Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Should Have Seen This One Coming A Mile Away

After watching Tuesday evening's rather graceless performance on the water rate increase matter, you'd have thought that The Gang had already figured out what it is that they wanted to do. I mean, nobody could have been quite that boorish without actually having everything already worked out, right?

However, if you choose to believe what you can read in today's Pasadena Star News, maybe we are going to have to cast aside those illusions and replace them with more current hallucinations.

Because, you see, somewhere along the line, and perhaps when nobody was looking except possibly their consigliere, the Brown Council went and hired a consultant to work out the water rate hike details for them. I mean, isn't that what our tax money is for? We certainly wouldn't expect that kind of heavy lifting to be done in house, could we?

Here is how the account reads:

Sierra Madre staff to bring back water rate hike proposals: Sierra Madre staff members will work with consultants to bring back three water rate hike scenarios to the council at a future meeting following direction council members gave Tuesday night ... The proposals will aim to more evenly distribute water rate increases over a five-year period rather than have a larger increase upfront as originally proposed ...

Now I had watched this meeting pretty closely, and drank plenty of coffee throughout the proceedings so that I wouldn't miss even the slightest nuance of what went down. And for the life of me I cannot remember anyone up on the dais instructing city staff to hire consultants to cook up a few water rate increase strategies. Or anyone there voting on a budget to fund such studies. Can you?

Of course, maybe the paper got it wrong and this is the same old consultant that did the original water rate study. You know, that dude with the template and tiers. But wouldn't it take more money to rehire this guy? And shouldn't that consideration have been discussed and voted upon in a public forum?

The article goes on to share this important information:

The three scenarios will differ as to what year the city would get into compliance with bond covenants related to the issuance of its 2003 Water Revenue Parity Bonds - either by year two, three of five years of the proposal ... About $12.6 million in debt service from the 2003 bonds is still owed ...

Remember when the water rate hike was supposed to be all about repairing those old rusty pipes? Now it doesn't even get mentioned.

I am going to have to look into this a little bit and get back to you all. Important details like exactly what consultant was hired and just how much was spent to do so need to be uncovered so that we can share it with The Tattler readership. And right now nobody is talking about this one.

Now here's a City where people know how to get things done!

I don't know much about the City of Rowland Heights except that it is near Walnut. I can't even remember having ever been there, unless a freeway runs runs through the middle of it and I just drove on through. But when it comes to stopping unwanted development and sneaky changes to their General Plan, these good people have got it going on. Check out this bit of exciting news from the SGV Tribune:

Huge crowd causes cancellation of Rowland Heights planning meeting: County officials Wednesday night were forced to reschedule a hearing regarding a 537-unit development after hundreds of angry residents flooded the meeting's venue ... Los Angeles County Fire Department officials shut down the meeting at Los Angeles Royal Vista Golf Course in Walnut after almost 800 residents - double the maximum occupancy - showed up to voice their opinions regarding proposed Canyon Residences housing project in Rowland Heights ... The room echoed with emotional outbursts, jeers and stomps as residents chanted "We say no" to developer Trammell Crow Residentials proposed high density apartment complex ...

So besides the actual development itself, what were the issues that concerned the good people of Rowland Heights?

A majority are opposed because they said amending the (general) plan would lead to spot zoning and possible increases in crime, water costs and expanding development.

Nice to read about a community that knows how to get it done. And amending a general plan to accommodate outsized high density development? Oh gosh darn, that just isn't done now, is it?

You couldn't make this up if you tried ...

This wonderful article showed up yesterday on the L.A. Times "This Just In" webpage. I had to read it twice just to make sure I was comprehending the sheer mad genius of it all. It is that choice.

Irwindale officials spent lavishly during business trips to discuss housing for the poor - The Irwindale officials charged Wednesday with misappropriating public funds took lavish business trips to New York City, including meals at five-star restaurants, evenings at Broadway shows, chauffeured rides and nights at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, according to records obtained by The Times.

The spending came as leaders in Irwindale spent $87 million in affordable housing funds over eight years, but only built 42 homes. Two trips to New York were for the purpose of discussing bonds for housing the poor in the San Gabriel Valley city of about 1,500 people.

