Monday, April 5, 2010

A Tale Of Two Hails

Yesterday the Loony Views News published and circulated a rather remarkable column from Hail Hamilton. Remarkable not in that it had anything of particular interest to say, or exposed any startling new facts or insights that might have been of importance to readers capable of reasoned thought. No, what made this a truly special entry in the journalistic annals of Sierra Madre was the revelation of just how far afield its author has traveled politically, and all in a mere three years.

It is astonishing to think that a human being could hold two such radically conflicting opinions within so short a period of time and not implode. Apparently convictions and ideals are only short term lease holders in the House of Hamilton.

Here is the final paragraph of Hail's endorsement of Joe Mosca:

I believe Joe is honest and someone I can trust. I believe he will work hard for the good of the whole community. Most of all, I believe Joe possesses the requisite qualities necessary for him to perform his duties with distinction. In short, I believe Joe has been an effective council member, and should serve another term on the city council. Sierra Madre needs Joe. Vote for Joe Mosca April 13.

Now Hail's endorsement doesn't come with any reasoned or detailed arguments as to why he has extended such a grace to Mr. Mosca. Mostly he just quotes Joe verbatim and at length, then punctuates all that bulk palaver with such fawning revelations as:

"Whoa!" I said. "You're overwhelming me. What I'm really interested in are your plans if you get reelected."


He rattled off his achievements so rapidly I could barely keep up.

Obviously this was not going be what some might term hard hitting investigative journalism on Hail's part. More like the kind of gushing fan piece you might find in such magazines as Teen Vogue or Cosmo Girl. Which has led me to suspect that it wasn't Joe that fetched the coffee at this confab.

Of course, this is not quite what we'd been used to hearing from Mr. Hamilton in the past. As a matter of fact, I can personally attest that not long ago Hail had been amongst Joe's harshest critics, often referring to him in the most unkind and derogatory ways. "Flipper" being one of his favorite nicknames for the candidate who went on to become a City Councilman infamous for breaking so many of his campaign promises.

In an opinion piece published in The Mt. Wilson Observer on February 23rd, 2007, Hail had a decidedly different take on Joe Mosca. I thought I'd bring it to your attention if only to shed some light on the bizarre swings in opinion Hail is capable of exhibiting from time to time. If you should ever find yourself agreeing with Hail on a topic, do enjoy it while you can. Because chances are pretty good he'll be coming back with something quite the opposite the next time you read his column. And woe to those who refuse to follow.

Here is what Hail Hamilton had to say in 2007:

Joe Mosca Should Resign Now - I just heard the news Joe - the papers to recall you have been filed. It's about time. The sooner you get the boot - the better - the better for you and the better for Sierra Madre. Excuse me if I get a bit personal but I voted for you!

Joe most unforgivable of all is your reversal on almost every position you claimed you stood for when you were elected. Then, you were for limited downtown development and for preserving Sierra Madre's unique small town character. Now you're an outspoken opponent to Measure V that would limit downtown development and apparently you could care less about preserving Sierra Madre's unique small town charm. Joe answer this simple question: Did you really sell out the rest of us to a few greedy developers who just want to make a quick buck at our expense? Tell me it ain't so, Joe!

Joe if I sound angry it's because I am. I feel totally betrayed. That you have succeeded in alienating yourself from most of those who voted for you is astonishing. Getting yourself threatened with recall in less than a year is one for the history books. One thing is certain, you blew a golden opportunity and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Joe, take the advice of someone who was once one of your supporters. Do yourself and all the rest of us a big favor. Save your fellow citizens the expense of a recall election, an election you will surely lose.

Do the right thing, and save what little respect you have left - RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!

Can you imagine the response the Hail Hamilton of 2007 would have gotten from the Hail Hamilton of 2010 if the earlier incarnation had shown up at our most recent City Council meeting and read those very words to the assembled? Such an exercise in straightforward Democracy would have been declared one of the most abhorrent violations of political correctness ever, and Hail 2010 would have had the most awful things to say about Hail 2007. As would many of the naifs that write for the 2010 version of what used to be a noble and courageous newspaper.

Anyway, I guess we now know who the real "Flipper" was.


  1. All the local papers are dependent on Realtors for ads.
    People need to remember that when they read their "editorials" or so-called "volunteer" columnists.
    I don't know about the Weekly, by I do know Henderson never pays ANYONE.....EVER.
    So.......intelligent people really have to disregard any "opinions" by these "papers".
    Real Estate ads and legal notices and community events, yes, any political

    Remember everyone.....John Crawford does not have sponsors or does he accept ads on this blog.
    That is one reason you always get the truth.
    The other reason is John Crawford is an honest guy.

