Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Keystone Kouncilmembers

"I'm not comfortable with this organic free flowing growing ... thing." - Nancy Walsh

I've finally figured out what John Buchanan and Joe Mosca's problem is. They just can't say what is really on their minds. Everything they attempt to do is for one purpose only, development. It is the reason why they are here and not hanging around some golf course with the rest of the guys from the powerplant. But they'll never actually come out and say this because they know the hue and cry in this town would be deafening. So they just kind of tippy toe around the issues, occasionally raising a small question here and there in hopes of somehow steering the conversation away from such dreaded things as popular democracy, or what the town actually wants. But they never really take things any farther.

Their peculiar situation has pretty much robbed these two fellows of the ability to get very much done. They control this City Council by a 4 to 1 majority, yet somehow still manage to lose no matter what the topic. The reason for this being delightfully simple. They support an agenda that is so overwhelmingly unpopular in this town that they dare not even mention it. And since it is really all they know, there is very little else of importance that they have to say. Which leaves the two of them about as metaphorically bound and gagged as Hannibal Lecter being rolled around on his little warehouse wheel cart.

There were really only two issues up for discussion tonight. One was the water protest, and the other was the General Plan Steering Committee. And has been the case since this City Council was organized, it was once again the Keystone Kouncilmembers versus MaryAnn and the people of Sierra Madre. This was mostly an exercise in damage control and politics on their part because, let's face it, things haven't been going so very well for them lately.

The water protest issue quickly went from tragedy to low farce. The numbers were read, and the narrow and legalistic technicalities that permitted 270 or so protest forms to be thrown out carried the day. However, sensing which way the political winds were blowing on this issue, the Keystoners decided to not make use of this grubby victory, instead opting to initiate something euphemistically known as "community outreach." The assumption being that a couple of thousand Sierra Madreans signed protest forms because they didn't know any better, and all it will take to bring them around is some postcards and e-mail from City Hall.

However, rather than doing any actual reaching out to discover what the community is thinking, this instead turns out to be a plan that will make use of every possible communication and media tool available to the City to sell the water rate hike. In other words, they're going to try and ram this one down the community's throat.

Here is a list of the assets City Hall hopes to exploit in order to peddle something so incredibly unpopular that almost 50% of the water rate paying population of Sierra Madre signed forms and petitions to stop it:

1) Walk and Talk - This used to be called the "Water Walk," but the name had to be changed when people began to ask City Staff to prove that they could recreate something only Jesus can do. This would include a tour of the water works and permission to rub the Siemens tanks. All based on the risky assumption that any of their supporters who might attend are capable of doing both at the same time.

2) SMTV3 - Taking a cue from the old Soviet Union, City Staff intends to create (and at God knows what price) a half an hour propaganda film on our water woes and why those who allowed things to get this bad deserve more of our money. The plan is to show this film over and over again on SMTV3. I would hope they would want to complete the effect by filming it in a grainy black and white.

3) Community Presentations - Boiling down their water film down to 5 minutes, and then coupling it to the wonders of PowerPoint, individuals who live off our taxes would then fan out across the community to do fund raising support for City Hall's costly version of a less popular reality.

4) Rerun Joe Mosca's Re-election Campaign - Apparently this is Joe's idea. That being to make use of all the civic clubs and society groups to help organize the effort to win support for a big fat water rate hike. Which is basically the same tactic used to elect Joe Mosca and his Bobbleheads.

5) Panel Discussions - Supposed experts on the subject would be invited to crack water-wise in front of an empty room. People opposing the hike would be asked to participate, but since they won't also be allowed access to any of the other aspects of the media blitz, I would recommend politely refusing this honor.

6) Use the AM Radio Station - The thing is barely up and running and already it is being used for political propaganda. Anybody not see that one coming? Hopefully they'll get that siren fixed soon so concerned citizens will be able to sound the Blowhard Alert System (BAS).

7) E-Blasts - I doubt that those residents who handed their e-mail address over to the City ever believed that it would be used to spam them.

