Friday, October 29, 2010

The Sierra Madre Tattler Salutes the National Speed Trap Exchange

The worst economic slowdown since the Great Depression has had many effects on our society. Widespread unemployment, the collapse of real estate values, a debt crisis, and a general malaise that has engulfed much of the nation over the last few years.

Local government, which once seemed immune to the vagaries of economics gone sour, has begun to feel the pinch as well. With the collapse of real estate values has come property tax shortfalls that have led many such governments to worry about their ability to function financially as they had before. And those once reliable taxpayers, hard pressed in these difficult times, have suddenly become much more difficult to deal with as well. Something that has forced many city governments to look elsewhere in order to make up for their shrinking money take.

And, as most any driver in Sierra Madre will tell you, one of those places they appear to have gone looking is traffic tickets. You hear the stories everywhere.

I don't want to overstate this, but it has become quite hostile out there for the American driver. And the many road warriors among us have begun to wonder just exactly how they can fight back. And now there is a way. It is a website that goes by the name of The National Speed Trap Exchange, run by an outfit that calls itself the National Motorists Association.

This is how the NMA describes their mission:

The main premise of the National Motorists Association is that if motorists will join together in one organization to represent their rights and interests as drivers, they will no longer be ignored and exploited by federal, state and local governments.

I do like the sound of that. For whatever the reasons personal transportation and those who use it have become a kind of lightning rod in this confusing age. Drivers are now being held responsible for many of the widely perceived evils facing mankind today. Global warming, greenhouse gases, oil spills, roadway fatalities and various other social ills have caused many fashionable urbanist leaning folks to view automobile drivers as something of an antisocial element.

And in an atmosphere as charged as this one is, does anyone in local government really give a damn about how drivers feel about traffic tickets? Apparently not. As far as they are concerned, the driver is fair game.

The unique thing about The National Speed Trap Exchange is that a lot of people contribute their hard won advice there. You can click on any of the 50 states and chances are pretty good that you will get a valuable city specific rundown on the behavior of the local traffic cops and how best to avoid them. All from the people who actually drive there. And if used properly this resource will help you to even up the odds a little.

Most San Gabriel Valley cities are listed, and those that are all have plentiful posted information from actual drivers. Sierra Madre is among those you can click on. Here is a sampling of the kinds advice being offered about our town:

Sep 23, 2010 - The Entire City of Sierra Madre, California: Sierra Madre CA is the only city in Southern CA that does not own a traffic signal. There are two on the west perimeter owned by Pasadena - at Michillinda and Orange Grove, and Michillinda and Sierra Madre Boulevard. The City DEPENDS on traffic citations for its existence, and even though the police force is small, it's rare that you will pass through the town without seeing a black and white unit. Make FULL stops at every stop sign and obey the posted speed limits. Obedience is compulsory.

Obviously written by someone who knows the place pretty well. There are also these:

Apr 26, 2010 - Sierra Madre Blvd near Youth Activity Center: Going East or West around the park and Nursery School, a patrol or motorcycle cops sits with radar getting you from either direction in AM commute times 7AM to 9AM and on the way home 5PM to 7PM. Also watch for cops sitting at all stop signs on Sierra Madre Blvd, anywhere. Trust me, they have nothing else better to do!

Feb 18, 2010 - W. Sierra Madre Blvd. at Auburn Ave: They sit at the corner of Auburn Ave., or at the side of the Prudential Bldg radaring people or waiting for someone to do a U-Turn into a parking space.

There are times that we have actually do have to leave Sierra Madre, and when that happens the chance are good that you will need to pass through Arcadia. Here are some tips from The National Speedtrap Exchange on driving down the hill:

May 18, 2010 - Huntington Drive & Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, California: So you've sped down Baldwin Ave from the 210 exit, avoiding TWO speed traps and you know you want to make a left turn once you get to Huntington Dr. Be careful, there is another trap. This trap isn't about speeding, but crossing a double yellow line to get into the left turn lane. The Motorcycle Officer will sit at the Fire Station on the left side and watch to se if your tires cross the double yellow lines. Any tire that crosses those dreaded lines will get you pulled over.

Nov 26, 2009 - Foothill Boulevard Near Baldwin Avenue: An Arcadia patrol car sits in the parking lot of the Mormon Church watching for drivers going over the posted 45MPH speed limit.

Many people have posted observations about their cities on The National Speed Trap Exchange. A resource such as this is only worthwhile if people participate.

