Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The City Council Moves The Development Agenda Forward

I really don't think anyone should be too surprised. These are people with a set agenda and they are determined to make it happen. They want to bring large scale SB 375 style development to Sierra Madre. Try as they might to disguise it, that is why they are here. The water rate hike is part of that agenda, and last night's cynical monkey wrenching of the General Plan Steering Committee is another. The gloves came off, and the Gang of Four revealed themselves for what they really are. A Council of hired hands who want to turn Sierra Madre into something the people living here do not want. And they really don't care what you think about it, either. Just as long as you don't talk about it too much. They don't need the likes of you stirring up the marks.

Tomorrow we'll have a full review of last night's meeting. But, late as it is, I thought I would offer up a little insight into the true nature of the person currently serving as our Mayor. While maintaining an aura of concern and empathy might be important to achieving his goals here, when he is engaged in similar work at the Southern California Gas Company, his methods are decidedly more direct.

The following comes from a website run by the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Committee (click here). The document I am quoting from is called Information Concerning Sempra Energy Expansion of the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility. It can be found on the PRNC site (or click here). The topic is the Southern California Gas Company's unfortunate reputation for starting fires in wilderness areas. Needless to say people living in Porter Ranch, a hazardous fire area not unlike our own, are very concerned about these guys. Here are a few passages from an article that first appeared last April:

Sempra Energy Southern California Gas Company has filed an application to expand the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility and run a new high voltage transmission line from Newhall, over the mountain to the Aliso Canyon facility, right behind our houses, about a quarter mile up the road from the Tampa Ave and Sesnon guard shack.

Los Angeles City and County fire investigations have determined the cause of the Sesnon Wildfire, erupting on the morning of October 13, 2008, to be a downed power line owned by the Southern California Gas Company (SCGC) at their Aliso Canyon facility. Transmission lines that come under the jurisdiction of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) are governed by brush clearance requirements and are subject to inspections by that body. However, transmission lines that belong to non-electric utilities located on private land, such as the Gas Company's line at the SCGC Aliso facility north of Sesnon, are not regulated by the CPUC, and so are not subject to the same kind of strict clearance and inspection requirements.

Then there is this:

Southern California Gas Company avoidance of safety and maintenance responsibilities at the Aliso facility demonstrates at best a complete lack of understanding of the dangerous nature of their operation, or much worse, a willingness to make trade-offs in operational expenses (brush clearance/line inspection costs) at the expense of neighboring community safety.

Now to say that some large and powerful corporations cut corners when it comes to the well-being of those unfortunate enough to share living space with them is widely understood. And they do have their share of unscrupulous people working for them, folks who will do anything to quash community concerns and defeat any efforts that might get in the way of company profits, no matter what dangers are involved.

A Porter Ranch Stakeholder named Wes Rogers became involved in the campaign to get the Southern California Gas Company to recognize the fire danger they were putting his community in. Among the things he and others were asking is that the SCGC budget for things like brush clearing when constructing and operating their power lines in areas where fires are an extreme danger. So who steps into this troubled picture?

Upon his learning of my filed protest, I was contacted by Joseph M. Mosca, Public Affairs Manager of Southern California Gas Company. He employed a disingenuous strategy to downplay and understate the nature of this new project in hopes that I could be easily placated. Upon my request to see maintenance and safety records and meet with the plant manager, my requests were denied and all communication from SCGC was ended. Is this what SCGC calls public outreach?

Our illustrious Mayor at work. Did you honestly think Joe Mosca ever cared about anything but the interests of those he really works for? Or that he won't do or say anything to get his people what they want, no matter what the consequences? Then you need to talk to the people of Porter Ranch.

One more thing

Was it a coincidence that the City's first water rate postcard and Susan Henderson's op-ed attack piece on the water protest appeared within 48 hours of each other? Is City Hall turning to attack surrogates like Henderson in hopes it will help them get the rate increase done?


  1. A past supporter of joe mosca, with regretAugust 11, 2010 at 12:46 AM

    Watching this on TV I thought there was something wrong with my tv when Nancy Walsh said the same thing she said the last time she was given this presentation. What is wrong with her.

    Oh, she never listened to begin with. She was a part of the other agenda. None of them actually care. They all sat and pretended to listen and care about what the lovely Denise Delmar said.

    Wow. We voted in phonies. I was duped. I am so embarrassed. And Joe cares nothing. That is why they all sound so stupid. To cover up their act.

