Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Election Day

Today is the big day. Or at least that is what those who spent $100s of millions of dollars this California political season would hope you think. Although despite the incredible advertising barrage unleashed upon us daily these last few weeks there are still those who have somehow have remained immune to it all. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

Of course there are also those whose entire impression of this election comes from having faithfully watched all that political advertising on TV. So you can only only guess what state of mind these folks are in. Maybe the political equivalent of a steady diet of Jolt Cola, various heavily fortified energy drinks and Skittles? Like the highly animated character Hammy enjoyed in the kid's movie "Over the Hedge?"

I've been looking at some polling lately to see who is ahead in the horse races, and probably the best poll is published on the Real Clear Politics site. Best in my opinion because RCP takes as many different polls as they are allowed to use and jumbles them all together to get an overall average. Which hopefully widens the sample, shaves the jagged edges off of the various methodologies, and gives us the most accurate up to date snapshot of what it is voters are thinking at the moment.

Here is where the Real Clear Politics average of available polling data sees us right now:

California Senate Race

Boxer (D) ...................................... 48.3% (+5.0)
Fiorina (R) ................................... 43.3%

California Governor Race

Brown (D) ..................................... 49.3% (+6.6)
Whitman (R) ................................ 42.7%

In a relatively few hours we'll know if these acclaimed scientifically derived findings are accurate, or that something has happened nobody was quite able to pick up on. Neither Brown nor Boxer are polling over 50%, which means that just about anything is still possible. Though I don't imagine any of the candidates I wrote about yesterday stand much of a chance. That does seem pretty clear.

An Interesting Land Use Initiative In ...... Florida?

One of the wiser folks to get dragged into The Tattler plot for world dominion wrote me yesterday about Florida Amendment 4. Contrasting it to our own Prop 23, he explains what is really going on like this:

The problem in California is the developers are using the "greenies" to hide the development agenda. The basic flaw with Prop 23 and how it relates to AB 32 is that this makes it look like those who want to overturn the "greenhouse gas law" hate flowers and little children. In Florida, attacking over-development the way they are trying to do with Amendment 4, the whole "green" argument does not become an issue at all. You can be "green" and still oppose development. Every one wins except the big developers.

So what exactly is this Amendment 4? Here is how it is described on a Florida news site called NewsChief.com:

One of tomorrow's more closely watched planning initiatives will be Florida's proposed Amendment 4. Donna Kelly reports that the proposed amendment to the state constitution would require local municipalities to submit all comprehensive land-use plans and major changes to a vote by public referendum for final approval. "Supporters view the amendment as a means to curb the excessive development they believe crushed Florida's economy and give voters control over growth in their area," Kelly writes.

Kind of like a statewide Measure V if you think about it. And quite a contrast to what you hear can bandied about in California. After all here in the Golden State, according to SB 375 and the lobbyists who paid for it, large scale high density mixed-use development is supposed to save the world from Global Warming. Whereas in Florida such developments are merely economic disasters, eyesores and a burden on the taxpayers. And quite obviously not saving anybody from anything.

We really do need to get an Amendment 4 of our very own.

Video: California in 2015

On one of the Orange County Register owned blogs you can access a very interesting video put together by some of the newsies employed there. This is how they describe it:

"California 2015: A Look at the Future of a Troubled State" is an 8 minute film that examines the state's recent history and imagines what the next 5 years might bring.

Now as anyone attempting to predict the future should know, there are things that might not quite turn out like the swami thought they might. And the OC Register's news team is probably wrong about Prop 19 passing, which is the measure that would legalize marijuana use. But beyond that this is a pretty stunning video clip, and one that you should check out. I've watched it several times now, and it has left quite an impression on me.

You can access the OC Register "Total Buzz" blog page and this video by clicking here.

And don't forget! Vote and vote often.



  1. CRAP. BROWN and BOXER again. Probably Prop 23 will also fail. Thanks to the UNIONS and the PENSIONS the State will continue to go deeper in debt.

  2. California and New York will vote Democratic.
    Hopefully, the rest of the country will not.
    California and New York both are counting on Obama bail out.

