Friday, August 20, 2010

Was The Proposed Water Rate Hike Actually All About Bond Debt?

The research is now starting to come in hard and heavy. And while all of the evidence has yet to be properly vetted (or in some cases even deciphered), we now have a strong indication that the request for a nearly 40% water rate hike had less to do with Bruce Inman's rusty pipes than City Hall had initially stated, and a whole lot more to do with some massive bond debt that Sierra Madre assumed in 2003.

Which, as any reader of The Tattler can tell you, is right in the heart of the Shenanigan Years. That one of the chief shenaniganians will become our Mayor next year only makes this sad mess all the more poignant.

Here's the smoking gun. If you look at the Year 2003 Report contained on the State of California Treasurer's Office site (click here) you will see something rather amazing. It details the sale of two very expensive Sierra Madre water bonds. These bonds are for 30 years at 5.543% interest, or about 2 percentage points higher than a similar bond would go for today. They are for "water supply, storage, and distribution." The amount of these bonds comes to a rather hefty $6,750,000, if it was mortgage style amortization. Which, when they are paid back in full, will amount to total payments of $13,725,699. All of it straight out of the pockets of people like ourselves.

Which explains why the Water Department has so little cash available to perform regular maintenance on all those fine vintage water pipes we have here in town. The money is all being spent to keep up with our substantial bond obligations.

What might very well have been happening here is that City Hall, awash in bond debt, needed to raise more money to keep their heads above water. So to speak. But the last thing Mayor Pro Tem John Buchanan and his compliant bobbleheads would want to let out to the public is that we owe almost $14 million in debt payments because, for whatever reason, the City back then committed us to some very large (and, at today's prices, very expensive) water bonds. The date of birth on these bonds is 08/25/03, a time when the City Council was mainly comprised of his political allies.

So instead what City Hall did this year is claim that their need for the near 40% water rate hike was based on the state of our old pipes and water infrastructure. Hoping all the while that the residents here, just off an election, would somehow be looking the other way. The City could then sneak through the new water rates and handle their bond crisis while making a great show of repairing those pipes. Which would, as any reasonable person will tell you, only take a relatively modest share of the $18 million they were hoping to get out of us and the Federal Government.

But wait! There's more!

Did you know that Sierra Madre's Community Redevelopment Agency could very well be a credit rating basket case? In January of 2006 Standard and Poor's lowered the boom on our apparently crippled CRA. Here is what the report link tells us:

New York (Standard & Poor's) Jan. 27, 2006 -- Standard & Poor's Ratings Services suspended its rating on Sierra Madre Financing Authority, Calif's tax increment refunding bonds, issued for Sierra Madre Community Redevelopment Agency, reflecting a lack of current financial information. "The lack of audited financial information for both fiscals 2003 and 2004 created uncertainty regarding the authority's financial condition and credit quality; Standard & Poor's may reinstate the ratings after public release and analysis of financial statements, which, in the opinion of an independent auditor, fairly present the financial position of the authority," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst, Hilary Sutton.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't subgenius Mayor Joe Mosca been touting bonds as a marvelous way to raise the cash necessary to repave all the roads in town?

It looks like the Shenanigan Years really are back. No wonder the thought of a forensic audit had these characters racing for an undergarment change.

The Research Team has a whole lot going on with all of this, so what you're seeing here today is merely a first pass. Expect a lot more information on The Tattler over the next few weeks. It looks to this observer like City Hall was not being initially straight with us on their given reasons for the nearly 40% water rate hike they were pimping. And we intend to hound them endlessly for what looks to me like a grave ethical lapse.

After all, it's what we do.


  1. Inquiring Minds Wanna KnowAugust 20, 2010 at 7:41 AM

    Ahh, wouldn't you know it. More shenanigan bodies floating to the surface. Let me guess, asking for a water rate hike without giving folks all the facts, that's a bad thing, right?

  2. There is more buried in City Hall than oil on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico from the BP mishap.

    Keep digging.

  3. Wow, Crawford!

    The people who signed the water-rate protest knew there was something very, very wrong. But.....this is much worse than most of us thought.

