Monday, April 26, 2010

The Sierra Madre Weekly's Shoddy Attack On Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray Debunked

During the recent Sierra Madre elections the most bizarre accusations against the authentic slow growth candidates were made in our compromised local media. This was, of course, nothing new. Big money was riding on the defeat of independent city government here, and as we have seen in the past, mere bagatelles such as truth and ethics were not something that ever got in the way of the kinds of Sacramento-style attack politics used by these individuals.

But in what was a rather bizarre move that more than a few suspect was orchestrated by the Downtown Investors Club, many of the attacks being leveled were against the sitting Mayor of Sierra Madre, MaryAnn MacGillivray. Someone who was not on the ballot. And even after the election was over, the onslaught didn't end. It is as if they thought that by continuing to lay on such abuse they could force her to resign.

Today we will be discussing an ugly and false accusation of negligence in office made against Mayor MacGillivray. One that has now, thanks to the hard work of outraged Sierra Madre residents, willing witnesses, plus one very thorough attorney, been thoroughly debunked. Why the out of town individuals responsible for publishing this garbage believe they can continue to function here in this manner defies logic. And questions remain as to who their local enablers might be.

The letter reproduced below - which is the combined work of several angered residents - was originally intended for mailing to The Sierra Madre Weekly and publication there. But as that publication has shown itself to be an unreliable and unprofessional venue, it was forwarded to The Tattler by Mayor MacGillivray for publication here instead. Which we are more than glad to do.

April 16, 2010

To: Terry Miller (Sierra Madre Weekly 124 E. Chestnut Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016), and Michael Bamberger

Dear Father Bamberger and Mr. Miller;

In the Sierra Madre Weekly newspaper, April 15, 2010, Michael Bamberger was reported to have asserted certain facts about Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray, as reported on page 10, as follows:

"According to Bamberger, a priest (sic) and long-time Sierra Madre firefighter, events witnessed during the 1991 earthquake in Sierra Madre caused him and many others to have 'lost all respect for MacGillivray.' According to Bamberger, MacGillivray and other council members at the time were on some sort of retreat when the earthquake hit town. Upon learning of her hometown's serious quake which caused extensive damage, the then city councilmember MacGillivray returned to check on the status of only her own home before promptly returning to the retreat without attending to the emergency. She and the council did not declare a state of emergency to qualify for emergency government money and the fire department's hands were tied with the limited resources on hand. 'It took weeks for us to even have a Declaration of Emergency,' said Bamberger."

This is information that is false and specifically intended by you to tarnish the reputation of Mayor MacGillivray. We believe you intentionally stated facts that you knew were inaccurate because the true facts are as follows:

According to the Sierra Madre News, published on Thursday. July 4, 1991, following the Friday, June 28, 1991 Sierra Madre earthquake:

Sierra Madre City Council and Los Angeles County declared the area an emergency area the same day - The News called the Governor's office and was told by the deputy press secretary that the governor (Pete Wilson) is still waiting to gather all the data from the Office of Emergency Services. They will assess the extent of the damage and inform the governor.

The Mayor of Sierra Madre was Andrew Roy Buchan and the Mayor Pro Tem was Gary Adams.

The following week's Sierra Madre News published an account of the emergency meeting that took place in the City Council chambers on July 5, 1991, as follows: State, Local Officials Attempt to Solve Earthquake Problems - Those officials who met Friday at Sierra Madre City Hall to discuss alternatives to solving some of the communities' cleanup problems since the June 28 earthquake and the ensuing aftershocks were Robert Bartlett, Mayor of Monrovia; Assemblyman Dick Mountjoy; Richard Andrews, state deputy director of the Office of Emergency Services; Sierra Madre Mayor Andrew Roy Buchan; Assemblyman Rusty Arelas and State Senator Newton Russell.

Mr. Bamberger, you have falsely stated that it took weeks for the declaration of an emergency to take place under the clear implication that this was a result of a failure of Mrs. MacGillivray. This is false. The City Council declared an emergency the same day as the earthquake. One week after the earthquake, the city was hosting a meeting of six principals from local and state agencies, lead by Mayor Andrew Roy Buchan. It was at this meeting that the city received word that Governor Pete Wilson declared the state of emergency the day before (reported in the Star News, July 6, 1991).