  2. Omg, this was such a travesty, no one can prove that that whole highjacking of the general plan committee was a violation of the Brown Act, but it was so obvious. Walsh missed her cue, and Buchanan had to give her a nod to make the motion, and then she still screwed it up. I wish those who are watching on tv would take the time to come to the council meetings. One can not see what really goes on since the camera can only be one place at a time.
    Joe the dictator: I want a timeline; I want to see some progress, I want. . . . Last time I looked at City Council protocol, the Mayor was the chairman of the board, and didn't dictate to the masses, but was an impartial leader who made sure that all were heard and considered.

  3. As you can see, not many of us are able to sleep tonight. This Council meeting was the most disturbing I have attended in a long time. Yes, the three were elected by a plurality, but they were elected to represent all of the people of Sierra Madre, not just the people who voted for then. Ms Walsh was right,she was elected. But she was elected to represent everyone. To only represent those who voted for her is to say that she is only representing 1,300 some people in Sierra Madre. In a city of 11,000, she must remember that not all think as she does. And, not everyone in Sierra Madre had yard signs urging them to vote for her. Mosca represented what, 1500 votes? How can he dictate based on that many votes. It appears that the agenda was set last night, and the four had things pretty well decided before the meeting. Slam dunk!

  4. Where the Water Rats are going is very obvious now. They want to bring in the developers. That is who they are really working for.

  5. "I want 11. Oh wait, I want 9. Did I get it right, John?"

  6. "Are we sure we got it all right, is this what we decided?"

    Her attitude was so obvious. Watch the tape. Nancy is not able to cover up her phony. When MaryAnn speaks she is so brilliant with the truth that Josh and Nancy are so frustrated they cannot think fast enough to insert "I am smarter than you are" but somehow the truth of their resentment towards MaryAnn stumbles out.

    If they told the truth they would at least come off as real people and not puppets.

  7. GREAT BIG GOVERNMENT!August 11, 2010 at 8:39 AM

    Hurrah Barbara Lee!!

    Increase the Library Board. One person per book. Then we can all know every book.

    Great idea!
    Now a can of worms has been opened. You have changed Sierra Madre forever and if you think it will be easy for you to develop because you want to just think again.

  8. 11 for a majority (5 for us; 6 for them); 9 as in one each for the Moscateers.

  9. Mosca and Buchaanan are on the Council to benefit their utility employers and to serve their own deweebish NASSARCISTIC EGOS. Both have the insignficant lawyer complex, talk alot and say nothing and wish they had become real attorneys.

    Moran is just as transparent. His profession is peddling home loans and was a realtor for Webb Martin, which his Mom stills works for and Moran himself and his family can benefit from decisions he can make on the Council to help bring condo projects into the city. He has inside information that he can pass along to benefit his own financial interests.

    Anybody who doubts that Moran would sneak so low, remember he said publically that he wanted to put his friends on committees as favors. Also, Moran is pretty vindictive when he called for a boycott of Sierra Madre businesses because they advertised in a paper that provided fair coverage on Measure V.

    Anybody who believes that Mosca and Buchanan aren't putting their employer's interests ahead of the citizens of Sierra Madre has their head stuck in the sand or...they support the downtown development projects and really don't care what you or I may want for the vision of Sierra Madre.

    Ms. Walsh may be the most dangerous Councilmember. She has no qualifications, does't pay attention, doesn't read agendas, rarely asks intelligent questions, bristles at those who question her and mostly seems concerned about whether we care if she dances at contests.

    These 4 yahoos will implode Sierra Madre into oblivion with the strength of sheer stupidty, massive arrogance and total disregard for those who mistakently elected them.

  10. 8:30, did Nancy Bobblehead really say that? Maybe that wasn't a blond moment she was having. Sounds more like a brown one.

  11. Nancy will be the downfall of the Bobblehead Council; it will be she who gives up the Brown Act violations right there on SMTV3!

    She is a silly twit chosen for her ability to mimic Buchanan's mouthings (which she has trouble remembering).

  12. Maybe Fancy Nancy should write John's instructions on her arm. Then she can
    read them out loud.

  13. I share all your pain this morning, Tattler posters.
    This council is SHOCKING.
    They are by far the worst thing that ever happened to Sierra Madre.