    The SHENANIGAN REGIME has got to be stopped.
    Perhaps we will (or already have) uncovered criminal activities. Seems you can't pick up a paper (a real one) these days without reading of some new outrage by unscuptulous city officials, elected and otherwise.

    Please, everyone, print this article today out.
    Pass it around. Better yet....let's do a mailing.
    At least print as many copies as you can, and mail them out to friends and neighbors, it's pretty hot to canvas during the day right now....but we all can get as much of this information out as possible.

    Thanks to all the RESEARCH TEAM, both here in Sierra Madre and elsewhere for this. Most of all, thanks, John Crawford. You're the king, John.

  4. You know where the shenanigan graveyard is, right? Right under City Hall. Unfortunately those bodies just don't want to stay in their holes. Making that a very scary place to work.

  5. Oh my God! Shenanigan zombies!
    They walk the streets of downtown and haunt city hall!

  6. Looks like we need a forensic auditor and a grave digger.

  7. We are in the hands of fools.

  8. Is there an update on the January 27,2006 S&P rating? This came when Stockly et al was telling us the audits were complete, right? The fines was just a formality, right? Nobody mentioned an S&P downgrade... and then these yahoos formed some sort of foundation to rob Sierra Madreans of their hard earned dollars to rehabilitate Stockly's community standing... shenanigans indeed.

  9. Our CC is so arrogant they think they cannot ever get caught because the past council members got away with little shenanigans here and there.

    People who signed the protest woke up. And, the CC still thinks they know more and need to educate......who?

  10. Truly, I wonder if Buchanan told the bobbleheads of these IEDs planted in the Water Department... I don't think Ms. Walsh has any intention of indulging in illegal coverups in her retirement years.

  11. Hey, 8:54!

    She already has, she is up to her bobblehead in this.

  12. 8/25/03, no surprise that this went through in the time people are usually away and the council is dark for at least one meeting. August of '03 is bringing back some bad memeories.....

  13. Kurt Zimmerman was right all along,follow the money.
    A forensic audit is long overdue.This is a big swindle.

  14. Here's who was in charge:


  15. Don't worry, be happyAugust 20, 2010 at 9:06 AM

    I like to think of them as the true Pod People in the movie The day the Earth stood Still.
    You'll feel so much better about this mess if you go back to sleep, and wakeup as a zombie.

  16. Is there a statute of limitations on swindling the public from a position of public trust?

  17. For years I have not given much credence to the "They're selling Sierra Madre" rumors, the "They want to bankrupt the town so the developers can take it over" stuff, but it's looking more and more likely that it is true!
    What the hell were those people thinking in 2003?
    My family and my neighbors families all live on budgets, and within our means. Why doesn't our city hall?

  18. Well, kudos to the researcher on this shocking revelation. It's one thing to suspect but an entirely different kettle of fish to stand with one's mouth hanging open and realize that duly elected representatives of the people and the city officials they appointed set out to bankrupt the city. To what end one wonders?

  19. 8:47 Your question can be answered in the link provide in this article. Must you be spoon feed everything? Everyone should read all of the Tattler article including the attachments before commetting on anything.

  20. A case of counting chickens before the eggs were hatched.
    In 2003 real estate was still in ascendancy mode. Stoneboggle and Condo Candyland just being tacked to the drawing board, and in the mind's eye of the dark lord and Beth Buck (of Downtown Dirt infamy with her coven of realtor-brokers who were going to make millions) Sierra Madre looked like a ripe fruit ready for plucking.
    Oh the days of wine and roses.

  21. This has been mentioned before, but it's worth repeating.
    A wonderful Sierra Madre senior named Alma Mays used to get up and ask the council where the audits were. She was treated in a condescending manner, as in "We're handling it." Alma made frequent appearances asking for financial accountability, and was brushed off each time.
    Thank you Alma Mays.

