Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some Interesting Letters to the Sierra Madre Weekly

All sorts of interesting comments in the latest Sierra Madre Weekly. The frantic over-the-top reaction of Joe Mosca and his allies in print to some recent politically inconvenient voter comments continues to echo through this town, and woe to those who would even dare to question the Councilman's record in office. Which is what this is all really about. Joe doesn't handle criticism very well, so much so that he has apparently sanctioned a kind of scorched earth campaign of retribution. Which is as much an indictment of his character as anything that was said at our most recent City Council meeting.

There were some letters to The Weekly from folks that have seen past the hysteria, and I thought I should point them out here. This current - and rather desperate - political gambit of the Mosca campaign might not be resonating in quite the fashion Joe intended, probably because much of what he and his surrogates have had to say wasn't based in fact. A lot of it being, as in the case of Hail Hamilton, typified by schoolyard taunts, addled conjecture, and some rather silly name-calling. I guess Joe had to play with the hand he was dealt, jokers and all.

Here are the opinions of some hardy souls who were brave enough to stand up to The Big Smear. Just like the town itself, Sierra Madreans always seem to see through the muck.

Mr. Crawford has never pointed out Mr. Mosca's sexual preferences, and quite frankly they have no place in any campaign. It's ironic to me that you would state that Mr. Mosca believes that there is a "homophobic smear campaign" against him. The only time I have read "homophobic" was in an article YOU wrote about Mr. Crawford. If that isn't innuendo, I don't know what is.

Politics are not always kind. Take a look at Whitman and Poizner going at it everyday. Obama and McCain weren't any better. I honestly believe that no one cares about Mr. Mosca's sexual preferences; we only care about our town and his commitment. Plain and simple.

You and Hail and everyone else are no better in regards to the "nasty comments" and mean spirited attacks. Mr. Mosca is on tape telling an elderly citizen to "get a life." Watch it, it's on U-Tube. Folks are not voting on Mr. Mosca's sexual preferences; no they are voting on the promises he BROKE four years ago. It's as simple as that. - Richard

-------- -

OK, I just read the Sierra Madre Weekly and Terry Miller's attack on Mr. Crawford. I have a few comments. First, I have always liked Mr. Miller, thought he took some fantastic photos, and I've always admired Mr. Crawford for his straight-forward approach to his writing. If memory serves me correctly; the Sierra Madre Weekly used Mr. Crawford's (Eric Maundry's) articles all the time. Interesting that when it worked for them they were all for it. Now that Mr. Crawford is running for office for City Council, they don't want anything to do with him! Politics at its best!

Terry, the Cumquat was not a "parody" as you put it, but an obscene, infantile attack on well respected folks. Do you really think Ms. Angus enjoyed the "parody" against her?

Let us not forget that this is all about free speech. I voted for Joe Mosca because I believed he was going to preserve our town. I didn't know he was a gay American and truth be told, I wouldn't have cared. I still would have voted for him. I can guarantee you that on April 13, Mr. Mosca will not have my vote and it is NOT because he is a gay American, it's because I think we need someone else who can preserve our town. It's too bad that Mr. Mosca has decided to throw "homophobic" into the mix, or maybe you did that, Terry. I honestly expected more from both of you. I'm voting for Crawford, Alcorn, and Watts. Thank you all for running. - Sarah

--------- -

The Mayor allowed Paul Hovespian to ramble on and on and on. During her term as mayor, MacGillivray has rarely limited public comment time. No speaker spoke for fifteen minutes. Get your facts straight. Why wasn't the Mayor interviewed for this article? Our Council members should act as adults and be able to take criticism. - Trevor

--------- -

Bwahaha! Joe will do anything to avoid talking about his lousy record in office. Even play the "homophobia" card. The scoundral has no shame whatsoever. - El Kabong

--------- -

It is disappointing that your paper has accused Mr. Mosca of injecting baseless and irrelevant charges of homophobia into a city council election. I am confident you misquoted him. - RDLM

--------- -

Why is it when someone feels they are part of a "minority" (gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc) and they don't get their way, they play the "card?" In this case Joe is playing the "gay card." The people that spoke at the City Council meeting had all voted for him in 2006. People were mad because Mr. Mosca sought the endorsement of the Democratic Party. Candidates in our local elections do not and have never sought endorsements from political parties. - Mosca Voter 2006

--------- -

Wow Hail, you admittedly don't know "much about John Crawford," but you can go on such a personal attack? SHAME ON YOU! Do your home work. Mr. Crawford cares about this town. He's been at every city council meeting. Where were you? Oh, that's right, you had a column to write.

John has a real, respectable job. I really can't say the same thing about Mr. Josh Moran. He was quoted as being an "account executive" of what? I did some investigation. What I discovered is that he either does reverse mortgages or is in some kind of real estate. Either way, they seem to be quite a conflict of interest for our city council.

