Friday, December 17, 2010

City's Sloppy CEQA Paperwork Contributes To Postponed Planning Commission Vote

It was yet another Planning Commission meeting where its City Council liaison, Josh Moran, was nowhere to be seen. They searched the halls, looked under desks and checked to see if he could be out back sleeping in his car, but no such luck.

Josh might have been able to make a 50th Anniversary of the Buc party or two, or predict the coming of a "really good taco stand," but attend a Planning Commission meeting? Dude.

Which is unfortunate because had Josh decided to attend he might have noticed that the ship he is supposed to be sailing had sprung a leak. Because if ever there was a vessel that needed his steady hand on the wheel yesterday, it was the USS City Staff.

As was first pointed out by several obviously well-informed folks posting yesterday on The Tattler website, the document on SB 97 and its California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines that was supposed to be supplied to the Planning Commission for their voting consideration last evening was missing a lot of material. Including much of the referenced appendices. Like the City Council liaison, they just weren't there.

Also residents who had gone looking for this document at the Sierra Madre Public Library couldn't find it at all. With or without its appendices removed. Which is a clear violation of City policy. Items like this must always be made available to the public. After all, Planning Commission meetings are not invitation-only private parties.

So you had a Planning Commission that had only been supplied with a portion of the documents they were expected to vote upon and approve, and you had interested residents who wished to prepare for this meeting but were hindered from doing so because the pertinent documents weren't supplied to the Library. Not quite what anyone was looking for, I'll bet.

Maybe it's for the best that Josh Moran wasn't there to see all of this. A gentleman of his high and uncompromising standards might not have reacted very well to so shoddy a performance. He certainly would have noticed the signs.

Here is the City's "Executive Summary" (which is a posh sounding description for what is actually a "short version") of what was to be voted upon by the Planning Commission last night had they chosen to do so:

The State Legislature recently passed Senate Bill 97 (SB 97) requiring that California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines incorporate analysis and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. The City is legally required to adopt local CEQA Guidelines that are consistent with these revisions. The proposed amendments to the City's Local CEQA Guidelines address this requirement.

(As an aside, I'm not exactly sure how Sierra Madre's city government is going to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions here in town. One way might be to pass and enforce an ordinance requiring that pizza deliveries be made on bicycle. Or we could prohibit any possible attempts to build an Edison power plant or oil refinery here in the future. Just in case. I mean, the options for GHG reduction in a small low-density town like ours are pretty limited. And unless you are prepared to force everyone give up their cars and walk - which would not be politically popular - there isn't a whole lot that can be done.)

Consideration of this SB 97 document was pushed to the second Planning Commission get together in January of next year. The reason given was that this item is well over one hundred pages of densely packed sustainability jargon and other Sacramento voodoo. Even without the missing appendices. And while it might be a state mandate that cities like ours rubber stamp this thing (which we were supposed to do months ago), who is going to want to put their name to so absurd a document without getting a chance to go through all of it first? You can only imagine what our public servants up north might try and sneak in there.

Besides, our Planning Commission has never given me the impression that they are rubber stampers.

The vote to shovel this jiggling mess into next year was 3 to 2. Probably the wiser decision.

Last Night's Arcadia Woodlands Meeting

... was pretty inspiring. Over 150 people packed into an Arcadia elementary school auditorium and basically let the PowerPoint pushing LA County guys in attendance have it right between the eyes. In a good natured and civil sort of way, of course.

The speakers were impassioned, many eloquent, some from far away, and all very well-informed on the importance of preserving the old growth oak and sycamore woodland that is threatened with extinction by a County that has lost its mind. The enthusiasm and energy was very impressive, and I came away from this meeting with quite a lot of hope.

There was a surprising amount of media in the house as well. Including Terry Miller of the Beacon Media family of (speaking of dead trees) weekly newspapers, and John Stephens from the SM Patch. Why they chose to go to this meeting over the Sierra Madre Planning Commission meeting is puzzling, though.

Unless both decided they needed to cover the Arcadia Woodlands event because it was so thoroughly noticed on The Tattler. I guess it never occurred to them that it might be possible to handle both.


  1. Thanks for the synopsis of the PC meeting and the meeting at Highland Oaks.

    It seemed more than 150 people were there. Scientists, engineers, attorneys, nature lovers, conservationists and environmentalists and other concerned citizens were in attendance.
    These people were incredibly well informed and presented a stellar case for saving this land.
    Caroline Brown was there and spoke on behalf of saving the trees and land. John Crawford and his son were there, along with at least a dozen of us from Sierra Madre.
    I hope Caroline will post on the Tattler for us today and give us a report?

