Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sierra Madre's City Council Doesn't Trust Sierra Madre

"We don't have to do that, MaryAnn." - Josh Moran

In listening to last night's City Council meeting I couldn't help but reflect upon what it is the Gang of 4 really fears here. And that is the people of the town they claim to govern.

Take the water rate hike. Their first year proposed increase was 15%. But then a group of folks went out, collected over 2,000 protest signatures, and effectively shut their water rate hike down. So now they're talking about what, a 7% first year increase?

If the people of Sierra Madre hadn't hit the streets and gotten all of those signatures, that original 15% water rate hike would not have only stood, but we'd also be paying it by now.

The people of Sierra Madre defeated this City Council over raising the cost of water, forcing them to come back and ask for less than half of what they'd hoped to get in the first year.

Obviously "The Gang" has something to be concerned about.

At last night's meeting we heard plenty about "tiered payments." The Gang of 4 spent an awful lot of time defending them. For an hour or so it was just about all they talked about. Was that because they really care all that much about what is statistically, at least in its current form, something that amounts to only a little money? How do you explain this strange passion?

The answer to that question is clear. In order to avoid a return to the Proposition 218 protest process (in their opinion), this City Council could not in any way change their original water rate increase proposal. And that includes the part about tiered payments. If they had heeded the will of the people and gotten rid of something almost unanimously reviled here, it would trigger Proposition 218 and bring it back into play. And that could lead to the same kind of embarrassment at the hands of the people of Sierra Madre they'd experienced last spring.

A prospect that obviously disturbs them.

MaryAnn MacGillivray proposed the formation of a rate payers committee that would study the water funding problems this town faces, and come back with some recommendations for the City Council. You could almost hear the squeak of John Buchanan's Fruit of the Looms climbing up into his great beyond. Because a committee that would represent a cross section of Sierra Madreans could only mean one thing, the potential for them not getting our money for a second time. And the last thing this City Council would ever want is to have to hear the voice of the people on that topic again.

After what happened last April and May, they have some trust issues.

MaryAnn also raised the point that in order to properly engage the rate payers of this town in raising the cost of water, the City Council should really consider bringing back the Proposition 218 process. After all, if the rate hike proposal they're cooking up now is fair and equitable, whatever would they have to fear?

You'd have thought the Gang of 4 had just seen a ghost.

Many of the misgivings the people of Sierra Madre feel for their City Council stem from the perception that it is a closed and secretive society, one that steadfastly refuses to listen to anyone but its own small circle of friends. That it is the voice of an elite group of people, one that believes only their own opinions and priorities count. An entitled group that instinctually feels the need here is to rule through force and intimidation rather than consensus and compromise.

And by attempting to shut down the rate payers right to redress their grievances over this badly mishandled water rate hike, that is exactly what this City Council showed us last night.

Another point

Let me tell you what I believe this is really all about. You might not agree, but at least you are allowed to post your opinions here and be heard. Even if it takes more than three minutes. Or involves clapping.

What this City Council is actually concerned about here is Sierra Madre's bond rating. Currently we hold a bond rating of 'AA,' which puts us in the third tier (so to speak) behind cities holding 'AAA' and 'AA+' ratings. Double A is not a bad thing. It is considered to be the mark of a town that has an acceptable balance sheet and is capable of paying its bills on time. But it is an inferior rating. And in a time when credit is as tight as it is right now, why would any financial institution want to give its best rates and terms to an also-ran rated City like ours?

But if water rates were increased, allowing the City to accumulate cash above and beyond the bond covenants that bind us, our rating could very well rise back up to the 'AAA' level we enjoyed before the Shenanigan Era laid us low. Despite our being $19 million dollars in debt.

Joe Mosca, speaking at this City Council's recent "Strategic Planning Goals & Objectives Retreat" held at the YAC, expressed his feelings about the need to sell more bonds. When Elaine Aguilar expressed her doubts about this being a politically wise move right now, Joe challenged his fellow Councilmembers to act like leaders and convince the people of Sierra Madre that in order to function like modern cities we would have to take on even more debt than we have now. It was an embarrassing moment for the adults in the room.

The Gang's agenda is based on the sale of more bonds, and the accumulation of more debt. The rate hike would barely touch the pile of water infrastructure repairs that are required, instead, as Elaine Aguilar noted in her letter to Earl Richey, go almost exclusively to the servicing of bond debt. With the actual repairs requiring an additional $14 million above and beyond what the rate hike would provide. There are also sewers and street paving to consider, and bond sales are the preferred route there as well. The Gang apparently wants to run this city on the Sacramento formula of debt and indifference to the burden it will put on future generations.

