Saturday, August 14, 2010

Denise Delmar Rises Above

As those of us who witnessed last Tuesday night's City Council meeting can attest, the General Plan Steering Committee and its Chair, Denise Delmar, were treated to some of the most shabby and at times frankly misogynistic treatment ever seen in an official setting here in town. That volunteers, people who selflessly give of their time and efforts for the greater good of Sierra Madre, should have been subjected to such coarseness, and by people who ran for office as so-called "civility" candidates mind you, defies reason. That it was apparently done to privilege cronies and disgruntled political supporters who somehow feel entitled to special treatment only adds to these perceived injuries against the common good.

But there is something about this town that inspires people to soldier on. Denise is now joining that long list of folks who put the greater good here above the peace and quiet to be found in life lived beyond our legendary and colorful public disputes over development.

Apparently there have also been some apologies from the guilty parties as well. Which in my opinion attests more to the political effect this shabby show has been having on public opinion in town than any heartfelt remorse. I'm not sure that if people hadn't been expressing their outrage in forums such as this one we would have heard of any penitence taking place.

So it is with great happiness that I get to share the following with you. Denise Delmar has decided not to resign as Chair of the General Plan Steering Committee. At a little past 6pm last night the following comment was left on The Tattler. To find it in its original setting scroll to the end of the 65 some odd comments attached to the post dealing with the as yet unresolved disappearance of The Rooster.

Denise Delmar said...

Good Evening Tattler Folks,
First and foremost thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. I'm not a blogger, but I was introduced to your blog a couple of days ago, and find it to be quite interesting. Although I do not foresee me participating in the "blogging Process" in the future, I will certainly check back from time to time to see what is on everyone's mind. However, because of your encouragement and support, I did want to let you all know, I have decided not to step down from the General Plan Update Committee, and hope my fellow committee members continue to serve as well.

We have a great group of folks leading the Communications Team and Outreach Team, but we need more great folks. Please contact De Alcorn if you want to participate in this exciting process. Regardless of the number of people on the Steering Committee, the process will continue as presented to City Council last Tuesday. The goal is to reach every major stakeholder in Sierra Madre, hear the voice of everyone and update the General Plan which incorporates new California regulations and Sierra Madre mandates. I do not know what the finished project will look like, but look forward to working with you all to see what it will be.

I am committed to working with everyone in this town to accomplish this goal. My short time in Sierra Madre and the people I have met gives me the confidence that we can produce an updated General Plan we can all be proud to pass down to the next generation.

PS - I'm still looking for people to get behind the "Support SF Giants" initiative portion of the General Plan. If you don't understand what this means you have to come to the next General Plan Steering Committee meeting on September 7th at 6:00pm, City Chambers to find out. Go Giants!

Well, obviously the Giants are having a better season than the Dodgers, but I'm going to have to go this meeting to find out what this means as well. Baseball analogies being an important part of my life these days.

Now there is another post I want to bring to your attention as well. Because it involves the contribution that you can make to these struggles to create a General Plan that reflects the true wishes of Sierra Madre, and not just the machinations of some highly compensated consultants and other corporatist hires. If you're not quite sure that you like the idea of Sacramento and their sweaty accomplices dictating what Sierra Madre will look like in the future, then you just might be one of those "stakeholders" Denise was talking about.

Okay everyone who professes to love our town. It's time to spring into action. Please come to the Outreach Task Force meeting at the home of De and Pat Alcorn, 741 E. Grand View on Monday at 7pm, and bring a friend/neighbor. Don't let the Gang of 4 hijack the General Plan Steering Committee, and don't let Denise and MaryAnn bear the brunt alone!

Denise is new to Sierra Madre. Please, let's show her what we're made of against huge odds. Don't let her quit because of a lack of support!

Be there or live with the consequences for the rest of your lives.


  1. Sir Eric - oops could you please change imitative to Initiative.
    Thank you

  2. Damn. She even proof reads!

  3. Denise!
    Now you've worried Old Kentucky........I'll have to run Microsoft word for spell checks and grammar on everything I write.

    Old Kentucky is a "creative" writer. Fragmented sentences, malapropos, incorrect punctuation, and such.

    Sir Eric Maundry rarely makes such gross errors, congratulations for catching one. LOL

    Thanks again, for all you do for us, Denise!

