Sunday, July 18, 2010

Press Release From Nancy Shollenberger

For Immediate Release

Pursuant to the City's Guidelines For the Submission and Tabulation of Protests, I, Nancy Sue Shollenberger, duly elected City Clerk of the City of Sierra Madre, have tabulated and determined the validity of the written protests to the City's proposed water fee increase. I hereby find and give notice that there were 1,898 written protests. Accordingly, a majority of parcel owners, who would have been impacted by the proposed fee increase, have submitted written protests.

In addition to the above-mentioned 1,898 written protests, I also noted that the City Clerk's Office received an additional 151 written protests which were duplicates, and/or did not qualify to be counted, two letters requesting their letters be withdrawn and one letter in favor of the water rate increase, which were not tabulated, along with 26 received after the deadline imposed by the City Council.

Nancy Sue Shollenberger
City Clerk

The City Clerk did not have access to the Assessor's Parcel Numbers List/Owner's Names. If this list is made available to her, she will be happy to check the list again.


  1. Three Cheers for:

    The residents #1
    Nancy Shollenberger #2
    The workers and attorneys who helped us #3


  2. Grateful villagerJuly 18, 2010 at 8:20 AM

    Thank you, Nancy Shollenberger. Thank you, MaryAnn MacGillivray. Thank you, John Crawford. Thank you to the ladies who walked the walk and talked the talk. Thank you to the speakers at the City Council meetings. Thank you, 1,848 + 151 residents and parcel owners who cared enough to send in a protest, and the two or three who supported the process even though they disagreed with the premise.

    And shame on you City Manager, City Attorney and Public Works Director because you did such a piss poor job of explaining the need for a water increase and simply "assumed" the people would roll over one more time. Remember what "assuming" does? Yes you do.

  3. Onward and Upward!

  4. Sweet victory. Now we need to defend the will of the people of Sierra Madre. You know that there are those who will try to take this away.

  5. To out of town poster Gilman:
    Read your late post on yesterday's Tattler.

    Thumbs up, brother!

  6. An amazing accomplishment. Congratulations to all.

  7. Thank you NANCY SUE SCHOLLENBERG, CITY ClERK, who did your job and would not be bullied.

    THANK YOU FOR ignoring the foolishness of Elaine and her harrassment as she tried to distract and make you believe there were other ways to count the tabulations.

    How pathetic ELAINE could not stand up for what was ethical and fair and say "no" to twisting the truth.

    Her character is more transparent. She can never again be trusted by the people of Sierra Madre. Another employee who has made it obvious they do not care at all about the people of Sierra Madre.

    Thank you Nancy, for doing your JOB! You are a bafulous woman and absolutely THE WOMAN OF THE YEAR IN CALIFORNIA!!!

  8. We really did see Elaine's true colors, didn't we.

  9. YES!! And, the City Manager's shennegan's still need to be reported to the DA.

    She cannot get away with her un-ethical behavior in which she must reveal the people who supported her and the intension to distract our honest City Clerk. This is only one of the many typical nasty under-handed behaviors orchestrated.

    The people responsible must be held responsible. Surely, they are still plotting and planning.

  10. Curious Development...How did the Tattler obtain this "press release"?

  11. New issue of the Looney Views News is out. It's Publisher and obituary writer has the figure at 1,829 even though it was made clear Tuesday night that the added walk-ins took the figure way higher than that.

    I guess at the LVN you only hear what you want to hear.

    Choice quote from the article: "During the hearing, which was conducted very orderly by Mayor Joe Mosca..."

  12. I don't know how the whole press release process works, 10:54 am. But if you're questioning whether The Tattler is deserving, ask yourself this: Should the city ignore the news publication with the most readers in town just because it gets Joe Mosca's panties in a knot?

  13. Loyal Tattler ReaderJuly 18, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    The Tattler know all, hears all, and tells all 10:54 am. Stay tuned to The Tattler for Truth, Justice, and the Sierra Madre Way!

  14. Turn your foil sensor array towards The Tattler, 10:54. When the site isn't sharing the latest breaking news, they play some really cool lounge music.

  15. There's something that smells extremely fishy in this wrapper...The Shadow knows!

  16. Will the city propose a reasonable increase and spell out projects with costs and a time line or will the continue with their lies and deceit? The city must go through the Prop 218 process again. We dodged a bullet for our summer water rates. Thank you walkers and talkers.

