Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Ideas Sierra Madre's Green Committee Needs To Agendize Now (Before It's Too Late!)

Well, there are those who certainly don't like suburban towns like ours very much. Cities being vastly more friendly to the environment, or so they say. Certainly you do know that the way to stop global warming is build a lot more condos in places like Sierra Madre, right? Just ask SCAG. They really do believe in the world affirming qualities of high density development. And cars? Oh, don't get them started on that one! They'll leave you convinced that taking the "Chevy to the Levee" is tantamount to mass murder. Or even opposing the water rate hike.

But did you know that there is something even more troublesome that has now been added to the doomsday list of indecorous incivility to the suzerainty of sustainability?And while some of you might be surprised by the choice, there are those who are quite adamant about the topic. You see, according to certain defenders of our planet, among the biggest threats to the environmental integrity of this world is, you got it, children.

On the always fascinating New Geography site there is an article that exposes the great danger that children represent to our planet. Or at least they talk about some folks that believe they do. Here are a couple of pointed passages:

"Little Monsters"? Children And The Environment - The idea has bubbled around the edges of the environmental pond for a while: choosing to be childfree expressly for the purpose of reducing one's carbon footprint. An environmental correspondent at Mother Jones, for example, has pointed out that "... Nothing else you can do -- driving a more fuel efficient car, driving less, installing energy efficient windows, replacing light bulbs, replacing refrigerators, recycling -- comes even close to simply not having a child... Why are we pretending that because they're cute they're harmless? Little monsters.

Certainly it is not just children that need to be prevented in order to save the world. There are also those who believe big people are just as bad, and should be encouraged to depart this veil of tears just as quickly as humanly possible.

A Planet Green channel segment on the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, the organization that offers voluntary human extinction as "a solution to involuntary human extinction" (slogan: "May we live long and die out"), cites the group's 4,000 Facebook friends.

Of course, when you consider that the ones most likely to make that kind sacrifice in order to save Mother Earth are these kinds of green people, you can see how this solution could threaten the sustainability of their movement.

But back to the "kids are pollution" meme. Here is another interesting line from the New Geography article that furthers this idea.

Attention a couple of years back focused on Australia, where the issue of a tax on greenhouse gas emitting newborns was raised.

Fascinating. Could this be yet another new fee for City Hall to consider?

You can see that we have some interesting food for thought to present to Sierra Madre's soon to be finalized Green Committee. Certainly they will be called upon by Green leaning Councilmembers to supply ideas that will help to promote our blessed little corner of Los Angeles County as a truly sustainability friendly place. And maybe their first initiative could be finding a way to help create awareness of that true threat to our planet's survival, children?

In the spirit of promoting sound ideas regarding our world's salvation, here are five suggestions that our new Green Committee might wish to consider.

1) Birth Control - Every Friday and Saturday night members of the Green Committee could distribute "sustainability balloons" at both The Buc and Lucky Baldwin's Delerium. Alcohol consumption is a leading cause of greenhouse gas producing babies, and this could guarantee an end to a form of carelessness that threatens us all.

2) Candy Ban - The candy sections in The Bottle Shop, Happy's, and Highland Liquor are an attraction to something a green Sierra Madre should no longer condone. Why encourage kids to hang out here when they could be doing their sugar consumption in other towns less cognizant of the danger they represent than ours?

3) Bulldoze Schools - If there is one thing that attracts ecology threatening baby breeders to Sierra Madre, it is schools. And with places like Bethany, St. Rita's, Sierra Madre Elementary, The Gooden, and Alverno, we have those things in spades. Get rid of the schools and you'll get rid of the parents cursing us with their polluting kids. And once those schools are gone? We'll be able to turn those sites into such socially conscious things as Transit Oriented Development and housing for the homeless.

4) Anti Four Seat Car Ordinance - In a Green Sierra Madre we would never want to see automobiles that seat more than two adults. Miatas are fine, as are vintage MGs. But vans, station wagons, and 4 door sedans have simply got to go. If people can't transport their children here, they just won't want to live here. Ticket them and ticket them often!

5) Neutering Young Adults - You have often heard that one of the kindest things you can do for your pets is to have them spayed. It prevents strays and keeps the animal population down to manageable levels. So why not provide a similar service to that segment of our community most likely to contribute to greenhouse gas production through the creation of infants? Maybe volunteers could help raise money to incentivize young adults to consider this option? Video games might be a suitable reward for those making the right choice for a sustainable future.

I hope this helps the Green Committee to make the right, and sustainable, choices for our community and its future. And there still is a final unfilled spot on that committee, you know. Perhaps you, the gentle reader, armed with the ideas we've put forth here, might want to apply. I have no doubt that the current City Council would appreciate so bold a vision.


