Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rich Johnson - Wrong Yet Again

You might recall that yesterday we had a lot of fun with Ordinance 1136, the so-called "Sierra Madre Family Values" law. And that one of the fiercest and most outspoken critics of this now defunct ordinance, former Sierra Madre Mayor Glenn Lambdin, was revealed here as actually having signed it into law way back there in October of 2001. We even posted the actual document to prove it.

This, of course, after Glenn had so famously blamed it all on MaryAnn MacGillivray, along with the Christian religion, out of tune guitars and who the hell knows what else.

So who should show up on this site to defend Glenn from such embarrassment? Why none other than our old friend, the funny columnist from the Looney Views News, Rich Johnson.

Now we have this little routine here, Rich and I. Rich seems to desire unlimited access to The Tattler commenting section, but frankly I just don't feel like giving it to him. It's my site, and if he has the need to post 20 or so times in a single day, well, then he should just go and start a blog of his own. He could call it "I'm Rich & I'm Funny," or something.

So, and as the routine goes, Rich posts a reasonably sane observation, and I let it through. Then, once having seen that I've actually allowed one of his mighty missives to show up on the blog, he then sends off some endless absurd screed saying what is really on his mind. Which I then don't post. After which he sends me a gale of e-mails telling me that I am censoring him and that I'm really not a very nice guy. Among other things

All of which I find to be reasonably amusing. You know how life can be. You take whatever laughs are sent your way.

Now yesterday Mr. Richard Johnson took it upon his esteemed self to explain to us all why his old pal, former Sierra Madre Mayor Glenn Lambdin, signed the so-called "Sierra Madre Family Values" ordinance into law. And, as is so typical of the folks devoted to that 16 page weekly cult of personality he writes for, he blames Nancy Shollenberger. I swear, you could set the clock by these guys.

So here is how Rich attempts to explain away what seems to be the source of considerable anxiety for him:

John, when you talked about the re-passage of 1136 you said the following: "... It even got the vote of, you guessed it, that notorious family values militant and fundamentalist zealot, Glenn Lambdin! Wild, eh? Along with Doug Hayes, Bart Doyle and Robert 'Rob' Stockley." You failed to mention Kris Miller-Fisher's name in that mix. She also voted in favor of 1136. Why did you leave her name out of that paragraph? By the way, you also didn't mention that those laws were "re"passed in batches of 10 at a time because the city was exposed to major liability by those ordinances not being legitimately legal. This because Nancy failed to properly advertise.

Now that has pretty much been the standard shifty apologia offered by Glenn's supporters for his boundless hypocrisy in attacking MaryAnn over an ordinance that he himself had signed when Mayor. That being it had to be approved all over again due to a supposed City Clerk error (even though Nancy was not involved in that process at the time), and that this ordinance, along with a bunch of other items, was shoved through an intimidating signing process in batches of 10 so quickly that the poor lug didn't even know what he was putting his name on.

Alas, poor Richard, he knows not what he speaks.

Thanks to the vaunted Tattler Research Team we have now located what all agree is the smoking gun in this matter. In the September 18, 1997 edition of the Sierra Madre News (aka the "Tweet"), the following letter from Glenn Lambdin was boldly published on page 2. We are reproducing this rather turgid missive here in its entirety. Relish the moment.

Applauding MacGillivray

Dear Editor:
I would like to applaud Councilwoman MacGillivray for having the courage and integrity to publicly stand for her convictions regarding "families." As a private citizen of our community, I fully support her efforts to uphold the moral values of generations of Americans and maintain dignity to our most precious resource, the family.

When I think of a family, I don't think of convenience, I think of commitment. I think of fatherhood and motherhood. I think of the legacies of the passing of values, ideas, and traditions from one generation to another. To me, families are bonds that are so tight that when all else has faded or been stripped away, the family still remains. What a tragedy if we choose to confuse a fraternity with a family, or siblings as roommates.

Let's not cheapen that what is most dear to us, the family!

Glenn E. Lambdin
Sierra Madre

Kind of sounds like the sort of fellow who would, just a few years later, gladly sign into law something called a Sierra Madre Family Values ordinance, right? I think so.

Sorry Rich, but that "it was stuck in the middle of a pile of paper" argument just isn't going to fly. No matter how many buffalo wings you try and put on it.

CARB Uber Alles?

