Friday, May 7, 2010

An Open Letter From Shirley Moore

(Ed. - I received the following letter from Shirley Moore and, with her permission, I am reprinting it here. Shirley has been pretty thoroughly demonized by all the usual suspects, and I felt it was essential that she have the opportunity to tell the story from her perspective.)

Apparently I need to clarify something since the Dirts continue to attribute my discussion during a city council meeting a few weeks ago regarding Mosca and his penchant for pulling the wool over the eyes of Sierra Madre's citizenry to MaryAnn MacGillivray's influence and/or prompting. I speak when I personally feel the need to do so, and the SPIRIT moved me, not Mayor MacGillivray. Although I do respect her greatly and the efforts she has made on behalf of Sierra Madre to prevent the development industry from securing a controlling interest in the city's business, she neither cajoled nor convinced me to speak against Mosca. I had no contact with her whatsoever on this subject. This I did completely of my own volition. I do hold a personal grudge against this cretinous male because he lied to me and to the majority of the voting residents of Sierra Madre during his candidacy over four years ago. He managed to do it quite spectacularly again during this election cycle, though I did not make the same mistake of casting my vote in his favor this time around. But many other residents did, much to this city's great detriment.

For all the Dirts, including Susan Henderson and Hail Hamilton, who have characterized me as, by varying accounts, sullen, hysterical, crazed, angry, pitiful, homophobic, fearful, a spokesperson for others, and other derogatory terms too tiresome to repeat, I can only say that truth is often not welcomed by those who toil exhaustively to suppress it, and by any means necessary (fascism anyone?). I am sorry that you attack others so virulently, but I am not too surprised by your efforts to censor what I deem to be the facts of this particular situation. Joe lied outrageously four years ago to get elected, we fell for it, and we subsequently have objected to his treacherous behavior - I use the term "we" because I know that I am truly not alone in my perception of this matter, though I have now been repeatedly marginalized, isolated and, at times, terrorized by the proponents of the building industry agenda for my views.

I care deeply about what happens to this darling little town. I have resided in Sierra Madre for over 18 years now, and I have been a homeowner for over 13 of those years. Though I am not a native, I have every reason to believe that my opinion does indeed count, and that I have every right to express that opinion during the public comment period at city council meetings. This despite Mosca's attempt to defer my right to speak at the podium to a more private forum - his personal office hours.

Fear of the truth, of being publicly exposed for what he really is and whose interests in Sierra Madre he really supports, is what drives Mosca into childish tantrums. My opinion of this monster of mendacity will never change and I will continue to upbraid him as I feel the need to do so. The damage he has done to Sierra Madre, and will, no doubt, continue to do to this town, now with the assistance of his willing accomplices and fellow councilmembers Josh Moran, Nancy Walsh, and John Buchanan, demands it.

The election of this slate of three development-industry owned candidates does indeed denote a sad turn in the history of a small town that just wanted to remain small and viable. Perhaps their local influence will be mitigated somewhat since cities throughout the entire state are rallying around the call to repeal AB32/SB375 because of these bills' devastating effects on employment, industry, and on each city's autonomy over development issues within their borders. We, of course, can only join that fight independently and hope for the best outcome for Sierra Madre since we will surely not be able to rely on our current council to defend our town's interests appropriately.

In conclusion, I made a conscious effort to speak carefully, calmly, and in a civil manner about Joe Mosca and his sins against this constituency because I hoped only to be heard by the residents of Sierra Madre immediately prior to this last election cycle. Joe has known and not cared for four years what I think of him. I want to assure anyone who desires it that my words and actions were my own; I seek no forgiveness from the Dirts or anyone else for expressing the truth as I have experienced it these last four years of a Mosca contaminated council.

I continue to remain hopeful, despite the results of the recent election, that Sierra Madre will triumph over the darkness that now gathers at its borders, and that the web of complicity with the development industry being skillfully woven by four of the five seated councilmembers, actively aided and abetted in the background by the likes of Bart Doyle, will not survive the winds of political and social change which are starting to whisper their way into the very veins of California's lifeblood.

Bonus Coverage: Looks like the SCAG party in La Quinta is becoming an open revolt against SB 375. Link to article here.


