Monday, January 26, 2015

Pasadena Star News: Pasadena City Council to vote Monday night on pay raises for city attorney, city clerk

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(Mod: This stunner just showed up on the Pasadena Star News website. Apparently the worst embezzlement scandal in that city's history, one that is still being investigated mind you, isn't about to get in the way of Pasadena City Hall handing out a couple of beefy raises. More proof that government in the SGV has its origin in a world beyond.)

Pasadena City Council to vote Monday night on pay raises for city attorney, city clerk (link) - The City Council will vote Monday to give pay raises and increased benefits to two top city staffers. The council will vote to amend its contracts with City Attorney Michele Beal Bagneris and City Clerk Mark Jomsky that will cost about $27,000 this fiscal year, according to a staff report.

The council in December authorized City Manager Michael Beck to give 1 percent pay raises to all city department heads, including former Department of Public Works Director Siobhan Foster and former finance chief Andrew Green, who were fired last week without cause amid the $6.4 million alleged embezzlement scandal.

Former DPW employee Danny Ray Wooten, 51, is accused of funnelling $6.4 million from a fund generated by a surcharge on Pasadena residents’ electricity bills aimed at beautifying city streetscapes. Wooten allegedly gave the money to two church groups he is associated with as well as an Altadena-based electrical contractor Tyrone Collins, 55, and a temporary city employee Melody Jenkins, 46.

Beck defended the pay raises, saying the increase was modest and the department heads hadn’t received a pay raise since 2008. He noted that pay raises in 2013 were offset by increases in healthcare contributions.

Bagneris, who earned $225,000 in 2013, according to city salary data, will be paid a $243,461 salary as of Dec. 1, if the council approves the new contract. Jomsky, who earned $139,244 in 2013, according to city salary data, is slated to be paid a $154,661 salary as of Dec. 1.

(Mod: For more on this follow the link I posted above to the PSN site. Oh, and LAFan101? They still haven't fired Beck. I know. You're shocked.)


  1. They do know how to party down at the home of the dome!

  2. Funny how you don't think of Mayor Bogaard thumbing his nose at the Pasadena voters, but that's just what he's doing as he walks to the finish line of his political career. What a slap in the face. The Mayor, the Council, and Michael Beck. Taxpayers and voters be damned.

    1. Bogie's heading to a leadership position at the League of California Cities. They run an entire think tank that studies how to screw taxpayers.

    2. "Thumbing his nose" sounds so much nicer than " flipping taxpayers the bird." Although I do believe the latter is a more accurate description.

    3. I am speechless.

  3. Paste…/shakeup-at-pasadena-c…/ into your browser and get ready, maybe even goggles to protect your eyes from the heat! This Michael Beck is one cold dude. Mayor Bogaard and the Pasadena City Council have unleased the devil incarnate on the taxpayers.

  4. He has no soul....he does not care....and they will get their pay raises...and he will not resign....and he will destroy the City in the process. He simply does not care. Riverside should have been a lesdon.

  5. Fun facts: City hall employees used to be surveyed about the city and the city manager - since Beck arrived, that stopped. The City has yet to complete a 5-7 year old classification study for all employees to ensure they're actually doing what they're paid to do (or not paid to do). The morale of the entire city is dead. It doesn't exist unless you're one of Michael's direct reports or someone else on the gravy train (basically all his hires....lots of money but nothing to show for it) If the city council really wanted to know whats going on in Pasadena, they don't need investigators, they need to sit down and have an honest conversation with the 3,000 employees that actually do the work in this down. But that will never happen because they're all a part of this political backscratching system they created and they know exactly what the issues are but refuse to resolve them. It's just too convenient to have a yes man as city manager, even if it costs taxpayers millions of dollars.

  6. Voters in Pasadena have a very clear decision to make it the next couple of weeks and as a community they need make a statement to the world about their City. If anyone in Pasadenaen votes for the curent City Council members running for Mayor (Tournek, Bobinson) they are supporting the corrupt status quo in the town. Tournek runs around taking credit for exposing this scandal, when in fact, he voted for this expenditures every year he was on city council and simply stumbled upon the problem by luck this last year. No one would have uncovered this mess had it not been for a resident's public compalints about the City's slowness in undergrounding her utlity pole.

    Moreover, any City Council member who voted to support Beck's and his Department heads contract extension and raises after they were made aware of the embezellemt in October of last year, must step down or be recalled. This is a arrogant and corrupt City goverment and it will be very telling for the entiire community to see which way the Pasadena community goes.