  2. I guess it is understaffing that led to these problems. They just don't have enough people to handle this kind of stuff.

  3. I think Joe and John should set an example and give up their cars first.

  4. What do you guys expect, staff is soooo busy, answering phone calls, and keeping an eye on the clock, handling unimportant planning commission business, (fourth or fifth in importance anyway).

    Don't worry,Josh had everything under control, answering phone calls and keeping all eyes on the clock, making sure not to do the important task of making sure to not read the agenda, or making sure he doesn't flag the Commission Agenda, so the material isn't ready for another one of those unimportant Planning Commission hearings.
    Perhaps he is sooo overwelmed with that task, he had also, not asked the Councilman meant to be a substitute when he couldn't be available, to attend in his place.
    I suppose when one of his developer friends needs a CUP he will then turn into 'mister Step and Fetch it" and actually be present.
    Perhaps if the Councilman who is meant to be at the meeting can't attend, they should cancel the meeting?....

  5. The actions of the city staff and Moran, is exactly why this info should be available fro download from the city web site.

  6. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose, 7:53? If this kind of info was put on the city's website, then people could easily access it.

  7. Josh continues to prove to me that he is even worse than I originally thought he was!
    I thought he was incompetent....but it's even WORSE than I imagined.
    The Mosca/Buchanan/Moron/Walsh (gang4) city council is the worst 4 people Sierra Madre has ever had as "representitives". It disgraceful.
    How sad, Sierra Madre, how sad!

  8. No one in the audience at Highland Oaks last night commented on the real reason for dumping the sediment at the SPS thus killing 12 acres of pristine woodland - $$$$. Big $$$$. An impassioned Highland Oaks Property Owners Association President took to the microphone telling the audience that there was no way 100,000 diesel truck loads of debris would roll through his Highland Oaks endangering Highland Oaks children (and devaluating his property)! Estimate the cost to LACounty of 100,000 truck loads of diesel fuel vs dumping the sediment a few yards from it's source. Somehow that was left out of the EIR and not mentioned in CEQA. Plus look at how air quality friendly it is to eliminate the diesel fumes from the project.

    So we listened to a well rehearsed LACnty engineer walk us through a powerpoint of the Certified EIR, did we mention that the contract has been awarded? We listened to several dozen powerful speakers who have been fighting the foothill woodland preservation battle for years and a few Highland Oaks residents - on both sides of the issue. We heard that the one for one (unbudgeted) mitigation measure would be planting a like sized area in Tujunga with saplings.

    We did not hear that sediment flowing from the San Gabriels is what filled the Los Angeles County basis with 30,000 feet of aluvium over the last several hundred million years and deposited beach sand on Southern California's Pacific shores. No we didn't hear that sediment deposition is a natural process of erosion. And we didn't heard that the sediment would immediately begin building up again after it was trucked from behind the dam to in front of the dam.

    The battle continues at least for a few more days until the 30 days runs out. Folks, keep those cards and letters flowing to Antonovich.

  9. Moran is Buchanan's poodle. John must have given him
    the night off.

  10. Exactly right, 7:58.
    The last thing the horrible gang of four want is for the residents to know what's really going on.
    Thank God for Crawford's Tattler and all you posters who keep yourselves informed.
    We saw community involvement last night in Arcadia. Let's follow their lead.

  11. Let's hear it for the "incompetent" Planning Department staff! There's more than one way to react to being told to do unprofessional hatchet jobs on documents by unscrupulous councilmembers who shall remained unnamed. You may call them incompetent. I call them heroes.

  12. I now know that Planning Commissioners Gina and John V take their marching orders from Sacramento. Neither commissioner was interested in hearing anything the public wanted to say nor were they bothered in the least that the report was incomplete. Thanks Bill, Kevin, and Russell for letting the people have an opportunity to understand the documents. Since the City Council is deaf to the public, the Planning Commission will be the only opportunity for the public to be heard.

  13. You could be right, 8:10
    Castro is not stupid. He may have sensed a major problem with this and stepped in and stopped it before it got any worse.
    The word obviously got out, now didn't it?

  14. Where were all you protesters who were at the Highland Oaks School last night when the orginal hearing were held a couple of years ago? The residents of Highland Oaks were there, gave input, and the County listened. You guys are way too late. The dam needs attention and 10 months of trucks is too much for anyone to live through. If all of you want to save the trees, I suggest that all of you exchange homes(including all expences such as mortage etc) with the people who will need to live through this. I am sorry about the trees but you should have cried two years ago. Now let's fix the dam so we can renew our water resources.