You might or might not be familiar with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). But you should be. Because when the next round of Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) numbers are handed down by the central planners in Sacramento through their messenger boys at SCAG, they will be fairly immense. And the development demand that will be put upon towns such as ours by this process will be beyond our ability to meet. Both in infrastructure and tax payer treasure.

And what will Sacramento base our RHNA numbers on? The findings of CARB, of course. You see, in the Hale-Bopp world of centralized social planning, high density development is believed to be what will stop California from producing so much greenhouse gas in the future. In their minds building lots and lots of condos is going to save this world of ours from, you got it, Global Warming.

Yes, Virginia, condominiums truly are going to save the world. Just ask Arnold.

So it should come as no surprise that CARB has now decided that since its mission is to save the world, it thereby must become infallible. Unquestionable. Pristine and untouchable. A kind of a cross between Jesus and a bureaucracy.

Here is how that always excellent website Cal Watchdog describes this madness:

CARB To Regulate False Statements - The California Air Resources Board is unhappy with detractors and people who make "false statements."

In an email sent out Friday, CARB officials, perhaps emboldened by the defeat of Proposition 23, announced they have decided to hold a hearing dealing with people who dare to challenge the policies CARB is implementing.

Here is what was in the mail from CARB officials:

"Subject: arbcombo -- Air Resources Board Workshop to Discuss Proposed Regulation Relating to False Statements Made to ARB or its Staff

ARB staff invites you to participate in a workshop on December 1, 2010 to discuss a proposed regulation which would prohibit dishonest statements or submittals (sic) offered to the Board or to its staff.

The workshop will provide the public with a chance to discuss the proposed regulation and to provide initial comment and feedback.

We welcome your participation in this event.

For further information, please view the web page at which contains regularly updated information."

Apparently CARB officials believe they are exempt from Amendment 1 to the Constitution, which states that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It appears that the Cal Watchdog folks will be at this meeting today. As soon as they post something I will pass it along. Can you imagine the nerve of these CARB guys? Who do they think they are, the Gang of Four?


  1. You know something? For the first time ever Rich Johnson has actually made me laugh.

  2. It seems unfair to bash Rich Johnson and deny him the right to deny any allegations but nonetheless I like the idea. Rich is a misogynistic self promoter. Not even enough there to be recruited by Patch.

  3. Interesting information about CARB.
    I'll look forward to reading their latest bs.

    Rich Johnson is probably a nice enough guy, but totally misguided. Anyone who thinks Glenn Lambdin is a nice guy is misguided.
    I used to know Glenn as well, years ago, I briefly thought he was a nice guy until I found out he was just another a-hole. He then morphed into a dangerous a-hole.

  4. And then shortly after that Glenn divorced his wife, the mother of his children, and the family was split asunder. Glenn has now formed a Godless housekeeping unit.

  5. Mr. Johnson is a friend to all DIRTS.

  6. Rich Johnson is an old gossip. He spread some very ugly stories about the Dunn family, supplied to him by Susan Henderson. He told dozens of people this rot, in the restaurant near Albertons, the former Nano Cafe.

    I hope you just weren't thinking, Rich, and Susan persuaded you to spread this very inappropriate gossip. It actually hurt people, Rich. Nice people. Shame on you for even being involved with the likes of Susan Henderson and Glenn Lambdin,two people of the lowest degree.

  7. A dude has got to do what a dude has got to do, 7:09. Read between the lines of this statement and see if you don't hear a prisoner screaming out for release:

    "To me, families are bonds so tight that when all else had faded or been stripped away, the family still remains."

    Yeah, with their mitts out expected to be fed, clothed and housed.

  8. Rich Johnson, Bill Coburn,Glenn Lambdin, certain city councilpersons, and Susan Henderson must be right all the time,uberalus. Egos like theirs absolutely have no room for errors in judgement, lieing, twisting facts, and blaming others for any short comings that us meremortals are guilty of.
    It is such an ugly world where they have to be right all the time. It's such a tough standard they must live by.
    It must be exhausting for them.
    Take pity, blah, blah.

  9. I'm wanting the formation of the CARB "thought police", we need to have those thinkers arrested for those who dare to have heretical thoughts that might undermine the state controlled party line.
    Perhaps executions in places like Kerting Court as an example of a good spot, for the public would help.

