Friday, August 13, 2010

Somebody Call The Sheriffs! They've Kidnapped The Rooster!

This is a Special Friday the 13th Report from the Paranormal Bureau of the Sierra Madre Tattler. All concerned terrestrial lifeforms begin reading now ...

I am really worried about The Rooster. I think he might have been abducted by aliens or something. Or maybe unquiet spirits from the Land of Ho have swooped down off the mountain and dragged him away to play a starring role in some sort of ritual sacrifice. Could it be those pod people are back here in Sierra Madre, and an ear of corn that has taken on the guise of Rooster Coburn is running around town saying the most unexpected things? Except they somehow gave him the brain of Sir Eric Maundry? Which, believe me, is not for everyone. Especially on such a short notice.

So what is the source of my concern here? It appears that Rooster wrote an article for his website that was not only right, but actually criticizes the Gang of Four! I've read his post about four times now, and the words haven't changed. And he also said nice things about MaryAnn MacGillivray! Will Glenn and Susan ever speak to him again? Are they now stitching up a voodoo doll with his name on it over on Sunnyside?

We're just not used to that level of independence from a card carrying member of the old No On Measure V crowd. Here I'd always figured that once they were in, they were in for life. No one has ever returned from the land of shadows before. Perhaps the microchip somehow became dislodged when he was out jogging, and pure unfiltered thought suddenly flooded back into the brain pan of this long inhabited fellow? If so, it must have hurt.

I'm just not sure what to make of this. I mean, here is the guy who, during the election, accused me of wanting to outsource a volunteer fire department in order to save the city money. To have the author of so zany a statement as that suddenly go and get rational on us? I got to be straight with you, the dude is scaring me. For real. You have to wonder if something might have gone wrong.

Here is what the person I think might be The Rooster had to say:

... But man, did (the City Council) screw up on the General Plan issue. When it started out, it seemed like only one Council member, Nancy Walsh, was really leaning toward expanding the General Plan Steering Committee, yet somehow it ended up that the Council voted 4 to 1 to do just that.

Council Member MaryAnn MacGillivray, in my opinion, came on a little too strong at the beginning by asking her colleagues to repeal what had been approved as a compromise at a previous meeting, the authority to appoint technical advisory committees to assist the General Plan Steering Committee. I think she asked for too much, too soon. But she ultimately offered up an obvious solution, one that would have been an excellent compromise. Her second motion, which died for lack of a second, was to accept the Outreach Program, and leave the Technical Committee appointments on the table. In doing so, the Council could have allowed the Steering Committee to begin its outreach program and show the council just how inclusive it would be, and if the Council felt it was being inclusive enough, they could repeal them at a later date. If they didn't feel it was being inclusive enough, they could just appoint the Technical Committee.

Instead, they decided to expand the Committee to nine members. I think that was a monumental error. And they compounded it by then tasking the Committee with a job that they had just made impossible to do. How can the Committee come up with a timeline, when they have no idea how long it's going to take to find out who is on the Committee?

I hope that Committee Chair Denise Delmar doesn't become so frustrated that she quits. She and the Committee did a great job on the work program and the outreach program, and I think they were off to a good start. If Delmar leaves, the Council (except MaryAnn MacGillivray) owes an apology to all the residents in this town.

A little light on any exploration of the City Council's possible motivations perhaps, and certainly focused much too exclusively on the here and now. But when we're talking about a breakthrough as significant as this one, there isn't a whole lot you can do other than scratch your head in wonder. Did you ever think you'd live to see the day?

Remember to drive safely today. And be careful in all that you do. After all, it is Friday the 13th, and the unexpected can occur.


  1. The timeline chatter from the Mayor was just that - self important chatter.
    Odds are good that he knew plenty well what was going to happen that night. The whole process will come to a halt while Moran, Walsh, Buchanan and Mosca's friends go through the charade to be put on the committee.

  2. E blast from the city:
    Sign up for the General Plan Steering Committee!!
    Only ONE qualification!!!!

    Must have voted for MoranWalshBuchananMosca

  3. Verification on whether the applicant to the GPSC is qualified will be done by Councilmember Josh Moran. City Hall will ask him whether or not he "saw the signs."

  4. Additional verification will involve interrogation by Mr. Buchanan, aka Mayor Smut: Is the following statement true or false,
    I was Elected, therefore I Rule

  5. The one question the Gang of Four will ask is Who's your Daddy?

  6. I disagree with this interpretation of Mr. Coburn's blog posting. Bill has to answer to the business owners of Sierra Madre. He works for them. For him to take the side of the Mosca - Buchanan people right now woud be career threatening. The Mosca people are very unpopular in the business community right now. Many feel that the water rate protest process was fixed and then stolen. They also question the Mayor's honesty. Bill writing as he does here is a good indication of how things really are in that part of the community. Support your local businesses. they are on your side.