  15. Oh dear. A troll. Rather than acknowledging many of the evenhanded and fair solutions at the meeting last night, this nitwit has to bellow and rage.
    You weren't at a meeting two years ago, so clear cutting an ancient oak grove is OK.


  16. for any of you in the camp of the Josh Moran Defender of Justice As We Decide Justice League (JMDJAWDJL, all bets of respect and scrunity were blown off by old Joshy Boi himself when he stated in a public meeting that he plans to appoint his personal friends, acquaintances to City Committees, like the one attempting to redefine Sierra Madre to accomdate a SCAG census goal of 20,000 or so residents.

    The fact and heard by hundreds that Councilman Moran publically states that he will party favors and rubberstamp development is a dangerous person to have on the Council.

    He said he will appoint his friends and Councilman Moran is vehemently opposed to Measure V, he admits he can not be unbiased and has worked relentlessly to undermine the DSP and Measure V.

    Like Councilman Buchanan and Mayor Mosca, Councilman Moran can not and WILL NOT accept a decision by the people because they basically disagree and all three are in a position to do what they want when they want.

    Please somebody tell me that one of these three guys has done something to be investigated.

    It'd kill Mosca's and Buchanan's professional careers because they are Councilmen on the corporate dime and if fired for public embarrassment.

    All three have lied to us about a natural disaster, our water supply was in immediate peril and the city needed an emergency water tax increase - upwards of 40%.

    Meanwhile, all three Councilment were working on pet pork projects to be tagged along with plans for use of monies raised by the water tax such as a new 7 million dollar library and a $ 50k counter top for City Hall.

    All used deceit and instructed the City Attorney to stay in the gray and help push back any resident inquires and deflect scrunity.

    If caught in serious lies and breaches of ethics isn't enough for us to be alarmed, I think a Councilman who merrily admits that he is gonna appoint his friends to Council positions should not have a vote on anything.

    And the dude, who sells home mortages can't attend a planning meeting? It's the perfect source for inside information for his own sales and his family at Webb-Martin.

    With that kind of ingenuity, it's no surprise that Councilman Moran never is prepared or has an intelligent question.

    His primary input is to deride and rail on Mary Ann because she is an enemy to his objective to overturn Measure V.

    Certainly Moran has a couple of supporters left in town, but once he said he doesn't care enough about the rest of us and he was going to manipulate the public good by appointing his friends.

    It will be laughable if Josh actually did make the Buc Party and couldn't find the time to attend a Planning Meeting, a insider position for him.

    Party on Josh.

  17. sorry 8:41 but i didn't know of the meeting 2 years ago,but thanks to this blog i went last night.i guess that you didn't go last night because the residents of Highland Oaks complained that there home association did not inform them very well either. And also that there is more than one route for removing the debris.
    you should have gone there was really good info going around .and wasn't that are neighbor (the tall guy wearing a suit for Los Angeles County Public Works Department)up the hill from carter ave ,i think the neighbors call them the loud family ,being informed is empowering

  18. somebody tell me, why is a person who sells home mortages and real estate the planning commission liason for the Council?

    that reeks of a political favor and pay off for running for Council, keeping quiet and rubberstamping the Buchanan / Mosca ticket.

    only Mosca / Buchanan would be that brilliant to appoint a council liason to the planning commission and that liason has a laundry list of conflicts.

    unless they planned it...hmmmmmm......

    hey run for Council...we can overturn Measure how we vote.....don't ask too many stupid questions...rant all you want on Mary Ann....bring civility back to the Council...side with us on bogus environmental disasters....and we'll appoint you as liason to the Planning Commission, sounds good doesn't it?

    but, we know you are sort of unreliable, so all we (Buchanan/Mosca) ask is that you please show up for the meetings, I'm (Mosca) still getting reamed for never attending a SCAG meeting and still claiming to be an expert....

    hey Josh, how was the Planning Meeting?

    what planning meeting?

    the one Tuesday.

    oh dude, like I totally forgot. Can I get the homework from someone else?

    party on josh.

  19. Fan of Anonymous at 9:07December 17, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    Great post!

  20. Dude has gotta do what a dude has gotta do, 9:07.

    Mmmm, tacos!

