Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Fight To Save Glendora's Foothills

Mod: Residents of the City of Glendora are working hard to preserve their remaining foothill areas. Teaming up with their local branch of the Sierra Club, they are fighting an attempt to build 5,000 square foot McMansions in one of the few foothill wilderness areas left in their area. Sound familiar? I was asked to post the following information here on The Tattler, and I am more than happy to comply. Wouldn't it be great if local groups all up and down the San Gabriel Valley were to pitch in together to fight what is obviously a common threat?


  1. Where does the National Park begin in Sierra Madre?

  2. Good luck Glendora, you're going to need it.

  3. Here are the usual suspects who are involved up to their eye lids: Chris Jeffers, D. Wayne Leech, Kathleen Sessman, Jeffery Kugel, Judy Nelson, Gary Boyer, Gene Murabito, Karen Davis, Mendell Thompson, Jerry Burke, Dave Davies and the entire planning commission also of Glendora, California. Of course the developer needs to be added also they are from Communist China.

    1. so you're saying some of your City Council is in cahoots?

  4. Why am I not surprised>

  5. Every town has their usual suspects. Not every town knows who they are.

  6. Not every town has the Tattler.


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