  4. I hope this Joan of Arc doesn't end up in the Mosca pyre. This community had better get together on Monday night.

  5. Denise,
    thank you for your post to us.
    I'm so happy you're hanging in there.
    You can count on a lot of good people standing by you.
    Including....the smartest, most qualified, most articulate, most honest council member.....her Honor, MaryAnn MacGillivray. MaryAnn has been standing up for residents...all residents....for decades. And, you know what the bottom line is?....she didn't/doesn't HAVE TO. She didn't have to, and neither do you, but, like MaryAnn, you will anyway.

  6. I would caution Ms. Delmar that all posts, in my experience, on the Tattler are a bit "odd" but nonetheless it's how I start my day. A cup of strong black coffee and the Tattler! Get's the blood pressure up to just below the red line.

  7. I'm not sure about "all" posts, but I would certainly include yours in that equation, 8:46.

  8. Thank you Ms. Delmar for your integrity and graciousness. You are a most welcome addition to this community.

  9. This chair of the committee seems like a diplomat, and that is a major asset.
    The four new members of the committee will represent development, pure and simple.
    They will not want to preserve or maintain.
    Let's see how many of them push a reworked form of the downtown specific plan.
    Be afraid Sierra Madre residents, be very afraid. Unless of course you own property that you want to sell to developers, or to develop yourself.

  10. The upside of the gang o'4 stuffing their development pals on the committee? No more pretend talk about 'our village that we all love so much' That will be a relief.

  11. Maybe the way Denise takes the higher road can be an example for Moran, Walsh, Buchanan and Mosca.

  12. "Be there or live with the consequences for the rest of your lives." True, Sir Eric. But you could add, be there, or get ready to sell & get out of a town that has been developed beyond its ability to provide water and safety to the people who live there, that has horrible traffic like all the other towns in LA.Brought to you by the developer/realtor business.Another victory for the Building Industry Association. The Development Council can hire Schubert Flint to start work on the Down with Measure V campaign.

  13. The fact that Delmar is new to Sierra Madre is good because she doesn't have a lot of old baggage about everybody,
    And it's bad because she doesn't know just how sneaky and rotten the Dirts are.
    She never saw the Cumquat, she probably doesn't know Henderson's history and how she conned the Dunns, she doesn't know Buchanan's a hypocrite who facilitated One Carter & then campaigned as a greenie.She missed Joe Mosca's big first betrayal.
    Hope she takes a look at the Neuroblast videos of past council meetings.

  14. Denise will do something POSITIVEAugust 14, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    There have never been any secrets in Sierra Madre and now the truth will be told, no more doublespeak and BS.

    The Go4 cannot hide behind their gobbledegoop and amoeba speak and "kindergarden myfriends are not there so I dontwanna play with you ANYMORE" will be over!!

    The new 4 will be a clone of John,Joe, Josh and Nancy.

    Wait!!! They probably will even resemble them in height, weight and cotton, and hay for brains!

    No matter who the 4 are, they will have no choice than to learn from their leader Denise and the existing Brilliance of the GPSC. Few people in town are as sophisticated, well traveled, well read, open minded, patient, intelligent and intellectual and
    STRONG as Denise.

    Just wait. I have a feeling she is not going to let anyone, anyone take advantage of her and the work she has done.

    No one walks over Denise. Not even a mealy mouthed 4 City Council.

  15. 10:47, just because Ms. Delmar is moral doesn't mean she's stupid, and she's probably figuring a few things out, like who lies and who doesn't.

  16. It will be great to have the developers finally come out from their sheeps clothing

  17. Good nickname for the council of 2010, Developers Dream.
    Do you think they would have been elected with that slogan?

  18. Methinks the CC contacted Denise because they are afraid she is more popular than they are.

    They know they are bully's and she is an intelligent woman who has had a massive impact on the community.

    They did not apologize sincerely.

    When were they ever sincere about the truth?

    We'll see. They need to apologize publicaly
    and cancel their 4 new "friends."

    Then they truly will let the people write the GP, not the BIA and their REAL ESTATE friends, and their private investments.

  19. Kinda think Denise has asked the right people the right questions about the most questionable people in town.

    Who wouldn't.

  20. A little birdie told me that Denise has "OBSERVED" several City Councils and Board of Educations.

    Ours probably has the worst of the worst douchebags, but Denise knows human nature and sure got a bag of reality last week and she could figure out what their past behavior was all about.

    Nothing new. Just liars with minimal vocabulary.

