn-ya? (why can't a Gov. pronounce the name of his state)?

    Working great in Harry Reid's state of Nevada.
    What's the un-employment rate there? Well, maybe not as high as Kal-e-forn-ya.

    Make sure you all get out to that big SCAG La Quinta (didn't LA QUINTA used be where all the Mafia and other organized crime used to live and gather)?
    I'm sure no one wants to miss meeting BARBARA (call me SENATOR) BOXER (worst senator we've ever had). LOL

  6. MA - not sure you've factored in the time that will be taken by Joe, John and the Bobbleheads when personages of importance such as a SCAG President shows up here. The genuflecting alone would take up 30 minutes.

  7. Attention Joe Mosca and John Buchanan!

    Limit councilmembers and other titles you call yourselves to 3 minuet comments.

    To do otherwise is ABUSIVE. It's abusive to the staff members, to the city clerk and to the people in attendance and the listening audience.

    One of the great things about the HONORABLE Mayor Kurt Zimmerman and the HONORABLE Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray's terms was that they almost always got the meetings concluded in a reasonable time.

    I understand you plan to limit public comment?
    If this is true, please follow this limit yourselves.

    Thank you.

  8. From the city of Highland web site:
    "Full Range of Housing Options
    Highland is primarily a residential community and offers a full range of affordable housing options. Currently, six different residential developers are building here. Our City is also the home of East Highlands Ranch, a master-planned community featuring premium housing and private recreation facilities."
    Sounds like they're taking care of their RHNA numbers.

  9. We need five babble timers - one for each council member. Morning after the meeting we post their babbletimes.

  10. Very interesting discussion that the City of Highland councilman McCallon participated in about RHNA demands, low income housing, etc. at the council meeting of November 10, 2009.
    Very complete notes about how that city is wrestling with the state requirements.
    Not sure this address will work:
    If it doesn't work, google city of highland RHNA numbers

  11. Since Highland is already fairly low income, maybe they fear that even more low income neighborhoods will cause the tax paying types to flee. That is the big problem with SCAG style development, it really screws with the property tax draw.

  12. 9:16 am.

    I know at least ONE resident who has committed to do just that, and I'm sure our fearless Tattler leader, Crawford will be more than happy to report the "standings" Wed mornings after the meetings.

    We should have a pool on who we think will win.
    I'll guess:

    2. Buchanan (although this will be close)
    3. Next the moron, OOPS I mean Josh Moran
    Should be lots of fun.
    4. MacGillivray will be a distant 4th, only speaking in concise and important comments.
    5. Poor old Nancy, she'll just bobble her head

  13. Way too Many Military Persons being Placed Regionally, for meApril 30, 2010 at 9:45 AM

    Aerospace, Military Air Force, SanBagged,hum able to bring more regional cooperation between SCAG and San Berdo do's or do do's, hum I mean bring it out into the open, because the grifters of grant money, (the building riff raff distantly related by blood/Money to the politicans at your local city, councils), recognize no boundaries. But hey Mr Mc Callon can translate russian military suggestions to us from Ikky arta, of MTA, that dear ex soviet planner, So let's git her done..

    Clusterization, coming to your city soon, pucker up, civil folks.

    I will not disrespect Mr Callon of Mc Mac this or MC mac that his timing, his choice, give me pause..My Mip's perk, for over twenty years all investigations lead back to aerospace business and cronies, sometimes it seems it is a way to keep their dumb,can't do anything but build relatives employed, othertimes it seems to disappear to places built to protect us from Aliens, i.e. Dinuba, Ca and Pine Gap Australia.
    I think the UN aliens Phil Schneider mentioned to Al Bielek, in an interview on Youtube are behind it. Phil stated he observed 4 tall greys giving orders to high ranking UN Members is true, he claims that is when & why he quit as a military career lifer.
    They like agricultural spheres, with planned communities.

  14. Attentions REALTORS and DEVELOPERS.....interesting news for you!

    Commercial down 14% nationwide
    Housing down 11% nationwide

  15. I, A bear will Attend on Sunday, we like to eat redevelopment officials,April 30, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    El Presidente de Scag, rahh, ha ha,rahh haha,

    Congrats to the Tatts and one of a kind editor
    on the Rates, Rates.

    The man from Calabasas, aka The man from Carlsbad, he said What??

    McCannon, making the sign of the cross against possible eviiiieel.

    I will support the bears.

  16. Wyatt Earp settled in Highland, if I was a corporate military trained gun toting, order giving, fellowing orders from high, individual being from Highland would be okay with me and a lot of likewise folks.

