Thursday, October 13, 2011

Denise Delmar Responds To Our Request For A Statement

(Denise Delmar kindly forwarded me her written reply to all of the excitement at Tuesday night's City Council meeting. The calm assurance and quiet wisdom of her thoughts on this matter are as refreshing as they are wise. Thank you Denise for all that you do. You have this City's gratitude.)

The GPUSC's work program, approved by this Council in the Summer of 2010, outlined who was ultimately responsible for the General Plan Update, which is clearly the City Council, after it is approved by the Planning Commission.

The Steering Committee is tasked with checking for inconsistencies, collecting current data, developing Guiding Principles and gathering community input. It would be irresponsible of this committee to formulate a General Plan considering political views and current staffing constraints. We have a responsibility to look into the future 20 years, and provide this City with a General Plan which will be a workable guide for City policies, and adhere to the Vision and Guiding Principles of the community whatever the political climate may be. As such, it is imperative that all committee members remain as politically neutral as possible until the draft is turned over to the Planning Commission.

As for the comments made by Councilmember Walsh, although her statements directed towards me were correct, they were taken out of context to serve as evidence for her to ask for my resignation. For example, I do not advocate having secret meetings, but do advocate having sub-committees assigned with specific tasks which take place outside of the monthly public committee meetings. These sub-committees consist of committee members and community volunteers. The information is brought forth to the entire committee for review and recommendation. This was done to adhere to the schedule approved by the Council as part of the Work Program. The sub-committee members are always identified during our public committee meetings and all are required to come back with a report. The sub-committees have been instructed by myself and Director Castro to copy him on any correspondence. The sub-committees are ever changing as the scope of work changes, as are the members who work together. The other allegations are also without merit, as documented by the minutes of our meetings.

I have respect for all elected officials, city staff, and residents of this town even if their opinions are different from my own. I feel it would be a disservice to this community and all the volunteers who have worked so hard to see this plan put together to disrupt the continuity and unity this committee has worked to achieve if Colin, Deb and I were to resign. We are on the final leg of this journey and are excited to present the Guiding Principles next week to the Planning Commission and City Council for approval. I am confident the Guiding Principles will address many of the concerns expressed by the City Council of late.

The committee members all bring to the table very different views, skills, and levels of expertise, which are vital to craft a General Plan that will be approved by our Planning Commission, City Council and be accepted by the community. I am extremely proud of the work we have accomplished up to this point, and grateful for the long hours endured by Development Services staff, City Manager, City Council Liaisons and City Attorney. It is my hope the recent City Council activity does not distract from all the good intentions. I am continuing to use my energy on the tasks at hand, with the goal of delivering the Draft General Plan to the Planning Commission in April of 2012.

Lastly, I would like to publicly wish Joe Mosca success and good fortune as he and his family set off on their new journey. I had the opportunity to speak to Joe prior to our last GP meeting and we came to an understanding about the miscommunications at the September 13 meeting. It was because of that misunderstanding I offered the following inspiration for the committee and audience members, of which Joe was one at our last meeting.

In everything, goodness is there. Our goal is to find it.

In every person, the best is there. Our job is to recognize it.

In every situation, the positive is there. Our opportunity is to see it.

In every problem, the solution is there. Our responsibility is to provide it. Our adventure is to discover it.

In every crisis, the reason is there. Our challenge is to understand it.

By seeing the goodness, we'll be very enthusiastic and our lives will be richer.


  1. The Guiding Principles, a key milestone for the GP's structure, is prepared for a presentation at the next PC meeting for approval prior to CC review.

    The timing of these hissy fits by Joe and Nancy make a lot of sense now.

  2. Will Denise be delivering the Guiding Principles to the Council, or will it be Colin?

  3. The statement by Ms. Delmar is a refreshing example of real leadership.

  4. Had Nancy Walsh paid attention at all to the GPU Committee She would have know that her false accuations would be revealed sooner than later. There are recordings of the minutes of every meeting. Denise is a very classy lady, striving to remain neutral in all aspects of the committee work. Thanks, Denise for all you have done and will do for this City.

