Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is City Hall Attempting a Bait and Switch?

It apparently has something to do with the lists. Is it the one the water rate protesters were originally given by City Hall when they first set out on the impossible quest of getting the 1,848 rate payer signatures needed to overturn the 40% increase? It would seem logical since this is not only the one these water rate protesters were told to use, but also because it is the 2010 list of water bill recipients. Which are the people whose signatures you need to get according to the rules of the process set down by Proposition 218.

Or is it the one our City Manager is now saying must be used to validate the signed water protest forms? This being the list of "Assessor Parcel Numbers" which, while containing the names of the actual property owners, does not necessarily contain the names of the people actually paying the City for water on all of those properties. The bill receiving metered rate payers.

For many involved with reconciling signed forms with the list originally provided by City Hall, this is beginning to take on the appearance of a bait and switch. That after everyone obeyed the rules as they were originally laid out, and now with all the work having been done and the deadline passed, suddenly everything has been changed. And in a way that could only benefit those persons at City Hall who seem almost desperate to get their hands on more of our money.

The water rate protesters exceeded the numbers based on the list originally provided, but now, after the fact, City Hall has suddenly pulled out a different list. There is something intrinsically unfair about that. And very wrong.

Therein also lies what has become a very big question. Why is it this 40% water rate hike is being fought for this hard? Why is City Hall in a state of what some have described as "a near panic?" The water price increase failed, and it did so because a wide swath of people living in Sierra Madre opposed it. Business owners, landlords, apartment building bosses, and work-a-day folks who are just tired of having to pay more and more money for the same old stuff.

Why are those employed at City Hall taking on the town like this? Is it appropriate behavior from those who are supposed to be serving the very residents whose will they are now attempting to defy?

A theory that has been making the rounds is that City Hall is just out of touch with the times. This country is in the worst economic downturn in 80 years, with some such as Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman using the word "depression" to describe what is going on in the U.S. Revenues at City Hall are trending downward, with red ink a distinct probability in a year or so. And in the past that was always solved by just asking for more money. Things have been so good for so long here that City Hall has become very used to always getting what it wants.

But the economy is not what it used to be, even here in Sierra Madre. And people are resisting giving them the money they want this time. Can it really be that they just do not understand why?

An example of this economic tin ear would be our City Attorney. Sandra Levin made a cool $213,000 in Sierra Madre in the last year. And we aren't the only place where she serves as a City Attorney. The lawfirm she has partnership in, Colantuono and Levin, billed Sierra Madre over $600,000 last year for legal services. But do you know what? Sandra Levin is now asking for a raise.

Our Police Department accounts for 53% of our General Fund expenditures. It is by far the largest expense Sierra Madre faces. Yet on Monday morning we will be swearing in four new cops at City Hall, bringing the total Police Officers employed here to 31. This in a City that covers only 3.2 square miles.

It is time for City Hall to come to grips with the concept of shared sacrifice. They need to start facing up to the same sorts of fiscal conditions tax and ratepayers here are facing. This country is in bad economic shape right now, and the kind of money that might have been available in the past just isn't around anymore. The City can't keep adding new employees, giving raises, or launching vast new water infrastructure projects, and then expect to get more money with no questions asked. Those times are past. At least for a while. It is time City Hall faced the kinds of realities those paying the bills are facing.

The party is over. It is now time to start dealing with it.


  1. I guess this is the result of the Mosca/Moran/Walsh/Doyle takeover.

    Nancy Shollenberger and the people of Sierra Madre may have to take them to court over this outrage.

    I wonder if John and Ken Show would like to hear about this type of stunt these people are trying to pull on us?

    This is beyond unfair, but not entirely a surprise. Again, this is the result of our last election.

  2. Enough with the Tomfoolery!How about cuts,lay offs,and furloughs for the uppity city hirelings.It's being done in LA and other communities.Also the voting Peasants have the right to recall tone deaf Council Persons. ___Don't Mess With The Peasant's Pocketbook.__

  3. Crazy times. A city that is at war with its own people. Good luck with that one! The law of the jungle - wake the sleeping lion, get eaten.