  7. chickens come home to roostAugust 13, 2010 at 8:25 AM

    Do you think there may be a growing realization that Mr. Mosca is the kind of PR guy who says one thing to your face, and something else behind your back?

  8. This is yet another outrage by the gang of 4.

    Perhaps Coburn dared to question Mosca about the shocking allegations from Porter Ranch?
    See Tattler expose of this, Wednesday the 11th.

    Pray for the safe return of the Rooster!

  9. Coburn (why do you refer to him as Rooster? John Wayne, Rooster Cogburn?) is right when he says he hopes Denise Delmar doesn't quit. The council called her a liar in their passive aggressive Brown Act violators way.
    She's completely disrespected by 4 of the council people, and if she doesn't quit, it'll be a miracle.

  10. Looks like Joe's duties as Public Affairs Maestro were too much for him to handle. Involved something more than meet & greet, so it must have slipped his mind.

  11. This City Council doesn't want Denise or any one like her hanging around their treasure chest. They want to hire planning consultants that will turn our General Plan into a blueprint for development on a scale never before seen in Sierra Madre. This is for all intents and purposes is a small cabal of individuals who lied their way into office for just that purpose. The last thing they need is residents giving them their unwanted opinions.

  12. Denise, don't quit. Hang in there. It will be a tough road, but stay the course.

    Residents! Please give your UNWANTED OPINIONS, every opportunity you get.

    Print copies of the Tattler articles, pass them out to friends and neighbors.

    Get this website out to everyone you know.

  13. Hey dirts! How's that Mayor Mosca thing working out for you?

  14. The Gang of 4 each has 1/64 of a brain and zero commmon sense or sense of humor. They are incapable of speaking a simple sentence much less a complex-compound sentence. Thus, when Denise and MaryAnn speak, they are lost and floating in space trying to pretend they get it. When they open their mouths it is obvious they are LOST IN SPACE.

    It is beyond comical watching the 4 Stooges struggle to pretend they are somebodies important when they know they are only insignificant nobody's who may have power, but are quickly loosing respect.

    Money may make they feel important but it will somehow run them out of town before they get the chance to spend it.

    We are closer to Bell than you think....

  15. Bill, what happened?August 13, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    Bill Coburn! Hopefully you have seen the TRUTH!

    Now maybe you can get Susan out of town and we can have an honest paper.

    Redemption is wonderful.

    Please enlighten us, tho. What was your turning point?

  16. When all is said and done the Gang of Four will have turned out to be the worst investment the BIA ever made. When it is functionaries versus the people, the people have the advantage. The Go4 is quickly waking this town up to the danger of over development. Nobody wants a Politburo.

  17. Hey Bill!

    Can you teach the chauvanist Josh some REAL manners?

    He has put down Debbie Sheridan and then apologized, insincerely, and then continues to put down and attack MaryAnn and NEVER apologizes.

    Puts down Barbara Lee and does not know to apologize.....

    Oh, wait a Narcissus cannot be redeemed.

    Our embarrassing City Council....

  18. Pathetically, the Go4 doesn't even see that MacGillivary is a gift and they have so much to learn from her.

    A thank you is needed.

    God forbid that manners could be expected from 4 who blabbled on about civility.


  19. Why are the attacks against Ms. Delmar's integrity even allowed?

  20. That is pretty much the only level the whelps are capable of working at, 10:34. You are either with them or a bad person.

  21. Bad Karma is right. This council does not want a general plan update. They want a general plan rewrite.

  22. For Mosca and Buchanan, the people of Sierra Madre are not a partner, they're a problem.

  23. wish i were kiddingAugust 13, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    The chair of the steering committee is a new resident.
    Think she had any idea of the cross examinations she'd be put through, the public witch trial these four council members would drag her through?
    These four probably want to throw her in a pool and if she can swim, declare her not representative of the residents of Sierra Madre. If she drowns, they'd say "Oh good. She's one of us"

  24. The treatment given Delmar should do wonders for the City's hopes of recruiting high quality volunteers. Though since anything of importance will now be done by consultants they'll hardly have the need of anyone with more than a room temperature IQ.

  25. omg omg terrible thought 10:47 - we just might have the makings of the Salem witch trials in our council people, accusers and judges who foster delusion.

  26. You kidding? Susan Henderson conducts a witch trial and public burning on their behalf almost every week in her paper. She should change the name to the Salem Views News.

  27. 10:50 great point. All of the hours of work that have gone into doing that job, chairing that committee, and what she gets is a dismissive "The work plan is allright" from Nancy Walsh?
    Come and volunteer so you too can be dissed by the likes of Walsh.