  21. oh, when i write party on josh

    i don't necessarily mean drinking or substances, even though Councilman Moran protrays that persona with his social networking sites - I even laughed at his party party party profile picture he had posted

    Moran appears to consider being on the Council a party.

    Treat it like a party. Show up, hang out chill, yell at some people, get business associates involved by appointing them to the party and do whatever John and Joe tell me to do...sort like the doorman.

    No thinking required - just the partyish attitude.

  22. Josh has taken a de-evolutionary approach to governance.

  23. My, my someone really doesn't like Josh Moran. But he brought some of those comments on himself. Not only did he say he would appoint only his friends to Commissions, he also thinks the water protest is not justified because his friends think it's prefectly o.k. and the protesters have some sort of political game going on. As if his friends are the only people in town that count. I hate to tell you Josh, but the reason you were elected is because you were a part of a slate that did some pretty underhanded things during the election. Now the truth comes out.

  24. Josh makes his own problems. A smart politician would have reached out to the opposition. He chose to spit in their eyes on live TV.

  25. I'm tired of self congratulatory anonymous postings berating Josh. We all know about Josh. Today's issues are far more important. Can you keep the posts to a couple of sentences, or at least float some new info? Really, you're boring.

  26. Most of us Tattler readers knew Josh was an a-hole before the election.
    What we didn't know was the underhanded tactics these dirts used to get him elected along with Mosca and Walsh.
    Mosca fooled all of us in 2006, he took our money, our support and our time and BETRAYED us all.
    Mosca is a worse person than Josh, if that's possible.

  27. self congratulatory?

  28. Josh appointed one friend to the Community Services Commission (Jeff Chantz) and one to the General Plan Steering Committee (Colin Brodwick).
    Buchanan appointed his buddy and Edison lawyer Wendy to the Planning Commission.

  29. I wonder how the G4 is going to roll out the "get rid of your car and take the bus and save the world from global warming" CEQA/CARB message to Sierra Madre? I can't see that one going over very well.

  30. sorry Wendy is on the General Plan Steering Committee.

  31. Just plain tired of crazysDecember 17, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    It was totally awe inspiring last night! Powerful speechifiers talking sense never lowering themselves to personality driven rants. I remember when the Tattler had actual discourse. Real facts. Now two or three bloviators have taken over with long rambling posts talking crap about the G4 or some other local. Give it up! We know. We've heard. We stipulate that our councilmembers minus one are turds.

  32. There's a great confluence here on these two events. Environmental Reviews.
    A lucid poster who was at the Arcadia meeting wrote "So we listened to a well rehearsed LACnty engineer walk us through a powerpoint of the Certified EIR," and the matter before the Planning Commission last night would have an impact on EIR's.

    EIR's are supposed to protect the environment. And if you want to see how well they do it, drive north on Baldwin. Or do nothing about the Arcadia woodlands and watch what happens.

  33. channel 3 watcher 1stDecember 17, 2010 at 11:59 AM

    8:31, On the one hand, I totally disagree with your characterization of two of the Planning Commissioners. Because they wanted to approve what they will be forced to approve sooner or later does not make them Sacramento lackies.Bite your tongue. The Planning Commissioners are the best volunteers we've got. And on the other hand, I totally agree with your comment that the Planning Commissioners actually listen to the people, the council does not.

  34. I'd like to see the choice of who prepares the EIR left to the people who are impacted by the results as opposed to the organization trying to push through an agenda.

  35. . . . correct me if I'm wrong--Councilmember Moran is also liaison for the Tree Advisory Comission? Well, he was absent from their meeting Wednesday night--so 0 for 2 in one week. However, if 1 for 3 is good enough (he was as the CC meeting Tuesday, ya!) then Josh hit his goal.

  36. Perhaps E.I.R. should be changed to O.C.W.D.P.

    Obstacle Course in the Way of Developer Profit.

  37. Buchanan and Mosca make every meeting of every commission/committee for which they are liaison. Tell me this, is there any difference in the outcome? Perhaps it's a good thing Moran and Walsh are consumed by their life events and schedules. Actually I've never heard a council liaison besides MaryAnn bring any sort of intelligent discourse to the meeting or for that matter report back intelligently to the Council.

  38. 12:03 what a beautiful idea.
    But unfortunately, the individual participation of the people most directly effected would eviscerate the consultant community.
    The scientific analyses required are difficult and require training, which is why developers' set up that straw man to force environmentalists to respond to.
    Honestly, the environmentalists have been way too accomodatng and operating in good faith from the beginning of these struggles.