    Unfortunately, the vendetta against MacGillivray had to interfere with the work of the Committee. When will it stop? When the Citizens finally recognize it for what it is. Nancy should be ashamed of herself for what she has done.

  5. Denise is an amazing person. I would have told Nancy that she is a crazy old bag that needs to get back on her meds. Instead she is bring people back together. Way to go Denise!!! Although Nancy needs to be told loud and clear from the people that she is totally wrong.

  6. Keeping my eye on the ballOctober 13, 2011 at 12:02 AM

    Ms. Delmar is obviously doing a good job. Not knowing her time and involvement in the community I will only be guessing she is relatively new in town. For many of us, we have tried to take the high road and yes, turn the other cheek, only to be repeatedly stabbed in the back by the big money machine that wants high density. Have no doubt about it, these people mean business, in fact, it is their business every day to work against what we are trying to preserve here in Sierra Madre. Remember why you moved here and remember this comment when it comes time to vote and don't let those slick willy smiles fool you.

  7. 12:02 am

    You have it right, friend.
    There really is no middle ground here with these people who wish to over develop Sierra Madre. Most have financial ties with people who do not share the vision and wishes of the majority of residents.
    Since we still are suppose to live in a democracy.....for the people and by the people, we must stand up for our rights and reject a Fascist type government.

    The goals of these people who wish to over develop have become very clear.

    We either want to save our Sierra Madre or we want to turn it over to people who would destroy our property values and our very way of life here in a small town.

  8. A welcome relief and contrast to the bizarre vindictive rants issued by the town's designated
    female Jidahist!

  9. Sierra Madre is BLESSEDOctober 13, 2011 at 6:20 AM

    Denise has class unlike most citizens. She also is very well educated and can beautifully rise above those that use threats because of their ignorance. Denise does not have to be condescending.

    She also keeps learning and is not afraid to say "I was wrong" which makes her all the more a perfect person to work in the public sector.

    Thank you Denise for your graciousness'.

  10. No matter what wisdom and professionalism Denise and her fabulous team show the G4, they will do what they want, and interpret the document to fit their needs.

    They are well educated and work diligently for the people. Nancy made it clear that she will not work for the voters, and one wonders where she learned to read, think and listen.

  11. All the GPU should run for CC!!
    Brains, hard work, honesty!

  12. I agree 6:27
    With the exception of MaryAnn MacGillivray, the gang of 4 do not represent we the people.
    Time to take back Sierra Madre.

  13. It is all about land use. The Gang and their patrons want R3 everywhere. But they can't talk about that. So they unleash character assassination and flat out lies against good and decent people whose only crime is to volunteer and work hard for the people of Sierra Madre.

  14. Keeping my eye on the ball saidOctober 13, 2011 at 7:53 AM

    WOW, what we have just witnessed! We have a true leader here amongst us. Delmar has just demonstrated what a true leader can do, bring people together to complete the task at had. This is the kind of leadership our town needs. If Denise Delmar has integrity and a sense for "we the people", she has my support all the way. Whoops just remembered, I voted for Mr. Blight, what do I know!

  15. 7:05

    Right you are! You nailed it.
    This is what we are responding to.
    The problem is land use alright, and it's our land they want to use and abuse.
    God help us all.

  16. Chief Black KettleOctober 13, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    Thank you, Denise. And thank you all members of the GPSC and staff. You are all a breath of fresh air to the fetid atmosphere in this town. For a generation we have suffered under regimes in City Hall that could only be characterized as the mouthpiece for the selfish, ego-manical, self-interested, grasping, money-grubbing clique of "people" who think they and they alone have a mandate to dictate to the people of this town their desires. Denise, you and the committee have proven that the apparatus of our city government can work for everyone.

  17. The time is coming when all the disguises fall and the now Gang of 3 will have to stand before God and Sierra Madre and tell us that they want to turn the town into a densely packed R3 hellhole. Because the GPUSC isn't going to do it for them, nor is the Planning Commission. Someday they will have to come out and actually say what they are really all about.

