Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pat Alcorn Comments On Nancy Walsh's Conspiracy Theories

(I received this email here yesterday. It was also sent out to the Sierra Madre Weekly, Mountain Views News, and Sierra Madre In this letter Pat Alcorn takes apart Nancy Walsh's baseless conspiracy theories point by point, and refutes many of the sadly misguided Councilwoman's more outrageous claims. In particular the assertion that public participation in the General Plan process is - to use Ms. Walsh's unfortunate word for it - foolish. Pat also states that her letter will be read at the October 25th City Council meeting during Public Comment. It is an important read, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. - John Crawford)

At the October 11th Sierra Madre City Council meeting, Councilmember Walsh blasted the General Plan Update Committee, specifically Chair Denise Delmar, for wanting to hold secret meetings, for wanting to violate the Brown Act and for not being transparent in the Committee's business. Walsh, in her rant, also urged Councilmember MacGillivray to step down as liaison because MacGillivray perpetuated the notion that the General Plan was a document of the people rather than the responsibility of the City Council.

In her "Lookie here" moment, as she describes it in her written statement, Walsh said, "Folks in the audience can continue to come to the microphone and repeat the plan is the "peoples' plan" and not the City Council's as you have many times, and you will continue to be wrong. After tonight you will just look foolish."

Contrary to her assertion, the State of California's General Plan Guidelines are very extensive as to the broad issues that are to be covered in a General Plan. Among them is Chapter 8; Public Participation, which clearly demands a broad involvement of the public in the process. It is also made quite clear that the General Plan is not the product of a single body, i.e., a City Council.

It is the duty of an elected representative to listen to the citizens of Sierra Madre. It is also incumbent to be respectful and courteous to the public as they express their opinions. The disdain in calling the public foolish for expressing their opinions at a City Council meeting, or any public meeting, is not only arrogant and disrespectful, but a slap in the face of all who might wish to become involved in their City's government.

The accusations made about the GPUSC not being transparent and wanting to conduct "secret meetings" is blatantly false. But, Lookie here - all meetings of the GPUSC are open to the public. These meetings are advertised and posted. No action is taken by any group outside of the GPUSC meetings. These meetings have input from committee members as well as the general public. The general public is encouraged to speak on items on the agenda and bring up items of personal concern. This is indeed a peoples' document in every sense of the word. This document is not the City Council's document - the Council will read, discuss and take additional input from the public at a public hearing after the approval of the Planning Commission. Then and only then can the City Council vote to approve.

When the GPUSC was first appointed there was frustration on the part of both the Committee and City Staff because there were not enough hours or days available for staff to schedule regular meetings where they could attend. Chair Delmar explored a way to meet without staff and without violating the Brown Act. Legal Council ruled against those options. However, it was determined that a sub-committee could be formed to study and make recommendations to the Committee as a whole. Their output is discussed thoroughly at a regular GPUSC meeting. This has helped speed up he process immeasurably.

The Committee was also concerned about how to adequately plan for community involvement, including community meetings without taking valuable time away from working on the actual plan, and without violating the Brown Act. With the blessing of Sierra Madre's Legal Council, a citizen's volunteer group (not committee) was formed to assist the Committee.

A meeting of this group of volunteers was first held in a private home, with attendant publicity appearing in the Mountain Views News and on Sierra, in addition to reminders at City Council meetings and at the GPUSC. This was not a secret meeting -- it was well publicized.

Thirty-two people attended this meeting and participated in a lively, open discussion. The meeting was attended by a wide spectrum of citizens, including then-Mayor Joe Mosca, Bill Coburn and citizens from all walks of Sierra Madre life. Susan Henderson (published of the Mountain Views News) expressed her regrets but indicated she intended to become involved. Subsequent volunteer group meetings assisted the GPUSC in planning their two Community Forums, and these volunteers also assisted in the wide dissemination of literature, questionnaires, posters, flyers and yard signs. None of this could have been done by the nine member committee alone, nor could staff.

The hard work by each and every Committee Member, the volunteers and all of the citizens expressing their opinions through the questionnaires, meetings, forums and public hearings will make the updated General Plan a robust document that broadly represents all of the interests of the community, indeed, a Peoples' Document, and we, the people, are not foolish nor are we wrong for our participation.

