Sunday, October 30, 2011

Former Sierra Madre Mayor Bart Doyle and Others Named In Lawsuit Filed by the City of El Monte

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is going with a shocker of a story this morning, one that reaches right into the very heart of certain centers of influence here in Sierra Madre.

The article is entitled "El Monte accuses contractor of fraudulently obtaining federal, state and city funds," and can be accessed by clicking here.

This follows several recently published reports that both the FBI and HUD have been involved in the investigations swirling around the ill-fated El Monte Transit Village, pejoratively known as the "Billion Dollar Bus Station." With HUD's concern also centered around improperly used government funding for what has become quite a redevelopment debacle. Here is what the SGV Tribune has for us today:

EL MONTE - The city named three companies and 13 people in a sweeping civil action that lays out a sordid scheme to defraud the city, state and federal government of public money.

The lawsuit centers on two troubled development projects in the city - the expansion of Pacific Place and El Monte Transit Village, both of which were to be built in partnership with the city.

It was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in response to a lawsuit from the developer TV, LLC, which the city contracted to build the El Monte Transit Village - a development of homes and businesses along the 10 Freeway.

An affiliate organization, JT, LLC, was also contracted by the city to build an expansion of Pacific Place, which entailed developing a parking structure, office and warehouse space, according to city documents.

The lawsuit alleges John Leung and Jean Lang controlled both companies, creating them to hide "fraudulent business schemes and criminal activity."

Other people named in the lawsuit, including former Sierra Madre Mayor Bart Doyle, are allegedly associated with "a network of sham entities" that Leung and Lang created to "avoid liability," according to the lawsuit.

As Tattler readers are aware, Bart Doyle is known by many in Sierra Madre as the Godfather of the Downtown Specific Plan, a development scheme that would have turned our unique and colorful downtown area into the kind of generic and lifeless crap that can be found in many cities throughout the area. It took a voter approved initiative known as Measure V to stop this crass and greed driven attempt to destroy much of what makes our foothill village the desirable place to live that it is today.

More on these shocking developments as news becomes available.


  1. If the DSP had gone through our property values would now be in the toilet. I for one am looking forward to seeing a perp walk.

  2. Where'd you get the picture of the jack-o-lantern, Sir Eric?

  3. SMRRD and MEASURE V SAVED OUR TOWNOctober 30, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    Bart was behind the Dorn Platz scheme to develop our hillsides.

    Bart was behind the DSP scheme to destroy our towntown.
    Bart was behind the scheme to destroy SMRRD and the reputations of good citizens.

    Bart has been behind the slanderous lies schemes to destroy the reputations and integrity of MaryAnn MacGillivray and Nancy Shollenberger.

    Bart supported Nancy Walsh, Joe Mosca, John Buchanan and Josh Moran.

    Bart is the worst thing that has ever happened to Sierra Madre!

    I hope he is convicted and prosecuted.

  4. Time wounds all heels, as they say. Bart Doyle, here comes the Karma bus! And unlike the other one, this one isn't bringing you a cup of hot coffee.

  5. Hmm. Looks like El Monte's accusation is Bart was laundering money for Leung and Lang. That is a bad thing for a licensed attorney to have hanging around his neck.

  6. OMG!
    I wonder if any other of our former Mayors were involved in this or other equally dishonest deals?

    I'll never forget the post card SMRRD sent out with the pictures of all the former mayors standing in front of Webb Martin Realtors.
    They were meeting to try to stop Measure V.
    Thank God they failed, and thank you to our favorite photographer who was sharp enough to snap that photo.
    I still remember seeing it posted on telephone poles on Sierra Madre Blvd, like "wanted posters"!

    How about all patriotic Tattlers printing at least 10 copies of today's Tattler and spreading them around town?

  7. Crawford?
    What next?
    Seems everyday is a new stunning expose of the dirts dishonest dealings?
    It always leads back to the same man...Bart Doyle.
    A brief list of Doylists:
    1. John Buchanan
    2. Joe and Matt Bosca
    3. Nancy Walsh
    4. Josh Moran
    5. Webb Martin Realtors
    6. Glenn Lambdin
    7. Rob Stockley
    8. Tonja Torres
    9. Doug Hayes
    10.Beth Buck
    11.Sue Lavoe
    12.Enid Joffe
    13 Karma Bell
    14.Bill Coburn
    16.Pete Sieberal
    17.Pat Birdsall
    18.Ron Brandley
    19.Terry Miller
    21.Michelle Keith
    22.Larry Wilson
    23.James Carlson
    24.Caroline Dapper
    25.Charlie K.
    26.Kim C

    Just a partial list. Add several of the "club" members and several volunteer firemen.

    Congratulations all you people who support and do the bidding for Bart.
    I'm glad I don't associate with any of you.

  8. It will be a bad day for "The Family" when the Godfather goes down. It sure does look like things are not going so well for Bart right now.