  28. Absolutely 10:54.

  29. The Gang are incredibly entitled and put upon group of people. The thing about Walsh that puzzles me is what does she base her arrogance on? She has no real talents or abilities, and a mind that is obviously departing through the side door. What does she base her attitude on?

  30. The biggest problem in Sierra Madre since I've lived here (15 years) has been lack of citizen involvement.
    People like the smallness & the lack of hustle bustle, but they don't do much to keep it that way.
    The work on the general plan will be a good tests case.
    If enough people come out to try to preserve the town, the general plan will reflect that.
    If they don't, if they let the greedy deals happen, then.....

  31. 11:04, must you ask? She was ELECTED.
    The word ELECTED, to this council, means something like the divine right of kingship.

  32. The people will turn out. When its time to save their town by recalling these bums.

  33. Crawford's article about controlling the money was right on.
    No more damn consultants, except when absolutely necessary, and let the people decide when "necessary" is.

  34. channel 3 watcher 1stAugust 13, 2010 at 11:16 AM

    I saw the work plan presentation that the chair of the General Plan committee presented.
    Who in their right mind could argue with that excellent system of progress, and the all inclusive nature of the efforts to get people involved?
    That was a very, very weird direction that the council took after the chair's presentation.
    Almost like they had agreed before the meeting what they were going to do.

  35. I agree 11:16. It was as though the council didn't even hear what the chair was saying, except MacGillivray.The rest were lalalaing something fierce.

  36. Denise Delmar must be a very big inconvenience to the council.Here they are crying unfair,and she's obviously as fair as a person can get.Maybe the gang o'4 should rethink their attack.

  37. 11:52 they could cite her for Excessive Civility.

  38. Anonymous @11:07, you mean you hope the people turn out. If they don't, the general plan will be a developer/Sacramento dream come true. The campaign to overturn Measure V already started.

  39. If MaryAnn takes a 2 year hiatus from the council next after next does a
    Zimmerman (come back Kurt!)
    ? (Delmar, Willis, DeLaMora, or Thew) ticket in 2014 sound to you all? We take back Sierra Madre. Clean house.
    My apologies to my former good friends, Teryl and Melissa for mentioned your names as candidates.
    MacGillivray's comment to me after she won the 2008 election was "thanks -----, you know friends don't pressure friends to run for city council" To tell you MaryAnn was a very reluctant candidate was putting it mildly.
    Sorry, MaryAnn, you were drafted by many. We're sorry you have to sit and serve with those 4 awful people on the council. Really sorry, but proud of you, nonetheless.

  40. Mayor MacGillvrey, if you read the blog, I need to apologize too. I also wanted you to run, and I'm very sorry. Who knew that there would be such a vicious smear campaign about you? We knew they would play dirty, but not like that.
    You have all the integrity and intelligence that the rest of them lack.

  41. Are we having open nominations or something? Because I want to niminate Derrick Bush and Denise Delmar. And Jim Engle. Get some serious people on the council.

  42. I'll second any of them, 12:28.

    We need MacGillivray to head the ticket, however.
    We just need another two brave souls....all the above fit that bill.

  43. Okay everyone who professes to love our town. It's time to spring into action. Please come to the Outreach taskforce meeting at the home of De and Pat Alcorn, 741 E Grand View on Monday at 7 pm, and bring a friend/neighbor. Don't let the Gang of 4 hijack the General Plan Steering Committee, and don't let Denise and MaryAnn bear the brunt alone!

    Denise is new to Sierra Madre. Please, let's show her what we're made of against huge odds. Don't let her quit because of lack of support!

  44. Amen! 12:46

    PAT & DE ALCORN'S......741 E. Grandview.

    BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!


    BE THERE!!!!!!!!!

  45. Planning another recall attempt?

  46. If there are any lurkers out there, welcome to the outreach meeting on Monday. This HAS to be a representative group from all sides, otherwise it won't work. Please, come and remember you are welcome and you will be heard.

  47. Everything is on the table now, 1:04. We have a rogue city council that abuses volunteers on live TV. What would you do?

  48. Don't know what Rooster is talking about. He lied like a rug to help get these jerks elected. NOW he's got a big problem? What was he taking, stupid pills?

  49. You're right 2:07, hey Rooster, how could you support those people?

    MaryAnn used to only have to deal with 2 a-holes, now she has 4....FOUR. How frustrating and embarrassing it must be for her. She doesn't deserve this nightmare.

  50. Sounds like enough for a game of bridge.

  51. Not a chance.
    Bridge requires the ability to focus.

  52. Mayor Mosca has just sent out an important
    memo to his new colleagues:

    "Bobble faster."

  53. Nancy Walsh couldn't focus on a game of Old Maid let alone Bridge.

  54. Do you think there is any connection between the disappearance of
    the KFC chicken stand and Rooster's sudden and radical change?