  1. Beautifully put, Shirley. You are right, even though darkness is gathering, the light too, is shining, and will eventually break through. Light is enough people waking up, mobilizing in support of the issues they care about. Keep up the fight!

  2. People need to stand up to the brainlessand destructive regionalism Sacramento lobbyist Joe Mosca hopes to impose on this town. Thank you Shirley for standing up and saying what needed to be said. Nothing ended on April 13. This fight goes forward.

  3. Great remarks.
    Thank you Ms. Moore.

  4. Thanks for that accurate accounting Shirley.
    I'd disagree about calling Mosca a monster. Cretin, ok, but monster?
    He's just a person without the discipline of honesty - probably even lacks self-honesty.
    More like somebody who hasn't fully developed than a monster.
    Now that monster sentence will be the front page headline of the "news"

  5. Shirley Moore is the conscience on Sierra Madre!

    Thank you John Crawford for printing this letter.
    Thanks for your nice comment, Virginia.

    I've known Shirley for nearly 20 years and I've never known her to tell a lie, no matter what.

  6. Shirley is more of a native than Mosca and Buchanan. Both are opportunists with self serving egos who moved into town and saw an opporunity to promote themselves as do gooders but are actually just protecting the interests of their respective employers.

    Joe is a joke, he moves into to town and within hours proclaims that he "loves" the quaint small town and despite what Joe claims, he in fact lied to my face.

    John is massive bore, as I see him.

  7. morning AnonymousMay 7, 2010 at 8:28 AM

    Whatever, she's telling the truth.
    Is there a place for that in Sierra Madre City Hall?

  8. Moore beats up Mosca!
    Intelligence vs. mediocrity!
    Integrity vs. adjustable principles!
    Brilliant writing vs. vapidity!

    And who won the election?

  9. The over deveolpment majority which is in charge of the Council will be working against the best interest of the town under the guise of “it’s the law”. Most likely, John and Joe will be receiving advice how to carefully proceed without the citizens realizing what is actually happening. What they do will not be blatant or obvious. Once again there will be “house keeping“ changes to our ordinances, procedural changes as to who can make over the counter decisions, the Council will over rule decisions made by the commissions, and more power given to the Directors which will take power away from the Commissions. Many of these changes will be on the Consent Calendar and quickly passed. Consultants will be hired for their expertise and to reduce the burden on the “over worked” staff. The changes will appear to be insignificant, but they will be small pieces in a puzzle that will erode our power and lead to overdevelopment. As a citizen, you must be aware of what is on the agenda and find out what the repercussions might be. Currently there are several items on upcoming agendas that will make development cheaper and easier if the council or commissions vote in favor of development.

  10. I like you Shirley MooreMay 7, 2010 at 8:52 AM

    Hi Ms Shirley,

    Don't worry about all those stacked implanted dispersions against your high spirited salt of the earth self.

    It makes the taste of justice taste much sweeter and more sublime later.

    Happy mayors always have a problem with strong wise feisty women.

  11. Shirley Moore does not on waterMay 7, 2010 at 9:02 AM

    Shirley Moore does tell her version of the truth regardless of the fallout; and Shirley expresses her freedom of speech without much regard to the responsibilities that accrue to that speech. She will forever be remembered as the person who provoked Joe Mosca to demand his right to rebuttal, which forced Mayor MaryAnn to the gavel him down much to her detriment. Shirley singlehandedly destroyed the carefully crafted responses to MaryAnn's detractors and contributed mightily to the loss of the election of Alcorn, Watts, and Crawford. Now for those of you who maintain that a steady stream of "Joe lied" must be channeled to the voters I suggest you focus on finding new lies and forget the lies of four years ago. It seems no one really cared in the last election.

    Shirley is a brilliant writer and crafter of speeches. She's a little light on strategy and team work.

  12. 9:02, you cannot blame Shirley for the voters' apathy or superficiality.

  13. Is there a place for truth in Sierra Madre?

  14. to Shirley Moore does not on water said, Well said, the constant bashing to infulence the election was a great success. Not!

  15. 9:02, don't make Shirley the scapegoat for a lost election.
    Obviously the slow growth side did not educate the residents enough.

  16. Sierra Madre can't handle the truth!

  17. Good point 9:02 that no one seems to have cared about Joe's old lie....or not enough people cared.
    I figured that many of his supporters did not get involved in the DSP debate to begin with, or were for the DSP, so when he went back on his word, they didn't really give a whoop.
    Otherwise they wouldn't have voted for him.
    So in a sense, he didn't lie to them.