In your attack on MaryAnn MacGillivray you have failed to acknowledge that she was just beginning her second year of her first term in office. As a City Councilmember without portfolio as Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem, she had no ability or duty to perform any affirmative acts to achieve the declaration of emergency, which was declared on the same day anyway. The State's declaration of emergency was announced to the City representatives on Friday, July 6, 1991, which was only 1 week after the earthquake.

In fact, you have distorted a few facts involving the day of the earthquake. The true and complete facts are that the entire City Council was attending a conference of the Independent Cities Association (not a "retreat") in Rancho Bernardo. Because the damage at Mrs. MacGillivray's home required rectifying and necessary clean up, she was perforce left at her home for a period of time during which the other council members decided to return to City Hall and pass a resolution to declare an emergency. This action was unknown to her until she was picked up again because in those days (19 years ago) people did not all have cell phones and many of the telephones were out. The Council then returned - together - to the conference to finish the City's business the next day.

Hopefully the information presented here has cleared this unfortunate matter up.

Signatories to this letter include: Tommy Ann Miller, Carol Parker, Don Watts, Shirley Moore, Melissa Thew, John Crawford, John Hermann, John Shear, Diane Shear, Sherry Robison, Fay Angus, Anna Laws, Marge Bourgeois, Lee Cline, Gary Hood, Barbara Cline, Barbara Leigh, David Darbyshire, Michael Howard, Pat Alcorn, De Alcorn, Teryl Willis, Deb Sheridan.

Research was done by Caroline Brown. Caroline has on file the pertinent Sierra Madre News and Pasadena Star News articles cited in the letter. Those interested in receiving copies of the cited articles are encouraged to send their name and address to The Tattler via SGVTattler @


  1. This MUST be read at the next City Council meeting during Public Comment. Since the incoming council and their supporters basks in civility and the truth, I am sure they will want the truth known.

  2. The behavior of those supporting Mosca and his tag alongs
    this election was disgraceful. I have never seen such an ugly
    campaign in this town, and that is saying a lot.

  3. Many evil people hide behind religion. Bamburger is no exception. He owes the Mayor, the residents of Sierra Madre, and his church a public apology.

  4. Gosh, Snidely Whiplash, how long has that been? But totally appropriate for the Black Hat designation. Where, oh where, is Dudley Do-Right? We know that MaryAnn is being lashed to the railroad tracks...

  5. Father Bamburger is quite an example of both the upright Christian lifestyle and forgiveness. That he speaks falsely about something that happened almost 20 years ago is a true revelation.

  6. Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray has been a dedicated volunteer and public servant to Sierra Madre for decades.
    The defaming of her by Bamberger and Miller and Henderson and their pals is despicable.

    MaryAnn MacGillivray is a gift to this town.
    It's absolutely shameful what has been to this fine lady.

    All you fools, and/or crooks who voted for Mosca, Moron and Walsh will soon find you have destroyed your town. Congratulations.
    You are what's wrong with this country.

  7. Considering some members of Bamburger's congregation.Stockley - Buchanan....
    Is Bamburger preaching to the choir or is he taking his orders from them? He should have nothing against the mayor, but the some members of his congregation sure do.

  8. Terry Miller needs to be sued.
    What he wrote was not freedom of the press, it was an outright lie.

  9. What the Weekly published as truth goes beyond all reasoning. It was an ugly hit piece based on nothing but lies. Is this the kind of garbage people like Bamburger were passing around as truth during the election?

  10. I am deeply disappointed in Father Bamburger. He owes the community an explanation at the least, and an apology to MaryAnn MacGillivray if it turns out to be fact.

    The assault on Mrs. MacGillivray by the SMVFD was relentless during the election. It was in fact despicable.

    Ultimately it is the residents of the SMVFD that fund the volunteers - because they serve as volunteers does not mean there are not expenses connected with the department.

    I will not lookly kindly on their requests in the future.

  11. Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?

  12. terry miller is as much as a journalist as my 10 year old kid and my kid has better writing skills

    obviously, the pay scale is pretty low at both the weekly and the mt wilson papers

  13. The pay scale at the fish wrappers is that you get to see your name in print. Unfortunately for those no life losers that is a real big deal.

  14. The people of Sierra Madre should be sickened and ashamed by what's happened in this town.
    It's the Luciferic inversion, turn truth into falsehood, falsehood into truth.

    Michael Bamberger should be defrocked. He is a disgrace to the Christian religion.

