Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Correcting Looney Views Sue's Attack On Sierra Madre's City Clerk

If you're going to go after someone in print, you should at least attempt to make an effort to check and see if your facts are completely straight. Because if you don't chances are pretty good someone will show up to correct your errors, and in a way that you probably won't enjoy very much.

In its August 7th edition, the Mountain Views News made an attempt to heap some undeserved abuse on our City Clerk, Nancy Shollenberger. The bone of contention being what she, as Sierra Madre's City Clerk, earns for her many services to this community. The claim, that Nancy is supposedly making outrageous amounts of money compared to the City Clerks in other cities in the area, being clearly false.

In an article entitled "The Bell That Won't Stop Ringing ... City Clerk's Compensation Sounds Alarms," here is how that paper's publisher, Susan Henderson, attempted to weave her tale of official malfeasance. I've highlighted the distortions.

The Sierra Madre City Manager's salary was not the concern for those who had viewed the salaries on the Sierra Madre web site. What seemed to concern some residents was that all elected officials except one receive a stipend of $3,000 per year. The exception is the Sierra Madre City Clerk, Nancy Shollenberger, who receives annual compensation of $10,800 plus $7,500 for General Municipal Elections. Other city clerks in Monrovia and Arcadia, are paid the the same as council members. In Monrovia, a city that has a population almost 4 times the size of Sierra Madre, the City Clerk makes $4,800 a year. In Arcadia, whose population is over 50,000, the city clerk is paid the same as the council members, $6,000 per year.

On August 14, the SGV Tribune published an article (click here) entitled "Gate-keepers to city records, rarely talked about City Clerks often earn high salaries." In addition to talking about how local City Clerks can earn relatively robust amounts of dough, it also published a list detailing the exact amount City Clerks in each San Gabriel Valley city makes. In order to set the record straight, I am reprinting that entire list here.

A couple of things that should jump out at you. Monrovia pays a cool $59,664 a year for what Nancy does. Henderson claimed in her article that the amount is limited to $4,800 a year.
Arcadia does not only pay the $6,000 per year Henderson claims, rather it shells out $90,870 for the same work. And if you review the entire list, you will discover that Sierra Madre's City Clerk, rather than receiving outrageous amounts of money for her many efforts, actually receives the lowest pay in the entire region.

Here is the SGVT's City Clerk pay list. To quote the paper, in many cities "an assistant or deputy city clerk handles the daily functions of the department," and actually makes far more than the elected and largely figurehead City Clerk. Those cities are marked with an asterisk. No such positions exist in Sierra Madre and all functions of the job are handled by Nancy Shollenberger. Something the MVN failed to disclose. When discussing any Office of City Clerk, you need to include all the money spent.

Pasadena - $143,006
Whittier - $124,956
Industry - $122,400
Temple City - $112,400
San Gabriel - $109,440*
La Mirada - $106,987
Glendora - $106,116
Pico Rivera - $105,408
West Covina - $104,508*
Covina - $102,183*
La Puente - $96,768 to $117,636
Rosemead - $91,824
Walnut - $90,912
Arcadia - $90,870*
Alhambra - $86,940
South Pasadena - $84,372
Irwindale - $83,031*
Diamond Bar - $78,736 to $92,592
San Marino - $76,260 to $93,306
Azusa - $72,450*
Monterey Park - $72,372 to $92,592*
El Monte - $70,344*
South El Monte - $60,900
Monrovia - $59,664*
Montebello - $56,004 to $68,334
Baldwin Park - $50,992 to $68,334
Sierra Madre - $18,300 (Includes minutes preparation and elections. And since elections are every other year, that figure falls to $10,800 on off years.)

So rather than making the kind of money that demands an invocation of the Bell Scandal, it turns out that our City Clerk is making far less than what any other city is paying to get that job done in the entire region. Arcadia and Monrovia included.