All of which made John Buchanan's "duty now for the future" remarks seem especially trite.

It is also important to look back and see how this City Council's position on the water rate hike has changed over the last few months. At first it was all about repairing the City's water infrastructure. And that was how the 37% water rate hike was first marketed to people here. We needed to hand over more of our cash or face the catastrophic collapse of our water delivery systems.

But now that argument is apparently inoperative. Mostly because of the revelations about massive bond debt first made public on this blog. And at last night's meeting it was all about maintaining the sanctity of our bond covenants lest we some how go into some sort of credit crisis that would cause us all sorts of financial misfortune. Like a collapse in our bond rating, or the loss of some as yet to be identified federal grant money.

But as we said, there really would be precious little money in this water rate hike to fix our pipes, no matter how rusty or old. Despite what you might have heard now from this same City Council last Spring, it was always about bonds and servicing the debt.

So why wasn't information about Sierra Madre's considerable bond debt shared with the residents last spring when the rate hike process first began? As legally required? Why were we told this was really all about raising the cash necessary to repair water infrastructure instead?

Because back then we had legal recourse through Prop 218, and paying more money for something as mundane as Enid Joffe and Bart Doyle's costly bond investments might have had an unintended effect on the bill payers. Or so they feared. They chose to go with the rusty pipes story instead.

This City Council believes that they have effectively denied us our Prop 218 rights, thereby rendering us powerless in this process. So now they can afford to tell us the truth. Why? Because they think we can no longer fight back.

It might be your money, but this City Council believes it is their right to take it, and with minimal bother from the likes of you. As we saw last night, they get very annoyed when people put up a fuss about such things.

But you know what? You really aren't supposed to know all that much about this stuff. It's just the kind of information you needn't have. Because if you did you might begin to question the legitimacy of claims just like the ones that were made last night from the City Council dais.

If there is one thing the Gang of 4 does not like, it is townies with opinions and the desire to express them. It is obvious that they just don't trust those kinds of folks, or particularly want to hear from them.

Just ask Earl Richey about his experiences with a very snotty Joe Mosca.

One more thing

Yesterday this blog went over the 100,000 'page views' mark. When Blogger (a part of Google and the host of The Tattler) first put a "stats checker" function on this site last July, I was astonished by what it showed. This little local blog, which discusses the political affairs of a rather small out of the way LA County town, actually has an awful lot of people reading it. Far more than I ever thought.

What this means is that every time someone clicks on a Tattler article, a "page view" is registered. And since July 1st of this year 100,000 such page views have been counted. And friends, that is quite a few for a town like this one.

People are hungry for real and meaningful news about this town, and know they just aren't getting it from poorly executed lockstep party line publications like the Sierra Madre Weekly and the Looney View News.

And the numbers show it.


  1. Moran, who sneers at anyone coming to the podium to speak had the audacity to say that those who speak at the council meetings are the only ones in the city who distrust the council. It's all those thousands at home who are the real belivers, who trust the gang of 4 to represent them and only them and don't need to attend the meetings.

    Buchanan stated that the 20 people that regularly attend the meetings in the city do not speak for the rest of the city. He said he was elected to decide for those out there who do not come and express an opinion.

    And I'm sure you all noticed how they treated MaryAnn as if she wasn't even there, completely dismissing any ideas she had. Miss Bobblehead Walsh on the other hand never has an idea if her own and is content to say I agree with whatever John and Joe say.

    So, I guess we are all wasting our time and energy to attend the meetings, as the gang of 4 have already made up their minds and don't want to be confused with the facts.

  2. Not a threat, but a promiseOctober 27, 2010 at 2:15 AM

    But it isn't just "20 people in the audience" is it, Joe? Isn't it almost 2,000 people who signed water rate increase protest letters, Joe?

    We'll see what they think about a 15% hike the first year.

  3. Councilman Moran seemed particularly upset by MaryAnn's comment about the people not trusting this City Council. The poor thing sputtered and reddened like a beet.

  4. People pay me for this . . .October 27, 2010 at 7:04 AM

    Josh, my dear boy, if only 20 people distrusted the council you would not have had Measure V. Nor would you have had 1700 signatures on the water hike protests.

    Here is another bit of advice. The water hike issue is no longer about water rates - assuming it ever was. It is about trust and nothing else. In fact, trust has been the fundamental issue in this town ever since the council decided to proceed with a DSP non one wanted.

    The council can either address this or perpetuate the distrust.

