Thursday, September 16, 2010

Has Sandy Levin Embraced Chaos Theory?

Can it be that Sandra Levin, our highly compensated City Attorney here in Sierra Madre, has now revealed herself to be a secret devotee of Chaos Theory? It is not exactly what most people look for in a City Attorney. Sober assessments of the law with the purpose of giving a strong foundation to the greater good is what you'd expect most folks to want. A steady hand willing to share with us the rules of governance in a way that is both clear and reasonable.

But from Sandy Levin it now appears that what we're up for is a hugger-mugger of curveballs and dodges designed to, well, baffle people? That certainly is disconcerting. So what's next, water rates chosen by spinning bingo drums with Vanna White doing the lucky draw?

In today's Pasadena Star News there is an article entitled "Sierra Madre residents charge city violated law in proposed water rate hike." It covers much of what was discussed yesterday here on The Tattler without suffering the embarrassment of actually mentioning the likely source for the story. Which I guess makes us "research." Kurt Zimmerman is interviewed extensively, and he explains exactly how the water rate hike noticing procedure of the City of Sierra Madre was such a perplexing mess. As such being totally out of synch with the requirements of Proposition 218. He also goes on to state that this city's $23 million in water bond indebtedness was the likely driving force behind the steep rate hike the City demanded. A small matter the City decided not to share with us last May 17.

But Sandy Levin appears to be of a different opinion. Here is what she had to say to Brenda Gazzar of the Pasadena Star News:

"The fact that the notice raised questions in people's minds indicates that it did exactly what a notice is supposed to do. It's not supposed to provide all the possible information. It's supposed to provide enough information that it causes people to want to find out more, and that's exactly what it did."

So this Notice was actually supposed to be a kind of puzzle? Perhaps if what was sent out by the City was an invitation to a meeting or an ice cream social that would be more than fine. But under Proposition 218, a voter mandated amendment to the California Constitution, what is actually required is a bit more stringent than Sandy's "mood swing" and "hang loose" approach. Those requirements being a clear accounting of how much the rate hike would actually be, the reason for that rate hike, and the basis for how that charge was calculated. They come directly from Prop 218 itself, and anyone who can read should be able to figure it out.

None of which was adequately covered in the May 17th water rate increase notice sent out by the City. Though it did achieve Sandy's apparent goal of confusing people. Which might account for quite a few of the approximately 2,200 protest forms that inundated City Hall around that time. Most people are not really willing to mix their water bills and Chaos Theory.

You'd have to wonder why the City bothered to send a notification at all. Why not send out something more interesting, like a humorous water rate hike greeting card? Or a "Let's Be Water Friends" bouquet from FTD? Or maybe enlisting some earnest volunteers to travel door to door to recite the following topical poesy?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Our pipes are real old
So we'll stick it on you!

That would certainly raise the kinds of questions that Sandy deems to be at the heart of a California State Constitutional process for legally raising water rates.

But when things seemed at their very darkest, along came Mayor Joe Mosca to provide some needed comedic relief.

Mayor Joe Mosca said the arguments expressed in the letter were premature since the city's staff is in the midst of an outreach campaign and the council has yet to have a policy discussion on the matter.

You'd think Joe would have provided a schedule for when it is appropriate to do some letter writing by now. Nobody wants to be premature in sharing their thoughts during an outreach campaign that is supposed to be all about finding out what people are thinking. Though what I do find kind of disturbing here is that the City sent out its questionable water rate increase notification without the Council having had "a policy discussion on the matter."

Maybe city staff was just feeling kind of wacky that day and wanted to use up some old stamps before the postage rates went up again?

"Depending on the policy direction of the council, this may be moot or not," Mosca said. "It's going to be a discussion that will be had at the end of our outreach campaign."

Yes, who would ever want to speak out on an important issue involving the taking of people's money until Joe and the City Council determines what it is we're permitted to talk about.

Only in Sierra Madre ...

Bonus Coverage: The first comment received to this post was so good that I thought I would move it up to the front page.

Deja Vu All Over Again:

Mayor Mosca's comment is actually consistent with his history.

As some may recall, it was "premature" to kill the DSP because he hadn't shoveled enough city cash to his buddies in the development plan business to consider the DSP complete. Who knows, maybe another $500k would have convinced the canyon dwellers that a companion condo canyon on Sierra Madre Blvd. was a good idea.

