Monday, April 12, 2010

Susan Henderson's Final Campaign Whopper: LA Sheriff's Department Is Taking Over Sierra Madre

Perhaps it is a sign of just how desperate the Moscateer slate's supporters have become. Lacking any real issues to talk about, they have now resorted to having to make them up. And they just don't get more manufactured than the whopper in this morning's Mountain Views "News." This from its publisher, Harriet "Susan" Henderson:

Despite the fact that there is currently no executed contract between the city and the Sheriff's Department, within days of the request for Phase II of the proposal, LASD officers were heard making plans to transfer to Sierra Madre this summer. According to one officer who shall remain unidentified, the word has already "come down" that the Sheriff's Department will be taking over Sierra Madre. "Deputies are already trying to position themselves for assignment to Sierra Madre," said another source.

The anonymous source being, of course, one of Susan's most tedious and often used ploys. How can anyone trust a paper that seems to have such a chronic problem getting people to speak on the record?

I spoke with Sierra Madre Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray this morning, and here is her statement on Susan's claim:

This is absolutely without truth whatsoever. Not true in any way. A fantasy that borders on absurdity. The LASD is not moving in, and there is absolutely no basis for claiming it is.

City Councilman Kurt Zimmerman was equally adamant about the speciousness of Susan's claim:

The article is a fabrication. There are no plans to replace our police department with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, nor are there any plans to replace our volunteer fire fighters with a fire department from another jurisdiction.

The former Mayor then went on to say this:

In keeping with her other articles, Susan again doesn't identify by name her source.

Has the fear mongering from those supporting the Mosca Slate now reached the point where all they can do is fabricate their nonsensical claims out of thin air? Was this particular canard saved for a time when it would be impossible for the record to be set straight through a mailing pointing out the dishonesty that apparently motivated the MVN article?

Today's edition is apparently being delivered to the driveways of at least a few neighborhoods. With rains expected to arrive shortly, their fate is in doubt.

(Note: This post originally appeared on Sunday. Because of the importance of the issues raised here I've extended it for a second day.)


  1. If the L.A. sheriffs are indeed moving in here to replace what we have, it's not negative news. It's wonderful news.

  2. Once again, the Mt Views News got it wrong.
    Why doesn't she attend the Council meetings?

  3. Funny that the Moscatoons like Jumpin' Johnny Buchanan have been wailing about fear mongering. Sure looks like the hypocrisy of that camp knows no shame.

  4. But Mr. Scalzo, wouldn't you want the news to be factual, i.e. news being reported based on fact. You are a man of words. You know how they can and are used to mislead or direct people to conclusions based on falsehood. Wouldn't you want to go forward with your point of view based on the truth?

  5. That's not the point. The point is looney news cannot find an issue of her candidate Joe to talk about sensibly.

    Susan speaks with a forked tongue again. She is a very ineffective dangerous person and there is not one decent issue of Joe to talk about. Gone with you Susan and Joe. Your lies have piled up enough.

  6. Susan only attends council meetings when she has to. Like when the City Council wants to know why she can't publish on a steady schedule, or how come the legal advertising we pay for never seems to make it to the hands of the residents.

  7. Crawford, Alcorn, and Watts all support our
    Local Police Department
    Local Volunteer Fire Department
    Local Library
    Repairing our street without an expensive bond.
    Measure V
    Measure ED
    Our Seniors
    Our Youth
    Our Downtown
    Blight Ordinance
    Local Control of our city's zoning and building laws

  8. What a pathetic campaign Susan's candidates have run. And if
    they were waiting for her to bail them out, man was that tactic
    in vain. Once word gets out that Susan has just flat out lied,
    ain't nobody going to want to hear from those losers again.

  9. The people of Sierra Madre should be outraged that this Harriet Susan Henderson, known and prosecuted grifter thinks they are so dumb to believe any of her lies.
    How much did Matt and Mosca pay you to do this rag, Harriet?
    You are a joke. Mosca is a joke, but you're so despicable, no one is laughing.

    If this is not a good enough reason to take away Henderson's adjudication, I don't know what is.

  10. Joe Scalzo and Anonymous at 11:05...

    Because i think John's writings today are more on the idea that Susan has written a "non-fact" in her paper i won't get into why your bogus idea of having the Sheriffs in Sierra Madre is "wonderful news"...come visit me at LB's next week and we can chat for fun...oh and the first one is on that is WONDERFUL NEWS! :)


  11. Non-fact is a very polite way of saying it. Your posting
    manners have always been very proper, Lisa.

  12. John Crawford!

    The dirts have outdone themselves with BS.
    The card we got from you yesterday (first paragraph) You state:

    "You've probabloy heard a lot of wild talk during this election cycle. And wil April 13 almost upon us, it is only going to get a lot worse. But here is probably the most absurd canard of all. I am somehow supposeldly in favor of outsourcing our SIERRA MADRE FIRE DEPARTMENT."

    Well, John they have topped that whopper and then some.

    Only two more days until John Crawford, Don Watts and Pat Alcorn are elected to the Sierra Madre City Council.

    We still have a few yard signs left! Call me:

  13. The Sierra Madre Mountain Views is a vanity newsletter not a newspaper. How we are trapped into using it for our legals is an outrage!

  14. Not only does Henderson hardly ever attend the council meetings, neither have Moran, or Walsh, except for the last two.
    Maybe that is the reason they don't have a clue what the real issues that face our town are, and can only manufacture misinformation.

  15. supports Alcorn, Crawford and WattsApril 11, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Real news came in the form of the political mailing from Pat Alcorn--the golden colored pamphlet in the best tradition of a political mailer--where she announces new business coming to town and the expansion of a well respected medical facility.

  16. Susan has always peddled herself to the dirts as being
    the one important voice that can make a difference in
    our elections. In that she has been trading on the repu-
    tation of Katina Dunn. Yet that didn't work in 2008.
    And it isn't going to work in 2010. There will no
    longer be reason for her money sources to support her
    any more.

