Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tattler Public Comment

I don't think there is too much point in me covering all of last night's City Council meeting because I wrote about that stuff yesterday.

Of course it hadn't happened yet when I did write about it, but upon further review I think I was reasonably accurate. Occasionally those Agenda Man things do go off track a bit, but this time maybe not quite as much. Of course, the reason might have something to do with the topics covered being very familiar. After all, this is truly The Process City Council, which apparently is something that involves going over the same ground over and over again, with only incremental progress to show for all that effort.

Last night was almost like watching a rerun. Or paint dry.

But there are a couple of things I'd like to cover before I turn this post over for public comment. The first being the indecipherable way City Council agenda topics are written. The item in question here is 1C from the Consent Calendar, and this is how it was described on the City of Sierra Madre site:

Authorization Of Payments On Behalf Of PFA - Recommendation that the City Council approve the $919,047.50 addition to the revolving note for the demands paid by the City on behalf of the Public Finance Authority.

When I first read that mess I could not make heads or tails of it. It had all the clarity of mud. I called around to all of my wise friends, and none of them could figure it out, either. Who exactly is the Public Finance Authority, and why are they spending over $900,000 of our money?

You'd think they'd be at least a little bit clear about something like that.

Apparently I wasn't the only person annoyed about this, because late yesterday an email was forwarded to me from City Manager Elaine Aguilar. People had been complaining. This e-mail had apparently been making the rounds for most of the afternoon, because my copy looked to be about fifth generation. But here is her explanation of what the opaque statement above was really all about.

The PFA is the Public Financing Authority -- the Authority is a "component unit of the City," and it is composed of the same individuals as the City Council, similar to how the CRA Board is composed of the same members as the City Council. The PFA is the agency authorized to enter into debt, and therefore the PFA is the agency which authorizes payment on the bonds.

Twice a year (May and November) payments (interest, or principal) are made on the bonds. As you're aware, there are three bond issues: Redevelopment Agency Tax Increment Revenue Funding Bonds (1998), Water Revenue Refunding Bonds (1998), and the Water Revenue Parity Bonds (2003).

The bonds are structured to pay principal in November, and two payments of interest (in May and November). The November payment is usually on an October agenda, while the May payment is usually on an April agenda.

In October (10/12/2010) the following bond payments are on the agenda for authorization by the PFAS: (In November, interest and principal are due on the CRA bonds; principal and interest are due on the Water Refunding Bonds; and interest only is due on the Water Revenue Parity bonds.)

CRA Tax Increment Revenue Refunding Bonds/Interest $77,125
CRA Tax Increment Revenue Refunding Bonds/Principal $245,000
Water Revenue Refunding Bonds/Interest $92,250
Water Revenue Refunding Bonds/Principal $335,000
Water revenue Parity Bonds/Interest $169,672.50

So from a short meaningless run of office jargon on the City Council Agenda to what was really going down. So if nobody had complained would we have ever been told where nearly a million dollars of our money was going last night? I guess not.

Look at it this way, if City documents were actually clear and easy to understand, who would need this blog? They make their own problems sometimes.

Couple of math observations. Add the $919,000 here to the additional yearly interest payments and the full 12 month figure pencils out to $1,148,050. Which is what we pay yearly for bonds that are doing us absolutely no good whatsoever. Whatever their original intent, or where that money was actually spent, all they do for us now is devour large chunks of our tax money.

Something we need to remember when Joe Mosca starts pushing street repair and sewer bonds in a few months.

Of course, we mustn't forget that Sierra Madre's bond rating was recently BBB, or junk. Which was better than it was a year or so ago when we were anathema and didn't have a rating at all. But in May, just around the time the water rate hike was announced, that rating went up to A-.Which is why the water rate hike is so deeply linked to our bond situation. As has been noted by City Staff, because of the huge debt being carried we are now dangerously close to going out of compliance with our bond covenants. And unless more water revenue is brought in and fast, we could get into some rather serious trouble with the folks holding the paper on all of these notes.