    YOUR HONOR, MacGillivray! I watched with pain as you valiantly fought like a pit bull against those horrible 4 people.
    I watched with my sanity waning, it was coming and going as the meeting dragged on.
    I am amazed you held together. You are one SUPERIOR individual.
    You are a dedicated public SERVANT, you always have put the people of Sierra Madre and the future of Sierra Madre FIRST.
    Sierra Madre DOES NOT DESERVE YOU, after voting in those 3 hideous people to the council.

  14. If there is a bright spot in last night's Bobblehead Council meeting it's that B.D. Howe pulled his name from the Library Trustee list of possible appointees. It's a small win for the Tattler but significant! Go Tattler!!!

  15. Questions -- Why did our mayor leave his seat when another councilman was speaking to whisper to our attorney and city manager? Isn't the council meeting supposed to be an open meeting? Was he asking if it was "agendized" to add members to the committee? Do Mosca, Moran, Buchanan and Walsh know they were elected to serve all of the people? Did all those watching at home catch that Walsh openly said she was representing those who voted for her? (at least she was honest)Where are all those volunteers that voted for the four? Why are they not coming forward to help but are staying in the shadows?

    Perhaps the dark cloud that Ms. Henderson spoke of was the cloud of the suppressors waiting to take over our government. Methinks they have shown their hand too soon. Now, when they do come out of the shadows, their agenda will be clear.

  16. The council majority last night moved to stop the big fat liars Delmer, Sheridan, Hinton, Willis and Anhalt.
    That steering committee could swear on a stack of bibles that they would include the entire community in the update process, but the council majority would see through their lies.

  17. These people weren't voted in, the ballot box was "stuffed" by their developer cohorts while the large part of Sierra Madre couldn't even manage to get to the center of a little itty bitty town and vote.

    Common tactic used by special interests when citizens don't look at what's been going on over the last decade, and are discouraged from voting by vitriolic campaigns. Works every time.

  18. Full Time Employee Salary Information has been posted in .pdf format. Access the city site, select Documents & Forms, click on 8/11/10 Full Time Employee Salary Information.

  19. The people the Gang of Four will jam into the General Plan Committee will be disruptive louts like Tim Hayden and Glenn "I hate God" Lambdin. And then after a few months of utter futility, Joe Mosca will declare that "the process currently in place" is not working, and they'll bring in the SCAG compliant consultants. This is how they plan to kill the peoplkes' General Plan. They don't have the cajones to just do it, they have to go through a convoluted rigamarole so that it doesn't appear that they have been anything but decorous. This has got to be the most passive aggressive City Council in California today.

  20. Check out Coburn's editorial.....

  21. True to form SMTV3 experienced issues with the televising of last night's council meeting including an unscheduled "break" while somebody tinkered with something. Sound quality was poor; wavy lines appears through the transmission and all this on a night when the contract was being discussed. Tsk, tsk...

  22. 9:46

    Walsh is anything but "honest".
    She is a disgrace. People who voted/supported her should hang their heads in shame.
    Buchanan and Bart Doyle got her in office.
    She is controlled by them, and gets her "talking points" from Harriet Susan Henderson.

  23. Ya gotta love the qualities the CC-1 put forth:

    Moran wants someone who was on the 1996 plan, and never mind that MacGillivray was involved. That brilliant mind is not what he wants.

    Walsh wants someone to up the "warm and fuzzy"

    Buchanan wants to take over the whole process- stuff the committee up to eleven.

  24. Something I don't get - what exactly was on the agenda regarding the general plan?
    Don't recall anything about 'comm. expansion', so?

  25. The new council has a kind of political tourettes

    I was elected I was elected I was elected

  26. I admit I was dozing now & then, so when was the public comment on the general plan steering committee expansion?

  27. Moran, Walsh, Buchanan and Mosca don't care a fiddle about the general plan process being inclusive. That's just a ruse. They want their friends on the committee. End of discussion.

  28. I just read Bill Coburn's editorial.

    Thanks, Bill. I heard you speak last night on behalf of our wonderful General Plan Committee.

    Denise Delmar and Deb Sheridan, I could feel your pain last night as, like MaryAnn, you struggled to reason with these idiots.

    Myself, like everyone else who watched.....was very angry, but mostly hurt, we were sad for all of you. Sad for Sierra Madre.

    Barbara Leigh and Carol Parker.....same thing.

  29. Bill .... you're acaring me, dude.

  30. The applications for the new members on the GPSC will be a hoot.
    Pure Sierra Madre style entertainment.
    Somebody ought to start a pool on who the applicants will be.

