Saturday, October 17, 2015

Arcadia Is Certainly A Most Wild And Wondrous Place

As you are aware I am certain (or perhaps you are not aware and I only think you are), we expanded our area of coverage a few months back from Sierra Madre alone to now include Arcadia and Pasadena. And it was mostly a good move. Traffic on this blog has increased a lot, and we got to cover some pretty great stories. The political and legal collapse of Johnny "GemCoins" Wuo topping that list of our newly discovered journalistic joy.

And yes, our reporting was backed by an amber mine.

Of course, the move wasn't completely perfect. Sad to say, there really is nothing more depressing and boring than Pasadena these days. It is just a very politically correct and self-reverential place, and who really wants to read about that? If it wasn't for the misery inflicted upon Sierra Madre by the vastly inept PUSD we probably wouldn't even bother to go there.

But Arcadia? Now that is quite another story. We here at The Tattler just love the place. There really is nothing quite like it. It gets so out there at times.

Now take the above picture. You might think it has something to do with the current land use controversies in Arcadia, and that it is somehow connected to the unfortunate claims of some fat-pantsed developer types that opposition to mansionization is somehow anti-Chinese. Even though many persons of Chinese descent in Arcadia believe McMansions are for parvenu jerks with deep seated self-esteem issues.

As do I. There is just no other way to describe the needs of some fixated people to live in homes with more than five toilets. Paging Dr. Freud.

But if you thought that this was the case with the picture of the truck above, you would be wrong. Here is an article from The Huffington Post that clears this issue up a little.

You may read the rest of this excellent HuffPost article by clicking here.

You can see how this is actually a good thing, right? And a measured attempt by some very conscientious people to promote the rule of law concept that we unfortunately take for granted United States, and apply that very thing to China?

Seems like a pretty good idea to me. Why would anyone be against it? Unless, of course, your name is Steve Chen. Or perhaps former Arcadia Mayor John Wuo.

What's up with the Protect Acadia's Future website?

The other day we ran a post that included a screen shot from the Protect Arcadia's Future website (link). Our concern being there were no names or pictures there for what was termed "our team."  Kind of odd since the whole thing was supposed to be about the leadership of this mansionization forward organization.

Here is what it used to look like, bright blue bird head and all:

Perhaps our posted musings were not very well received by these folks because now when you go to the link for this page (link) this is what appears:

Maybe they were paying their bills in GemCoins and decided they were no longer backed by an amber mine because of the SEC/FBI raid. You know, so then they yanked the site? Either that or Protect Arcadia's Future got all embarrassed because nobody there had the cahones to attach their name to the organization, so they went and pulled it themselves.

We'll let you know if we hear anything.

Speaking of GemCoins …

I recently received the following graphic from someone who had previously sent me some other very entertaining Arcadia related material.

Good old Gollum. You just can't go wrong with that little dude. Just don't try and take his GemCoin.

Along with that cool graphic our correspondent had some points to make. Here is what he also brought to The Tattler table.

How about a retrospective on just how outraged the Arcadia City Council and City Manager have been over the past 10 months that a ponzi scheme was operating within the Peacock Coop? What outrage you say? Well ... 

- Sho Tay pulled ads praising Gemcoin from his websites.
- Sho Tay referred vicitims of the fraud to a private citizen, Mr. Arvizu, not the Arcadia PD.
- Sho Tay, Lazaretto, Chandler, Beck and Kovacic had exactly 0 hearings on the matter. 
- Sho Tay, Lazaretto, Chandler, Beck and Kovacic took exactly 0 actions on the matter. 
- Sho Tay, Lazaretto, Chandler, Beck and Kovacic expressed exactly 0 emotions or sympathy for the victims who spoke before them at council meetings. 

- Sho Tay, Lazaretto, Chandler, Beck and Kovacic have expressed exactly 0 concerns about Steve Chen, Solomon Yang and their multi-year business relationships with Councilman John Wuo spanning several businesses ... Golden Apple, 24 HD ...

All good stuff. The above named people really do have their heads stuck way into the sand on this issue. Not exactly what you're looking for in community political leadership.

Speaking of Sho Tay 

We used to have so much fun translating his musings on the Mandarin language We Chat site. It was amusing because I believe Sho's assumption was that none of us community preservation types would ever be able to figure out what he was saying. Probably because we are stereotypically too lazy or stupid. Or so the assumption goes.

However, and despite our mental challenges, the translations were done, and sadly now Sho Tay no longer shows up on We Chat anymore. Here is a graphic of what we believe was his very last appearance there.