    In Highland We shoot Bears..we don't have no stinking "can't we all get along with bears meetings" nonsense neither..

  17. Sorry Wyatt, but under the new regime you will be required to build tiny income efficiency units for the bears. With low flow toilets and solar augmentations. You do know that bears will only live in condominiums that ae LEEDS certified Gold and up, yes? They care about the earth.

  18. Everyone knows that the tall greys don bear suits in the open; can only be killed by special bullets. The military is developing special weaponry to deal with these fake bears which are microchipped with transponders.

    Big push to locate these hybrid bears in the Arroyo Verdugo subregion which covers 60 square miles and is home to five cities to be near the proposed 710 tunnel to monitor the daily port-generated truck traffic. This traffic will be increaseing from 60,000 in 2005 to 140,000 truck trips per day by 2030 despite significant efforts by the Ports to increase on-dock rail capacity and usage.

    Equally important is the corresponding increase in goods that travel from manufacturers warehousing and distribution center that serve the domestic and local markets and account for about two-thirds of all freight movement in the region.

    Contracts are being negotiated with Harvest Rock/Maranatha HS even as we speak to provide speech therapy to the hybrid bears in order to make them more conversant in Christianist.

  19. A close friend of mine who is an executive at a large national REIT, told me we have nothing to worry about from developers. Banks aren't lending to large firms with balance sheets in the nine figures, let alone a small local developer. He also said given the political climate in Sierra Madre, even if a small developer had a deal that made economical sense, a bank wouldn't lend on the project because the high possiblity the necessary entitlements would never be achieved. He said it would be at least 7 to 10 years before anyone be able to convince a bank to take on a development project in Sierra Madre. Thus I feel a lot better about the current group of puppets on the council knowing their special interests won't be able to finance a project in Sierra Madre anytime soon....

  20. So where do you think Dr. Sami's money is coming from for his new medical building? Is his practice so lucrative that he can finance out of his own pocket?

    I remain unconvinced.

  21. Yes or through a SBA loan...His project is maybe only $2M not $20M that would be required to build a three story, high density, mixed use project...His medical building is small potatoes, the properties of concern are larger parcels like the SNF across from city hall....

  22. Skyline financial services got a HUD grant for title ll funding. So they can lend to buisnesses.

  23. i think Sierra Madre started to change when the real estate went nuts and we had people moving into town that overpaid for housing and really couldn't afford to move to Santa Monica, South Pas, San Marino or the better parts of Pasadena

    these folks wouldn't be accepted socially as community leaders or politically in other cities, so Sierra Madre was a perfect solution, they can "be somebody" in a supposed small town and screw over the city for his or her own political or socially akward ambitions

    I applaud Kurt and Don for not showing up at every dinky po-dunk community function to shake hands and for photo ops like Mosca and Buhanan.

    our city would be fine without them now and it will be fine when they are not around anymore blabbering on at Council meetings and they have used up their 20 seconds of glory

    I just hope that they along with Moran don't rip apart the city that our current kids are growing up with and seek a legacy of condos and mixed use development that will cause the city to be a shell of it's former self

    Thankfully the economy will halt most projects but if the city is built out like the realtors want in our city, we'll have tons of vacant space for the expansion of the Cong Church

    As long as we have the Buc we'll save a part of Sierra Madre, even the Christians need a place to get drunk at.

  24. I'm gonna tell bart doyle you said he was a fake developer in a bear suitApril 30, 2010 at 11:29 AM

    Great news 10:43, 10:34 Christian bears, what a fibber, everybody knows bears are too intelligent to be merely christians..Even a microchipped escaped from Montauk
    transponder tramping tall grey alien in a bear suit, has the right not to be shot while defending his right to eat developers. jeez

    10:17 I think you are confusing bears with little chinese people, cause they are secured by collateral debt and the feds own your property, if if you bought and paid for it.

  25. I work in finance. Banks are lending.
    Just closed a $5,000,000 project.
    Getting ready to close an $11,000,000 project. Looking at a $35,000,000 project-apartments in Glendale and Pasadena.
    Construction cost are down so the projects are costing less to build.

    Building is going to happen on the Blvd sooner than you think.

  26. The La Quinta SCAG conference costs $100. Joe's fee will be paid by SCAG since he's on a committee. I for one don't think it's worth it to pay $100. to hear Barbara Boxer, an embarrassment of a Senator.