  31. Right off the bat I'd have to say Benito Mussolini, 10:20. He has always been sympathetic to the needs of large corporations faced with the demands of bothersome peasants.

  32. I may be big and fat, but I'm not on the General Plan Steering Committee.

    Anita Delmer

  33. A fascinating fact - Walsh, Moran, Buchanan, Mosca have friends who are incapable of volunteering.
    Can't make it to open meetings, can't sign up on lists to help, can't contact one of the most efficient chairs of a committee that this town has ever seen.
    Nope, these poor, dear friends are not capable of independent actions - they have to be ON the committee.
    Doesn't give much confidence about their abilities to participate.

  34. So let me get this straight, Mosca is working against the interests of the people of Porter Ranch because the energy corporation he works for doesn't want to pay for clearing brush? And his actions could be putting the people there in danger from wildfires? What a dirtbag.

  35. The requirement for the general plan committee is how they voted in the last election.

  36. The comment Ms. Walsh made that set my teeth on edge was that the General Plan Steering Committee should "start over" (presumably with the 11 members she wants appointed).

  37. The community just has to hope that whoever the council of four minus one appoints actually has a functioning brain. Otherwise, the committee will bog down so much in empty speech that it'll just implode.

    Consultants anyone?

  38. 7:31 a.m. yes! You have good ears!
    Walsh said something like, "9, 11, it doesn't make a difference to me," or some such garble. Hope the camera was on Buchanan!
    In real time that was late, after 11? So the playback, maybe around 10.

  39. Moran repeatedly asked if the Delmar GPSC had contacted members of the 1996 GPC. I'm wondering if any members (other than MacGillivray and Brown) have come to a GPSC meeting or indicated in any way they would be interested in talking. These talks can't take place with the members of the GPSC without violating the Brown Act. The GPSC must do its work in the open. So was Moran advocating illegal meetings? Or just spouting blah blah?

  40. Might have been a trap, 10:40. Another
    indication that these crooks have been
    meeting in private.

  41. The majority on the council needs a translator:

    People who voted for me need to participate = I want my pals on the steering committee.

    Let's include the whole town = I want my pals on the steering committee.

    I don't like organic amoebas & want more warm & fuzzy = I want my pals on the steering committee.

    We need to satisfy the state = I want my pals on the steering committee.

  42. They have a name for that language, 10:48. It's called Crony Baloney.

  43. "When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to synergy, interdependence, and deep respect. Both parties make decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best, what is valued most highly."
    ---Blaine Lee

  44. Ms. Walsh can't be as shallow and bitter as she acts, can she?

    Did those that voted for her expect her to be unprepared ,, unprofessionzl and scaryingly uninformed about the overall issues affecting the city?

    She's decided she's on the Council to serve less than 10% of our population?

    At least she's not wearing a red wig, red nose, painted face and polka dot suit to council meetings.

    She should stick to her old foggie square dance contests.

  45. The only honor on that City Council, Denise, comes from MaryAnn. The rest are working on the behalf of people who want to push development on Sierra Madre. What we saw last night was a naked power play designed to move forward with that agenda. They don't want community outreach, nor do they really want anybody's opinions. They want to hire consultants that will create a document that is compliant with increased development and its demands. The rest is just public relations.

  46. Repeatedly, at every Council Meeting and GPSC Meeting, the Chair has asked for volunteers, specifically asked the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and Councilmembers for names of people they would like to see volunteer. No names or suggestions have been forthcoming. Mosca proposed the entire Green Committee be mixed into the GPSC. Walsh wants to disband the current GPSC and begin anew with 9 or 11 (who knows how many). Mosca is demanding a two-year timeline, contrasting little Sierra Madre with other nearby communities, and failing to acknowledge those other communities have created their general plans with paid staff (Sierra Madre has Danny Castro sometimes). Joe is setting up road blocks as fast as Denise Delmar and her committee can work through them. Clearly Joe's agenda was to take control of the GPSC put in place by a previous City Council, bring in consultants, and present as fait acompli an Updated General Plan. No one counted on Denise Delmar, a committee chair to strike fear into the hearts of a the Bobblehead Council.

    Next step? Demand an unrealistic timeline with milestones and at the first misstep dissolve the committee and bring in a consultant! Who could fault Mosca and Buchanan? After all they've given them every opportunity to produce and look what happened? The organic amoeba approach failed! It takes a firm hand and a strong Council to draft an Updated General Plan.

