Friday, July 8, 2011

Diane Shear Responds

Look, I really don't expect too much in the way of mercy. I run a very outspoken blog, take on all comers, and maintain the place for the sole purpose of promoting the agenda of a slow growth and fiscally sane Sierra Madre. One governed by elected officials who care about the desires of all the people who actually live here, and not just those they do business with. Which, with one notable exception on our City Council, we do not have now.

And if you don't like what I have to say, or how I say it, then I am fair game. Give me your best shot. I might have something to say about it, but I'm not going to complain.

But when you go after other people with the purpose of getting at me, then we're going to have a problem. And when that person is a 90 year old man celebrated the world over for a nearly unbelievable act of courage, one that saved the life of a small child, and whose apparent "crime" was to invite me to ride with him in our 4th of July parade, then it is time for us to have a conversation.

Last evening I received the following e-mail from Diane Shear, the wife of John Shear, Sierra Madre's Hometown Hero. Here is what she said:

For Terry Miller to use John Shear's participation in our 4th of July parade as a forum to attack you is wrong. And for him to slander the impeccably humane reputation of Santa Anita Racetrack as a way of getting at you through John Shear, is also wrong. Santa Anita is famous for its kindness to the horses that race there. To equate them with the likes of Have Trunk Will Travel and how they treat elephants is malicious slander.

John called Mike Wilman, who is the head of publicity and has been instrumental in most of the press releases on John's heroism at Santa Anita last March. Santa Anita is not going to be happy at all with this. Mary Saenz has been informed and I'm sure most of the turf writers in the press box will be made aware of this as well. I'm sure Mr. George Haines and the Mayor of Arcadia, Gary Kovacic, will be informed as well. Best to let them deal with this unfortunate "opinion article." They will do just that.

Many Sierra Madreans are involved in the sport of horse racing, including John Shear, Pete Sieberal, Emily and Richard Duggan, Gary Stevens, Mike Smith, and scores of others. The sport of kings has been very generous to this town. And Santa Anita has been a strong supporter of Arcadia as well.

Santa Anita and other racetracks in California have spent millions of dollars to make safer tracks and rules for racing horses. Terry's attack was very unfair and deceptive.

Terry Miller was way out of line. Terry is just plain wrong.

Diane Shear
Sierra Madre

I don't think there is very much to add. But there is one thing I would like to say. I cannot understand why Von Raess has allowed Terry Miller to turn the Sierra Madre Weekly and other Beacon Media publications into latter day versions of The Cumquat. Maybe he just isn't around the office that much anymore, and figures the help will maintain the place and keep depositing checks into his bank account.

Perhaps this incident will awaken him to the insane mess his little empire has become.


  1. Terry Miller just picked on the wrong Tattler! And the wrong issue. In fact he couldn't have been more wrong. The man is just dumb.

    Really? Going up against an organization dedicated to the humane treatment of horses? In a community dependent on the jobs and revenue the track brings in?


  2. Miller is a sad joke. Putting an article slandering Santa Anita into 7 newspapers is just idiocy.

  3. Terry Miller:

    I am sitting in the smallest room in my house, your opinion column in front of me.......soon it will be behind me...........

  4. Chief Black KettleJuly 8, 2011 at 7:15 AM

    When the Santa Anita race track opened some 70-odd years ago my dad gassed up the Packard in Chicago and drove to Arcadia just to see the ponies run. To my knowledge the track has done nothing to harm these animals. For this johnny come lately, Mr. Miller, to take shots at the "track" is the height of stupidity. And who is Mr. Miller, anyway? We know that John Shear is a Hometown Hero who, by the way, defended Mr. Miller's freedom by fighting the Germans in northern Germany on foot with a helmut on his head and a rifle in his hands. What have you done, Mr. Miller, to defend freedom lately.

  5. One of the Spero Foundation's big fundraisers was a $75 a plate wine tasting at Santa Anita. In an attempt to polish the tarnished image of his friends, Terry Miller has stepped in do do. I can't imagine the track will be happy to provide a venue for the questionable organization's fund raising in the future.

    Terry Miller you are an idiot.

  6. Chief Black Kettle

    Thanks for reminding us, John Shear has been an American citizen since 1965, but was born in London, England in 1921 and served in the British Army from 1943 to 1946. He was wounded in action in France after the invasion of D-DAY.

  7. Terry Miller's greatest act of heroism is to amass the region's largest collection of firemen photos.

  8. Ripples from the actions of the Prom Committee, aided and abetted by The Spero Fdn, widen even as the parade fades into memory.