Result: Seeing the council could not be trusted to responsibly exercise it's discretion over development, the rabble stripped it of that discretion under Measure V (a bad but necessary law). Now it's "premature" to kill this water rate-tax hike which, if sent to the angry rabble, would no doubt fail. Why? Because the idiotic rusty pipe "outreach program" might convince the rabble to tax itself in the middle of a recession. The alternative of confronting our real budget concerns by, say, getting rid of the police department and saving $2 million a year, is too hard for our mayor, who really wants to be loved.

Last Add: The moderator is not thinking like a lawyer. Sandy Levin advocated chaos because it will lead to litigation which the lawyers always win. That's not chaos - it's business generation. Like all Sierra Madre litigation, it will drag on until the city reaches the inevitable conclusion that it can't afford the fees to fight to the death and caves by starting the water process over.

Last Last Add: Are there really people that buy Sierra Madre water bonds? Are they guaranteed by the state or something?


  1. Deja Vu All Over AgainSeptember 16, 2010 at 5:13 AM

    Mayor Mosca's comment is actually consistent with his history.

    As some may recall, it was "premature" to kill the DSP because he hadn't yet shoveled enough city cash to his buddies in the development plan business to consider the DSP complete. Who knows, maybe another $500k would have convinced the canyon dwellers that a companion condo canyon on Sierra Madre Blvd. was a good idea.

    Result: Seeing the council could not be trusted to responsibly exercise it's discretion over development, the rabble stripped it of that discretion under Measure V (a bad but necessary law).

    Now it's "premature" kill this water rate - tax hike which, if sent to the angry rabble, would no doubt fail. Why? Because the idiotic rusty pipe "outreach program" might convince the rabble to tax itself in the middle of a recession. The alternative of confronting our real budget concerns by, say, getting rid of the police department and saving $2 million a year, is too hard for our mayor, who really wants to be loved.

    Last add: The moderator is not thinking like a lawyer. Sandy Levin advocates chaos because it will lead to litigation in which the lawyers always win. That's not chaos - it's business generation. Like all Sierra Madre litigation, it will drag on until the city reaches the inevitable conclusion that it can't afford the fees to fight to the death and caves by starting the water tax process over.

    Last Last Add: Are there really people that buy Sierra Madre water bonds? Are they guaranteed by the state or something?

  2. This is like digging into a mass grave;the smell becomes a Stink!

  3. Our City Attorney has discovered that she can make a very good living enabling incompetence.

  4. Moderator?

    Would you please put up George Edwardz (Avacado website)YouTube link from the La Habra City Council meeting, where Edwardz had a little confrontation with Sandra Levin, who is also LaHabra's city attorney.
    It is a grand example of just WHO Sandy really is.

  5. The need for the water bond comes from a way to pay for the necessary increased water capacity for higher density as mandated by the state. You must prove to the state enough "real water" is available to service the greater demand.
    When the prodevelopment council voted to make "improvements" to the water system, it was recognized by that council, development of these costs must come from somewhere(ie,the residents).
    The water capacity at the time was just barely capableof serving the demand.
    So, we, as residents were, going to pay for that development cost.
    A case can be made that the bond issue should have been brought to the voters.
    We are now being asked to pay for something that shuld be paid for by the developers, and perhaps the counilmembers who dreamed up the DSP.
    The payments for this lay squarely upon the city, and not a rate increase on the residents.
    Perhaps this money should be coming out of the General Fund, and reductions of spending, until this massive amount of debt is paid down.
    Perhaps finding a less expensive city attorney would be a good start.

  6. I'm missing something here. Zimmerman's letter explains how Prop. 218 amended the California Constitution to require that the voters be given very specific notice in the City's letter of the amount of each parcel owner's rate hike and the reasons for the hike.

    Now, the City Attorney is stating that such specific notice is not actually required. Instead, the City letter is "supposed to provide enough information that it causes people to want to find out more."

    Did Sandy actually read Proposition 218?

  7. I agree with you in part Sandy. The notice is "not supposed to provide all of the possible information." However, it is supposed to provide the information required by Prop 218.