  17. I have yet to figure out what Moran, Walsh, and Mosca have to offer the voters of Sierra Madre.

    Mosca wants to burden the tax payers with an expensive street bond,
    Walsh wants to expand services to the seniors and youth without raising taxes. Where will the funds come from?
    Josh well he only glows and chats on Facebook.

  18. anonymous 11:07, What I seem to do best is provoke misunderstandings between myself and all you anonymouses. Never meant to imply that incorrect facts and sloppy reporting can be defended. I don't care who wrote the story or who published it. I only wish it were true

  19. Tom Waites for No ManApril 11, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    Joe, when it comes to the police, it's better the devil you know.

  20. I'll be honest, i've never thought anyone but myself and maybe 1 other that reads this blog was in support of our Police...I mean that doesn't mean an opinion can't change and if the majority of you on here NOW are in support of them, THANK THE LORD and please speakout in defense of our officers and try to figure out WHY the moral is so low at this time.

    Thanks again!!!
    Lisa :)

  21. If you're not careful Lisa we'll have our victory celebration at Lucky Baldwin's. Gonna be a whole lot of free beers!

  22. Only 2 more days.
    Only 2 more days.
    Only 2 more days.

    Don Watts gets re-elected, John Crawford and Pat Alcorn join the City Council.

    The good guys and gals win....AGAIN. YES!!!!!!!

  23. Cities all over try to accomodate public safety with different combinations. Sierra Madre had kept itself independent with the last volunteer fire department in LA County and its own Police Dept. Claremont has its own PD but uses LA Fire Dept. Of course many other cities have budgets to have paid fire departments, and their own PD, others don't or had leaders who made the decision to go with county in the past. So, far the current City Council and to be newly elected Alcorn, Crawford and re-elected Watts will keep their promise to stabalize our budget so our small town city government, PD and VFD will continue.

  24. Reading between the linesApril 11, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    Just as we suspected the Mountain Views News is all about -- well nothing, actually. Front page expose about -- well based on an untruth, actually. But for sure a full page Mosca political ad (Joe, you should get a refund for the mis-spelling of the name of the town in which you are attempting to be reelected). Walsh and Moran sharing a page. Oh, the sweet sound of the cha ching of the advertising revenue must be reverberating in Susan's head. A couple of re-cycled letters to the editor, and Chip Allswede disclaiming Josh Moran. Well, aren't we all trying to do just that?

    But the biggest surprise of the Sunday Distorted News was that Susan's Opinions page lacked its sizzle! Hail and Rich, where's your spark? Even Susan herself? And Pat? Vitriol levels empty?

    The Mountain Views News, in an attempt to misinform the voters of Sierra Madre, lied about an important issue and make it appear Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray was negotiating with the Sheriff's Department to replace the SMPD.

    Susan Henderson in an attempt to smooth the road back to power for the DIRTS (and thus put an end to adjudication questions she has not put to rest) lies about, of all things, the budget surplus giving BART DOYLE full credit . Her words exactly: "...with a surplus that has remained steady since Bart Doyle was Mayor."

    Vote TRUTH AND HONESTLY on Tuesday, April 13th! Vote Alcorn, Watts and Crawford.

  25. Don't have to be a psychic to knowApril 11, 2010 at 1:07 PM

    Yeah, Joe, if she can't spell Sierra Madre correctly... any way, don't take a credit. That rag'll be gone by the end of the month!

  26. If there was a surplus why did we vote in the UUT? If there had been an audit we might have known whether or not there was a surplus. Doyle and his successors tried hard to keep the voters in the dark on how much money the City had, even to having Rob Stockly lie about whether or not the audits had been completed (NOT, as it turned out).

    Liars all.

  27. Looks like the Tattler is going to City Council!

  28. So, Lisa, can you comment on Josh Moran's situation? Is he in fact ill? Has he been hospitalized? Can you put an end to the unkind rumors circulating out there?

    Thank you.

  29. Lisa, don't call if "bogus" until you look up what the word means.I think an open dialogue about our police department is long overdue. For example, if you yourself know the answer to this, or if somebody else out there knows, kindly inform me whether or not it's true or false: right now, if somebody drops another lawsuit on our police department, then it's the city of Sierra Madre herself (and that's all of us) who is on the hook. Whereas if policing is provided by an outside agency like the Sheriffs, then it will be up to Lee Boca to cough up the money. If it's true, I wonder if it was factored into the "cost effective" study? Morale low about officers? What about the morale of us residents, including Chief Diaz, still getting clobbered by lawsuits coming down from our police officer union?

  30. To Joe Scalzo, thank you for your comments. The SMPD has gotten completely out of hand. I don't know if Susan Henderson's source is correct but I too hope they are. I don't really care how many good things the cops do in the community, you don't get to shoot a guy in the back as he runs from you. You don't get to use your uniform and power to put the make on the pretty young women at the bars and then intimidate any young man that would try to defend her honor. I have first hand knowledge of this particular disgusting behavior. I do know that the Sheriff have been spotted downtown quite frequently in the last 30 days or so. I also know that this is not the first time I've heard about this possibility. From other people far removed from Susan Henderson I have heard that the city was working on negotiations with the Sheriffs Dept. Let's hope its true.

  31. Anonymous at 1:17pm...

    He's not ill.

    Just saw him last night. He came in and had dinner.

    I don't mind answering questions as long as we're being respectable to all parties.


  32. oh, to dream a sweet dream. too bad it's not true.

  33. It's not that Susan is a liar, because she most obviously is. But the fact that she is such a bad liar, that has got to be a real problem for those whose interests she works for. Couldn't they hire someone with at least a little bit of talent in the art of the fib? Something that would last for more than 3 minutes?

  34. Wasn't there another newspaper publisher who tried to influence peddle a few years back? Oh! Wait! Here it comes... Beth Buck. The aging ingenue who morphed into an online mover and shaker. Susan will be history when the true story of her subterfuge is revealed. We don't hear much from Beth these days. How's her movie career?