    The yellow jounalists who pimp for Mosca and Bart Doyle and the rest of the gangsters in this town.....may the same as you've given come back on you and then some.

    To MaryAnn MacGillivray:
    You are truly the best friend Sierra Madre ever had. God Bless you and your family.
    Thank you for your sevice to this community!
    The majority here do not deserve you.

  15. According to the Episcopal Diocese of LA site, Rev Canon Bamberger was the trainer for a misconduct prevention training class November 2008 held at his church in Sierra Madre, apparently a certificate is good for 5 years and must be renewed. You would think a man like that would not participate in politics let alone slander a sitting mayor with disinformation, or downright lies. Perhaps someone should send a copy of this to them. Maybe he will get his little certificate revoked. The phone listed for them is 213-482-2040 with an address of 840 Echo Park Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026 you can see this by searching the word Bamberger in the official site.

  16. Mary Ann is a class act!Brilliant,accomplished parliamentarian,intellectually honest and with elan. she will be missed by those observers who had hoped the citizens of Sierra Madre would see through the maze of misinformation and pressures offered up by the "Regional Central Planning commissions"directed by Sacramento to redo our communities.The citizen,although surrounded by communities which have become blighted through over development chose to select representatives who will submit "The Village" down this road.Mary Ann and her colleagues Watts and Zimmerman held back the Special Interest forces doggedly placing the true interest of the community first.
    One can only shutter at the direction the incoming CC will take!Hello Monrovia,Pasadena and what is left of the valley.

  17. It is sad to think that this is how
    elections are won in Sierra Madre.
    We are living in corrupt and dismal

  18. In law, defamation—also called calumny, vilification, slander (for spoken words), and libel (for written or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group...

    It appears that Terry Miller and the Sierra Madre Weekly is guilty of libel, as well as Bill Coburn and Susan Henderson.

    Bill, we know you read the Tattler. Weigh in on this issue. If MaryAnn MacGillivray has been libeled as a result of Bamberger's statements shouldn't the be issuing some sort of retraction?

    Susan, this seems an important opportunity to set the record straight, as any principaled community newspaper publisher would want to do.

  19. shocking, shocking, let's round up the usual suspects of lies, half truths and down right slander. How about it Susan, Bill and Terry, are you going to make things right (too late for the election, however) or are you going to all walk off in the sunset scott free?

  20. Mayor MacGillivray,
    please move to Arcadia and run for our City Council.
    We would appreciate you, even if so many dummies in Sierra Madre don't.

    Keep fighting SCAG and Sacramento for us all!


  21. Has anyone been listening to the John and Ken Show, or Tim Conway Jr. on KFI am.?

    There has been a lot of talk about how corrupt the Dept. of Water and Power is in L.A. County.

    Our disgraceful ex-mayor, Bart Doyle was responsible for the DWP putting a pipeline up on Grandview, allegedly for "emergencies".
    Right, no mention of Stonehouse and hillside development.

    The ONLY two residents of Sierra Madre who got up and spoke against this travesty were MaryAnn MacGillivray and Linda Thornton, probably the two of the smartest residents of Sierra Madre.
    Of course, Kurt Zimmerman and Don Watts caught on...voted against this.....Joe Mosca cast his first traitorous vote for development.

    You people who think you have a council who will work for you, are crazy. Mosca, Buchanan, Moran and Walsh are even a worse council than Buchanan, Joffe, Stockley, and Torres were, if that's possible.....yes, Sierra Madre, it is possible and just you wait........

    If MacGillivray leaves the council, the average IQ drops below room temperature. MaryAnn is the ONLY one keeping it up to at least a mediocre level.

    The integrity would drop to the level of serial killers and newspaper "jounalists" in Sierra Madre.

  22. I wonder how Sierra Madreans who voted for the Moscateer slate will feel when they find they were lied to by the SMVFD, their new Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem, and by the sitting councilman Buchanan, as well as Coburn, Henderson, Hamilton, Birdsall (the new Iguana Queen), the, the Sierra Madre Weekly, and the Mountain Views News.

    How will they feel driving on their newly slurry sealed streets with millions of dollars in indebtedness?

    Will the sight of condominiums on the corner of Baldwin and Sierra Madre and across from City Hall make it all worthwhile?

    Pieces of silver if you ask me.

  23. So Tattler, hows about you debunk the campaign lies one at a time?
    Today the earthquake incompetence slander, another day the anti-fire dept. slander. another day, the anti-police department slander, and maybe a repeat performance of the anti-library slander, with that ostrich picture.