Thank you, Pat Alcorn


  1. Thank you for your letter, Pat Alcorn.
    John and I are glad we voted for you in 2010, how about you giving the Sierra Madre voters another chance to rightfully elect you in 2012?

  2. Pat Alcorn is as straight a shooter as you will ever meet. Her sane voice after all the madness we heard at Tuesday's City Council meeting is just what the Doctor ordered. Thank you, Pat.

  3. Support your General Plan Committee. They will insure the sane zoning laws we all want.
    Support your right to vote on the ALF, protecting Measure V protects your property values.
    Sierra Madre property values have remained stable in this terrible real estate slump.
    Other nice areas of Pasadena, Tarzana and Simi Valley where many homes were worth over a million dollars have lost nearly 50% of their value. Reason....these areas are all over developed.
    Slow growth protects your investment in your home, especially in Sierra Madre.
    Over development destroys your property values, not to mention your quality of life.

  4. 80% of the City Council are development radicals who don't give a damn for your property values. They would jam ugly high density development in Sierra Madre, then take the money and run. Supporting the GPUSC makes economic sense for every homeowner in this town.

  5. How can you say, "they would take the money and run"?

    O yeah, because that is just what Joe Mosca did, just as the Tattlers said he would.

  6. 8:04 and 8:11 are right on.

    My question to the gang of 4:

    Why do you persist in supporting the over development the town doesn't want?
    The residents filled out surveys, my family filled out surveys for our General Plan Committee. We all expressed clearly what we desire for Sierra Madre.
    You people at City Hall read these.
    Again, WHY, WHY, WHY, do you people persist in telling us we are insignifcant? Our wishes don't matter?
    I pray in the next elections, you people (gang of 4 and pals) won't matter to the majority of voters, they will have had enough of you and your agenda.
    We care about our homes, they are our biggest investments. Why are the investments of your developer and politician pals more important than over 90% of the residents? Why?

  7. The Gang answers to big realty, big development, big loan outfits and big utility corporations. But if the residents and taxpayers try and have their say about their town? According to Nancy Walsh they're making fools of themselves.

  8. Zimmerman, Stacatto,Chris Sutton, Dunn & Dunn, Moore,Watts? We need your help!
    You saved our property values, but the Doyle gang is back in action, fixing to try to overturn Measure V and our General Plan Committee. They want to turn Sierra Madre into a dictatorship, and turn all our land into R3, so they can over develop every square inch of Sierra Madre.

  9. When he picked Nancy Walsh to deliver his message, Bart picked a mouth too far.

  10. Question:
    Why do you think the Mayor did not want to her the survey results?

    The survey results support slow growth. The survey results do not support the building agenda.

    When the results are presented the General Plan committee will have their "Lookie Here Moment"

  11. Great job today, Crawford and Tattlers.
    I'll bet the gang's breakfast doesn't taste so good this morning.
    This is the message they don't want to get out to the people.

  12. Bart has been distracted lately. All those calls from the FBI is my guess.

  13. It is time for people to stop asking others to save them and their property values. Y O U must do the work yourselves. That starts by speaking out at the next council meeting. Ranting on the Tattler is like preaching to the choir. If every posters spoke up that would be a very loud voice.

  14. If all 7 billion people on the planet jumped in the air at precisely the same moment, magical things would happen. If all 7 billion jump on their own, nothing will happen.

    Where is the organizer?

  15. I'll be there to speak up, 8:47, will YOU?

  16. Pat Alcorn is correct.

  17. The job ahead is to turn posters/speakers into vote getters.
    The wider community must participate on voting day.
    The struggle against over-development has only lasted so long because of apathy.

  18. Well, it sure rules our home values as 9:01 am points out.
    I just wish Slow Growth representives ruled our city council.

    Return the gavel to Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray!
    Oh wait, she doesn't have the votes....yet!
    Make sure she gets them, Sierra Madre.

  19. First step, don't let the Gang impose an unelected councilmember on this town. Nancy doesn't want the council to rubberstamp the GPUSC's findings, so why should we want an unelected councilmember who will rubberstamp her?

  20. Great letter, Pat Alcorn. Thank you.

  21. Thank you Canyon Zone Committee.
    You stopped the insane over development in the canyon and anyone who didn't think that was the reason your property values have stayed up, think again.
    You can thank:
    John Herrmann
    Caroline Brown
    Sherry Robison
    Jim Monachino
    Michael Howard

    In spite of a vicious campaign against these good neighbors of ours, by a small group of greedy canyon destroyers, the CZC got the job done right for us all.