  9. Many of those who remain supporters of Bart Doyle and his mini-me acolytes such as John Buchanan are people who invested in the Downtown Development Plan, and under various LLCs continue to hold property there. They still believe that somehow they will get their money back. Once a sucker always a sucker, I guess.

  10. 9:51am: All those you listed were offered something from the Doyle group.
    Nothing like being offered something to gain something. The perfect scam.
    Like promising to pay for two hamburgers tomorrow for a free one today.
    Oh, you forgot to add to the list, that the Congregational Church got suckered as well.

  11. You need to add the middle schol project that Doyle and Keith pushed on the town that didn't happen..

  12. Probably explains why we have chumps like Moran and Mosca on our City Council. None of the so-called "best people" of Sierra Madre can run because they would have to reveal their DSP LLC inclusions.

  13. I went over to the Patch to see if they had anything on this story but they did not. They did have an article on sustainable pumpkin carving, though.

  14. If those who innocently put trust in this group still consider them as worthy, I have a bridge to sell them.

  15. The Billion Dollar Bus Station, the Downtown Specific Plan. My, what a blessing Bart has been to the San Gabriel Valley.

  16. I wonder if Mosca knew about what was coming, and decided to make a career move out of here before the feathers start to hit the fan.

  17. El Monte must know that the FBI is about to come down on these guys, and figures it had better get their claims in now. Everybody is going to start suing these guys soon.

  18. Let's be honest 9:51, a minority of those people listed, were simply trying to run with the "winningteam" and had no idea of the basic dishonesty and denial of what was going on under the blankets.

  19. True. You can never underestimate the "useful idiots" factor.

  20. I respect the people who did get fooled, but now see the truth.
    The "born again" slow growthers, that realize the folly of the Bart Doyle gang's plans.
    They now can see clearly that not only are these people criminals, but they would seek to destroy their property values of their homes here in Sierra Madre.
    To our friends in El Monte. We sure wish you luck in going after these crooks.
    What happened to you people was criminal.
    May you get some closure with their punishment.
    Wish us here in Sierra Madre good luck in getting rid of this disease, Bart Doyle, once and for all.

  21. The proof is out, the truth be knownOctober 30, 2011 at 12:09 PM

    Joe Blight must really be in a hurry to get out of town now. Wonder what all the local clubs are thinking right now, bet you most of the women in those clubs are going to miss him in spite what he did to our town. Oh wait, maybe he was doing their bidding and messed up so there glad to see him go, who knows, what a story.

  22. Wonder if Bart is going to run like that guy at the gas station on Baldwin did?? Birds of a feather.

  23. 12:09 Joe had a lot more than just the women at those clubs believing him, many smart people have bought into the lies that man has told. Our town has been divided by lies, let truth bring us all together to preserve what we have here. United we stand!

  24. OMG! Another first for Sierra Madre! The first openly gay Mayor, Joe Mosca! The first federally indicted former Mayor, Bart Doyle! Can Doug, Rob, and Glen be far behind? It's a great time to be a SMRRD!

  25. The Star News had a piece a couple of weeks ago that talked about a green card peddling operation going through Leung and Lang. Wonder how many Titans were in on that one?

  26. Who would have thought that back in 2007 when the Bart Gang was riding high you'd ever see a story in the papers like this one? How the wheel turns.

  27. I wonder if Karma Bell was named in the lawsuit?
    She works for Bart. Worked for Titan Corp.
    You remember Karma? She ran for City Clerk against Nancy Shollenberger.
    Good thing she didn't win!

  28. We need to get El Monte's Court documents.

  29. and we are surprised because Doyle is a backer of Buchanan, Moran, Walsh and Mosca?

    Doyle was the crooked leader back when the water bond mess started and his cronies lied to us about the water pipes to distort Doyle's involvement and hide special pork projects like Buchanan's boondoggle 7 million dollar library plans

    what a bunch of idiots we've got running the Council, excluding Mary Ann of course

  30. If "tip toe Walsh" thought MaryAnn and Denise were worthy of her demented tirade what does she have in store for us now that that the CRA and development crowd is now caught with multiple hands in the "cookie jar". And who are the "friends" Moran feels competent to make decisions for the majority of Sierra Madreans?

    I'd like to hear from the Real Estate professionals with an acknowledgement that all is not well and as it should be within their profession and the we need to start from scratch with a General Plan that incorporates the 5 Points proposed by the Committee and get the whole town behind it. Lets do it right for a change!

  31. The night Don Watts, Pat Alcorn and John Crawford lost the election to Mosca, Moran and Walsh, Bart Doyle was seen in the foyer of city hall with a big smile on his face and words of congratulations to the city manager, Elaine Aguilar.

    A name not on the list so aptly put together by 9:51 a.m. is former city manager,Tammy Gates, who along with Bart Doyle and Michele Keith put together the sham to divert the remaining $800,000.00 of open space Proposition A money that citizen's supported the Mountain Conservancy to obtain for hillside preservation, to the YAC, the biggest boondoggle in town. Just wait, this may finally unravel, too.