  17. What is truly fishy here is how our paid employees at City Hall repeatedly denied requests for things like the Assessors Parcel #s list. Whether this was legal or not is currently being looked into very closely.

  18. The last time there was a water increase it was in 1994, as we have discussed. In 1994, the UUT was put in for the first time. All this happened because the City was in dire financial straits as a result of some creative non-financing and robbing Peter to pay Paul. The City was over a year late in submitting its financial filings to the State because they couldn't be reconciled. Restricted money was being used improperly, etc etc etc.

    The situation now is quite different, so please do not suggest ways for the City to go about this properly. This money is not about solvency or bond service, it is simply about development--infrastructure and being able to buy water to allow for greater development in Sierra Madre. Water is the limits of development. I would not give these people one ounce of credit for actual need. And I would not voluntarily give them one more cent.

  19. Thank you for a job well done by so many folks!

    City Mgr Elaine Aguilar, and Legal Council Sandra Levine, and her Law Firm should have the courtesy to resign after this vote of "no confidence".

    The Ciry Coucil must now grasp that any business conducted in secret or in collusion with outside interests will not be tolerated by Sierra Madre Residents.

    Any Decisions of this magnatude should have: transparency, be well publicized, easy to understand and above all honesty in conception, all apparent before any City Council voting takes place.

    If no resignation is forthcoming our Legal Counsel should be fired for failure to represent the entire community of Sierra Madre, not just the interests that seek to "outmanuver" the needs and wishes of its residents. Prop 218 was at best unethical and at worst bordered on illegality. Sandra Levine and Elaine Aguilar have demonstrated a lack of understanding and reguard for our Citizenry, and a propensity to yield to "suspect influences" for reasons not known. They both should "move on"

    And if Councilman Moran wasn't able to attend a Council Meeting of this importance, we don't need him as he seemingly doesn't need us. Do the right thing Mr Moran and resign.

    And lastly Nancy Walsh is so out of place in a position of this gravity that she must be miserable as are those of us who witness her ineptness. Do the right thing Mrs. Walsh, resign your position.

    And now on to the business before the Sierra Madre City Council.

  20. It seems obvious that this was never about fixing some pipes. This is life and death for the BIA employees running Sierra Madre now. This was about water infrastructure for development from the very beginning.

  21. To our local historian, Doc. Staccato.

    Thanks for the report from 1994. I had forgotten about most of that.

    And yes, you are correct...don't confuse 2010 with 1994. Different situation, but equally disturbing.

    It's very telling just how desperate these people at city hall are, including the gang of 4 to get this water hike imposed on us. Got to be some big money in this for these people, not a happy thought, but how else can I interpret it?

    Someone please tell us they aren't crooks?
    Just misguided and naive?

  22. Lamont Cranston (the real shadow)July 18, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    In response to Bad Karma: Yes, it has always been about water. Historically speaking Sierra Madre was founded on the availability and seemingly endless supply of water. This town was a nothing but orchards. It should be no surprise that the fight - right up until the year 2010 - is about water. Having it, keeping it, selling it - to others, and to ourselves. We are the citizens of Sierra Madre. It is our water.

  23. That water is ours until Mayor Mosca proudly presents it to the big development and regional government interests whose cause he so loyally serves.

    You are right, that water ours. But don't think for a single second that there aren't those who want to take it away.

  24. The Shadow of the MountainJuly 18, 2010 at 2:43 PM

    You are right Lamont. Sierra Madre did have total control over its water, years ago. However those rights have been legislated out from under us. The question is, now, whether or not we lose all control over our rights as citizens of this town and enter into economic serfdom ruled over by a small greedy clique of developers and speculators. The choice is ours.

  25. Bart Doyle gave the water to the Metropolitan Water District years ago. It's why we sell water to Arcadia and by water from the MWD's Colorado River source when we run short (because we sold our water to Arcadia).

  26. Joe's owner's can't develop Sierra Madre without first having us pay for a massive water infastructure upgrade. That is what this is really all about. They can't fight this in public because it would reveal who they really are. But behind the scenes the long knives are out.

  27. I haven't seen such a great group of people fight and win a more meaningful and important battle against city powers and monied interests in well,, ever!!!

    Like a pebble tossed in a pond that makes ripples that stretch into infinity. I am sure this is upsetting a lot of apple carts.

    I am worried about the wording on that press release. Like Ms Shollenberg saying she has confirmed the validity but did not have access to parcel numbers. But of course any paying customer should have a right to protest the raise.