  35. Greetings Tattlers,
    You are right Jah Tubby, here is a video where Mayor Zimmerman reports that a judgement was going to be made against the defendant in a case involving a newspaper.
    It is only 34 seconds long!!!!!
    Mayor Zimmerman reports that a judgement was going to be made against the defendant in a case involving the newspaper.

    Neuroblast Films

  36. And here is wahat Susan Henderson said!!
    Neuroblast Films

  37. Lisa, you'd be surprised how many support our local police and our Chief. We are all disappointed at a few who filed suits against our Chief, but as far as bringing the Sheriff's Department? Or the Pasadena Police Department?It isn't going to happen. Don't let this be an issue - it is a red herring. Vote for Alcorn, Crawford and Watts for the right reasons. They have the city's interest at heart and have the plans to make things right, not just platitudes.

    Don't vote for the other three because they have no platform and no plans.

  38. 256....that's not very nice!

  39. I didn't get a paper.

  40. 5:21 - So much for Susan's promise to her candidates to distribute her paper to every home in Sierra Madre.

  41. Maybe Susan stopped delivering the newspaper when her lie about the Phase II study of costs for the Sheriff's department was found out. Some folks got the throwaway (waste of political advertizing dollars for the opposition--such poor editing for Siera Madre's Joe-boring repeat of all the previous mailers for all three) before Susan could send out her delivery service to collect them back. If you got, one save it. You can take it to court and have a fun momment waving bye-bye with this issue in hand.

  42. As i said Joe, lets meet up and might be the right person to fight for our police department at some point.

    As for my grammar selection (bogus...moral... but you knew what i meant)...sorry...i was bussed from Sierra Madre to Pasadena schools in the 70's :) ....oh and i'm a 44 year old bartender!!!!

    Do i know you? The offer stands but probably Tuesday is not a good night ;)


  43. Lisa,
    you might do well to talk to John Crawford.
    He is very interested in this issue.
    John is a fair guy, a stand up guy. You can trust him.

  44. And Susan's point is?

    Is she on drugs? Or should she be?

    It's amazing what you can come up with when truth is not an obstacle. And as for an anonymous source, does she have a dog?

  45. It is not so much that Susan continues to lie and make up stories and take important issues and twist them is the tragedy that people read her paper and refuse to find out if there is another side to the story and consider the source.

    She is not a literary well read woman, nor does she have the ability to write well.

    She does not do investigative reporting and has not proven herself to be a Journalist of
    any stature. Her vocabulary is limited and her view is narrow. Her commentary has never been stimulating and thought provoking.

    Why then, would anyone bother? Because they have closed minds and are afraid to look at another side.

    The people who believe the propagandist are the most scary of all: they do not question.

    John Crawford on the other hand quotes the speaker, responds with his own opinion, brings us factual information happening in our state and county, comments and leaves us with wonder so that this blog is a lively place to comment.

    Susan likes to control her world with her own truth and create chaos. John presents the world with facts and leaves us to respond with free speech. Susan should be ashamed but she only cares about herself.

  46. still read the papersApril 11, 2010 at 7:48 PM

    How fun it is that Susan's surprise, her big gun brought out for this issue is..........John Buchanan.
    Wonder how long they'll remain friends after the election?
    And really, could you ask for anything more than such sloppy proof reading as 'Siera Madre'? Joe looks like he had to hold that smile for just a bit too long.
    I have always heard that Susan can't write a lick, and needs a whole lot of editing.

  47. The most obvious thing to me in that "paper" is the campaign against Crawford. So much for civility. And who do you think alerted Chip to the fact that the Chipster was mentioned? Seems doubtful that Chip is a regular Tattler reader, but maybe I'm not giving him enough credit. Ya gotta love his singing praises for "REALTORS (R)"

  48. Pat Birdsall was talked out of hiatus for one reason only: to slander individuals who spoke against her pal. Susan suckered her into it, no doubt (Oh Birdy, we neeeeeed you, we neeeeeed your biting wit).
    So Birdsall was Susan's attack dog last week, Buchanan her pretend higher ground guy this week. What karma might next week hold?

  49. 8:09, dollars to donuts it was a local realtor. Even if they don't post (and most don't) you can be sure the Tattler is being read by the DIRTS' campaigns. Have you noticed how Crawford and the Tattler posters inform the campaigns of Moran and Mosca?

  50. reasonable personApril 11, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    I have not been able to figure out the Downtown Investment Club & Dirt campaign strategies, other than claiming victimhood and actively slandering.
    I think I can't shrink my brain down enough.
    I have the same problem trying to follow the dull, dull twists and turns of Buchanan's meanderings as he moseys up to his point.

  51. Birdsall's biting wit?
    More like witless biting

  52. Doc Staccato at 6:20!

    Hey, good to see you posting, friend!

    Don't think Susan is on drugs, she's just a sociopath like Mosca.

    They are narcissists who will do or say anything.
    To them, we are all "worms", they are wonderful and "special".

    Susan has gone too far/too bizarre this time.
    She's finally going to get caught up with.

    I'm confident we win this one, Doc.
    You take care. I know you're rooting for us.

  53. You know it doesn't matter what everyone else writes. What matters is what the people of Sierra Madre think. We will all find out tomorrow.

    Now Terry Miller wants a "kinder" approach ...but not before he, too, joined cyber sparing. It really has gotten ugly ... the things written by Coburn, Henderson and Miller are the very thing they have come out against...the irony of it all.

    Thank goodness it's less than 24 hours left. I can't handle the negativity anymore.

  54. Terry coming out for a kinder approach is like a hangman declaring he's against the death penalty. From the days of the Cumquat on Terry Miller has been one of the chief wielders of smear and falsehoods. And the guy doesn't even live here. You can only wonder what is in it for him.