    Can't say the same for Bill Coburn and absolutely can't say the same for Harriet Susan(grifter) Henderson.

  2. I remember Hail once trying to get people to join him in dressing up in clown suits and walking into a City Council meeting. Somehow this was supposed to help Measure V.

  3. Is anyone really surprised that the only "local" papers are supporting Joe? The real estate folks who litter the papers with their ads are only interested in making a living. Let's face it their "glory/gory" days are over. They made so much money on the real estate bubble. I don't feel an once of pity for them. They took folks who they KNEW couldn't afford a mortgage and put them into a house! Who's the real criminal in that? Sierra Madre does not need anyone who represents the real estate sector on our city council. Remember, Webb Martin sold out - everyone has a price.

  4. How can you explain the venom contained in the Mountain Views News? That Birdsall woman calls people to dominatrixes and Hitler? Good Lord! Are these people in a cult or something?

  5. Just finished reading the Mtn Views Snooze and OMG! these wannabe so called editorialists led by Pat Birdsall have all the charm and grace of a nut cult.

  6. They are very strange people.

  7. it's seems obvious that Henderson is pushing a Save Joe campaign becaue he will keep her cash flow coming by keeping the gravy train of legal advertising in her paper instead of pushing for Sacremento to allow cities to post it's legal advertising online

    I still can't wrap my head around the notion that people would actually vote for Moran who just a few years ago, Moran seriously advocated a economic boycott of Sierra Madre businesses when he was a realtor for Webb Martin.

  8. Moran doesn't know what he thinks half the time. He just reacts to whatever is put before him by his handlers. How else do you explain his rather savage attack politics, all done in the name of unifying the community?

  9. I was just downtown and witnessed the soggy piles of pulp that used to be the Loony Views News. What a loss for the birdcages of Sierra Madre.

  10. maye Hamilton is right and Joe is honest, depends on how you define honest.

    Joe will honestly go back on his word depending on who is standing in front of him and Joe will honestly look out for his own interests and Joe will honestly put the development interests of SCAG ahead of the citizens of Sierra Madre.

    Joe will honestly take credit for accomphlishments that he had nothing to do with and Joe will honestly belittle old ladies at Council meetings and Joe will honestly do what is best for Joe

    No thanks Hamilton, I'll pass on Joe's honesty and your defintion of it.

  11. A lot of the letters protesting Henderson's slash and burn journalism were not printed in the MVN this week. Whether it is trying to silence residents speaking out at City Council meetings, or censoring letters, nobody hates democracy more that Susan. Why she doesn't just change the name of her paper to Pravda is beyond me.

  12. Henderson knows that if she loses this election by not having Moran, Mosca and Walsh elected, she will have increase scrunity of her adjudication status and that the new Council will increase their efforts to go green and push Sacremento to allow cities to publish legal notices online

  13. shame on you Hail for your dirty ethics.You know better. shame on you Birdsall to pull the Hitler card, HOW disgusting of Anyone to PULL OUT HITLER, when there is NO GENOCIDE in this COUNTRY: that is using hysteria on the uneducated!!

    That is what Joe has always hoped to do: is appeal to the uneducated. His lies were figured out the first CC Meeting after his election. What Sierra Madre cannot figure out is how people can live with their hypocrisy.

    Vote for Crawford, Alcorn and Watts where there will be TRUTH and people who work for you, not work to keep the web of lies spinning and spinning. Aren't you exhausted JOe. Eventually this will catch up with all of you. It always does.

  14. Some of the things that have been said in the papers will come back to haunt them.

  15. Gee whillickers John, I hope the choir has been saved by now, cuz thats all your preaching to.

  16. That would be "you're" 11:31. And isn't everyone preaching to their choir? And how exactly are Joe's fans responding to the MVN's Hitler message this week? Well I hope?

  17. I realize what a toxic cloud the MVN has unleashed on Sierra Madre when I tried to blog to react to my feeling of dismay and couldn't find the appropriate words. There is no journalistic license that lets columnists such as Birdsall, Coburn and Hamilton tear at the fabric of our small town and shred the named individuals with such harted.

  18. Comparing citizens who speak out at City Council meetings to Hitler or S&M practitioners is just so ugly it defies words. Unbelieveable. What planet are they from?

  19. I still can't get over the first sentence of the Birdcage article "...Shollenberger's unnecessarily deplorable campaign behavior...."
    Does anyone remember how Nancy was maligned in that campaign, and how much a lady Nancy was about not slinging back? Sorry, I didn't get past that and don't plan to read the rest.