Astonishing chutzpah, and from officials straight out of Irwindale? Apparently the $38,000 in taxpayer cash spent on these little Fun City junkets bought our intrepid city officials seats at a matinee of "Jackie Mason Laughing Room Only," dinner at the Atelier, tickets to Phantom of the Opera, a hockey game, a couple baseball games, and an array of fine dining experiences at the very best Manhattan eateries.

One of those arrested, retired Irwindale City Manager Steve Blancarte, was involved at the time in something called "10-Year Strategy to End Homelessness." Perhaps Mr. Blancarte's strategy would be to have life's unfortunate vagabonds check into the Ritz Carlton?

I hope those poor and homeless people appreciated all the hard work these busy officials did for them when meeting with those bond bankers.


  1. Wow, another crooked city hall going down!
    I heard about this on John and Ken's show yesterday afternoon on KFI 640.
    They love to expose shenanigans going on in these city governments.
    How long before they expose Sierra Madre's gang of 4?
    MaryAnn MacGillivray? You know John and Ken. Think they might be interested in some of our local shenanigans right here in Sierra Madre? Let's call them?

  2. As I remember, MaryAnn asked Bruce at one water hearing, I think it was the first one,how much the consultant charged us for the original study, and how much it would be to give us a revised proposal. After conferring with the consultant outside of council chambers, Bruce came back with the answers.
    "I don't know". I seem to recall that The rate has to be justified by crunching the numbers so they don't charge us more than operating costs, but doesn't include the reserve fund they are talking about.

    I wasn't able to make the 19th meeting. Did they talk about getting the consultant back then? If not, I think they have a lot of explaining to do! And how did the Star News get the information that wasn't public knowledge. Oh, I forgot, the 20 citizens at the council meeting don't count they just come to the meeting because they don't have anything else to do. It's the gang of 4 friends watching at home that trust them to do the business of the city.
    Get the word out Tats Remember Bell, Vernon, Irwindale, and all those other ciities where the citizens sat at home and let their council ruin their city. You need to start participating. Support MaryAnn, Kurt, and John,

  3. Great comment 6:44!

    These shocking scandals seem to be hitting the media on almost a daily basis!

    AWESOME!!!!! LOL

  4. Inquiring Minds Need To Know!October 28, 2010 at 7:19 AM

    Hiring consultants is almost a knee jerk reaction down there. I can see why John "The Machiavellian Mumbler" Buchanan would prefer to do his dirty work in secret, but is spending money on a consultant without first sharing that information with the tax payers actually legal?

  5. Is it legal? Apparently so, that's why we pay Sandra her big bucks. Notice she said in council no action was taken in the closed meeting in Tuesday. Does this mean she didn't get her raise?

  6. Everything the G04 does is legal according to Sandi. And since nobody ever challenges her, it must be so. You can't help but wonder how many of her judgements are real, and how many are just a bluff.

  7. Mosca, Buchanan and bobbleheads, Nancy and Josh are not civil and they are not transparent.

  8. 7:38
    I'll bet on "just a bluff"

  9. Besides, MaryAnn, it seems like the only one there who is transparent is
    Elaine Aguilar. Like today's consultant revelation. We get more information from her in a week than the entire Gang of 4 combined has given up since April.

  10. Elaine's a smart woman. With all the horrible scandals going on, she doesn't want her own career ruined by a gang of bobbleheads, Mosca and Buchanan.
    It's highly likely a very serious scandal will hit this regime. Elaine is protecting herself, she is hedging her bets that a MacGillivray/Zimmerman type council will take over. She has a family, she would like to keep her job, not to mention her reputation.
    If MacGillivray's crowd gets back in control, she will work right along with them, again, the woman wishes to keep her job.

  11. Remember the HeightsOctober 28, 2010 at 8:14 AM

    I wonder how Rowland Heights organized the attendance of those 800 residents. What is the seating capacity at city hall? How do you organize a capacity sized mob? Angry comments posted here to "attend the meetings," are obviously not heeded. So you end up with a couple of brilliant and dignified residents speaking eloquently and being dismissed out of hand. Personally, I don't think there is power in reason with tools like mosca and buchanan. The only power is numbers. How do you get 50 or so people to go down there as a group and radiate anger? That's what will attract the media, then the cc-1 will start to listen. Not until then.

  12. Yes, Levin is lying. I disputed a ruling with my company; they said I was wrong. Later, through a bizarre chain of legal events, I ended up with some of their correspondence with their attorney. They told the attorney that they discovered I was right, and they asked him if they should correct their mistake. He said no.