  55. I don't know folks, I think there might be something to this Sheriff thing. And frankly, I don't think its such a bad idea. I would however be disappointed to lose a couple of our officers who seem to be good guys. But the rest of them are horrible examples of "protect & serve". Have any of you witnessed the way most of them treat the teenagers in town. Its no wonder the kids develop just bad attitudes about the cops. There was a day in Sierra Madre when the PD actually took the time to talk to the kids and their parents. Not so anymore. They are a pack of bullies with not enough to do, so they have to resort to harassment in order to justify the salary increases they keep screaming for.

  56. It does seem that the local media has worked in collusion to obfuscate the 2006 City Council Campaign. Miller, Coburn and Henderson continue to denounce the Tattler from their positions as editorial mavens. They continue to endorse the campaign platforms of Moran, Mosca and Walsh while many of us are still wondering just what those campaign platforms are really saying.

    Time is growing short for the publishers and columnists of, and to attack the Tattler unless they are planning on EXTRA! editions. In which they've got 24 hours and limited resources.

    Don't be taken in by lies and deceit. Vote for Pat Alcorn, Don Watts, and John Crawford. Yes! on Measure ED.

    Continue to support a balanced budget, pay as we go City services, and an open, transparent City Council. Our town is too important to lose to development interests.

  57. It's not over 'till it's over! Remember to vote tomorrow for Pat, John and John, Choose Yes on ED!

  58. My predictions of where the candidates will finish:
    1) Crawford
    2) Alcorn
    3) Watts
    4) Moran
    5) Mosco
    6) Walsh
    7) Tice

  59. every issue of Henderson's paper should have the date, April 1st.

  60. Today is the last day. If this all you have done is attend coffees you have not done your part.
    If Mosca, Moran, and Walsh (God Forbid) win the election, they will control the council for the next four years.

    You must call your friends and neighbors or this election and the city will be lost forever. It rests on everyones shoulders. A handful of supporters can not do all the work.

  61. Amen, 8:48.

    We must STAY THE COURSE here in Sierra Madre or we will be finished, swallowed up by Sacramento corruption.
    MaryAnn MacGillivray, Kurt Zimmerman and DON WATTS have moved us forward, they have protected your liberty, your property rights, your home values. We have one of the handful of balanced budgets in the entire state of California, and you can count on one hand the number of cities which have a surplus......we did not have during the SHENANIGAN YEARS of the Bart Doyle councils.

    We must continue the current policy of SIERRA MADRE FIRST or fall into the same dismal trap most of our neighboring cities are in, with little hope of getting out.

    Please do not fall for the LIES of our opposition. THEY WILL TAKE US DOWN THE ROAD TO DISASTER. THEY DO NOT REPRESENT YOURS OR MY BEST INTERESTS, liars and special interest devotees such as Joe Mosca and Josh Moran will destroy this town.

    Keep Sierra Madre the town we all want to live in.

    These times of trouble in our State, in our Country, we need HONEST LEADERS who REPRESENT WE THE PEOPLE OF SIERRA MADRE, not WE THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLY OR STATE OF CALIFORNIA SENATE and the crooks they bid for.

    Will fight and protect you....the people of Sierra Madre.



  62. I've seen overwhelming resident support for the ED measure, regardless of individual pro- or slow- growth positions, which is hard for people to really decipher given the misinformation put out there. It's basically seen as a governor on the development engine.

    When it passes, it may very well become a lightning rod for Sacramento, so fasten your seatbelts!

  63. Planning Commission will be hearing a CUP for 147 W Sierra Madre Blvd, Dr. Sami's bldg. 2 Story, 30', 7000 sq feet, 21-parking spaces on Thursday, April 15th.

    Be a part of history - prove that Measure V does not preclude development in downtown. Hear the arguments for yourself.

    Tune in on SMTV3 or better yet come and be a part of history.

  64. For all the money that the Mt. Views gets for listing our legal notices you would think they could afford a spell checker, come on "Kawanis"? Learn to spell! Susan is a dirtbag, she was nasty and lazy when Katrina was her partner, going on vacation instead of finishing up articles. Katrina was my neighbor before they moved to Hollywood, Susan never fulfilled her obligation to the paper, yet at the end stole it from Katrina. Then there was that little issue about a lawsuit and unpaid bills.

    Talk about bias, every inch of paper is taken up by anti-Crawford blabber. It does not matter that Mr. Crawford has come with his position on the police or negative comments posted on the blog.

    The first thing that the new council members should do is take away that subsidy to the joke "newspaper".

  65. The mighty powers in this state hate eminent domain restrictions of any kind. Yet they really can't say much about it because siding with eminent domain is political suicide. So they just sit, grit their teeth, and wait for the moment when they can deep six anything like Measure ED as quietly and privately as possible.

  66. Challenge today from Old Kentucky to all my Tattler posters.

    Call 10 friends or neighbors in Sierra Madre today and tonight.

    Tell them how important it is to go to the polls tomorrow and vote! VOTE for Crawford, Alcorn and Watts.
    Save Sierra Madre from Sacramento control freaks in the legislature!
    Save Sierra Madre from Joe, Josh and Nancy who represent those Sacramento control freaks.

    Please vote, the home and city you save will be your own Sierra Madre.

    Thanks to all who care!
    Old K.

  67. Good God OLD K, listen to yourself, and the pestilence of 20000 years of locusts will descend upon SM if we dont elect blah blah and save ourselves from blah blah blah!!!! always go with the underdog and ALWAYS vote no on props.

  68. Well, GB at 10:54 am, I wouldn't have phrased it quite like that but you're close. A vote for Alcorn, Crawford, and Watts is a vote for fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency in City government.

    Thanks for joining us.

  69. Gosh i remember the 1st time my dad ran for city council in 1980 there was an election party for him and it was called "Cheers or Tears" my opinion, and even back then, i feel/felt that was a positive route to go. He did win so we CHEERED...but someone did have to lose. We were prepared for both.

