Monday, September 11, 2017

Computer Crash

So my trusty old Apple MacBook Pro has wheezed its last and I need to buy a new one. Hopefully I get that done today. No new post today. Hopefully I'll get it rolling again tomorrow.


  1. Day of solitude.
    Today is a day of remembrance of September 11th.
    Thank you Moderator for all of your posts over these years.

  2. Thank you, John.
    The town would not have survived without you.

  3. Rest in peace Apple MacBook Pro ... I knew you when you were new. Le Apple MacBook Pro est mort, vive le Apple MacBook Pro.

  4. I would like to start off with my rememberance of where I was 16 years ago today: day off work to go to the doctors. Left home for Bean Town and heard news on radio. Went to BT and couldn't sit still. Went home and looked at TV for a bit and couldn't sit still. Went to Yoga class in Pasadena and couldn't finish, couldn't sit still. Went to lunch to do research on a Chino Basque restaurant for a dinner for a National Caving Convention in the planning stages for the Fresno area. Everyone talking about it in hushed tones. Went by Red Cross faciality in Covina to donate blood. Line around the block. Not taking any more that day. Home. In tears.

    1. I was in NYC, where I lived, that day. Saw the second tower fall first hand. Fax papers were blowing in the atmosphere and floating over the East River into Brooklyn. Everyone wanted to donate blood but it wasn't much needed. After my office at 20 Rock was evacuated I biked down to help but by the afternoon it was already a militarized zone south of Canal St. Best we could do over the next few days and weeks was hand out water bottles to the countless responders rolling up and down the Henry Hudson. People don't remember but it was about a month before the final flames went out. For the next year not a single cop or fireman could walk into a bar in that town without some stranger buying their drink.

      Shame the world is no better since then. We all need to learn to play fair with each other. Everywhere.

    2. God bless those first responders.

  5. the 9/11 tributes beautiful..
    Thanks John for your personality and your insight. Your
    writing gets better and better over the years.
    Pulitzer for John!!