Sunday, October 9, 2016

Your Sunday Tattler Presidential Debate Prep

Mod: Tonight is the 2nd of three presidential debates, and the run-up to this happy occasion couldn't have been more interesting. Here are some of the latest articles dealing with these very colorful events. Will things be getting even crazier over the next few weeks? Based on the evidence that we have posted below, it seems obvious you can take that one to the bank. 

Turmoil reigns inside Trump Tower (Politico link): No candidate has entered a presidential debate so cloaked in disgrace or deeper in a hole than Donald Trump – and no candidate has ever been less prepared to face the most searing trial of his public life than the shaken Republican nominee.

The walls were already closing around Trump before the Friday release of a video showing him blithely describing, in lurid and demeaning language, his efforts to seduce a married woman and how he would kiss and grope women even if they didn’t want him to. Those walls have now fallen in on him – and what aides were describing last week as an opportunity to rebound is now being cast as one final shot at survival.

“It is a complete sh-t-show,” said one GOP operative who still backs Trump on Saturday – a day of mass defections by Republican women and down-ballot Senate and House candidates. “There’s one chance, one opportunity left – and that’s to get on bended knee and project the image of contrition… That’s not going to happen.”

A senior Trump aide described the mood of the campaign on Saturday evening as “very demoralized.”

The staggering events of the 72 hours leading up to Sunday’s showdown here with Hillary Clinton – capped off by an unprecedented exodus of at least two dozen high-profile GOP supporters – would have posed an overwhelming challenge to any debate-prep team. But Trump doesn’t really have such a team, not in the conventional sense. His rotating circle of advisers are confused about what to do and the candidate is unwilling or incapable of preparing a game plan, Republican officials and people close to the campaign told POLITICO.

More Trump tapes surface with crude sex remarks (The Washington Post link): Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, already under siege for vulgar comments about forcing women into sex, also had crude, sexually explicit conversations in a series of radio interviews over the past 23 years, even noting how “voluptuous” his daughter was.

On a new batch of recordings from Howard Stern’s radio shows aired Saturday by CNN, Trump said that he would “have no problem” having sex with 24-year-olds, that he “couldn’t care less” if he satisfies the women he sleeps with, that “it’s checkout time” once women reach the age of 35 and that he had engaged in three-way sex.

“Haven’t we all?” Trump told Stern on his SiriusXM satellite radio show in 2008. “Are we babies?”

Trump also described barging in on nude Miss Universe beauty pageant contestants in their dressing room, characterizing his visits as inspections by the contest’s owner.

In previously reported tapes of Stern programs from the 1990s through this decade, Trump bantered with the host of the popular radio raunchfest about whether he could have “nailed” Princess Diana, whether he would stay with his wife if she were disfigured in a car crash (“How do the breasts look?” Trump asked) and how often he had sex with his wife, Melania.'

Trump Called Pregnant Melania A ‘Monster’ And A ‘Blimp’ (Huffington Post link): Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called his then-pregnant wife, Melania Trump, a “monster” during an appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2005.

He also described his wife as a “blimp” during the interview, which apparently took place just months after Trump had made lewd comments about groping women and pursing a married woman. He had married Melania, his third wife, earlier that year.

“You know, they just blow up, right?” Trump said of his pregnant wife in December 2005, according to a report by SF Gate.

“Like a blimp — in the right places. In her case, the right places. I mean she really has become a monster — in all the right places,” Trump told Stern. “I mean monster in the most positive way. She has gotten very, very large — in all the right places.”

Former GOP Chairman: It's Over for Trump and the Party (Mother Jones link): In the middle of the political storm detonated by the release of the video showing Donald Trump bragging that he engaged in sexual assault, Republicans have been in chaos.

Some have abandoned their party's nominee, some have stayed silent, some have tried to concoct a plan (probably unworkable) to dump Trump. And Trump weighed in—via a tweet, of course—to proclaim his defiance: "The media and establishment want me out of the race so badly - I WILL NEVER DROP OUT OF THE RACE, WILL NEVER LET MY SUPPORTERS DOWN!"

Trump's declaration aside, the question of the day is: Is it over for the reality TV celebrity? Has he unintentionally fired himself?

Michael Steele, the former chairman of the Republican Party, believes it is. On Saturday afternoon, I asked him for his reaction to the Trumpocalypse under way. He cut to the chase:

"This is a devastating blow to the Trump campaign and to the party, and there is not much either can do to salvage it. It almost doesn't matter what Trump does in the next debate." 

A former GOP chief says the elephant is cooked. As another former GOP official tells me, "This is no longer about what happens on Election Day. It's about what happens in 20 years—and whether there is still a Republican Party then."