  5. To all those people who voted for Mosca, Moran and Walsh?
    How's everything working out for you?
    Haven't noticed YET? You will. Wait until you get your water bills, you tax raises. Wait until construction starts downtown. Wait until they overturn Measure V.
    You damn IDIOTS! You will get the "change" you all deserve. It's going to shock and stun you.
    Don't you people realize that these people, Mosca, Buchanan, Doyle, Moran, and Walsh are your enemies?
    Just you will!

  6. The only way to stop Mosca and Buchanan and the interests they work for is to keep our money out of their hands. Starve the beast and it can't hurt you.

  7. Good Morning Mr. Crawford, and thank you for your level-headed discourse on last night's proceedings. It is a refreshing change from my own obscenity laced reactions. Some of my notes are incomprehensible and use the same swear word as noun, verb and adjective. I finally saw it's all about their egos for Buchanan, Moran and Mosca. They are three people enraged by what they perceive as a challenge to their own sense of self importance. In other words, we are dealing with an extremely youthful insecurity. Very difficult to bring reason to the table.

  8. Don't worry, Gof4, everyone will forget what you are attempting to do in two years. Joe will go on to bigger and better opportunities. Sierra Madre, the career stepping stone, for you will be only a memory for your political resume.
    But, we will be carrying the bond papers for alot longer. Thanks Joe.

  9. John Buchanan missed his calling. He wants to be a preacher y'all, he wants to show y'all the way to higher moral ground, to give his sermons and take care of his flock.

    His performance as a city council member has caused people to leave the political process.

  10. The gang of 4 are cowards.

  11. It was ironic to see LA County Dems like Buchamoramosca going the "silent majority" route last might. You could almost hear the unquiet ghost of Richard Nixon fluttering about the room.

  12. The best thing for this town, would be to loose it's bond rating.We would be far better off.

  13. How to destroy a small town... create a system that attaches to the accepted economic under which we function that is essentially cancerous just like the housing bubble that was created and subsequently destroyed. You cannot create wealth from nothing.

  14. Council member Walsh did not have a good night.

    In the council reports she said she finally got to a COG meeting. Nothing about what the meeting was about, but she got there. Huh.

    Later she was parroting Johnny B to an embarrassing degree - even to using the same words. "Down the road" we'll consider this or that.

    Anyone want to take a bet that she will never disagree with Buchanan?

  15. Remember, John and John without our money to spend are nothing more than talking heads. Keep that in mind as we now proceed to shut off the tap.

  16. Tattler!
    How about the fact that the city gave out a WISH LIST of projects to bolster their need to get moah money moah money from us?
    A wish list!

  17. The Prop 218, petition proves an overwelming vote against the city council's tax and spend doctine.
    They think because they won an election, everything they "cook up" is a mandate, and what the town wants.

  18. You are all overreacting to Josh Moran's remark about the town trusting him except for a few political activists.
    He just wants to be alone.
    You distinctly harsh his mellow when you show up to participate as a dedicated American citizen.
    Be cool man. Stay home, don't watch, and let Josh Moran run things.

  19. Mosca hit a new height of snitfitedness last night with Earl Richey. Gotta love Mosca's final witty remark: "Thank you so much for taking so much time."

  20. In one way the Gang of 4 was not too stupid. They sure stepped around anything that would trigger prop 218 again. Moran was dangerously close when he talked about trying to help the people who have 1" meters from that bogus extra charge they pay.
    Sorry folks, you were thrown to the wolves last night. If they helped you, they'd have to start 218 again.

  21. 8:15

    Wow, that's the "pot calling the kettle black" now isn't it?

    Narcissistic Mosca wastes more time at these council meetings than anyone I can ever remember.

    The man as a complete a-hole.

  22. The stole the Proposition 218 process, and now they're going to
    suck every dime out of your pocket that they can. What awesome
    leaders we have.

  23. Faye Angus asked some great questions, and Attorney Levin made an interesting answer to one about defaulting on the bond. She said we were a long ways between now and there. Well damnit get your story straight. Are we in financial difficulties or not. I for one and sick of trying to understand what the city rulers are trying to say without coming out and saying it. We're a long ways between now and there? Fine, then get your hands off my money.

  24. Their inability to stick to any message shows how little
    they really care about what residents think.

    Never has so much pride been this ready for its fall.

  25. All those who brave the night to attend these meetings deserve the thanks of all of us who cannot or will not take the time to attend. You are truly the best of our city.
    Don't believe the council wanting to marginalize you. They would like nothing better to "hide" . They seem to have forgotten they are supposed to represent everyone, and seriously listen to you.