So now that this "too selfish" litigation has been settled, perhaps Mr. Tay will commence with the long delayed zoning code study?

Perhaps not.


  1. GemCoin is precious because it is backed by amber mine.

  2. Old closed amber mine in Sabah, Malaysia, recently purchased and reopened. These mines are in conjunction with coal? Needs more research. The Malaysian Chinese would most likely be the entrepreneurs involved. I am most alarmed by the information that the amber mines in the Dominican Republic use child labor. This is criminal as well.

  3. Two to three blocks east of Santa Anita Dr. north of Grand View, Sierra Madre addresses, are in the Arcadia School System. A demolition of a house three up from the north east corner was demolished. On the NE corner a house was bought and recently refreshed but not torn down. Sierra Madre needs to go back and change the date for the protection of houses from demolition to include the California Ranch House from the 1960s and 1970s.

    1. Checked the house 3 up from the corner, just lots of landscape removal and a big, big tree. House so far is not demolished.

    2. Tried that, 7:30. Didn't work.

  4. Look who is running for the Pasadena City College Board. James Osterling, nice professional resume, check it out.

    1. I voted for Osterling two days ago by mailing in my absentee ballot. I hope he wins. It is so hard to elect the good ones.

  5. It is so considerate that we live in a country so friendly that we welcome people from other countries and allow them to rebuild their country right in the middle of local cities. I'm guessing you can't do that in to many other countries, I am so proud of the USA, aren't you?

    1. It might have something to do with the US government borrowing a few trillion dollars from a hostile foreign economic power. Want to buy a tunnel?

    2. They're not being "allowed" to rebuild our towns, they're doing it by busting laws and building illegal structures, just like they do in the old country. Painfully obvious that they don't understand rule of law nor consideration of their neighbors and local culture. They just destroy it, like an invading army. That's partly the fault of our own Federal government, which sells them green cards for doing that.

  6. 8:41, you are so right, what is with that and what are they buying? Also note that the U.S. deficit is now lowest since 2007, who would be upset about that.

  7. It depends on what side of the fence you are standing on 8:37. When you can no longer see the mountains from your house it tends to change your disposition.

  8. Arcadia is being colonized.

    1. "is being"? Has been. It's toast.

  9. Sho Tay can recommend and study until he's blue in the face. Change in Arcadia requires a vote and Sho Tay and Roger Chandler have already cast their votes in public - they will never vote for meaningful change to the zoning code. That leaves it up to the residents of Arcadia.

    You are either for harmony, compatibility, beauty, open space, views, neighborhoods and community. If so, support the ballot initiative to reign-in mansionization.

    Or you are for yourself and your pile of money. If so, admit it and vote no. But don't hide behind lies and propaganda spread by Sho Tay, Roger Chandler and their speculator minions. Admitting your self-interests is your absolution.

    Arcadia, the Community of Investments.

  10. Sho Tay is an interesting character.

    Is there a link between Steve Chen and John Wuo's UCCA and Sho Tay's WWCA?
    Were their bootleg products from China being sold on his site?
    Did have a pyramid like referral scam running?
    Was Sho Tay's involved in the sales of snake oil herbal "fountain of youth" products?
    Did Sho Tay's suggest his signature verification system was backed by the Federal Government?

    Those are just for starters..

    Other questions people may need to ask themselves, and look for answers..

    Why did Sho Tay run 5 times for public office, but was only voted in after possible voter fraud tactics were used?
    Why is he using Sho Tay now instead of Sholin Tay, Soulin Tay or Shozon Tay as he has in the past?
    Are Sho Tay's business ventures being shuffled among family members to avoid taxes and disclosure?

    More to come ;)


    John Wuo thought nobody looks at these reports either.

    Perhaps the people involved in the investigation who are still trolling the blogs should look at not only the lack of reporting from Sho, but also look at the number of entities which have not paid their taxes and properly reported.

    Hi Sho - "It's Shotime!" - Time to start Shoing stuff to the I.R.S.

  12. Hey Sho! Why do you maintain a PO Box at the UPS Store in Rosemead (Box 729)? Something to hide?

  13. And even more Sholin Tay shiftyness!

    Sho was involved in First 5 Incorporation a few years back when he was living in El Monte.