  47. Sadly, Denise needs to be prepared to be ripped apart by Susan Up-Chuck Henderson in one of her vile loco rants in the Looney View News.

    I wonder if Up-Chuck Henderson will print Coburn's article about his disapproval of the Council's actions.

    Doubt it. She's too much of a coward and bully.

  48. Two years ago the City Council which included Joe Mosca and John Buchanan requested applications for the General Plan. Last year the GP Committee was named. If John and Joe wanted a larger General Plan Steering Committee why didn't they say so then. Many people on the current GP COmmittee were named by Joe and John. At the time there were only 8 applicants. Now, a year later we are hearing the GP Committee does not represent the community.

  49. Swiftboating has already become part of the campaign to save the water rate hike. We saw that in Susan's paper this week.

  50. Mocca and Buchanan can't come with volunteer names because they probably don't have any real personal friends in the city.

    Both moved into the city and immediately immmered themselves into politics and selective volunteering to build a public awareness for Council seats to beneift their employers.

    Moran can be hardly taken serioulsly and I'm sure he's having a hard time finding qualified volunteers while hanging out at the Buc.

    Ms. Walsh's friends must be running for the hills trying to hide from her.

  51. Why didn't Josh and Nancy tell their pals about the GP meeting so their "people" could sign up?

  52. Thank you, Denise for that wonderful quote of Blaine Lee. I have it posted above my computer and will refer to it daily.

    Please hang in there, you have lots of supporters and we will stick with you. After all, roadblocks can be moved with patience and hard work.

  53. The disrespect shown to the many, many hours of volunteer service that Chair Delmar has given to her new town is unbelievably embarrassing.
    Chair Delmar, please know that there is great appreciation for all that you've done, and no one of the four micro-managers on that council could have come up with the organizational tools that you have, or in the graciousness that you have shown.
    Thank you.

  54. Doncha know 11:37 am? "Their" people are going to claim they were intimidated, too afraid to volunteer because they wouldn't be treated civily or some such twaddle. "Their" people are some of the biggest bullies and liars in town!

  55. Just in case Chair Delmar didn't read the editorial on the news net, here's an excerpt:
    "I hope that Committee Chair Denise Delmar doesn't become so frustrated that she quits. She and the Committee did a great job on the work program and the outreach program, and I think they were off to a good start. If Delmar leaves, the Council (except Maryann MacGillivray) owes an apology to all the residents in this town.
    I'm sure there's more that I will think I should have said or that I think I could have said more effectively or in a more cogent manner. But it's late, and I'm tired, so that's all I have to say on the matter. For now. It won't surprise me if I'm still so upset about this an hour from now that I get back up out of bed and amend it. We'll see. Denise - if you are reading this - hang in there. Many of us think you are doing a great job and are a critical piece of this puzzle. I hope this blunder by the Council doesn't overwhelm your desire to finish the job you've started. "

  56. The number of absentee voters increased dramatically during the BIA/CAR sponsored attack on Measure V. (yes, the same Measure V, they need to overturn for the sake of big development in SM).
    Why and how did this happen?
    The scandal/s we are hearing, especially in Bell, Ca. about VOTER FRAUD concerning absentee voters is very, very scary.

    The BIA and the CAR put over $170,000 ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to fight their neighbors, Kurt Zimmerman, Don Watts, Kevin Dunn, Lee Cline and SMRRD, who tried and SUCCEEDED to SAVE SIERRA MADRE, at least for the time being.
    The citizen's for Measure V, donated out of their own pockets, less than $30,000 to fight to save the city. THEY WON THE ELECTION, was in spite of all those extra absentee ballots?

    I ASK AGAIN, and someone please find an answer.

    Why are people on the water rate lists and the voter registration lists that are dead and buried? Some of them for years?

    Why do home healthcare business owners "volunteer" for Sierra Madre Senior program "meals on wheels"?
    What part does the Webb Martin coven have in this?

    I would like to know, and so should you.

  57. Something terrible has happened to the Sierra Madre City Council. It is now crabby, childish and inappropriate. The tone the new mayor has set?

  58. 12:08 pm, people are on the water rate lists and the voter registration lists that are "dead and buried" because the next of kin have not taken them off. You can bet Dr. Neiby will be eligible to vote next election. Frank Saumer's water bills will still come to him for the forseeable future. How do you think long passed seniors' next of kin continue to get their Social Security? The mechanisms for removing the deceased are not fail proof.