    As Zimmerman's letter so eloquently explains, the letter did NOT provide that information.

    What am I missing?

  8. What's the point of an outreach campaign if the Council is not going to listen to the residents comments like those expressed in Kurt Z.'s letter?

  9. Santa Barbara tried to dodge the development bullet by not connecting to the State Water Project. In the last severe drought, they dried up and then panicked and built a desalinization plant that was then mothballed and later dismantled when they paid to have the pipes put in to connect to the State water supply (water is from the Bay Delta). I think they're now relying on other methods to contain growth.

  10. Joe's contradictions are always fun to note. Perhaps when he means "public outreach" he is really asking to hear only from those people who agree with him?

  11. I think a reasonable case can be made that Joe Mosca was also kept in the dark by Buchanan and the former Mayors/Councils. Joe is still a neophyte in the political world in spite of his gangbusters approach to joing political groups and committees and the young Democratic organizations who helped get him elected. He didn't live here during the height of the shenanigan years. Shocking if it turns out that Buchanan is guiding the foundering ship of coverup at the expense of Mosca, Moran and Walsh.

  12. Deceptive Practices used by Sierra Madre City HallSeptember 16, 2010 at 9:50 AM

    Most excellant observations this day good editor. The Pasadena Star coverage did not include any statements from Ms Aquilar, strangely silent, Ms Levin could not have shoot herself in the foot so publicly, if she had paid them to write this story. Mr. Moot Mosca, "we are going to have an outreach now" after the great charade is exposed and the Sierra Madre Emperors have no clothes...

    Mr Zimmerman communicated very well. But truth is hard won, you need to replace Ms Aguilar and perhaps contract out your legal work, Ms Levin and her wavy snake locks, kind of a classic medusa profile and ways will never be respected again. Familiarity breeds contempt. Your city council needs better guidance. Public Works better be able to reconcile its books to those bond dollars.

  13. This city council (gang of 4) will do whatever they want to do for their special interests/lobbyists.
    Why? BECAUSE THEY CAN. They don't care what we write in blogs, or say at the podium.

    The only thing we can do is to recall them, after they commit outrage after outrage. They will care about that, because this will work. That will become more apparent as this blog uncovers one outrage after another. One violation of the law after another. We may or may not be able to afford to sue the city, but we sure as hell can afford a recall.

    The good thing about the Tattler is many, many residents are getting informed as to what is going on.
    How else would we know?

    We have no decent press to give us the facts, although Brenda G. from the Star News seems to be much better than other sources of mainstream media information.

    We have to time this right, wait for the FINAL STRAW/OUTRAGE, then start a recall of Mosca, Moran and Walsh. We can't recall Buchanan, because he has less than 2 years to serve, I think that's the way it works, if not, by all means, put him on the recall petitions. He is a lobbyist for special interests, and does not act in the interest the people of Sierra Madre.

  14. 9:46

    This is a very significant post, made by a Mosca sympathizer or Mosca/Bosse.

    Obvious, Buchanan is being set up as the fall guy.

    Rats are deserting the ship!

  15. Bureaucrats and their lawyers do and say incredibly stupid things; what they count on is that no one will call them out. Levin blurted that nonsense about the purpose of the notice being to "raise questions" because she only had about 24 hours to think of what to say. Keep the pressure on and stupid dishonest people will eventually expose themselves clearly enough on the record to be held accountable.

  16. Best show in town right now. Whoever does all this stuff, thanks!

  17. Experience with Sierra Madre city hall has taught me that it is easy to understand why the people who work for the city do what they do:
    they just want to keep their jobs.
    Some want to keep them for good, some want to keep them long enough to get another better job.
    There is only one priority, the job, and everything else, like the well being of the residents, is simply incidental.

  18. they serve at the will of the councilSeptember 16, 2010 at 10:13 AM

    Keep our eyes on the bouncing ball - it ain't the staff that is making decisions. They are just following orders.

  19. 9:46, I disagree that Mr. Mosca is an innocent, though I do think that he and his promoters have decided to use that illusion as his strongest selling point.

    Mr. Mosca is after all a practiced liar, and has been publicly identified as such on many occasions.

    Watch the Neuroblast clips.

  20. Joe is less Mayor and more Emcee. He's there for social occassions. The real work is handled behind the scenes. He made an ass of himself in this Star News article. Why Buchanan didn't take that call is a mystery.