    First 5 California is a state program. From,

    "Californians believe that our state’s children are a top priority. That’s why in 1998 voters passed Proposition 10, adding a 50-cent tax to each pack of cigarettes sold to create First 5 California, also known as the California Children and Families Commission. First 5 California is dedicated to improving the lives of California’s young children and their families through a comprehensive system of education, health services, childcare, and other crucial programs. Since its creation, First 5 California has brought these critical services to millions of parents, caregivers, and children ages 0 to 5, and we’re striving to reach thousands more every day.

    First 5 California distributes funds to local communities through the state’s 58 individual counties, all of which have created their own local First 5 county commissions. Eighty percent of the annual revenues are allocated to the 58 county commissions, while the remaining 20 percent fund the state’s overall guiding programs and administrative costs. The amount of funding provided to each First 5 county commission is based upon the area’s birth rate. Funds are used to address the local needs of communities statewide. "

    Looking at historical use of, this bounced in and out of some of Sho's other domains (CWU). Further research shows Sho has no ties to the actual program.

    Why would someone latch on to this program in this manner?

    1. Tay, Sho me the money!!

  14. Dr Freud--It may be understandable that a fixation on toilets (five of them, needing a staff of toilet cleaners) would follow when not too long ago the majority of Chinese villages did not have running water to have flushing toilets. Then when that luxury appeared the squat latrine (very healthy for the anatomy and prevention of constipation and hemroides) was widely used (gravity flushing wall mounted water flushing made this work). Still, for a long number of years, Chinese villages had toilets at the rear of the shophouse compound that bordered the alley with a trap door for the removal of "night soil" by a paid individual who had the contract for this. Properly composted night soil went to the vegetable gardens and there were no health consequences. However, you could get a scolding, from the night soil collector, if you did not know better as we did, "too much paper and liquid." Where the liquid goes is for another posting another day. Translated from Hokkien to English this specialist was known as "little uncle shit pot carrier."

  15. Defensive anality and anal narcissism.

    This paper aims at demonstrating a currently beleaguered assumption: the central importance, the continuing vitality, and the appropriate complexity of Freud's theory of the drives and of his idea of the primacy of the body ego. It is not enough to consider man a thinking machine or a social being; his animal nature must be given a central place in psychology. The paper postulates that 'anal or sphincter defensiveness' is one of the precursors of the repression barrier. Anality has been comparatively neglected in recent psychoanalytic literature, and so has its explorer, Karl Abraham. The paper's thesis is that there is a special defensive importance to anal erogeneity and libido, and to those aspects of ego and superego that are functionally operative (as the 'sadistic-anal organization' (Freud, 1917)) during the so-called 'sadistic-anal' developmental phase. Any of the psychic danger situations can evoke regression to manifestations of 'anal narcissim'--an attempt to master overwhelming feeling by a kind of emotional sphincter action, narrowing down the world to the controllable and the predictable. The basic assumption here is Fliess's idea that the attainment of anal sphincter control functions--with, as-it-were, 'psychic resonance'--as a means to master primal (murderous, cannibalistic) affect. For optimal psychic development, a proper balance must be attained between anal control of, and anal expression of, instinctual derivatives--especially of affect laden with aggression.

  16. At the end of the day, I'd like to say "I've moved from Arcadia" not, "Arcadia moved away from me." Sadly, because of the deafness or willfully blindfolded of all past city council's, the latter happened. If you've served more than two terms on council, you've served too long. Roger Chandler, Bob Harbicht (sure to be mentioned by Jolly Roger Chandler as a potential replacement for Wuo) who recently termed off, have both been serving for the last 30 years. Coincidentally, the exact same time as the rise of McMansions in town. Makes one wonder.

    1. Moderator, would be interested in knowing the reactions of the Johnny Gemcoins mess from the realtor association and " the Chipper". Hear anything?

    2. Ahlswede has nothing to say. I doubt he even gets invited to the meetings.

  17. I LOVE the mansions here in Arcadia there beautiful and I don't know why people hate them??? I guss people just like those UGLY OLD RANCH HOUSES you see on Santa Anita Ave

    1. Property values in Arcadia have declined because of the McMausoleum infestation.

    2. No, property values in Arcadia have declined because the China bubble has burst. Look out below!

    3. Who remembers the old days of "Double Drive", horses in so many places, getting fresh eggs from your neighbor... no I'm not a hundred years old, but grew up in that Arcadia. Life goes on and the mcmansions will continue to destroy the beauty of Arcadia, what's left of it, until the rotating politicians are gone. Money talks, developers win. The " Community of Homes " as it was intended to be, has moved on. Just saying.

  18. Watch Sho...just sayin'

    1. He is under the protection of the little man.