  4. Everyone write to the John and Ken Show:

    Click on contact us and send them this Tattler link and/or a report on what this Bart Doyle/Sacramento crooks council is doing to the people of Sierra Madre.

    This is just outrageous.

    Save Sierra Madre, residents! Please.
    You didn't get out and vote in the last election, you were misled about Mosca, Moran and Walsh, now we are in danger of the developers taking over everything we hold dear.
    Please act! Fight, anyway we have to.

  5. Last paragraph, June 23, 2010 Fact Sheet from the City web site on the 2010 Proposed Water Rate Increase:

    Any formal written protest must be received prior to the close of the public testimony part of the hearing. If written protests against the proposed charges are presented by a majority of water customers or owners of parcels subjected to the rates, then the City Council will not impose the rates. A complete copy of the City's guidlines for tabulation of protests can be found online at:

    The city gave the water rate protesters the water customers list while at the same time posting that the property owners could also be the ones signing protest letters. There will be letters of protest signed by either water customers or property owners. Both are valid and the city will have to be using two lists to validate the protest letters: water customers and property owners.

  6. This city council is tone deaf.
    The arrogance of this council.
    Who do they listen to, we, the residents or to city staff?
    Does Elaine, Sandra or Bruce even live in Sierra Madre?

  7. File under "and you thought we had problems"July 17, 2010 at 9:05 AM

    BOULDER, Colo. — The days when a citizen could address the Boulder City Council wearing only underwear may be over.

    The council will vote on new decorum rules in September, seven months after a resident stepped up to a microphone in his boxers.

  8. If the City Council is trying to hijack the water rate increase protest they should think twice. Many who signed protest letters have made it clear they would support an increase if the necessity was clearly documented and it was far south of 40%. Better to work with the residents than change the rules when the protest didn't work out the way they thought it would. Go to the City documents on line (actually print them off before they are changed or deleted) and read them for yourself. They clearly state the City Clerk is responsible for verifying the protests; they are very ambiguous in discussing water meters, residents in whose name the water bill is sent, and parcel owners. As if the City was back-dooring an out if the protest was successful.

  9. It's no wonder that the Doyle political machine wanted Karma Bell to win the election for City Clerk! Karma would have turned the whole issue over to the City and let them call the protest results.

    We're very very lucky that Nancy Shollenberger is made of stronger stuff and takes her duty to the residents and voters of Sierra Madre seriously.

    Thank you Nancy! You're the best!!

  10. When is a list not a list?

    Untimely for the Sierra Madre Coucil, Manager, and Attorney, the City of Bell provides us with a backdrop of just how far a City Administration will go to indulge itself with money, and power.

    Forces to be fed; Police and Fire, jobs whether needed or not, Consultants doing the work of staff, and the benefits rainbow "pot of gold", all combine to make a bloated expense structure that Sierra Madre should not support and cannot afford.

    City Mgr, City Attorney, and Council, when will you get the message? We are in tough times and you need to react....Now! Get off the Gravey Train.

  11. Sierra Madre Honors... Recognition Nominations Due to City Hall Monday, August 2, 2010, at 4:00 pmJuly 17, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    Time is running out to recommend a true treasure! Let's make sure the City choose Nancy Shollenberger! Write your letter of support and deliver to City Hall or e-mail soon. The deadline is approaching. Nancy deserved the George Maurer Award. Let's make sure she gets it.

    This is an exciting event and the City’s opportunity to recognize and honor the true treasures of Sierra Madre, its volunteers, City Commissioners and employees. Sierra Madre Honors... Recognition and Appreciation Dinner will recognize all out‐going City Commissioners as well as extraordinary community members, organizations and employees. Please take a moment to review the awards listed below and nominate any person you feel is eligible for such an honor.
    To nominate a member of the Sierra Madre Community for one of the Awards, please include the person’s name, phone number, address, and 1‐page explanation of nomination along with your name and phone number, and return to City Hall, the Community Recreation Center, or email to

    George Maurer Lifetime Service Award
    Presented to a person/entity that most strongly represents a commitment to serving and volunteering, which is the true spirit of Sierra Madre.