  32. the nutters in a nutshellOctober 30, 2011 at 4:58 PM

    Buses and Bart.
    Downtown Doyle.

    Karma in Bell.
    Rizzo on Bail.

    Mosca Packs.
    Walsh Attacks.

    Josh Is Absent.
    Buchanan Defective.

    FBI Detectives.

    Leung and Lang and Lookie Here.

    Tough Decisions.
    Spectre of Prison
    Praise the Lord.
    The End Is Near.

  33. I sense a field trip coming on. Can't wait to attend the court hearing on this. Check out a few good Mexican restaurants in El Monte. See what has happened to the old neighborhood. Now I know why Bart was not in the audience of 150 folks who came to hear of the Department of the Interior community meeting yesterday (see Pasadena Star News, pg. 1 today) on the National Recretion Area for the San Gabriel Mountains Watershed study that has been under way for several years.

  34. The night that Zimmerman, Watts and MOSCA (yuck to this last one the SMUCKA) were seated on the City Council I saw the agenda packet and it included two fines: each $5,000.00 one for Finance Director Margie Tucker and one for Bart Doyle, City Councilman (and I do not remember if he was Mayor at the time of the date of the incured fine, wish I did), one was to be paid by the city for missing a deadline--that was for Ms. Tucker but the other one was to be paid for my the person caught in the infraction--Mr. Doyle. Slippery stuff, this, right under our noses with the manipulating of past city manager.

  35. Oh, what evil under the sun!!! Maybe we should have a recall...looks like Joe's getting out before the storm...why don't the G3 just resign while they can...this all is going to reflect badly on them. Nancy can plead senility, but John & Josh should just go. Isn't it wonderful that Bart's big dirty little secret has caught up with him & wonder what else & who will fit under this umbrella of deceit & greed? How great is this! Maybe God has been listening to all our good peoples' prayers to save S.M. from development. "The meek shall inherit the earth" preservationists. America the beautiful has a chance to turn around, yet.

  36. Love the post 4:58. All this great stuff has made my day.

  37. Years ago Linda Thornton and Caroline Brown had to spend considerable amount of their time and money to get the City Council to return the Planning Commission to the seven membership it had for years (it had dropped to 5 due to a member being elected to City Council and one who died and the CC wanted to leave it at 5, needing a change to the ordinance).

    One of them had a heated conversation with Bart Doyle at a gathering in town why it was important to have the larger number to represent a wider viewpoint. He seemed to think the smaller group was better and we know greater representation is a good thing for the populace and why someone like Bart would go against that thinking.

    Interesting thing is that the Tree Commission was set up with a seven member board but many other boards only have 5. Hum!

    And after all the flak about the General Plan Committee even this large group (9) is doing a great job. Yes, yes, I know it was expected that the gang of four (now 3-1) wanted to flood it to dilute it, but, ha, ha, ha it went very well because even though they thought it would benefit them it didn't.

    (The original General Plan committee in 1995-96 had 5 members.)

  38. Moving out of the country on short notice is a terrific way to avoid subpoenas.

  39. During the City of Bell fiasco I could see our beautiful little village being the next to be caught if only someone could connect the dots to the Great Mr. Doyle and all his dirty laundry and lace curtains hiding his friends.

    Actually, no, I do not feel for his friends who joined in with him and the developers. People make choices. They knew who they were dealing with. I know many people in town who had to say good bye to the Doyles because they could see the reality of the greed he was creating.

  40. I can't wait to see how Bart's "I was only the CEO" defense plays out in court.

  41. Public School TeacherOctober 30, 2011 at 8:23 PM

    Thank you for the POEM. It needs to be printed and passed out in town. POET LAUREATE OF SIERRA hit the nail on the head.....wonderful, fun and true!

  42. "They spoke Chinese." - Bart "no speakee" Doyle

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  44. When the gang of 3-1 goes about their gymnastics of a "decision" to replace the actual vacancy (not the virtual one we have witnessed for 5 1/2 years) of Joe Mosca's exit from the city council we will have ample opportunity to respond and go about the healing of our fractured little town.

  45. Looks like nobody from the old DSP gang wants to admit they know Bart.

  46. Moderator at the helm, catch the f word flinger at 8:28--it will be gone when this is posted but the followers will know that "what the ffffffff are you smokin'?" was addressed to 9:51 so it had to come from one of the poor saps who is on that partial list.

  47. I hear they're all heading to Paraguay.

  48. Yo! Check out the Walnut Tattler on the Sites Of Interest list.

    "Every town needs a Tattler!"

  49. Black helicopters..October 31, 2011 at 12:06 PM

    El Monte here, to my coffee bean tatts, just signed on the computer saw the story, in the San Gab Trib, and came here. A day late, but been packing. So glad it is out in the open and that El Monte cross complained. Haven't finished reading everything, but justice is coming and the rock is lifted away.

  50. BH - you were always right. That is the important thing.