  22. I have a complaint John Crawford!

    Three times in 2 days, I haven't been able to post, I get a message from Google that the board is surged or something like that. Maybe it's advertisers trying to check out all our hits?
    Don't people have anything better to do on Sunday morning? I know I don't! LOL
    Good read today.

  23. Clickity clack
    Clickity clack
    Sierra Madre's got
    It's spirit back!

  24. According to the 2010 LA County Assessor's Office report, property values are up in Sierra Madre for the third year running. Only a few cities in this county can say this. We are talking San Marino, La Canada Flintridge, Manhattan Beach, Malibu, places like that. And what is the one thing that all of these cities have in common? They did not allow crap development into their towns. In Sierra Madre that was done with Measure V. Be a shame if that all ended now.

  25. You people are fools..

  26. Would you care to elaborate, 9:51? You sound like Nancy Walsh.

    Maybe we should have built the DSP and experienced the 20% drop in property values Pasadena experienced?

  27. Anita Delmer, GPSC Update Committee VolunteerOctober 16, 2011 at 10:10 AM

    As chairperson of the first General Plan Steering Committee Update volunteer committee I can attest to the outreach on behalf of the GPSC advertising both the GPSC and the Volunteer Committee meetings. Bill Coburn designed and printed posters prior to the immensely successful Community Outreach Meeting at the YAC which was attended by 250 residents. Hundreds of flyers were circulated to downtown businesses, handed out in the park and on the boulevard, and the meeting times calendared on the City's website, the, the and even appeared on

    Early meetings were held at the home of the Alcorns, Ascension Church, Sierra Madre Community Church, and the Del Rey Cafe. The Community Outreach Committee was made up of more than 30 individuals representing some of the most committed residents and business people the community has ever seen. Present at every meeting was either Joe Mosca or MaryAnn MacGillivray, and sometimes both. Also present was either Denise Delmar, Deb Sheridan, Leslee Hinton, and/or Colin Brauderick. To avoid Brown Act Violations no more than the allowable number of Liaison or GPSC attending was observed at all times.

    The Volunteer Committees were organized under guidelines approved by the City Attorney, and recognized by the City Council. Because of the unique circumstances under which the committees are allowed to operate they are not subject to Brown Act regulations.

    As a chairperson I reported back to the GPSC and was present at each City Council Meeting where the Volunteer Committee was discussed. We were especially cognizant of the limits of our committee and enjoyed great accessibility to the Sierra Madre City Staff for guidance and assistance. Deb Sheridan and I met regularly with Elaine Aguilar to discuss how the City could enhance the Community Outreach gatherings.

    I left the organization of the second successful Community Outreach to a new chairperson, but follow the Volunteer Committees closely. I remain committed to the concept of the People's General Plan, the leadership of Denise Delmar, and marvel at the ease with which original members of the GPSC and the most recent members focused their energies on the task at hand.

    In my opinion the organization and leadership of the GPSC is a model for community involvement and will lead to a General Plan that the Community can embrace as its own.

  28. Great response, Pat. Whether asked or not, I extend a thank you from the community at large (of course, that community does not include Bart Doyle, John Buchanan, Joe Mosca, Morans, Walsh, Lambdin, et. al.; after all, their collective behavior has never been very community focused...). See you in council chambers on October 25. I agree that all the posters herein should attend and speak during the public comment period of this upcoming council meeting. Show Ms. Walsh what a democracy is - she clearly needs the education. As in voting, the less we participate, the more ground, literally and figuratively, these development industry cronies gain.

  29. Fools with good property values....

  30. Simi Valley and other areas that had too much over development suffered 50% loses in property values.
    Areas of over development in Pasadena and other neighboring towns suffered the same fate.
    Thanks to Measure V we have not had to endure that.
    We wish to keep it that way.

  31. The problem with fools is that they can usually figure out where other fools are coming from. In this case John Buchanan, Josh Moran, Nancy Walsh and whatever that other guy's name was.