So how were we going to be allowed to issue Joe's Sewer and Street Repair Bonds if we couldn't straighten all that out plus improve our rating to something better than "junk?" Raise the water rates about 40%, of course. The bond people truly appreciated the courtesy, and I suspect rewarded us with that better rating. Which in my opinion is what this was really all about. The rusty pipe thing was just something thrown out there to baffle the townies.

So I get an e-mail from my neighbor up the street

He doesn't write often, but when he does it is usually pretty good. And you don't know how much I hate to have to admit this, but the most popular post this blog ever uploaded was mostly written by this guy. It was about the permits kids had to fill out to engage in "water play" at last summer's 4th of July parade. Maybe you remember it. That post is now closing in on 3,000 page views. Which makes it Number 1 on The Tattler Hit Parade. By far.

So this time he's writing about getting his new City of Sierra Madre water bill. He is not happy.

John, I just got my water bill. It's got lots of cool stuff in it.

First, there is a card that let's me be an anonymous a**hole to my neighbors. For example, I can put the card on their door and inform them that "Your sprinklers don't need to run every day. Most landscapes do fine with only 2 or 3 days a week of watering." I think I'll test this out by putting one on your door. Better yet, I'll have the neighbor's kid do it on a ring and run basis. Feel free to shoot his butt full of buckshot if you catch him.

Second, they notify me that the new enviro tiers are in place just to prepare me for future taxation purposes. They have no impact now because the council still hasn't decided if they are going to raise the rates and, if they do, if they will adopt tiers.

Third, the council reassures me in the "411 on the H2O" that the water increase is all about improving infrastructure. Nothing to do with bond debt payments. So, of course, no need to mention them in the Prop 218 notice.

Then, in a schizoid response to the question "what are the consequences of the past rate increases not being implemented?" the council notifies me that because rates have not been raised "the Water Department is in jeopardy of not meeting the legal requirements attached to the Water Revenue Bonds issued by the City in 1998 and 2003. While the City continues to make its bond payments in a timely manner, the City must increase its revenues to meet future operating expenditures, as well as the bond commitment, without jeopardizing capital reserves."

So, they are raising my taxes to pay for "the bond commitments," which are distinguished from "operating expenditures." In other words, the rate increase is going directly to satisfaction of the bond commitments.

They really do think we are stooopid.

Yes, they certainly do.

Consider this to be an open thread. Lot of stuff I didn't cover this meeting. I'm leaving that up to you.


  1. You forgot to mention that there were the usual 5 people were at the council meeting who said the canyon committee was so biased that the recommendations should be scrapped and started over. Obviously they have not read any of the recommendations, they have no constructive comments and only have harsh words to council member MacGillivray. She has a lot of class by softly reminding them that 1) it was the whole council that selected the committee members and 2) the committee was working with the former committee plan, they just finished it.

    Oh, and I understand Moran moved from the canyon -- so he doesn't have to recuse himself from the discussion. Hopefully he won't make it too obvious when he starts to defend his 5 friends who have so vocally protested the selection of the canyon committee from day one, even before they started meeting.

  2. The water rate hike was not about bond debt before it was about
    bond debt.

  3. Those five are builders, real estate agents, and investors in the various building projects that have forever changed the canyon - and not for the better. Tim Hayden who's last project at 679 Brookside still hasn't received it's occupancy permit; Glen Lambdin who was brought in on the 679 Brookside project when it was proven that Hayden wasn't qualified as a project construction manager; Greg Prout, who so disrupted the lives of his neighbors with his deep water horizon style of site preparation; and Tom Hammond, who's claim to fame is that he was "proprietor" of Mary's Marekt. All of these characters will stand to gain financially from discrediting the CZAC and dumping the RC Zone. Each of them is involved in one or more of the most egregious projects eer to be perpetrated against the Canyon residents, and several of them are or have been involved in illegal building projects and misuse of their "garages", attic space, or building without benefit of permits.