  24. Didn't Dr. S. post after the election the advice to start a legal fund?
    I think the good doctor meant for action against the soon-to-be council, but how about a fund to prosecute the recent cases of libel?
    Any lawyerly minds want to make a suggestion about that?

  25. So who will be the "Hate Week" pinup in the Weekly this Thursday?

  26. 1:15, is that feasible - nobody has a lot of extra money right now. Libel is tough to prove, at least according to the movies. It sure would be nice to see some of the liars brought to justice.

  27. I wonder if this is what it feels like to live under a dictatorship? All the papers printing pretty much the same lies, the uniformed services actively hostile, and the public completely alienated, bamboozled, and uninvolved.

  28. Feel sorry for Mac Gillivray..she is now surrounded by a Twit,a Wind Bag,a Hoofer and a Buffoon.This should be great fodder for the Tattler!

  29. 1:23 pm, don't be disingenuous. Are you under curfew? Who do you know that has been arrested and held without charges? Have the schools been closed? Are women forbidded to go out unescorted by a male family member?



  31. Monday morning quarterbackApril 26, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    Here's an interesting twist - the primary technique used by the Downtown Investment Club members was accusing the slow growth side of attacking, all the while implementing calculated libel. This was the same formula they used in the Measure V campaign. Why did they lose that one and win this one?

  32. The surest sign of a dictatorship is when the legislative body never debates any issues and always reaches consensus.

    Hmmmmmm, why does that sound familiar.

  33. Don't give the local media credit by calling them "the papers". They may be all that are available but they have no journalistic standing or integrity. They are a sell out to the highest bidder.

  34. 1:20. I'm guessing it will be Kurt Zimmerman that gets bashed. After all, he was instrumental in drafting and putting Measure V on the ballot, under his admin the audits were finally completed and he displayed real leadership during the Santa Anita Fire.

    It would be like the DIRTS to bash one of the town's greatest leaders.

  35. A strange town that honors one of its greatest leaders, Kurt Zimmerman, by electing two candidates -- Mosca and Moran -- who oppose everything the Kurt stands for.

  36. OK, so maybe 1:23 went too far, but there's a point about the "papers" - for the uninformed citizen & we got a whole lot of those - picking up a local "paper" round election time & seeing smears presented as news - it might be one of the factors that let the pro-development folks win.
    All the "papers" said the same thing, and that fact is like a dictatorship - which makes the Tattler, the resistance.

  37. 1:29, got the wind bag and the hoofer, but twit and buffoon seem equally applicable.
    We will indeed be seeing a woman of great integrity and intelligence amidst others not as gifted as she, that's for sure. It might work well for her though that they will not know that is the case.

  38. Sierra Madre for some years had a culture of "Gangsterism"A City in control of a cabal who looked at the community and saw the possibilities for pillage and plunder.Four years ago there was a sliver of hope for all of us who enjoyed the community with it's uniqueness.Our hopes were realized with the election of a very talented and accomplished lady.It looked as if we had the hoodlums in check.Regretfully now the "Shenanigan years" are with us again.It is possible the poor economy will delay their plans and enable us to bring back a truly Pro Sierra Madre policy instead of what the Investor want.

  39. Methinks churches in Sierra Madre worship investments,capital and real estate development instead of the Almighty!

  40. I fail to understand the gain they may have seen from a juvinile stunt such as this. It is a sad, little man that cooks up lies for a living.
    I am an ordained minister in california as well, and on that level alone I am disgusted.

    Neuroblast Films

  41. 2:08, do not confuse good, God-fearing church going people with the few who worship the almighty dollar and sell their souls for a few pieces of silver.

    It is the realtors and development interests, and their attorneys who are the enemy. True, it is difficult to distinguish the wolves from the sheep when they're all at the Villa sipping wine, or at the various civic organizations and arts fairs with their wallets and pocket books open to support the kids and the seniors.

    They walk among us; they want us to think they are us.


  42. I think the pipeline under Grandview has been there longer than most of us have been alive

  43. Some worship the Almighty Dollar.
    Some want to overpower the town with their huge expansion.
    Some just hide behind the cloth and lie.

  44. Fan of the Crawford Manly ManApril 26, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    In his opinion piece April 7, 2010 titled "oh the crimes they are a changing", Mr. Miller used the words slander and libel, character assassination, and calls for punishment, of said individuals.

