Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Obligatory City Council Meeting Preview Report

There may be some public comment fireworks tonight. The rumor going around is that many of those so-called "smart" water meters some of us  had foisted upon us might not be as brilliant as advertised. With much of the data they've zapped back to the Mother Ship not being exactly accurate. The rumor also states that this has apparently been known downtown for some time, but for reasons unknown to the afflicted none of this has been acted upon. Keep your eyes open for this one. It's got water, money and City Hall. What more does anyone need?

The meeting kicks off with a private session with the SMPOA. These surreptitious meetings have been going on for so long you have to wonder if maybe there isn't a marriage in the future. I'm sure it all about lawsuits coupled with demands for raises and other goodies, so we won't dwell upon it here. This one will continue on for months, which will give us time to get even sicker of it.

In the first moment of the Consent Calendar money will be spent. It always is, and for usually the same reasons. Warrants will gobble up $221,000.00 or so dollars, the Library will be granted a relatively modest $2,285.00, with payrolls taking first prize with a big $317,000.00 spend. So it goes.

Item b on the Consent Calendar will resolve one of the biggest questions of our time. That being how much does it cost for Sierra Madre to keep some empty buses circling the town day in and day out. That being $18,431. Think of it as a metaphor for the futility of a life poorly led.

It isn't even Halloween and yet Item c is talking Christmas already. So what's the rush? Apparently the second City Council meeting of December falls smack dab on the 25th, and there are some people who want the day off. Imagine the brass it takes to want that.

Item d is about refinancing that troublesome 1998 water bond. I wonder how many times it has been now? Ironically, a water bond that was supposed to help the City repair some of the more nagging infrastructure problems Sierra Madre faced back then now prevents us from doing anything about the same kinds of problems. Except raise rates, of course. City Staff did hope to refinance this water bond, but apparently no financial institution was interested.

Item e has to do with updating Sierra Madre's "Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Monitoring Agency Code." This is mostly a paperwork adjusting item, with no big things up for grabs. A lot of this has to do with updating things such as job descriptions and newly redefined positions with the City.

Action Item #2 is the "Final Draft Technical Background Report - General Plan Update." You know that this is a consultant produced document by the pretty color cover with pictures of buildings and trees. This is one of those things the City deemed as consultant work, and much treasure was spent upon it. Now that it is complete a box can be checked and we will be one step closer to finishing the General Plan update.

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