    It'll take a lot of $1 tacos to make up the $5K they foolishly spent on Tai the elephant.

    If I were Matt Bossypants I'd be calling off Terry Miller. Quickly moving from stepping in elephant poo, Terry is covering Sierra Madre Blvd. Who knows who he'll end up smearing. He's about as adept at Public Relations as his old friend and mentor Beth Buck.

  9. Miller is an ass. Doesn't Santa Anita buy a lot of ads in those papers?

  10. Perhaps the question should be, "Didn't Santa Anita used to buy a lot of ads in those papers?"

    Von Raess understands lost revenue...

  11. Thank you Diane for your thoughtful, and as always, truthful remarks.

  12. Obviously the "M" in Miller doesn't stand for Mensa.

  13. Diane, I'm so sorry you had to read the false remarks by Miller. I know how kind you and John are to the animals in your life.

    I also can hear plenty of your creative ways to express yourself about Miller!

    Hope you and your great guy have a nice weekend.

  14. The overall point seems to be that Sierra Madre is a city supposedly run by elected officials. These "officials" and their cronies tried to bring in an elephant through the back door without following appropriate public policy.

    Whether or not you like horse racing at Santa Anita is irrelevant. When Bosse and Childs try to race horses down Sierra Madre Boulevard with tax-payer funds, then we have a problem with horse racing.

  15. Miller does have a way of twisting things around to fit his own agenda. And his agenda is political and nothing else. You are right Crawford, he did use John Shear to get at you, just as he attacked MaryAnn during the election to discredit her endorsed candidates. He is mean and spiteful and should not be editing a newspaper, no matter how trashy it is.

  16. In one fell swoop the Prom Committee, the secretive 4th of July Committee and THE Spero Foundation sullied the reputation of the City and the Citizens of Sierra Madre's past support of animals, wilderness and wildlife:

    In 1945-46 the City bought land which they dedicated in 1966 as Wilderness in Bailey Canyon and Little Santa Anita Canyon. In 1972 the City declared itself a Wildlife Sanctuary. At the Wistaria Day this year, and in the past, they have featured the Greyhound rescue (I am co-manager of a rescued hound mix--Greyhound and Redbone from Beagles and Buddies in El Monte) and in this parade as in parades past, the Pasadena Humane Society was featured.

    The city supported a group of citizens to set aside space for a dog park for those who did not have room enough at their residences to let their pooches get enough exercise. The founders of the dog park walked their dogs in the 4th of July parade that year to celebrate the park.

    As I said "one fell swoop..."

  17. 8:01

    Thanks friend.
    Actually, I was pretty shocked and saddened at Terry's remarks. I never thought he would say such things. He has taken pictures of John when John was released from Huntington Hospital.
    He has sent some of his photos to Mike Shear, our son, Mike helps his Dad put up pictures on John's Facebook page, where most of the posters there are horse people, several are fans from Santa Anita.
    John enjoyed the parade very much. He was thrilled with the wonderful response he received from the parade goers.
    His facebook friends shared his special day.
    Many showed up at the parade to cheer him on.
    Again, I am not even angry, I'm just sad.
    Sad that Terry would do this, not just to us, but he has caused pain for others who are also disappointed, some of them are friends and contributors to the current regime at City Hall.

  18. Take Back The TownJuly 8, 2011 at 8:43 AM

    These people will pass thru Sierra Madre, soon enough, like the Santa Ana winds blow away the smog in the fall.
    They show the worst in human nature, greed, hostility to different opinions, and a disproportionate sense of self importance.
    To them, they see Sierra Madre as a place to exploit, make a profit, and leave.
    They have never understood this town because of these traits, and never will.

  19. No town around does politics like Sierra Madre. I love the read.

  20. The Place for No StoryJuly 8, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    Just imagine how quiet things would be on a site like this if we didn't have to constantly defend against a barrage of attacks: attacks on the hillsides, on Montecito, on the old church, on the water rates, on the downtown, on a hometown hero, on the parade . . . you can only wonder what the next insult to the citizens the G4 and their associated Prom Committees are going to get up to next.

  21. but nobody reads Terry Miller's column

    he was the hack photograper for the Weekly making $ 23 a photo and when nobody wanted the so-called editor job he was the last resort

    he's become just as big of an axehole as Henderson

  22. Diane: Your wonderful kind and incredibly brave husband is what none of the G4 or Matt Bosses' committee or Terry could ever be: People of great character who can stand up and just say a simple THANK YOU, and let go of the trivial.