  18. I am proud of the terrific citizens who have taken the bull by the horns, and fought to enlarge the growing voice of awareness of the city politic, and local control, particularly leaders like Denise, and Maryann.
    Years ago when a small group of us saw what I can only describe as a developer led takeover of our government, where we felt like we were shouting in a vacuum, it is gratifying to see a growing, awareness of resident's wanting to control our own towns destinies.
    The mistaken idea that once you get into office, you somehow have the "God given right" to stop listening, and do what you want must end.
    The fight over increased control by Sacramento, and development money interests is far from over.... perhaps someday we could even have representatives in the State Assemby willing to fight back for local control of our cities destinies.
    It is a slow awakening process, but we will eventually win this battle.
    We have no other alternative.

  19. They already have, 8:06
    Their agenda is very clear.
    It's also very wrong for Sierra Madre home owners, those of us who have all our investments tied up in our homes!
    What about OUR INVESTMENTS, you dirtbag councilmembers, what about OUR INVESTMENT....our HOME.

  20. The Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights are written in six pages. The Constitutional Convention lasted a total of 116 days.

    The amount of time and effort we allow to be wasted in government is appalling.

    "The small-town character of Sierra Madre shall be preserved by adhering to the laws heretofore established."

  21. Actually, what's worse than the devaluation of home ownership and being a resident of Sierra Madre is the destruction of trust in the community. That's the biggest theft of all.

    MaryAnn, Denise, Don W, all those folks pushing back on the high road, are finally coming to the forefront. Hope people can see this now

  22. Nancy Walsh's civility rehab can start with reading Denise's letter to the Tattler.

  23. Thank you Don Watts @8:14.
    It's easy to think the threat from development is the figment of conspiracy-prone imaginations, and you have a very clear way of calmly delivering the truth of the situation.

  24. New Age idealism meets backroom politics as usual. Film at 11.

  25. I agree that it is all about land use. Nancy was quite clear about that over a year ago when she wanted the committee increased because she did not trust the five member committee. The new nine member committee consists of 5 members who were selected by Buchanan, Mosca, and McGillvary who were on the past council. Walsh helped hand picked the additional four members. Walsh, Mosca, and Buchanan do not like
    the way the committee has pulled together. They wanted the committee to bicker and fall apart, but it didn't. Denise continues to be the driving force that keeps the committee united and on task. This is driving some council members nuts. Attend the meetings and see what a dream team the city has.

  26. Whoever said, "In every person, the best is there," never met the incorrible Joe Mosca.

    Did you get his goodbye letter? A few last minute lies about preservation.

    "In the best person, there is more good than evil, in the worst person, there is more evil than good."

    Let's not get too teary-eyed about human perfection.

  27. Thank you Denise,
    for stepping into the fray, emerging unscathed with dignity, and class. For your understanding of the role of the The Steering Committee, and adhering to that in your duties, I applaud your efforts. You are an exemplary volunteer, and the city is in your debt.

    Neuroblast Films

  28. You know the Council (G4 +1 still) will try to trash the Guiding Principals that the General Plan Committee worked so hard to develop. Please show up so Denise and the Committee know you support them and that the Council cannot get away with this stuff!

  29. Don Watts!
    You are the WINSTON CHURCHILL of Sierra Madre!
    Sir Winston Churchill saved England in WW2.
    The voters in the next election after he won the war for them, never even re-elected him!
    England hasn't had much good luck since, now Joe Mosca will move there.

    DON WATTS saved Sierra Madre with Measure V in 2007.
    The voters in Sierra Madre never even re-elected him in 2010!

    Let's all hope that we don't go in the same direction as England.

    Thanks Sir Donald Watts, thanks for trying to save us. We still have Measure V and by God, we'll fight to keep it! God Bless you, Don.

  30. By right of succession the empty council seat belongs to Don Watts. Of course, that seat has been empty for quite a while. But thankfully the suit that has been sitting in it is leaving.