  55. What an interesting observation 4:15!

    Hmmmmm......Crawford? Have we heard from the Rooster? Is he safe?
    Has their been any ransom demands?

  56. Walk the talk.

    General plan volunteers, 741 East Grandview, Monday 8/16 at 7 pm.

  57. Good to see Mr. CoburnAugust 13, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    Regarding Mr. Coburn, I believe it is akin to the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, but it isn't love that is changing him, it is truth. Between the election and this water rate shammery. I think he is becoming like a velveteen rooster, made real by seeing truth, whether in the editors writings or the response comments of other citizens here. Perhaps he has been made aware that the agenda/promises he supported in the election, are not being followed through with now that the election is over. You know a rooster will rape and pillage, but a rooster will let the hens eat before he will. A rooster will protect his flock. A happy rooster may not, a political rooster, that works for a utility company won't. A young cock won't either.

  58. Tattler and Sierra Madre News.Net readerAugust 13, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    Thanks Bill for your Editorial. You told it like it was. I hope that after reading your column, people watch a replay of the meeting.

  59. Good Evening Tattler Folks,
    First and foremost thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. I’m not a blogger, but I was introduced to your blog a couple days ago, and find it to be quite interesting. Although, I do not foresee me participating in the “blogging process” in the future, I will certainly check back from time to time to see what is on everyone’s mind. However, because of your encouragement and support, I did want to let you all know, I have decided not to step down from the General Plan Update Committee, and hope my fellow committee members continue to serve as well.
    We have a great group of folks leading the Communications Team and Outreach Team, but we need more great folks. Please contact De Alcorn if you want to participate in this exciting process. Regardless of the number of people on the Steering Committee, the process will continue as presented to City Council last Tuesday. The goal to reach every major stakeholder in Sierra Madre, hear the voice of everyone and update the General Plan which incorporates new California regulations, Sierra Madre mandates. I do not know what the finish project will look like, but look forward to working with you all to see what it will be.
    I am committed to working with everyone in this town to accomplish this goal. My short time in Sierra Madre and the people I have met gives me the confidence that we can produce an updated General Plan we can all be proud to pass down to the next generation.
    PS – I’m still looking for people to get behind the “Support SF Giants” imitative portion of the General Plan. If you don’t understand what this means you have to come to the next General Plan Steering Committee on September 7th at 6:00pm, City Chambers to find out. Go Giants!



    Now is the chance!!

    Get your friends to the meeting or forever stop your complaining and wining of

    None of my friends are on the committee!!

    Even tho there are 4 people supposedly being added to the 5, you supposedly have more people that you know!! so get them to attend the meeting on Monday night.

    Everyone is welcome. EVERYONE is WELCOME!!!

    EVERYONE is WELCOME!!! We will not ask who they voted for or who's signs were in their yards!!

    We will view them as neighbors and friends who want to add to the General Plan.

    Please remember to encourage your friends to attend since it is in the best of interest of our lovely Sierra Madre.

    Call your friends now and remind them this is an important meeting.

  61. Denise - Thank you for sticking it out. It isn't going to be a cake walk. I hope you know that.

  62. Well while everyone was distracted by the General Plan Steering Committee fiasco the city council slipped in and approve Dr. Sami's appeal to build his oversized medical building and gave him a pass on the parking (he is missing the necessary handipcapped parking) and yes Coburn raved about the parking in Lieu which means for a price that can buy off not having enough parking and that money goes into a parking fund for the parking structure that was pictured in the Mariposa Parking lot for the Downtown Specific Plan. In 2004 the city council voted in that they could over-rule the Planning commisions decisions. This was not allowed before.Guess who's other building was pictured for future build-out on the Downtown Specific Plan ...oh my ...Dr. Sami's. So better watch all the Planning commission meetings too because this council just set a precedent that any project can now ask for parking in-lieu (pay a price even if they don't have enough parking). Also why does this (Dr. Sami's project get an enviromental pass too. Won't it cause more traffic, pollution etc??? Well the project where Steamers (next to Charcuterie)is next and it has three restaurants in it and where will they park. Oh My when we don't have enough parking in Sierra Madre in will come the bid for the 4 story parking structure from the DSP.

  63. Sierra Madre VotersAugust 13, 2010 at 10:02 PM

    Dear Denise:
    There are many people in town who do not deserve your intelligence and class. And, there are many who appreciate your intelligence and class.

    Thank you for not allowing the bully's to bully you and for not quitting.

    Character speaks louder than money. Please continue to work on the General Plan for the people not the City Council. We trust you more than the 4 uncivil politicians who are not leaders.

    Thank you for reaching out to everyone. It is obvious you and your committee will listen to everyone in Sierra Madre