  21. I just heard a stemwinder of a political speech by the Repubican candidate for Assembly in our district Tim Donnelly. His commitment to defeating SB375 and Sacramento/lobbyist control of how we plan for and control development in our town has won my support. One of the best ways to keep the wrecking ball away from downtown Sierra Madre is to defeat its drivers in Sacramento. That is what we'll get with Tim Donnelly. And by the way, this will be the first Republican I have ever voted for in my life. The betrayal of the small city life that we love here in Sierra Madre by both Democrats and Republicans is grotesque. We need representation in Sacramento that looks out for our interests, and not those of the BIA, CAR, or the rest of them. Both parties are in their pockets. But we somehow got lucky enough to get a candidate that would protect our town from puppets like Mosca and Buchanan.

    The Mod is all fired up today.

  22. You Tattler posters are good this morning!
    Thanks everyone who posted.

  23. I'm glad Denise doesn't know the behavior of some of our citizens who have acted maliciously in the past. She can, and has, kept an open mind. That she is learning now to be on guard is also a good thing. As Denise has said, she doesn't do yard signs, so we can assume she is representing ALL of Sierra Madre, not just the political cronies of a few.

  24. Wait'll she meets the people Mosca and Johnny B cough up.

  25. The political tactic these people use to keep people from taking part politically, is intimidation and public humiliation.
    Denise, you have crossed over the line, and have made yourself a target for them. Don't let shake you, remember, and if you are here long enough, you will find yourself surrounded by a very large group of support.
    The town is made up of people who truly want it to stay as is, and a small group of monied interests whose businesses revolve around development. Unfortunately, their power comes from beinga able to manipulate the uninterested
    people through the 3 news papers.

  26. Thank you 11:54.
    To participate in Sierra Madre politics you have to be prepared to have outright lies circulated about you, to be categorized in one box, to be criticized for things that aren't even n your life - the Moscabuchanans of the town have tinsy brains and are not capable of understanding the true complexity of people.They and their supporters make up fantasy enemies and put your face on them.

  27. The obstacle to bringing together developers and slow growth people is a basic problem with boundaries. For developers to do what they want, they have to take over.

  28. I imagine that last Tuesday night was an education in itself for Chair Delmar. There she was presenting all her good work, and the CFD, council for developers, wasn't listening at all. They were just waiting for Walsh to pick up her cue and drop the Ebomb, Expand the committee for the warm and fuzzes of it all. Make sure the developers write a new general plan.

    Nothing like doing an intense amount of work and having it ignored. It's amazing she didn't resign.

  29. Don't want to bum anyone out here, but the defeat of the General Plan Steering Committee is inevitable. The goals of BucMo have nothing to do with the slow growth instincts of the people living in Sierra Madre. The General Plan for them must be a document that accomodates high density development. Just like the water rate hike has to be large enough to build the kind of water infrastructure that will allow for a mixed use building boom here in town. These are not issues these people will ever compromise on. There will be be plenty of spin, lip service and meaningless gestures, but in the end they have to have their way. These matters will only be resolved at the ballot box.

  30. Tell it, Bad Karma.
    Any work the steering committee does has to be approved by the council in the end.
    Many years ago there was an article written by a young man from Kentucky (?) about how hills that he had loved to run in when he was growing up were later covered in condos, and cookie cutter condos at that. If I remember correctly the article was called
    "Once my home, now a place like any other"
    Hope that's not the prediction for us, but with the BucMo BigBro Developers Council it probably will be.

  31. Developers are forced to hide their intentions now because they have so righteously screwed the people who live in towns and cities all over America. It's a shameful thing to be a developer and a shady thing to be a realtor, though any reasonable person knows there are exceptions to the rule. Because they cannot be honest they have had to figure out strategies to get what they want. Case in point, "Defeating Slow Growth Initiatives at the Local Level" by the California Association of Realtors - ya know, those folks who love their communities so much.

  32. I'm sorry to say, you're probably right BAD KARMA.
    We will have to wait until they commit the ultimate outrage, then hit door to door with our ballot petitions.
    Hope we're wrong,BK, but I have ZERO faith in these people. ZERO
    That said, we still must put up the best fight we can. This will only help us in the long run.
    Only help us.
    Get behind the Delmar GP committee. Support the Sierra Madre Tattler (the TRUTH message), copy these blogs, by Crawford, pass them out to at least 10 neighbors and friends. We must keep the truth circulating.
    Fight on. Don't give up. We got them once with Measure V, we can stop them again.