It's AMAZING that you can sit back and claim that John is the "biggest blowhard" because you don't agree with him - seems to me it makes you just as big of an "egotistical delusional blowhard" for your own column. Funny how that works, isn't it?

If you dislike the way things are done, I suggest next election you take out papers to run for city council. But I doubt you have what it takes. - Tom

One of the problems with running a scorched earth campaign as the one Mr. Mosca launched is that there is always a significant chance for blowback. And with a little more than a week to go before election day, that is now apparently the headwind he finds himself walking into. That Joe should disingenuously insinuate to the world that this town is a bastion of intolerance because it suits his narrow political purposes is just plain wrong. We voted for him in near record numbers in 2006, an election where his vote total far surpassed all other candidates. Is this the thanks we get?

Oh, and for the record, I too voted for Joe in 2006. The worst I have ever cast.


  1. Casting a well thought out vote is the most important thing you can do in a Democracy. Have no doubt, this election is truly one of the most important in Sierra Madre history. Vote Alcorn, Crawford and Watts!

  2. People in this town are a lot smarter than Joe seems to give them credit for.

  3. The writer who said the 4 people who spoke against Joe ( Longest speech 5 minuets) at the last city council meeting was correct.

    All four of these people not only voted for Joe, they contributed money to his campaign, they campaigned for him and everyone of them had his campaign sign in their yards.

    One of the four actually had a Democratic Party canvasser come to their door. So, yes, this was/is happening.

    Joe sought and bought the Democratic Party endorsement. This was the final straw for those he had betrayed.

    This is why all four of them got up and protested this despicable campaign tactic of Mosca's.

    National political party politics has NO PLACE in non-partisan City Council elections here in Sierra Madre. That is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
    This is also the THIRD time it has happened.

    Joe Mosca has brought more divisiveness to Sierra Madre than any other person in recent memory, include the "shady" Bart Doyle.

    He needs to be defeated in this coming election.

    Vote for anyone else, but don't vote for Joe Mosca, he has done nothing to earn your vote!

    I'm supporting John Crawford, Pat Alcorn and Mayor Pro-tem Don Watts. I hope you all will too.

  4. The only "smear" in this campaign is the one Joe leveled against Sierra Made. And he did it in a paper that has our name on it but comes from Monrovia. What a destructive child he is.

  5. Hopefully everyone's memory is as long as the people I have been talking to in town. Everyone I have spoken to going door to door calls him a traitor and they are voting on Tuesday.

  6. Joe is going to have a lot of real estate agents mad at him because only one will be chosen to list his house when he looses the election.

    Anyone want to start up a "pool" to guess the date his house goes on the market?

  7. Mosca hates the people of Sierra Madre. If he didn't
    how could be be saying such things?

  8. Sierra Madre voted solidly against Measure 8 in 2008, the Gay Marriage ban! I would like someone to post the actual vote count so this nonsense about Sierra Madre being anti-gay can be put to rest once and for all and Joe Mosca can be defeated April 13 for being an ordinary campaign promiss breaker that caused a greater split in this town than anything ever before. Nothing more, nothing less.

  9. Face Book WatcherApril 3, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    Just in from the Moran Face Book Campaign pages: Josh Moran is exhorting his followers to glory for a final push against the enfant terrible, John Crawford, using talking points from Bill Coburn, and Terry Miller.

    Under cover of the battle royale being waged against the Tattler on Joe Mosca's behalf, Moran groupies are tut tutting the homophobic broadside lobbed by Terry Miller and keeping up the momentum in scurrilous posts to the Tattler. Moran figures if the Tattler is busy defending itself against Moscateers there's no time to delve into his shady real estate past.

    Where is Mrs. Walsh in all of this? Rumor has it she's busy trying to figure out her FPPC filings. Her 25 years of experience in business has not prepared her for the real world of local politics. Typical of Buchanan's expertise is matters political he picked a loser.

    The Crawford campaign is alive and well walking the neighborhoods of Sierra Madre, returning calls to voters who has asked for a phone conversation, and delivering yard signs to supportive voters who realize just how important this election is to our way of life in Sierra Madre.

    Vote on April 13th for Alcorn, Crawford, and Watts!

  10. Josh is a sad figure. Reduced to regurgitating the bald faced lies of a Cumquat contributer. Oh wait, wasn't he one, too?

  11. May people seem to have forgotten that in Ms. McGillivray last turn on the City Council that SHE was the one that brought up the issue of "definiton of marriage" as being between one man and one women.Regardless of what she said when she ran for her current term. Between that and her various positions she does seem to have something of the homphobe about her.