  31. I see that Patch has just posted Denise's words as well. A beat or two late, but it is still good to see a united front developing on this issue. Sierra Madre is coming together on the issue of abusive council behavior. It is about time.

  32. Thank you, 9:49, there is a time for civility and there is time for a little revelry.


    As they say, "that's huge."

  33. Hey Bucky, Happy Navigating!October 13, 2011 at 10:30 AM

    The slimiest rat has jumped ship, and the craziest old rat is on the video record hatin'. You just keep making those hard decisions, Guvna!

  34. 9;49 Sorry to throw a bucket of water on your dreams.
    The City Council can
    1. Call for a special election to fill Mr Mosca's seat on the council or
    2. They council may appoint a person to fill the vacancy.

    There are NO rules of succession.

    Personally I would like the position to remain empty and have an election in April to fill the seat for the remained of the term.

  35. Denise is a classy lady.
    To say anything about Mrs. Walsh would not be civil.

  36. Denise is a shining light of wisdom and class, shining ever brightly in the dark days of blighted politics bloated with greed & mean spiritedness. To so adroitly put forth her truth & genteely point out the purpose & high standards & goals of the committee is nothing less than a scathingly brilliant example that good will always overcomes evil. I also want to thank Nancy Walsh for her comedic show of ignorance & ineptitude with an equally appalling abusive nature second to nothing human. Off with her head!!!!!!! Resignation is the only answer Nancy. If you were smart enough you would & be ashamed that you could be dupted into reading someone else's equally ignorant ideas. Oooops, did I say that????? Me Owwwwwww

  37. "We can take you out" a phrase usually associated with mobsters rings loud and clear. Walsh's school yard bullying is laughable except that she is serious and quite possibly unstable above the neck. Dementia...pehaps?

  38. Stop Council Abuse.

  39. I'll see your Stop Council Abuse and raise you 11,000 Stop Citizen Abuse!

  40. Oh, silly me... did you mean Stop Abuse of the Citizens by the City Council? I concur wholeheartedly!

  41. Tatts against abusive councilmembers and "priests"October 13, 2011 at 11:16 AM

    You will not get away with your secret meetings to tell lies to groups of citizens against MaryAnn MacGillivray again.
    We're on to all of you.

  42. Video of MaryAnn responding to the Nancinator is up on Patch.

  43. How sweet! The Patch wants to be the Tattler now. Guess they finally figured something out.

  44. MacGillivray!
    Thanks for all you do for Sierra Madre, for all you've done in the past and for all you'll continue to do in the future.

  45. Oh great, Mosca sent a letter to every Sierra Madrean, just got it in the mail. I cant believe it, he is still pitching his good work. What is disturbing is that most of what he said he has worked on was work that was in progress years before he got here and stuff we fought him on, and he tries to take credit. He did say at the bottom of the letter that "Not paid for at Taxpayers Expense". If were lucky we will never have another politician like him here again, we don't need the embellishment and lies. Wonder if it's actually a lie if he believes it.

  46. 11:27
    All sociopaths believe their own lies.
    Joe is no exception.
    Good riddence to the Mosca disease. Never come back.

  47. 11:27 --- I got one as well. The permanent celebration of all things Joe continues. This guy just can't leave fast enough as far as I am concerned.

  48. Do you think we'll get the holiday newsletter from London with photos of the boys at Buckingham? Maybe communiques to the reminding us of all he has done for us.

  49. If I had the time and energy, I'd like to refute Joe's claims one by one.
    What a lot of malarky he wrote.

  50. I think what will happen is the Boscas will go to London, make new friends, Matt will develop his career to a very elite level, and they will totally forget about Sierra Madre. Ine day a for sale sign will show up in the front yard of their house. Joe's vanity political career is dead, and now he has to grow up. There is no reason for them to come back here.

  51. Just look at the fake "park" bought from Joffe's family with tapayer money, and compare it to the devastation at One Carter.

    That's the Mosca legacy.