  21. The "outreach campaign" 9:25 is a fancy title for Public Relations Damage Control. The council made it clear on the night they proclaimed that there were enough invalid protests to lower the number below the target number, that they were going to raise the rates anyway as they were legally entitled to do, the new tiered bills were coming in October, just to sort of try them out, even though they'd be at the same rates as now.
    C'mon! Don't believe their cheerful acts of concern - watch what they do.

  22. Dare we say, 10:25 am, that Buchanan is smarter than Mosca? Perhaps Mosca was just more available than Buchanan...

  23. A recall will work this time, IF it is done at the right time.
    If only RELIABLE and PROVEN producers of many signatures from canvassing and/or working a petition table are used. No questionable "volunteers" need apply.

    The facts team Crawford is coming up with are accurate and very damaging to culprits involved in this. They can and will be made available to all Sierra Madre voters.

    Sandy Levin?
    We may or may not be able to beat you in court, but we can recall the development pals on the city council and get honest people elected. When that happens, you will no longer be working for the City of Sierra Madre. Nor will the city manager..

    Harri S. Poole aka Susan Henderson.
    You're propaganda rag will no longer be adjudicated, you are the a disease in Sierra Madre, you lie,you cheat naive seniors and spread hate, racism and lies in your "paper".

  24. Buchanan is smarter than Mosca, for sure, but you not all that smart.
    Remember when he endorsed the Cumquat/downtowndirt porn sites in the Pasadena Star News, and then refused to apologize to Cumquat victim, Fay Angus at a city hall meeting?
    Not all that smart Buchanan.

  25. Don't be shy just say HiSeptember 16, 2010 at 10:41 AM

    Hey Mod is there a view count yet? It is very fasinating regarding the percentage of comments to views.

  26. Page views for today are a little over 700 so far. 1,200 total for yesterday. They can't all be coming from Sierra Madre. I think there are a lot of people out there in the big world who are curious about what is going on here right now.

  27. Regular correspondentSeptember 16, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    This poster has a couple dozen friends and former resident pen pals who are avid readers but not so much posters. They read, they phone, they dicuss, they re-read. The Tattler is alive and well in Canada, Texas, Missouri, Idaho, Northern California, and Baja!

    Great job, Crawford! Tattlers you are aweson!

  28. WHAT A LAWYER THAT LIES - TELL ME IT AINT SOSeptember 16, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    if it were up to Sandy Levin lawyerly poop headed logic, nutritional information on food items would read, we'd rather not tell us, call us if you want to know and most likely we will continue to lie to you and probably give you false information

    just like she and Mosca Buchanan Walsh Moran and selected city staff did with the initial tax hike and other actions over the past few years

    what a bunch of liars - we hire and elect them to tell us exactly the truth, then they listen to us and then a decision is made for the community by the community

    the more I learn about Mosca, Buchanan and Levin, the less I will ever trust them and I was already at a all time low, now I am at negative trust.

    I wish the paper had interviewed Walsh or Moran, imagine the response?

  29. come on people, none of us, even those that voted for him, actually believe that Mosca is the least bit interested in the financial welfare of the city?

    for goodness sakes, the dude moved into town and IMMEDIATELY immersed himself into city politics and proclaimed that in a matter of a few minutes of living here, he LOVED our fair city and it was all a crock of bird poo

    face it, it has and always has been about Joe Mosca, his employer and his own ambitions all at the expense of Sierra Madre and he only benefits those that will profit from his SCAG goals

    he is a moocher, plain and simple.

    also, is it any surprise that John Buchanan, after moving into town, he also started volunteering in high profile groups and within a year, he also decided that he knew what was best for Sierra Madre and immersed himself into the politics

    and same for Buchanan, he is not about what is best for the city, he is on board to benefit his employer and those that can help push a development agenda, despite being overwhelming opposed by the majority of the citizens

    for our $ 250 a month, I think we are being ripped off

  30. The only response I want to hear from Walsh or Moran is that they are so disgusted by the behavior of Buchanan and Mosca that they are resigning.