  22. Who hired Karen Schnaider anyway? Damn she's goodAugust 20, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    Update here:

    "SAN FRANCISCO (Standard&Poor's) May 7, 2010--Standard&Poor's Ratings Services reinstated its 'A-' underlying rating (SPUR) on Sierra Madre Financing Authority, Calif.'s tax increment bonds, issued for Sierra Madre Community Redevelopment Agency. "We had withdrawn our SPUR due to the lack of financial audits for the agency," said Standard&Poor's credit analyst Matthew Reining. "However, the city has recently come under new management and has produced audits for fiscal 2009 and prior years." The SPUR reflects our view of the good assessed value growth in recent years: Since 2006 total assessed value (AV) has grown by an average annual rate of 6.7% to $142 million in 2010."

  23. I believe what has ocurred is that the city has a real issue with "Ommission of Material Fact" & "Failure to Disclose" what's on the real agenda....
    1. The city has shown that we can approve a 8-12% Utility tax increase (Water & Sewer)and spend this money as the city sees fit from its (General Fund)...
    2. I vote that the city takes the 8-12% Utility tax (Water & Sewer) and give it to the Cities water department for water inforstructure improvements ---not city raises,,
    3. I further believe that the city employees need to take a pay cut, just like the rest of our city residences has ....
    4. It does appear that the cities management is aware that we are in a "RECESSION" (definition "we do not have any money for unnessary expenses)
    5. Poor decissions only leads us to "County Management"
    6. Who is most important?
    1. fire dept, police dept & paramedics is the most important...
    2. The city hall can be replaced......
    From a concerned residences

  24. The characters who pulled this development scam in '03 should be paying for this "bond" they stuck the residents, including all those realtors who backed it..

  25. She is only doing her the job she is supose to do. Why all the praise? In fact it takes her longer than it should. And she is not always right as some citizens have proven. I agree that she is much better than what the city had before.

  26. We have to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to then Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray who kept pushing for the audits, Karen Schneider and her crew worked hard to get the audits up to date and kept up to date. The bones are no longer buried, but are bleaching in the sun. We can keep pointing fingers at those who in the past ignored the financial situation, but let's now focus on what is happening now.

    What we have to do is to prevent Mosca and his gang to get bonds for his pet project, the street paving. Putting us in more debt now will be very bad for the City. Keep looking ahead, Tats and be on guard. We need to make sure that we are not pushed into debt so Mosca can have a star on his resume.

    Who knows why the city got bonds for the water dept in 2003? Who can tell us if they were a good deal or not? The financial picture was very different in 2003 than it is now. Was 5.5% a good deal or not back then?

    Let's wait until the Tattler unveils the whole picture.

  27. The City Council grouches about not being trusted. When you read things like this, is there no doubt where the fault lies? Someboday hand them mirrors.

  28. 10:18 - I think we've seen enough. It is not the duty of a blog to run the city. We've been lied to, and we've been manipulated. It is time to let demopcracy do its work. We need to clean house.

  29. Good Story Dear Editor, I love the Shenanigan Cage. You are gonna get their tails in a wringer over this one.

    I was researching some ethics violations this morning, does anyone know the work of Dominic Berbeo? He is a reporter and a Senior Investigator with the LA City Ethics Commission,
    He is a great crimefighter too.

    I don't suppose Sierra Madre has an ethics commission does it? Right after, someone told my city council they weren't fit to sit on an ethics committee, I know at least one started ethics classes.

  30. I just pray the people of this town will wake up.

    All the good done by Don Watts, Kurt Zimmerman and MaryAnn MacGillivray is being systematically unraveled by the Buchanan bobbleheads. All the hard work of the Canyon Zone Committee, the General Plan Committee is going to be trashed no matter what the people want.
    We are going to get a water increase, a huge one, no matter what the people want.

    10:23 is right, it is time to clean house or watch it crumble before our eyes.
    Don't say you haven't been warned and the proof is there for all to see. This is not the opinion of this blog, and it's posters....this is facts.

    Which way do you want to go, Sierra Madre?
    Do you want to save Sierra Madre or save the careers and investments of some very unscrupulous people, Mosca, Buchanan, the DSP investors and the realtors.
    Make no mistake, Sierra Madre, the DSP will come back in all it's horror.