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  19. faithful readerMay 7, 2010 at 9:31 AM

    Hear, hear 9:28.

  20. Dirt Chicken Squawk: "It's all a conspiracy!"

  21. 9:28 is right.

    The proof of what the dirts got away with was evident when the absentee ballots came in.
    The vast majority of those were cast before Moore, Willis, Angus and Darbyshire called out Joe Mosca for lies to the people and his piss poor performance as our councilman.

    The dirts ran a very sneaky and effective campaign. It worked.....this time.

    Keep telling us the truth, Shirley, Fay, Teryl, Carol, Barbara and of course MaryAnn MacGillivray..... Keep them honest.

  22. The last line sent chills up and down my spine. The winds of change are indeed starting to blow in California. The city council we now have is married to a diseased regionalist ideology that will make them political pariahs, and much quicker than you might think.

  23. Looks like SCAG finally figured out what was going on in the area they
    Tough news for Joe, Bart, & Jonny B.

  24. Isn't that just like Sacramento? Force unwanted "housing mandates" down our throats, and then stick us with the bill.

    Fire them all.

  25. Great article today Tattler.
    Thanks for bringing up the subject of influences on the election.
    I've heard people talking about how calling Joe Mosca to accountability lost the election.
    Most people in Sierra Madre do not follow council meetings, or city business, so its doubtful that anybody who speaks at a council meeting has much impact.

  26. I found it interesting the way Mr. Darbyshire was not targeted by Pat Birdsall, Susan Henderson or Hail Hamilton.

  27. It's to simplistic to attribute a win or loss to just one factor.
    We had a perfect storm of ignorance, denial and narcissism.

  28. 9:17, what you call "constant bashing" I call factual reporting, albeit with some colorful turns of phrases.
    If you really see it as bashing, you might want to rethink which side you support.

  29. it really makes me sad, Old Kentucky, when dirty, sneaky, campaigns are run, I mean, these attempts to skew the truth are just wrong.

    We are trying to have a Democracy here, and anyone who messes with that, is messing with America, and what she stands for.

  30. When the majority in SM gets some of those whispering winds in its veins, ya'll got a shot at saving the town. So organize and educate more. Like quick, before the money beats you.

  31. 9:02 is right in a way. Shirley's speech was the straw,but it wasn't the reason we all lost. Joe's melt-down was a very crafted response. The "civility" mantra worked and I think Joe planned to have his melt-down at some point in the meeting. The Mosca Slate had a well managed campaign without substance and platform except for the attacks on the persons running and their supporters including our Mayor. So, let's do it, let's keep educating and organizing and stop name calling and attacking. Facts and more facts is what will save our town.

  32. Unfortunately in the case of Mosca the facts do sound a lot like name calling. Just about the most untruthful person I've ever met.

  33. Wishful thinking?May 7, 2010 at 1:46 PM

    12:51 I wish you were right.
    The electorate ignored the facts.

  34. lots of eating, and beady eyes, forked tongued wordsMay 7, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    I search for gloatings of SCAG on a successful el presidente transition but, found on the SCAG website videos of their monthly meetings, There is derision in the troops about SB 375 and 32, I watched the April Meeting scary...

  35. Charlie KissingerMay 7, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    Anonymous 9;28
    My last name is spelled Kissinger , I sure would like you to tell me what lies I said and I would
    put my 40 + years of fighting projects in Sierra Madre against almost anybody in town or this Blog.
    It makes it easy to go after people when you use Anonymous,which is why this Blog looses credibility even when John writes an good article

  36. always AnonymousMay 7, 2010 at 3:28 PM

    Fair request Charlie, I hope 9:28 or somebody else who knows about the canyon answers.
    I know about the Fire Dept. ruse, but not the canyon.
    Thanks for posting.

  37. I vanished that one. Sorry I missed it the first time.

  38. "Truth" should be the operative word here.

    The starting place should be with each of us.
    We need to look within and see if we are, what we accuse others of being...
    We need to dig in our own backyards,
    if we see deceptiveness we need to eliminate it from our own agenda first.

    We are none of us above bias and bad action.
    Our reputations follow us.