  31. Most likely, during the Council meetings...when not updating his Facebook profile, Josh Moran is probably thinking...jeez, I'm missing happy hour right now atThe Cabin....

    and Walsh, heaven knows what is bouncing around in that head of her's.....

    but I guarantee you neither have a clue about what is happening around them

    Moran is on the council to benefit himself, since he's is a mortage peddler and his Mom sells real estate and he has publically stated on record that he wants to appoint his friends to committees

    Moran is one class act. At least he's been honest about his intent to decieve and use his position for his own benefit.

    I still haven't got a clue what exactly Walsh brings to the table, except her square dancing updates

  32. 11:35, we will not hear that response.

    Both have been so nasty and uncivil on the council towards citizens, they must be reveling in the hate.

    Don't expect digust from them, when both have been digusting as Councilmembers.

    Moran and Walsh should be paying us to be on the Council.

    I wonder, does Moran have his check sent directly to Lucky Baldwins for a bar tab or to Mary's Market as office rent?

  33. Speaking of Mary's Market?

    Why was there several meetings of realtor types up there before and during the last council election?

    Why are the police officers and volunteer firemen hanging out up there?

    Why did Dapper and Mrs. Packer lie to residents of the canyon that Crawford, Alcorn and Watts would do away with the police and volunteer fire department?

    Mary's Market was the campaign headquarters of Josh Moran.

    They are pulling the lamb's wool over your eyes, canyon residents. They are wolves in sheep's clothing.

  34. I'll bet Sandy Levin makes about a million dollars a year off of cities like Sierra Madre and La Habra.

    I don't think she deserves anymore of our money here in Sierra Madre.

    She shouldn't have made those statements to the PSN.

    I've lost all respect for this woman.

  35. And down the home stretch editor come lately Terry Miller, of the Sierra Madre Weakly. Actually several days late and more than a dollar short. Apparently Mr. Miller isn't on the A media alert list. Not so much about the improperly noticed rate increase and its violation of Prop 218 rules, but rather about his personal vendetta against John Crawford. Too bad; soooooo sad.

  36. How were citizens to know that they needed to check with the California State Treasurer's Office and the and ask for a bond document called Official Statement for CDIAC 2003-1344 that was in the archives? This document was also unknown to Watts, Zimmerman, and McGilvary. Then not only get the 180 page document, but also understand it?

    Give me a break.
    That is a bunch of BS Ms Levin

  37. What? Miller has no quotes from the SMVFD?

  38. The thing that most residents should know is that all City business regarding rate hikes is hidden under a rock in the National Forest. It is their obligation to find out which rock it is.

  39. Who woke Terry up from his nap?

  40. If the first notification was correct....why the second one a month later? Me thinks they knew they F^ck3d up.

  41. Terry Miller doesn't report the news. He just criticizes what John Crawford writes.

    His last article doesn't really discuss the rate hike and the City's failure to comply with Prop 218, but merely trashes Crawford. Journalism at its absolute worst.

  42. Remember when the Sierra Madre Weekly actually meant something? Now it just sits in big heaps until somebody throws them out.

  43. I am amused over a previous Post making apologies for the beleaguered City Hall toadies ..Just earning a living..following orders..etc.This over used excuse went out during Nuremberg..Just a heads up,you are responsible for everything you touch your hand to.Sorry!

  44. lol Terry Miller.

    It was just a few months ago he was the $ 15 hack photographer at a throw away paper, driving a 1998 Honda and now he's the Editor at the paper?

    That does not say much for the level of paper and please, let us not use the word journalism in context with Miller or Henderson.

    The Weekly standards are as basically the same as the Mt. Wilson Observer....NONE.

    What's amazing is both Henderson and Miller must actually believe that they are serious writers which is just laughable.

    I have seen more balanced writing and deeper talent out of 5th graders.

    That is like saying Glenn Lambdin is a writer.

  45. hey 12:11, Mary's Market owner Dapper backed Moran because he must have promised that he'd get her parking spots at the parking lot.

    Plus she sold him tons of coffee while he used her place as his loan office and later his political headquarters.

    More police to monitor the parking lot, which tells you the value of our PD.

    I wish they'd wear hairnets in the kitchen up at Mary's Market.