8) Mailers, post cards, and notices. Apparently there is to be a whole schedule of them, and at $1,500 a pop. Kind of like back in the heyday of the "No on V" mailings.

9) The Looney Views News. It wasn't mentioned because, let's face it, even these people are ashamed to associate themselves with this rag. But you know that this taxpayer supported venue will be used by City Hall on a weekly basis.

Now if all of that isn't wacky enough, there was a revelation that MaryAnn MacGillivray coaxed out of a very reluctant Sandra Levin. That being as long as the next water gouge stays below the maximum dollar limits of its previous incarnation, Prop 218 cannot be used again. Something that I suspect some of the Keystoners might believe strips the residents of their one real recourse. I guess we're just going to have to fill them in on some little numbers known as ballot initiatives. And I'm using the plural here because there is no way that we should stop with just one.

Too Much Democracy for John and Joe?

It is becoming obvious even to me that Denise Delmer is not only one very smart lady, she is also an incredibly focused one as well. And she came up with this uniquely American notion that the people of this City should be allowed to chart the destiny of their own community. Pretty wild idea, eh? Imagine, an independent city free from the grim confines of consultant driven regionalism. Or a General Plan that reads like the DSP. No wonder John and Joe looked so dour.

Under her plan, the General Plan Steering Committee would invite in as many volunteers as possible to give their viewpoints on where they would want to see Sierra Madre in ten years. This wouldn't be a committee per se, because they would then be similarly constrained by the Brown Act. Which is where the real beauty of this thing can be found. Because as volunteers they wouldn't be subject to the Brown Act, which means they can get together any old time they want to talk about the General Plan and what they want it to be. All without expensive legal babysitters and City Staff hovering over them. In the process creating a true peoples' document.

The Mayor seemed quite adamant at one point that no matter how these volunteers were organized, it would be a Brown Act situation. It took a patient explanation from our highly compensated City Attorney to show him the errors in his assumption.

Now John and Joe were obviously troubled by this vision of so much freedom. Which I guess is why they asked Denice to repeat herself over and over. Maybe they thought that if they asked often enough the meaning of her words might change. Their only barely hidden agenda, development, requires the hiring of expensive consultants who would then work to plug into our General Plan key elements designed to enable the central planning mandates of Sacramento as spelled out by SB 375. Their obvious hope is to establish General Plan subcommittees that they could then staff with their compliant cronies, propping them up with highly compensated consultants who would then do the actual damage. Leaving the subcommittee members themselves free to attend dinners honoring their dedication and hard work.

None of which happened last night. Thanks to one very determined and resourceful lady.

One More Thing

Anybody catch Joe's repeated snickering over his calling out the names and addresses of residents walking up to the podium for public comment? They don't call him Eddie Haskell for nothing, you know.


  1. It was great to see so many at City Hall last night. By my count just under a hundred including former Mayor Kurt Zimmerman. It's good to know we've got truthtellers like Carol Parker who just flat out told the Council we don't trust them. Cleared the air. Thank you to all who spoke to the water issue as well as supported the General Plan Steering Committee. See you Monday night at 6:00 pm for the GPSC in City Hall!

  2. The General Plan Steering Committee meets at 6:00pm on Tuesday, August 3rd.

  3. The atmosphere at the GPSC should be a bit lighter without Josh, John, and Cha Cha Walsh in attendance.

  4. What was up with Joe last night? Did anyone notice how his personality and manner changed as the evening progressed. In the beginning he was calm and composed. As the evening progress, he became visibly agitated until the nine o’clock hour. This is the time he always asks for a break. A few minutes after the break he was calm again. Then he became goofy when he started introducing the speakers and their address.
    My question. What is causing his personality to change after the break? I have my theories. Something happens at 9 pm.

  5. Boy Fortune Teller sure nailed the water rate increase a couple of days ago. Can we get the crystal ball that was used? Thank you Carol Parker and Maryann for forcing the city to own up to the fact that they are going to do what ever they want. But as John Herman said, We know the laws and what we can do.

  6. If I have to carry around initative petitions door to door or have tables set up for residents at various locations, I will be wanting RECALL petitions as well.