Once again, the publisher of the Looney Views News has been exposed on this site as being a rather shameless falsifier. Why our city continues to shovel the kind of money it does to someone who obviously has serious problems with the truth, along with many of the residents actually living in this community, defies all reason. The only assumption that can be made is Susan Henderson prints these kinds of outrageous things with City Hall's approval.

And that's the real abuse of the taxpayer's dollar.



  1. Thank you for setting the record straight. If you are reading this, and agree that our wonderful, conscientious City Clerk, Nancy Shollenberger, is way underpaid, please call or email City Manager Elaine Aguilar (355-7135) AND Mayor Joe Mosca (someone please post his information). Let's innundate them so that Ms Henderson knows she can't get away with these blatant lies, AND please forward today's blog to all friends and neighbors, especially those who voted for the Gang of 4 and/or Karma Bell.

  2. it seems that Arcadia does claim on their website that their clerk makes 6k a year, while an "assistant" deputy makes the higher salary

  3. In fine tradition of our city, lets form a committee to introduce proper pay to the city clerk, we probably owe her back pay. The reporting that Henderson does is an insult to the community, I for one would like to know how much money $ she has taken out of the community, not to mention her personal IOU's. Would be interesting,,,

  4. How long, Sierra Madre? How long are you going to tolerate this horrible woman, Susan Henderson?

    How long are you going to support her hateful agenda?

    Nancy Shollenberger.......I am so terribly sorry you are yet another victim of this monster.

    You don't deserve this, but you are a high class lady and will rise above it.

    Thank you for all you do for Sierra Madre, and for the LESS than minimum wages at that!

    Again, Sierra Madre....how long are you going to tolerate this Henderson?

  5. You know, it is possible that Susan doesn't understand how the office of city clerk works in many other cities, and rather than fibbing she is merely grossly ignorant. Just a thought.

  6. Nancy makes less than 1/10th of what the City Clerk in Pasadena makes. Less than a third of what the City Clerk in South El Monte.

    Ring the Bell Susan! Ring the Bell!

  7. Don't our taxes pay for Henderson's adjudication?

    Why don't we have a tax revolt. Demand our tax dollars don't go to this liar and crook?

  8. Good point, 8:18. Why does our tax money go to support a publication that assaults certain elected officials and residents on an almost weekly basis? Is there some kind of S&M situation going on that we haven't been told about? Where is that civility we heard so much about?

  9. Sierra Madre residentAugust 17, 2010 at 8:59 AM

    The campaign against the elected city clerk is one of the smear tactics of the development crowd.
    They haven't been able to be honest about their intentions, until now, so this is a hangover from the stealth smear days.
    Ms. Shollenberger, thank you for your continued service to the community.

  10. Hasn' Sierra Madre Had EnoughAugust 17, 2010 at 9:13 AM

    Now is the time to revolt against the real first BELL thief. Get rid of Susan the robber baron and convicted theif who knowingly stole from the Dunns and has not yet paid them back.

    She should not take our taxes any longer...

    She should not be the Kiwana's president..

    She should not be allowed to bully us...

    She should not be treated with any respect...

    Why are we enabling her and giving her our
    money when we know she knowingly lies and ruins lives?

    She lied about the Water Protest and YOU know she is behind the WATER INCREASE....

    She cannot be trusted.

    Do not allow her into any honest circle which tells the truth. She will represent people with her own twisted version of emotional appeal and continue to destroy anyone decent like Nancy and Katina.

    Look at her record. She is simply not a nice person.

  11. Henderson is just doing what her bosses tell her to do.
    It's frustrating for the developers to have an honest city clerk.

  12. 7:43 - Ms Henderson calls herself a newspaper reporter. No newspaper reporter would be grossly ignorant. If she is going to be doing an "expose", she should arm herself with the facts. No, Susan prints half truths and innuendos and then if it doesn't fly, prints a correction that is in itself a half truth and innuendo. She is not to be trusted and people that read her paper should find out the facts for themselves. Thanks tattler for exposing her once again.

  13. Thanks for setting the record straight Tattler.
    Like the city clerk, you provide an invaluable service to Sierra Madre.