  26. Expletitves DeletedOctober 27, 2010 at 8:37 AM

    Mr Buchanan has serious psychological issues. His grandiosity is stunning. His view of himself as a statesman, with those pregnant pauses, bizarre gestures, self-important mid-sentence reflections on the gravity of his discourse, could only be approximated by Will Ferrell on SNL. Mr Buchanan, seek help, and by the way, what you do is not called "governing" no matter how much of your pompous rhetoric you try to bring to your defense. Your passion to paint yourself as a leader is symptomatic of your deep realization that you are a fraud and a manipulator and an exploiter. A leader would at least listen to the voice of the people. All you hear is your own bombastic rhetoric.

  27. 8:31

    Great comment, friend!
    Anyone who believes this criminal gang of 4 and accomplices aren't getting something into their own pockets is naive.

  28. Tattler posters!
    Bravo! You are at your best this morning.
    Keep hammering the bums!

  29. 8:37, Bravo or Brava.
    Thank you for that precise and accurate analysis.

  30. channel 3 watcher when it's workingOctober 27, 2010 at 8:48 AM

    The man who spoke whose name is like Capucino? Sorry for wrecking it, but that guy - that's a guy who could do a good job helping the city out of the impending financial disasters. He suggested that we reduce all expenses across the board. Imagine that.

  31. Joe's got a new buzz word: prudent.
    OK Joe, so let's hear your spin on debts being prudent.
    And Buchanan, just because MacGillivray says something about residents seeing a direct benefit doesn't mean you have to launch into a save the town for the future by going into debt forever speech. As Angus told pour mayor last water rate tax hike meeting, Lighten up.

  32. Friends and neighbors, I'm afraid that the real problem is that the CC-1 just doesn't have the brain power to understand the challenges, other than let;'s get more taxes to keep faltering systems together for another year or two. They might not want to get the residents of this town, but even if they wanted to? Don't think they have the capacity.

  33. Having no principles themselves, Joe and John are completely baffled
    when people choose to exercise theirs.

  34. John, it's really great that you have 100,000 page hits, but what we really need is for some of you hitters to attend these council meetings LIVE and SPEAK OUT. Bucanan and Moran have these little fairies in their ears telling them that the people that do attend the meetings are not the real Sierra Madreans. C'mon, show up!

  35. Hey, Derek B.
    How much did the gang of 4 offer you to support their agenda?

  36. Did anybody else hear Joe Mosca say the water system "is not fragile, it's not gonna break down" when he was defending the previous councils decisions to put us so deeply in debt?
    He was arguing that they did the right thing, and the result is that the water system "is not fragile, it's not gonna break down"
    I kid you not. He said that.

  37. Yes 8:57!!!!
    MacGillvray said it would be right to start the Proposition 218 process again. Right. The others said we are not obligated to, so there. And she said but it would be the right thing to do. They were deaf to the idea of the principle.

  38. Ah back off 8:59.
    He defended his point of view well. And he's right that if we are going to have tiers, there should be a much greater difference between them. And we are going to be tiered, make no mistake about that. It's just that the council could not make useful tiers without starting again which would involve trusting the people who live here.

  39. Todays Pasadena Star Headline, "Pasadena Cutting More Expenses"

    Last night's Council, Sierra Madre must pass hugh water tax increase, Pay Legal Council More (closed decision), negotiate pay raises for Police Force, push for additional bonded indebitedness. Wow!!

    Prop 19 already being used in Sierra Madre. Our Council has no clue!!

  40. How come Sierra Madre even needs tiers?
    Why shouldn't the council trust the people who live here?
    What is this scam?
    You part of it, 9:07?

  41. duty for the future, is that what buchanan said?

    just more of buchanans bull dooty

  42. so when Moron, as a non resident as a realtor and a mortage peddler used to speak before the council against the council, it was okay and civil?

    the dude is a worm

  43. what Buchanan doesn't understand is that he, Mosca, Moron and Walsh don't speak for a majority of the city

    they speak for the real estate salesmen, a couple of developers and mostly for their own employers

  44. how can Moran even be appalled at the notion that he isn't trusted?

    when someone states publically that as a Councilman, he has all intentions of putting his friends on city committees, he's lost all objectivity and any shread of respect

    he's done, I have no use for a guy like that

    at least he's upfront about being dishonest in his role as Councilman

    not to mention the little tidbit where when Measure V was being debated, he advocated for a boycott of Sierra Madre businesses that advertised in a paper that he didn't approve of. he denies it but many of us know it to be a fact.

    what a clown, how did he get elected?