Trump donors angry, want their money back after lewd tape leak (CBS News link): Donors to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign have become skittish -- with some downright angry -- after a 2005 tape surfaced Friday in which the GOP nominee can be heard making vulgar remarks about women.

A prominent Trump bundler told CBS News that he “could not tell you how many” calls he’s gotten from donors in the course of the last day. After the Washington Post first published the tape, people want their money back, he said. (The Republican party and the campaign’s fundraising apparatus is not returning donations.)

According to the bundler, donors said they feel betrayed by Trump -- that their efforts have been a waste. Some said they would like to see Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate and the governor of Indiana, at the top of the ticket, though the means of achieving such a switch aren’t clear.

Other Republicans have expressed disgust and outrage over the previously unaired “Access Hollywood” footage from 2005, where Trump boasts about his sexual advances, saying that he can “grab [women] by the p****,” and that when you’re a star “you can do anything.”

Trump Supporters Heckle Elected GOPers: ‘You Turned Your Back On Us!’ (Talking Points Memo link): Some voters greeted prominent Republicans with boos and loud heckling at Saturday events, after the officials spoke out against the vulgar and predatory remarks Donald Trump made about women in a newly unearthed recording.

Paul Ryan sucks!” Milwaukee resident Paul Anderson yelled at a fall festival in Elkorn, Wisconsin, where the House speaker addressed a crowd, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“You turned your back on us,” other hecklers shouted, breaking into chants of “We want Trump!”

Trump was originally supposed to appear with Ryan at the event. But Ryan disinvited Trump hours after the recording surfaced, releasing a statement saying he was “sickened” by the GOP nominee's remarks. The joint appearance would have been Ryan's first campaign event with Trump.

In Las Vegas, Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV), who's running to replace Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), also was booed loudly as he read a statement calling for Trump to withdraw and be replaced by a candidate “with honor” who deserved to be president.

‘I Assure You … There Are Far Worse’ Than the #TrumpTapes: Former Apprentice Producer Speaks (Mediaite link): Here is an ominous tweet we will just let you look at for a minute:

 Here is validation that yeah, Bill Pruitt was a producer for The Apprentice:

His tweet answers a question that has been looming since audio of a very lewd 2005 conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush leaked yesterday: Is there more where this came from?

A few days ago, the AP released a report about how sexist Trump was on the Apprentice set and the GOP nominee himself has reportedly been worried that other, more damning audio or video will emerge, but Pruitt’s tweet seems to signal that it’s inevitable.

If it’s true that yesterday’s leak was #justthebeginning, it shouldn’t be long now before the “far worse” records emerge.

Mod: Well, there you go. As they say about October Surprises, you always save the best for last. Apparently the fun has only just begun.


  1. The Columbus Dispatch broke from a centurylong tradition of endorsing Republican presidential nominees on Sunday when it announced its support for Democrat Hillary Clinton in this year’s election.

    “For us, the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is not pleasant, but it isn’t difficult,” the Dispatch editorial board wrote. “Republican candidate Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States. Democrat Hillary Clinton, despite her flaws, is well-equipped for the job.”

    “The Dispatch traditionally has endorsed Republican presidential candidates, but Trump does not espouse or support traditional Republican values, such as fiscal prudence, limited government and free trade, not to mention civility and decency,” the board continued. “We are disappointed that so many Republican leaders have accommodated a narcissistic, morally bankrupt candidate who is so clearly out of step with those values.”

    The announcement came just weeks after the Cincinnati Enquirer, another major newspaper in Ohio, endorsed Clinton on the grounds that her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, presented “a clear and present danger” to the United States.

  2. Waiting for the daily trump fanatic to log in and post something about Benghazi...

    1. It's Sunday morning. Probably sleeping one off.

    2. Speaking with a Trump supporter, he actually did mumble Benghazi, emails.....and that was the extent of anything he knew about those issues. Pitiful, but determined.

  3. ABH. Donald Trump is indicative of the departing Republican Party. The inability to stand and fight for the partys principles in the House and Senatethe over the last couple of years, has landed the party where it is today. The Party now has someone representing, that in all appearances speaks and behaves like a Democratic.
    It is confusing to most on both sides of the ticket!
    Donald Trump; was a Democrat.
    The Republican Party is growing in many of the social areas. It continues to be fiscally responsible.
    The example of the Hollywood crowd ; Bill Pruitt, Producer; exemplifies how "they eat their young". You make money for me; I'll continue to make money off of you.
    It's all about the "me" Party; and Donald is slowly shaking that off. Getting to the; what is good for all; may be unpolished around the edges; but Donald is not a career Politician.
    Anyone but Hillary.

    1. Trump is a jackass. So are you.

    2. Bro, Donald IS a career politician. He's jut never been elected before. He personally invited Hillary to his own wedding. He's been pals with Giuliani for years. He lunches with the same wall streeters everyone else does.