  14. Henderson is just the mouthpiece.

  15. Does anybody know just how bizarre this is? A city with an adjudicated newspaper that attacks the people who pay its way. In the most strange and untrue ways. And gets away with it! What is wrong with this picture? How does this happen? Does its publisher have a special cruelty contract with the city government?

  16. Hey that's an inteersting article on the left column about Bamburger in the running for a promotion in Buffalo....

  17. Henderson is just the mouthiece.

  18. Since it involves a significant relocation, let's all pray that Canon Bamberger gets the job.

  19. Hey, lets pray that Sierra Madre's gain will be Western New York's loss. It sounds like Bamberger would be the best person for the job, and Western New York would be taking Sierra Madre's blight off our hands. Do you think a few thousand letters would help get him appointed? Pray, Pray, Pray

  20. Amanda B. ReckonedwhithAugust 17, 2010 at 10:09 AM

    I'll write a recommendation if that is what it takes.

  21. Please set the record Thursday night during public comment at the Planning Commission Meeting and at the next City Council Meeting. Too many prople read her rag and too many peolple belive belive the ruubbish she prints.

    PS. The 1st new Stone House development is on the agenda. Almost 4000 sq ft on Camillo where the last house built there had to be demolished because the land was moving. YIKES

  22. 10:10, the application for the new house on Camillo was withdrawn, to be submitted sometime in the future. Perhaps they've discovered their survey stakes were rearranging themselves downslope.

    Another very important item is on for Thursday: The Proposed Canyon Residential Zone Ordinance is on the Agenda. Come down and show your support for MaryAnn who championed the ability of residents to write their own plan, not highly compensated consultants!

  23. Citizen participation in this town is a full time job.

  24. Our city govt views residents more
    as a management problem than someone
    they work for.

  25. Supporters are also needed to counter the mean-spirited who wanted the canyon zone committee disbanded because they were not appointed by the current city council. Sound familiar? There seems to be a thread running through this. First they want to disband the canyon zone committee, then they want to appoint only those who had their yard signs, then they want to appoint only those who voted for them to serve on the general plan update, or disband the current gpuc. Then they don't want to cooperate with the general plan update because "their" volunteers/voters feel intimidated. Think about it. They were elected by only 1704 to 1466 votes, and they claim they represent only those who vote for them. How about the other 10,000 some residents of the city Nancy, Josh, Joe and John?

  26. Although an oped in the Wall Street Journal was about the teaparty, an interesting observation was made: "America was founded on the revolutionaly principle of citizen participation, citizen activism and the primacy of the individual over the government." Sierra Madre is a shining example. Let's keep our city council honest and continue to attend and speak out at meetings, and participate in the General Plan Update in a meaningful way.

  27. That is the one thing from the Teaparty shtick that I agree with. Returning America to the people and doing away with all the experts and consultants and bureaucrats and all the rest of our not so benevolent government overseers would be such a blessing. That is, of course, what the Moscas and Buchanans of this world fear most. An informed and passionate citizenry.

  28. A Christian on the pathAugust 17, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    I believe I detect Old Kentucky's rants on the Tattler this morning and I can't put it off one more day. I am going to pray for him/her. I enjoy the Tattler and I admire the humor and writing skills of Sir Eric aka John Crawford. It is so tiring to wade through the toxic streams of venom that spews from Old Kentucky. In my mind's eye it's like scenes from the Exorcist. If she doesn't like the Mountain Views News and Susan Henderson shouldn't he/she just send letters to her directly. I don't know or care about Katrina Dunn. If she was foolish enough to loan her partner $40K before a serious investigation then I'm not too surprised she was swindled. Does Dunn even live in Sierra Madre? I don't care. Old Kentucky does a huge dis-service to Mrs. MacGillivray and Mrs. Shollenberger in the continuing effort to punish their detractors. I'm beginning to think that with a friend like Old Kentucky maybe they need to retire from public service. I hope that when the next election comes around Old Kentucky has been put out to pasture.