    The people who voted for Mosca, Moran and Walsh who don't have a dog in this fight (downtown development investment) should be ashamed of themselves. Those of you who didn't bother to should be MORE than ASHAMED. Make up for your error by signing our petitions.....all of them.

  7. Joe's demanor decline was fun to observe. I enjoyed watching him practically beg Josh and Nancy to say something. And then the look of obvious regret he had when they actually did.

  8. Does Joe go out to his car during the breaks?

  9. Has Nancy become Mother Earth with her Organic Committees? She was better when she didn't say anything. Now she makes no sense.

  10. Denise, Gotta luv her. A lady with a mission. I love it. No matter waht Joe says, Denise's answer does not change. She sure torpedoed the Gang of 4 last night. They did not expect her plan. It was easy to see because Josh and Nancy were not marching in step with their band leader.

    No one appoints committees.


  11. I'm really concerned about that new radio station for Sierra Madre, as well, Crawford.

    My first and worst fear is that it will be used for propaganda.

    I'm sure many of us have the same
    conclusions on this issue.

    Hey, Mosca's "brain", John Buchanan....if you thought our citizen's group made it difficult for you and Enid and Joe during Measure V. Stay tuned, brother, we're coming after you all again.
    It won't be an easy term for the gang of 4.

    MaryAnn MacGillivray,
    I truly feel sorry that such a classy lady as yourself, has to have your name associated with this "gang of 4" band of idiots and criminals.
    Count me as agreeing with your conclusion.

    To Nancy Shollenberger:
    You are what the decent citizens of Sierra Madre have always stood for.
    Thank you for your faithful, generous,and above all HONEST service to this town.
    You are truly a treasure.

    To Denise are the best.
    Thank you for doing what you're doing.
    To Teryl Willis........all of the above, people like you, Denise, MaryAnn and Nancy give us a glimmer of hope for the salvation of Sierra Madre.

  12. Mr. Hovesapian made an interesting remark, suggesting that the water bill paying customers' list was the same lis he had used for the election. I'm sure he was thinking of the registered voters' list, but it was interesting to hear that Mr. Hovesapian was out canvassing for this council majority. A true believer, and no doubt hand picked for the job. They probably got those true believers out early with the smears memorized.

  13. In October your shiny new water bill will have tiers.
    Yes, the tiers that the consultant boiler plated in.
    The tiers that were effectively demolished by Mr. Bush (thanks Neuroblast for putting that clip up!!!)
    The tiers that have been proven as ineffective, according to Inman.

    October.Done deal.

  14. That Hosersapien is the only Joe supporter that shows up to the CC meetings is quite telling. It seems that his entitled backers don't expect to have to lift a finger. It's like Joe is their employee.

  15. Ok I watched half the meeting last night and saw Denise explain over and over her vision for the Steering Committee.

    A big thank you too Denise, for her patience, when she couldn't seem to get the them all to understand her!

    Councilwoman MacGillvray, you are the best. You are well spoken, calm, articulate and best of all you stand up for all of us...thank you!!

    Councilwoman Walsh, please do your homework. Your remarks make you look terribly uneducated.

    Councilman Moran, You have the ability to grasp some of these real issues, let's just make sure you can keep your "silly" comments to yourself until after the meeting. There is a time and a place for such behavior- Lucky's perhaps.

    Mayor Mosca - Maybe the first time you called out the person's name at the podium was funny...but to continually do it was juvenile, at best. Let the people speak...even their addresses.

    I am hopeful that the council will work together along with the people of Sierra Madre.

    I will attend the meeting on the 3rd.

  16. I urge people to bring a crucifix and holding it up silently when the satanic looking bobblehead speaks or makes demonic faces at the audience.

    I urge people to bring a dunce cap and quietly hold it up when the tap dancing bobblehead speaks. Does this woman's IQ reach room temperature?

    Joe's favorite speaker pal: is he in love with the Mayor?
    Seems like it.