  46. Nice theory 1:54.
    The reality?
    If a slow growth majority were on the council, Attorney Levin, Manager Aquilar, and all the rest of the staff would be busting their butts to satisfy the slow growth majority.
    Since the council is now a pro-development council, the staff are busting their butts to satisfy the pro-development majority.

  47. If that was true, 2:16, why did the water rate stuff get held back until the pro-growth faction got back in power? And why were the water bonds omitted from the city letter on the reasons for the increase?

  48. 2:50, maybe:
    1) The pro development peops got overconfident because of their stunning victory over intelligence and integrity, and
    2) the bonds were omitted because the council wanted them to be omitted.

  49. civil is as civil doesSeptember 16, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    Do you think 2:50 that the deciding power in city government is with the city staff?

  50. Of course they wanted the bonds omitted. They lacked the backbone to go to the residents and tell them their boys had run us into $23 million in water bond debt. That's why poor Bruce Inman was sent out onto the streets to wander around town carrying a piece of rusty pipe.

    The problem. though, is they broke the law.

  51. Do I not remember Attorney Levin reveling in her "involvment" in constructing Prop 218 in Sacramento? (Write the law. Disguise the intent. And shepard it through the Sierra Madre Council. Then bill for a quarter million).

    Michael Colantuono was also a partner of Levin's in charge of Sierra Madre legal affairs before Levin. Is he not complicit in the subterfuge and misrepresentations now surfacing on the Prop 218 disaster and the ethical lapses involved in its presentation and advocacy by our "gang of 4", not to mention the bonds years?

    Colantuono is in today's LA Times waxing poetic on the dishonest Bell Council seeming to be above it all.

    Our "Legal Team" is deeply involved in our mess and hiding behind "legal advice" instead of being accountable for the disaster.

    The "gang of 4, City Mgr, and Colantuono/Levin are all wadding in a swamp of their own doing.

  52. their pants are on fireSeptember 16, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    ouuuuuu 3:15, not sure which remark you're saying "Does it matter?" to, but it fits all over the place.
    No it doesn't matter that they broke the law.
    No it doesn't matter that the hidden agendas outnumber the residents in this town,
    and no it doesn't matter that they got caught.
    Look at the ethics of the person who is our mayor.

  53. What matters is how many people know the truth. The Tattler needs to be the place people go for important news.

  54. Thank you 3:16!
    Great post!
    Many of us in this town remember well how Colantuono did everything in his power to facilitate hillside development in Sierra Madre. He was asked repeatedly by residents to strongly defend the hillside ordinance rather than surrender, he was given expertise on matters geological and biological, as well as the deeply held thoughts and feeling of hundreds of residents who caused overflowing crowds at city hall, he could have adhered to the general Plan - and he surrendered to the developers.
    Then Levin took over, to soften redirect the community's animosity.

  55. Sandy, like any good mob lawyer, has her
    boys hunkered down. The surrogate attacks
    are starting now, so get ready for the
    smear attacks. This is a town run by very
    bad people.

  56. still read the papers, but not that oneSeptember 16, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    I confess I cannot wait to see the lies Henderson will push on this one. Bet the phone lines between Mosca, Henderson and Buchanan be a buzzin.

  57. 3:10, the City Staff are not the deciding entity in shenanigans. At the moment the big dog is Buchanan, point man in 2006, 2007, and currently 2010. 2008 and 2009 being when MacGillivray, Zimmerman and Watts were on the Council. However Big B is still carrying water (no pun intended) for his predessors from 1998, the notorious Shaniganeers.

    Do you honestly think City Staff are going to risk jail or having their careers brought to an end over the piddily a** politics of Sierra Madre? This is not Bell. Salaries may seen high to some, but as compared to other municipalities they're in line. Other than the Dark One handing out plum jobs to some of his lesser performing minions anyone who leaves is going to go through the interview process with other local governments just like anyone else.

    Any conspiracy is carried out between that ever expanding pool of Mayors and Councilmembers, liberally salted with members of the Chamber of Commerce and the civic clubs. Yes indeed. Your friends and neighbors right here in the 2007 All American City. Conspirators and criminals.

  58. I hope Susan Henderson goes nuts over Waterbondgate. The replies here on The
    Tattler are always most amusing!

  59. Keep exposing the criminality, Sierra Madre patriots.

    Let's get the press involved when the time comes, the real press, the talk radio shows and the guys who work for the local TV stations who jump at the chance to expose yet another gangsterism scandal.