  33. If anyone thinks this City Council is going to listen to you, or that it will actually put something into the General Plan displeasing to the BIA and the rest of the alphabet soup, then you need to seek some professional help for your delusion problem.

  34. If the election were held today, do you think the outcome would be different?
    Or are the majority of residents still napping and enjoying the small town that is here thanks to the slow growth people?

  35. Sleeping. It will take a few good breaks and an effort not unlike the one we saw with the water protest to win this fight. California as a state is in deep denial. Sierra Madre is really not all that different.

  36. 12:38 then what can we do?
    Sue the jerks?

  37. Try to picture the whole downtown ripped up and rotting, mid massive dsp plan.Could make another great shot in Sierra Madre horror film,
    Invasion of the Developers.

  38. If the DSP had actually carried downtown would now be little more than empty shops, unsold condos and resulting low rent apartments. We'd probably actually need those 31 cops.

  39. Wait for the outrages. Then petition for a ballot measure. Timing must be right, and these crooks are going to push us to the limit, for sure.
    But, like I said, it's worth fighting anyway.
    Gives Crawford good ammunition for the Tattler and the residents will become educated in truth.

    A lot of people said we couldn't get the public interested in protesting the water-rate hikes.
    We did just that. We actually won our fight, but were CHEATED. These people play a game with no rules. But, we still must keep up the fight.
    We must gain the hearts and minds of the voting public. We must get the vast majority who don't bother to vote in a local election here in Sierra Madre to get off their asses and do so.
    Get off your ass and volunteer to help in the fight. The people of Bell are doing that.
    Is that not worth it, either?
    Damn right it is worth it.
    KEEP FIGHTING, SIERRA MADRE. Only losers give up, cut and run.

  40. There can be no doubt that the water protest was stolen. None whatsoever. The fix was in from the beginning. But that one is not over yet. Not by a long shot.

  41. I guess there are candidates that come along once in a while that are worth supporting, but both parties are rotten to the core. It is why the country is in the trouble it is. We're being run by self serving a******s who don't give a damn about this country.

  42. Can't wait to see who comes up to say how much they want to be on the GP Steering Committee even though they have not attended a single meeting. Hayden? Stockley? Canterberry? Lambdin? or Josh's best friend?
    Any other names come to mind?

  43. TIM ! T........I........M !!!!!!!!
    TIM for YOUR 59th Assembly District.

    Against the crooks in Sacramento......against the pals of Mosca and Buchanan.....'nuff reason?
    You bet it is.

  44. Maybe like Josh or whatsername on the Green Committee the candidate won't have to actually live in Sierra Madre. Which I guess could open it up to Bernie Madoff or Leona Helmsley..

  45. blast from the pastAugust 14, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    Greg Galletly, fresh from the latest bankruptcy and 150th lawsuit.
    Eager to serve.

  46. Ooooh. Impressive 1:16.

  47. With Titan out of the running for the billion dollar bus station in El Monte and his former employer facing deportation back to China, Bart Doyle might have some time on his hands.

  48. Talk about wolves in sheeps clothing!
    Rob Stockly to be on the comm. with Galletly, a reunion of old financial partners.

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. They'll need the biggest bully in town to fight against Denise, Deb and Teryl.

    If there is too much a protest, they'll go with the second half of the BULLY ENTRY.....GLENN LAMBDIN.

    The third choice......ROB (you blind) Stockley.

  51. You all have missed the most obvious candidate. Susan Henderson. If they want to cause the GPSC to collapse so they can hire consultants, you couldn't find a more destructive personality.

  52. 1:26 wins.
    Scariest idea ever.

  53. She'd probably demand to be made chair. And anyone who didn't support her would be smeared in her paper.

  54. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  55. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  56. Ah yes, the Dirt Dolls.

  57. Could we stop slamming people's names around?
    I don't think I'd like it very much if I went on a site and saw my and my friends names on mean spirited lists with snide remarks.
    And don't kid yourself that they don't do that.
    Council members, and ex council members are fair game, but leave the plain old residents alone.

  58. Plain old residents deleted.

  59. Someone volunteer to make MacGillivray a sign....ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

    Her probable vote on all our predictions/suggestions?
    I'm thinking most of them.

    We should have a poll on the Tattler.
    Which DIRTS will be appointed to sabotage the General Plan Committee.