  17. It seemed like the mayor got giddier and giddier as the meeting went on.His behavior was more fitting for a party than a serious city business meeting.If I were a speaker who had been named and joked about, I would have been angry.Shows you how seriously they listen.

  18. Anybody transcribe Zimmerman's speech? That was really the best part of the evening

  19. Hovesipian may be a Joe supporter but Joe does not like him. I have been there when Paul comes around to see Joe. Paul is very annoying. Uses him yes. Likes him NO.

  20. What I saw last night was how easily Nancy Walsh is offended.
    Macgilivray said something like we the council appointed the general plan committee, and Walsh snapped, NOT me! Threw up her hands and said something about so don't say we.
    Touchy, touchy.
    Looks like there's never been a council before the one she's on.
    I'm afraid she's not playing with a full deck.

  21. channel 3 watcherJuly 28, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    Why is it that the council majority supporters never show up, except for that one guy?
    All that smugness during the last election victory, all that self-righteousness, and that's it, no more civic participation?

  22. Everybody on the council is very good at saying the community needs to be involved in the General Plan Update, we want the community, all the community, but Buchanan had a hard time understanding that just anybody could volunteer. You mean anybody can come and sign up? Yes, ANYBODY.
    What do you think "community" means, anyway.

  23. Tiers in place, legall protections to raise the water tax 40%. They won.

  24. How many of our fellow Sierra Madre citizens know they can now watch live streaming video of our City council meetings? Seems that the education/outreach might include informing/reminding us that we can participate online. Mailing from City ??? I am traveling so it was good to watch our city government at work! Thank you to Mr. Crawford for facilitating our discussions.

  25. Come on people, how long are you going to put up with this gang of 4's outrages?

    Let's get an initiative on the ballot.

    We were falsely accused of being uncivil during the last is the time to be UNCIVIL. Civil disobedience at every gang of 4 meeting.
    Sorry, your honor, MacGillivray, we know you don't approve of being uncivil, but enough is enough.

  26. When Pat Alcorn read out all that intelligence on the General Plan, it was waaaaaay tooooo threatening for the 4 Council. Those 5 people have more talent, curiousity, book knowledge, formal and informal education, class and grace than any of the 4 put together. They also posess elegance.

    Thank Mary Ann for having the above. We would just have an inane, short sighted, self-centerd, narcissistic, self serving and pretentious City Council dooming to hang themselves daily.

    Looks that way anyway....

  27. Speech/Rhetoric Fine Arts TeacherJuly 28, 2010 at 10:25 AM

    Define Uncivil: When Joe yells at someone in the audience who reminds them how he stabbed everyone in the back and MaryAnn asks him quietyl and patietly to sit down. (But she is a woman, and people have issues with women telling men to behave).

    When their is lively discussion between council memebers and that is called disagreement, so that the audience hears both sides of an issue: that is called rhetoric.

    When people in the audience during public comment dissagree with one or more members of an action taken by CC members and persuade them to chanage it. That is called free speech.

    Prey Tell: What is Civility?
    And Civil Disobedience: Go read Ghandi, MLK and
    Walden Pond.....
    NICE is not enough.
    Civility is a political action.

    Depends on who you are and what YOU want.

  28. Here's what will probably happen in the next couple of weeks. Since both Walsh and Moran started out kind of amenable to the idea that the GP volunteers would be just that, volunteers, so much more free to think, talk and not be monitored on by city staff & lawyers, the mayor, but even more, his brain, will be talking to Moran & Walsh to help them see the light.

  29. Watching Nancy Walsh is amazing. She reflects every inmature action of a child. She thinks the meeting is all about her. She proved it last night with her comment of who got to appoint who to the General Plan: "NOT ME!" !!!!!!

    So indicitive of her not knowing what she is doing. SHE WAS NOT ELECTED THEN!

    Synapse's not working, poor dear.


  30. If the list given to the protesters and used by the city was inaccurate, how can anyone claim an accurate count.
    They have to start again with an accurate list.

  31. That is quite a fine array of media tools they've put together to defeat a few dozen residents and a blog. All taxpayer funded, of course. Ever get the feeling that maybe this isn't really all about fixing a couple of pipes?