    You have to prove she's lying and that takes time and trouble.

  13. Maybe we need to change Sandi's title from
    City Attorney to City Enabler?

  14. The City wants a certain amount of money from your pockets and they are going to get it. They will play with the numbers and the stupid water rate payers will think they got a good deal because they are getting a lesser increase in the beginning. They will forget to do the math and figure the total increase for the next five years. Remember Joffee's police contact?? They got more than they were asking for in the beginning.

  15. People in Sierra Madre are naive and/or complacent.
    We have to wait until the final outrage....the big tax bills we're all going to get, then watch them screaming.
    OR...when they start over developing the downtown and other areas as they plan. Then and only then will these complacent residents wake up and start screaming.
    The did it with the Maranantha issue, they did it with the DSP, they did it with the water rates and were cheated, there are plenty of people pissed off as hell out there, but they know the gang of 4 regime rules the show. People used to show up for the no eating area smoking issue and the Alverno issue, but that was when Zimmerman, Watts and MacGillivray were in control and the folks knew they had a chance.
    I would excuse the population, but can't because of what they STUPIDLY did in the April election.
    How in the hell could the fools have voted in Mosca.
    Didn't they realize there was a DAMN GOOD REASON that MacGillivray and Zimmerman and Watts did NOT want this man as the mayor? Do you all get it now, finally?
    He is a menace to the town's present and future.
    How in the hell could the foolish residents who decided to vote, in Moran? A complete incompetent and deviant little creep.
    How in the hell could they vote in incompetent to the point of pathetic old Nancy Walsh?
    These people are a disgrace. Sierra Madre should be ashamed at their lack of caring about what is happening to their town.
    Is it too late? I sure hope not.
    Other residents are waking up and exposing their dishonest and incompetent elected officials.
    Isn't it time Sierra Madre did the same?
    If not now, when? I guess when it's the 11th hour and your backs are against the wall. Will you then start to fight? Again, I hope so, but I'm hardly confident you will.
    I know Crawford will fight, I know Zimmerman will fight and I know MacGillivray will fight.
    How about standing up, take a leaf out from Bell, Irwindale, and other towns where they people are just saying NO ALL ENDS NOW....evil REGIMES, how about it, Sierra Madre. Do you even care anymore?

  16. Wouldn't having this consultant rearrange the rates to accomodate the bond covenants change the original proposed water cost increases? Which would mean a Proposition 218 review by the rate payers is once again legally mandated?

  17. I think the city needs to hire a consultant who can study whether we need a consultant

  18. I agree 10:20, but we should do this only after we have gone through the process.

  19. I'm confused... is the CC-1 trying to wear us down? How many meetings do they need to determine whether they need a water rate increase, how much it should be, and does the public need to be re-noticed?

    Either do it or don't do it.

  20. The process is a very passive-aggressive thing.

  21. What about a recall....They stole the water protest from us by changing the qualification rules from time to time..We should have confronted them immediately.Instead they are planning to hire consultants to gloss over the swindle and present the same swindle within a different time frame.The money stolen from us will remain the same...If this doesn't move you into action,nothing will.I guess you enjoy being victims!

  22. On Moran's Prop 218 hangover where he said, "people don't attend meetings and speak because they agree with what the Council is doing." Sounds like the same logic Sandra Levin used to sneak Prop 218 Water Tax through. "No is Yes" etc. Just forget the 2,000 + protest signatures!

    The people are intimidated by Council because of treatment they receive from the Council. On my first attempt to address the Council I was rudely tossed out by Mosca for exceeding the 3 minutes allowed. He also switched off the guest microphone from the dias. Two meetings later I read my comments so they would fit into the 3 minute window. Surprise! I received some applause whereby Mayor Mosca silenced the crowd for "intimidating opposing speakers"

    The "Mosca Rules of Order" with smiles from Johnny and leers from Moran, and visual daggers from wrinkles Walsh are sort of like the bad guys from "Avitar". It takes courage and a thick skin to address this "GO4". The lack of civility starts right there with Our City Council.

  23. Consultant constipation, concerns consenus voting unitOctober 28, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    Well see there you go, instead of electing council persons, we should be electing qualified consultants. That way when there is a problem they can say wait we will consult ourselves and get back to ya. How much is the consultant budget? Shouldn't when crunching money figures this be an accountant? Or does the receiving entity in this case a full service bond peddling monster beast like SGV municipal water district provide consultants free of charge? Like a perk?