  1. I think that there are segments within the local Realtor community that would support an Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. Especially if it frees up desireable properties for development.

  2. Anonymous in the morningJuly 16, 2010 at 8:26 AM

    I snicker and point to Green Committee member Kim Klymer-Kelly driving around in her gross polluter pick 'em up trucks (including transporting the Mountain Views News staff in the 5th of July Parade). Seems to bode ill for the residents; perhaps she's some sort of poster girl for the anti-green shadow movement that is soooooo SoCalEdison and Sempra.

  3. Clearly a case of "do as I say" and not "do as I do".

  4. Sierra Madre doesn't need a "green committee".

    Since I moved here 20 years ago, I have become keenly aware of conservation and protection of our environment.
    I would bet the majority of Sierra Madreans share my views.

    Most Sierra Madreans don't waste water, we re-cycle whatever we can.
    We donate to conservation groups.
    We value our open space, especially hillsides. Most of us don't litter our little city.
    Our Canyon zoning committee has done a fantastic job of protecting the canyon area.
    Every single one of the members of that group are conservationists. Canyon Zone Committee member, Caroline Brown is a leader of the Mountain Conservancy Org. and the Fire Safety Council.

    Councilmember and former 3 time Mayor of Sierra Madre, MaryAnn MacGillivray SAVED the West Ridge of the One Carter hillsides.
    MaryAnn is a Conservationist as well as our finest public servant.

    I'll bet anyone that the folks in Sierra Madre are far more "green" than most other areas of Los Angeles County.

    The "green" movement has been hi-jacked by politicians like Buchanan and Mosca, along with their pals in Sacramento, to promote DEVELOPMENT.

    All regular Tattler Readers know John Crawford has exposed this dirty little secret.
    So has Laurie Barlow. I suggest everyone check out her website.
    Greensward: Civitas , you'll find it on the Tattler links to interesting websites.

    Again, we don't need a "green committee".

  5. This committee is nothing more than support players for all that SB 375 John and Joe will be pushing soon. They're right out of the playbook.

  6. You're forgetting that the Green Committee is the invention of Buchanan and Mosca. Everyone on that Committee has been vetted as to their loyalty and commitment. Look at how hard Mosca tried to put the entire Green Committee on the General Plan Steering Committee - not on a Green Subcommittee, but to the Steering Committee!

    Beware - this Green is tinted slime.

  7. Sierra Madre is a designated wild-life preserve.

    We always have been and continue to be GREEN.

    We do not need another bureaucratic green committee: This is the reflection of appalling city mismanagement.

    For God's sake stop the stupidity.

  8. It is interesting that all forms of political correctness (not just this green nonsense, but all the behavior codes) now pretty much belong to the interests of corporate and big government interests. What was once known as "the establishment" has learned to pose as outsiders by using the language of the 1970s. And so many idiots believe it.

  9. The Development Department and the Planning Commission should be “shot” for allowing an outdated parking ordinance to remain on the books from the regime of the 1990’s. According to our code any developer may pay $2,000 per parking space instead of providing onsite parking. The money goes into a special fund so the city can obtain more parking or build parking structures. Now, here is the kicker. If the city does not spend the money obtaining more parking within three years, the developer gets the money back. So in effect the City of Sierra Madre does not require any developer to provide onsite parking. Also the City allows restaurants to pay a small annual fee to use the city sidewalks to increase the number of tables allowed by their Conditional Use Permit and does not require additional parking for the intensified use.
    The Development Department and the Planning Commissioners should know the codes and ordinances which govern our downtown. Last night was an atrocity. Only Commissioner Spears appeared appalled. Danny appeared delighted that the developer got away without providing seventeen parking spaces. Goes to show if you want to get around our city codes pick and architect who is on the Planning Commission and your project will fly through even though he must recuse himself from the discussion.

  10. Agua Verde Committee Proposal. Run "gray water" safe for: Watering, Showering, Washers, & Toilets through the water lines. Contract with Arrowhead, Sparklets, Culligen to place several coolers in all Sierra Madre Homes for drinking, ice making, and dishwashing. We would save a bundle and when the "big one" strikes we have ample drinking water in all homes.

  11. Oh, and be sure you sublet from the Sierra Madre Congregational Church. A slam dunk.

  12. I must say 9:58 am, this is the second time I've seen this proposal and I think it has much merit. It's the cost of collecting and distributing the "gray water" that would be problematic, a challenge but not one that couldn't be overcome with ingenuity.