    They do not know how. I feel pity for people who lack kindness and compassion, but even more who cannot be happy for another person.

    Hypocrites are bully's filled with the language of lies and hatred. Friendship is kindness filled with the language of truth and reaching out to one another because of a deep and sincere caring for the short time we all have together on this earth.

    Pity the bully for his lack of caring. He cannot smell the roses. You and John have spread the roses. Thank you.

  23. It is like whack-a-mole around here. They keep popping up and the Tattler keeps whacking 'em back down.

  24. 10:05 and 10:10, thanks for those excellent posts!
    Clear, precise and good hearted.
    So refreshing after the troll appearances of the last few days.

  25. "...a slow growth and fiscally sane Sierra Madre"

    Now that is an authentic representation of what the majority of the people who live in this town want. An unpretentious, responsible community.

  26. Amen, 11:16. And that is why the G4 city hall doesn't tell the truth. They know that if their real agenda was out there for all to see this town would be stunned.

  27. The thing I find to be the strangest about the small group that backs Buchanan, Mosca, Moran and Walsh, the group that is so prominent in all things social in Sierra Madre, is their vanity.
    They should wear little badges, "I am good and I do good things."
    My mother always taught us kids "Don't ever brag about your good deeds."

  28. If the City was worried about the true the Hildreth's would not be having to defending themselves in court. The City is still trying to take away the project and the street of east Montecito. With lawyers involved it is not about right or wrong, it is now ablout winning, at any cost. The lies, the hatred, the money. When the City looses the court battle, which they will, I personally have witnessed the Hildreth's documents, It is going to cost the City, or should I say us, a great deal of money. Abuse of Power and abuse of process are going to pay the Hildreth's plenty. But again I for one think the Hildreth's deserve all the money they get, after what the gang of liars have put them through. Jeff and Taryn please do not give up the fight, or pull a Dunn. Our town needs your spirt and more like you.

  29. Most people just do what is right as a part of their daily lives. They don't brag about it because it is what they have always done.

  30. The Hildreths are dangerous to the city because they have always fought back. The plans for E Montecito do not call for obstreporous residents getting in the way of what they want to do with the place.

  31. get the flyswatter..July 8, 2011 at 12:30 PM

    What a petty little pissant, that Miller is. He is the same color green with envy, that comes out of the back end of a horse, over John being in the Parade and Johns superior mind and writing ability. He reminds me of a small mouse trying to mount an elephant, just ain't never going to happen, he was after Crawford, but had to disguise it with the horseracing exploitation. Always and anon will he be second place, to Crawford. Shame, the piece people who live in glass houses is a badly written bitter farce. Miller is a twisted little spider somebody needs to spray raid on.. sorry it hurt Mr and Mrs Shear and Santa Anita. But consider the source or rather ignore the source, curses foiled again Mr. Miller, you live in the glass house, and write like a hundred monkeys at a typewriter.

  32. Terry is the lethal combination of colossal stupidity and runaway egomania. Any idiot can take pictures, but somehow Terry has become convinced this has made him Da Vinci.

  33. Hope Santa Anita publishes a response.

  34. Santa Anita is too classy to enter into a Pasadena Weakly fray. I suspect they'll just bring great pressure to bring on the dweeb Miller. The less said by him the better. In the time it's taken for word to get out about his tasteless "opinion" hundreds, maybe thousands, of pageviews have been opened by people around the world. They've all heard about Santa Anita and John Shear. Gotta think 10 have heard about Miller and they're all related to him.

  35. can sierra madre get a restraining order taken out on this guy?

  36. Wasn't this Terry Miller hired by the July 4th Parade Committee to be the official parade photographer?

    Yet another atrocious blunder by those people.

  37. 1:43

    Terry Miller was also the official photographer of the disgraceful CUMQUAT and likely the Q**T websites.
    He went after Crawford for using one of his photographs on the Tattler a while back, Crawford got the photo from the CUMQUAT, and didn't even know it was Terry Miller's photo.
    BUSTED, Terry Miller. You were a contributor to the CUMQUAT.

  38. Miller is a career offender. Von Raess shouldn't be propping this idiot up.

  39. Time wounds all heels.

  40. The Tattlers have memories like "elephants".
    I remember that picture.
    You're right, it was traced back to Miller.

  41. Give Peace a Chance

  42. "You'll just have to be shocked." --The MayorJuly 8, 2011 at 2:51 PM

    If there are new viewers here, you would have to have seen the Cumquat and the Q**T to believe how hateful and offensive they were.

    I did. They were. And his Excellency Governor Buchanan supported them. Not the finest tool in the kit.

