Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fires On The Horizon This Morning

According to various TV news talking heads there is a fairly massive fire in the hills just overlooking Glendora. It started as something small a few hours ago, and then just spread. Like wildfire, I guess. It is right up against a lot of houses there, with that City's main drag possibly endangered as well should the Santa Ana winds start to pick up ... Life in the San Gabriel Valley can be a sobering experience sometimes.


  1. Tanker planes are flying over us one right after the other. This fire is being taken very seriously.

    1. They sure did not take the fire that started above Santa Anita 5 years ago very serious or the BIG Station fire when they started. I hope they get that fire out soon. Already 5 homes have burned.

  2. Let's pray they knock this back soon.

  3. Low water pressure at the fire hydrants was the culprit in most of the house structures being lost to the fire. The fire moved so fast phoscheck retardant was not able to be added to the water drops, that agent makes the surface it contacts almost fire proof and smothers flames etc..

    The mayor of Glendora didn't have any of his facts correct during his 15 minutes of fame on the TV news.

  4. Had it not been for intercity or agency corporation to send safety personal and equipment to fight the Colby fire the out come would have been far worse in loss of homes, property with lives could have been lost from the swift moving fire front as it sweep across the foothills, traveling East to West at such a rapid pace.