Friday, May 5, 2017

Is G.O.P. ‘Staring Death in the Face’ After Repeal? Democrats Hope So

Mod: Interesting New York Times article detailing the politics behind yesterday's contentious Obamacare repeal in the GOP controlled House of Representatives. This still needs to go to the Senate where repeal will face even more difficult challenges. 

Is G.O.P. ‘Staring Death in the Face’ After Repeal? Democrats Hope So (New York Times link): No one knows better than House Democrats how a contentious health care vote can exact a steep political price — losing control of the House in the first midterm election of an untested new president’s tenure for example.

As they hooted derisively at their Republican colleagues on Thursday after a narrow, party-line approval of legislation to roll back the Obama-era health care law, Democrats glimpsed the mirror image of their own politically disastrous health care experience. They also saw a prime opportunity to avenge their ugly 2010 loss and possibly recapture the House majority.

“I think they are staring death in the face,” Representative Gerald E. Connolly, Democrat of Virginia, said about the political prospects of dozens of House Republicans who were persuaded to back the bill by Republican leaders anxious to deliver a legislative win. “They asked their vulnerable members to take an enormous gamble and risk on an act of faith that I guarantee will not pay off.”

Relieved Republicans celebrated on the House floor and at the White House and said they had been in danger of retaliation from their own conservative base if they had not delivered on the pledge to repeal the law they had been promising to strike from the books for seven years. They say their candidates will have the experience and resources to fight off Democratic challengers.

But Democrats were confident many colleagues across the aisle would come to regret this vote, particularly in an election cycle where the president’s party is typically on the defensive and when Republicans will need to protect nearly two dozen districts carried by Hillary Clinton last year. Those districts alone, including some in places like California, Texas and Illinois, are almost enough to determine who runs the House.

Republicans kicked a hornet’s nest, and it is not too soon to begin saying goodbye to some of my Republican colleagues from moderate districts, because this will cost them dearly,” said Representative Luis V. Gutiérrez, Democrat of Illinois.

Mod: The rest of this article can be found at the link posted above.


  1. For an organization having so many followers that disbelieve in evolution, they sure know how to game social Darwinism.

  2. When an organization as mainstream as AARP is this upset about something, you need to pay attention.

  3. Did you see the picture of the California Republicans who voted for this? With. One exception, a wjite woman, all old white guys.

    1. California Republican is becoming a contradiction in terms.

    2. And the liberal demos.....just a bunch of tax happy liberals. Don't you just love the gas tax? By the way the "rich" aren't getting a tax cut with the new plan. Just paying what they did before obama care.

    3. The rich are getting a huge tax cut. You need to stop going to your dog for information.

    4. Trump wants to raise the gas tax- not-so-slick troll gets rick-rolled

  4. With the job numbers up across the nation and unemployment down low, first time in ten years; no fear from the Republican party.

    1. Once again I suggest you read the text in the articles you get your information from not just the headline.

    2. I think Trump Guy gets his information from cable TV.

  5. 7:10am. Dont recognize a wjite woman.
    If you are attempting to say that the House, Senate, Hollywood Moguls are all "white washed", you'd be white. Ah; right.

    1. Trump Guy!

    2. Who do you think pays the taxes to support all the democrates crazy programs for freeloaders? The old white guys. If they didn't pay....the freeloaders couldn't play.

    3. Trump Guy worships the rich like a poodle loves its master.

    4. Handicapped people are free loaders?

  6. Because of the failures if the non-Trump guys, health insurance exchanges will increase next year, until the repeal and replace has had a chance to repair the mess.

    1. Judging by the polls the repeal of Obamacare is about as popular as cancer. Especially on the preexisting conditions question. The removal of which is basically a death sentence.

    2. Pre Existing Condictions & Death Sentence.
      Gallow humor?

    3. Staring death in the face.

    4. Increase what? jackasp.......

    5. Looks like the new plan should have included some remedial spelling coverage!

    6. You can usually tell who supports Trump by their spelling.


  8. Terrific article - our national nightmare may end sooner than we think:

    1. Huh. He could be removed for insanity. That works.

    2. News from the leftt Coast.
      This years shortfall of two hundred and sixty three million dollars, the City of Los Angeles, due to pension payouts.

  9. Happy Cinco de Mayo

  10. It is clear as crystal that Trump and the hoity toity GOP don't care if the sick and frail elderly, the poor, ethnic minorities, and single mothers and their children die. They pose a burden to the middle class and an annoyance to the rich.

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  12. August 9, 2009: Thirty-two of the thirty-three developed nations have universal health care, with the United States being the lone exception.