Friday, June 17, 2016

Pasadena Politics: A Highly Censored Free Speech Zone?

This may very well fall into the "who cares" file for most people, but at least I find it amusing. There is this Facebook discussion board called Pasadena Politics that had been fairly popular with some of the more political folks there.

Popular, that is, until those running the page began creating all sorts of rules governing how exactly people would be permitted to use it, and what exactly folks can and cannot say there. A whole lot of rules actually, some of them quite contradictory and often governed by what the opinions of the offender might be. Of course, if he or she did not quickly mend their ways, they could likely find themselves banned from the site tout suite. Something that happens there fairly often.

For the record, I have been kicked out of Pasadena Politics several times now. The most recent instance being for quoting someone from that site in an article I posted here without first asking permission. I am not sure how the concepts of free speech and a free press are served by PP's "ask permission first" rule, but maybe that is just me. And maybe not.

Somehow I have always managed to weasel my way back in. Of course, after I post all of this here on The Tattler my temporary banning from that site could very well become a permanent one. I will let you know how that goes. Somehow I suspect that I will have to learn to go on without them. Trust me, it wouldn't be the first time I have had to deal with such rejection.

Recently Pasadena Politics had a wholesale purge of its perceived worst offenders. I thought it would be entertaining to first post the site's official policy on free speech, and then contrast that with a really impressive roster of those who were recently silenced, and why that happened.

Here is how those who do not adhere to the rules of this "free speech zone" are often dealt with.

Somehow the whole "free speech zone" thing is taking on entirely new meanings.


  1. The beginnings of tyranny.

  2. So you don't ban or delete comments on your site?

  3. This site does not put up with foul language I've noticed.

  4. This site hurts my feelings. It needs to be banned.

  5. Isn't the entire United States supposed to be a free speech zone?

  6. Not when you hurt someone's feelings. Just ask Joe Mosca.

    1. Joe just wanted to make a difference.

    2. Until he took off all of a sudden.

    3. I figure that Joe has revealed what kind of person he really is by now in his new town.
      That facade will only last just so long, anywhere he goes. No one can lie indefinitely without getting caught.

  7. Josh Moran just wanted to make a difference

  8. The stupid old woman wanted to make a difference

  9. John cap poucca, gene goss or, Johnny hard median and the two other woman wanted to make a difference

    1. If it wasn't for Joe Mosca the other half of the police department would have quit, too.

  10. Those idiots put the residents into more debit, there is no benifit to the residents. The residents who voted for the uut and higher water rates are all stupid of misinformed

    1. So far I haven't been able to know just who you think would be a good council person. Maybe you should run yourself and learn how to run a city.

    2. A while back somebody suggested that councilmembers be selected by lottery rather than election, and that this could ensure a better caliber of leadership at city hall. I think it is worth a try.

  11. That's like me on this site! I've managed to weasel my way back in after being bann

    1. [disconnected]

    2. hello, hello, is this thing on (taps on mic)

  12. You routinely ban comments. Your complaint is a whole lot of sour grapes. Jill Davis Doughty and Mike Pashistorian are doing a great service to the community. You are a troll who won't post this because it's not a pat on the back.

    1. Bitter little man, ain't cha?

    2. Thanks Mike!

    3. Complaints aren't banned here, 7:48.

      Mod, why do you let that idiot 7:48 on? I think he/she's an idiot.

      That's a complaint, isn't it?

    4. I dunno. He's kind of like a homeless person at the park washing his underwear in a drinking fountain. If that makes any sense.

    5. A drinking fountain produces water, which is sometimes called the universal solvent, so why wouldn't a penniless person wash his or her underwear in a device that produces hydrogen hydroxcide for free?