  39. I just drove by Stonehouse and saw a young family of deer grazing. Guess they haven't understood the eviction notice.

  40. Consultants have replaced common sense, and it's a very bad change.

  41. Interesting point 12:07. Mosca and Buchanan make those meetings of course because they are politicians. Can't help themselves - like an addiction to meet and greet. When I was at the Town hall Forum, I saw those two holding court in the middle of the room. Actually appreciated that because I could move around the room without having to talk to them.

  42. Planning Commission meetings are not well attended.
    I guess that people don't know how important the decisions are that the commission makes.
    Or maybe it's the history of the commission making the right decisions only t be ignored by the council, so most people focus on the council.
    The Planning Commission is our first line of defense.

  43. Amen LTR. Common sense tells us that trees help us, that wildlife needs space, that we have an obligation to live respectfully and lightly on the land. Common sense is much greener than the brutalized green movement.

  44. Look, EIRs might be full of problems, but they are the best hope we've got. You have to fight the results of manipulated EIR's, but remember that at least they give a chance for the fight.

  45. The EIR on the 1990s Gen'l Plan reveals a lot. Like plans to push the population in this town to over 20,000. So why do you think Mosca was so distraught when the last real City Council we had voted to release the EIR on the Downtown Specific Plan? Because he knew that was where the truth was to be found.

  46. I was not at the Planning Commission meeting last night, being at the Arcadia Woodland meeting instead, but I did download the staff report and will go over it and the next one in detail as this is very important for all of use who have followed projects in Sierra Madre that required CEQA review and EIR check-lists. So, 8:31, I don't know but you may have misunderstood why Gina and V thought they could go ahead with a decision. I see Gina in particular as one of the most insightful PC we have ever had. Follow the Planning Commision and watch them uphod the law for Sierra Madre. The Planning Commission that has legislative direction and regulations to follow. They cannot not be overturned by the Green Commission who is in position to advise on other issues.

  47. Thanks, Caroline for you enlightening report on the meeting!

  48. Wait! How do you download a staff report? Clearly that's something different than the Agenda! Where do you find it? How did you do that?

  49. I was sent an e-mail with it as an attachment. The person sending the e-mail must have gotten a hard copy (bought one from the city--in the past you could make a zerox from the copy at the library desk but an earlier post said that was not available this time, one of the reasons to shelve the discussion last night?) and then scanned in into an attachment. That was handy for me at least. Maybe the Tattler would do this in the future. Or Tattler supporters who can spare the time. Question for those with more tech skills than I possess: if a document is on line can't you save it to your desk top and then make a hard copy at home?

  50. 12:07, Mosca and Bucahan make meetings at all hours because their employers, both energy companies, give them virutal unlimited daytime hours to work outside the office

    either they suck at their real job and the company would rather have them out of the office

    or Buchanan / Mosca can benefit their employers by working inside the city, meanwhile subscribing to the belief that SCAG is right, Sierra Madre can absorb a 20,000 population with new urban planning - screw the citizens that already live here.

    Don't give Mosca /Buchanan any credit for working hard, they get paid by their employer to and neither are looking out for your best interest in the long term vision of the city

  51. Interesting. Elected lobbyists. Pretty obvious
    they don't work for us.

  52. The only council member looking out for us is MaryAnn MacGillivray.

  53. okay, let's stop picking on Councilman Moran.

    just because he's incompetent, biligerent and hands out political appointments to his friends as party favors, that's no reason to question him or heaven sakes, bore somebody who doesn't think that a total lack of ethics by a Councilman is newsworthy

    oh yeah, Moran lied to us about the water tax disaster

    yeah, boring stuff.

  54. None of this can hold a candle to the new taco stand.

  55. Caroline Brown Part IDecember 17, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    One important point made at last night's meeting was that the idea of who should have been informed of the project and its county-wide implications was not done three years ago.

    The first meeting was held at 1st Avenue School in Arcadia, some several miles away from even the immediate area's residents. The State Clearing House sends out the information to the 'stake holders' based on who the writers of the EIR indicates and that list is severely lacking in breath for this project.

    The DRAFT EIR lists this woodland as a high value environmental area, yet the California Native Plant Society was not notified, nor was the Audubon Society or California Oak Foundation (now California Oaks).

Moreover, the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) process, the process that requires residents to get involved, should be publicized to a much greater extent when it comes to county projects.

    Residents and interested citizens far and wide have important information to share, that agreed, should not have to come as a last minute reaction to the lack of opportunity to participate in the process. 