  13. Where do Beantown and Starbucks customers park? Is the requirement for the old Steamers more burdensome than the eateries on Baldwin/Kerssting Court?

    Where do the 500 MEMBERS of the Sierra Madre Congregational Church park? Where do the hundred of non-members who attend regularly park? The Wildflour Bakery?

  14. Ah, the elements of the DSP coming to fruition one project at a time.

  15. This is a case of "if they build it, will they come?" Big risk here...

  16. The fact that the architect for the steamers project is also a planning commissioner was not lost on the audience last night, snickers all around.

  17. More Exciting News For DevelopersJuly 16, 2010 at 10:29 AM

    All these condos they built around 2006-08 couldn't be sold. But at least some of them could be rented. But now this happened:

    Biggest SoCal Rent Decline Since 1940

  18. Look at the numbers this way: As the public schools get worse and worse, the more private schools pop up, as well as tutoring and education enhancement services (Kumon, etc.) It becomes even more expensive to raise kids, especially since everyone still pays taxes for a seat in school that their kids aren't occupying (just expensive administrators). Fewer kids, same tax base, fewer public schools. The San Gabriel Valley is now targeting low-performance schools which will inevitably close many of them, pushing more kids into private. Education is a huge business now, lots of revenue, lots of providers. The concept of free public education for citizens of this country is going by the wayside, with the unintended consequence of reducing the population of kids through price controls.

  19. Have you noticed that it is "hotter than hades"?
    Way back when...we had great shade from the ficus trees Downtown where now stands paltry vegatation in "addopted bumps"?

    The great coalition of City Managers saved their respective cities from untold law suits because the roots of Ficus trees disrupted the sidewalks which was and is (Unadalterated Hooey)
    (It is not an unsolvable problem alowing the trees to remain.)

    Wouldn't it have been great if the $200,000 spent on making Sierra Madre Blvd. look like runway 180 at LAX had been appropriated for "root abrogation", thus saving the shade, about 50 to 100 comfortable benches placed on SM Blvd and Baldwin in the shade, a couple of "walk throughs from parking to SM Blvd, street level attractive lighting, and for the fearful store owners kiosks to advertise their stores (whose signs were blocked by the ficus trees) What a great "cool" Downtown we could have had.

  20. I keep asking this question and nobody seems to have an answer. Why do we have a 31 member police department?

  21. channel 3 watcher 1stJuly 16, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    I strongly disagree with the description of the PC meeting last night. Maybe it was different if you were there, but from the couch it looked like a good and productive meeting. As usual the commissioners followed the requirements of their jobs, and allowed what the codes allow. They also agreed that the $2,000 per space parking buy-off was a big mistake that had to be addressed right away. So what's the big complaint? Go back to the mid-nineties and complain about the people who put that business incentive in place, not the people who were bringing it out into the open last night.
    Plus people on the Planning Commission can take jobs in town, and then follow the process of recusal. As long as they recuse themselves, there is nothing wrong with them continuing to make a living in their line of work.

  22. B.Affled, Chief Diaz presented a very clear break down of what the police department additions were about - the training to fulfill necessary duties in order to eventually get rid of all the overtime.
    At the end of a few years (2? 3?) the need for so much overtime will be eliminated.
    So it's economically sound to go with the new hires.
    Before you jump on this post, check out that part of the budget presentation.

  23. Because we have a 24/7 police force. Comes out to 3 shifts x 7 days a week. If you plug in a 31 member force and account for dispatchers, vacations, sick leave, and part timers it becomes more understandable. Not all 31 are on duty at any one time. What we need to ask is can we afford the police force the Chamber of Commerce and the Realtors demand in order to label ourselves an "All American City?" Have the senior citizens and the soccer moms been so terrorized at the prospect of having to lock their cars in order to avoid having their wallets and pocket books stolen that they require nightly patrols to safeguard their auto, SUVs, and open garages.

    We have a 31 member police department because people are not engaged in minimizing the target they offer potential thieves and burglars.

  24. Will the part timers brought in to train our new hires be able to teach them how to write a ticket for parking in the wrong place on street sweeping days?

  25. Not that long ago this city got along with half the police officers we have now. Like so many other parts of our city government, we seem to be hiring a lot. Yet we are in a terrible economic climate and many people living here are feeling it. It's like the city can keep asking for more and more money, but those who are paying it aren't keeping pace.

  26. Ch 3.

    the development department and the planning commissioners should have removed that from the code years ago. it is their fault it is still in the ordinance. they have had the power to change it. all should have known it was there. they can't claim gee i did not know that was there. it is their job and responsibility to know the laws. ignorance is no excuse.