  20. Perhaps Ms. Birdsall can further elaborate on "deplorable" and "unnecessarily deplorable" which I actually thought best described Karma Bell's attacks on Nancy Shollenberger made by Pat during the City Clerk election.

  21. Flatz Daddy, respectfully.April 5, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    Yeesh! I can't stand that Hitler stuff either. If your family suffered under that regime I bet you wouldn't use the reference so bunch.

    Susan Henderson and her mumbling humps cannot so affect Sierra Madre voter awareness - can they?

    I kind of like Terry Miller stories, too. They remind me of a guy writing half drunk, which I believe to be an established journalistic tradition. Just don't take it too seriously - people will pick out the parts they like anyway - like Cameron's bouillabaisse.

    Gotta think SM will get a good council this time. There seems to be a lot of energy going into the campaign. That's a good thing, Martha. The Crawford fellow should win a lot of votes. He's earned that. Imna support him.

    The mayor lady DOES seem a bit, uh...strict though. She rilly threaten a council mem with force? And what is with that dress in the SM Weekly pic? What is that, early Sea Org?

  22. This Hail Hamilton individual doesn't know how to write, although he thinks he does, and Pat Birdsall doesn't how to write, and Pat has previously admitted as much in her columns, and I disagree with their opinions, but at least they are willing to set their names to what they "write". If only users of this otherwise valuable blog would do the same. And don't lecture me this time, Mr. Crawford.

  23. Capricious Hail, has proven himself to be a total turn-coat. He knows all about Joe Mosca, he is simply covering for him.

    Why? well there are so many possibilities for this monkey business, and all of them are bad. Thank goodness he has depleted his credibility reserves in Sierra Madre.

  24. not Mr. CrawfordApril 5, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    Joe, the anonymity posters have is part of an invention called "The Internet," which has on it a new form of writing called "blogging," and one of the characteristics of "blogging" is using a nom de plume. Everyone knows you're a great writer, but get with it Daddy-o. If you don't like the conventions of the most modern form of communication, stick to the old and let the new go on without you.

  25. If you participate in Sierra Madre politics, at least for the last 15-20 years, you have to be prepared to be the subject of slander.
    At least in this round there's no obscene website from the Dirts (that we know of), and I figure that's because it would be too hard to pull off outright obscenity with the Dirt's Restore Civility platform.
    John Buchanan learned a hard lesson from Fay Angus about supporting obscenity.
    Pat Birdsall is just defending the people she loves - Susan and Joe - so she's made a comeback appearance in the latest edition on their behalf, with her oh-so-odd mix of trying to be clever with base tastes for the abusive.
    She's is doing it for her buds.
    Can't you just hear Susan seducing her into it?

  26. Hear, hear 2:46. If you see an injustice, you can speak out, or keep your mouth shut. It's more important to speak out than it is to keep quiet in order to avoid the discomfort of being attacked publicly.
    It's called speaking truth to power.

  27. Joe Scalzo, there are lots of people in this town who are afraid to use their real names on this and other blogs.

    They saw what happened to somebody like Kurt Zimmerman who courageously spoke out and then became the target of some pretty vicious articles in the Cumquat and the Downtown Dirt.

  28. Crawford and company..........Does no one go unscathed with you people. Hail Hamilton finally wrote a piece that is truthful and insightful instead of being one of your mindless misguided followers. For those of you looking for the truth about the candidates should not be using this blog as a resource. I suggest that you talk to the candidates individually. They will all be happy to return a legitimate phone call. The lack of truth here and unwarranted punches are nothing short of ridiculous. I'd post my name but absolutely fear repercussions and retaliation from the clearly unstable people that support you Mr. Crawford.

  29. 3:23, so could you give it a whirl to explain why Hail Hamilton so completely contradicted himself?
    And it's not just on Mosca either.
    Have you looked at Hails' earlier articles?
    "Unwarranted punches" such as? Be specific to move out of the vague victim emotionalism that is the keynote of the Downtown Investment Club Dirts.
    Or do you just want to mess around pretending to be looking for facts in order to cover your personal attacks?
    None of our crazies on the slow growth side can hold a candle to what y'all get up to.

  30. Not surprised in the least about the last issue nor will I be in the city-wide that is expected to be delivered for the next issue of MVN. An offered went out to the candidates so we know what the ad costs are: $200 full page, and down to business card size--$25 for color. Offered to all but Mr. Crawford as per the e-mail address list. Furtermore, there was the possiblity of a free listing to a second candidate who had been told that another candidate was getting, or also offered, a free ad. Now my question to you, dear reader, does this speak of influence peddling? Elected officials will be approving negotiated contracts for the city for newspaper handling of city official
    postings. So, we have a newspaper that can't possibly be trusted to cover an election with any evenhandedness whatsoever. More's the pity for Sierra Madre

  31. 3:23 pm, you sound very much like a candidate. I'm guessing Josh Moran. Nice try. Go Fish.