  31. 10:18, there has been far too much of a 'water under the bridge' attitude about the city's financial affairs.
    True, apparently there was a thief working in city hall who destroyed records, but a forensic auditor could surely figure out a thing or two anyway.
    Establishing trust is a much harder task when the past is shady and shaky.

  32. Anyone know the timing on the bonfire of city hall records?

  33. You mean the Shenanigan Inferno?

  34. During the reign of Margy Tucker and Tammy Gates, 10:46 am.

  35. FLASH FEB 4, 2019 The 7.1 earthquake on the Sierra Madre Fault sent many ton boulders cascading down canyons from Mt Wilson. Destroyed were expensive homes built on and in the canyons. LOSS OF LIFE AND PROPERTY WAS SUBSTANTIAL. Debris basins did not keep the 1 Carter and Stonehouse homes safe from the onslaught. Sierra Madre City Council is considering a BOND ISSUE to satisfy lawsuits for allowing building permits and construction in these dangerous canyons. The LLC developer has since disolved and could not be reached for comment.

  36. Financial misdeeds cannot be ignored because the consequences will keep coming up....maybe we need to set up a confessional booth under the Wisteria in front of city hall, and the past council members who have failed so miserably in protecting Sierra Madre could come & make detailed confessions. We could use that information to set the town on the right course. And it does not involve more bonds.

  37. To root out the shenanigans you need to root out the shenanigan culture. This stuff has been going on for so long it is in their blood. Just remember who hired these people.

  38. Did you really believe the, uhhum, Mayor when he said he gets calls every day about residents wanting street repairs?
    Every day?

  39. Do any of you know what a forensic audit really is?

  40. A forensic audit is done when white collar crime is suspected. Seems more than appropriate to me.

  41. 11:05, please educate "any of you"

  42. "Any of you" is the new "you people."

  43. How about this?
    "Application of accounting methods to the tracking and collection of forensic evidence, usually for investigation and prosecution of criminal acts such as embezzlement or fraud. "
    Business Dictionary

  44. 11:15, yeah I figured.
    I was asking the poster who used that phrase to go ahead and educate the readers. But it looks like the second 11:15 already did. Note the word "usually" in the definition. Little wiggle room.

  45. Here's a couple of definitions of "forensic audit", which seems to be the sticking point:

    •A financial audit, or more accurately, an audit of financial statements, is the review of the financial statements of a company or any other legal entity (including governments), resulting in the publication of an independent opinion on whether or not those financial statements are relevant ...

    •Audit assurance services to establish the validity of forensic evidences related to fraud and white-collar crimes.

  46. Apparently we have a couple of folks on this morning who think most of us are just too dense to be amongst the more learned. Take no notice Tattlers. Like my gramma used to say, "Her nose is so high in the air she'd drown in a hard rain."

  47. Oh it's just Bart and Glenn trying to do "damage control".
    Pay them no mind.
    Crawford will delete them when they cross the line.
    In the meantime, let them post. We all know it's them or one of their bobbleheads.

  48. We let them leave comments for the comedic value. They haven't changed in years. Same dumb routine they've always done.

  49. Bonds are nothing more than Credit Cards for the City. We are still paying for things from the 1980s that now need to be replaced.


  50. Everything John and Joe do is with an eye to Sacramento. Cities like ours have no place in their plans. To them we are supposed to become a bus stop with condos as far as the eye can see. And our electyed officials are eager to help.

  51. They are trying to do damage control, but not to convince most of us, it's to convince their dirt fringe base. Crawford provided us with facts. These aren't his "opinions". They are documented proof of what appears to be a "swindle" as one poster put it.

    This is very damaging information to get out to the soon to be former naive residents. We will get it out, when the time is right, everyone in Sierra Madre will be aware of this information.