  60. Well, we were. Until The Mod got all PC on us.

  61. Lets not stoop to their level. We all know who had whos signs in their yards. The General Plan Committee and all of us have to work with the 4 new people no matter what, so why not take a deep breath, and wait to see what developes? I sound like an old Granny, don't I? Well, I am.

  62. democracy is a lot of workAugust 14, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    One of the best things that Ms. Delmar said during her last interrogation was that if someone doesn't participate in the many and varied ways she is making possible, it's their own choice, and there is no justification for an "exclusion" complaint.
    That goes for all of us!

  63. It's a good thing that the sitting council tipped its hand so clearly, and that they showed their true colors in their disrespectful treatment of a new resident and exceptionally good volunteer.
    Any questions about the intellectual ability or moral integrity of the majority of four?

  64. It is good to work along with the out reach process, but never assume this city council will do the right thing. They sure didn't do the right thing last Tuesday.

  65. So the pro-development crowd is ready to stop hiding. It is unsettling that it must come from greater support and confidence in their right to remake the town in their own image, but at least they can stop all the fake preservation talk.

  66. This council has a very specific agenda.
    It is going to foster all the development it can.
    It is going to embrace all of the mandates out of Sacramento.
    It is going to spend our money like we are all multimillionaires..

  67. There was once a t-shirt issued with the Sierra Madre logo on it and then printed all around it was, The Treasure of Sierra Madre is its Volunteers. That is very true and even more so now, but volunteers fell out of favour when the BIA racket got going strong in Sierra Madre. Why? Because you can control staff and consultants, but volunteers are working off their conscience and their own knowledge. Not puppets. So hang in there. We need people with a love of this city who are not controlled by the CC -1 (City Council, except for Mary Ann).

    And as for the apologies, well and good, but notice how these Clowns say all kinds of ridiculous stuff in public--on TV--and its run again and again, disseminating their themes to the rest of the town with absolute disregard for the truth or rights of others. Then they apologize in public so they can say they did, but nothing has changed about what they say and do publicly. Shameful.

  68. Well said, Dr. S.

  69. Dear Bad Karma, it's good that some people believe a town and way of life are worth fighting for or we'd never have gotten Measure V passed, and we might never have elected MaryAnn MacGillivray and Nancy Shollenberger last time around. True. We do lose from time to time and it hurts. Let's make sure this time we don't lose. Ballot initiative, recall, use the tools in the toolbox. We have two years to update the General Plan. We have Denise Delmar. It's a start.

  70. Amen 5:01, give the committee a chance to do their work, we might all be surprised. We have 5 strong people as a base. Let's hang in there for now.

  71. Don't wait too long to recall a petition has to be circulated 90 days approved and then an election has to be scheduled. In two years they can put alot of initiatives in place, change building and planning codes and manipulate this community. Once they set a precedent with a developer and their project the next one in line will demand the same treatment or sue.

  72. You cannot presume to know how the five people on the committee will vote about anything, but you can presume to know how the four amigos of the development council will vote.
    And remember, it all has to be approved by the council anyway.

  73. It could all be one big delaying tactic.

  74. Dr. Staccato:

    You and I both know these people will always do the shameful thing. It's all about their dedication to the destructive (to Sierra Madre and other cities) agenda of the BIA the CAR, SCAG, and the crooked politicians and lobbyists in Sacramento, who give wonks like Mosca and Buchanan their marching orders via the old devil Bart.

    The people of Sierra Madre's wishes mean nothing
    to the likes of Mosca, Buchanan, Doyle and the "bobbleheads".

    Thankfully, we have a stand up guy like John Crawford to expose their shameful plans.

    We have a great group of posters, like you, Doc, who help Crawford keep 'em honest.

    We have dedicated volunteers for the people.
    We will all fight for the GP committee.

    Our people are honest to a fault. They are civil even when the gang of 4 are anything but civil.
    Did you catch the last council meeting? The way they treated MacGillivray, Denise and Debbie and some of our other speakers was the most shameful I have ever witnessed. It was painful to watch.

    I'm afraid we have to toughen up.....we are dealing with the worst of the worst here.

    Thanks for your posts and your support.

  75. Hmmm...who else do we know that moved into town and immersed themselves in local politics??

  76. residents' Research Team participantAugust 14, 2010 at 7:25 PM

    So the general plan take over and the water tax hike theft.
    They're doing pretty good for themselves....