    Tonight I'll devote my entreaties to God on behalf of Old Kentucky that he/she may find solace in the lord.

  29. Henderson wouldn't know a fact evenif it slapped her in the face.

    She's a poser, pretender, embellzer, hater and most of all, a liar.

    I used to like her and even used to speak to her regulary, but since she's attacked the Dunn's and has made outlandish, hateful, inaccurate and plain old lies and hides behind her ruse of editorials, she's what most of us know her as now - a liar.

  30. A former Christian on a more enligntened path...August 17, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    lol Christian on the wrong path - you don't know someone and you don't care about them? that's a real Christian attitude, oh I get it, you are being facetious?

    don't we wish we could send letters to Henderson that she would publish contrary viewpoints or balanced coverage, but that went out when Henderson took over the paper, at least Katina would present both sides.

    heck, even her writers have said that she edits their copy that have any postiive refernences to the Tattler, Mr. Crawford and has any viewpoint that she doesn't want to promote.

    how much you wanna bet their won't be one article opposing the water tax hike?
    at least you know that Henderson is a swindler and if you knew Katina, you'd know that she has a good heart and sure, they should have investigated Henderson but who knew she was lying about almost everything in her past, present and future.

    Henderson also duped the Sierra Madre Weekly with her bogus credentials and hiding the fact that she misued corporate credit cards with her previous employer.

    Instead of praying for Old Kentucky, why don't you pray for Susan Henderson to see the light and stop lying, cheating and spewing hate on anybody she sees fit?

    Henderson has a conniption fit every week and maybe a little interference from God might help her tortued dark soul find a little peace and solace in the Mother Lord.

  31. the bell that won't stop ringing is the one that keeps going off in Susan's own mind

    kook koo....kook koo....kook koo....

    thast woman is just plain batty

  32. Christian on the path, here's a thought: don't read the comments.
    Everyone is welcome to express themselves as long as they are not obscene and calling out people who are not in the public eye.
    And speaking of eyes, I'm sure you remember about beams and motes.

  33. The reason why our City Council (4 of them) and some of city staff don't have a problem with Susan Henderson printing lies, half truths and obvious misinformation is because they are doing the same thing.

  34. Don't want to bring back unpleasant memories, but Ms. Henderson fooled a lot of people, including some very smart and experienced ones. She is not a shabby con, and makes a living off of other people's willingness to hook up with her.

  35. the, some residents, Susan Henderson is referring to with her articles are those multiple residents that live inside her own head.

    you know, the in her own mind residents who tell herself to write complete fictious stories, tell her that people are out to get her, that she should steal money from her employer, that she should make up college degrees and she needs to attack anybody that questions the voices inside her own head

    I wonder is Henderson has names for the voices inside her head because she certainly never names the residents she claims in ther aticles that are speaking to her and enraged that the City Clerk is making about $ 1.70 an hour

  36. I found her to be kind of a bore. After a couple of times talking with her I began to sense that her conversation would always go the way she thought you wanted it to go. As an example - she told this story about the "Liar's Couch." Her story was that if people who came to visit her sat in the chair, she knew they were honest. But if they sat on the couch, then she knew they were liars. Kurt Zimmerman came to visit and she said he took the chair. But when Joe Mosca came to visit, he went right for the couch. Clearly this was a made up little tale designed to be pleasing to me.

  37. I wonder if Henderson would be up in arms about the gross overpayment of the City Clerk job if Karma Bell had been elected?


    Sleazy journalism at it's best.

  38. 2:40, if that is true, Henderson must sleep on the couch

    you know she'd deny ever telling you that and she'd call you a liar, racist, bigoted spin doctor and a hateful pig

    I do recall her telling me that she had a law degree from Ohio State, which according to reports, turns out to be a lie.

  39. The worst thing about Henderson is that she's just a front for the people who have been selling off Sierra Madre a little at a time for at least a decade. She's like a fire wall.

  40. City Clerks do the most workAugust 17, 2010 at 4:30 PM

    Dear Editor, poor little Nancy makes less than poverty level. Susan is obviously not missing many meals is she?