    I guess my point is, no matter what happens in this election EVERYONE should take a minute to be positive and figure out a way to make things work in the city TOGETHER.

    OK, HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!

    Lisa ;)

  70. I like to roast trolls with rosemary in a slow oven and I don't brake for developers eitherApril 12, 2010 at 11:11 AM

    Good Morning, Sir Eric, we were with you the day the fan whirred. We were privy to your brave decision to run for political office.

    Then I got introduced to John Crawford,got to see the great face behind the great mind.
    The Sierra Madre Tattler (and its many commenters) educated me in so many issues. mirrored my concerns, fought the good fight, helped roll the rockaway, exposing to light, the political cockroaches and city eating builders, who have cocktails in organizations which feed off them and have initials and no public supervision.

    (Does any body really believe Donald Francis Barton Doyle, did not know everything John Leung did?)

    Which gets me back to the subject of this story, Henderson is obviously senile or trying to incite a POA thus union BIA riot. She has thrown her lot in with doyle, if she has not been using her paper for his machinasations all along. She is a political grifter, player, and only god knows how much money she has accepted
    along with her co horts, but really it is that she has become senile and insane. Her paper nor herself are above the law, and this should be investigated by the parties it concerns, possibly litigated.

    I digress,I am so proud of you, be steady at the helm John Crawford, and tatts do not be distracted by the weirdo comments blowing the blog this way and that..

    Kick them to the curb, the prize is Sierra Madre intact and whole with a compentant intelligent group of council persons Crawford, Watts,and Ms Alcorn.

    Can't wait to meet you councilman Crawford, but Governor Crawford has a good ring too!!!

  71. Scott, haven't you noticed? With Susan's diminished resources the Mountain Views News has been staffed with troglodytes. Good at irrational fear mongering, not so good at spelling and rationalization.

  72. Who among you would have thought 2 1/2 years ago that the State of California would be bankrupt and on verge of collapse?

    Who would have thought we would have this high unemployment? It's over 40% in some agriculture communities.

    Who would have predicted the real estate crash (well, Measure V supporter David Smith did)?

    Who would have predicted the commercial real estate crash?

    The world economy is in free fall.

    Old Kentucky is a gambler, but please don't gamble with Sierra Madre's future.

    Stay the course.....with Crawford, Watts and Alcorn.
    We need these strong leaders. Mayor MacGillivray needs them.
    These are not easy times. We face many challenges.
    I want to put my future and my trust in MacGillivray, Crawford, Watts and Alcorn.

    I just can't trust big development, big government types like Buchanan, Mosca, Moran and Walsh.
    I pray you will not trust them either.
    Don't gamble. Stay the Course.

  73. Hey, friend at 11:11.
    Thanks for your post!

    "I like to roast trolls with rosemary in a slow oven and I don't brake for developers either"

    That has a good ring to it too! LOL

    Thanks for your loyal support of John Crawford.
    I know he restored your faith that there are strong honest voices for the people still out there!

  74. Our household has alaready voted; one vote each for Crawford, Watts, & Alcorn. And a resounding "yes" on eminent domain.

    Goodby Stonehouse, 5 story condos, oversupply of realtors & developers. Hello a "great place to live" in a sea of mediocraty & gridlock. Alls well that ends well.

  75. The Sierra Madre A Cappala Chorus of United Anonymous TattlersApril 12, 2010 at 11:38 AM

    11:35, an honest to goodness Tattler household!

    Thank you from all of our Tattler hearts!

  76. You're the greatest 11:35!

    Let's keep running until the race has been people you know and remind them to vote. Ask them to call people as well.

  77. While looking after the Crawford boys as dad was out stumping, we had lively conversations about women's right to vote, repeal of the poll tax, freedom to vote in the privacy of the polling booth, freedom marches, voter registration drives, etc. I was reminded of all the elections in town that I have participated in actively by right of being an American. Never stay home on election day. Wear the little "I Voted!" flag sticker with pride.

  78. It is so interesting to me that while many rail agianst the local paper and its publisher, there are no opinion columns in the paper indicating your point of view. The paper of a small town should present both sides of issues in an unbiased way. If both those sides are not presented, I'd say the fault is both the editor's AND the opposition, who would rather waste their time ranting than making a rational effort to present their case. Enough said.
    As to Mr. Scalzo, I recall that the police dept as well as the paramedics were a great help to you a while back. I would think you would be a bit more appreciative. Would you have gotten the same level of care from the Sheriff's?

  79. If it can be determined that Susan Henderson willfully and intentionally fabricated the story of of Sierra Madre engaging in Phase II discussions "at the direction of MacGillivray . . ." refuted in John Crawford's article above, then I don't see why the city cannot sever its relationship with this newspaper and have our legal notices, etc., carried by another newpaper. This is an outrage!

  80. It ain't over til the fat lady sings!

  81. The operative phrase here is ...should present both sides of issues in an unbiased way. We prefer to rant on in a biased but honest and true way on the Tattler. None of the local media represent the slow growth fiscally responsible voters who are behind Alcorn, Crawford and Watts.

    Frankly, if you aren't with us we figure you're against us.

    Vote tomorrow! Vote Pat, John and Don.

  82. Lisa,
    I can not believe that you could even for a minute think that "EVERYONE" could "work in the city TOGETHER". This or any other city will rule by majority. Thats how it works Lisa. When the Bart Doyle gang stepped in years ago they hookwinked Sierra Madre, and used their Majority rule to destroy this town. Now we will excise the cancer and protect individual property rights. I have no time in my life for a liar (Joe Mosca, John Buchanan, Bart Doyle, Glenn Lambdin, Josh Moran, Nancy Walsh), in the end you will be judged by the company you keep. These are not people I would wish to keep company with, reguardless of what they may pay for their "friendship", beware!

  83. don't like kool aidApril 12, 2010 at 12:41 PM

    12:16, do you really have the impression that Henderson and her supporters are capable of providing unbiased coverage of local issues? You must be mistaking Henderson with the paper's original creator.