  52. Watch for some sleazy deal on the sale of the Bosca house. You might unwittingly be buying it a la the Joffe deal.

  53. If someone can promise that Nancy will continue to speak her "mind," we'll charge up the wheelchairs and power over to the council meetings. As I like to point out to Pa, there's no fool like an old fool.

  54. Overall, there has been a lot of goodwill expressed by Tattlers today. In that spirit, let's acknowledge some sympathy for the English: with the coming of Mosca, the sun has finally and permanently set on the British Empire.

  55. Mosca takes credit for Kurt Zimmerman's accomplishments.

  56. I can't believe you guys wasted your time reading it. Mine went in the garbage unopened, with all of the other junk mail. I sort at the trash can before I go in the house.

  57. Giving credit where it is due, Mosca also takes credit for John Buchanan's efforts to get paramedic service. That was Buchanan's push that did that, not Mosca's. Joe was only there for the end.

  58. Next Wednesday Joe's goodbye mailer will be safely filed in many big blue cans. Hopefully it will come back in its next life as something more useful. Like toilet paper.

  59. Dear Joe Bosca
    I'm sitting in the smallest room in my house, with your letter in front of me, reading your tearful goodbye.....soon it will be behind me......FLUSH

  60. Amazing to watch these videos on Patch, of all places, but I guess you have to get eyeballs somehow. I note there's not a lot of written commentary.

    I mean, what else can they say with any kind of journalistic objectivity?

  61. joe forgot to mention an apology for lying to us about the water tax hike and how he had plans to double our population

    joe started out as a fraud when he borrowed a dog for his campaign photo

    and ended as a fraud with his letter

    good riddance

  62. nancy walsh is a toxic bitter uniformed misinformed very confused councilmember

    she contributes nothing and wants all of us to know that the people mean nothing to her and the council will do as it wants

    mary ann has more maturity, civility and common sense in her pinky than walsh will ever have

    never have i seen such a mean spirited and nasty tirade from walsh's "we can take you out" that is completely based in conjecture and hollow opinions

    she considered joe's rant as "polite"?

    that's like jeffery dahlmer considering john waynce gacy as misundestood quality do-gooder

    what a nut

  63. You have to admit, Joe put in a lot of effort. And got nothing out of it. Quite a metaphor for futility.

  64. wow, Nancy Walsh finally prepares something and has a comment at a council meeting and this is what she does?

    I liked her better when she had nothing to say, nothing to report, nothing to contribute and nothing prepared.

  65. what Walsh meant to say is that she would not rubberstamp anything unless Buchanan tells her to, which is what she has done with every vote so far, she has never made any comments, input or insight of substance and when she finally opens her mouth, she pukes out that nonsense about "taking you out" and bizzare unsubstantiated accusations

    she has been wrong from the start and will always be wrong about the public

    and she should understand what "foolish" looks and sounds like

  66. No massive R3 zoning for Sierra MadreOctober 13, 2011 at 3:28 PM

    The gang wants to destroy Measure V, so their downtown investors group can make money off of the massive over building of apartments and condos. They will not stop with downtown either they'll cover every inch of this town they possible can.
    At our expense......our property values will CRASH. The town will be destroyed forever.
    People of Sierra Madre.....don't let these horrible people do this!
    Support the General Plan Committee, Be ready to fight them if they try to violate Measure V.
    We need to vote on the ALF.
    Be ready to join your neighbors to protect our property values from these dirts.
    We can do it. We did Measure V. We can stop this evil plan of the Gangs.
    Support MacGillivray. Support the GPC.
    We have to win. This is the most important election coming up in April of 2012 we have ever had.
    Let's win back Sierra Madre, again. Drive the plunderers away once and for all.

  67. Maybe a lesson learned...We all have been so La De Da regarding local elections that we cruise along taking whatever and whoever from every local "know it all" as to how to vote.That is ,of course, if we even bother to vote!It maybe too late to reverse the onslaught of mixed use condo atrocities they have in mind for us."Bigger is Better" is the mantra.Our only hope is a negative..the bursting of the building Bubble!Hang on,for as long as you can..The future may be our only hope..Time maybe running out for them!