    I found a great story last night, The Site is RealClearMarkets, the story is "Reform Bond Subsidies to Improve State's Behavior" August 2010, a must read. The author has just a teech of the snarky eloquence we love about the stories & editor of the internationally famous, viewed by those in the know, with over 100,000 views Sierra Madre Tattler, John Crawford considered one of the greatest journalistic minds in the local universe.

    I found another story, from Euromoney, "Judgement Day for Benighted States, it covers the US money debt bond addiction and is a bit more sobering.

    Con sultan ants? Sultans of Con? A real consultant has a consultant firm name. It would help if the reporters would get actual names, I am sure they are frustrated by the vague and nebulous city verbal regurgitation too.

  24. Two mottos in the development - real estate business:

    I can't see it from my house

    Wait 'em out and wear 'em down

  25. Bill Coburn has now written about Tuesday's meeting as well, and apparently he did not pick up on any call to hire consultants. Here is what he says:

    "Direction was given to staff to bring back three separate proposals that maintained the current level of reserves, but allotted $0, $500,000 and $1,000,000 for capital improvements."

    Nothing about staff being directed to hire a consultant to do the job.

  26. Arlo for Tattler Team LeaderOctober 28, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    You know, if
    one person, just one person does it they may think he's really sick and
    they won't take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony,
    they may think they're both faggots and they won't take either of them.
    And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in
    singin a bar of Alice's Restaurant and walking out. They may think it's an
    organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said
    fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice's Restaurant and
    walking out. And friends they may thinks it's a movement.

    From Alice's Restaurant, 1966

  27. Dear Tattlers, I know it's discouraging to have the water issue drag out, but do you realize how far we've come? The CC-1 have their collective underwear in such a tangle they can't sit down or stand up. If they thought they could, they'd just pass the rate hike. They don't know what will happen if they do... they don't know if Ms. Levin is right or not... they know Zimmerman is one bad a** litigator, not a wussy bankruptcy-PR or HR guy like Mosca or Buchanan. They're afraid of the water rate protestors who's letters loom like storm clouds over their noggins.

    Tattlers, this isn't over till it's over and it won't be over just because the CC-1 hires a consultant to figure out how to divide tiers to make them equal 120%.

  28. You should know that at last night's General Planning Update Steering Committee Meeting (yeah, the one you missed), Fire Department Chief Steve Heydorff affirmed that all new construction (commercial and residential) must install fire sprinklers AND that in order to support fire sprinklers, a 1" water meter must be installed. Another reason to switch out the smaller meters for the Venti size. So if you want the water pressure to support the rainforest shower head, the extra large extended family washing machine, and those oh so attractive fire supression devises poking through the ceilings of your McMansion, then it's a 1" meter for you.

  29. If there is not enough water for 10,000 residents, how is there enough water for 20,000 residents?
    Buchamosca, are you using the "constant fear of scarcity" to manipulate the citizens? Is that what you call governing?
    I guess this is another koan:
    How is not enough for 10,000 enough for 20,000.

  30. The council completely ignored MacGillivray's suggestion of a citizen's oversight committee (Free) because they hate volunteers, don't trust them and were deadset on hiring a paid consultant. Don't be fooled by their actions at council time. The gang will always ignore the citizens and do what they want. The section for public comment at the beginning of the meeting is on the agenda because it has to be there. Community input is allowed on each item because it has to be there. John especially would like us to all go away and let them rule.

  31. "Governing" 101.

    Marginalize and ignore.

    Marginalize and ignore Lady Faye and Mr Ritchey.

    Marginalize and ignore Sir Eric.

    Marginalize and ignore all inconvenient facts

    What a simple plan.

  32. If you are confused about the propositions, please go to Coburn's site. He has the recommendations of the chamber org. These concur with all taxpayer orgs and all business orgs. If you don't want your taxes to go sky high - higher than they are now, and small business owners to go broke, especially vote yes on Prop, 23.

    Pat Alcorn (sorry I don't know how to select a profile)

  33. There won't be much of a California left if Prop 23 loses. That roaring sound you'll be hearing will be the sound of all those companies fleeing for the border. The state will be green I guess, but how many people really want to eat grass?