  4. Moran moved from the canyon so he can vote to destroy the canyon? I guess that is kind of like him moving here from Monrovia so he can join in on wrecking Sierra Madre. How many people are willing to make those kinds of sacrifices?

  5. To take this open thread on the open road. has live feed of the rescue of the miners in Chilie. I just watched the father whose 27 year old son was just brought out--the pride and inticipation in his expression, the thanks to the rescue workers and the dignity of the people under the stress of these past three months is something we could learn from here.

  6. The reason for counting the "cathedral ceiling" type living space is that after it's build and given it's occupancy permit, when the inspector is long gone, and the owner-builder puts it on the market, the new buyer is told that it's a simple matter to add a second floor room. The gazebos and porches, the carports and garages, many are subsequently enclosed and add that extra bedroom(s) for the growing family. Examples abound. It all sounds so innocuous when they expound on the "rights of the property owner" doesn't it? Rephrase that to the "rights of the real estate industry and the developers."

  7. Many Prayers to Chili todayOctober 13, 2010 at 7:25 AM

    Yes, we have a lot to learn from the people in the countries living south of us. Their dignity and grace in the time of stress. Their compassion and empathy towards one another. They come together.

    They are gentle and warm. They are poor. No one has yet to yap that they deserved to die. Thahk God we do not near the bombastic cruelty and narcissistic arrogance blasted towards others as we have towarads our own.....American's can can forget human suffering so often and justify it so well....pathetic. My heart goes out to the people of Chili and best of luck and prayers.

  8. We need to get something agendized that would make the rootless Mr. Moran move back out of town.

  9. Who knows where Moran lives? The statement that he no longer lives in the canyon was made in a public space in the canyon for all within earshot to hear. One can only wonder why or if it is true.

  10. Someday there will be signs in front of houses saying "Josh Moran slept here." Each one will have a carefully preserved couch for all the tourists look at.

  11. So Moran does work for Reverse It, an Oklahoma-based reverse mortgage company. Says so in his bio for a business conference he was at in Las Vegas some time in the recent past. Said he did not have much to report on locally as he was in Oklahoma on business. When you look on line for information and you find lots of people with the same name, you have to compile from different sources and put it all together. Moran helped us last night with his "been in Oklahoma on business."

  12. Pray, what is a "reverse mortgage" kind person?

  13. Requiring minimum residency requirements to run for council should be looked at. A time period, (lets say just a few years), for people running for office, to get to know a little about the town they have moved into. It is beyond me to understand how anyone can understand a city's "culture" without living here for a few years, to make appropriate decisions for the direction the town should go.
    A case in point, is Joe Mosca.

  14. Maybe he is now living in a gazebo. Something Glenn "I hate God" Lambdin would make illegal.

  15. Nice to see the Brown Quartet acknowledge that there is a ton of CRA bond debt. Of course, they would never tell us where exactly all that debt came from. Bart wouldn't dig it.

  16. Word of warning. If anyone leaves one of those "a**hole cards" on my doorknob that John's neighbor talks about, I will have it dusted for fingerprints.

    Then your garbage cans will disappear.

  17. Help Me I'm StupidOctober 13, 2010 at 8:11 AM

    How can I find this: "Number 1 on The Tattler Hit Parade."


  19. OBFUSCATION (the activity of obscuring people's understanding, leaving them baffled or bewildered) is a surprisingly effective technique:

    "Authorization Of Payments On Behalf Of PFA - Recommendation that the City Council approve the $919,047.50 addition to the revolving note for the demands paid by the City on behalf of the Public Finance Authority."

  20. Apparently the candy of choice at City Hall is Bafflemints.

  21. Where can I pick up a box of Bafflemints? Are they sold at Ralphs?

  22. Thanks, Mod, the article was hilarious. I am just now drafting a release form on safe and legal use of the shower for the Mrs.