    No deviousness in Sierra Madre (at least for voter registration and water meters); just folks who don't understand the system.

  59. Why the big Jump in Absentees at 12:08

    Good question. Nancy Shollenberger ( the good Nancy)....brought up the fact a few weeks ago that several names on the Water-Rate payer lists were deceased.
    When I heard about the councilmembers/friends were getting people to sign petitions in Bell, which were actually absentee ballots......well, I remembered what Shollenberger said and it kind of made me sick.
    It could happen here and probably did. Shollenberger would not know, the absentee ballots would go to the County. We would have to catch them red-handed like they did in Bell.

    Let's catch them, Sierra Madre.

  60. Rumor has it that 679 Brookside is nearing the time when the occupancy permit should be issued... Was Hayden at last night's City Council meeting to plead his employer's case or lurking in support of Mosca and Buchanan (or could his lurking be in payment for, shall we say, services rendered?) Mrs. B and Mommy M were there as well. Sizing up the GPSC?

  61. That was one of the galling parts of the water protest. The list of rate payer names the City sent out was wrong, and then when the tabulations came in the city threw those out for being --- wrong. Just awful!

  62. The story about Joe Mosca and Porter Ranch really disturbs me.

    I have family members in that area.

    How can anyone be so callous? What kind of a man is this Mosca? How in the hell did you people elect him?

  63. Dean: Mosca ran a PC/guilt trip campaign and the stoops bought into it. We have invited people from Porter Ranch to our next City Council meeting so they can quiz their pal on this fire danger situation. Should be very entertaining.

  64. Because this is such a small town, those of us who work on the election boards (and most of us have done it for years)are aware of those who are deceased or have moved away. It would be a big red flag should one of those past citizens appears on the Vote By Mail List. I think more vote by mail because it has become more convenient way to vote. Sad, though because they are missing out on the delightful event of meeting neighbors and showing their patriotism of coming out to vote. Glad, though that they vote at all.

  65. I know a really nice lady in town, she is a very well known volunteer, has been for decades.
    I had never heard this woman say anything negative about anyone. If she doesn't like a person for whatever reason, she just avoids dealing with them.

    I asked her once about Nancy Walsh. She told me she had worked with her on some project and Walsh was mean spirited and a real b****.
    I was pretty shocked. She went on to say that Nancy was not a nice person at all, snitched on people behind their backs, etc.
    That was enough for me, and I didn't vote for Nancy Walsh. I knew there had to be a good reason for this lady to say that.
    There was:
    I watched the CC meeting last night and I want to thank the lady who gave me the good tip on Walsh. If you're reading this, you were right!

  66. Hold on 12:34

    I have three neighbors who all died in the past year and they were all on the 2010 official voter registrations lists....after they had died.

  67. My ex wife moved out of town 6 years ago, and every time I go to vote I see her name on the sign in sheet. It takes away from my joy in participating in the electoral process.

  68. See! No mechanism for removing the names!!

  69. How on earth will the general plan ever get done?
    The original committee was blocked from meeting,
    they pushed water uphill to get to work,
    the chair designed a model of process,
    and now they have to wait again
    until the people that Buchanan etc. will pull out of their pockets.
    Does anyone believe that the council will then stop manipulating?

  70. I think it will be amazing if anyone on the GPSC DOESN'T resign.

  71. Face it Sierra Madre. The general plan update belongs to Nancy Walsh, John Buchanan, Josh Moran and Joe Mosca.
    Good luck.

  72. Support for the work of the general plan will come from the people. It's the people's document. The more Mosca and Buchanan attempt to interfere the more the people will resist their manipulations.

    Who would have thought Bill Coburn would have spoken in favor of Denise Delmar's committee and praised their work?

    Do not underestimate the people!

  73. I sure hope you're right 1:48.
    People can start by seeking out Denise Delmar and thanking her.
    She was treated in a shocking manner by 4 of the council.

  74. stand by, 1:39. we are a resourceful bunch.

  75. Sierra Madre may be just another crooked little town, with sleezy and/or stupid city council members who work for the BIA and the CAR.

    This Mosca is a prime example of what's wrong with politicians these days.

    I've been reading on this board, this man is a sociopath. I have to believe he is.

    This is a man who puts himself first, his "loyality" to the BIA/STATE second, and us "little people" don't even rank third.