  27. on bears and religionApril 30, 2010 at 12:51 PM

    An atheist was walking through the woods, and he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He turned to look, and saw a 7-foot grizzly bear charging towards him. He ran as fast as he could up the path. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the bear was closing in on him. He tripped and fell on the ground. He rolled over to pick himself up but the bear was right on top of him, reaching for him with his left paw and raising his right paw to strike him

    At that instant the Atheist cried out, "Oh my God!"

    Time Stopped. The bear froze. The forest was silent.

    As a bright light shone upon the man, a voice came out of the sky. "You deny my existence for all these years, teach others I don't exist, and even credit creation to cosmic accident. Do you expect me to help you out of this predicament? Am I to count you as a believer?" The atheist looked directly into the light and said, "It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask you to treat me as a Christian now, but perhaps you could make the BEAR a Christian?"

    "Very Well," said the voice.

    The light went out. The sounds of the forest resumed. And the bear dropped his right paw, brought both paws together, bowed his head & spoke: "Lord bless this food, which I am about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen."

  28. I here I thought the bear was going to turn the other muzzle.

  29. A Catholic bear no less.

  30. Yes there is money for development, and yes it can be hard to get anyway. Looking at the history of Stone Crater and Stone House would give any developer and or banker pause. It'd be nice to think that what is left of the hillsides might last a little longer.
    Not so sure downtown has as good a chance....especially since John Buchanan forgets that Taylor's exists - and somehow the derelict SNF has become immediately intolerable after many, many years.
    Let's see how long it takes Mosca & Buchanan to dust off the DSP and pick a few plums from it.

  31. It's Sierra Madre. The final frontier. They'll find the money.

  32. Maybe one of the plums will be the Wisteria Village Condos at the SNF, designed by Fred Wesley, downsized from the original plan made in the pre-Measure V days. Unless somebody wants to make low income housing there.

  33. Fred Wesley appears to be Sierra Madre's Architect Laureate now that the DIRTS are back in power. His name appeared as a supporter of Beth Buck's Downtown Dirt site.

  34. Fred and Company are making $1000000 plus on the new school paid for by your tax $$$$. It will hold 500 students. We don't have 500 7th and 8th graders in town. Hello busses, traffic, pollution, and trouble in the downtown from the out of town kids whose parents let them hang out at Kersting Court because the school doesn't provide supervision when the school lets out early on Fridays.

  35. Why Tattler, I believe there must have been a misprint here on Larry McCallon's acceptance speech:

    "I believe that government is the best when it is limited in scope, that economic growth comes through free enterprise"

    I believe this was was the real wording:

    "I believe that government is best when it services my friends and agendas, when free enterprise produces lots of kick-backs and rewards to the players who then reward me"

  36. Want to get really weepy and teary eyed about donating a few dollars to impoverised classrooms? They're not asking for $20 million, just whatever you can donate. Go to and choose a project. You'll feel like you've accomplished something on a Friday afternoon.

  37. All patriotic Tattlers need to keep a close watch on the SCAGGIES.

    We need everyone's help. All you knowledgeable Tattlers who live in Arcadia, Monrovia, Pasadena and especially El Monte and our distant favorite friend..please check in often.
    We need to hear from you all.
    Of course, Crawford's and MacGillivray's Sierra Madre watchdogs will be on the job, daily.

    Watch out SCAG, we're watching you.
    Watch out Sacramento, we're going to stand up and fight your SB375 and it's evil twin AB32.

  38. Someone earlier claimed that God speaks to bears. I was wondering if perhaps there was some theological basis for that assumption.

  39. Has all the lots on One Crater been sold? I don't see any "for sale" signs on the property anymore. Does anyone out there know the status?

  40. And this from Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish

    Grayling is very correct, but neglects to mention that even the physical component of the mind is not restricted to the brain. Hormones play a huge role in how we feel, as well as are vastly influential in how we process information. I would argue that the mind does not physically reside in that spot behind the eyes, but it is merely concentrated there. There are diffuse components throughout; feeling something in your gut, loins, or heart aren't merely figures of speech. Ask a post-operative transgendered individual whether the new reproductive organs and hormone therapy are a part of a change in thought, or an ophidiophobe whether adrenal glands matter to logic and reason when a snake is encountered.

    Minds are a diffuse thing, most heavily concentrated in our brains, but with diffuse components that extend throughout our bodies, into our friends and neighbors, into our libraries and interwebs, and even into pets and inanimate objects. They are like gravity wells, where the lines are blurred and matter (or thought in this case) is largely considered to be in one well, but is really influenced by many at once.