  68. I think I saw the likes of Nancy Walsh cleverly disguised as the red queen in Alice in Wonderland. How many of us would volunteer at the next cc mtg) to sequentially ask Nancy to apologize to All the Sierra Madreans & MaryAnn & request her resignation immediately before her last few brain cells expire??? Someone like her needs a few of "mother's little pills," as well as a straight jacket. This woman suffers from a delusion of adaquacey. Hmmm where's my spellcheck? Quit embarassing yourself. I never voted for her, but she gets my vote as a lunatic & it was under an almost full moon Tuesday evening, that she was howling away. Where's my cross & holy water. Halloween's very near & this G3 is getting downright scary. Seems like a roll reversal..shouldn't we the voters be holding the torch & pitchforks?? Trick or threats is their hue & cry. Pray for MaryAnn. God Bless Sierra Madre!!! signed, Plucky by nature.

  69. I don't see how Nancy Walsh will make it much further on the Council. People are now going to tune in to watch City Council meetings just to see if she gets crazy again.

  70. It was all about their war against MacGillivrayOctober 13, 2011 at 5:01 PM

    Nancy did something Tuesday night that has never happened in Sierra Madre city council history.
    She had no business reading that vile speech Joe or Bart wrote for her during that part of the meeting. It just isn't done.
    It was nothing more than a vicious attack against MacGillivray rather than against Denise, Deb, Colin and the GPC. They just used them as an excuse.
    Same as they did in the 2010 election.
    They ran the dirtiest campaign in the history of this town, not against the candidates, Don Watts, Pat Alcorn and John Crawford, it was all against MaryAnn MacGillivray but against a woman who has accomplished more in any one year of her life than all the rest of those councilmembers have ever done. I have never witnessed just viciousness..... viciousness against a decent woman who has given decades of her life to serve Sierra Madre. Absolutely shameful.
    What a pathetic and hateful gang of 4.
    What a pathetic and hateful group of followers they have.
    What a sad shame for this town!

  71. Have you seen the one comment (Pat Alcorn) on the Patch re: MaryAnn's "I am not wrong" video?

  72. Curious said... where's that video of Nancy tap dancing with other senior gals? Quite a different side show of her Tuesday night. Look like she's still "tripping the dark fantastic" in full view. I thought my tv channel was on SNL for a brief lapse in reality. You go girl & take that fancy footwork of yours right out of city hall. Let me take you to Leisure world on my way to the beach. Those old guys like tall blonde dancers & your foolish rantings would fall on deaf ears. Looked more like a shark attack than a council mtg. She puts Kile on Real housewives of Beverly Hills look like a milk toast. Let's see wet suit, pink you think she's gone addle brained from all that tap dancing??? Gotta go..trying out night surfing & the moon's rally bright, lately

  73. Here is my question. Who told nancy to do that??

  74. There's a real possibility that old Nancy took that ride by herself,
    having a moment of inspiration and excitement about crusading, nursing it in secret, and charging out to storm the wrong castle.

  75. The "little spring sprung on the bobblehead" theory is revisionism.

  76. 5:35

    It was either Joe Mosca or Bart Doyle.
    Probably Bosca.

  77. 5:16

    I just read Pat Alcorn's comment on Patch.
    Thanks for posting that, Pat.

  78. Colonel Mustard in the Drawing Room with a Rope.

  79. Nancy read her speech and MaryAnn spoke with dignity and grace.... impromptu.

    Big difference in brains and courage.

  80. Of course, MaryAnn knows what's she's doing and everything that's been going on about this critical community process. She's the one who got the ball rolling and the citizens involved with the GP.

    Nancy doesn't know squat and will go into high dudgeon over any script that's put in front of her by the DIRTS. Talking plant.


    BTW, Deputy Chief John Penido is the retired Fire Dept. Chief from San Marino, and is talking up the move to a formal Fire Department which requires the whole pension support that he's very happy to be a recipient of. Double-dipping, the usual. Retire and re-hire for police, fire and sheriff, all the same plans, orchestrated by LA County.