  34. I'm thinking Coburn's recap of the Tuesday's Council Meeting was very intelligent. It was the meeting that didn't make much sense. The CC-1 is dead set against re-noticing. The question has to be, "Why?".

  35. 6:44, you think the Dirts and the D.I.C.s watch the meetings?
    I think they enjoy a great deal of confidence in having their desires carried out, and don't have to watch at all.
    They just make a few phone calls prior to the meetings.

  36. Remember back to what Inman said? In 2002 the city conserved so much water we didn't make enough money to meet the bond indebtedness payments. It doesn't matter what they say about conservation; they DON'T want us to conserve! If we conserve the water department doesn't bring in enough water revenue.

  37. A question was raised earlier:

    "Wouldn't having this consultant rearrange the rates to accomodate the bond covenants change the original proposed water cost increases? Which would mean a Proposition 218 review by the rate payers is once again legally mandated?"

    Darn it, no. The city attorney was very precise the night the protests were announced as not meeting the required number. In a quiet voice that a lot of people in a loud room might have missed, she explained that the council now had the right to enact the increase whenever it wanted up to the maximum amount noticed. They couldn't go over that amount, or change tier structures, unless they started the Prop 218 process again. And as Sir Eric pointed out with his usual elan, Sierra Madre's City Council Doesn't Trust Sierra Madre.

  38. Starting with existing Consultants; we need published:
    1. The name of the Consulting Firm & Address
    2. Principles Qualifications (degrees etc.)
    3. Number of employees and number of years
    4. The last 5 jobs completed (under contract)
    5. 3 References
    6. Phone # & web contact address
    7. Bonded and amount
    8. Past employment of Principles:
    Served on City Councils
    Elected to City Councils
    Attorney serving other Cities

    This should be posted as above on the City Web Site two months before any contract or hiring is completed.

    Since these contracts and consulting opinions costing a lot of money, (thousands), the residents should be made aware of how their tax dollars are being spent and who is doing the work.

  39. I remember that Inman never did answer the question about how much this consultant cost. Twice he didn't answer, a few weeks apart. Pretty weird.
    But I also remember the consultant being talked about in some of the meetings, like can we go back to him, or can he adjust this or that.
    So maybe alternatives are included in the original amount we forked over. And we don't know how much that was. Or do we?

  40. I would like to see what corporate and govt boards and affiliations the consultancy officers share. Please add this to the list as well.

  41. Maybe the consultant is being paid in that delicious Sierra Madre drinking water Mrs. Canterbury spoke so eloquently about the other night. I know I was very thirsty after I heard her speak.

  42. Sierra Madreans for Sane Financial PracticesOctober 28, 2010 at 4:46 PM

    The only consultant we need is an independent forensic auditor.
    Any others can wait.

  43. 4:44, you've mixed up realtors....

  44. Really? I'm sorry. They all semm so ... similar.

  45. T ' wasn't Mrs. Canterbury, T'was Ms. Judy Webb-Martin.

  46. 4:46. Good Point I'll add it. These are basoc principals of doing business. You wouldn't do less for work on your home or business. Why are we missing this information at the City level?

  47. Participation in a participatory democracy is hard to bring about. People are shy, busy, and easily misled about government being handled by 'others'. Unlike realtors, politicians and anyone else in sales, many people are not comfortable speaking in public. Add to those conditions a council that clearly goes against the will of the people, as the infamous Buchana/Torres/Stickly/Joffe did on the hillsides development debacle, and people get too discouraged.

  48. Maybe we should conglomerate all realtors into one. Someone embodying the virtues of all of their kind in a complete and invincible package.


  49. Willing to take the direct hit on this one. I am voting NO on propostion 23. Listen, when the American Lung Association, the Sierra Club and others take a stand against dirty air and outside bundles of money (not only Tesoro and ???? but Marathon Oil in the midwest) being spent to influence a local Proposition, that is where my vote goes. Of course Sierra Madre fears being shoved into overbuilding due to possible constraints on our use of our cars, trucks, mini-vans, etc., and we should. Fight that fight as we fought for Measure V. But, real green jobs and research (did you see CalTech's solar parking lot cover in the Star News today?) not "green-wash" jobs and policies of the blowhards like John Buchanan, including tax breaks for solar as was the policy under Reagan.