  12. OMG not that infirm old canard again!!!!!!!!
    It was Lambdin who did that trick ya dufus.

  13. Keep Sierra Madre Slow and SustainedApril 3, 2010 at 3:04 PM

    It is not about a person's sexuality. It is about their character. Joe is not fit to lead anyone. He has proven that by his record. Nor is Josh.

    Wake up People. It is your town. This is serious. You want a little town with big empty buildings. And power hungry people on the City Council who care about themselves.

    I did not think so.

    Vote for Watts, Alcorn and Crawford

  14. A Question for all the DIRTS....

    What does sexual preference have to do with a politicians voting record?

    And please, just facts. Thank you.

  15. Well, don't forget Joe has played the gay card in the past and it may have worked for him. Remember when the recall petition was circulating. Suddenly there was a bunch of murmuring about homophobia and backlash and prejudice, etc. This was the Gay Card being played to deflect from his dismal, abysmal record.

    I will never forget the first time he acted exactly contrary to his campaign promises--it was the night he was sworn in!! Yikes, the air was still reverberating with the oath of office. All those misguided souls who voted for him and the others were begging to have them sworn in that night so that the previous council members wouldn't vote in favor of the water connection with Arcadia. And Joe did anyway!! Horrible betrayal, so publicly done and has never been changed over all these years. Gay? Don't insult my gay friends. This has nothing to do with anything and the fact that he's raising it again and again tell me that he's DESPERATE--and he should be.

    This isn't about sexual preference it's about the preference to lie and betray your supporters and act against the wishes of your constituents.

  16. Joe Mosca insulted all the people of Sierra Madre with his charge of "homophobia".
    This is an outrageous lie. He needs to apologize to the people of this town, he needs to apologize for his rude and unprofessional behavior at the dais. He needs to apologize to Mayor MacGillivray for his sophomoric behavior and rudeness.
    In fact, Joe Mosca needs to withdraw from the council race.
    He is not fit to serve.
    Josh Moran is related to realtors, his a realtor, and is also not fit to serve.
    Nancy Walsh is a puppet of Buchanan and not qualified to serve.

    Let's see, that leaves Mayor Pro-tem Watts, John Crawford and Pat Alcorn.
    All dedicated volunteers who really do love this town and serve with service hearts, just like our Mayor, MaryAnn MacGillivray.

    Let's move forward with a winning platform and a winning team.

    CRAWFORD........WATTS..........ALCORN.....for the people, not special interests!

    Just a reminder to vote YES to STOP EMINENT DOMAIN in Sierra Madre. Measure ED....YES.

    No matter who you decide to vote for, please exercise your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO VOTE, Sierra Madre.
    It's important and it's your sacred duty.

    Happy Easter and God Bless and protect us all.

  17. don't cha just love the local wind bags who are writing for insignificant media and because nobody else will write for peanuts or free, all of a sudden, the photographer for the Weakly is a journalist?

    We all know if you have a pulse and can put two sentences together and will write what the Idioter....I mean Editor will approve and work for too can be a writer for the Weekly or the Whatever

    the only card being dealt to Joe is the "lack of talent" card

  18. Or the poster claiming to be a "Lifelong Canyonite" who we all recognize as the Jar Jar Binks of the senior dating crowd trying to impress yet another aging chicklet with his prose.


  19. Sometimes you have to wonder if Mosca is running for the City Council or Town Diva. The fellow is just drama 24/7.

  20. I'm appalled that someone I voted for four years ago( as is everyone who did or didn't vote for him) is calling the Sierra Madreans homophobic. That is like, "so last year'"Hmmmmm, seems like we could call him heterophobic. How 'bout if we just call us "disappointed." Unfortunately, the more he talks the more he's convincing people he's being rather vindictive against the very people he expects to vote for him. Is this his way to concede?????

  21. I think for Mosca to portray himself in newspaper interviews as married with a kid, then publicly accuse Sierra Madre residents of homophobia when they even mention that he openly lives with his partner is a vicious setup of the worst kind. He's the one playing into the homophobic game for political purposes, regardless of the smear it creates on a community that went against Prop 8.

    It's ugly beyond description. And this is how you get residents to vote for you to represent them? I don't think so.

  22. Good Morning Tattlers!
    Neuroblast Films here, just wanted to say "the Jar Jar Binks of the senior dating crowd " was very funny and was just what I needed to start my day. Thanks!
    Neuroblast Films

  23. I hear the delighted squeals of my young neighbor as she discovers the eggs the Easter bunny has hidden for her to find. I'm reminded of the innocence of childhood. I'm reminded of the safety of family. I'm reminded of the love of parents for their children.

    On this blog, on this morning, join in the community of rejoicers for a day of celebration and renewal.