As a background note: CEQA is a result of the actions of a group--Friends of Mammoth Mountain in 1972--who were trying to protect important environmental resources the outcome of which became this important California law for environmental protection.

    Now, in the case of the Arcadia Oak Woodland, and the final certified EIR, there is still room and time for a course correction based on environmental information that was not available at the time the EIR was certified.

  56. Caroline Brown Part IIDecember 17, 2010 at 5:55 PM

    No one questions the need to remove the sediment behind the Santa Anita Canyon Dam. No one doubts the aggravation of lines of diesel trucks carrying out debris over many, many days. Sierra Madreans have experienced that, too. 

One of the many suggestions last night was blending of debris removal techniques so that no one neighborhood more than another experiences this disturbance. 

The already disturbed area above and below the woodland can take more and the trucking off-site can be reduced.

    The idea that the oak/sycamore/coastal sage woodland needs to be deforested to accommodate debris trucked in from other sites is about as uncalled for as it gets. The debris is already off-site and in trucks. Instead of being hauled to Arcadia it can keep on going down the road from other debris basins to the County Manning landfill in Irwindale.

    Or, what if, as one speaker suggested, it was treated as a valuable resource and made commercially available to companies and agencies. With California AB 1881, the Water Conservation and Landscaping Act, this decomposed granite, after processing, could be used in water reducing landscaping throughout all of southern California's municipalities. 

    These are a few follow-up comments for starters. Others will comment I am sure.

  57. Caroline Brown's excellent post experienced an HTML problem due to a flaw in the Google system. At Caroline's request the flaw was corrected and It has been reposted in two parts.

  58. Some observations from last nights "Save the Oaks & Sycamores meeting. Supervisor Antononvich was not introduced, said nothing, and the only thing I observed was hhim saying "nice job" to Keith (I think the County Civil Engineer) on his Power Point presentation.

    A "smoothie" facilitator attempted to make the comments a non controversial note taking exercise. He seemed out of touch. The Public Adress System worked only part of the time detracting from the audience comments.

    A few Highland Oaks residents made it clear that "NIMBY" rules applied to any trucks passing through their neighborhood hauling away debris.
    I wonder if they prefer letting the debris fill the dam and then overflow into their streets and property. Might be a good solution. Keep the Oaks & Sycamores, sacrifice the Highland Oaks property.

    The County Civil Engineer lumped the concrete Santa Anita Dam into a group including Carter, Stonehouse and others as "Inspectded and Managed by the State of California Dept of Dams". I believe only the concrete dam is monitored by the State. The buldozed earth stuff like Carter and Stonehouse is left to the County and SM Public Works to monitor and dredge out. Woe is us!

    It was obvious that the EIR was never publicized beyond the County Works Depts, a few City Depts and no attempt at notifing all residents within (whatever is legally required like a 5 mile radius of the project) was ever advertised. So the "two year notification process" was largly a sham to facilitate the County Plan.

    I attempted to walk the 11.3 acres accessable at the top of Highland Oaks Dr on Thursday about 11:00 A.M. Two County Pick Ups with 2 hard hats in each, were blocking the open gate and I was told I could not enter without a County Permit.

    What was apparent, manifestively so was that the Debris Basins don't work; they are filling to capacity 10 years or more ahead of the EIR estimates; require constant dredging; with no place to relocate the muck; and are playing havock with our natural environment. This was the elephant in the room last night and no one could mitigate the impact now or in the future.

  59. I love this blog. So many smart people post here.

  60. Supervisor Antonovich was not there last night. 6:24 you mis-identified someone else from the County Department of Public Works. There were several people from their department that were not introduced. Actually only two personel were introduced in addition to the facilitator. A young woman from the department, not introduced, spoke to the question asked regarding getting a copy of the power point. Actually, that questioner was brilliant in showing up with a flash drive in order to get a copy of the report before leaving the builidng.

  61. 11:21 Thanks for the correction. Introductions and the "players" from the County would have helped.

  62. I was there and I too noticed just how distant some of the County people were. We live in a time where government has become responsible only to itself. It doesn't help the Los Angeles County has become a one party dictatorship.

  63. Finally PSN and Patch came out with stories about the Thursday night meeting between the County and locals at Highland Oaks School. Several Sierra Madreans visible in the photos of the audience.

    Good stories.

  64. Did Patch cover the Planning Commission meeting?

  65. Arcadia Weekly and Sierra Madre Weekly covered the Tree story too on their web sites


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