  77. We have delayed them a little.

  78. their pants are on fireAugust 14, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    On the water rate increase, they are just lulling us into not taking action.

    Anybody else get the water rate educational outreach postcard today?

    Best lines:
    "the city council will use your input and comments when they discuss a future water rate increase"

    Sure. Just like they used the input of almost 2,000 protest letters.

  79. 7:37 I agree. If they ignore 2000 written protests, why should anybody think they'll listen to a few hundred people at a handful of meetings.

  80. Last Tuesday evening pretty much determined where the city
    council intends to go with this. Projecting reason or kindness
    upon that bunch is foolishness. Play the game, but prepare
    for the inevitable.

  81. Sunday morning's Pasadena Star News headline:

    City Clerk Salaries run high!
    Low visibility officials often earn six figures!

    Sierra Madre's City Clerk, Nancy Shollenberger makes the wages of a migrant fruit picker, if that. Puts in hours and hours for less than a MINIMUM WAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How much do Elaine and Sandy get again????????

    I'll bet anyone that if Bart Doyle ever got his employee, Karma Bell (the unqualified for the job, Karma Bell) in that position that salary would increase dramatically.

  82. Remember in last week's Looney View News Hapless Harriet was a-yapping about how outraged everyone supposedly was over the money Nancy was making? Turns out she is paid practically the lowest anywhere.

  83. Speaking of "hapless Harriet"
    Did she ever pay her cleaning lady, Ana Ramirez the $700 she owed her?

    Oh, wait, that's a stupid question, just ask Katina Dunn. Katina was awarded a $40,000+ settlement in Pasadena Superior Court over a year ago. To my knowledge, Katina has NEVER been paid a quarter of that money, money she STOLE from the Dunns.

    Actually, show me ANYONE she has ever paid, and that would be newsworthy.

    Biggest crook and deatbeat in this town is Susan Henderson.

    I saw bobblehead Nancy Walsh walking with the "hapless" one the other evening.
    Tip to "bobblehead Walsh".....don't lend her any money, you'll NEVER get it back.
    Trust us on this one.

  84. Nancy, as an elected official is responsible to ALL the people of Sierra Madre. Just as City Council should be. The City Hall crowd was enraged that Nancy would assist the protestors when they came to her for advice, as if she was responsible to City Hall. Notice that the Star-News pointed out that Arcadia's City Clerk is elected. "This allows the city to have an independent, elected clerk who represents the people. . . ." Nancy also does not have paid staff, thus the extra for the minutes of the various meetings. The MVN tried to uncover something that simply doesn't exist.

  85. Karma Bell said during the campaign that she would not take the minutes of the Council Meetings but leave that to paid staff. Yes, she would not then be paid for taking minutes, but city staff would then take them and be paid. What is the use of a city clerk if she doesn't do the duties of a city clerk? Bell has not ever worked on an election board or been involved in an election per her own admission; and she never attends city council meetings which she would have to do to attend to the duties of the office, even if she didn't take the minutes.

    Ha, Ha, watch, if she starts attending council meetings, we'll know if she is going to run again in 2012.

  86. The new Looney Views New has Denise as saying the expansion of the GPSC is a "good thing." Pinoccio Poole also misquotes Denise's pep talks about community outreach to make it seem as if she wanted 4 new members to join the Committee.

    It's like Josef Goebbels himself has taken over our community newspaper.

  87. where is officer berry when you need him?August 15, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    This morning while out to get a copy of the LA Times I witnessed a crime that Officer Berry would have delighted in writing up.

    Our very own denizen of law and order - Chief Diaz - blew a stop sign at Sierra Madre (not eve a roller) and pulled an illegal u turn into the red spot at the front of the SMPD station. I'll give her a break on the red zone. It's hers. But I won't give her a break on the bad example she set for the other two violations. The fact that she was about one minute late - assuming a 6 am start time - does not excuse her lawless behavior.

    She's supposed to be setting an example. I just thank the Lord I didn't have the little ones with me.

  88. Think back to the DSP outreach programs.
    The pro-development council then got some people to come, not many, but of the people who came?
    95% said they did not want more than 2 stories in downtown. What did the DSP have? 4. What was the council willing to go to? 3.
    So excuse me if I don't believe this line of "we want your input".
    They'll just toss it, like they did community input on the dsp, and on the hillside development at Carter too.

  89. Old Timer, developers do not want community input. They want to maximize their profit.