What we would like to do here on the Tattler today is for you to post your traffic ticket experiences, and then we will use them to update the Sierra Madre page on the Speed Trap Exchange. All done anonymously, of course. Many neighboring towns have a lot more entrees there than we do (Pasadena has over 50), and we need to fix that inequity. And certainly there are things happening here that people need to know about.

Somebody out there will thank you if you do.


  1. Go the limit, nothing to worry about......HELLO!!!!!

  2. I'm up early, too. And by the way, I was under the impression that the city did not recieve any of the traffic ticket revenues. Please inform us about that.

  3. Yes 5:53, it is true. That money all goes to the owls.

  4. You sure about that, 6:15? I heard it goes into the General Donut Fund.

  5. Sierra Madre is the king of speed traps. Michillinda going north or south is a regular trap. Ridiculous 35 mile per hour speed limit makes ripe for frequent speeding violations. Cops have nothing to do in this town bar writing speeding tickets. They prey on moms dropping kids off at school and stop sign rolls.

  6. I've noticed the police always seem to be stopping young women and "stroller mom" types.
    Maybe it's just a coincidence? I hope so.
    Good thing old Larry Wilson (of "stroller mom lurking fame) isn't a Sierra Madre cop! LOL

  7. You get a ticket in Sierra Madre or Arcadia, our speed trap neighbor to the south and east, and pay these fines in Pasadena. How does the money get back to Arcadia and Sierra Madre? In the deep south you get to pay the fine to the highway patrol guy that stops you, or refusing that get to follow him to the court house and pay it there--or maybe that is just the way they handle out of state drivers. Got a traffic ticket once and turned it into confetti--oh, that was in Belgium, had a Singapore export plate, figured it didn't matter. Probably won't be driving in Belgium with an international drivers liscense ever again anyway.

  8. If all that money for traffic tickets written by Sierra Madre cops in Sierra Madre goes into some Pasadena slush fund, then that is the cherry on the cow pie. Good grief!

  9. When making a left turn in Arcadia, be careful not to "clip" the double yellow line, it is truly a no-no. It will get you a nice citation from Arcadia's finest.(As I did). It used to be in the old days, you had to be on the look out for muggers, now we have legal muggings.

  10. If you have a moving violation, and have a hearing date scheduled, ask the court to change the hearing date.
    The state police officers try to schedule all the hearings on the sameday, so they can get out on the road to issue more tickets.
    By changing the date, odds are the officer won't want to sit in court all day waiting to hear your case. If the officer doesn't show up, your ticket will be dismissed.

  11. Sir Eric, you are a brilliant man, but the first post today is irrefutable. In a town with the brave souls from CLIMB trusting us with their very lives, a school on every other street, including a nursery school at Vista Park, and one of the few places the aged feel comfortable walking, why would you encourage drivers to be less careful?

  12. A.J. - if people know there are speed traps in the area, then they won't drive fast, correct? Pedestrians are safe and the drivers don't get tickets. Best of all possible worlds, right?

  13. I had a bad run for a while. FOUR (count 'em) within a year.

    1. North on Baldwin just south of SM blvd. at about 11 pm

    2. North on Michillinda just before Orange Grove

    3. South on Hermosa. (Officer hides behind utility pole with radar and jumps out after you're busted

    4. Again on Hermosa, only one week after #3 (yes, I'm a slow learner)

    All were 10 mph over the speed limit. I did some rough calcs, during the period of time I received these tickets, approximately 2% of my driving was in Sierra Madre, yet all my tickets were here. Something is wrong with this picture.

    I've cleaned up my act. I'm EXTREMELY conscious of my speed now.

  14. To A.J.,
    You are absolutely right, its also a good reason to limit density in the towntown.

  15. One more comment on Hermosa:

    Officer Abbott: "Do you know why I stopped you?"

    Me: "Uh, because you've got nothing better to do?"

    Not really, but that's what I would have liked to say...

  16. One Sunday morning the good people at St. Rita's Church
    returned to their cars on Baldwin after mass to find tickets
    on the windshields of their cars. Their crime? The wheels
    of their cars weren't turned towards the curb.

  17. 8:06
    I'll bet that doesn't happen at Ascencion (Bumberger).

  18. A neighbor told me and I believe him. When he was pulled over for going 40 down Orange Grove, the Sierra Madre cop told him, "busted you" and gloated and acted all serious like 5 mph over the limit was a major violation.

    Which it is in Sierra Madre. That and skateboarders or kids with toy guns.