    Thank you to all who worked on this retort.

    Critical and calloused Mr. Miller better trot over to the firemens station himself and partake of the volunteerism, he deemed as suitable punishment for some other folks.

    Extremely tasty and satisfying story dear editor
    If I were Ms. Mary Mayor, I would appreciate it.

    Mr. C that is a great face!!!

  45. fair memory skillsApril 26, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    2:24, the night Bart Doyle spoke for the hook up with the MWD and the council went for it was the night that ended 75 years of SM water independence.

  46. To the person who keeps asking who wrote the letter:

    Research was compiled by Caroline Brown. Caroline has on file the pertinent Sierra Madre News and Pasadena Star News articles cited in the letter.

    Send your name and address to the blog website and copies of these articles will be sent to you.

  47. WELL, the light falls on and exposes the liars for what they are yet again, but too late for this election cycle. My only hope is that those who voted for this slate soon realize the grave error they have committed and take the necessary action to correct it. We don't HAVE to be stuck with these criminals for four years; there is at least one weapon left in the citizens' arsenal - RECALL. I don't expect much from Mosca, Moran and Walsh but the very worst of development industry support. Perhaps they'll show their hand early into their terms and we can end the suffering of Sierra Madre before it truly begins...

  48. Mary Ann MacGillivray was a gift to the residents of Sierra Madre, along with Kurt Zimmerman and Don Watts. Together they fought for Sierra Madre's best interests against the monster at our gates - the development industry. Walsh, Moran and Mosca will throw those gates open wide and embrace the monster because they are all kin to it. As often is the case, people don't know what they've got until they lose it...

  49. Bamberger is a disgrace to the Episcopal order and the Christian religion. Thou shalt not lie, reverend, remember?

  50. GOOD GOD um..old kentucky get a grip!

  51. I guess the Sierra Madre Weekly hasn't had an editor since Katina Dunn left the paper.

    At least Katina would let an opposing viewpoint be written, but she'd insist that basic facts, current revelance and accuracy would be required, something Miller must have flunked at in remedial Journalism at PCC or PHS.

    I make a point to pick up a copy of the weekly and the observer each week and drop it in the trash.

    If we'd all do the same, one paper at a time, Miller's journalism would land where in the belongs, in the garbage.

    Obviously the paper is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to writers.

  52. Bamberger is a disgrace to the people of Sierra Madre.

  53. PCC and PHS both have excellent Journalism programs. Far more likely that Miller is simply a poor writer trying to make a name for himself.

  54. A Woman who KnowsApril 26, 2010 at 5:10 PM

    Bamberger is just like his founder, the great Henry VIII, did whatever he wanted for the power. One of the great narcissists who never cared about GOD, JESUS, women, children or his people. It was always about himself. He created a world to live in for himself, knowing that he would never be held accountable.

    The world has not changed much in the past 500 years, OH, except for his lovely daughter, who created much beauty and harmony for 57 years on the throne... Leave it to a woman....yes, Maryann....with all of your grace and charm. We are behind you every second...

  55. Bamberger is a disgrace to the Sierra Madre Volunteer Fire Department, not the people of Sierra Madre. He is an embarrassment to the Church of the Ascension and an example of a man of God who comes to believe he is above humility and the word of God. He has become an example to Sierra Madre of a man who's word no longer rings true.

  56. Last week George Mauer and I were talking with Joe Mosca. I told Joe how upsetting it was having 2 local papers writing about homophobia in Sierra Madre. Joe said you can't stop people from writing what they want. I asked Joe if he had any problems in town and he said no, as he left he told me to keep up the fight. Think of how embarrassing to live or be employed in a town where your family and friends read about such irrational hatred. How can you ever respect anyone who writes or prints such outrageous lies, you can't.

  57. Got it. Have your allies stir up the pot about homophobia and then "Sierra Madre is being mean to me"

    I'm sorry, but I have to excuse myself and go throw up

  58. Tomorrow night a new controlling faction of our City Council will be seated.

    The Fly, The Blowhard, and the Bobbleheads.

  59. By not being outraged at what the local papers wrote about homophobia and demanding that the papers either prove what they wrote or retract it...
    Joe Mosca condoned it by what he said.
    His silence speaks volumes about who he really is and what he stands for.