  76. The fact that this disastrous council has to emphasize "I was elected" "People voted for me" so much shows the level of confidence they have in their own competence.
    They made a fiasco out of the water rate hike, process and result, and now they've stopped the general plan update progress with petty and destructive game changes.
    Best case scenario, they resign

  77. Denise Delmar was treated in a shocking manner by these so called "we love Sierra Madre and civility" gang of 4.

    Wonder what she thinks now of Sierra Madre.
    She has now been introduced to the "dark side" of this town.

    The good folks must stand by her.
    I plan to push for her to run for city council in 2014. Three seats will be up for grabs and we need people like her running this city, instead of the crooks and bums and dummies which make up the gang of 4.

    Take 2 years off, MacGillivray, then take back the town for us all.

  78. The fact that Mosca betrayed the people of Porter Ranch, leaving them open to be disaster victims is enough for me to know what kind of a man he is. No integrity, no morality, should not hold a public office.

  79. The Council promised a half-time planner dedicated to the GPSC and the update. In reality, by the time the position is described, advertised, applications are received, interviews are conducted, a decision is made, the applicant gives his/her current employer notice, begins his/her new assignment, gets up to speed, and begins to make meaningful contributions, several months will elapse. Does the timeframe time clock allow for the hiring process? Will the GPSC be penalized for not hiring a part-time planner sooner? Will the part-time planner specifically hired for the GPSC process be retained after the project is over? Will he/she sue for unlawful dismissal? Will he/she be laid off in a year because there are no funds?

    Mosca utters "make it so", and so it must be. He's naked says the small child.

  80. 12:34 says yes, there are people who are deceased still on the voter's list, and it sometimes takes years to get them off the list no matter how many times we send that information on. What I'm talking about is the Vote By Mail list (Absentee Voter list). This is an official list that is new each election and lists everyone who receives a VBM ballot. We would know if someone deceased received a VBM ballot since we have to note it in the register.

    Look, there are lots of things we need to pay attention to than to worry about deceased people voting. . . like the city council highjacking our GPU committee. Watch the gang of 4 carefully, they are about to take over our city.

  81. What became clear as the discussion of the general plan went on was that the sitting council majority does not want community involvement. They give lip service to it because they must, but the truth is that they want to pick and choose from among the people in the community that they approve of.
    The entire community? No. Just those that cast their votes for the sitting majority.

  82. Isn't Joe Mosca the guy who famously said he represents "92 little cities" as a SCAGGIE? Doesn't look like Porter Ranch is one of them.

  83. The gang of 4 will try to overturn Measure V.
    How can they manufacture a spiffy new general plan, throw out that old 1996 clunker, and remake the town in their own images of what is good with measure V standing in their way.

  84. 2:17, I thought the part time planner was to "free up" Danny's time so that Danny could focus on the GP.

  85. Probably true, 3:43. But they're taking it a step at a time. First the water infrastructure, following by getting the General Plan written by consultants. All the while spending us into oblivion. Street paving bonds would follow. Gotta make the city pretty. Then, once the city's fiscal situation is as scrambled as Bobblette's brain, the word will go out that they eed to rebuild the downtown to attract sales tax paying national chains. And gosh they sure hate to do that, but the only way to get them to come here is to build and build big. Way beyond what is allowed by Measure V. But it has to be done to save the town. Certainly if you love Sierra Madre you'll want to see it saved, right?

  86. There is a way to throw the bums out many cities are doing it now>>>Sierra Madre would need about 1900 signatures-25%(percent of approximately 7600 registered voters. I think that is do able after this water rate fiasco. Door to door Sierra Madre residents will rally to save this town!!!
    The recall process below:


    1. Who Can Circulate
    The recall petition can be circulated only by registered voters in the
    jurisdiction who are qualified to vote for the officer sought to be
    recalled. (§§322, 11045)
    2. Who Can Sign the Petition
    The recall petition can only be signed by registered voters who are
    qualified to vote for the officer sought to be recalled.(§§322, 11045)
    If a local jurisidiction includes portions of more than one county,
    each section of the petition must include the name of the county in
    which it is circulated, and only registered voters of that county may
    sign that section of the petition. (§11047)
    3. Withdrawal of Signatures
    Any voter may withdraw his or her signature from the recall petition
    upon filing a written request with the appropriate elections official
    prior to the day the petition section on which the signature appears
    is filed. (§§103, 11303)
    E. The number of signatures required TO QUALIFY A PARTICULAR
    1. If an officer of a city, county, school district, county board of
    education, or resident voting district is sought to be recalled, the
    number of signatures must be equal in number to not less than the
    following percent of registered voters in the electoral jurisdiction:
    (a) Thirty percent if the registration is less than 1,000.
    (b) Twenty-five percent if the registration is less than 10,000 but
    at least 1,000.
    (c) Twenty percent if the registration is less than 50,000 but at
    least 10,000.
    (d) Fifteen percent if the registration is less than 100,000 but at
    least 50,000.
    (e) Ten percent if the registration is 100,000 or above8.
    8The number of registered voters is calculated as of the time of the last report of
    registration by the county elections official to the Secretary of State