  19. the website should add not to sleep overnight in your car or SMPD Officer Amos will shoot you in the back

  20. once Barney got his motorcikle, he was all over town hiding behind bushes, peeking around buildings with his radar gun busting old ladies

    used to be that the prescence of police lead to compliance and awareness

    heaven knows we've got more cops per captia that just about any city in the US, you'd thunk some of those fat ass SM cops could get out around town, maybe even walk or ride bikes

  21. Ticketing is less frequent at the Ascension Church because
    the names of those worshipping there end in consonants.

  22. Where are the cops on Saturday Am when the bikers blow through every stop sign in town on Grandview and Sierra Madre Blvd?

    Cops say they will ticket them if they see it. On Sat am the cops are nowhere to be seen.

  23. Sir Eric, to call this time in history "this confusing age" presumes a time in history that was not confusing. That would have been..... when?

  24. There's another wild, radical way to avoid getting tickets - stop at stop signs and go the speed limit.
    No good?

  25. yet, the SMPD is far too busy to park a police car at Highland and SM Blvd to stop the bike riders who blast through the stop signs.

    I've sat there while a train of bike riders just kept riding through the sign. If there isn't car at the 4 way stop, bikers will just blast through, ignoring the law because their workout is just too damn important.

    The PD could have written 50 tickets yet where are they?

    Personally, it'd be nice to slow down the bikers because they smell up Starbucks. Nothing like standing in line behind sweaty fat men in tight spandex. Geeross.

  26. Lance in tight pantsOctober 29, 2010 at 8:38 AM

    C'mon 8:31, how many people get run over by bicycles?

  27. Don't mean to kill the anti-fuzz buzz or anything, but check out the US Census website figures for Transportation: Motor Vehicle Accidents and Fatalities

  28. 8:31, I see SM cops all the time in Starbucks.

  29. Some inspired Sierra Madreans put it in the General Plan that Sierra Madre would not have stoplights. So you have to have old school courtesy to drive here, and that's good. I can always tell out of towners at the stops because they want to race to be the first at the line, as in piggy gimme I go first. No problem piggies.
    As frustrating as it may be to move slowly when you drive here, be thankful for it. It's a big reason why drivers don't use us as a route on their commute. Too slow.

  30. These times are confusing because the history has yet to be written, Local Historian. Once that happens everything is crystal clear.

  31. I notice on the police blotter that the city is no longer boasting about writing tickets outside of the city limits.

    We used to see where the SMPD would write tickets deep into Arcadia and Pasadena. I wonder if they are stil doing that and not reporting it.

    People complained about it because why were our cops patrolling outside of SM in the middle of the night and not in SM?

    The Chief, in her infinite wisdom, commented in response to blog posts on the subject that her cops were following suspicious drivers or just happened to be driving back from the Pasadena jail at 3 am and saw a drunk driver on a surface street in Pasadena.

    Which both explanations were a crock.

    First you take the freeway to return to SM, not meaandering around Pasadena at 2 am and if you had a suspect, why would a SMPD officer follow a driver 3 miles into Arcadia?

    What was happening was our cops instead of patrolling SM at night, they were venturing outside of the city limits looking for a bust.

    Regardless, when they were in other cities, they weren't here.

    I'd bet that it is still happening, but the Chief wised up and stopped bragging about the busts and instead is hiding them.

  32. Talk about ego centricOctober 29, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    The other reason drivers don't use Sierra Madre as a route on their commute? Nobody wants to go 5 miles out of their way, you idjit!

    210, Foothill, even Orange Grove. But not Sierra Madre Blvd.

  33. It's like "undocumented" immigration. If it's a good idea, make it legal. If 45 on SMB is a good idea, make it legal.

  34. How about if car manufacturers took responsibility for the inferior products they produce, design and build affordable cars that use clean energy, and that cannot go beyond 50 miles an hour?
    That'd help.

  35. 8:38, that's not the point. Plus I've seen a bike run into a car that was in the intersection or myself, I've riders who lose focus weave left in front of me, but I digress.

    Our cops say they are about enforcing the law and if they are looking for easy money for the city, they can write 100 tickets a month, easy to bike riders who yield or blast through the stop signs.

    Either it's the law or it's not.

    Me thinks our cops are afraid of dealing with a mob of pissed off bike riders and would rather stay in their comfort zone, staring down harden criminals like moms and senior citizen drivers.

