Thursday, October 30, 2014

Every California Local Tax Increase Election In 2014

I'm sort of taking the night off. I have a 6AM flight out to a work event this morning and I really do need to get a good night's sleep.

Where I am going is to a 7 band event we are putting on for Apple employees at a winery somewhere in the mountains overlooking San Jose.

Pretty posh affair, actually. The guy who owns this winery invented the heart stint, and he is worth around half a billion dollars. Two of those bands are my direct responsibility, and I have got to be there. It's a tough life I know, but at least the wine is good.

I understand that there was a City Council budget meeting last night, but someone else is going to have to try and decipher that one. I probably passed out long before it ended. Can't cover everything, unfortunately. If you happen to have a handle on it, leave some comments.

What I do have for you today is a list put together by an organization called CalTax. It covers every local ballot tax hike initiative in California for the year 2014. It is 13 densely packed pages long.

I have reproduced a portion of the first page for you because it contains our very own Measure UUT. Which, as you likely know, failed. Our little slice of what is an immense list of attempted tax increases. Most of which were to cover things like government employee pensions and benefits, even when the local pols said otherwise. Like they did here.

Kind of small type I know, but if you click on it the whole thing will enlarge and be much easier to read. Sierra Madre is number 9 on the list, which is sorted by date. And while this is one more chance to revel in our great victory, it does put things into a much larger perspective.

To check out all 13 pages of this register of taxable woe, click here

I'll catch up with you later.


  1. Have fun MOD. Don't forget us little people while you are hob knobbig with the Elite.

  2. 2.72 million hits. Maybe Joshie Moran was right, nobody reads The Tattler.

    1. Josh doesn't read The Tattler. At least that is what he says.

    2. Josh doesn't read?

  3. So if every tax increase passed, and all that money was collected, I wonder how many billions of dollars it would be.

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