  12. Those who walked and had protest letters signed were told that either property owners or the name on the water bill were able to sign the protest. Proof of property owner is determined by the assessors parcel numbers. This is not a bait and switch, it is the City wanting to verify each and every signature. It is the City Clerk who is mandated to verify the signatures and she should demand the assessors parcel numbers list and verify those who are not on the water bill list. As other cities have found out, this may take weeks, and in larger cities, months.

    Also in the mix are apartments, condo's and development agencies who had their agent sign the protest, not the actual owners. The agent has every right to sign because they have been given that right. This is something that will take time to verify as well. Keep an eye on City Hall, don't let them take over this process. It will take time, and we have all the time we need to get it done. City be damned.

  13. As everyone who collected signatures knows, the city web site clearly said "utility customer or record property owner" (I suggest that everyone make a hard copy of this page because it might disappear). The City Clerk's office needs to be using not only the water bills which were current when the signatures were being collected but also the assessor's records for ownership. The City Manager is a snake and will make it as hard as possible.

  14. The City Manager, the Mayor, Elisa Weaver and her assistant Christy Calvero pick the winners. Nancy has a better chance of eating ice cream on the moon than she has of that group honoring her. Boycott the dinner if you are invited.

  15. It is time to get everyone in town to protest the employment of too many people in City Hall. All over California people are loosing their jobs or are getting cut back to min wage of $7.50.
    How dare our Attorney ask for higher wages when people are on un-employment!! I respect her years spent in law school and the knowledge in the law. But, not her lack of support and her attitude towards the people in this City. Not to mention she has some old luggage and bad karma. Her partner Coluntuano ripped us off. Do we really need her? Is she in our best interest?

    Now, not later is the time to save money with our real wasters, the people working in city hall who also do not care about the people they pretend to serve.

    In the meantime vote for Nancy, and Protest the "Flimflam Man" (Bruce,Elaine, .... of the Protest vote by going to the meeting again with a protest sign and speaking out, by calling the DA, by calling ALL the news media in LA, and by calling all the City Council and telling them you oppose this flip flopping of what the people voted for. Their turnaround reveals more of their dishonesty!!


  16. The "Treasure of Sierra Madre" means something else to Sandra Levin........Money

  17. The City Manager is not honest. That is obvious. She does not follow the truth. She twists the truth and does what she is told.

    Did she take an oath?

    Time for real serious sit downs with the DA.

  18. Sandy, expert as she is on 218 should have, from the very beginning sat down with Nancy and explained the process, and provided Nancy with the two lists (Property owners and water customers). Instead, there was an element of secrecy on behalf of the city and they put up roadblocks all along the way to prevent the citizens from having their say. This all boils down to what everyone was saying at all of the city council meetings, that it was the process and lack of education they didn't like most instead of a real tax (fee) hike. Although certainally 40% hike is outrageous in this ecomomy. City Hall needs to send all of its managers back to school for a basic management course.

  19. Who do they represent?
    Who does City Hall represent?
    Big business, development real estate industry?
    I feel betrayed, how about you?

  20. I sure question the gang of 4's loyality to the residents.
    I sure question the city hall's loyality to the residents.
    It is obvious they have betrayed us.

    Who is making these "manchurian candidate" decisions?

    I suspect the legal department of our city in total betrayal of the residents.

  21. I would go to the honors dinner. It isn't just the few special awards that the Community Services Department are choosing. There will also be people there who have volunteered hours and years to the city who will be recognized. It is fitting that they have an audience of their peers to applaud them. .

  22. What about our pocketbooks?
    What about our children?
    The target of these assaults by the city are aimed directly at our wallets.

    The council people are irrelevant, at least 4 of them are, they don't stand up for us. They have no mind of their own. They are just puppets of the bureaucrats who represent big development/big business and political crooks in Sacramento.