  10. I pledge allegiance
    To The CARB
    Of the Great State of California
    And to the corruption
    For which it stands
    State and Corporations
    Under Jerry
    With profits and kickbacks
    For all

  11. How did John Buchanan, Joe Mosca, Nancy Walsh and Josh Moron get on our city council?

    Oh yeah, the foolish citizens of Sierra Madre voted for them, believed the lies, believed a known grifter and liar, Susan Henderson.

    We may survive their corrupt agenda, but will the naive voters in Sierra Madre ever become enlightened?

  12. You gotta go . . . you gotta goDecember 1, 2010 at 8:31 AM

    I noticed yesterday Rich's veiled threat that Glenn might kick to death those who disagree with his politics. Personally, I think a swift violent death would be preferable to being orated into a coma by John Buchanon, or weasel-worded into oblivion by our eminent mayor.

  13. Nice job 8:01. The writers on this blog should stage a one act play at the playhouse after every city council meeting a la Saturday Night Live. SNL continues to prove parody is more effective than logic.

  14. The Tattler is our local John Stewart Show. Every day our favorite
    politicians are hoisted on their own petards. or whatever they're

  15. CARB has obviously been studying the Gang o'4's methods for educational outreach on the water rate heist. They'll probably have about the same turn out too.

  16. Close to 4 million people in the state of California voted to suspend AB32 and it's progeny.
    CARB is trying to reach out to the 4 million.
    The message?
    Don't be mean, be civil, and follow our rules for your lives and your community. Then we'll get along fine.
    And the developers who have so thoroughly snookered CARB?
    Forward my checks to my palatial home elsewhere.

  17. I don't know Mr. Lambdin or Mr. Johnson, so I come to the discussion without any decisions about personality, and I can evaluate what is written from that perspective. They both appear to write things that are overly dramatic, defensive and illogical.

  18. Nancy Shollenberger did not post some ordinances because her powers were stripped by the then City Council and given to an employee of the City who failed to post the ordinances. Nancy has always fulfilled her duties of City Clerk with integrity and unfailingly.

  19. Thank you for that clarification, 10:11. Another Mr. Johnson fib
    can now be added to the pile.

  20. Sierra Madre residentDecember 1, 2010 at 10:37 AM

    I cannot believe the false criticisms Nancy Shollenberger has had to put up with!
    Thank you City Clerk Shollenberger for all of your hard work and your honesty.

  21. The Downtown Dirts and the Downtown Investment Club members play so fast and lose with the truth it's a marvel any of them can sleep at night.

  22. Our City Clerk, Nancy Shollenberger is one of the nicest ladies in this town.
    She is also one of the most honest people I have ever known.

  23. A sad, true story:
    During the election when Karma Bell, Bart Doyle's gal Friday, ran for city clerk, and the smear campaign against Shollenberger was in full swing, a slow growth person I knew said he voted for Bell, because the expose of Shollenberger's "mistakes" was upsetting.
    Yes indeed. Another example of the big lie at work.

  24. Nancy Shollenberger is a true Sierra Madre treasure.
    She values the truth, is always honest with the people, and gives generously.

  25. 10:11, was the same employee who turned out to be a thief the one the clerk's duties were given to?

  26. O.K. what is the agenda? There has to be some reason Susan are diverting the discussion once again to MacGillivray and Shollenberger. There are vastly more important issues to talk about instead of things that happened over 10 years ago. The despicable venom that comes from these attacks has to stop.

  27. They're gearing up to provide cover for the "imminent" action referred to by Crawford on the blog. That's their job. Cover up. Diffuse. Lie. Divert.

  28. The next issue of the Looney Views News should be a doozey. The Flab 4 are scared to death we'll screw up their new bond shenanigans.

  29. Rather than slinging mud around, just relax and enjoy the show, it's old as civilization. Link above.

    Then go out and get a lie detector and pass around some whistles in the CC meetings.

    Or better yet, file lawsuits and get some citizen action going before Sierra Madre gets plowed under.

  30. deja vu all over againDecember 1, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    What a great question 10:54.
    I was stunned when I saw that old garbage in Susan's 'paper'

  31. The G4's mouthpieces are lying like it's election time. But it is not.

  32. It's not the usual kind of election.

    It's the run up to the big unveiling:

    The Gang of Four saves the Village by having no choice but to increase debt.

  33. Keep kickin' the can down the road, Gang of 4.
    It's never worked before and it won't work in the future.
    DEBT is NOT the ANSWER.