  43. Keepin' it civilJuly 8, 2011 at 3:21 PM

    Remember the really mean kid in school, the one who would punch another kid, only when the teacher wasn't looking?

    The one who set up a "Give me your lunch money or else" racket, but who was well behaved in front of parents?

    There are more than of few of those guys associated with the Sierra Madre Land Investment LLCs.

  44. Terry changes the Sierra Madre Weekly website all the time. It shifts with his tall tales. You really can't go by anything you find on there.

  45. Watch Johnny Boring Bonds defend hate speech on Neuroblast.

  46. Who looks on the Weekly websites?
    Seriously y'all, do any of you actually pick up a Weekly (Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, and so forth and so on) for any other reason than you're waiting for friends at a restaurant?

  47. Moderator, thank you for ratcheting down the troll admittance.
    I imagine there are a number of furious comments coming your way, petulant and illogical tantrums, probably increasingly obscene, and I appreciate that you're on the front lines.

  48. ...another one of those is Josh Moran. I went to school with him. He was a big bully and his mom protected him. A part of school you never forget. the bullys who get away with everything. It was awfull.

    I am sure there is a whole lot of other stuff about Moran people do not know about. His fake charm which he puts on is what he always used to put on, and get away with with some adults. But all of us growing up with him knew. He tries to make up for some of it now. but the damage has been done.

    How he ever got elected still stuns many of us who grew up with him.

    Still am curious if Josh was not a part of the CUMQUAT, just like him, especially since buddy John was so defensive.

    think about it.and still secretive boys.

  49. It's the hypocrisy that gets to me -
    the bad behavior, and then the accusations of bad behavior hurled at others.

  50. Terry committed a terrible mistake, got caught, and is now wailing and whining all over town. Very sad.

  51. I don't most people would have known about what Miller did or didn't write or does or doesn't think if it hadn't been put on the Tattler!

  52. I hardly know what to say... the glass houses "opinion" and the photo of John Crawford that's been front and center on Sierra Madre Weekly on-line is gone! GONE!

  53. It seems obvious to me that Terry Miller was a big player at the Cumquat.

  54. Boo to revisionismJuly 8, 2011 at 5:02 PM

    4:59, what?
    If so, this is just too much.
    They are playing too fast and loose.
    What happened to standing by your story?

  55. I've always suspected Diane Shear was a force to be reckoned with, but OMG! she's awesome! I'm so proud to call John and Diane and Mike Shear friends.

  56. John and Diane Shear are two of the strongest people I have ever met.

  57. petition carrierJuly 8, 2011 at 5:14 PM

    A force to be reckoned with, you betcha! Diane Shear was responsible, all by herself, for over 300 signatures on the Measure V petition.
    There is no better volunteer in Sierra Madre.
    Thank you Diane.

  58. Can Terry Miller make the Prom Committee disappear as well?

  59. . . . a society ruled by an oligarchical dictatorship . . . pervasive government surveillance, and incessant public mind control . . . ruled by a political party called simply The Party. The individual is always subordinated to the state, and it is in part this philosophy which allows the Party to manipulate and control humanity.

    In the Ministry of Truth, protagonist Winston Smith is a civil servant responsible for perpetuating the Party's propaganda by revising historical records to render the Party omniscient and always correct, yet his meager existence disillusions him to the point of seeking rebellion against Big Brother.

    (from Wikipedia)

  60. It looks like Miller's Santa Anita smear has been pulled from the Beacn Media website. Wonder why ...

  61. Terry is busy rewriting history. The vanished offending article has been replaced by something about an elephant dated July 1st. Of course, it didn't exist until today, but what else is new?

  62. For the record, on July 1st at 10:56 am the first hints of Tai the elephant were posted on the Tattler:

    4th of July Parade Rules

    .........No Water Play.......
    ............No Candy.........

    .......Elephants will be allowed......

    And it took off from there.

  63. Jayne Skeff sent out her now famous press release to the media at the same time. Sierra Madre Weekly and it's infamous editor were not singled out to break the story as Miller has insinuated. John Crawford being the professional that he is, sourced the story before jumping in. But Tattlers were already on it and began before noon posting what they were finding.

    Does anyone have a follow up on Tai's plight? We should not forget her in her enslavement and misery.

  64. Thank you 9:28 for that reminder.
    I know that more than one animal rights group is trying to shut down Have Trunk Will Travel, but do not know what progress is being made.
    I hope that Tai and her fellow captives get to go someplace like the elephant sanctuary, to live the rest of their lives in freedom and companionship.