  27. I think 9:51 was a little harsh on our planning commission and yes, a commissioner can continue to have business in town, however even though I have read the general plan, and some of the ordinances, I certainally didn't pick that up. Danny should have warned the commissioners before the meeting what he was proposing so they could have been prepared. Was this in their packet? or was it sprung on them at the last minute. Let's not be so fast to blame the commissioners who do a great job.

  28. Not that long ago the good citizens of Sierra Madre cut their own lawns (or paid the kid down the street to do so); they cleaned their own homes; they employed the local tree trimmers; picked up their own building supplies; and had the local contractors add a room on their houses. Where am I going with this? Look out the door on any morning -- gardeners from who knows where; housekeepers getting off buses; Home Depot dropping off sod and cement; Asplundh chipping the branches they just cut; some big name developer and contractors building a 28 house tract in the hills; and of course, the ubiquitous pool boy. We need Neighborhood Watch just to keep track of the people we are paying to do the jobs we no longer want to do. Landscapers to plant trees - whatever happened to driving to Persson's and bringing one home in the trunk and digging a hole? We live in a semi-isolated locale and import out-of-towners to see just how affluent we truly are. Then we don't lock our homes or vehicles and wonder why we need a 31 member police force. Here, gardener who's name I don't know, take my check with my name and address and bank account number, I've left it for you because I'm not home during the day. Oh dear! I need some day laborers from the park to come wash the windows (never mind that they can look in and see my treasures so dazzlingly displayed).

    And why do we need a 31 member police force?

  29. To 12:45's point, the perception I got from folks when I was out getting signatures is that the city seems to feel it can ask for more and more money, but the people who are expected to happily pay up are no longer able to keep pace with the demands. Times are tough for many in Sierra madre right now. Sometimes the perception that we live in a wealthy town hurts us. Sierra Madre is a decidedly mixed income place, yet people only seem to notice the McMansions.

  30. Well, the City asked for more money (in the form of a water rate increase) and the residents said "NO" (in the form of a protest). Perhaps we should say "NO" more often. "NO" more new employees; furlough the City Staff just like neighboring communities-cut their work week to 32 hours; 'NO" to COL's this cycle; and the committee-creating City Commission should create a committee to take a look at the benefits Sierra Madre offers in employees, too.

  31. I agree, 1:29. It's like City Hall is fighting to avoid all the economic sacrifices the people who pay them are getting asked to make. There is a real disconnect here. I'm not sure this City's employees are as indispensible or special as they'd like us to believe they are.

  32. I like my children well doneJuly 16, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    It's not the quality of children that some find egregious, it's the quantity. Remember each new bundle that is dropped on us by the stork consumes fossil fuels better off left in the ground, to hell with Malthus and Maynard Keynes.

  33. And the Pope.

  34. Does anyone know how much the city is going to spend on the dinner honoring its volunteers and the hand picked award winners? By the way Mosca, Aguilar, Weaver and her assistant pick the winners. Get your nominatins in and see who they reject. Such a waste of money and so phoney.

  35. Awards in this town are such a joke. A small crowd of insiders who give each other loving cups and kisses. Then Susan the fake Attorney prints their pictures in that hideous newspaper we all pay to sustain.

  36. Computing the Police needs are we talking 31 Policemen @ 40 Hrs = 1240 Hrs Weekly "FHE's (Forty Hour Equivelents) Or a combination of full time and part time Hrs?

    (say 26 full time 40 Hrs (1040 Hrs) and 11 part time 200 Hrs @ 18 Hrs weekly (note @ 18 Hrs, benefits would not be required by state law). The total would be 31 FHE's but the Policemen count would be 37, still 31 FHE's

    Additionally, Do we need Paramedics, Firemen, Policmen, Dispatchers, umptydozen fire trucks, police vehicles, ambulances, and of course Overtime and Dedicated Benefits and two Chiefs.

    It is hard to believe but we are a small towm with a big overhead, most likely unnecessary.

  37. Spay and neuter your childrenJuly 16, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    A book called Castastrope, says we have the greatest population of seniors than at any point in our history. It states in 2030 we will have the greatest population of 18 year
    olds in history. There is a video on youtube that charts nuclear explosions on the earth from 1945 to 1998 of the 2058 shown 1032 were caused by and in the United States. Most of those were in Nevada, right next door. Most of us in CA are going to die much sooner than my 90 year old girlfriends. They told us in the 60's about global warming and population control, some listened most did not, 3 out of 4 friends have disabled or autistic children. They have perfected the white phosphorous bombs to the point where in fallujah, they have effected changes in the cellular level, and 80 out of 1000 males babies die, and the females survive but are greatly deformed, the effects are 1000 times worse than hiroshima. A generation is 33 and a half years, I think we should stop having children for at least 200 years. Children are monsters and grow up to be adult monsters they also have germs. I support a zero child policy. I am looking forward to going to my community euthanasia center and taking a sleepy pill or shot. I don't want to end up in a nursing home or convalescent center.