    After approval by the elections official, proponents must submit to the
    elections official, during normal business hours as posted, a petition with
    the requisite number of signatures within:
    1. 40 days if the electoral jurisdiction has less than 1,000 registered
    2. 60 days if the electoral jurisdiction has less than 5,000 registered
    voters but at least 1,000.
    3. 90 days if the electoral jurisdiction has less than 10,000 registered
    voters but at least 5,000.
    4. 120 days if the electoral jurisdiction has less than 50,000 registered
    voters but at least 10,000.
    elections official

  87. There must be a money trail of how these council members are involved with the investors who bought downtown property between 2003 to 2007. How do we open these LLC's to look at the owners and investors. there would have to be a law suit files oh course!!! This is all about money to be made...Who profits does John Hutt (real estate lender 2002-6 planning commissioner, Enid Joffe with CNG fueling station in the yards and photo-voltaic lighting for the downtown, Old investments in pre-construction between investors and Stockley Hayes, Doyle, etc. this pusj for the downtown Specific plan build-out started in 2003. Michael Colantuano/Sandra Levin(League of Cities, Bia attorney) was brought in as the city attorney by that current council.Follow the money....

  88. There is nothing new about this story. Just different costumes in another scene another year. Same ole stupid fools buy into other fools.

    The City Council and Elaine and Sandy need to give them all (except MaryAnn and Nancy) Donkey Ears.

    Yes. Big Long and Deep Brown. To wear forever.

  89. Consider requiring a vote of the people on the general plan. Just like measure V

  90. Watched the first 30 min. of the Council meeting on the tube this evening. A Sr. Citizen during the public comments period stood up and said she "trusted the Council explicitly."

    Considering the number of times Mosca has lied to the residents that has to be the dumbest comment I have ever heard.

  91. Did the gang of 4 violate the Brown Act last night?

    This is by far the worst city council ever to sit in this town's history.

  92. Saw the tape of the Council meeting. Sure looks like the fix was in.

  93. That Sr. Citizen who said she trusted the city council campaigned hard for Mosca, is not involved in any political issues within the city and hasn't a clue what is going on.

  94. Who was this clueless person who says she TRUSTS the city council. Someone needs to clue her in!!!

    Is she blind and deaf? Did she not see them swindle Denise and not understand their disrespect towards both MaryAnn and the Members of the General Plan??

  95. Dr. sammi's construction plus the 3 fast food chains will be our Christmas gift from the CC. What a lovely mess it will be to drive through our downtown.

    A foretelling of exactly what the Gang of 4 wants for the City of Sierra Madre plus all the torn up streets for the water.

    Now the traffic will be diverted all over town. Won't that be just perfect big city congestion.

    It might wake up the dead voters to vote.

  96. I don't want to play in your back yard...August 11, 2010 at 11:36 PM

    The City Council is going to get WORSE when Josh and Nancy bring in their friends because they did not get to be included.

    Won't that be fun. They can show us what they learned in Kindergarten.

  97. What three fast food chains are we talking about??

  98. Where are all those disenfranchised volunteers that aren't being given a chance to sit on committees? It's not like they're out there just waiting to be assigned. Even the highly touted Green Committee had to bring in an out of towner; five positions, six applicants, one sent packing and one from out of town. Not exactly a gold rush moment.

  99. So is Susan beating up this week? She must be stewing about something.

  100. Wes Rogers is right, for over 17 years I worked directly with the gas and electric companies. Wrote notices for hazards and met with field supervisors on site. They would take there own pictures and say we'll get back to your department on that, only word we ever got back was attorneys at City Hall were working on it, all those years and very little was ever brought up to a safer level for the home owner. I can see why they have Muskrat Mosca working for them.