      Trump is playing to so easily it's embarrassing

    3. Trump is also losing badly. His campaign has been reduced to a freak show.

    4. Thank you, 7:20

  4. While there still may be a slight chance he wins the presidency,and even less of a chance the Electoral College seats him.He has certainly handed both houses of Congress to the Democrats.

    1. Let's hope so. The republican led congress hasn't done anything constructive in the past 8 years

  5. Rudy G is part of the frat boys who stands behind his idol.
    Remember his past with women. He behaved as despicable as donald, although
    he never got caught

    Face the Nation this am he compared Trump to a Saint....

    1. Rudy is getting paid to let trump grab him by his pussy

    2. Somebody left Rudy's cake out in the rain.

  6. Scared.
    Look at all the people in Sierra Madre
    who love trump.


    1. Trump will probably get around 20% of the vote in Sierra Madre. It's a fairly high IQ town.

    2. I've seen one Trump sign. How many have you seen, 8:46?
      10:29, my guess for Trump's percent here is more like 10%. Hope we're both wrong, and it's smaller.

  7. 7:31am. When "you" loose the art of arguing ; you resort to swearing. It's just like Hillary; unable to stand on issues, resorts to "dirt" just like her minions, small things amuse small minds. 7:56am. "I refuse to do battle of wits with an unarmed opponent". *Mark Twain or W.C. Fields and "I'll take the Bull by the tail and face the situation" which is what Donald will do tonight with Hillary; take her by the tail. You may read into the Bull and tail remark however you wish.

    1. No, seriously. You're an idiot.

    2. Nice try, Trump guy. No one here bothers to argue with you because you falsehoods have been called out so clearly so many times reading your posts is just as laughable as reading trumps tweets. He's washed up. And your the rag he's washing with.

    3. I second that....

    4. Stil, 9:36?
      So if your man shot someone in the streets of New York, you'd be fine with it, just like he says?
      Good God.

    5. Blind devotion is just that. Or maybe it's that Trump followers have no expectations of anything else but a tabloid life. Reason is not a virtue to Trump.

    6. Since Trump is Putin's lapdog, their actually followers of Putin.

  8. Just look at the picture with post, what are all the women covering with both hands?

    1. Probably reflexive behavior in the Trump household by this point.

    2. It is the proper "I'm his back-up" stance for women.

    3. They are standing that way because the PR team told them to. Good little robots.

    4. Here is a video that might explain it.

    5. The people around Trump are nothing if not obedient.

  9. A Clinton campaign official on Saturday said the Democratic nominee plans to address the bombshell Trump tape head-on for the first time from the debate stage — and that the campaign went dark on Saturday in order to capitalize on one of the biggest audiences available with 30 days left of the race, tuned in to hear her response.

    1. I sure hopes she takes the high road. That, alone, would get her elected.

  10. Trump boasted of owning Miss USA pageant so he could watch naked contestants backstage: report

    A series of tapes have been released over the last few days that have implicated GOP nominee Donald Trump in what can only be described as sexual assault.

    BuzzFeed News on Sunday that Trump also walked through the dressing rooms at the 2000 Miss USA pageant, where he watched the naked contestants prepare backstage.

    “I’ll tell you the funniest is that I’ll go backstage before a show and everyone’s getting dressed,” Trump tells Howard Stern. The recordings were released by CNN on Saturday.

    Trump continues, “No men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in, because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it…. ‘Is everyone OK’? You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody OK?’ And you see these incredible looking women, and so I sort of get away with things like that.”

  11. We shouldn't be too hard on 7:20/7:31.

    As noted by Senator Hayakawa in "Language in Thought and Action," the language a person uses reflects the person's internal state.

    I think we can agree that 7:20/7:31 is quite confused.

    Trump's words, on the other hand, reveal him for what he truly is--a mendacious, vulgar psychopath.

  12. Producer Says There's Footage of Trump Saying the N-Word

    1. Oh yes, keep it coming. Let the fraud hang himself.

  13. Wall Street Journal

    ... Confronted by a growing chorus of GOP candidates and officials repudiating their own presidential candidate, Mr. Trump Sunday morning sent a series of messages on Twitter denouncing those who have turned their back on him.

    “So many self-righteous hypocrites,” said Mr. Trump. “Watch their poll numbers — and elections — go down” ...

    The speed and breadth of the abandonment of Mr. Trump’s candidacy shocked some longtime party members. “Our party is in its deepest crisis since Watergate in 1974,” said Ron Nehring, former chairman of the California Republican Party, referring to the midterm election when the resignation of then-President Richard M. Nixon led to a Democratic landslide ...

    The number of Republicans who denounced Mr. Trump’s comments, withdrew their endorsement of him or asked him to drop out of the race mounted over the weekend, but it was clear that the issue will not go away for those who are trying to carve their own personal path to re-election ...