    Small towns are at the mercy of these criminals.
    The criminals know we are a small town, we don't have unlimited resorces to fight them, let's turn our weakness into our strength here. The political climate is ripe for this.

    Wait until everyone gets their water rate increases and the word gets out about the $23 million Bart and his gangsters, the notorious Shaniganeers gave us.

    Crawford and you posters can turn the tables.
    We must expose and shame these gangsters.

  60. Buchanan is so insufferably pompous and Mosca is so smarmy that they almost guarantee that no one can sit through a council meeting--my sympathies to those who do--I will have to rely on The Tattler.

  61. re: 10:00am near the beginning about whether or not Johnny B can be recalled.

    this handy-dandy book describes the recall process:

    It says for a local recall (p. 15) the only time when a recall cannot take place is if the person being recalled has
    1) been in office less than 90 days, or
    2) has only 6 months to go in his term, or
    3) has won a recall in the last 6 months

    Wonder if Johnny will go hog wild in the last 6 months?

  62. Recalls take a lot of dedicated people to be successful, people who are willing to do more than just talk or tell others what to do. It's hard work.

  63. Right you are, 6:45.

    Many talk, few walk. Many say, few pay.

  64. Sandra Levin didn't exactly invent the chaos theory but she's so much a beneficiary of it (read, law suits galore) that she's not only embraced it, she's a devotee of it.

  65. When and If the outrage becomes so massive:

    A recall will be easy to do.

    However, you above posters are correct.

    Let's see how this developes and we'll know what to do.
    The rate-payers will know what to do.
    Just like the people of Bell. They waited until the outrage was horrific, the publicity was horrific and then a recall is in order.

    There is a lot more investigation and research, a lot of unanswered questions.

    This will end up not being decided by the council, or the city staff, the rate payers must decide what they want to do.

    Whatever the TRUTH is, we the people, want to know.
    We deserve to know.
    We demand to know.


    Thank you. Perfect!


    Perfect....Thank you!!

    (susan really should make this her headline....)

  68. Millers Mental Meltdowns Meaningless Mush MoshSeptember 16, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    Just read the Miller piece, the only good parts are the words of the man he loves to criticize.

    As a Crawford campette, I was going to leave a comment and rip him a new one, but he is so pathetic, and he had no comments. He will never
    be the caliber of journalist our John Crawford is. He will be a petty second rate mynah bird mimicing hack writer all his pathetic life. As in regard to his uncalled for crack about the election, well we know the margin was not overwhelming. So does he. Mealymouth little puppet. Miller is a spirit killer, he probably has a picture of John he throws darts at. I have a question for Terry Miller, I have five fingers on one hand guess which one I am pointing at you?

  69. It is impossible to get any lower than Terry Miller.

  70. Terry Miller's big on the ad hominems. Rather than discussing whether Zimmerman's arguments are well-founded, or even interviewing Zimmerman, he levels personal attacks against Crawford.

    Sleazy, sleazy, sleazy.

  71. Let me get this straight, Terry Miller wrote an article about a letter alleging that the City violated the California Constitution. A newsworthy story. However, he doesn't reproduce, link to, quote, summarize or analyze the letter.

    What kind of reporting is that?

  72. Terry doesn't deal with rational discourse or factual reporting. He just sensed that Joe was in trouble and he went into his usual jackass frenzy.

  73. 10:05 You're right. Also, I wnet back and read Terry's article a second time. After he's done bashing Crawford, the rest of the article looks like a press release from the City advocating for the rate increase.

  74. I wonder if Terry Miller writes so poorly and slanderous because he's trying to get people to read his articles just because they are so outlandish.

    Me thinks he's trying to one up Susan Henderson with asine rants.

    All we have to remember is that he was the low brow photographer a few months ago and because nobody else wants the job or will work for $ 250 a week, he's now the editor at a throw away paper.

  75. One of the reasons Terry hates The Mod is because he
    outed Terry as being a contributor to the Cumquat on
    The Tattler.

  76. I think you people are being hard on Mr. Miller. Do you realize how hard it is to write for people who can't read?

  77. Anybody seen Joy Phillips lately? Whitcraft isn't talking.