  45. 8:37's comment was so right I just had to repeat it, what I've thought about him since moment one

    Expletitves Deleted said...

    Mr Buchanan has serious psychological issues. His grandiosity is stunning. His view of himself as a statesman, with those pregnant pauses, bizarre gestures, self-important mid-sentence reflections on the gravity of his discourse, could only be approximated by Will Ferrell on SNL. Mr Buchanan, seek help, and by the way, what you do is not called "governing" no matter how much of your pompous rhetoric you try to bring to your defense. Your passion to paint yourself as a leader is symptomatic of your deep realization that you are a fraud and a manipulator and an exploiter. A leader would at least listen to the voice of the people. All you hear is your own bombastic rhetoric.

    October 27, 2010 8:37 AM

  46. Buchanan and Mosca didn't get on the Council to solve serious problems, they can't do that, it's not in their nature given their chosen professions.

    They both want a perosnal legacy, an ego boost, to be somebody, to have people listen to them, to be important, to show how smart they are and to benefit their emplolyers, since their employers give them considerable time off to represent the company as part of the company public affairs stragety.

    It's evident with how they tackle problems. They dont use common sense, a character flaw of many unsuccessful lawyers, they use irrational logic and distort facts as if nobody is smart enough to figure out their scams.

    Mosca's idea is just to borrow more money and build a $50,000 reception area for city hall?

    Buchanan's idea is to borrow more money to build a $ 7 MILLION library?

    Both flat out lied about the "emergency" failure of our water pipes and then Mosca admits that we are in no immediate danger.

    Those two must have flunked ethics in lawyer school. I can't call them "attorneys" because they don't practice law, they abuse it and neither has seen the inside of a court room in a real case....aka Kurt Zimmerman.

    If they had been paying attention in law school or even with Law & Order tv shows, an attorney puts up evidence that can easily be refuted, such as the LIE about why they needed the water tax hike.

    Face it people, we elected a couple of LIARS and we can never take any suggestion or proposal or vote without careful scrutiny.

    A couple of mouthpiece corporate grifters who show up into town, sell snake oil charm and immediately have to be "somebody" - at our expense.

    Nothing personal, but I think both are complete axeholes, professionally speaking.

  47. We are seriously going to have to block these people from having the power to spend.
    And the benefits/retirement system for the government employees is going to have to go through some corrections.
    It's like a parasite destroying its host.

  48. Angus on Canon made a very funny remark at one point. She asked the council "not to retrospect on the fact that you were not involved" when various Shenanigans took place.
    Except for clueless Joe, the people up front seemed to follow her advice. There was much less "I wasn't here, it wasn't me".
    Except for Slow Joe.

  49. City Hall is fighting for its survival now. Revenues are down and a cash squeeze has become apparent. Other towns are laying people off for similar reasons. What we are being asked to do is help to financially assure the survival of something that does not serve us very well. But City Hall does have a City Council that is willing to out their interests ahead of ours. The taxpayers are the odd man out here. We need to reassert our authority and make sure these people understand who works for whom.

  50. I was also very surprised about the wish list. Was that common knowledge and I just wasn't paying attention?
    I thought that list was a serious presentation out of city hall about what we needed money for.

  51. You are right that John has some serious issues. His bigget issue is power. When Don Watts was on the City Council Don said that he was there to listen to the people and carry out the will of the people. John has said on more than one occasion that HE was elected and HE is there to govern i.e. dictate.

  52. Last night Elaine said the City was not considering any more water bonds. There is one reason for that.....the currrent bond documents state that the revenue from the Water Department can only be used for these bonds. Can't issue any more.

  53. When is a pay raise not a pay raise??

    When it is an annual increase based on how long you work?? for the city.

    When you get more money due to inflation??

    Can I have a "not a pay raise"?"?

  54. I am delighted over the outrage expressed in the Tattler over the direction the City Council has been directing the City.9:45 hit it on the mark.Other communities are feeling the pinch and are adjusting their budgets accordingly.So, is this the moment to open the city coffers and throw money about in generous raises and questionable projects which can only lead to impoverishment of their property owners?

  55. Walk out of the meeting en masseOctober 27, 2010 at 11:29 AM

    John Buchanan would not say that if Lorena Bobbitt was sitting next to him. When he said govern, it was like a double entrendre. It reminded me of men that drive you out to the country, and say if you don't let me govern you, you are going to walk home.