  41. I know current scientific theory has it that certain herbivorous dinosaurs possessed a second brain located somewhere around where the tail met the bottom of their spine. It was supposedly to issue instructions to back legs too remote to hear much from the main brain up in the dinosaur's head.

  42. In reviewing the minutes of the League of California Cities Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee in April who's name should appear but that of John Gillison, Rancho Cucamonga. Speaking of nightmarishly freaky coincidences, OMFG! it's all coming back. Do they ever go away? I don't think so.

  43. This board needs a philosophy and religion sub-page.

  44. 4:32, the way I read it, God spoke to an atheist, and performed a miracle on the bear. Plenty o'room for all sorts of theological what not and therefore.

  45. I concur 4:52. If we're going to continue to grow our Google rankings and maintain our advantage over the fishwrappers (what a great description) we'll need to enlarge our worldview and attract the intelligentia. What about it, Sir Eric? A philosophy and religion sub-page.

  46. God, Bears, and Tattlers.

  47. Ahhhh.....

    Silly season concludes!

  48. Last I heard, 19 lots are in escrow at 1 Carter

  49. 5:05..... me thinks one should know how to spell intelligentsia in order to attract such folk...also....why don't YOU START THAT PAGE!!!!!

  50. A comfortable room temperatureApril 30, 2010 at 8:06 PM

    Now now. You should be smart enough to know that absolutely nobody likes a spelling nanny.

  51. like white on riceApril 30, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    Old Kentucky 4:29 Thank you kind friend, here everyday.

  52. Goat boys like spelling nanniesApril 30, 2010 at 9:07 PM

    neuroblast has the hail vid up on you tube

  53. 7:19, you may like the Soviet spelling, I prefer the Latin. Climb down from your tower of letters and realize that there are myriad ways to spell.

  54. Soviet spelling!!!! Oh my gawd, does that mean
    Mr. Ikharta of MTA is perusing this humble blog and correcting our spelling?

    Great retort Spelling Maven, learned and unlearned we write.

  55. Chew vill luff to liff in da transit howsing an ride da bus. You merican tink you to special to taken da bus. Ve haff udder plan for you.

  56. Please Sir Eric, could I have some more postings?May 1, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    Good Morning Dear Mod...

  57. Speaking of bad accents, Has anyone noticed that our dear Arnold is thinking of running for President, it has been rumored underground for a while.

    I also read in the New York Times, that Arnold has embraced the idea of allowing the chinese to finance and build a new rail system, however
    this was not covered in California news media, it was like being announced in New York, for stock option purposes, I was communicating wth a new yorker on Topix, who agreed it was odd.

    On you tube there is a very interesting video on our govvy. It is titled "The Secret Life if Arnold Exposed" by FrnnkEducation.

  58. Two stories I need to post when I get the time. A State Appellate Court has ruled the LAUSD is entitled to redevelopment monies going back to 1994. This accoding to the LA Times. Article up now on Pasadena Sub Rosa you need to check out. Wayne Lusvardi's theory that CC's real intent is to protect redevelopment money from being used for schools is gaining creedence with me. The other breaking story is that there are now enough signatures to put AB32 on the ballot this November. Something that, if approved by the voters, would gut the designs of SB375, SCAG, and the bobblehead Sierra Madre City Council.

  59. when 50 overpriced condos are built directly across from the fire station, how long will it be before the new residents complain about the noise and file a lawsuit against the city because of the sirens?

  60. Appreciative of Tasty PostingsMay 1, 2010 at 11:11 AM

    I am savoring the sweet cold taste of justice,
    Entitled to "redevelopment monies going back to 1994".

    The city of El Montes Redevelopment agency owes the city 160 million.

    CC as always the local media a member the the whory SGVEP, is overpromoting it and gleaning profit from the views and opinions published by its stilted tilted offerings to the masters it serves. Just helping other members, right

    Even the POA is trying to get its hands, on these funds as seen to no avail i.e. vallejo bankruptcy. Bonds are like synthetic traches of deriavatives, but bond is a bond, like in bond slave, come here I want to bond you..

    Thoe hardship bonds to finance the nonexistant ability to pay seized funds, by El Monte were commented on in topix to the fact that they were being underwritten by Goldman Sachs, it was mentioned that we had just bailed these guys out.

    Why the squelching of the funds meant to eliminate the need for CC covered by the Tattler
    have not been mentioned yet on the rothschild ruled local papers.