  32. also happily anonApril 5, 2010 at 3:34 PM

    3:32, I was thinking more like Ms. Birdsall, or maybe her best friend.

  33. Maybe 3:34.
    It's very interesting that Birdsall thinks Fay is a Queen who arranges what other people say, when in fact those speakers are damn stubborn people - it would be an exercise in herding cats to be sure.
    But it did bring to mind the old projection theory. So maybe Queen Susan is finding it easy to manipulate Pat.

  34. 3:38 pm, of course Pat fell under Susan's spell. She was already writing for Katina Dunn when she was swept into Susan's new regime. Pat was still reeling from accusations of impropriety relating to her "Treasurer" duties for the Simpsons' campaign to stop development at One Carter. Suddenly Pat became an Iguana, gained respectability, had a chatty little column in the newly morphed Mountain Views Observer whatever and dropper all of her old friends - the ones whom she wrote about, who brought her soup when she was ill and cared for her when she was home bound. Pat Birdsall lady-in-waiting to the grandest Queen of them all, Susan Henderson.

  35. wow, the Mountain Views is finally or for the first time printing a full run edition, something that hasn't been done since Katina left

    why place an ad in the paper? $ 200 lol - if Henderson is charging politicos 200 bucks for a full page ad, how much is she charging the city for the same? she must be hurting for ad business, cash or creditablity. The ad reps there must be making minimum wage in commissions.

    it's ironic that Henderson, Coburn and the SM Weekly all indirectly endorse this blog as a source of information and it's just as easy to pull kooky quotes from the letters to the editors from the local papers or the ouutrageous articles written in the papers or the sm news blog.

  36. shouldn't Josh Moran be leading another boycott of Sierra Madre businessses?

    ??????? can you believe we have a candidate for Council who only a couple years ago was suggesting and advocating in writing that realtors and others boycott Sierra Madre businessess owners as a threat to get Measure V stopped.

    I guess what Hamiliton is suggesting is that other candidates aren't honest.

  37. Esteemed city council candiate Crawford, 2:24 p. m.: The claim you're making, which is that "the most modern form of communication" is to slander an individual without telling the slanderee who are you, is bogus. It's been around for centuries. The Spanish Inquisition made terrific use of. Your sarcasm aside, thank you for calling me a great writer. A revelation. So far as I know, the only two other people besides you thinking so are myself and my wife. Are you so confident of a landslide victory ? Blowing off a potential Crawford voter like myself, as well suggesting I go off to lead a quiet geezer existence, you appear to be. Anyway, if you use terms like Daddy-o, who's the the geezer. Please be careful of discardig supporters so frivolously. City elections here often get settled by a handful of ballots.

  38. My head is spinning - could it be true that John Crawford and his merry band of Tattlers have forced the local media to their knees? Quoting the Tattler for news? Searching the blog for iditorial material? Sierra Madre Weakly/Terri Miller, Mountain Views Snooze/Susan Henderson and her contributors Bill Coburn (formerly of online, Johnson, Hamilton, and Birdsall all pouring over the Tattler? Boggles the mind. It also explains why it's been running a bit slow of late.

    Where is Moran? Where is Mrs. Walsh? Why isn't the "media" doing indepth coverage of these first time City Council candidates?

  39. if we follow Joe Salzo's line of thinking, we should all be offended by Joe Mosca's snippy comment of "get a life" to s senior citizen and vote against Mosca, on principle alone.

  40. Joe, everyone who comes to the podium at City Council gives their name and states their reason for addressing the Council. In turn they are frequently mocked, spoken to rudely, and subjected to a litany of mistreatment and misrepresentation by viewers. There are those who would cut out Community input altogether calling the speakers "gadflys".

    On the blog anonymity is a retreat from those individuals who seek to stifle comment. All are welcome. Bloggers are empowered. And yes, occasionally, they exceed the bounds. Generally speaking the most egregious posts are taken down.

  41. Joe - I've been out all day. Wasn't me. I've been out banging on doors all day!

  42. My Gawd, anonymous 5:09 PM, if Sierra Madre truly is a community where nobody can speak freely, and I dispute this entirely, and its citizens are too frightened to speak openly, and instead must cloak themselves in anonymity and yet still live in dread of unspecified reprisals, then what sort of hellish village are we living in here?? Surely, this -- and not even our wretched police department -- ouught to be the campaign's key issue. Sierra Madre: a village existing in abject fear!Not true. I shot off my mouth once and got hauled out of the council meeting by the cops, but it won't deter me from giving the city council a hot blast all over again should I feel like it.