  56. A statue was put up in the Sierra Madre Library.
    Governer Mosca came to dedicate it, a statue of Buchanan. It was covered with bird poop. A bird on the statue, started to talk, or was it the statue of Buchanan that started pontificating?...."keep it under 3 minuets, Joe"
    I woke up yelling "is this what we paid 7 million dollars for"?

  57. Have your children say they refuse to pay this future bond debtOctober 27, 2010 at 11:44 AM

    You got to fight on their level. You need to quit being so nice. You need to do what other folks do in the lowlands. In my city they employ children and police explorers to stack the council meetings with speaker cards, and a whole line of children will be told what issue to address. They use it in parks and recreation funding a lot. What could the city say to a bunch of children saying their parents and grandparents cannot afford this increase, does that mean they won't have any water to drink? Please don't take our water, etc. I'll have to get rid of little fluffy because we won't be able to afford water for him. Oh please Mr Mosca, please save fluffy.

    Don't think I am kidding you, because you are the fluffies to them. Just accept that you are bambi's and they already shot your mother.

  58. Clapper at 10:52

    The difference between John Buchanan and Don Watts is glaring!
    Buchanan is a narcissistic authoritarian.
    Don Watts was an genuine authority figure on the council.

  59. The avian epaulets for the Buchanan statue. Were they green?

    Start a Petition for free
    from (
    we will see if it is just 20 people
    I am tired of going to city council meetings Because it insults my intelligence
    and they do not care what rate payer say

    what a gorgeous day

  61. Mayor Slowjoe asked for a 'rationale' for the meter size charge. Inman was very thorough in his explanation. A larger meter turns out to be attached to a household that uses more water. So they impact the system more. So they get a meter charge that is more.
    As the youth say, WTF?

  62. Look, if these goons, this gang of 4, represented the majority of residents in Sierra Madre, we'd be in the middle of a downtown specific plan disaster.
    There would not BE a charming village if the realtor/development/bigutilitiy consortiums had been successful.
    We have a town because
    1. they weren't interested in it and
    2. when they did get interested they found out we can fight.

  63. The Medium Is The MessageOctober 27, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    Yes, brilliant 11:44 and 11:51! Engage them on our own terms. We are the patriots, the Americans, they are the British, taxing without representation, marching in fancy uniforms, hiding behind ceremony. Don't meet them on their turf in the council meeting. Shoot them from behind the trees. If they think there are only 20 of us, show them a petition with 200 or 2,000 signatures. Then at least they won't be able to say we don't exist. Personally, my wife and I would only attend a council meeting as part of a mob. Just a thought, go to the park, by the cannon, if a mob forms, join it. If not you may as well go home.

  64. I hope Chief Diez has read Buchanan, Mosca, Moran, Walsh Levin and Agiular their Miranda Rights. Or perhaps they should start taking the 5th at Council Meetings.

    On Buchanan's psychological profile. Has anyone noticed a manic depresive thing? I bet he is a terror when his temper surfaces.

    On Moran's "take" on those being in favor of a Water Tax because they do not show up at Council Meetings to protest; it shows a dyslesic mind not able to cope with reality.

    And Sandra Levin who spreads Prop 218 cow paddies for those who "govern" to step in, is at least honest. Its about the money for her.

    Shakespear is alive and well writing in Sierra Madre.

  65. Use Survey Monkey, the petition site is for big political issues pointed at the elected types at state and assembly level. Ask about how the expenditures should be handled, by item.

    It's free and can be sent around to known e-mail addys to local residents. The Tattler can post a link to it. The work would be in the verification of the e-mails, of course. It's not a vote, just an opinion survey...

    Would be interesting to figure out how to word the questions, since the rationales given to date about the items have not been truthful. How do you voice an opinion if the facts are not accurately presented? That in and of itself is an issue that should go to court or to the ballot box, since it utterly corrupts any public discussion or civic problem resolution. This is about the residents and their money.

    CC-1 couldn't even pass a basic civics class.

  66. One thousand gallons issues through a 1/2 inch meter,
    If one thousand gallons issues through a 1 inch meter,
    What is Master Inman's solution?

  67. Romancing the bonds..October 27, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    Not to digress but the city of Irwindale had some of its city leaders get sweeped and sweaped
    upon this morning. They got arrested. Too many New York trips for bonds. Hear that John "bond" Buchanan? Better wear nice clean jammies for a while.

  68. Thank you 12:36. How about one question to start: Do you want to start over from scratch on the water rate question with prop 218 redress.