  14. I said it here months ago - Trump has patterned his candidacy campaign on Nixon's. How ironic that it was another set of tapes that is his undoing

  15. Thank-you 12:15pm. Senator Hayakawa and I have similarities (Trump Guy). Both can't tolerate whining if you havn't attempted to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Both have and continue to defend the honest and poor. Hats are stylish.
    Not the types of hats that Hillary puts on when she is in front of Wall Street; breaking out the hot sauce, or lying about "free"stuff and education.
    Now; I am also in favor of naps when a conversation/blog has become borning.
    Watch the Town Hall tonite. ps. Benghazi; never before has this Government abandon Soldiers in the Blaze of Battle and turned its blind eye, for the sole purpose of electing a Black Widow. ABH.

    1. You defend the honest and the poor?
      Then you had best open your eyes and ears and calmly evaluate the candidate you support.

    2. Your thoughts are very confused. For your own good, please stop watching Fox News.

    3. You keep bringing up Banghazi like it's "Remember the Maine!", and it's been proven and proven again a canard for several years now. If you really cared about soldiers lives you would still be outraged about the illegal invasion of Iraq under false pretenses. How many thousands died on a lie. And those same liars are now the losers supporting trump just like you

  16. Leaving aside for now Trump's complete lack of knowledge about the U.S. Constitution, American law and policy, international affairs and policy, his multiple business failures and bankruptcies, the thousands of lawsuits against him for failing to pay employees and small businesses, and his failure to pay any federal taxes for decades (forcing the rest of us to subsidize government expenditures for the infrastructure, law enforcement and courts, capital markets, national defense, and etc. that foster and protect his enormous wealth), let's hear Trump acolytes defend some choice words of their candidate.

    Please defend these Trump statements WITHOUT referring to Hillary:

    “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”
    On undocumented immigrants from Mexico.

    “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”
    On Senator John McCain of Arizona, a former prisoner of war.

    “I know more about ISIS than the generals do. Believe me.”

    “Now this poor guy, you ought to see this guy.”
    Mr. Trump jerked his arms around in front of his body and used a mocking tone to imitate a disabled New York Times reporter.

    “When people call you brilliant, it’s always good, especially when the person heads up Russia.”

    “I would bring back waterboarding, and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.”

    “I don’t know anything about David Duke. O.K.? I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists.”

    “Look at those hands, are they small hands? And, he referred to my hands — ‘If they’re small, something else must be small.’ I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee.”

    “The images are worth a thousand words.”
    A Twitter post with an unflattering image of Senator Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, next to a glamour shot of Mr. Trump's wife, Melania.

    “I’ve been treated very unfairly by this judge. Now, this judge is of Mexican heritage. I’m building a wall, O.K.? I’m building a wall.”

    “President Obama claims to know our enemy, and yet he continues to prioritize our enemy over our allies and, for that matter, the American people. When I am president, it will always be America first.”

    “If we cannot be properly reimbursed for the tremendous cost of our military protecting other countries . . . then yes, I would be absolutely prepared to tell those countries, ‘Congratulations, you will be defending yourself.’”

    “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

    “If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably — maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”
    On the parents of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq after they denounced Mr. Trump at the Democratic National Convention.

    “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.”

    “[Obama is] the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder. He founded ISIS. I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.”

    “I moved on her like a b****. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony t*** and everything.”

    ““Grab them by the p**** … You can do anything. When you’re a star, they let you do it.”

    Let's hear the defense, again WITHOUT referring to Hillary.

    1. So grateful you 3:09.
      That took patience and a strong stomach to compile.

    2. Actually, I agree that McCain is not a war hero. Just a veteran.

  17. Billy Bush has been suspended from the Today Show for hanging out with the Pussy Grabber. And yes, he is from that Bush family.

  18. I listened to the first part of the debate on the radio. Trump is making a lot of weird sniffing inhaling noises.

  19. I wonder how Iran will take it when they here that they are strong and rich because of the tender ministrations of Obama, Clinton and Kerry.

    1. If they get rich enough, 7:11, then youth and money will rule, pushing out the mullahs. No mullahs, no problem. Kinda like Germany--no Nazis, no problem.

      And if the mullahs continue their control and resume nuclear weapon ambitions, we will again destroy them economically, which will be worse once the the upper and middle classes have experienced wealth. They'll be kept in check. And if that doesn't work, they'll be taken care of militarily. Don't worry about Iran.

      What you should worry about instead is North Korea, which has nuclear weapons. Their esteemed leader has an ego of Trumpian proportions and is therefore very, very dangerous.

  20. "You are not Honest Abe" Hillary. That says it all.

  21. Trump determined to lie every four seconds


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