  23. The impetus for the rate hike lays directly at the feet of the Mayor, and Mayor protem.
    They are the problem. Yes, we have more than willing players, who will benefit from expanding and bloating the staff. But, Buchannan and Mosca are setting the tone and agenda with the help of Moran and Walsh, whom they hand picked to go along with whatever they want.
    They give staff direction. The administraters are only following orders.
    We have ourselves one big nightmare thanks to voter apathy.

  24. Un-elected bureaucrats are in charge of Sierra Madre. They are attempting (again) to pick our pockets.

    These people control the irrelevant city council, the people who were elected to represent the people.

    Shollenberger was elected many times by the residents to represent us.
    She has been faithful to that obligation.
    Now they are trying to control her.

    Dave (neuroblast) could you please put up a YouTube of Nancy telling the residents about these letters and petitions. I heard her say that she would not just hand them over to the city staff, without her eyes on them. She was under moral and legal obligation to do that for the people of Sierra Madre.

  25. Had we known about this waterrate hike before the election, do you think Mosca and company would have been elected?
    Do we need to have an election "do over"?

  26. Time to get rid of our legal representation.
    The mess that Stockley, Buchanan, Jofe and Tores left with the hillsides destruction has been settled, so let's move on.
    There will be plenty of hungry young lawyers out there lining up for the job.
    Maybe we can even find a lawyer who cares about the residents?

  27. The city staff, all of them, serve at the will of the council.
    Look to the council if you want accountability.
    The city manager is just the fall guy.
    The council is the origin.

  28. Yeah yeah posters who say there were 2 ways to verify, so 2 lists are not a bait and switch.Sure they aren't IF BOTH WERE GIVEN TO THE RESIDENTS TO USE.

    No wonder that "they'll never make it" comment was made. They didn't count on the walkers having any list at all - or maybe not having a usable accurate list.In that case, we might not have made it.

    If the city is using an assessors parcel list, then that is the list they needed to give out. If there is private information on that list that they want to protect, one of our very well paid city staff needed to get busy with a black marker to block out that portion (phone numbers maybe?)

    This is a rotten no good move.

  29. It seems to me we are missing a very significant tool in our quest for information, polling, and getting our message out.

    It would appear that Email is used by many of our residents. What better tool for us to use? It is speedy and reliable.

    How would we go about informing, collecting email addresses, and making it available. It might be abused but after the novelty wears off it would become very important to us all.

  30. It was quite clear the night that MOSCA was sworn in and announced that he was going to get the streets paved and there was a standing ovation and loud cheering, that his SUPPORTERS KNEW HE HAD BIG PLANS FOR THE CITY.

    His supporters knew about the water hike, and all the other deals ready to go. There is no doubt that his supporters felt then that he was doing what was "good for the people." Wataching this on tv was shocking as the audience cheered their money being spent.

    Josh and Nancy just played along thinking what 4 years in Disneyland this would be. Now where are all of those cheerful happy supporters? Nancy insisted Tuesday that she is on a fixed income and can make the 40% increase work. Did she not listen to Faye and take her seriously? Luckily Josh was not there to talk trash to the audience and point out who had sprinklers with out his lawn signs.

    They are all out of touch and worse do not care about any one in the city except future investors. It is painfully obvious. Now we must take COMMUNITY ACTION. WE MUST REMEMBER THE CITY CLERK HAS THE FINAL SAY. THE PROTEST WON.


    It is obvious they are pissed they lost and are looking for illegal ways to un-do it all. Their true colors keep coming through.

    Let the liars keep lying. Perfect way for the downfall to occur naturally.

  31. Seems pretty obvious that Sierra Madre is a host to a bunch of parasites, and dumb ones at that. A smart parasite knows when you have to back off from the host, get it to live longer. City hall and city council are out of control.
    They're killing us.

  32. My questions are how long was the water rate hike in development, when was the study set up, did we ever find out how much the study cost?
    One of the speakers last Tuesday did a mighty fine job of explaining how flawed the study was, that it benefitted over users.
    All this had to be in preparation for a while, just waiting for a pro-development majority on the council.