  52. Hi Tatts, I went in search of why all the cities in CA seem to be under the curse of this gigantic water increase. I found a site at CA.Gov Called DRA or Division of Ratepayer Advocates. I posted about information I found on Cal American Water aka American Water sold on the stock exhange since 1886, and that they had posted a 37.5 profit increase to its stockholders, anyway, I found a press release which I am going to post here. It is dated August 11, 2010, but the one before it said Aug 10, 2010 the lady who was in charge of the DRA had died of Cancer, probably why it wasn't being fought more out in the open, This darn company asked for an 80 percent increase in 2008-09, some cities got a 118 percent increase!

    Media Contacts:
    Diana Brooks, Policy Supervisor, 415-703-1445, Tom Hall, Information Officer, 916-324-8685,
    DRA Protests Massive Cal-Am Water Rate Hike Proposal
    SAN FRANCISCO, August 11, 2010 – The Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA), an independent consumer advocacy division of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), today announced it has filed a formal protest with CPUC opposing California-American Water Company’s (Cal-Am) massive rate increase proposal. Cal-Am has requested a 40.7 percent revenue increase and rate increases of up to 40 percent for some 630,000 customers in Los Angeles, Monterey, Sacramento, San Diego, Sonoma, and Ventura counties.
    DRA’s protest raises questions about the overall justification of Cal-Am’s rate increase request, which includes 36 special requests for rate design changes, expense recovery and interest rates. DRA’s protest also questions the justification of specific expense items, such as a dramatic 31.4 percent increase in costs allocated from American Water, its publicly traded parent company, and the magnitude of its planned capital investment expenditures.
    DRA also said it is particularly concerned that Cal-Am is proposing projects designed to improve its balance sheet rather than meet customer needs.
    “Asking for rate increases as high as 40 percent in this difficult economy is cause for serious concern,” said acting head of DRA Joe Como. “DRA will aggressively investigate Cal-Am’s rationale for these huge hikes in order to protect consumers.”
    DRA engineers and financial and policy analysts will review Cal-Am’s requests and make recommendations to the CPUC based on protecting ratepayers from excessive rate increases.
    To receive a copy of DRA’s formal protest, visit or e-mail Tom Hall at

  53. This has made for some interesting reader, Mr. Tattler. Post another one like it and I am afraid the pipes will start blowing again. Of course it will be all of your fault.

  54. I'm going to send a copy of today's Tattler to

    former Mayor Bart Doyle
    former Mayor Pro Tem Rob Stockly
    former Councilmember Doug Hayes
    former Councilmember George Maurer
    former Councilmember Tonja Torres

    And a whole bunch of other folks who complained that Tattlers were uncivil. Nothings more civil than screwing your fellow residents, right?

  55. Scarlett is Teeed offAugust 20, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    Hi Tatts, When I searched Water bonds 2003 on that CA.Gov DRA site, I found a document that explains the bond problem, "Report on the cost of capitol California American Water Company" 7/13/06, it compares the yield between stocks and bonds etc. Please peruse it even if you don't understand all of it you will get the gist, it is like they say they need an increase, then they tell the cities/or utility commission how to borrow the money to pay for it. Treasury Bonds are mentioned a lot.

    But we had the bailout, now this American Water has the water rights to quite a lot of the United States, (there are some revealing charts on American Water) they sell stock to stockholders, now how do they invest their massive profits? Probably bought a lot of the synthetic derivitives themselves, our water is going up because Wall Street took a bath. Obama gives matching funds stimulus money, to get the cities to buy bonds, Treasury bonds, which nobody wants to buy. I admit I am not a capitolist, nor a corporatist, I want a drink of water. American Water is a huge pig monster and needs to be broken up. Water does not need to be sold on the stock market, it is a necessity of life. Yes our cities are wrong, but the irrogant trading and bet taking by the bored stupid finance stock trading mynah birds of world capitols, is what is going to kill us in the end.

  56. So once the bonds were taken in 2003, our goose was cooked.
    Ever since, different city councils and city staff have been scrambling to make ends meet? Is that why there is a constant cry that there isn't enough money?