  3. http://suspendab32.org/

    Please vote Yes on 23. This is crucial to Sierra Madre!

  4. The best news is that it is almost over.

  5. Let's hope the inundation of advertising helps people turn to more informed sources to gather information.

  6. Voted early today. A lot of people at the polls voting.

  7. Florida has been brutalized by developers.
    And talk about building on shifting sands!
    The whole place is a swamp a few inches down.
    Good for them for trying to stop that destructive construction.
    There are tracts and tracts, and tracts of empty new homes.

  8. The sugar overload in this election for me has been losing the measure of the money. Back in the day, you could know that where the big money went, the little guy was getting screwed. Not true anymore. Now all sides waste obscene amounts of money. 'Follow the money' might work in a investigation, but it's no longer a tip off in politics.

  9. We'll have an "Amendment 4" in California some day. But it won't
    be until after AB32/SB 375 lays waste to the place.

  10. Might be what it takes, 8:37. That's what it took in Florida.

  11. Lots of Sierra Madre voters were out when I went to my polling place this morning.

    Best of luck to Florida in their fight against the plague of over-development!

    This blog, the Sierra Madre Tattler has been exposing the fallacy of the big development, big crooked politicians plan to use "green" bs to brainwash the population. Most of the Tattler readers know this, because Crawford has presented irrefutable facts to prove it.

    If you haven't voted yet, please vote Yes on 23 and Yes on 23 supporter, Tim Donnelley.

    YES ON 23 and TIM!!!!!!!!!

  12. Measure V had a limited voter requirement to slow down uncontrolled growth in the downtown, and see how the realestate/developer interests went crazy to try to defeat it.
    Can you imagine the fight and $$ it would take in this state to require a vote of the people to control out of control growth?! I agree with 8:37, it will have to get so bad, that people will rise up and take notice.
    Then the quality of life, water supplies, high taxes, etc. will make it too late to reverse.
    Unfortunately, development greed is non partisan.

  13. That says it best: development GREED is non partisan. And Ghandi said: the world can keep up with need, it cannot keep up with greed.

  14. Many - not all - developers are bad peopleNovember 2, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    Grim description 10:06, but requiring public votes on development would be better than the status quo.
    Our very own Sierra Madre Council did such a bad job and had such bad plans for growth that they lost their decision making right about it.
    Maybe that's why Council member Buchanan always talks about the fact that he got elected....

  15. Green cars, green power companies, green development. People are just so damn gullible.

  16. Sacramento Bee has a story up now about a new Field Poll that says voter turnout is heavily favoring the GOP today.
    68% Republicans
    55% Democrats
    38% Independents and minor party voters.

  17. It's tempting to have a reaction to polls, but in about 12 hours, we'll have facts. Maybe.

  18. LA Times is quoting that same Field Poll. Turnout at 55% is considered to be very low. Something that favors the Republicans.

  19. "The problem in California is the developers are using the "greenies" to hide the development agenda"
    And the Greenies are either unaware or willing to sleep with the enemy to advance the cause.

  20. That quote from one of the Tattler's wiser readers brought to mind the anti-MacGillvrey strategy: she hates everything good and nice, and shouldn't be a leader because she's mean to Joe, who is good and nice. Phooey. Just like saying that because I am for Prop 23 I am against Nature and God. Phooey.

  21. Isn't that how things go in California? The
    developers paint their pig green, and half
    the state hails it as the salvation of mankind.

  22. 1:32, the smears against MaryAnn were a result of the strategy coming out of the Californian Democratic Party:
    Turn the opposition into villains.

    On the national level, seems that the Republicans do that more.
    But closer to home?

  23. disappointed in both major partiesNovember 2, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    Look, all the political organizers are guilty of that negative work sometimes. Don't know if it does any good to portion out the blame/guilt.
    We just have to try to understand as much as we can about the character of people and the issues before us, and then vote.

  24. How about the "They started it" defense?

  25. When it comes to money, they all play dirty.
    And really, that is all these guys ever care
    about. All that talk is just designed to
    stifle the marks.