    6. I don't know the answer to that. But wearing wet underwear will give you a rash.

    7. You just solved the origin of the yellow water

    8. It's bum squirt.

  13. This was posted yesterday late and I thought it was interesting but not really on todays subject, or is it?

    A List Of 97 Taxes Americans Pay Every Year

    #1 Air Transportation Taxes (just look at how much you were charged the last time you flew)
    #2 Biodiesel Fuel Taxes
    #3 Building Permit Taxes
    #4 Business Registration Fees
    #5 Capital Gains Taxes
    #6 Cigarette Taxes
    #7 Court Fines (indirect taxes)
    #8 Disposal Fees
    #9 Dog License Taxes
    #10 Drivers License Fees (another form of taxation)
    #11 Employer Health Insurance Mandate Tax
    #12 Employer Medicare Taxes
    #13 Employer Social Security Taxes
    #14 Environmental Fees
    #15 Estate Taxes
    #16 Excise Taxes On Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
    #17 Federal Corporate Taxes
    #18 Federal Income Taxes
    #19 Federal Unemployment Taxes
    #20 Fishing License Taxes
    #21 Flush Taxes (yes, this actually exists in some areas)
    #22 Food And Beverage License Fees
    #23 Franchise Business Taxes
    #24 Garbage Taxes
    #25 Gasoline Taxes
    #26 Gift Taxes
    #27 Gun Ownership Permits
    #28 Hazardous Material Disposal Fees
    #29 Highway Access Fees
    #30 Hotel Taxes (these are becoming quite large in some areas)
    #31 Hunting License Taxes
    #32 Import Taxes
    #33 Individual Health Insurance Mandate Taxes
    #34 Inheritance Taxes
    #35 Insect Control Hazardous Materials Licenses
    #36 Inspection Fees
    #37 Insurance Premium Taxes
    #38 Interstate User Diesel Fuel Taxes
    #39 Inventory Taxes
    #40 IRA Early Withdrawal Taxes
    #41 IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
    #42 IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
    #43 Library Taxes
    #44 License Plate Fees
    #45 Liquor Taxes
    #46 Local Corporate Taxes
    #47 Local Income Taxes
    #48 Local School Taxes
    #49 Local Unemployment Taxes
    #50 Luxury Taxes
    #51 Marriage License Taxes
    #52 Medicare Taxes
    #53 Medicare Tax Surcharge On High Earning Americans Under Obamacare
    #54 Obamcare Individual Mandate Excise Tax (if you don’t buy “qualifying” health insurance under Obamacareyou will have to pay an additional tax)
    #55 Obamacare Surtax On Investment Income (a new 3.8% surtax on investment income)
    #56 Parking Meters
    #57 Passport Fees
    #58 Professional Licenses And Fees (another form of taxation)
    #59 Property Taxes
    #60 Real Estate Taxes
    #61 Recreational Vehicle Taxes
    #62 Registration Fees For New Businesses
    #63 Toll Booth Taxes
    #64 Sales Taxes
    #65 Self-Employment Taxes
    #66 Sewer & Water Taxes
    #67 School Taxes
    #68 Septic Permit Taxes
    #69 Service Charge Taxes
    #70 Social Security Taxes
    #71 Special Assessments For Road Repairs Or Construction
    #72 Sports Stadium Taxes
    #73 State Corporate Taxes
    #74 State Income Taxes
    #75 State Park Entrance Fees
    #76 State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA)
    #77 Tanning Taxes (a new Obamacare tax on tanning services)
    #78 Telephone 911 Service Taxes
    #79 Telephone Federal Excise Taxes
    #80 Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Taxes
    #81 Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Taxes
    #82 Telephone State And Local Taxes
    #83 Telephone Universal Access Taxes
    #84 The Alternative Minimum Tax
    #85 Tire Recycling Fees
    #86 Tire Taxes
    #87 Tolls (another form of taxation)
    #88 Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)
    #89 Use Taxes (Out of state purchases, etc.)
    #90 Utility Taxes
    #91 Vehicle Registration Taxes
    #92 Waste Management Taxes
    #93 Water Rights Fees
    #94 Watercraft Registration & Licensing Fees
    #95 Well Permit Fees
    #96 Workers Compensation Taxes
    #97 Zoning Permit Fee

    1. Wah 9:02. We wa-wa stuff fa fwee, do we?

    2. Rusty old pipes and a PD that quit on the town is not what I would call free, Taxie Maxie.

  14. Does that person even wear undies?

  15. John and Tatts, off topic sorry...Did you see the indictments against Lang and Leung?
    I don't see Doyle, though...

    SGV and El Monte Examiner.....

    1. Maybe Bart turned state's evidence???

    2. I have a flashdrive full of information on both of them, would you trust the US District Attorneys Office?

    3. You mean where John Harabedian works? Um, maybe not.

  16. Eric has Been Removed from the GroupJune 17, 2016 at 1:25 PM


  17. Is there anyone in Pasadena who has not "been removed from the group?"

  18. To the story subject.. John got poofed from Pasadena Politics? I tried to make a comment on the SGV story and got sent to a SGV Facebook page, they really don't want to hear anything real do they?

    Heck you only got to learn the juicy bits of a story from the comments before the newspapers started regulating them, and now to be forced to Facebook? For Shame...
    I don't Facebook...that woman seems to suffer from Spamitis...

  19. Pasadena Politics and The Tattler seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Pasadena Politics seems to be for people who adore their government representatives. It is kind of a groupie site. The Tattler, on the other hand, is endlessly skeptical about government.

  20. I just looked at the site, also looked at Jill's previous site...

    Kind of a Stepford Wives vibe....