  23. Aw, come on, youse guys! The door hangar is not entirely anonymous. I think you can even put your little John Henry at the bottom if you want to be neighborly. Just think of all the times you saw your valued neighbor wastiing water and you thought to yourself, I really should say something about his broken sprinkler head or the fact that his timer is off because I know he had the electric shut off for a repair, etc. etc. etc. but by the end of the day you got home to your busy self and forgot. Why should you let your neighbor waste water and pay a higher water bill and burn the plants by watering in the hot mid day sun any more than you would want to? Also, I ask again, why are we flushing toilets with drinking water?

  24. The Bafflemint concession can be found in the City Hall lobby. All proceeds go towards the Alzheimer's Fund. They have different flavors, too. There is John Buchanan "On and On" Orange. There is Joe Mosca "Moot" Mocha. Josh Moran Rum. Nancy Walsh "Cha Cha" Chocolate. And, of course, City Staff "It's Available Online" Licorice. A word of warning, however. After you've had one your breath will smell like BS. But that is the point.

  25. Have you turned in your neighbor today?October 13, 2010 at 8:48 AM

    Maybe the city should start a new organization. "Neighbors Watching Neighbors." It works very well in Cuba.

  26. Did anybody notice the Mayor's repeated phrase, "and so on and so forth"?
    I kid you not.
    And so on and so forth.

  27. Joe Mosca is our Seinfeld Mayor. Yada yada yada.

    Is boring people to death a leadership skill?

  28. I didn't catch that 8:50, but a word that Mayor Mmmmm repeats again and again is 'perfect'. When others would say yes/ok/good/right, Joe chirps 'Perfect' perkily. Sorry I pointed it out - now it will drive y'all crazy too.....

  29. You can always make money, by obfuscation, on "stuff", (in this case water held in tanks and resevoirs), moved through miles of pipes to the tax payer.

    You don't know: how much is in the resevoir, how much is in the pipes, the pressure that is moving it, or the size and type of the meter that measures it, or the tiers that quantify it.

    In short, trust the City. They will take care of us. Obfuscation is alive and well in Sierra Madre.

  30. Whenever the council members and the staff discuss dollar amounts, it's always very revealing "Only $1,500" was popping out of Ms. Walsh's mouth a lot last night. City Manager Aguilar is quite comfortable with "about a million"
    It's monopoly money to them.
    Buchanan and Mosca don't hesitate to spend, at all.
    MacGillvrey is the only adult up there.

  31. I got a big kick out of Tim Hayden calling Joe "the most important person up there".

  32. Tim Hayden was taking a page from the Council's playbook regarding the General Plan Update Committee. He wanted to expand the Canyon Code Committee just like the General Plan Committee was expanded, in the interests of fairness and equal representation of lawn signs. It's pretty surprising that Moran didn't jump all over that.
    Actually a couple of times last night Moran seemed reasonable, and not ticked off at MaryAnn, but listened to her logic (the parking in lieu of fees, the wasteful traffic study idea). What's up with that?

  33. How about that guy in canyon code public comment who talked about people walking by that obviously overbuilt and overlighted house on Vista Circle, and saying he overhears people say how great it is.
    I'll speak louder next time I'm walking by saying what a shocking mess that is for the people around it who've been smothered by all that excess.
    Such a bad location for that house.
    Arcadia would have been much better.

  34. In regards to the Canyon Zone Committee protesters:
    I would like to see the names of the other people who support destroying the canyon. Either for personal profit reasons or blind creepy obsessions with Joe Mosca.
    Judy Packer-property developer and builder of huge ugly house on Vista Circle Dr. (she wants to buy your property to develop, inside or outside the canyon).
    Mrs. Dapper(Mary's Market front for dirt meetings)
    Toni Moran- mother of Josh Moron and real estate agent.
    Kim ("free Holiday dinners at Mary's Market)Clymer
    Charlie (creepy Joe Mosca obsession) Kissinger.

    These are the "fine" citizens of the canyon who went door to door and lied to all their neighbors.
    The canyon elected MaryAnn MacGillivray in 2008.
    The Bart Doyle Dirts made sure that didn't happen again in 2010.