  69. Zen Koan, thank you. That's it!!!
    But I feel sorry for Director Inman on that one.
    He's stuck carrying the water and that bucket be leaking.

  70. Inman is also the one who said tiers don't work when he presented the tier structure to us many moons ago.

    So another koan?

    A tier is in place to encourage conservation.
    A tier does not encourage conservation.

  71. If two thousand protests fall on the emperor's deaf ears,
    How can he govern the people?

  72. No 1:10, that's more Lao Tsu.

  73. Two thousand protests are heard by the emperor.
    Two thousand protests are not heard by the emperor.

    That's koaning it. Except our misguided mayor will no doubt get a kick out of being called an emperor. I bet he doesn't read the Tattler.

  74. I think what the City Council has somehow missed out on is just how sick to death people are with government in this state. Asking for more money while telling two distinctly different tales to justify the additional confiscation only triggers thoughts of all the outrages going on in California, both statewide and at the individual city level. They were running into a strong headwind anyway. Their inability to tell a straight story has only made their problems worse.

  75. We need the extra money to repair the water pipes.

    Did we say repair your water pipes? What we really meant is that we need the extra money to maintian a water fund reserve to satisfy old bond obligations.

    Did we say maintain a water fund reserve? What we really meant was maintian our new bond rating so that we can borrow $20 million more.

  76. Um, so when's the Revolution?

  77. The revolution?

    Do you mean in dental care or sneaker design?

  78. Nicely summarized 1:52.

    From the mind so to speak of our mayor:
    Previous councils went into debt so that our system is not fragile, it's not gunna break down; the 90 year old pipes are gunna break down.

    And what is with that 9:00 break he calls for at each and every meeting?

  79. FORENSIC AUDIT NOW!! Send emails, letters, phone calls to city mananger. Everyone reading this who cares:

    DEMAND IT!!!!!

    This will be the only way to get the goods on these criminals.

    FORENSIC AUDIT NOW! DEMAND IT! Contact Elaine Aguilar at City Hall. Contact MaryAnn MacGillivray, as she is the only one who will read your email.

  80. Josh Moran said that regarding conservation, "establishing a tier system has been proven to do this."
    Maybe he was out of town on business when Bruce Inman announced otherwise.

  81. Good catch 2:35. Did you hear this golden moment from Nancy Walsh?
    "It doesn't matter to me what the percentages are" she just wants to meet the bond covenants.
    Ah Nancy.
    Poor old girl has trouble whenever she goes off script from Buchanan's avuncular advice.
    Johnny B plays her like a fiddle.

  82. Nostradamus he ain'tOctober 27, 2010 at 2:56 PM

    The discussions about Buchanan need to include his taste for threatening worse things to come if we don't agree with him. Now it is that we'll lose funding opportunities. The opportunities are right there waiting for us and we just have to pony up some more to get them. We'll lose them, we'll lose them!
    Yeah, just like we'll lose law suits if we don't give into the hillsides developers. Big threats there too, right? Gotta give in or we'll be in court for years. Guess what happened.
    And after selling off the hillsides, he has the gall to put a tree on his reelection sign.

  83. Does anyone know where the money from the previous Bond Issues "really" went for.The city's attitude is so la de da concerning this whole issue maybe they are not sure.The suggestion for a forensic audit sounds reasonable.We need to clear the air,get into this whole mess and finally sort it out.My feeling is that the City just wants us to "trust "them and allow them to continue their devious ways of doing business.

  84. That was addressed in the last few discussions anonymous @3:26. That money is watched closely - 2 audits a year or something - and it was accounted for in projects. There was a gap pointed out by one of the public commentators (you know, one of the people who Josh would just as soon not see there), but the city manager closed it by referencing a reservoir job that was not on the released list of expenditures.
    The shenanigans lie elsewhere in the mix.

  85. Was it the Leung and Doyle reservoir? Have you seen the actual money figures and dates? What about the missing audits?

  86. Where was the surprise million that Zimmerman told the community about? Was it in the water account, or just where was it misfiled?


  88. Which "regime" in Sierra Madre was the worst?

    The Doyle, Lambdin, Hayes, Stockley regime
    or the Mosca, Buchanan, Moron, Walsh regime?

    I say, it's a dead heat.

  89. The best city council was the people's council, made up of a Zimmerman, Watts and MacGillivray majority.
    The complacent public didn't even re-elect Don Watts.
    They passed on Don in favor of traitor Joe Mosca.
    They passed on Honest John Crawford in favor of bobblehead Josh Moran. They passed on wonderful, intellegent, honest Pat Alcorn for bobblehead Nancy Walsh.
    Unreal, Sierra Madre. None of this awful stuff should be happening. We shouldn't be having these scandals.