  34. Rich's column and opinions are worth what Susan Henderson pays him to write for her paper.

    He admitted in this blog that Henderson's snips out any positive reference to this blog in his editorials.

  35. why would Rich complain about somebody censoring his posts?

    that is exactly what Susan Henderson does to him.

    if he has any gumption, let him try and write stories that Henderson disagrees with or doesn't protray the Council in a postive light - she won't let it.

    nor does Henderson allow any letters to the editor that gives an opposite or balance opinion to her nonsensical rants

  36. Lambin justs want people to notice him. He says one thing and then says another thing on the same subject. He is just a small contractor who works out of his garage...does he have a permit for that?....and the more he speaks radically or illogically, he thinks that he becomes smarter than you or I.

    Sort of a sad dude.

  37. let's cut Rick some slack.

    getting your facts straight or verifying facts or providing a balanced journalist viewpoint is not a requirement to work for the Mt Wilson Obvserver, in fact if you verify facts or try to provide a balanced view Henderson will fire you - she has zero patience for real journalism, just slander and made up crap is Henderson's mantra

    so, we can't blame Rich, with Henderson as his mentor, it's natural for him to sort of fuzzy the facts

  38. Actually all hard news his handled by Susan. That is what she sells to the highest bidder. The rest of the poor fools just write about lifestyle issues or what they've recently seen on the cable news outlets. Nothing of any real consequence to anyone who might actually read the thing.

  39. But, 2:00 pm, we can get the name of the publication correct, right! Susan Henderson is the publisher of the Mountain Views News. The Mt Wilson Observer is a defunct paper started by Katina Dunn and stolen by Susan Henderson. It is no longer published.

  40. 2:08, sorry about that - old habit

    Maybe Henderson can change the name of her paper to the

    The Democratic Party Embellzer

  41. I haven't seen the Mountain Views News in a long time, but when I last looked the opinion pieces were indeed just that - people sharing their thoughts about different matters, but not local ones. Kind of an exercise in writing a column or two. Tame and irrelevant content, no offense intended. I think that 1:48 is right and that the owner of the paper will not allow anything that could bite the hand that feeds her.

  42. How about the forty-seven thousand dollars that Henderson is supposed to pay to the Dunns because of some shenanigans Henderson did?

    Does city hall send a portion of Henderson's fees to the Dunns? And if no, why not?

  43. City Hall can't send what hasn't been asked for. This is a matter between Henderson and the Dunns. Until there's some sort of court ordered payment, the Dunns won't get a dime.

  44. The court found that Henderson owed the Dunns $47,000, but didn't specify that she had to pay them? So where does that leave the true creator of what was once a real paper?

    I love this town, but it sure seems like there's a lot of No Good Deeds Go Unpunished here.

  45. Look at it this way, it took Mosca almost 8 months to get a water rate hike to a vote. And it still isn't finished. This guy dawdles like a 5 year old.

  46. Do we have to pay our tax money to a con like Henderson? It's really disgraceful that she is supported with city money.There should be a percentage an objector can opt out on paying, so as not to finance criminality.

  47. The way Joe Mosca eventually lies to everybody is the same way Susan Henderson eventually rips off everybody.
    It'll happen.

  48. 2:11, Grifters Gazette has more of a ring to it.

  49. Does anybody think that Buchanan will be able to issue new bonds? This would definitely get put on the ballot and I don't think it would pass.

  50. 4:55, I hope we're all ready to put our money where our mouths are.
    I for one am in total agreement that the council either needs to sober up and stop increasing debt, or lose the power to do so.

  51. No one will escape the fund raising juggernaut, Chris.

  52. RE CARB: back in the day, when I was flacking for the Air Quality Management District, somebody wanted the board to pass a rule that said that anyone who talked to a board member about AQMD policy had to report the conversation and gist of it to AQMD staff within two weeks. This would even apply to a private citizen who just wanted to meet with his local representative. Even the eternally thick AQMD board thought this was a non-starter, but the planning staff who developed it (and had no knowledge of the first amendment) we really gung-ho about this.

  53. seven months later but I will submit this in the hopes it might be added and someone might read it. I never, ever trashed the Katina or Kevin Dunn. They were my friends before I knew Susan Henderson. I write for the paper because Katina invited me to. When she left I told her I would stop writing if she were mistreated. She asked me to continue. Finally, if the truth interests you, my columns complimenting John's blog are there for all to see in the archives of the paper. Unedited.


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