    When we clean up our own mess, then we are more capable of coming to the table with empathy, compassion,and a capacity for creating viable solutions...

    Look for the good in others first...
    It is there...
    You know it is!

    Great things happen when we come in peace to the table...

    Share from the heart and know that others will see it and react in kind!


  39. Charlie KissingerMay 7, 2010 at 3:49 PM

    Thank you Moderator
    I still stand by my statements

  40. I know there are posters on this blog and other websites who claim that Shirley is responsible for Joe, Josh and Nancy 's victory. But really, how would they know that? It's not like they conducted some kind of a poll. Also, most of those posters are confirmed DIRTS and were voting for Joe, Josh and Nancy anyway.

    The victorious candidates won because they spent a lot of money on a slick campaign that appealed to ignorant and apathetic voters.

  41. The DIRTS are trying to silence Shirley. Do not fall into their little trap. The only reason Joe, Nancy, and Josh won is because they all lied to whoever it took to get that vote. That is what they do. The whole group wouldn't know TRUTH if it bit them in the face! Cuz when they hear it they all scream "liar"! It is a topsy-turvy world they live in.
    Orwell in 1984 described:
    "From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party:

    The upside down world of one who lives in and deals in lies!

    Neuroblast Films

  42. My favorite Hassan Ikhrata quote, from the SCAG party in La Quinta link!
    paragraph 6

    "To that end, the Southern California Association of Governments will give the California Air Resources Board a plan to reduce the region's emissions from 7 to 9 percent per capita by 2020", said Hassan Ikhrata, SCAG's executive director.

    How is going from 7 to 9 a reduction?
    More of that Orwellian double speak!

    Neuroblast Films

  43. Our #1 most favorite Soviet planner also said that "SCAG doesn't want to tell cities what to do."

    But he has to because Sac and the Feds sign his paycheck.

  44. Personally I'm tired of talking about the election and who said what and who did what to whom and who blah blah blah.

    Let's have a little more levity! Anybody doing anything fun this weekend? Read any good books lately?

    Now that election season is over re-orient your sense of humor! Register as a "declines to state"! Vow to never drink a cup of coffee that costs more than you make in an hour!

    Turn off Jimmie and Kimmie or whatever that radio program is! Listen to Garrison Keilor or watch re-runs of Ab-Fab.

    Turn up your hilarity dial and forget the election for one day a week!

  45. Mr. Ihkrata does the same schtick that John Buchanan does. Ratchet up fear to push his agenda.

  46. Observer from the westMay 7, 2010 at 5:22 PM

    If you all weren't so hyperbolic maybe you'd have more credibility and the election would have gone the other way.

    I know this will never be published.

  47. Mr. Finewine - good and drunkMay 7, 2010 at 5:26 PM

    5:22 - some people just enjoy talking about politics. Some people like talking about flowers. And some people think that by whining their lives take on a certain drama they would otherwise lack. Who are you to judge? Most of us already have a mommy, you know.

  48. Anon/DIRT 5:15 pm

    Go post your laugh it off comments somewhere else. Better yet, start your own Blog. It is quite easy. Here is the link.
    We here on THIS blog are here for a reason. Our town and what is affecting it.
    That is all I have ever read here, and it's what I want to read here. This is where YOU go for your local/state news as well so I'm preaching to the Choir Right?
    So you dirty little dirt....
    We are on to you!

    Neuroblast Films

  49. "Observer from the west"
    Truths are...Umm now they are..Oh I got it.

    I got 'em now

  50. pass me a glassMay 7, 2010 at 5:41 PM

    You who are so sure your comment won't be published, you also must have conducted a well structured poll and carried out a thorough analysis of the campaign. Maybe if you weren't so arrogant, your comment could have advanced the discussion.

  51. Trust me, around here its mood swing moderation. Sometimes crap like that annoys me, and sometimes I couldn't care less. Unless, of course, it's a Rich Johnson post. Then it gets s-canned. Can't stand people who post about themselves over and over and over.

  52. Hi Mod, I like your policy. Trolls are a waste of everyone's time.

  53. All the Loony Views News columnists are like Rich. All they write about is themselves. Like anyone cares!

  54. Karma/s a WitchMay 7, 2010 at 8:02 PM

    Thank you again gifted and intelligent Miss Moore. It is indeed refreshing to have listened to you at the podium that memorable evening and to have again read your letter today.