  26. But 1:40, MaryAnn wasn't running. And the people smearing her were Republicans as well as Democrats. They were also realtors, brokers, media, bankers, SMVFD, BIA, and all of them were local. Did I say she wasn't running? That's the strangest part of all.

  27. The article about the Buc is a hoot. Followed the link to the right and found:

    "Everybody knows everybody in this small town of 10,000 and they all come to Gerri Fraser's Buccaneer Lounge."

    Been here more decades than I wanna say, and have never been in the place.

  28. MaryAnn was running - she had endorsed the candidates that were the slow growth people who don't want to make a buck off SM. The smear campaign, no doubt the brain child of Buchanan, Mosca and youthful Democrats of California, was against MaryAnn and anyone associated with her.
    It was successful, too.

  29. I gotta tell ya nobody knows everybody. 10,000 is a lot of folks. I know maybe a hundred, recognize names of no more than 500 from time to time in print, see a hundred or so (200 in overflow) at the City Council Chambers on a hot button issue night. 10,000 is a lot of folks with whom to be chummy. 40 years and counting; never set foot in the Buc, nor ever wanted to either.

  30. The turn out in Sierra Madre is huge today.
    Been checking the polling places.

    Could it be the "sleeping giant" Sierra Madre voters have awakened?

    I hope you all voted against the Development Cartel.

  31. Pasadena Star News is reporting 3 burglars have been arrested here. SMPD plus other agencies caught these guys red handed.

  32. Great news 2:05. Do you know where?

  33. 200 block Woodruff Avenue, 12:03AM Tuesday

  34. I don't know where woodruff is in sm, and neither does google maps.

  35. The call went out from Arcadia to surrounding police departments; SMPD joined in the search and successfully apprehended the thieves.

  36. It sure would be great if these were the guys that robbed Crawford, and they haven't fenced the goods yet. It'd be nice to see the good Dr. Crawford get her jewelry back.

  37. There are two stories up on the Pasadena Star News website. One says '3 Burglars Caught In Sierra Madre,' and the other one says '3 Burglars Caught In Arcadia.' Go figure.

  38. The ever so liberal Terry Miller apparently is running "Stand with Arizona" ads over on that Monrovia website called the Sierra Madre Weekly.

  39. This is what the Sierramadre.patch.com said:

    "In the seven day period between Sunday, Oct. 24 and Saturday Oct. 30 the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to approximately 336 calls for service. Of those calls, these reports were the most significant."

    And then Stephens went on to list several burglaries, thefts, and DUIs, etc.

    That's 48 calls a day during one week. It does seem that Mayberry might not be as crime free as some thought.

  40. I have to confess- even though Tattler readers were urged to read the Patch, I haven't been to the Patch, the News Net, the Weakly, and I don't read Henderson's sorry excuse for a paper.
    I get enough of the city speak from following the councils, so those other sites just aren't interesting.
    This blog is the best source for local news.

  41. 4:34, huh?
    You mean he's accepting money to promote the Arizonian take on immigration and the lack thereof, or he's editorializing about it his own self?

  42. You can tell that nobody really cares about those other sites because nobody ever comments on them. They're like ghost towns.

  43. I think it is safe to say that Terry talks out of both ends of his person, 4:44.

  44. This blog doesn't do local news. This blog does local issues. And it does a damn fine job of it, too.

  45. That is one thing about Sierra Madre. It
    has a lot of issues.

  46. Greedy developers bewareNovember 2, 2010 at 5:00 PM

    Polls are closed in Florida. Hope Amendment 4 makes it.

  47. Florida didn't go for it, probably unworkable as written.

  48. Great! The Republicans got the house, now we can blame both parties for the train wreck with a clear conscious....yea us!!!

  49. Mark Rubio, the new Republican Senator from Florida, stood be before his supporters and said both parties are to blame for the horrendous mess the country is in. The crowd cheered loud and long.

  50. LA Times exit polls claim Brown & Boxer have won.

    That was quick.