  57. That image of a shenanigans board game! Sir Eric, the blogger gods must love you.

  58. What did the money get spent on? If a bond of 6.75 milion was taken out and we are paying debt on that, then that means the money was spent, correct? And in 2003 correct? on what?

  59. Now there's the question isn't it? Just what was the money spent on? We're seven years later down the road of spending like a drunken whatever, but what was the money spent on? Was it the huge new reservoirs and infrastructure projects? Did it go to payoff indebtedness on earlier bonds? Where is that money?

  60. Surely the timing is tight for some of that money to have nestled into RBF's pockets, for the Downtown Specific Plan and its EIR, one of the more spectacular wastes of money we have in our past.

  61. Joe & John's "Pipe Dream". Just build it and they will come. Trust them and they will deliver.

    Where is the document the consultant was paid to deliver? Is there a breakdown of each and every project by line item? Is there a cost analysis to earmark funding for each by month & year? Was the document a "prototype" with only the name of the City changed. Did the consultant analyze the cost and recommend the means to construct and operate?

    Basic college accounting would make necessary the detail to understend and evaluate what the City of Sierra Madre needs to provide water for today and investment for future needs.

    All we got to evaluate was: a proposed rate increase (75%), meter size change, broken pipes, and questionable city comparisons (onions vs turnips)

    Grow Up City Administration & City Council!!

  62. Excellent reporting Tattler, and another great service for the public.
    However, you write :
    "It looks to this observer like City Hall was not being initially straight with us on their given reasons for the nearly 40% water rate hike they were pimping."
    And I'd like to suggest that you change the words City Hall to the City Council, the real force behind the masquerade.

  63. Buchanan is concerned about his legacy, and wants to leave something behind as an example of what he accomplished for this community. But I think that if you look carefully at what he has done, all you'll see is a trail of ruin. We need to catalog that and make sure that when he leaves the Council in 21 months all people will be able to properly celebrate his departure.

  64. 21 months.......still time enough to do a lot more damage.

  65. I like it. We should call it the "John Buchanan Legacy Project." A long list of every dishonest and underhanded trick ever pulled by the trickiest pol since Dick Nixon himself.

  66. I reread the story and saw the click here to Mr. Lockyear, I only saw the 1588 for 6,750, but the fact that fulbright and jaworski was bond counsel and they did the loan for the Titan Pacific Towers, gives me pause, there is a certain Victor HSU, Attorney that is connected to a lot of the HSU folks. An that amount is almost the same if not exact amount of bond money, that Leung committed fraud to get, as the contractor a David Kwan/Kwon? on the project bond document agreement with the city of el monte was suspended by the state contractor license board and was a relative of John SK Leung, but K was the last name of leung, it was Kwan or Kwon, I had found a british hong kong canadian bank document signed by a Simon Leung Kwan/or Kwon and co signed by a John Leung Kwan/Kwon. The bond agreement is online, Pacific Towers. Now at that time I only knew about Leung, not Doyle. So it is interesting they both used fulbright jaworski and the HSU connection. And the amounts are almost identical, is that El De La Rouche? the bank?

  67. The Tat gave Documented proof that our rating was suspended until we got our audits caught up. Someone wrote in that they now are and our ratings are 'A-' which means that MaryAnn and Karen did what they were supposed to do, and that is to bring our financial house in order. What's wrong with that?

  68. 4:12 You are seeing too many spooks in the shadows. The firm of Fulbright and Jaworski is a top notch legal firm that does 100s of bond transactions a year.

  69. See page 6 on this white paper for more information on Sierra Madre's water supply:

  70. Also see info on what happened in 2003 here:

  71. 4:58, there was a good effort to bring some accountability to what had been disgracefully ignored, but if our financial house were in order, we wouldn't be threatened again and again with the collapse of essential services.

  72. Remember year before last 4th of July parade where Rob Stockley got people to have their kids stand in the parade route with signs reading..."don't close our Library".

    There was NEVER......repeat NEVER any plan by Zimmerman, Watts or Mayor MacGillivray to do any such thing, and Stockley and the dirts all knew that.