  84. Anon at 12:16--you are right in theory. That said, the letters to the editor policy of the MtViewsNews is not stated anywhere. Star News requires your phone number, some papers want your address and will not print without a name and City. Down toward the bottom in the current list of "letters" to the editor you will find a most currious anomaly: four photos of John Crawford 'courtesy Terry Miller' following a letter by RCJ, Sierra Madre where the theme of 'too many faces' is the jest of Mr or Mrs or Ms RCJ's "letter to the editor." Please, this is too contrived for words. These are not letters to the editor in the normal sense--where one actually writes to the editor as a reaction to something printed in a previous edition. But no, it is a sounding board to extend the biased view point of the editor. Maybe in another newspaper, but not this one, would your observations hold true.

  85. Check out this news from the PSN about Rosemead and development:

    "In 2008, the council approved a new general plan – the first in decades – that allowed mixed-use development along all the city's major corridors. Many residents objected, claiming it would cause the city's population to boom. In last year's council election, residents voted out several members who supported the plan."

  86. 12:16, please do not insult our intelligence by calling the Mt. Views a newspaper, it is a joke. It ranks up there with Pravda, how often do you see the endorsements of the editor on the front page. They are nothing but a biased waste of natural resources.

    Mr. Cobern (who has probably the ugliest website in existence), you speak of getting a little bit more accuracy, how about examining the accuracy of your poster boy, Mr. Mosca. When he ran 4 years ago, the portrayed himself to be someone who would listen to the people. But, not that was a lie, the first votes he cast were for the Doyle gang support group. His main supporters started a recall campaign against him.

    Both of the sources (Mt. Views and are not honest news sources. They are totally opinion pieces for the editors. If you think that Mt. Views represents the citizens of this city you are wrong, this is obvious when Susan Henderson would not even print the campaign statement of John Crawford, it did not fit what she wanted to print.

  87. It is your civic dutyApril 12, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    PSN finally has a story about the elections in Arcadia and Sierra Madre, and they mention the eminent domain bill, after that there is an "our view" story about he transit center, take this opportunity to share your views

  88. Are you saying that the staff of the Mr. Views moonlight as GEICO spokesmen? I am not talking about the Gecko.

    Anonymous said...
    Scott, haven't you noticed? With Susan's diminished resources the Mountain Views News has been staffed with troglodytes. Good at irrational fear mongering, not so good at spelling and rationalization.

    APRIL 12, 2010 11:14 AM

  89. On the subject of the day, Good luck to you, Sir Eric. We work and hope for a favorable outcome.

  90. Look for Susan's CORRECTION to her sheriff's story on her web version of her paper. How can we get the word out on that!!

  91. Heh. Susan punked City Hall. Depantsed them.It won't be up for days, if ever. Don't drive people to her site, it's what she wants you to do.

  92. Still did not get my city wide distributed election edition paper.

  93. BOYCOTT SIERRA MADRE - SAID JOSHApril 12, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    Josh Moran advocated and called for a boycott of Sierra Madre businesses.

    He has never disputed this and it is a reason not to vote for him.

    Mosca and Walsh both state that they are align with Moran, which means that they overlook Moran's boycott rant of a couple years ago.

    Josh Moran does not belong on our council.

  94. Henderson's "source" was Jack Daniels.

  95. Someone left Moran's paper on my front porch yesterday. In it he claims lies are bein g spread about him and he says he never advocated a boycott of SM businesses. Can anyone give me a link or video to prove he is wrong?

  96. E-mail Elaine Aguilar now and demand a press release on the lies printed about our Police Department in the Mountain Views News.

  97. here is the link where Josh Moran posts that he is encouraging a boycott of SM business.

    from the downtown dirt dot ugly message board

    "...most of the businesses that advertise in the Weekly, or better yet Weakly (like that one?) have no idea that a boycott is afoot.
    Simply not using someone's services without saying anything to them will do no good.
    If it is to be effective, you have to get the word out, otherwise people will continue to advertise like they always have.
    So we've got to write letters or make phonecalls to all of the advertisers letting them know that should they continue to advertise in the Weakly, a large group of concerned citizens will not use their services.
    josh moran

  98. Call Elaine Aguilar.
    Ex. 1

    Demand the city demand a retraction of this hideous and fallacious story.

    This Henderson is a disease.

  99. Josh is either drinking or lying about his boycott rally cry.

    He didn't specifically state that he wanted to boycott Sierra Madre, but he said he wanted to boycott businesses that advertise in a paper that he did not like.

    Included were Sierra Madre businesses that advertise in the SM Weekly and Moran did in fact advocate that we boycott the businesses.

    Moran was realtor at the time and he wanted to profit from selling condos in downtown and Moran still has close ties with the real estate industry and Arcadia Realtor Associatino.

    He may be a nice guy to drink with, but I couldn't trust him to be fair and unbiased.

    He has an agenda and it's more decisive than he could ever claim about the current council.

    Fact is, Moran advocated to boycott and he can't hide from that fact.

    It all had to do with Measure V and Moran (and the realtors) not liking that the SM Weekly was giving a balanced view and highlighted the positive aspects of Measure V.

    Moran wants to undo Measure V and I can't believe him when he says he would be fair and open minded on the Council.

    It's problematic that Mosca and Walsh both state that they are okay with Moran and follow his viewpoint.

  100. Mosca Moran and Walsh are VERY PROBLEMATIC.


  101. This is what I know:

    John Crawford, Pat Alcorn, and Don Watts have been in this campaign since Day One. Their message hasn't varied since they began. Honesty, Accountability, Integrity, Fiscal Responsibility.

    Joe Mosca is a deceitful man. Neuroblast has captured moments in which he was found to be lying. He sent out campaign literature claiming credit for four years of Council accomplishments that he should have shared with four other Councilmembers. He has yet to explain why he skipped all but three of the SCAG meetings until Mayor MacGillivray and Mayor Pro-Tem Watts became involved. He is rude and impudent to other Councilmembers especially Mayor MacGillivray, as well as citizens at Public Input. In short, he is divisive and an embarrassment to the City.