  32. The water rate notice that was sent out to the residents was missing one very important piece of information telling the people how thier protest would be counted "one protest per parcel (lot)". It was not in writing in that notice so the water rate increase was noticed incorrectly. The city needs to renotice wait the 45 days and count again. A formal protest must be filed regarding the written notice.
    If the public had been informed correctly that only one protest counted per parcel they would have had a different number they had to gather to have enough protest. Other citiis water notices mention how the protest would be tabulated Siera Madre did not.

    To make it more clesr if you had 3 water meters on a lot(parcel) and all the water paying customers filed a protest only one of those protests would be counted (one per parcel). This is very important information to withold from the public. File a formal protest and contact the propet authorites at the state level.

    Don't give in they noticed the mailer incorrectly!!!

  33. Thank you 11:29.
    Any idea where we send our complaints?

  34. Another person to thank is Faye Angus. She schools the council with her keen perceptions and always eloquent speaking.
    Faye is a remarkably accomplished woman.
    She's someone we can all be grateful for.

  35. Also - if the list was inaccurate, and we all know now that it was, where did the city get the target number?

  36. The City desperately needs the $18 million dollar water infrastructure upgrade to accomodate Sacramento driven housing mandates. Something that of course has the full support of the BIA, CAR, and the rest of the interested parties. They can't meet their obligations to the people they really care about with our current water system. There just isn't the water now to realistically plan for the DSP style development called for.

  37. Crawford,
    please comment this week on the shocking new news story from Bell, which broke last night on late night talk radio and this morning in the L.A. Times and the PSN.
    I read it and got this sick, sinking feeling.

  38. Regarding last night's meetingJuly 28, 2010 at 1:14 PM

    Did anyone else notice that the city manager and city attorney were whispering a lot to each other during the discussion about the General Plan subcommitties? I'm wondering if that is legal. (It certainly isn't "transparent"!) If either of them has a comment to make, it should be made into the microphone. This is public hearing, after all.

  39. To 10:45,

    Here is the crux of the problem:

    In the beginning, the protesters were given a water customer mailing list from which to gather signatures. Once the deadline had passed, the City Manager and staff unexpectedly used a different list (the Assessors Parcel list) to validate the collected signatures. The two lists are different from one another.

    There is no way of truly knowing if either list is accurate. Nor is there any way of knowing if the protest letters were counted accurately. It was all done behind closed doors. Perhaps a third impartial party should have counted and validated the protest letters.

  40. How do we know that the city notified all the water paying customers? Shouldn't they have had to prove that to us?

  41. At last night's meeting the City Manager explained the process: 1) the protest letters were checked against the water customer mailing list; 2) if the protest letter couldn't be linked to a water customer, it was then checked against the LA County Assessor's on-line system; 3) if it couldn't be linked to either the water customer mailing list or the LA County Assessor's on-line system, someone was dispatched to the Assessor's office to personally check the accuracy of the name/parcel identification. Councilmember MaryAnn MacGillivray and City Clerk Nancy Shollenberger agreed that the City Manager correctly described the process of verifying the protest letters against the City's database of water customers.

    According to the City Manager there was never a "parcel/asessor list". The protest letters were first vetted against the water customer list, then the LA County Assessor's on-line system, then in person in the Assessor's office. You could argue that we have no way of knowing if the LA County Assessor's office is accurate but it's probably not worth pursuing.

  42. How would you have "the city" prove they notified all water customers? The notices were sent out with the water bills; many people told the walkers and talkers they simply threw the notices out without reading them.

  43. Another great sign of just how city hall is regarded by the residents. Most people simply see them as a threat. Between the bills, fees, taxes, licenses, plus the ticket happy cops, I suspect most people cross themselves every time they lay eyes on that building.