  38. Check it out, but I am pretty certain that the awards dinner for city staff and commmunity volunteers was first held under Bart Doyles mayorship. Don't forget, last year, when MaryAnn was the mayor (Fire Safe Council got her 'Safety Award') and the year before when Kurt Zimmerman was mayor, Tattler readership would have been more appreciative. There is not much to be gained here by being so mean spirited. We are not going to keep our possitive gains from the Water Rate Hike protest supporters if we slide off into this sad whine.

  39. You might not like Ms. Klimer-Kline's association with the MVN's but her funky truck is from her days at the owner/operator of the Adam's Pack Station at Chantry Flat (hard to haul hay in a Prius). That was an effort to keep a special place in the local mountains open and available to those of us who like the open spaces for water conservation, wildlife habitat and human recreation. Many of us were 'green' long before the political hijacking and walked long and hard to get the water protest signatures. (Her current interest in the Green Movement is born out in her current college studies, too, if I remember correctly.)

  40. 1:29, we said NO but the city staff and council is saying.....
    How can we work around this?
    How can we both count and simultaneously ignore the respondents?
    So if you were strategizing with the BIA about how to throw out the NO ballots.....

  41. Let's give 'em the wrong number.Tell 'em the number needs to be more than it does, no, even better, less. Make 'em come up with the wrong number.

  42. Can we afford the police chief and her "out of touch" spending habits? Does she even realize what the city wants from their police department? When is enough is enough!

  43. 1:58: Remarkable, you're a genius at public safety planning. You ought to volunteer to be Sierra Madre's Sheriff Andy Taylor. Just think, a uniform, badge, and an old Prius (remember....gotta save money).

  44. Never underestimate the City's capacity for shenanigans. The people they answer to want results that have nothing to do what we want. We're just here to supply the money.

  45. keep your eyes openJuly 16, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    Watch, the council will introduce a new standard for the protests:
    sloppy = disqualified.

  46. The equation is simple. They cheat, we go to the ballot.

  47. Rizzo is an italian nameJuly 16, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    8:50 am yesterday the city of bell Rizzo

    The racketeers of organized crime, therefore, remain incipient corrupters of our society. Within their bastions, whether they be bookmaking centers or exploited unions, they can obtain an almost autocratic rule. They have demonstrated the ability to command huge financial resources. From New York to Kansas City to Bell, CA, they have proven their geographic mobility.


    132 Cong Rec H 942 Monday, March 10, 1986

    Congressional Record -- House

    Monday, March 10, 1986

    99th Cong. 2nd Sess.

    132 Cong Rec H 942
    REFERENCE: Vol. 132 No. 27

    yahoo, "mafia in bell,ca", 8th search page bottom "racketeering"

  48. Everyone google Prop 218 in Calif

    Understand it as best you can. See what the law states.

    The battle has just begun. Bart Doyle and John did not like the winning numbers and will be sure to find a way to win their protest.

    Get out your walking shoes and your signs. This is not going to be very pretty, Sierra Madre.

  49. Gee, and Joe seemed so gracious at the meeting Tuesday night.

  50. How much does your city manager make?July 16, 2010 at 9:08 PM

    6:36 You don't think our joey mosca is related to the moscas on do you? Kind of funny that Gaspare Mosca coined the word Mafia, then there is Ralph "Bones" Mosca and Funnzi Mosca, there is an author named Mosca who wrote a story on La Cosca and Omerta in 1933.
    That Bobby Doyle and Jimmy Doyle on the Rick Porellos site, could not be related to Bart Doyle? There are a few Morans there too. Shhhhhoooootttt

  51. More importantly is why the Moron didn't show up at Thursday night's Planning Commission Meeting. Isn't he liaison? That's two really important meetings in one week. Did anyone check with the Mama Realtor? Perhaps he was "in the hospital" again...

    Rumor abound that one of the bobbleheads is considering an early retirement from the Council to pursue "other interests" as suggested to him/her by a local political prominence. Only time will tell which one, but Moran has pulled ahead in missed meetings. Dancin' Nancy was "excused" for the Special Emergency Meeting due to a dance contest...

  52. The Mafioso are Sicilian, doncha know? Mosca isn't a Sicilian. There is so much to hang on Doyle. You need to explain why you're out there muddying the waters with really really silly poo when you should be investigating his ties with the building industry.