  35. Continue to strongly support MaryAnn MacGillivray.
    She is your ONLY FRIEND on this horrible city council. She is the dirt's worst enemy, besides John Crawford and Kurt Zimmerman.
    She is hated by the regime. It is a badge of honor, MaryAnn. Wear it proudly!

  36. 9:12, you got that right. I'm appalled at the gang of four's casualness when discussing OPM (Other People's Money). I've yet to hear a well-reasoned comment emerge from Councilmember Walsh's mouth. Right after Councilmember MacGillivray poses a question asking what we would be getting for the $2000 traffic study, we were all privileged to hear Walsh's asinine comments: "Well it's a small price to pay to ensure the safety of our children" - Wait a minute, weren't you listen to MacGillivray's concern? WE DON'T KNOW WHAT WE WILL GET FROM THE STUDY! Traffic counts? Councilmember Walsh, are you suggesting that if we know the number of cars passing the intersection we'll be ensuring the safety of our children? Whoa! Who voted for this person? Can't we elect councilmembers that can THINK and REASON? Have you all noticed that every time she speaks it is only to oppose MacGillivray? Is the woman capable of an original thought???

  37. I do agree with 9:25. Are we witnessing the maturation of young Josh? I was pleased to see that he appears to be thinking for himself rather than blindly following the Anti-MacGillivray cabal

  38. Oh for God's sake, 9:59 am. That's exactly why she was selected by the Buchanan machine - because she can't think! She's there to bobble!

  39. When Josh casts his vote to crush the Canyon Committee you will change your mind.

  40. Speaking of Vista Circle,allow me to direct you to the Canyon's vision for the future.Built to reflect the causal relaxed style featured in Homeless Shelters,Esquire T.Hayden has broken new ground.Property may be view from your car preferable during the day.Address 41 Vista Circle Drive....

  41. Jeez, some of you have much calmer neighbors than I have. One guy on my street uses water in lots of wasteful ways, and does other unneighborly things - but nobody talks to him anymore because he goes off on a tantrum. A door hanger? More like a swat team.

  42. channel 3 watcher 1stOctober 13, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    Ms. Walsh provides comic relief for those watching in my household.
    Imagine, trying to work that discussion around to say that Ms. MacGillivrey was in favor of injuring children.
    New smear material.

  43. I grant you 9:29 on the over built mini mac mansion being a bit over the top but better that than 4l.I understand from the locals that a new water line was recently connected to the property.Also some concern was voiced regarding the legality of the electrical service to his abode.After viewing the shack,one wonders if the Canyon area has any building codes,standards whatever.

  44. Oh, the Canyon has building codes. Mr. Hayden only acknowledges them after he's been caught building. Look at the money he saves by not buying permits up front! Actually his 41 Vista Circle lot is adjacent to a downslope property that may or may not belong to him that fronts on Holly Trail. Yip. Two adjacent lots about 25 feet wide going from Vista Circle to Holly Trail Path. He could put a monster house on that postage stamp without anyone noticing just by keeping the Vista Circle facade in it's garage aspect.

  45. Overheard at City Hall. "lets see now if we can get the residents ratting on each other, fighting over fru fru, policing each other, we can go unnoticed on our agenda. Tax, conquer, and develope." Who knew?

  46. Hmm, I was just over at the SM Patch to get their take on last night's meeting. 2 articles up for today. The first is "Fall Fashions Arrive At Attitude!" And the other is about the Buc's 50 years in town. No City Council observations yet, however.


  47. Just like the orginal GP Committee will go the CZC. By the way did that dude from the upper canyon apply to be on the committee? How many meeting did he attend? Can anyone commement please?

  48. In response to an earlier post, I decided to drink out of the toilet like my dogs. Then I realized, I didn't need the dogs, I could save water if I got rid of them. Now I'm thinking I don't need trees, grass, flowers, etc., and I'm not so sure about needing any of you. It could be just me and my water. [In other words, the constant threat of scarcity helps keep you in heel to your masters, arf. If there is not enough water, there are too many people.]