  33. Great article Tattler. Just one thing: the title should be
    Is your newly elected council attempting a bait and switch?

  34. Overheard at City HallJuly 17, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    11:47, only one list was given to the protestors. The second list was announced after City Council had ended by the City Manager - when it was clear the residents had met the threshold for the list they were given.

    It was as if someone had punched you in the stomach.

  35. I have no doubt that the protest won. Let's just hang on and let the parcel check be completed and we'll see that the walkers did their job right. Someone took hours to check the multiple listings, a mailing was sent out to out of towners and response was great. Let's not get our panties in a wad just yet. Wait and see, we won!!

  36. 12:42

    Yes, sucker punched you in the stomach.

  37. A lot more work was done than you listed 12:53.

  38. Bait & Switch think$$$$! It would have been nice if the City has sent the residents a notification such as the one San Diego sent to it's water users.Full disclosure is always appreciated!The rusting pipes certainly were replaced;the city had the funds to do so..if not,where did the funds go?I find it interesting the legal firm used by the city was instrumental in circumventing portions of Prop 218 that protected tax payers.It begins to look like Alice..curious

  39. If the second list (assessor's parcels) is used, it should only be used to expand those accepted by the City Clerk. Of course, we know that's not why the City Manager is doing this--she's wanting to disqualify people's objections, not accept them.

    Great post today, Sir Eric. What a bunch of thugs. And before you blame the City Attorney remember, she's working for a client--the majority of the Council. They pay her well (as noted) to do their bidding. The underlings like Bruce "Unqualified" Inman and Elaine "Doyle Doll" Aguilar have worked in a political environment for a long, long time and are experts at knowing which way the wind blows. No doubt, they should be extracted from our City Hall, but if you do so without disturbing the root cause of the problem--the majority of City Council members--then you're wasting your time.

    One of my favorite parts of your blog today, Sir Eric, was the note about the police. 31 officers for 10,000 people. That's quite a ratio. And for a town with very little crime, that's a whopper. I think they're too busy giving misdemeanor tickets for skateboarding in the downtown business district and feel they need help with that. And people would rather have this than the Sheriff who could contract at a given price and doesn't have the political investment in how they police? Well, this really should call for some serious thought.

    In a healthier environment the issues could be debated and resolved by a consensus reached by people with diverging views but with one thing in common--Sierra Madre. But unfortunately, this is not a healthy environment.

    Make no mistake about it, the panic we're seeing now is a result of a breach of promise--no, the promise wasn't to us the voters, the citizens. The promise was to make Sierra Madre safe for development. And there are many among us who feel that this will somehow advance Sierra Madre.

    If the City Manager succeeds in "disqualifying" objections, there is the alternative of an initiative. Should be a piece of cake after the opposition drive. We know who's signed and I'm betting each water customer represents and average of 2.5 votes. Why not carry a recall petition at the same time? That should get some attention.

  40. Will somebody explain to me why 2.5 million in reserves in the water department is not enough?
    Where is all the money coming from to pay the lawyers, and have the city keep saying we're running pit of money?
    I'm no financial giant, but c'mon, don't any of these people have a clue about income & outgo?

  41. I'm still wondering about the lost $1 million. This is unreal. How stupid do they think we are? Or, how stupid are they?

  42. Kurt Zimmerman was 110% right. A forensic audit was the solution. Maybe they might have found some bonds! *wink* *wink*

  43. I again say, THE SCUM RISES WHEN YOU STIR THE POT. And boy have we stirred the pot!!

  44. Kurt Zimmerman was right about quite a few things.

  45. I miss Kurt.......and Don.

  46. I think Johnny & Joey must be missing Josh. Has anybody seen him lately? Should we call the local lock ups?

  47. Yes, 3:25, Josh didn't show for the Planning Commission either.....hmmmmm.....
    He misses a very important council meeting.
    Then the PC where he is the liason.

    Josh "meltdown", hope so.