  36. Tickets, Tiers, Tears, TreacheryOctober 29, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    SSSH, Tiered Tickets headed your way. Obviously it is those quiet cities with no signal lights, you got to watch. Imagine what that has done to your poor police force that must get its quota. Poor little policepersons.
    Watching the city council people leave the Buccuneer, and not citing them, must be hell.
    Sir how many tiers am I holding up? Tiered driving lanes are in order. Tiering up your Tickets in Belguim or Sierra Madre is frowned upon and a tier consultant must be hired to study the tier habits and tierrible reactions, of teared reactions to tiered tickets.

  37. Sir or Madam at 8:51, I wrote that the slowness of the traffic and the lack of lights was a big reason for the undesirability of our streets, not the only reason. While I am in truth an idjit, my observation is still valid.

  38. 8:56, Jeez, we got 'em, they're called bicycles. Can we get back to bashing our corrupt politicians?

  39. I've got some great advice for drivers who consult the National Speed Trap Exchange:
    Avoid Sierra Madre all together.

  40. Nothing hidden will remain hiddenOctober 29, 2010 at 9:35 AM

    Hey Tatties, there is a new bell story, and a new tool to use against bond money abusers. Hint Hint, The Department of Corporations, in the LA times today. I am not sure how they have jurisdiction in bond issues anybody know?

  41. I can take it no longer. I live in Sierra Madre. And yes, I confess, I am an avid cyclist.

    Never once have I or my bike endangered your life. In contrast, I must be ever vigilant againt your latest knucklehead vehicular move. The worst are the fat hippies in Priuses. And some fat guy in the canyon who drives a Ford SUV and was quite rude as he raced to get another donut at Beantown one otherwise wonderful Sunday morn.

    Truth be told, I have improved your life by giving you something to grouse about besides that disengenuous product of a second rate legal education, the Mayor. Get over your bike obsession. Wave at the peloton as it goes through town. Revel in the joy of its members as they engage in a healthy activity that is the only fully ethnically diverse show in town.

    Allez, Allez! And fire the whole SMPD and that pompous twit with the big dyed red hair.

  42. Let me get this straight,
    we are going to give the SMPD a big raise, again, no wait, we are going to pay for the big raise, MOSCA and the BOBBLEHEADS are going to give them the raise.
    The REGIME will raise our water rates to pay for their dubious bonds and consultant friends, and other dirty deals for us.
    How's the new Mosca regime working out for all you dirts?
    Can't wait till you all get your big fat water/bond tax bills! You idiots!

  43. For all of you non-riders out thereOctober 29, 2010 at 10:10 AM

    •The peloton (from French, literally meaning little ball or platoon and also related to the English word pellet), field, bunch or pack is the large main group in a road bicycle race. Riders in a group save energy by riding close (drafting or slipstreaming) near (particularly behind) other riders.

  44. Joe Mosca's Sierra Madre - the worst government your money can buy.

  45. Maybe a bad-off is in order.

    Mosca, Buchanan or Doyle.

    And the winner is

    Doyle because he laid the groundwork for so much damage to follow his time in office.

  46. Compassionate GoblinOctober 29, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    Don't be so hard on the dirts, 10:10, they are just children grabbing candy out of the Halloween treat bowl, and happy to payout what ever it takes to "win". Or they think they are happy.

  47. Little old couple from PasadenaOctober 29, 2010 at 10:41 AM

    Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day my wife and I went into town and went into a shop. We were only in there for about 5 minutes. When we came out, there was a cop writing a parking ticket. We went up to him and said, "Come on man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?"

    He ignored us and continued writing a ticket. I called him a Nazi turd. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for worn tires. So my wife called him a sh**head. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more we abused him the more tickets he wrote...Personally, we don't care. We came into town by bus and saw the car had an Obama sticker. We try to have a little fun each day now that we're retired. It's important at our age.

  48. Bart's biggest sin is he turned Sierra Madre from a community and into a commodity. We are on the market now, and have been for a while. The Gang of 4 function pretty much in the same way used car salesmen do. Who knows, maybe they're on commission as well.

  49. For once we seriously disagree. Try walking across a busy street and see just why speed control and yes traps are needed..

    Control yourselves and your foot and you will get neither a ticket or caught in a speed trap.

    Something really odd happens when some of you get behind the wheel and it ain't good.

    So go on and roll through stop signs, fail to use your turn signals, show your disgust by tail gating, don't wait for pedestrians to reach the opposite curb, and speed, speed, speed. Lets hope you get beacoup tickets. You are the source of your own problems not the police.