    Josh Moran has made up his campaign as he has gone along. I have no confidence in his ability to make wise decisions. His links are to the real estate industry and development interests.

    Nancy Walsh is probably a great grandmother. I feel sorry for her and will forever believe she was chosen by the Buchanan's because she was not controversial, not because she was qualified or prepared.

    In short, I'm voting for Pat Alcorn, John Crawford, and Don Walsh. And I'm voting Yes on ED!

  102. Any reasonable voter must conclude that Crawford, Watts and Alcorn are far superior to their opponents.

    I'm voting for them and urge all my fellow Sierra Madreans to do likewise.

  103. Disgusted by the local mediaApril 12, 2010 at 4:47 PM

    I don't have a crystal ball and I don't know how this election will turn out. But I do know that I have lost respect for Bill Coburn, whom I have always thought of as a hard working spokesman for Sierra Madre and the Chamber of Commerce. His completely unfounded criticisms of John Crawford and the Tattler which he posted online, and his conspiratorial attempts with Susan Henderson to paint John as a foe of the SMVFD were reprehensible. Bill and Susan then took fear mongering to new heights by trying to paint a picture of a Mayor and some Councilmembers attempting to circumvent the Council to bring in LACSD as a replacement to the SMPD. And then have the nerve to say that's not what they said. I have supported my last Chamber of Commerce event as long as these two are members. They bring discredit to an otherwise great organisation.

  104. So, what the quote from Josh Moran above, which is a quote from a blog partially quoting another blog, fails to include is that this was in response to another posting on the blog which called for a boycott of Sierra Madre business who advertised in the Sierra Madre Weekly. The beginning of his statement, which is conveniently left out, stated that a boycott of Sierra Madre businesses that advertised in the paper was a horrible way to boycott a paper that you didn't agree with.

    Now if you read the above quote, you can see that he was stating that people that didn't agree with the paper should try and convince the local businesses not to advertise in the paper. This was for the boycott of a newspaper, not the boycott of local businesses.

    It's amazing how skewed partial quotes which are taken out of context from a blog quoting another blog can become!

  105. The inability of the Chamber of Commerce to drive business to our downtown area must be looked into. Maybe it is time for some new blood.

  106. And Von Rees, don't think for a moment when the Mountain Views News is out of business that you'll get Sierra Madre's legal notices advertising. For a publisher to let a photographer with an ax to grind (because he was found to be part of an online porn club) insult a community of 11,000 residents with witless non-news slander to it's mayor is unbelievable.

    No, no Sierra Madre Weekly. Your throwaways can remain in their racks. I'll not be reading them.

  107. Whoever you are, annonymous 11:57,I'd have resonded earlier, except I just turned this thing on. Don't tell me about the "tender care" I recieved for our police and paramedics a while back. The police had nothing to do with anything, and the level of care I received from the paramedics was inferior, in my opinion, to what myself and my brother EMT-1S used to deliver when I was in the fire department. Who the hell are you? Somebody in the fire department? The police department? You must be, to be snooping in the records like that. Naughty, naughty, I don't think you're supposed to do that. I'll exchange views with you glady if you tell me who you are, but it's a gut you won't.

  108. 5:01 sounds like Moran spinning his own words because Moran knows what he wrote and if he was responding to another post in his response, he did in deed call for people to call businesses and tell them to stop advertising in the paper or he (and others) would stop using the services of that business

    sounds like a boycott threat to me

    Moran wrote in the downtown dirt website that if businesses didn't heed his warning, that he and others should boycott the businesses

    Moran must not believe in free press, he only felt that if you didn't side with him, he was dead set against you

    regardless of what you think, Moran did in fact call for a boycott of Sierra Madre businesses just because they were advertising in a paper that he did not agree with

    that type of immaturity or bully attitude will not help this city

  109. I grew up here and love this town. I lived elsewhere as a wife and mother and now after many years have returned in 2000.

    There is a history to SUSAN and JOE for those of you not aware of their maddness. And with all history is a story....theirs is wretched. Many people have tried to warn so many other citizens in town.

    Stories are filled with plots, characters, rising actions, falling actions and then there is the climax of the story. The real climax of the story of JOE took place at the last City Council meeting when JOE MOSCA revealed his true blue Jekyll and Hyde personality. He could no longer take the truth and had a melt down and threw a fit because several citizens who had previously been duped by him, have been warning Sierra Madre of their story, and JOE knew of the impending disaster about to impail him.

    After that not to be ever forgotten once in a lifetime truth be told scene, no one with any dignity, morals, character, brains, civic responsibility KNOWS that to align themselves to JOE or SUSAN in anyway is POLITICAL SUICIDE.

    The End....

  110. Boy that Bill Coburn has been ragging all over the Tattler and John Crawford, so just for fun I checked with the secretary of state and found only one corporate entity called "The Coburn group" he has it on his web site that the coburn group is the parent of other sites businesses there, but this is what shows as the coburn group
    Entity Number: C1892673
    thomas downing is agent for service of process,
    they are in Fresno, CA

    I also checked Mosca and found a
    Entity Number: 200027310097
    A Robert Troiano is agent for process of service
    they are in Agoura Hills CA

    I am sure that that is the only The Coburn Group
    so I am thinking Coburn isnt kosher, and the Mosca Investments LLC, may not be joe mosca, but it is the only mosca with the secretary of state...Does anybody recognize any of the names?
    There are two listings with bosses, but I won't go there they are scary.
    MIPS know, central valley, Ting, Doyle E5 immigration investor program, SGVEP, gadzooks do you know who is behind the sierra madre weekly news?

  111. Wow. Just wow.

    To see what's unfolding on the Tattler to create transparency in a small community is just without precedent.

    Hat's off to ya, John.