    So, the library thing wasn't believed so they got their pals on the volunteer fire department and realtors for pro-development to spread a sneaky and fallacious campaign against Crawford, Watts and Alcorn during the last election, telling people they were going to do away with the police and the fire dept. Scare people with lies about taking essential services away so they won't pay attention to the real issues.

    Well, Sierra Madre, the real issues are before us now and they are getting more dangerous and outrageous every day goes by.

    Congratulations to the fools who bought into the dirt lies and voted in the worst city council since the 2003 shenanigan gang of 4. Now we have shenanigan boss, Buchanan and his 3 bobbleheads, the inept Mosca, the incompetent Nancy Walsh and the disgraceful, Josh Moran.

    I don't know how MaryAnn MacGillivray can stand to sit on this council, it has to be aweful.

    It's hard to believe that MacGillivray, Crawford, Alcorn and Watts are still trying to save their town.

    I wonder if we deserve their efforts?

  73. 5;08, My knowledge of Victor Hsu goes back over 20 years, Fulbright and Jaworski, may be a top firm but at the time, it looked like nobody checked the documents close enough to not obtain bonds for a relative who was actually suspended by the state contractor license board, to complete a over 6 million dollar project, is that good bond security work? Then there is Norman Hsu Hilary's friend, and he is in jail over the 2009 campaign fund money with ties to hong kong and possible theft of aerospace secrets, He was wanted for a 15 or twenty year old charge of grand theft over cars. I was working car paper then. I am sure there are good Hsus and bad ones, but look at Edward Lee, of Best Best and Kreiger, they are all over documents I found today at the CA. Gov DRA mentioned above, I am not accusing Fulbright and Jawrowski of being unethical, nor am I accusing Victor Hsu, but I am and was looking at HSU to Moy to Leung to Doyle, but you are right there are spooks all over the place. But I have wondered if Jawrowski, was somehow connected to Roski. My bad. The truth is there is a large group of folks that came out of North Hollywood around 1982 and developed their way across LA into the San Gabriel Valley like locusts using politicians, development agencies and eminent domain much to their advantage, and sometimes not very ethically. Feel Better?

  74. is honesty such a foreign concept to Mosca and Buchanan?

  75. oh yes, Joshy Moran, the immature party dude who said he'd personally bring civiliy to the City Council and what has he done?

    insults others constantly, consistently unprepared, makes ridiculously stupid points and said he wants to appoints his friends to Committees

    for those that voted for Moran without any specific reason, what do you think of him now?

    Moran is probably great for a drunken frat party but really bad news for serious rational decisions that are facing the city

  76. My thoughts are that the Cong Church has been behind the scenes either supporting directly or indirectly the movement towards downtown development because they know (from experience like Steamers) that downtown Sierra Madre will build out and then sit vacant like projects littered all over the region.

    Then the Cong Church can swoop in, get space for pennies on the dollar and expand as it has always wanted to be a massive church and school which it has stated in the past that that is a goal of the church.

    Smart, to let the greed, massive egos and inept stupidity of our Council to actually do thier work at zero cost and have the space sitting there in a few years.

    This water tax hike is what they want, not that I blame them.

    When Mosca, Buchanan, Moran, Walsh and some City staff completely lied and spread complete misinformaation about the actual intent of the tax hike which was a federal grant to build an infrastructure for development, it plays right into the long range development goals of the Cong Church, which a majority of it's customers don't live in the ctiy. (Yes, the reference to a business term instead of church followers was intentional.)

  77. John Buchanaan and Joe Mosca both suffer from cheesy malignant narcassism.

    At the city's future expense.

  78. I figure that the 'save our library' lie, the 'save our library' straw man campaign led by Stockly, grew out of the dirt experience of being defeated on Measure F. In those public hearings, people were shocked and very upset when the council threatened to close the library.
    Voila, a future smear topic.

  79. So many dirt smears are done with the assumption that the residents of Sierra Madre have the analytical skills of a child. When you look at the idiots on the city council, apparently that assumption is correct.

  80. There is a phrase the Australians have to explain this, 9:28. "Too much sunshine."