    By the way, Pat Alcorn was at the council meeting last night, as her and husband De, always are....and she had a badly broken right arm. I understand she had surgery on the arm today. Broke her arm doing her usual volunteer work. Darn it! Best wishes and healing prayers. You get better soon, Pat, although, knowing you, you'll be out and about, like, probably tomorrow! Pat is left handed, so she'll be able to be taking her usual notes at all meetings, broken right arm and all!

  90. I'm no expert, but I have long been pushing for a forensic audit, and believe that a good independent forensic auditor could recreate a lot of records from outside sources. The crazy person somebody hired and let run wild in city hall may have destroyed Sierra Madre's records, but there were other business entities that kept their own records. Doesn't seem impossible to figure out what really happened.

  91. Hey Sierra Madra, how's that "Hope & Change" workin for ya? I hear the PD is gettin a HUGE raise at your expense, or should I say the TAX PAYER...

    Heads up, Keep an eye on Irwindale.

  92. Here are the koans of this day, gathered, copied & pasted:

    One thousand gallons issues through a 1/2 inch meter,
    If one thousand gallons issues through a 1 inch meter,
    What is Master Inman's solution?

    A tier is in place to encourage conservation.
    A tier does not encourage conservation.

    If two thousand protests fall on the emperor's deaf ears,
    How can he govern the people?

    Two thousand protests are heard by the emperor.
    Two thousand protests are not heard by the emperor.

    This counci has no need for reason at all!

  93. 5:48 or anybody, if it is not too much trouble, what is the story on missing documents, and or a crazy person someone hired, is that what the city told you that a person destroyed records?

  94. Hi Scarlett T,
    There was an employee who destroyed all records as he/she left the city hall. I've heard that he/she was escorted from the premises by the police. I've also heard that he/she was working for Bart Doyle, and had to destroy the evidence. Then he/she sued the city, the city sued he/she, or some such. As far as I know the lawyer part could still be going on. Someone more knowledgeable should post about it, but I can direct you to a Neuroblast clip that has John Buchanan explaining it all. Badly.
    You'll see a link to Neuroblast on the right hand column. The clips you want are called
    Buchanan explains 1 million $ in misappropriation....or not
    The shenanigan years vs. a forensic audit.

  95. 11:51 I agree. I too am tired of showing up, then being told that they are not listening to me, only their friends at home. Today the mountains were clear as a bell, and it was a great day to go hiking. Think I'll try more of that rather than being insulted at a council meeting. Wait that's what they want,isn't it?

  96. thank you heynonny, that makes perfect sense to me. I was searching and the 6,500 million dollar bond for Leungs Pacific towers came up and I read it more closely and found Dexia involved, Dexia is also the full owner of the 35 million in bells now mishandled CRA bonds. What ya wanna bet Leung and Doyle get connected to Bell and Rizzo? Calpers according to a comment posted on the Bell story part has 49 million invested in Dexia Stock. I digress..

    You requested the documents on the other older bonds/loans. But has anyone seen the new bond agreement, you know they kept repeating bond trustees at the meeting, I think you should have a right to see the new bond agreement, especially since there is missing money before,and the rusty pipe revealed that the other money had been used on everything but infrastructure.. especially doubly because John Leung is the Secretary and a member of a board of directors of the receiving end. Why would any reputable corporation keep a man like that on their board? There is a saying "it ain't a conspiracy if it is real" It can truly be said, When John Leung and Bart Doyle go, money disappears. Buchanan may have his fruit of the looms, in a wedgie of compromise, he wants these bonds, he is desperate. He is an attorney both he and Mosca should question 17 million, to SGVMWD. He is saying they save money, but when you look at the cost of borrowing the money, it isn't really at 3 or 5 percent. What you borrow, you pay back double plus interest like 120 percent. Buchanan works in the international law section of SCE. While at the CA.Gov site for rate payers aside from the water rate heist being disputed by the state of CA, the second largest rate hiker was edison who has increased it rates from 100 per something to over 710 something.

    Somebody needs to remind John Buchanan that while he is a council person he only gets to council/ counsel. He does not get to govern until he is the governor.

  97. These people are pretty deranged. It's clear why the City is so worried about it's bond rating--they're planning to borrow more money so they don't have to do the hard work of cutting and no supporting development.

    If you're cutting up your credit cards, your credit rating doesn't matter much, does it?