    I'll read up on AB32, cause I am confusing it with AB52

  61. Thanks, El Monte, keep us posted on this.

  62. city money watcherMay 1, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    Remember Sierra Madre: As his firt nighf of Mayor, Joe appointed Nancy to attend SCAG with him. NOT Maryann who has attended and knows what is happening in Southern California cities and in Sacramento.

    We need to be very vigilant of what is/is not happening. Nancy and Josh are being tutored with the best of them : Bart Doyle and the Developers.

  63. Obama has a COG of his ownMay 1, 2010 at 8:05 PM

    Did you folks see Obamas Executive order signed in January 2010, "Establishment of Council of Governors" 10 govenors, best go read for yourself and who they govern.

  64. Taylor's lots are owned by Montecito Development Group LLC. You don't think they sold thier house in 2005 on E. Montecito to get Taylor's lots for a whopping 3.6 million to just sit on it do you?. Just another DIRT transforming our downtown into Monrovia.
    Don't you just want to know who's a member of the Montecito Development Group?
    The LLC then moved it's offices to 412 Olive Ave. Huntington Beach, no longer intrested in Sierra Madre's future. It's all about the money.

    Big plans my friends.

    Neuroblast Films

  65. Kiss Kiss MontecitoMay 2, 2010 at 9:23 AM

    Entity Number: 200310910021
    Date Filed: 04/17/2003
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 412 OLIVE AVE #165
    Entity City, State, Zip: HUNTINGTON BEACH CA 92648
    Agent for Service of Process: ROBERT W RENKEN
    Agent Address: 800 WILSHIRE BLVD 12TH FL
    Agent City, State, Zip: LOS ANGELES CA 90017

    Hi neuro, you can write the secretary of state CA and request a copy of the officers statement and /or articles of corporation, there is a small fee, but it is public record. You can call/write the agent for process of service, which is Robert W. Renken and see if he will tell you, but I doubt it.

    Right off the top, when you search, Montecito Development Group LLC, you get a web page with pretty trees and nothing else but a contract them email add,
    When you use the Secretary of State California Business Portal and do a name search, I used Montecito, only you will see a huge octopus of possible connected montecitos with different numbers, this is usually indicative of a large investor group as in Diversified Real Estate Investments, these people don't care about a city, or its citizens other than crocadile tears or synthetic sympathy shared at the cocktail parties, put on by grifter grazers at your local SCAG, SGVEP to bring local city fathers into the "fold"and lets not forget your local Chamber of Commerces.

  66. Good Work Neuroblast, I am wondering why more tatts are not supporting you on you tube, but I think I can relate a bit of a story, to help.

    I was a late bloomer on computers, but I dragged my then 47 year old bottom up to a local community college and sat with those little children who seem to have been born with mouses in their hands.

    I am minded of Joe Scalzo who wanted to post but wanted to use his real name, because I felt like that when I joined you tube over three years ago now. The problems was, all combinations of my name were taken after what seemed like thirty tries to get a you tube handle, I thought Expletive, I need an antique name something these kids never heard of. I was doing my and my dad and grandpas were Hershel, Hershal, I had found a picture my grand grandmother send my mom when I was three, and it said here is a picture of Hurchel. When I used that name it took on you tube. I am wondering perhaps if other people are having the same frustration, also if tatts want to really, simply be tatts on your site, they could use TATTT 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Hope that helps.

  67. Hmmm. Some of the videos posted on Neuroblast have hundreds and hundreds of unique views. We are talking about a small town here, Hurchel. I think it all depends on the topic, and the personality of the person featured.

  68. 10:05 Anonymous, the problems in Sierra Madre are happening all over the nation. There are over 12 thousand comments here, always I see views, but no subscribers to Neuroblast. You tube is world wide. The Writings of The Tattler, do not simply belong to the small city of Sierra Madre, with all respect you are foolish to think so, Neuroblast does not need me as a cheering section, but he does deserve support because he shows the whole world what is going on in your little corner. Which is like my small little town close to you. There are over 85 cities in LA county, all small little towns with small little personalities. Your editor is needed by the entire nation, and neuroblast deserves more you tube friends, do what you will. "Am I my brothers cities keeper"
    you damn well should be

  69. Speaking of Kerstin Ct and the unsupervised adolescents...note the sign in the parking lot at La Salle HS..."Do not pick up your kids in the Parking Lot", Double Park on SM Blvd for Drop Off and Pick Up. Could have been 1 Carter

  70. I wouldn't worry about the kids too much. After Mayor Joe and the gang get done there will be plenty of minimum wage fast food employment for them.