  112. little tiny town great big mess.

    gets bigger and better.

    Yes 7:12 WOW WOW WOW

    In 24 hours it will all unfold

    Go JOHN DON PAT!!!

  113. Their view is wrongApril 12, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    Newsflash, The Pasadena Star News San Gabriel Tribune, just posted their OUR VIEW on their choice of political candidates, I am really glad nobody listens to them. But the depths of their unresearched, factually wrong, reporting has sunk to a new lowness.

  114. The Pasadena Star News is just another example of why print can't die fast enough.

  115. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune sure has its head in the sand (or perhaps its the leash around its neck): "Joe Mosca, an attorney for Southern California Gas Company, brings a calm and intelligent voice to the council" Oh yeah, real calm, we have witnessed Joe's "calm" at recent city council meetings.

    "He believes in preserving the city as it is" Since when? He might believe in it, deep in his heart and certainly with his hyperbole, but his actions sure have proven otherwise.

    Thank goodness for the Tattler, a voice of reason, a motivator of positive change in Sierra Madre and thank goodness we are on the cusp of a new era in Sierra Madre politics, leaving the old ways, behind in the dust.

  116. Based on what we can see from the papers in our area, if it's in print then chances are pretty good that it isn't true.

  117. 10:13 Does this mean the Tattler is all truth and no consequences?

  118. It all depends on what you might believe are consequences, and to whom you think they should occur.

  119. I can't wait until Wednesday...

  120. red sheild journalism,April 12, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    I found the answer, I looked at the LA.Com group through Medianewsgroup, and found a story
    posted by The Denver Business Journal, Affliated the holding company has filed chapter 11, the story posted January 22, is titled Media
    Newsgroup files chapter 11, it is a must read and while the whole story is revealing, the outaburos is in this part which I am pasting now

    Affiliated lists Hughes Hubbard & Reed as its bankruptcy counsel, Carl Marks Advisory Group as its restructuring advisor and Rothschild Inc. as its financial advisor.

    The Affiliated case is In re: Affiliated Media Inc., U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Delaware, No. 10-10202.

    The catch kiddos is that when I researched Titan a while back, I had checked the state contractors licensing board for all Titans filed
    there were several besides finding John Leung, another one was a Rothschild, in San Jose.

    I dont know how to link, but that is the stories address.

    God Bless You John Crawford, you are more precious than gold.

    Blog hugs to the merry brave tatts.

  121. Anonymous at 12:41pm...

    Listen i'm not sure how long you've lived in Sierra Madre (and for some that doesn't really matter) but there was a time when the citizens were not divided as they are now. Yes, always a "majority" but still worked "TOGETHER" no matter the outcome.

    Thanks to the internet (with freedom of speech) and lots of new residences with money (or their parents money?) this town is being seriously damaged...this of course is only my opinion but at least i give my name :)


  122. Lisa,

    First of all I am not Anon at 12:41

    You are right, we used to get along much better in Sierra Madre. This was before the city had 100's of employees. City hall was run by a few people who were courteous. The building department was staffed by people who wanted to help you. The planning department was run by people who understood the character of the city, instead of trying to push their degree in planning to change this city. Sierra Madre is a city of character, the buildings and projects vary in style and size. One factor is that we do not have humongous buildings throughout downtown. We do not look like Monrovia or Pasadena with vacant shops and condos. When the planning department was taken over by aggressive developers on the city council it all changed. Citizens realized that business interests wanted to change the look and density of downtown. It was greed and spearheaded by Bart Doyle and the BIA. They wanted to change Sierra Madre into something that the citizens did not want. It was backed by the realtors and property owners in downtown as well as the church.

    After the election 4 years ago, the people voiced their opinion and elected Watts, Zimmerman and Mosca, 3 people who would stand up to the minority developer fraction. We thought we won, but due to the dishonesty of one individual Mr. Mosca and his broken promise to allow the DSP to be voted on by the people, we had to come up with Measure V. This basically tells the city council this is our town and you cannot ruin it.

    Now after the hands of the city council are tied, there is a new movement to get development into Sierra Madre, once again its backed by developers and it is being pushed by organizations like the SCAG. Having low cost housing allows developers to bypass zoning rules and put condos up where the do not belong. Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillvray went to the meetings, when Mr. Mosca chose to skip them. They fought for us and had the numbers reduced.

    I have lived here most of my life. I chose to come back to Sierra Madre 15 years ago since I love what the city is. We do not look like Monrovia or Glendora or Glendale. Most people who live in this city know that it is something special.

    When I was at the planning office a few months ago, there is a sign on the desk "World peace through better planning." This is the attitude of our city hall now, if you do not let us plan for you, then you are against peace.


  123. good memory skillsApril 13, 2010 at 9:15 AM

    Scott: best post on the thread.

  124. My God, you posters can be really nasty.

  125. You see nasty? Take a look at Terry Miller in the Sierra Madre Weekly. Announcing he had been molested by the Tattler. That's nasty.

  126. The truth, as always, hurts the deluded.

  127. Did 11:16 say NASTY ? I have been perusing articles on the election, and the only stifling, nasty postings I have seen are from the editorials (yeah, right) more like the I, I, I, opinions/manifestos spewed out by the me, myself, and I, convoluated vomitings of half truths, by the small minded Bill Coburn, to the good people of Sierra Madre. That is nasty..

    How long have you poor folks been subjected to such abuse? Think about it?

    Then go vote for the waterbearers of truth. Messers Crawford, Watts, and Ms Alcorn..

  128. not nasty, just accurateApril 13, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    If the residents of Sierra Madre vote for Joe Mosca, they will have sanctioned lying.
    If the residents support Susan Henderson, they will be sanctioning lying.
    Pretty simple stuff.

  129. Thanks Scott for a clear mature post...

    I just feel that the citizens are being rude and nasty to eachother (on both sides now that we have "sides") and that needs to stop. It's called being civil...

    Lisa ;)