  44. remember Vern HenselJuly 28, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    2:23, right you are.
    However, the question of the list being inaccurate in the first place still strikes me as a valid point of contention.
    It amounts to the city doing such sloppy clerical work that it doesn't have accurate water accounts, and it gave out a list with incorrect information, and tabulated a number to be reached based on that incorrect list.
    You've clearly explained the later part of the process, and the city manager was also very clear that "there is no other list, just a cross referencing on specific names/parcels", but I'm talking about at the get go.
    The city had an incorrect list, based a number on it, and gave it out to the public.

  45. Amazing how bad the record keeping is here. I wonder how many people in this town get their water free of charge?

  46. I wonder how many people overpay.

  47. I hear our water is of such a high quality they're going to bottle the stuff and call it Sierra Madre backwards.

    Erdam Arreis
    "From Mountain

    You'd pay a lot of cash for it if they served it carbonated at The Charcuterie.

  48. How about this, Mr. Finewine?

    Erdam Arreis
    "It's in
    my toilet"

  49. Thanks Beavis and Butthead.

    Anybody seen the new art objects outside city hall?
    It would be good to know how much it would really cost, precisely, to redo pipes like those.
    Maybe we could send them out to other cities for public art scultures.

  50. Bill Tice was back and in his form last night. One of his comments was about how honest Bruce Inman is. Another example of focusing on the set dressing. Focus on the people who tell Inman what to do, the council. Ask how honest each one of the council members is.

  51. Hear hear 4:11.
    Wasted energy to get angry at anyone on the city staff.

  52. For anyone who missed this meeting, the playback should be on channel 3 today at 5:30.

  53. Yes Sir Eric, what happened in Bell is horiffic. There also is some talk about voter fraud. I have often wonder about that here.

    It is just still amazing who could have voted for Josh and Nancy. Joe is easy to understand.

    Watching the coverage on the Local news and CNN was mind blowing. We need to get together and go talk to those people in Bell. We may have a lot in common.

    It is very sad this happened, I hope somehow they get some of their money back, but it sure woke up a lot of little towns to the massive corruption in City Councils. It is not just about the MONEY, it is about the deception and the lies.

    Last night was a perfect example of not wanting to listen to the people, still having it their way. The only person who listens is MaryAnn.

    She is definetly the Citizen of the Year.

  54. Great quote to kick off the article Tattler. The council may need to develop some other systems of measurement than their 'comfort'. They're wearing that one out.

  55. 120 days to protest(per PROP 218 & AB 1260) the way and verbiage of the water rate notice from the formal tabulation of the count. Will have to get back to you who besides the city Manager, city council and the city attorney you send your protest to. Who oversees the city management and council the LOs Angeles District Attorney, Jerry Brown our state attorney who is checking into Bell about Fraud????

    Also if this water rate hike goes to a resolution normally you have to protest those within 30 days.

  56. So 120 days from 7/13, the firstround of counting, or 7/27, the announcement by the city attorney that the protest failed?

  57. 5:44 You are correct about 30 days if you want to do a referendum and you need 10% of the registered voters. But an innititive is the way to go. You have 180 days to gather signatures and you need 15%. Either way its easy. personally I prefer 180 days because it gives you more time. Besides we have all the names and address. It would be a piece of cake especially if we went to the 100's whose protest letters were tossed. Those folks probbly have a couple other registered voters at home.

  58. De Alcorn brought up a good point last night, that I don't believe anyone has mentioned.

    What happened to the "blight law" that was approved by the last city council, scheduled to go into law June 1st of this year?

    The Skilled Nursing Facility has had gang grafitti on the Hermosa side several times, they cleaned it up for the 4th of July parade, but I think it might be back.

    I would like to know what is going on here, along with Mr. Alcorn who asked the question.

  59. Jim Engle ResidentJuly 28, 2010 at 7:23 PM

    Dear Tattler Readers and City Mgr. Aigular,
    I was not able to attend last nights CC meeting because I was administering the CA State Bar Exam, (twice a year) However I would note that a couple of weeks ago I sent Elaine Aigular two Commission Applications. One for the General Plan Committee (most impodrtant) and one for the Senior Commission well qualified). I have received no response of receipt or no indication that that they were rejected (because I inadvertantly did not fill out the application properly). How are these applications filed and is there a public list of those who want to contribute to the City and the disposition of "appoint or reject"? I would like to know my status.
    Jim Engle

  60. "Blackball", "Railroaded", "Racketerred", "Sneaky", "a no vote is a yes vote", (two lists, one for the City Clerk and one for the Council. We must be discussing the City of Bell. Does Legal Legal Levin,(LLL) advise Bell? "If we just educate" our fair city will understand that the disaster in Bell does not apply to Sierra Madre. Right? You Bet.

