Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fair Political Practices Commission: Update On The Sworn Complaint Against "Yes on Measure UUT"

Mod: You may recall this sputtering and only marginally literate article ("Both men have been opposed to proposed all UUT measures ..") that was released unedited in the often mind numbing Mountain Views News several weeks or so back. I think it was published on April 2. I'd go check but I really don't care that much.

In case you are wondering what the current status of this FPPC action may be, here it is. This past week the following question was asked by this blog: "Can you please let me know the status of this investigation?"

The FPPC response was characteristically succinct: "The case is still open."

More news if and when it happens.

Gary Johnson continues to poll well
Could 2016 be the year a third party candidate breaks through in a presidential election? This from some of the latest presidential polling (link).

The breakthrough point for now would be 15%. If Johnson can get to that point in the polls he would be allowed to participate in actual televised debates with those fine candidates from the two name brand political parties. After that, who knows?

To view video click here.

One more story

You can read the rest here.


  1. Is it still a protest vote if your candidate wins?

  2. Thank you, moderator, for pointing out another case of abuse by police officers. What these guys seem to lack most is ethics. All in the name of safety, which seems to justify all means.
    Of course, the end result is that everyone is just minding their own business, no concern for anybody else and no outreach to anyone in need, because you never know whether the person who pretends to be in need, is in fact trying to screw you.
    What as sad state of affairs we are in. We see this all around us already.

  3. The #1 priority of local government now is pension fundraising.

  4. The FPPC kinda sounds like Jack Webb in Dragnet: "Just the facts, Ma'am."