Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Update: GemCoin Protesters Pull Out Of Tonight's Demonstration @ Arcadia City Hall

Backed by amber. Or maybe not.
Claiming that they feared violent retribution against both themselves and their families, the victims of the GemCoin Ponzi scam have announced that they will not show up at Arcadia City Hall this evening to demonstrate. Needless to say those who have been working closely with these victims in hopes of bringing their story to a larger audience were both surprised and alarmed by the reasons for this development, but the decision appears to be irrevocable. These people genuinely fear for their lives.

I will be adding more information to this post shortly. It is quite a development, and a possible sign of the fear and anxiety these Chinese nationals are living under. Even here in America. You have to wonder who exactly it is that got to them, and what was said to put so much fear into their courageous hearts.

John Wuo, who was reported to not be attending this evening's City Council meeting because of the demonstrators, may actually now be in Council Chambers.

But for now this is just speculation.

More: USFIA denies being in the GemCoin business

This is interesting. Chen's organization now denies being in the GemCoin business, yet publishes its press release with a big and shiny GemCoin logo clearly at the top of the document. So all of those documents, photos and videos showing a clear link between USFIA and GemCoin are now inoperative?

Maybe in a parallel lunatic universe.

Apparently this nonsensical press release replaces the press conference that was suddenly - and without any given reason - canceled.

More news as it arrives.



  1. Someone from the Arcadian Highlands group, unafraid, born in American so this is how we do it, should make up a couple hundred printer paper sized signs stating:

    Wuo Ponzi Schemed Victim.
    Too Afraid to Attend!

    Can attach them quickly to a extra sturdy bamboo bar-b-que skewer with packing tape and stick them in the ground of the "protest area."

  2. A shocking and sad turn of events. Unfortunately I live too far from Arcadia to be of use in this matter.

    Maybe the citizens of Arcadia should stand up to Wuo, Chen and the rest of this corrupt organization on behalf of those too afraid to stand up for themselves.

    Remember the words of Niemöller,

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  3. The slogan in the cartoon is translated from Indonesian or Malaysian as:

    Join now
    make a choice how much you want to save

    How many Malaysian Chinese have been embroiled in this scam?

  4. If these guys are as bad as we think they are, maybe it's best to just leave them to the gentle ministrations of the FBI

  5. Ah, the deniers are playing word games just like you know scammers would.

    And they're throwing all their promoters under the bus... Don't believe anybody else (even though we taught them all they said)

  6. I think it is understandable that the demonstrators could be scared off. These GemCoin people are very bad.

  7. Does anyone know that Arcadia Unified School District top administration and principals went to China after the city council stayed home? Arcadia is corrupt just like China.

  8. "I know you have family back in _____. It'd be a shame if something happened to them."
    ~ Possible threat

  9. A couple of remarks from Oz on the behindMLM.com site:

    - I’m guessing calls were made and GemCoin investors who were going to attend were threatened.
    Steve Chen’s GemCoin goons were probably going to stake out City Hall with cameras, recording the identity of any protesters who dared rock up.
    Don’t forget, Chen has been running an immigration racket for some time now and the bulk of protesters are Chinese immigrants…

    - And as to that press-release, blatant outright lies.
    Read our USFIA review dated June 28th – http://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/usfia-review-gemcoin-ponzi-points-investment/
    Seriously, the USFIA BS level has gone apocalyptic…

  10. The connection between Chen and Wuo? #5 "professional security company" Isn't the paperwork that names wuo connected to some security company?

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  12. Why isn't the FBI all over this? We don't need Chinese Mafia threatening peoples lives here.

    1. @5:11p According to LA Times, they already are.

  13. Article up on BehindMLM.com

  14. After checking Arcadia's web site for live video feed via the internet I found this: http://spectrumstream.com/streaming/arcadia/live.cfm Only one problem, city council meeting starts at 5:30 PM and the so called live feed starts at 7:00 PM what is wrong with this picture?

    1. 5:30 for consultation with legal counsel, 7:00 for council meeting.

  15. The show begins at 7pm and can be viewed on the internet. The 5:30pm meeting is behind closed doors because topics of legal nature are discussed. It's permitted under The Brown Act.

  16. Please try this link http://spectrumstream.com/streaming/arcadia/live.cfm I will tell you who ever is running the web site for Arcadia city has it so screwed up it isn't funny but remember that is the name of the game confuse people and they will go away and you can keep hiding secrets from the public.

    1. You haven't seen what we deal with in Sierra Madre. the Arcadia site is a dream!
      I was just there and scrolled through the agenda to the right of the screen (yes, Sierra Maderans, the agenda can be scrolled through while the meeting is playing). Thought it was interesting that there are two development issues getting public hearings. These are appeals to denials by the Planning Commission. Sound familiar?

      a. Appeal of the Planning Commission denial of Modification Application No. MC 14-18 and Single-Family Architectural Design Review No. SFADR 14-112 for a new, two-story, modern-style residence at 1217 Mayflower Avenue. (Continued from August 4, 2015)

      b. Appeal of the Planning Commission’s denial of Tentative Parcel Map application No. TPM 14-01 (72681), and Residential Mountainous Development Permit Application No. RM 14-01 for a proposed subdivision and grading of a 90.46-acre property at 2111-2125 Canyon Road into (2) parcels to develop one parcel as a single-family residence and one parcel to remain as undeveloped open space.

  17. Arcadia is run by goons? Nice.

  18. Replies
    1. Loons are peacocks without tails that swim.

  19. The Arcadia city council meeting is in the throws of "public Comment Period" so far tonight, it's not looking good for the Police Department and City Council.

  20. More so for Chandler, Wuo, Tay they are yapping and yapping in defense of their actions or non actions they are all acting illegally.

  21. The Three Stooges
    Moe - Chandler
    Larry - Tay
    Shemp - Wuo

    1. HEY!

      Don't insult Shemp like that

  22. Interesting.

    ChineseDailyNews article that brought us pictures of May 29th "Grand Opening USFIA Club" where Wuo was standing next to Steve Chen has gone missing. I just tried accessing it and it shows "Sorry, your article is not found"

    Didn't someone say ChineseDailyNews is owned by Sho Tay?

  23. There were Gem coin victims at the meeting. They all had white t-shirts on. They had one woman who spoke on their behalf, Li Li, she broke down crying. Another man spoke through I believe it was his son. Mr. Wuo had no comment other than to say his son was getting married, and it was the last one. Arcadia's version of Ms. Walsh, Lauetta whatever got up and made a senile fool of herself on behalf the three idiot councilmen.

  24. Bad things happen when good people do nothing.


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