  61. There's a pretty good summary from Bill Fulton of the techniques used to legally beat the system in Bell. Fulton thinks that most likely no laws were actually broken, just bent a little. Sound familiar?

  62. This is the oddest of coincidences. At the insistence of a bunch of folks I'm writing something about Bell, and I am quoting from Fulton's article. Picked it up on CP&DR. It is a damned good piece, and explains some of the dynamics and problems with charter cities like Sierra Madre.

  63. Someone way back at 12:05 asked an important question: If the list was inaccurate, how did they come up with the target number? I recall that Sandy couldn't answer that question at one point, then came up with that number just before the deadline. We have a right to be more than upset. The deck was stacked, with the joker on the bottom.

    To Mr Engle, those applications fall into a black hole, not to be heard from until a week before they are sent to City Council. Then, Elaine is supposed to call you to ask if you are still interested. If you see that they are going to make appointments listed on a council agenda and haven't heard anything call Elaine and ask her what happened to your application.

  64. Raise your hand if you are going to write in "Eagle" Bill Tice for Governor of California.

  65. Mosca and Buchanan want to "outreach" into our pockets to pay for a water tax hike they both mislead the public on the true purpose of the tax hike which would benefit their respective employers and Mosca's desparate career aspirations.

    Buchanan sounds like a broken record - everything is a major emergency and without his thoughtful insight, the city would cease to exist.

    A counter marketing campaign should begin.

    First a mailing to all those that signed the protest telling them that the city is still attempting to push through a tax hike.

    Second, just keep harrassing the Council at meetings and hopefully soon Mosca and Buchanan will get it through their thick heads that they are not to be trusted anymore.

    I wanna know how much time (staff cost), wasted council time and actual expenses are going to be used by the city to market and sell the tax increase?

  66. Jeez. Our city attorney basically makes up a number and city staff hides the facts or the "rules" and spins complete misinformation about the tax hike and 4 of our Council Members continue the lie....

    and they are surprised that we've stop trusting them to do what is right?

  67. somebody remind me that if I ever need a real attorney, not to call Mosca or Buchanan.

    they can talk alot but don't seem to make alot of real world common sense

  68. That dude Hovesapian almost makes Bill Tice sound well thought out and concise...almost.

  69. First of all, Mosca is a boy snot brat - he's becoming more childish and unprofessional with each Council meetings.

    Secondly, I thought that the TV3 coudn't be used for sales purposes or for business purposes, which is exactly what the city is going to do if they do indeed produce (at what expesne) a infomercial to sell the tax hike.

    Those opposed to the tax hike should be granted equal air time.

    I am sort of offended that the city staff and our 4 Counci members, who in fact lied and mispresepented the tax hike the first go round, that they would use a city tv station for their own developmennt agenda hidden behind the tax hike.

  70. Mosca is just a messenger boy. And a piss poor one at that.

  71. Do I need to do it? Demand that the City Council make equal time available for Channel 3 presentation for the position against the water increase. I'm pretty sure under the law they have to give you it and they have to give you the community cable channel resources to put it together.

  72. Dr. I think that may be a good idea. Or at least stop the city from using Channel 3 as a marketing tool for a tax hike.

    After the total distortion of the facts of the first attempt with the tax hike, I doubt the city's video version would be honest either - it's really about the matching funds which Buchanan and Mosca and Moran want to use to build an infrastructure to help the developers.

    At worst, the city "sells" time on Channel 3 and they'd have a hard time arguing that an opposing version on the tax isn't a "public service" as much as a "sales" version which the city wants to broadcast.