  24. Poster @ 1:15--it was the definition of family in regards to single family residence in the zoning discussions that everyone is fixated on (you are the first one to further the distortion that is was the definition of "marriage"). MaryAnn MacGillivray had a point of view that was shared by the other four city councilmembers at the time, and it was not her signature on the ordinance as mayor. Someone may remember who the mayor was at the time.

  25. Poster @ 1:15--no exista--I meant 1:53.

  26. Glenn Lambdin, who made a big stink about this so-called "Family Values Ordinance" in 2008, actually signed the document himself when he was the Mayor when it had to be run through the mill for a second time due to a glitch in the public notice process.

  27. Dr. Stacatto,

    It was actually MWD that Joe voted to have Sierra Madre connected to, the night he was sworn in.

  28. Did anyone bother to take the time and explain to Joe that mailing a postcard to arrive on Easter weekend is about as close to flushing campaign contributer cash down the toilet as you can get?

  29. Expect at least one more Joe mailer plus robo calls plus a full page color ad in the local paper plus a knock at your door.

  30. Joe always talks about how many doors he's knocked on, but you rarely meet anyone who has actually had such a visit. Given Joe's talent for reality creation, can it be we're in "urban legend" territory?

  31. Another earthquake. I hope all at the epicenter are safe and have physical and emotional care as they need. We are near-by. If people need any aid, we all should be prepared to come together and help those in need. People come first. The celebrations of Passover and Easter brings us many blessings and much to think about.

    Let us all remember how short life can be.

  32. So how prepared are you? Not to meet your maker but to ride out several days in isolation after the really big earthquake hits closer than Mexicali, Haiti or Chile. Would be really nice if our town could coax an urgent care center to the Skilled Nursing Facility. Sierra Madre may well be isolated as we sit north of the freeway (possibly collapsed underpasses) with our closest medical faciilties all to the south.

  33. 2012. Is there something to it?

  34. made a mistake & looked at the Looney ViewsApril 4, 2010 at 9:14 PM

    New round of attacks claiming attacks in the sleaziest paper in town.
    From pretend writers who aren't fit to be in the same company as Fay Angus, though she herself would have great generosity of spirit towards them. Even since the Dirts secured their ignorant selves in city politics, if someone speaks the truth in a public form, they have to be prepared to be slandered for it.

  35. Interesting 'tho, they didn't speak to any issues. Hail, Rich, Bill Coburn writing for the Mountain Views Distorted News, Pat Birdsoil? All determined to bring down the Tattler? I'm surprised they didn't resurrect Glen Lambdin for a hit piece. Where is a lucid discussion about the issues? I know Susan can spell discussion. Hail Hamilton interviewing Joe Mosca and pronouncing him Measure V'ified? Shades of Josh Moran's holy card mailer. Burnishing the halos has become a full time vocation for Susan's stable of hack writers. Are you reading this Coburn? We don't give a rat's ass for your investigative reporting!

  36. still read the papers, but not that oneApril 4, 2010 at 9:43 PM

    Dirts don't understand the concept of a discussion of issues.

  37. I loved the letters to the editor - especially the one that wrote about times of speeches - just fantasies on the letter writer's part.
    So lazy that they won't even look at a playback to check the facts!

  38. Ah lighten up. Susan performs a service for some of the rage balls in town. Better they vent their spleen in her pages than with their friends & families, yeah?
    Anybody want to bet next week's edition will star Lambdin?

  39. I think that if you have a secret and you want to make sure nobody finds out about it, hide it in Susan's paper. Believe me, noone will ever see it.

  40. Yes, I imagine Susan has been saving Blunderbuss Lambdin for the final push. He's the last nut left in the tree.

  41. That paper is such a strange stew - on the one hand there's all the charm & innocence of the local volunteer articles, the educational highlights, the weather - in short, the gentle hand of Katina Dunn. Then on the other hand, there's a twisted, vicious agenda, clumsy and brutal, and weird, weird writers who reference Hitler and dominatrices.
    That rag kind of flips from G to XX.

  42. When I read such things in the MVN I can only imagine what the internal lives of those people must be like. Hitler and sado-masochists not being exactly the kinds of things that occur to sane people.

  43. Spooky, huh?
    The hypocrisy of bullies claiming to be victims is kind of a drag too.

  44. It's very passive aggressive. You're mean, so I'm going to call you Hitler. It's political correctness on belladonna.

  45. What is going on in this town?
    Why is telling the truth about a lousy politician's actions, easily verifiable with a small amount of research, causing The Big Smear?
    I thought truth was more well regarded here.

  46. good memory skillsApril 4, 2010 at 11:09 PM

    Context, new resident. The pro-development forces are kicking and screaming as they are being forced out.
    Never should have been in control in the first place.

  47. The big developers own the local newspapers here. Which could be one of the good outcomes of this election if things go the right way. That being it would prove that our print media has no real influence anymore.

  48. Your mouth to God's ear, 11:14.