  32. Thank you Anita Delmer! Great post, and very informative.

  33. MEASURE V SAVED OUR PROPERTY VALUESOctober 16, 2011 at 10:43 AM

    While Sierra Madre suffers through one of the worst city councils ever, we have the finest group of General Plan volunteers as Sierra Madre has ever been blessed to have.

    You dirts have been attempting to destroy Sierra Madre since 1992 and people like these committee members, SMRRD volunteers, MacGillivray, Watts and Zimmerman have been saving our property values, in spite of your foolish decisions/corrupt practices/dirty campaigns and all.

  34. Anita, well said. Under yours and Debbie Sheridan's guiding hand, the volunteers are able to work wonders. They are still working to make sure they can fulfill the promise made to the consultants that we are a Volunteer City.

  35. Sierra Madreans for Sane Financial PracticesOctober 16, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    Measure V did indeed save our property values.
    Thank you, Kurt Zimmerman.

  36. Wow. Someone on the city council actually called volunteers fools? Talk about an ingrate.

  37. Why not Joe Mosca told Lee Kilne to "Get a Life", the precedent was set by the dirts a long time ago on how to treat those who do not shut the hell up and follow along like blind sheep.

    Here is the Audio Clip link

  38. Odd how the three "civility candidates" have turned out to be the opposite. So much for campaign promises.

  39. and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. ...October 16, 2011 at 1:44 PM

    I am a high school Government teacher.
    Tomorrow all of my class will view the
    "We put you there...we can take you out video".
    This will be quite a Civics Lesson.

  40. Wow! Please come back and tell us how it went!

  41. Mosca leaves the country and Walsh leaves her senses. These are good things. I'm enjoying the fun. A new running joke.

    Empower yourself. Use Walsh's threat whenever you can: to the trash can, to the groceries, to the stray cat.


    What a lunatic!

  42. To see Walsh in action just go to You Tube and type in Nancy Walsh.

  43. I wonder if Nancy will resign. I doubt she ever knew that her little speech would make her as infamous as it has. I've shown that video to people who only have the slightest notion of what is going on downtown, and they are appalled. There is nothing they can think of that would justify such an attitude. She might decide this isn;t worth the bother and just walk. That is my sense.

  44. 2:12 Priceless.

    I hear Nancy was stung because she was taken to task by Deb Sheridan during the Council Meeting in Sept. She was just taking out her hurt feelings on the rest of the group. Just another bit of slime flung on MaryAnn and others who are a threat to the G4

  45. The Gang of 4(minus 1) doesn't have any ideas of their own. They just listen to what MaryAnn is for, and then go the other way.

  46. That tape is amazing. She talks about toxic!
    That poor old gal dragged the whole thing down into the gutter.

  47. It was the night all the bats flew out of Nancy's belfry.

  48. ....she may never resign. She may be our MAYOR.

    it could happen. Just to be civil.

  49. Dear ones: As anyone can see, nancy walsh was spewing what the developers & dirts have said for years to delude joe public & said joe public has been led to believe them. nancy's tirade is consistent with their bad intent which is to demonize Mary Ann's righteous & fair & inherent good intent for Sierra Madreans & preserve the integrity of the beauty & character of our precious small & unique town. Where is the loyalty? There is no honor among thieves.Greed is the driving factor of anyone who looks at their own selfish gain. I say lets sacrifice a few greedy ones for the good of all. No one will miss them. can't buy integrity, class or intelligence. When you take your last breath & face eternity, how many of you will say...why didn't I build just one more house, pave more streets & denude one more hillside!! If developers continue to have their way, the only way to see beautiful verdant & pastoral places will be to google it on your internet. sigh, PollyAnna

  50. Lookie here!! The City Council has been trying to thwart the General Plan committee from the very beginning. This council (except for 1) doesn't want public involvement because what the public wants is not consistent with what these few power-mad council people want. They do not want too much public input because they want to pull a paid planner out of a hat who writes the General Plan according to their wishes. This isn't the first time these people have done this sort of thing.

    The laughable part is that they sent out a toothless chihuahua out as their snarling guard dog. Ridiculous.

    Lookie here!! Once the cat was out of the bag and we learned just how little popular support there is for the planning schemes these fools are trying to foist off on the City, let's see who's going to look foolish.

  51. Committeemembers and volunteers! You either do as Nancy says or you resign. OK? You got that? So here it. Get ready for it.

    It's Cha Cha time! Start dancing!