  43. Joe - There was another Joe that almost got hauled out of a City Council by the cops recently, but he stopped himself at the last second, thus sparing himself the ordeal. I'm posting Shirley Moore's speech here tomorrow. Since the Moscateers have spent so much time and tree bark trying to turn this 4 minute talk into the politically incorrect crime of the century, I figured people should get a chance to see for themselves. Whoever would have thought Democracy would become so controversial in Sierra Madre?

  44. Yeah, Joe, sure. I'm an old beat re-tread just like you. And I'm getting a little tired of being beaten about the head and shoulders by people who aren't fit enough to lick your boots. There are some people who are just too damn timid and should have the right to be heard without fear of intimidation by what amounts to school yard bullies.

    Live and learn. All the best.

  45. Because you don't want to get flat tired...April 5, 2010 at 7:00 PM

    Hello Merry Tatts, and to you Mr. Scalzo, I respect your want of straight forwardness and honesty. Which is why we read and appreciate the Sierra Madre Tattler and Mr. Crawford.

    I would glean from your postings or response to the daddy o poster, that daddy o was a beatnik term used in the fifties, so assuming your poster was at least twenty in 1950, the poster would be at least 58 years or older. And Mr. Crawford is not a daddy o'er.

    Second while this is a election, now and some of the recent postings are election related I can understand that you have not followed the tattler the year previously, and it is important and lifesaving that the bloggers don't use their real names with some of the explosive information posted here.

    For instance, you were born 6-16-1941 and in December of 1985 you changed you voting status from 8 democrats to 2 republicans, and your address is 255 E Highland St Sierra Madre, that took me two minutes to find. So, this is the main reason to use an alias or a cover name, I mean this with the greatest respect.

  46. The queen of the bull goose loonies is Susan Henderson. Read some of her recent columns. Always claiming to be the victim of attacks, yet all the while launching more attcks than a hive has bees.

  47. The real Flipper indeed.
    The thing is that everyone has the right to change his or her mind.
    They just need to show the bridge - the transition - in a logical manner.
    The lack of logic from the pro-development groups is shocking, from Karma Bell's smear campaign against Nancy Shollenberger, to John Buchanan's defense of the Cumquat smears, to Henderson & Birdsall's smears of residents who participate in public communication.
    Yes, 2010, the BigSmear campaign.

  48. Joe Scalzo: if your single objection to the Tattler and John Crawford is anonymous commenting, an objection so strong it would take your vote away and place it with one of the other candidates who haven't done a fraction of the work Crawford and the Tattler have done, in making positive change in Sierra Madre, in halting development, in literally turning the political landscape of this town around...

    then your priorities are screwed up.

  49. Shame on you Hail. You have a lovely family. And, you are not embarrassed. How will you answer your lies to your children?

    Public school vice principals stand up for the people who tell the truth. What will your children say when they view YOUTUBE of the liar JOE MOSCA?

    They will really wonder why their dad supported a man who lied and turned on the people of Sierra Madre?

    What could have ever made you "change your mind?"

    Pass the chips and dip. I am gonna sit back and watch this one play itself out. Susan has herself another puppet...

  50. Joe Scalzo rocks!!! Thank you Joe for pointing out the disparaging nonsense that the Tattler is ridden with. Fear of reprisal is a real thing in this town. It is sad state of affairs when good solid citizens despite their political differences are afraid to speak out. Kind of spits in the face of fair play doesn't it?

  51. Interesting to me that Crawford doesn't seem to be taking down posts that conflict with his opinion or that of his people. Could it be that he's only playing slightly more "nice" since he's been called out on removing posts which make him look bad. He out and out stated at the Kiwanis forum that he only removed posts for offensive language. A blatant lie! There was more than one person at that forum who knows the truth. Crawford you are wolf in sheep's clothing and you are about to be exposed for what you really are.

  52. I give Joe Scalzo a lot of credit as he comes to the podium at CC meetings and lays out a good argument for something he feels strongly about often against the flow of opinion or in isloation from community support. It helps to get support from others to get action from the CC but Joe will forge on alone. Also, signing his name to the blog entries is in keeping with this approach. I prefer to blog anonymously for all the reasons stated earlier in the blog. Don't we have a saying in America 'to each his own?'

  53. For the record, Joe Scalzo has a Crawford sign in his yard.

  54. "Crawford, you are wolf in sheep's clothing..."

    Is that you, Natasha? How's Boris doing?

  55. Well it was predictable that the politics would end up this way, wasn't it?
    Little town, big hell.