  48. Yes..3:02..he was right!Some of us reading the blog certainly felt it was worth the money and time.The opposition ,however,stated that it was wasteful as nothing remained.All records were shredded,deleted and otherwise destroyed.I was never comfortable with these explanations and it still bothers me that Zimmerman efforts were ignored.I'm sorry but it never added up!

  49. Sierra Madra will never go "County" for police services. Sooner or later we are going to have to look at Diaz' spending habits. Can anyone here on the tattler answer the question, what happened to the police department?

  50. Watch out about wishing bad things on others. Chickens do come home to roost ya know.

    With luck, the city council & staff will realize that too.

  51. 12:53 More work done than imagined. Exhausting and well worth it. Many people working 12 hours a day for EVERYONE in this town!!

    Dr. Stacatto. Again a great thanks. Your insight is very needed by all of us. And your opinions are very respected.

  52. 3:48, lots of previous articles on the Tattler, with lots of comments, on that subject.

  53. Where in the world is Josh Moran? Did anyone else catch the slight hesitation before Mayor Pro Tem Buchanan announced very tentatively that Josh was at a "business" meeting.

  54. Frankly I think we need to know a lot more about the people who work in City Hall regarding their connections with Development,Corporate Business and Political relationships which could be critical to the quality of their service.In short,who do they really serve.We know more about our Council Persons as they live amongst us.We know that two of our Council Persons work for Energy Companies.Is that important?It could be.

  55. So an accurate forensic audit is impossible because we had some kind of thief and liar working for us.
    What about before that? Did the lying thief destroy all historical records, even before his or her time?
    Is there no way to figure out how our finances got so screwed up, just because of one thieving liar?

  56. Does anyoner know why the planning commission meetings are not replayed?
    The citizen's water rate protest meeting should be replayed tonight, supposedly.
    The playback schedule on the city's website is:
    Council: 5:30, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Sat
    PC: 5:30 Mon, Fri, Sun

  57. Ah, 4:26, you've been watching too many investigative TV programs. Turns out employees, unless accused of a crime or applying for a job with a top secret governmental agency, are not required to be interrogated. However, I'm sure chief Diaz could put together a unit that could work with the City's Human Resources Department to gather such information. Dossiers, I believe they are called. Perhaps a team of PI's to thoroughly vet the spouse and adult children of any prospective City worker. Tell me 4:26, did you come of age during the McCarthy era?

  58. Is it that the planning commission meetings are not replayed or that the PC is replayed at 5:30 Mon, Fri, Sun.

  59. I wonder what else we don't know about the water rate hike. There is just too much panic going on down there on SMB for this to be just a lost opportunity to buy some new pipes.

  60. Maybe 4:26 is thinking a Star Chamber. Citizen review boards keeping secret documents on City employees, elected officials, what the hell, each other! I'd sure like to read the report on The Moron. Just where does he go when he disappears? Remember the last week of the City Council election? He was no where to be found, then suddenly appeared and no satisfactory explanation was ever given.

  61. Ah, 5:00, while you have a point, 4:26 is just articulating an understandable residents' response to the threat of a hard fought victory being overturned through trickery, and the threat of losing Sierra Madre to overdevelopment all together.
    Remember Jim Engles great speech, on figuring out why the realtors supported the gang of 4 - there are plans to maximize profits for developers in this town, and it's disingenuous of anyone to pretend there are not, i.e. "we all want to preserve the village"
    Preserve is a serious word, but the things that have been done to it in these political circles are amazing.
    preserve by tearing down
    preserve by eliminating
    preserve by running out of town
    preserve by grading
    preserve by building.
    A better life through development, and cough up the bucks to make it palatable to developers - get them the water infrastructure they need. 18 million dollars worth,

  62. 5:03 there was some discussion of the planning comm meeting on the blog, so I wanted to watch it. The city website has it listed as being scheduled to replay Fri at 5:30. It was not.

  63. Hey we have a right to know who these un-elected employees are and who and they represent.....ESPECIALLY if they alledge to have the power to overturn decisions by the people of Sierra Madre, let alone our elected City Clerk.