  41. Awww c'mon 4:30, Americans are a beefy people.

  42. Is that chuck, rump, or top round?

  43. I hope that Clerk Shollenberger knows the high regard people have for her, and how much she is respected for her amazing willingness to work for the city.
    Please do not let petty and spiteful words bother you, Ms. Shollenberger, and continue to fulfill the duties of your office with the intelligence and grace that you have always shown.

  44. The whole world can tell that, as a nation, we eat too much.

  45. Our chief role in the New Workd Order is to consume products and pay taxes. Anything else is considered bad decorum.

  46. Consume stuff and pay taxes with what income? California is in nearly the worst condition of all the states.

  47. 1:25, Wheee, Wheeee, Wheeee, Wheee, Wheee, Wheee, you remind me of the little piggie.

    The road to hell is paved with the not so good intentions of people like you. Pray for yourself, god has old kentuckys back. She is the salt of the earth.

    Don't be preaching to the choir around here, you don't have an audience.

  48. Howl can they say things like that?August 17, 2010 at 6:52 PM

    The city probably gave Susan some extra dog biscuits for that story. She is such a good pet, to her masters. 1:25 probably likes dog biscuits too.

  49. Ok I have to agree....Old Kentucky ...you are vested in the community and care a great deal about what happens to folks...but at the same time..you can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar. You can and do come off with such venom. Maybe it's not entirely unwarranted; but I prefer to take the higher ground. We are no better than others if we stoop to their level...just something to think about. Thanks.

  50. Luciferic Inversion at 1:25:&7:05


    To BH and all my Tatt pals today.....Thanks!

  51. Another Christian point of viewAugust 17, 2010 at 11:24 PM

    Katina and Kevin Dunn were not only great citizens in this town, but truly the best kind of people you could meet. Who could have said anything negative about either of them. Unless you had some kind of evil agenda planned.

    Then along came a crook, who obviously saw two really great people she somehow took advantage of. It was a business. The Dunns got stabbed in the back by the lowest of low. The fact that there are people who support her paper and put the past behind is low and dirty.

    You say you are a CHRISTIAN? AND you will PRAY for OLD KENTUCKY!!!

    You are a hypocrite.
    "I don't know or care about Katina Dunn....if she was foolish enough to loan her partner the money."

    A real Christian cares about the victim and "does not judge least he be judged." How easy it is for you to use retrospect to just sum up a story. Why are you jumping to conclusions and not finding out more evidence? Where is your

    Would Jesus have looked so favorable upon Susan or cared more about Katina?

    Old Kentucky reminds the reader about the Sins of the Sinner Susan Henderson who continues to lie and twist the truth of the good and honest people of this town. Old Kentucky is one of many people who was there when Susan made the deal with the devil.

    Rather than pray in the darkness perhaps you may walk in the light and open yourself to the sufferings of others.

    False claims which go unquestioned, become beliefs.

    The victim the next time could be you. And you would not want you to be stabbed by Susan, now would you?

    Old Kentucky needs to defend the Dunns and reveal Susan til people wake up.....

  52. Old Kentucky ... you can't even take some much needed criticism; how can I ever take you seriously when you can't take a step back and examine your own actions?

    11.24 ...it's pretty obvious that you are "old kentucky" ....why the rancor? I understand being angry ...but when you take on that kind of negative energy ...you become the victim.

  53. Smugness goes before an error.
    11:24 is not Old K.

  54. Sancrapmonious Flank Attack on a True TattAugust 19, 2010 at 8:25 PM

    Hey Lisa, 11:24 isn't old kentucky, much needed critism, examine her actions, negative energy, what did you get a C- in psychology? Or is that what your psychologist says to you and you are projecting? whoever wrote 11:24 was not angry, and was justified in her defense. As far as rants you can't take anymore, and above "how can I take you seriously" You are the ranter, and nobody is going to take you seriously. Now take your victim of negative energy self, and go get a life and pray you may be half the human being old kentucky is before you depart this planet.