    But today I toast each one of you with my glass of water. Tastes better today for some reason.
    Salut merry band of tattlers

  28. Thanks for your kind words Scarlett T.
    The Tattler has some good friends who live outside of Sierra Madre.
    I hope we can continue to inspire other out of town residents to stand up and protest unfair taxes or confiscation of property.

  29. Not to detract, but the San gabriel valley tribune has a version of the "lobbiests are a good thing" story but attached to the story is a data base well two but you can search who is doing what so when I put in Building Industry Assocation, or actually hit the little tab and if gives you a choice alphabetically, lookie I am pasting this in:

    Bill Author Party/District Main Sponsor(s) Description Signed into law
    AB 2309 DeSaulnier, Mark D-Concord Building Industry Association Energy conservation: residential energy efficiency audit.

    Records 1-1 of 1

    I think they want to go door to door and give you a cap and trade energy audit, Doyle and Buchanan will benefit the most.

  30. are Joe and John having a crybaby whine fest tonight?

    it'd be nice if both would move out of town

  31. did Henderson call the petition signers "freeloaders" again?

    i'll head downtonwn tonight and pick up 5 or 8 copies and throw them away

  32. Mike Eng is doing all the water interests bidding. SEIU, building contractors, bonds and the chinese asian enabling. You know him and Judy Chu, are married but using different names. He has thirty bills while poor little Huff only has six. Ed Hernandez is the Dept of Transportations lap dog. So many political lintlickers so little time eh Sir Eric?

  33. Hey, lots of us in town may be on opposite sides on some political issues but are of the same mind when it comes to overdevelopment and bankrupting our city. How can we keep each other informed about issues that we all concur on? We are in need of a co-operative organization. Any ideas?

  34. Mosca has now been our Mayor for 4 months. Is there anyone who doubts that our city is now in a state of chaos?

  35. @ 6:46

    Run over to Yahoo and set up a Yahoo Groups account. You can have many discussion threads and hang files, post information, etc. Link to the Tattler for the public board, since Yahoo Groups generally requires a login. Several moderators usually work pretty well for smaller community groups, can verify who folks are that want to join up, make sure you know them.

  36. Anonymous 6:46 thanks Anonymous at 7:21 for the Yahoo Groups account suggestion. As far as getting information via a blog site we have the Tattler but I will ask my more informed computer friends about your suggestion. What I am finding that we have lots of folks in Sierra Madre that need a non-computer connection. What to do? I once set up a phone tree for 3000 phone numbers--I know that is seriously old school with all the opportunities to Tweet, Twitter and Facebook, but you must know, and not really be that surprised, that a lots of folks don't T,T and FB or blog for that matter!

  37. Tattler, thanks for writing the real news first.
    We need your good work and are grateful for it!

  38. We need to collect money and print out a newsletter to leave next to Henderson's trash. It is worth it to get out the TRUTH. We have gotten fooled once. Fool me twice shame on ME.

    It is time folks. 6:46 The people who hang out at Beantown and Starbucks READ susan and if they do not know, they believe.

    Remember how many people DID NOT KNOW ABOUT the water rate hike.

    Nor did not understand/nor receive the "explanation" from the city?

    The hard copy press still counts.
    Back to the home town newspaper and BTW, when is Susan going to pay the Dunns and when will Sierra Madre hear about that?

    Many people who read her still do not know she is a THIEF and LIAR>>>

  39. Sometimes I think the news on the tattler is a little too real for this town.

  40. I hear the city of Bell pays rather well...perhaps we could send our city attorney and clerk there; where they'll be even more overcompensated for non-productive government "work".

  41. I agree that getting the Tattler in print and out in public places would help.
    After all, forever in this town, the job has always been to inform a disinterested and lackadaisical public. Most people have no idea how close we came to a ruined Sierra Madre, or that we just dodged another bullet.

  42. still read the papers, but not that oneJuly 18, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    So Henderson's Folly is out - any reason to look at it?

  43. Only if you like looking at car wrecks.

  44. 4 Months of Joe is FATALJuly 18, 2010 at 11:35 PM

    But, keep in mind the uninformed read Susan's car wreak.

    A sucker is born every many people got suckered into susan, josh and nancy.

    All the people who went door to door helped the people who DID NOT KNOW about water rate hikes.

    You can bet that if they had not organized the protest and walked, that susan would have let them know the ARMAGEDDON of the water rate importance and LIED like hell to get the bulldozers ready.

    she needs competition NOW.