  50. Very true 10:42.
    Before Bart, Sierra Madre had a reputation in the development community of being more trouble than it was worth.
    But with the emergence of Bart as a 'civic leader' the word went out that we were ripe for the picking.
    Been fighting to keep Sierra Madre ever since.

  51. Beware of horse applesOctober 29, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    Doyle, Leung, in chains being led off to prison is number one on my Christmas Wish list.

    Speaking of dangerous sports, how is the Clavacle?

    I personally want to return to horses, we rode our horses everywhere, the library, the store,
    it was a good life till the developers came.

    Do you have bike lanes? Are you guys getting bike speeding tickets? I was being so careful watching for kids in a school intersection once, that I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a policeman on a bike, and stopped so fast he nearly went though my back window. He was so happy to be alive he did not write me a ticket.

  52. Do you think that Capital Source, owner of the Stonegate and Stonehouse developments (in the bank's category of troubled real esate assets) has found Sierra Madre more trouble than its worth?

  53. What we need at 1 Carter and Stonegate are horses and roosters (needed to wake up the horses). We will have to have 10 gal plastic bags and 100 gal drums for depositing the road apples. Are those eventualities covered by the HMZ? Perhaps they are a part of the new General Plan.

  54. Habitats for TattlersOctober 29, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    Homesteading, homesteading is still allowed in CA. You got those lots listed with Long Dragon, and Tattlers could do a land rush type takeover and build little tiny structures. Me and the roosters are packing, I want the homestead next to Old Kentucky. Me and the roosters are packing, as far as road apples they are recycled hay, and good for replenishing soil. We can be Tattler Towne.

  55. Innerestin' to think that those Robt Ho Houses could turn out to be low density chicken coops.

  56. Sorry, folks, I won't be much help here. I'm still stuck on skateboarding in the business district as a misdemeanor. Another ridiculous past-time of the police.

  57. The past two days, around noon, a policeman has been sitting in his car parked on Orange Grove about half way between Baldwin and Santa Anita.
    Cars usually go about 40-45 there.

  58. I'm down at the Apple store in Pasadena.
    Googled in and it popped up automatically.
    People are using these computers to get on the Tattler.
    Is that awesome or what, Crawford?

  59. Take it from an Apple addict, do your shopping at Dy-No Computer on Colorado up by PCC. They sell nothing but Apple stuff, just like the Apple Store. But the staff at Dy-No are hardcore. They know their Macs like nobody else. The little secret is that the Apple Store often refers people to Dy-No.

  60. fellow apple addictOctober 29, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    Well, since we're there:
    anybody got a comment about the ipad?
    Worth $500?

  61. Yes, without a doubt. You can take your computer world with you wherever you go.

    If you want it, but it. No need to deny
    yourself on something as cool as that.

  62. soon to be ipad ownerOctober 29, 2010 at 3:02 PM

    So the measure for fiduciary sobriety is coolness.

  63. You need to be a martyr to coolness. Buy the iPad but also assume you'll never save enough to retire and that you'll work 'til you drop.

    I call it Consumer Existentialism. Many live it yet never fully understand what cosmic heroes they truly are.

  64. Every time the Tattler runs articles about the police, somebody brings up the shooting of a sleeping/waking man in his car. I am firmly opposed to giving the police in Sierra Madre any more money at all, and am interested in the sheriffs if they'll save us money, so don't bring that up, but!!!!! That guy SLEPT THROUGH being towed, and did not let the officers know he was there! I am not saying the officer should have shot him. Obviously he should not have, and needs remedial lessons in the use of deadly force. Probably shouldn't even have deadly force. But the guy who SLEPT THROUGH being towed shares some responsibility for what happened.

  65. Old Timer at 10:51-you are wrong in thinking that all this is the result of Bart. Long before Bart Sierra Madre had a reputation as being ripe for the pickings among builders and developers. It was just small pickings and went unnoticed. If anybody held it down to a dull roar it was a former building inspector that the current bunch, under Bart, wanted to neutralize. He nearly got fired and we went to bat for him. Now he is retired and gone on to better things. We had a City Administrator who also covered all the activities that are today under the distinct Department of Development Services and woud interpret the code one way one day and another way the next. What you are absoluted right about is the Bart kicked it up several notches as did the pay off (big money, big money) for all those builders and developers chomping at the bit.

  66. I could tell you but I won't--

    I have my route out of town in the morning that avoids all the school traffic, all the commuter traffic and all the Arcadia street work clogs. It is scenic and I arrive at the gym or coffee shop, etc. relaxed, not stressed. Even if I am late, no matter, I am retired--so how cool is that. Takes a lot of years working up to this point, I might add.