    One very interesting observation of life is how many people are scared of a very well read and highly educated & intelligent females. Mr. Mosca went crazy on YOU, because YOU are a WOMAN who told the truth. His buttons were pushed.


    He has known for 4 years that he lied to many people and you represent the TRUTH BEING TOLD. His little outburst is forever captured on YOUTUBE.THAT IS A FACT!! And, NO you did not lose the election. His lies to many people who just automatically believe him because they want to, and the combination of apathy, those who bought into other lies, and as always the "Jesuscard" (the Congs and the Angelicans)the HATE MARYANN CARD.....all helped bring in the lying vote.

    Truth always creates problems, doesn't it.
    Thanks, Shirley. .
    Please keep your wonderful talents working for our town.

  55. 9:28
    old kentucky , you need to recheck your figures
    the absentee votes were closer than the election votes

  56. observer from the westMay 7, 2010 at 11:10 PM

    I stand corrected.

    Kudos Tattler kudos!

  57. More baffle mints pleaseMay 8, 2010 at 10:13 AM

    So I reckon we'll have a report from out SCAG representatives about La Quinta during the Mayor & Councilmember reports portion of the next council meeting. Use a stopwatch. It will be unfettered self-promotion.

  58. Channel 3 watcher when it's workingMay 8, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    No La Quinta won't be in the reports, because it's an agenda item of its own. The last one of what looks to be a very long evening - for starters, the Alverno TUP is on it. So's a water rate hike.
    I got $20 that says the SCAG info will be given around 11 p.m. - maybe even midnight.

  59. "Law Enforcement Models" also an agenda itme.

  60. CH3 - you know the SCAGGIE stuff will roll out late. This is where Mayor Joe will be earning his brownie points with Sacramento. You know it is all about his career. And if Sacramento can't pay for their SB375 mandates? Watch as Little Joe volunteers to spend some of our money. Gotta stay up late and witness this crap.

  61. Doncha think our mayor might change his tune what with all the popular outcry against AB32 & SB375?
    Seems to me he'll jump to the other side pretty quick now.

  62. You kidding? They own him. He's their dancing puppet.

  63. Frogs on hot rocksMay 8, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    Does that mean we can call them jumpin joe, nan, nan, nancy, joker john, and just joshin?

    Raaahhh ha ha ha,

  64. This is going downhill, I can't wait 'til Monday's post


  65. On the off chance of a postMay 9, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    I know. I hate it when Sir Eric takes a holiday! What are we to do?

  66. Yep, the bar on effective political dialogue is being raised once again. ;)

  67. Happy Mothers Day, and yes our Dear Sir Eric does spoil us, without him it is sort of a literary wasteland out there.

    How about a big mama day thank you to Ms "Lefty" Crawford, aka Mrs Maundry and all of us know it takes a wonderful woman to back such a man and a blog and Tattlers!!

    I am thankful and will wait patiently, sigh....

  68. "Shirley Moore is the conscience on Sierra Madre!"

    That is a scary statement!

  69. I got a call from the Democrats asking for money this morning. I told them I can no longer give them money since they have effectively become the face of fascism here in California.

  70. No thanks necessaryMay 9, 2010 at 3:51 PM

    I threw away another copy of the Observer and the Weekly today.

  71. Oh, 3:51 pm you are so dependable! I believe I may do the same a little later on. We owe it to the community.

  72. I think that it is a mistake to think throwing away a paper does any good.
    Inform people to see through the bs in those papers.

  73. I agree. Grab a few copies and bring them home for use as trashcan or birdcage liners. That way the trees will not have died in vain.

  74. Unfortunately the Looney Views News has still got some of the charm that was built into it by the talent and hard work of Katina Dunn, so I get why the unaware among us like it & pick it up.
    The Weakly? Can't figure that one. So obviously a variation on a penny saver.

  75. Yes!


    This is what I am talking about...
    People coming together with positive energy and looking for a solution that is good for everyone...


  76. Hety Ghernest, e sure & apply for the cheerleading job to go over SCAG's millions. You're a natural for it!

  77. Ghernest, be sure to wear your "We Are One" purple t-shirt to the auditions.

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  79. Thank goodness for that 4:17.

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