  64. Damn good point, 5:24. Most of them don't live here, don't pay taxes in this town, or give a hoot about this place. Who made them God?

  65. Sitting around, hoping the people in charge now at city hall will suddenly start to work with the residents interests in mind, is fantasy.
    Go back and watch Fox Sports Network instead

  66. Hello..this is about our money and the future of this community..Thought we had a representative Democracy.Since when does the hired help over rule the decisions of the People.We need to begin to examine who is really in charge.

  67. This would have never happened if Don Watts, John Crawford and Pat Alcorn had been elected.
    Never happened.
    What a sad election this was for Sierra Madre. Hopefully, we'll be able to right the wrong.

  68. Hi hello, it's the council.
    And anyone who influences the council.
    The rest of the folks take their marching orders from John Buchanan, Joe Mosca, Josh <Moran and Nancy Walsh.
    They're probably polite to MaryAnn MacGillivray, but they can easily ignore her.

  69. I have not noticed that Mrs. MacGillivray is easily ignored. Quite the contrary, she is a presence on the City Council. We are very lucky to have her representing our interests, even the interests of those who did not vote for her. It would have been much more difficult to gather the protest signatures if she wasn't so outspoken about the people's rights. The General Plan Steering Committee is indebted to her as well. Let's not consign MaryAnn to the back of the bus just yet.

  70. I would suggest someone contact the folks over at the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association regarding the rate increase protest...they helped write and ultimately got Prop 218 passed. I know they would love to hear about this case and they are experts in the field. Jonathan Coupal or Timothy Bittle are the folks to talk with.......

    Good luck

  71. From now on we will refer to the City Council as the "Kitty Council". Kitties are easier to tap than planned expenditures and solid record keeping. Its a "Kitty Grab Bag" out there, a must for our City Council and City Mgr. facilitatd by Legally Blind Levin. Live on Cats.

  72. This is City of San Diego's notice for a majority protest below and states the property owner or owner of record or water bill payer on record (tenant) may also sign the protest.

    "Proposed Rate Adjustment
    You can use the coupon in this notice to register your protest against the
    proposed water rate adjustment. You can also choose to write a letter to the City,
    following the requirements below, or appear at the public hearing listed
    on the front cover of this notice to submit your written protest.
    How Can I Participate?
    Interested parties can comment on the proposed rates. California law prohibits the City from implementing the new rates
    if a majority of the affected property owners or tenants file written protests opposing the rates before the end of the public hearing. Only one written protest per affected property will be counted towards the majority protest. Written protests must be received by the City Clerk, Mail Station No. 2P, City Administration Building, 202 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101,before the end of the public hearing which is scheduled for 10:00 a.m., November 17, 2009. Each protest must identify the affected property (by street address or Assessor’s Parcel Number) and include the signature of the property owner or utility customer of record. Email protests will not be accepted. Although oral comments at the public
    hearing will not qualify as formal protests unless accompanied by a written protest, the Mayor
    and City Council welcome input from the community during the public hearing.

    I_____________________________________________________________protest this proposed increase to water rates.
    Property Address or
    Assessor’s Parcel Number:_ __________________________________________________________________________
    If you wish to use this form as your protest, please fill out and mail in a stamped envelope to:"

  73. Why is the new City council approving almost $700,000 in warrants (bills) for the last two months? What kind of expenses can they be accruing and how much is Sandra Levin our attorney costing the citizens. Isn't One Carter done and Stonehouse almost settled ?Wwhat do we need a high price Building Association affiliated attorney for our small quaint community. The warrants are public record and can be asked for from the city Clerk. Let's see Levin's partner Michael Colantuano replaced Charlie Martin (well the council at the time ask him to leave) in 2003 and then the push for the Downtown Specfic Plan. And who was on the Council during 2002 -2006 ???

  74. Tonja Torres, Rob Stockley, John Buchanan, Enid Joffe and George Maurer.
    Council from 2002-2006

    Torres, Stockley, Buchanan and Joffe were the Doyle puppets who approved the One Carter project, against the advice of the Planning Commission.