  49. Obsufacation or mental masterbation?October 13, 2010 at 12:28 PM

    obsufucation, that would be a good replacement for the other standardly used cuss word. You obsufucator!!! Last night over yesterdays post which I viewed earlier in the evening, I was at play in the fields of the CA. Gov website. I found a document which lists both water and redevelopment funds, then I put in edit find Sierra Madre and 7 references to your debt came up. All the money listed as being the ower or receiver of the publicly financed bonds was Sierra Madre Financing Authority. The word public was from a heading of what kinds of bonds or debt. "Publicly financed bonds" it was next to the column of "general obligation bonds".

    Now either she is obsufacating or you have one of those pesky extra title pay thingies like Bell where they used it to get extra money in their position on top of the meager city council person pay or community redevelopment extra pay. Ms Aguilar, has revealed that in her explanation above. So why we understand it is the Sierra Madre Financing Authority and the State of California recognizes it as such, Ms Aguilar deems it necessary to don a different tin foil hat, as does the council but I don't think it is true correct or necessary. It would have been more true to authorize the Sierra Madre Financing Authority to pay those warrants, and don't worry about your Fitch rating, all of California and all of the cities are being short sold on the wall street bond market as BBB. How much extra money does the group of the groups of city council players get for their different titles like Bell and their cast of repeating sub minded actors actions.?

    Perhaps you should ask them.

  50. Threatened by "Scarcity"October 13, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    Mrs 71% you got me thinking--how much water is actually saved, for eample, by watering before sunrise. The city of LA wants to make it mandatory for home owners and business to "harvest" rainwater in barrels. That's the equivalent of a couple of hippies recycling beer cans in the '60's. Recycling is now done on a large commercial scale. I would hazard a guess that no one in power really believes there is a water shortage; instead they threaten individuals with penalties for impotent "conservation" measures, while most of the water in California is used for agriculture, and no effort is made to "harvest" rainwater on a large scale.

    "In times of peak flow, the Los Angeles River carries 183,000 cubic feet of water per second out to the Pacific Ocean (the equivalent of 40 million garden hoses going full blast) - 14 times the flow of NY's Hudson River. The LA River has no "average" flow, varying widely from a bare trickle in drought years to a raging torrent in years of heavy rain."

    "In 2000, California alone accounted for almost 11 percent of all freshwater used in the United States. After California was Texas, Idaho, and Illinois, which together accounted for 28 percent of all fresh water used in the U.S. Most of the water used in California was for crop irrigation. In fact, 22 percent of all the Nation's irrigation water used was in California, which indicates how important agriculture is there."

    So over 10% of the nation's freshwater is used in California, mostly for crop irrigation, and somehow if I take a shorter shower, that is going to make a difference? Keep listening to the politicians and the delusional greenies, from mosca and buchanan to obama: they have an agenda, and it's not your welfare.

  51. In my admittedly limited understanding, I heard the explanation that we need to keep the CRA because we get close to a million dollars more in property taxes than we would if we left it.
    So the fact that we don't really have blight is moot.
    The fact that we probably never should have sold ourselves for that money is moot.
    The idea of phasing out the CRA (following the process the state gives to get out) is moot.
    Isn't that kind of whorish?

  52. Let's see... last we spent near a million and apparently we've already spent some large amount earlier in the year... and what we get is a million back in property taxes? Oh, and some traffic bump outs with weedy patches, we get those, too.

  53. How about our city hall building and police department? Weren't those buildings built with CRA money?

  54. This kind of incompetence can be bad for your blood pressure:
    "the council still hasn't decided if they are going to raise the rates and, if they do, if they will adopt tiers."
    Of course we already paid the consultants to come up with the tier system, that Inman introduced as a failure for conservation that very first presentation night. And we sure all trust the council majority to practice fiscal restraint. They wouldn't redo the billing format as a waste of time.
    Somebody help me untangle the hypocrisies here.