    Actually, I try to stay out of the way of everyone else because they are all late. I had a revelation the other day that the-late-to-school-mom- drivers are really sending a terrible message to their kids. "It is my minute--get out of my way." It is easy to get out of practice driving like a maniac--which I did as well as everyone else when I was in the morning freeway madness.

    Walk the extra block--never park on Baldwin or SM Blvd. Never. Using a Sierra Madre cross walk is a test of nerves and compassion. Those folks are late. Hang back til the crush passes. Walk slowly to Bean Town. Lovely!

  67. Off topic but omg, I just got a robo call from an episcopalian priest who was plugging no on 23 as "religious leaders from all faiths" were doing.
    Now that's low.

  68. 4:13 I hear you and feel the same way sometimes. At about 2 P.M. last Tue I was behind a white SUV on Sierra Madre Blvd. just east of The Only Place. A blind person was attempting to cross N to S in the cross walk. The SUV did not even slow down. Fortunately there was someone training the white caned person and he grabbed from behind and let the SUV roar through. My observation is that the lighter the traffic, more speed and disregard seems to be the rule. And I think but not sure the driver was on a cell phone. The hand was at the ear. Again the lighter the traffic the faster they drive......sorry! Sierra Madre is all down hill!

  69. WOW!!! Are there any good police officers left in our town? I used to be able to name all of them, and they were friendly. Today it seems more like, "us against them". I'm sorry, I don't have much respect for our police department these days. just my opinion..

  70. Of course Sierra Madre is all downhill. Translated, it's name is "Mountain range Mother".
    Mother of a ride, I'm sure

  71. So what is it you used to do, 6:22 pm, that you had cause to meet so many policemen that you don't do now?

  72. 6:22:

    After reading several posts, it seems like it's more like "many of you against all of them." Just another opinion....

    Another thought.....maybe the "Gang of 4" would enact an ordinance that would grant all card carrying Sierra Madre residents immunity from any prosecution, kinda like diplomatic immunity. That would allow you to speed, and you wouldn't have to stop at stop signs! You could also make illegal U-turn's, and get wouldn't have to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. You could do whatever else your little old heart desires. Wouldn't that be great?

  73. Have you folks ever met Denny Doyle Mayor of Beaverton Oregon, another dornplatz city in deep doo doo, and even a connection to a transit center!!! His face is on the city hall web site. Their stories in the paper are a mirror reflection to Sierra Madres and you can see the family resemblance.

  74. 6:46 it would be mother mountain range, since they use the reverse way of english i.e. casa blanca is house white, green chile is chile verde, either way it is beautiful

  75. sierra also means saw in Spanish--the padres and explorers were looking at the physical attributes of the range of mountains (a series of peaks in a row) we now call the Sierra Nevada-- nevada means snowfall (the original reference is a mountain range is Southern Spain of the same name). The Fremont map making party in 1845 used the Spanish name for this long, impressive mountain range and it use continued with English speakers who came later. So, why did the founders of Sierra Madre chose this name for this town those many years later?

  76. 9:04, we knew about what Greg Galletly, dba Dorn Platz, was doing in Beaverton before the council of 2004 went into business with him. In fact, the then mayor of Beaverton called the then mayor of Sierra Madre the day of the disastrous decision to tell him not to go into business with Greg.

  77. 11:19 thanks, I see it was a rob drake, who was the mayor and now see stories about denny doyles backing by nike, and rob's defeat, from the stories in Beaverton. It is insidious, looks like joffe was mayor in 2004 and bart was mayor before? Talk about a set up, there are still as of july 2010 stories in Beaverton and the fall out.

  78. The Fix is in....

    SMPD is taking advantage of a stacked deck when it comes to banging out speeding tickets to cars heading eastbound on Grandview just east of Santa Anita. The posted speed limit is 30 MPH. They camp out a the bottom of (ski jump-like hill where the laws of gravity make it very easy for a responsible motorist to suddenly find themselves violating the law. I have received two tickets in the last 20 years (400,000 miles of driving). BOTH HAVE BEEN AT THIS LOCATION IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS. The second being last Saturday night (42 mph). Likewise my wife, who has never received a citation in her life was pulled over at this location (She was let go with a's a girl thing, 45 mph).

    I am all for public safety...I am also all for the city raising revenue responsibly...The Grandview Speed Trap is just that a TRAP It's unfair and unreasonable.


  79. ....correction heading westbound from Santa Anita ("down the shoot")

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