  60. Oh, it will be so civil. No walking out and having a ceremony at the Congregational Church for these folks. The Council Chamber will be awash in joyous outpourings as the Downtown Investor's Club take back City Hall.

  61. You mean to suggest that Joe Mosca is dishonest?

    I'm stunned! Didn't you know that making adult judgements about the character of politicians is uncivil?

  62. Isn't anyone going to demand a public apology of Bamberger and Miller? This is a SMALL town....every citizen deserves to know the truth with the EVIDENCE!!!

    We all complain. Now let's hold them responsible!!!

    They are in the public light, on the pulpit,and a newspaper writer, they are not beyond reproach. They are guilty. They must be held responsible. Especially Bamberger. He is held up as a role model to children.

    Both of them need to have their photo taken and the story by you, Sir Eric on the front page of several newspapers.

    They have been craving attention. Be careful what you pray for....

  63. Are the new council persons being sworn in at the meeting? That is an excellant time to go watch. All the friends who supported them as in the developers, power movers, etc will be there to share and gloat. This is a good time to go and take pictures and see who is slapping whose back.

  64. Ah yes, the traders at the Temple Mount, counting their pots of gold.

  65. channel 3 watcherApril 26, 2010 at 8:09 PM

    It will be interesting to see all those people who have rearely been at council meetings for the last two years.

  66. Yeah, it'll be packed with celebrants tomorrow night, but check back again in a month or two.

  67. Gary,

    Joe Mosca linked all those articles written by Mr. Miller and Ms. Henderson on his website! He titled it "Press" did Joe support them? YES HE DID!

  68. Birds of a feather, as they say...


    According to this file, the state of emergency was not declared until July 5, 1991. This is a file from the County of Los Angeles, Office of Emergency Management.

  70. 8:54 I didn't know that, just don't have time to read all of what's going on, no wonder he was in such a hurry to leave, That is even more disgusting, some people have no shame. Unfortunately many people can't or don't want to see the truth, well, they will have the next 4 years to see the truth.

  71. Poor Jesus, He must be so tired of being so used and abused and over-televangized and over-dramatized.

    Please, leave him time to help the children of Haiti and not the bad boys of Sierra Madre. He is too fed up with all your shenanigans.

  72. 9:44 - which meshes nicely with this passage from the letter:

    "One week after the earthquake, the city was hosting a meeting of six principals from local and state agencies, lead by Mayor Andrew Roy Buchan. It was at this meeting the the city received word that Governor Petre Wilson had declared a state of emergency the day before (reported in the Star News, July 6, 1991.)

  73. Thanks to Caroline's research--and one week prior, the same day of the earth quake, the City Council, made a declaration of local emergency, upon coming back to Sierra Madre from the conference. Bamberger's goal was to smear of MaryAnn MacGillivray, and the candidates she supported, by saying the City Council did nothing for weeks--this is the lie.

  74. simple yet effective suggestion, every time you pass by a Weekly or Observer display stand, pick up a copy and throw that copy in the trash

    legally, I can throw I believe I can pick up 10 at a time and do with whatever I like, I like to throw them away

    put Miller where his so called writing belongs, in the garbage

    remedial journalism at best, only a hack editor would allow an article that has multiple factual errors and opinions to be published

  75. I believe, 7:54 am, that the term is tabloid journalism. The editor of the Weekly is interested in boosting readership, not promoting factual reporting.

  76. Great suggestion 7:54!

    I like the way you think!

  77. morning AnonymousApril 27, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    7:54, I disagree with your suggestion. People need to come to the awareness that they are being lied to - that the campaign was won on lies - and one of the greatest strengths of the slow growth people is the way we value transparency.
    Let all their lies receive the widest coverage possible.

  78. Newspaper owners find themselves in the same position that developers do - their businesses are on the way out. The people involved must be anxious all the time, looking for the next place to jump.
    PSN has an interesting article about the 6 (yes six) story development in Monterey Park. Check it out, halve it & imagine that at the Howies corner - John Buchanan's dream come true.

  79. . . . as in Beth Buck's Vanity newsletter, so goes the MVN'eeuws' and the Weakly down the path of lousy, ludicrous, lies for self-agrandisement.

  80. Regarding the homophobia discussion, the first time I saw anything about it was in an interview Mosca gave that was printed in the Arcadia Weekly. It was Mr. Mosca who said it, according to the paper. If it was not, he had better ask for a retraction.