  55. So do we give back buildings? Probably not.
    Finance Director Schneider was quite clear about the state having a program/process to dissolve or dismember the CRA.
    That means the procedure is set, other cities must have done it, and we just need the will to do it.

  56. "the water increase is all about improving infrastructure. Nothing to do with bond debt payments..."the Water Department is in jeopardy of not meeting the legal requirements attached to the Water Revenue Bonds issued by the City in 1998 and 2003."
    In the same mailer.
    Stunning doublespeak.

  57. Looks like the "water outreach" has actually been a "water coverup."

  58. Who is advising the city on it's mailings?October 13, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    Actually 2:53, they are called admissions against interest. I'm looking forward to seeing them in Zimmerman v. Sierra Madre. And, perhaps, in the sequel Sierra Madre v. Levin.

  59. Whorish doublespeak.

  60. If Mosca and Buchanan deliberately left the water bond debt out of the Prop 218 rate hike notification in order to better sucker money out of the rate payers, then we will have no choice but to recall them. Cheating residents out of their money is not what we look for in our elected officials.

  61. Hello, I felt the “door hanger was a hand-me-down” …the City cannot afford to print their own…. although I do appreciate using the extra’s to save from being wasteful.
    Another thing that struck me the other day was that (a while back) the City of Sierra Madre relinquished their trash collection services/duties to another supplier that was more organized in presenting the case to do a more efficient job, so I think. Why can the case not be made for outsourcing security police and fire fighting services? Another concern that I have is that if I need security for a private party/event, I cannot hire outside security-- I must use the Sierra Madre off-hour personnel-- no bidding for the job allowed. We have to all tighten our stretched-out belt and save to pay our huge debt!!!

  62. Are you sure you can't hire private security for a private party-event? The CM was speaking of City sponsored events during the discussion of private security vs Sierra Madre's finest. I haven't heard a discussion about private events.

  63. How can we possibly tolerate another 3 years of the current regime of 4, Mosca, Buchanan, Walsh, Moron?
    How long, Sierra Madre? When is enough, enough?

  64. subliminal messageOctober 13, 2010 at 4:04 PM

    Is it just me or is the city picture, the one of the mountains, morphing more and more with lights on the hillsides?
    There used to be one lighted area on the left side of the symbol, looking at it. Then one came on the right when the Carter mess happened. And now it's getting brighter.

  65. The water door hangers were printed courtesy of the San Gabriel Valley Water District (which we are a member of) as a result of an ad hoc committee of the Community Services Commission.
    It was thought to be a friendly way to remind people to conserve water. No matter the statistics for California, Sierra Madre wells are lower than they have ever been. This is one of the reasons some of us are pushing so hard for slow growth. Water and traffic are two of the things that will destroy our way of life. More homes and apartments, more traffic, more use of water.

    As for the tiered rates, it is a done deal. Karen said the computer program is set. Now we have the same rate for every meter size, but just wait -- it will be changed just as soon as all the "education/brainwashing" is finished.

  66. Certainly Ms Walsh can't be as whacked out scatterbrain as she acts, can she?

    Has she made sense once during a Council meeting or not gone on a abrasive nonsensical offensive against Mary Ann?

    Will there be a day that she contributes an novel idea, concept or program as a Councilmember?

    Wow, I thought we hit bottom with Josh Moron with zero contribution but she sets a new low standard.

    At least it's obvious that Mosca and Buchanan are out to screw over the city, Walsh is doing it with plain old stupidty.

  67. So far, I haven't believed or fallen for the new set of lies being puked out by the City for the need for a water tax hike.

    If it smells like dog poop, it must be dog poop.

    Only the gang of 4 think we are stupid enough to taste it to make sure before we step in it again.

  68. We are forced to hire off-duty SM cops for any events in the city at a inflated rate.

    Why can't we hire qualified help?

    Just because the city is okay with subpar security hires, it doesn't mean our events have to.