  50. Suggesting that all real estate agents look the same is realtorism. You should be ashamed.

  51. Rowland Heights did a great job of organizing - and we have too on some things.
    It always comes down to a few very motivated people who can give time and energy to the cause, and also inspire others.
    Not an easy thing to do.

  52. 5:00, not the right forum.

  53. When you start hearing Joe and John mouth all their green platitudes in support of large scale development here in town, you will then have time to regret your vote on AB 32. Along with SB 375 it will change nothing except the control Sacramento and developers have over towns like ours. Many people have failed to grasp the connection here in town, but it is real and it will happen. Those two bills stack the deck against small towns who want to control their own development destinies. The big lie lives.

  54. There is nothing I would like more than to believe in the Green movement, and I did until this backroom deal with the development industry took place.
    The development industry is entirely corrupt, though I'm willing to recognize that there are individuals within it who are operating with integrity. But for the Sierra Club to snuggle up to the Building Industry?
    For the Sierra Club to join the side that outspends big oil on buying a vote on a proposition?

  55. Lighten up 5:07. It is a forum for that discuaaion. This is the town where the density would be crammed to the sky as a result of AB32+SB375.

  56. Green is just one of those sad words that used to mean something good, but now serves as a slogan for large corporations. Green cars, green gasoline, green detergent, and now green development. Yes, condos will save the world from global warming. And if you lose a tooth, look under your pillow the next morning and you'll find a shiny new quarter.

  57. During the discussion of water rate hikes last meeting, Buchanan said a few years ago he wouldn't have hesitated to just push for plenty o' increase, but that the economic climate now was different. The comment struck me because he wouldn't hesitate ever to spend buckets of our money. Despite his claim that he is sensible as a citizen, he seems to get an ego boost out of claiming some kind of superior leadership skills, reflected in his ability to spend our dough. Under the guise of fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities, of course. Even Buchanan recognizes now isn't the best time for folks to fork over more and more money to government.

  58. the no on 23 campaign is supported by big development, big special interests and will KILL JOBS in California.
    It's a scam to get us all into ant colony type condos taking the public rails.
    BS BS BS

    YES ON 23 is the only sane decision. Go to John and Ken's website, they tell you a lot about this Prop.23.
    They exposed the scam of the No people. Don't buy into it.
    Crawford has discussed this on the Tattler.
    Many of us Tattlers are strict preservationists, and we are not buying into this hype by developers and politicians who want to control everything.
    Isn't Buchanan, Mosca, Bobbleheads enough proof for you.
    I'll bet they are all voting NO on 23 and you can bet Bart Doyle is as well. NUFF SAID!

  59. I thought that was such a BS statement by John Buchanan. He wasn't worried about the economic climate when he originally pushed for the 37% water increase now, was he?

    Maybe he should thank the protestors for giving him the opprotunity to share some phony compassion with us.

  60. Regarding Rowland Heights, it's one thing to show up and protest like that, and good for them, no, great for them, but to have a decision made in their favor by their elected representatives is a whole different thing.
    Hope they win, and what they've done is a good start - but a start.

  61. Amen 6:33. No one has mentioned the biggest reason people don't show up. It's called a rigged game. What's the point of talking to someone who has already decided how they are going to vote.

  62. Someone might want to check the City Municipal Code which should address the requirements for hiring a consultant. Most cities allow the city manager to make such decisions when the amount of the contract is relatively low, let's say around 10,000 or so. Usually, if any contract is above a certain amount it requires the approval of the Council.
    Someone should request the contract for the consultant to examine what the dollar amount involved might be...???/

  63. Speaking of requesting contracts, how is the fulfillment of the public records request going?

  64. On the consultant disclosure. While a $ amount of a contract is important, it is the paper trail of past and current activity that interests me. Are we dealing with a "good old boy club" of past and present City Government Officials "scratching each others backs"? Also easy to bypass the $10K threshold just go 9 & 1 or 5 & 5. They will find a way.

  65. City Councils choose consultants that will give them the answers they want to hear. The Gang of Bobbleheads wants more of our water money so they can help sweep the Joffe/Doyle 2003 Bond debacle under the rug with the rest of the shenanigans from that time. So who are they going to hire? A consultant whose first priority is the rate payers? Not by a long shot. They get what they use our money to pay for.

  66. How long has the consultant industry that services governmental types been around? I'm in a line of work where my consultants are the occasional beer and a good friend who will listen to shop talk. In other words, I do my own work.